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🚗 | [Race Queen Interview] From junior to senior ... Nanako Aizawa's "change of heart" in 2021 and "feelings of that time"


[Race Queen Interview] From junior to senior ... Nanako Aizawa's "change of heart" in 2021 and "feelings of that time"

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"But I think the race queens of Super GT are all well trained.

The 2021 Super GT Series, which opened at the Okayama International Circuit.From the opening round this year, the race queen will also be ... → Continue reading


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Race queen

Race queen(Race queen)Motor sportsOf each team participating in (races of automobiles, motorcycles, etc.)sponsor OfcompanionAnd occupationBeautiful womanIs.Mostly women around the age of 20 to 30 are employed. Sometimes abbreviated as "RQ".

Pre-race placement (grid) To guide youracerName and number were writtenplacardThe clerk who has was hired by the organizerGrid girl(Grid-Girl).

Several women (for example) originally hired (selected) by race organizers, etc.Suzuka Circuit QueenEtc.), it was a term that refers to those who play a certain symbolic role in race management such as commending the winner, but now those women are called circuit queens and hired by the team.Campaign Girl(Campaign Girl) Is called a race queen.また「レースクイーン」という用語は元々英語のAlso, the term "race queen" was originally in English.Promotional modelMade with the nuance of the circuit version ofJapanglishSo, in English, in addition to the above "Promotional model", "Paddock girls] And other names are used.

As for the classification of race queens, while there are those who live purely as race queens, there are also cases where students and employees of the company work side-by-side.また、タレントや俳優として名を成した者もしくはAlso, a person who has made a name as a talent or an actorGravure idolAfter debuting with such as, serve as a race queen with an annual contract,Cosplayers,Net idolThe careers and forms are diversifying, such as the entry of "idol reserve forces".The age of active high school girls, such as race queens, is also decreasing.


1960 eraIn the second halfOgawa RosaIt is said that they were active as models on the circuit.Since then, the form hasn't changed much, and he only worked as an assistant at the opening ceremony and awards ceremony.1984Japan's highest peak motorcycle endurance race held inSuzuka 8 time endurance road race, Some team campaign girls put the team name logo markSwimwearIt became a hot topic by wearing and cheering.

1980 eraThe second half of theBubble economyAt the height of the season, the fabric area with the logos of teams and sponsor companies is extremely small.Highleg leotardMany women wearing the above appeared on the circuit and gained popularity.Since then, such a style has become the mainstream of race queens.特にオートバイのレーシングチームでキャンペーンガールを務めたIn particular, he was a campaign girl on a motorcycle racing team.Naoko IijimaとNatsuo OkamotoWith the big break of, the race queen jumped out of the circuit and advanced to various stages.日本のレースクイーンは芸能界、人気タレントやアイドル特に映画女優への登竜門的存在となっているThe Japanese race queen has become a gateway to the entertainment world, popular talents and idols, especially movie actresses.[1]..当時は日本以外の国では余り存在しておらず、レースクイーンは日本が発祥の地であると言われているAt that time, it did not exist much in countries other than Japan, and race queens are said to be the birthplace of Japan.[2].

Current status

Currently producing many race queensEntertainment officeOn weekends when there are many and no racesCamera boyAmateur forPhoto sessionThe race queen who belongs to the company is made to appear as a model to earn profits.For this reason, races have recently become a place to promote not only sponsor appeal but also attracting customers to photo sessions.Also,One Eight PromotionThere are also companies that develop talent management and photo session businesses that specialize in race queens.

On the contrary, I wanted the title of "Race Queen"Event companionRelated offices (among otherspachinko(Affiliated event company) In some cases, the company sponsors a racing team with its own funds and appoints its companion as a race queen.また、特にAlso, especiallyAV actressAn example of Soft On Demand with a race queen (2002 Formula NipponでKiyoto Yamamoto(Sponsored), but at that time there was fierce criticism not only from the press but also from race officials and the general public.

DomesticMotor sportsHas the most mobilization powerSUPER GT(OldAll Japan GT Championship) Has received a lot of attention, so the number of race queens has been increasing year by year.特にIn particular2003Saturated, and some teams had more than 1 people in one race and more than 200 people on one machine.2004After that, in order to facilitate the progress of the competition, a regulation on the number of people per vehicle was established.However, there were only four people in one race, and in fact there were teams that had registered five or more people until 1, so there were about 1 to 4 people in total. In 2007, official rules stipulated that up to 5 people could be registered per season, and the number of people was reduced to about 160. (From 180 to 2008, up to 1 people, from 4 to 100 people, from 2008, the number of registered people has been relaxed to 2011 people, and 4 people can stand in one race.)

In the first place, there are few races held in Japan and the guarantee as a race queen is also declining.岡本夏生・飯島直子らが人気レースクイーンとして活躍していたバブル期はレースウィークだけでも数十万円という時代はあったが、1990年代後半は所属事務所がレースクイーンになりたいモデルを無料で送り出すケースも出始め、ギャラのケタも一つ少なくなったDuring the bubble era when Natsuki Okamoto and Naoko Iijima were active as popular race queens, there was a time when race queens alone cost hundreds of thousands of yen, but in the latter half of the XNUMXs there were cases where the agency sent out models that wanted to be race queens for free. It started to appear, and the number of digits in the gala decreased by one.[3]..Even if they pass the audition of the narrow gate and become a race queen, most of them make a living by doing side jobs such as event companion / photo session model and office lady of general company when there is no race.

1990 eraFrom the second half, a book (magazine,) calling itself "Race Queen Campaign Information Magazine"MookEtc.) were launched one after another like bamboo shoots after the rain, but in most cases they were all over the place in just a few years.Suspension of publication-DiscontinuedHave been driven to.However,"Auto sports"Gals Paradise," which was originally started as a separate volume,motor Show,Trade fairIt is still being published by picking up the models who appear as companions of.

Situation outside Japan

South Korea,ChugokuBut a woman named "Racing Girl" is adding glamor to the circuit.

In Europe and the United States, women are often appointed to hold signboards on the dummy grid during the final race under the names such as "Paddock Girls" and "Grid Girls", but this is basically prepared by the race organizer. It is different from the form of contracting with each team and accompanying each race like a Japanese race queen.However, in Europe and the United States, even for these women,Sex discriminationThere is an opinion that criticizes it as "a symbol of", and actuallyFIA World Endurance Championship(WEC) has abolished the grid girl in principle since 2015[4](HoweverFuji SpeedwayIn the Japan round held in Japan, the grid girl still exists as of 2017[5]).

Even in F12015 Brazilian Grand PrixThen, from the opinion that "it is unfair to appoint only women", a mixed gender format was introduced as "Grid boy and girl".[6]At the end of 2017, there was a debate that the grid girl should be abolished in principle like WEC (however, drivers and team officials are against this).[7].. In January 2018, F1 announced the abolition of the race queen (grid girl) as "not suitable for modern social norms".このように、レースクイーン/グリッドガールに対する風当たりが強まりつつあるが、元レースクイーンの女優のIn this way, the wind is getting stronger for the race queen / grid girl, but the former race queen actressKelly Brook"It was one of the best jobs I've ever had. It was gorgeous and obviously nice looking, but I never felt it was being used (for anything). ", Commented[1]..これではレースクイーンと結婚するThis will marry a race queenMika SaloThere are also widespread concerns, as cases like romance are no longer born.[8].

Costume transition

The costume design changes every year, even with the same team sponsors, with every detail, reflecting many of the trends of the time.

Before the 1980s

The time when the original race queen, the image girl of the circuit, was active.

The costume isT-shirtOrTank topとhot pantsIn the combination ofBootsThat's why it's common.季節によって、丈の短いShort length depending on the seasonJacketsMay be added.TasukiIs a must-have, depending on the times and circuitsMini skirt,tiaraCan also be seen.

yetLong hairIs not often seen.

1980s to early 1990s

At the timeaerobicsDue to the influence of the boom, a high leg cut with an extremely raised angle of the foot (High leg) One-piece typeleotardWill become the mainstream, and the sponsor's name will be printed directly on it, or a sash will be used.Below is mainly made overseas,Jazz danceInvisible glossy gusset forstockingsWas combined.Also,T-backMany race queens wore type leotards.

Stiletto heelsAnd a big umbrella, and a fashionable hairstyle at the time (initially layer, thenWanrenAnd), it made a strong impression as a symbolic style of the race queen.Face makeThe mainstream was dark-skinned and thick eyebrows.

Late 1990s

After switching from the high-leg route, one-piece dresses with extreme miniskirts will become the mainstream.spandexEnamel material (from the one that the body line created by the material appears as it isPVC ) Changed.

The advantage of One Piece is the large fabric area, with a large print of the sponsor logo and colorful designs in corporate and team colors.It was also characteristic that it had a large collar.

In search of sexy alternatives to the highleg, a design that emphasizes the valley by providing bold slits and hollowing out the bust part has appeared.

Early 2000s

A major change is the shift from one piece to a separate type.ウエスト部分を露出したアンダーバストまでの上衣(ホルターネック・Top to the under bust with the waist exposed (Halter neck)Tube top-Half top,camisole(Mainly), miniskirts, and boots (in summer)Sandals), In spring and autumn, the style of wearing a three-quarter sleeve length jacket became the mainstream.The sponsor logo is smaller than in the One Piece era, but it is easier to combine coloring.

In addition, pants style has also been adopted,Long pants(slacks) And shorthot pantsIt is roughly divided into.In this case as well, bold exposure was given such as meshing the sides and cutting.

Late 2000s

The separate type continues to be the mainstream, but it has changed to a complicated design with detailed details sewn by weaving patterns of different colors and materials.またAlsoShorts TheLow riseThe type is the mainstream.In addition, accessories, hats, and jackets are also used by the team.さらにスポンサーによってはドレスやFurthermore, depending on the sponsor, dresses andMaid clothes,Sailor suitSuch,MoesystemCosplayDesigns that are conscious of this have also appeared, and it can be seen that there is a shift from focusing on exposure.


  • As for the manners related to sex discrimination, the tendency to be seen very severely in Eurasia and Asia as well as in Europe and the United States has rapidly increased in the 21st century, and the grid girl has been at the forefront of that criticism.2018XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Formula 1"Does not meet modern social norms"2018 seasonDecided to abolish the grid girl from[9]..グリッドガールに代わって「グリッドキッズ」を導入したIntroduced "Grid Kids" in place of Grid Girl[10]..It was a change after the trial introduction of.

Race queen event

Talent from Race Queen (in alphabetical order)

"Category: Race QueenSee also

Other celebrities from race queens


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Event, venue mascot


SUPER GT (Super Gee)Car racing1 category. Until 2004All Japan GT ChampionshipIt was held as (JGTC), but since 2005FIAIt became an official international series.


All Japan GT ChampionshipIs a championship series that has been held since 2005 with its predecessor. As a series of car races held in Japan, the maximum number of spectators mobilized per race is 1-3 people,Super formulaIt is the highest car race in Japan along with[1].. Due to the degree of attention, various automobile manufacturers in Japan and overseas are participating.

In a system where vehicles of two different classes, GT500 class and GT300 class, run on the same course[Note 1], Due to the speed difference between the two classes, the races gradually became mixed, and the battles were overtaken at different points in the course. Therefore, the number of exciting scenes that the spectators can enjoy will increase, and the driver will be required to have a high level of skill, paying attention to both classes, keeping track of the points while suppressing time loss and aiming for the higher ranks.[2].

Weight Handicap (WH) system, in which weight is added depending on the results,RestrictorBy adjusting the performance of each vehicle and competing with each other by introducing, etc., it is done to produce an incandescent race.[Note 2], It is not always the case that leading teams occupy the top spot, and it is not uncommon for points to be close by the end of the season. The race distance is 250km-800km, which is a semi-endurance race.[Note 3], Two drivers must run in both qualifying and finals, and one driver must drive more than two-thirds of the total, and driver replacement is obligatory[Note 4][6].. There is also recognition and level improvement,F1,Wec,DTMThe number of cases where drivers who have experienced overseas top categories participate in the race is increasing.

In 2006インターネットBroadcast live on the site[Note 5]Since 2007BS broadcastingでHigh definitionIt is recorded and broadcast. The operation has been performed by GT Association (GTA), which is an arbitrary group consisting of representatives of the teams participating in the series, but there is a growing demand for formal incorporation as a stable management body. , "GT Association Inc." was established in April 2008[7].

History of the series

JGTC isJAFThe race has been held under the jurisdiction ofMalaysiaHave held series battles in[Note 6].. There are many talks from overseas promoters, and in 2005, in addition to MalaysiaShanghaiBut it was planned to hold a series game[Note 7], It is possible to have series battles in more than 3 countriesFIATo deviate from the regulations of the domestic championship[Note 8]Can no longer claim to be the "All Japan Championship" held under the jurisdiction of JAF[Note 9].. Therefore, GTA is considering changing the series name, and onceSuper GT World Challenge”Was announced, but the FIA ​​was asked to delete that part because the name “World Challenge is misleading to the World Championship”, and finally“Super GTIt settled in the name. After that, change the series name to "SUPER GTHas been officially announced[Note 10].

Since 2006, there is only one country other than Japan as of 2019.[Note 11]Although it is possible to return to the jurisdiction of JAF and call itself the "All Japan Championship" again, GTA cites reasons such as "the revision of regulations is not bound by JAF's intention" and "it is possible to adopt a unified race director". , Since 2006, they have been racing independently outside the jurisdiction of JAF. afterwards,2020 seasonThen.2020 Tokyo OlympicsOn the occasionFuji SpeedwaySince it will be used as a venue for bicycle competitions, races will be held in Malaysia and Thailand as an alternative. Become[8].


Grand touring carIt is done in.In the race between commercial cars and modified cars, which was the original intention of this genre, it is difficult to maintain the diversity of car models because the basic performance of the base car has a great influence on the characteristics of the competition car.Therefore, in JGTC, the predecessor of SUPER GT, depending on the specifications of the base vehicle, etc.GT500とGT300The two-class system has been inherited even after the series name was changed.Performance adjustment (BoP: Balance of Performance) is performed to bring the performance of each car as close as possible.As will be described later, the current vehicle, especially the GT2, is different from the "remodeled commercial vehicle" that has the impression of the word grand touring car.

According to the current rules as of 2015, it is hard to say that the JAF-GT standard vehicles of GT500 and GT300 are "remodeling of the commercial vehicle base".GT1 classIt is a mere corpse as prescribed. EspeciallyDTMThe GT2014 vehicle after 500, which was shared with the other models, is a car body that has a carbon monocoque and a steel tube frame with crushable elements common to all vehicles.[9]It is like covering a commercial car-like outer panel, and it used to be (for the time being, it is based on a commercial car).Special production carBeyond, FR layout[Note 12] OfSilhouette type carIt has become.For this reason, many drivers do not actually work in the way a grand touring car runs.sports carIt is said that it runs like a pure competition vehicle such as[Note 13][11].

The name of each class is the maximum output when the class was established.Air restrictorDue to the intake restriction by GT500, GT500 was limited to about 300PS, GT300 was limited to 500PS. After that, the output improved due to improvements in engine performance and relaxation of the air restrictor diameter, and GT2012 reached nearly 600PS as of XNUMX.[12],Kei TsuchiyaAccording to 2016, GT500 is more than 600 horsepower[13], GT300 is more than 550 horsepower[14]It is said that. GT300 is in principleFIA GT3Since it complies with, only the name as a category continues in both classes.

GT500 class

The number of the bib is black on a white background,head lampThe color of is white or blue,Toyota (Lexus),Nissan,HondaMainly the works vehicles that three companies have invested huge amounts of. From 3MonocoqueMany other basic vehicle regulationsDTMIt is being competed with a unified vehicle (details will be described later).

In the JGTC eraGroup AHas been contested for an extension ofJTCBy widening the range of remodeling compared to the times, even when the number of car models had decreased due to the dramatic decline of the sports car market at the time, old car models could be allowed to participate for a long time. However, the works competition became more severe and the cost soared. Therefore, in 2003, the final year of JGTC, the performance balance was smoothed by adopting a pipe frame for the front and rear frame structures, making the front and rear vehicle axles flat bottom, transaxle approval, suspension type and engine mounting position liberalization. .. As a result, vehicle formulating has progressed, and aerodynamic restrictions were made in 2006 and 2007.[15].

However, the lack of reliability and durability was complained about the commercial vehicle monocoque, and the demand for a simpler performance balance resulted in the monocoque becoming an all-carbon system. From 2009Formula Nippon3.4L with common basic specifications V8NAEngine mounted on the frontFRRegulations that only vehicles can participate,Overseas OfRear engine,MidshipLarge of engineDisplacement Ofsports car,Super carHowever, since all of them participated as specially approved vehicles, vehicles of domestic and foreign manufacturers were originally modified,FIA GT1The number of scenes where individual teams using vehicles (privaters) are active decreased[Note 14].. Since 2010, all three companies have used vehicles that comply with the regulations. Nissan's introduction of the chassis one year ahead of schedule, engine introduction one year later, and Honda's continued use of the regulated machine in 3 and 09 did not result in a more balanced performance balance than the original purpose. In addition, criticism has come to be seen that the individuality is weakening.

Vehicle weight,Wheelbase,Minimum ground clearance,ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ンSince the parts that greatly affect the vehicle performance are generally common, the performance is rarely biased among manufacturers.[16].Aero PartsThe degree of freedom of the parts that are not standardized is extremely high, and the development competition is fierce so that update parts are often introduced one after another in each race, and in fact it has transformed into a silhouette type car.FIA GT1 OfOld regulationIt is said to be "the fastest GT car in the world" after 2012 when the disappearance[17][10].

From 2014, except the engine,Monocoque,Carbon brake,Damper,Rear wingSuch as basic vehicle regulationsDTMIt became a specification incorporating the SUPER GT original regulations based on the DTM vehicle regulations of 2012[Note 15].. Appearance is approved by each manufacturer applying to GTA etc. to make a design that makes use of the design of a commercial vehicle[Note 16].. In addition to the left-hand drive for all cars, there are 60 common items, but each manufacturer also has the advantage of being able to concentrate its development on a limited part.[Note 17][21].. The new modelDown forceHas increased by about 2013% compared to 30, the cornering speed has increased, and the maximum speed has increased by about 10 km[Note 18].. On the other hand, the tire size became smaller than 2013, and the chassis twisted.rigidityIt is also pointed out that the load on the tires will increase due to the fact that the vehicle is low, the vehicle weight is light and the speed has increased.[22][23].. However, with regards to lap time, due to improved downforce, it is expected that there will be little sudden drop even if the tire wears.[21].. From 2020, the design of the front fender, rear fender, rear diffuser, etc. will be the same as the DTM, and only more limited aero parts are allowed to be developed.[Note 19].

Engine is DTM 4.0L V8 cylinderNAnot,Super formulaCommon with the gasoline 2.0L in-line 4-cylinder direct injection turbo "NRE[Note 20]To use[25].. The format itself is the same as the production car except for the development concept, and the tendency of technological divergence between the race car and the production car in recent years has been revised.[26][27].. The NRE limits the intake until nowAir restrictor"Instead of limiting the upper limit and instantaneous flow rate of fuel sent to the engine"Fuel restrictorIs installed[24].. This will set the engine speed[Note 21]It is controlled by a mechanical fuel pump up to, and when it reaches a set speed, the fuel supply rate is limited to 1 kg/h, which is the same as F100.

Assuming there is no limit to intake air only with fuel limitationLean burnIt is not unthinkable to use a (lean combustion) engine, but it is not a well-engineed engine as the adoption example has disappeared in recent years. For example, there is a risk that the turbocharger will be loaded and the durability of the engine will decrease due to the rise in exhaust temperature.[28].. (In general, the amount of heat generated by the combustion itself decreases in lean combustion, but in a direct-injection engine such as NRE, there is a cooling effect due to the injected fuel, so cooling decreases as the amount of fuel decreases.)

In the future, improving combustion efficiency, which is how to squeeze out power with less fuel, will be one of the important development points.[27][29].

Participating vehicle
ManufacturerVehicle nameParticipationEngine specificationRemarks
NissanFairlady Z2005-20073.0L V6 Twin Turbo VQ30DETT (2005-2006)
4.5L V8 Naturally Aspirated VK45DE (2006th Round 9-2007)
Transition to GT-R
GT-R2008-20134.5L V8 naturally aspirated VK45DE (2008-2009)
3.4L V8 Naturally Aspirated VRH34A (2010-2011 Round 4)
3.4L V8 Naturally Aspirated VRH34B (2011 Round 5-2013)
Shifted to GT-R Nismo GT500
GT-R NISMO GT5002014-2.0L direct 4 direct injection turbo NR20A (2014-2019)
2.0L direct 4 direct injection turbo NR20B (2020 -)
ToyotaSupra2005-20064.5L V8 Natural intake 3UZ-FEGradual transition to SC430
GR Supra2020-2.0L direct 4 direct injection turbo R14AG
LexusSC4302006-20134.5L V8 Naturally Aspirated 3UZ-FE (2006-2009)
3.4L V8 Naturally Aspirated RV8KG (2009-2013)
Move to RC F
RC F GT5002014-20162.0L direct 4 direct injection turbo RI4AGMoved to LC500
LC5002017-20192.0L direct 4 direct injection turbo RI4AGTransition to GR Supra
HondaNSX-GT2005-2009 (NA type)
2017-(NC type)
3.0L V6 Turbo C32B (2005 Round 1-Round 3)
3.5L V6 Naturally Aspirated C32B (2005 Round 3-2008)
3.4L V6 naturally aspirated C32B (2009)
2.0L direct 4 direct injection turbo HR-417E (2017-2019)
2.0L direct 4 direct injection turbo HR-420E (2020 -)
Model NA moved to HSV-010 GT
NC engine will be a front engine from 2020
HSV-010 GT2010-20133.4L V8 Natural intake HR10EGMoved to NSX CONCEPT-GT
NSX CONCEPT-GT2014-20162.0L direct 4 direct injection turbo HR-414EMoved to NC type NSX-GT
BMWM4 Turbo DTM2019 Special Battle2.0L direct 4 direct injection turbo P48Participation in spots by special exchange battle
AudiRS5 Turbo DTM2019 Special Battle2.0L direct 4 direct injection turbo RC8Participation in spots by special exchange battle
Aston MartinDBR92009 Round 1,3,76.0L V12 naturally aspiratedAsLMSParticipation in the spot for
LamborghiniMurcielago RG-12005 Round 1-Round 66.0L V12 Natural intake L535Complete transition to GT8 class by Round 300
Ferrari550GTS20055.9L V12 Natural intake F133Withdrawal
McLarenF1 GTR2005 Round 2,66.0L V12 Natural intake S70/2Spot participation
MaseratiMC122006 (does not actually participate)6.0L V12 Natural intake M144AWithdrawal of entry before the opening. Without participating

■2004Previously participating vehiclesAll Japan GT ChampionshipSee section.

GT300 class

The number of the vehicle is yellow on a black background, and the color of the headlamps is yellow. The vehicle isJAF-GT"When"FIA-GTThere are two types of standards, and GTA divides and manages these in more detail in all six categories. Initially, only vehicles that complied with the JAF-GT standard were able to participate in the race, but as a result of gradually relaxing the FIA-GT introduction conditions in order to collect more entrants, the FIA-GT reversed the JAF-GT and suddenly became sharp. We aim to realize balanced race by adjusting the performance of the vehicle.[30].

Contrary to the GT3 class, which is the battle of the three major works, there is a tendency for amateurs more, and most of the participating teams are privateers who are not supported by the manufacturer. A wide variety of domestic and overseas vehicles are mixed, and in 500, there were 2011 entries for 21 models. Since 26, hybrids such as the Prius and CR-Z have also entered the market, further diversifying, and in 2012, 2019 teams of 14 teams are participating. Domesticsports carSignificant relaxation of regulations based on the decrease in[Note 22]Moreover, the introduction of FIA GT3 vehicles, which are cheaper to obtain and operate than ever before, has spurred the participation of new teams and diversification of vehicles.

In recent years privateers haveAnime,Light novel such assub cultureRelated companies andpachinkoExamples of receiving sponsorship from a company,Hatsune ミク""Invasion! Squid girl""lovelive!Such ascharacter(So-calledCopyrightThing)Tie-updo itフ ァ ンThere is an increasing number of cases of introducing an "individual sponsorship system" to collect team operating costs from such companies, and such teams will start running.ItashaThere is no other scene in the world where they are seriously fighting. In 2011, 2014, and 2017, the machine tied up with Hatsune Miku won the GT300 series champion, and there are cases where it was not finished with just the tie-up advertising.


SUPER GT original standard. The regulation is based on a commercial vehicle approved by JAF or FIA. The conditions for licensed vehicles are loose and onceGalaiya,Shiden"Production vehicles" such as almost one-off vehicles that were rarely produced based on this standard were also approved. Due to its wide range of modifications, it is preferred for racing constructors. AlsoSUBARUManufacturers that do not have FIA ​​vehicles such asToyota-HondalikehybridAnother advantage that the FIA-GT does not have is that manufacturers who want to compete in vehicles equipped with the system can also participate. On the other hand, there is a demerit that the production and operation costs are high because there is no mass production effect. Therefore, since 2015, GTA has delivered a "mother chassis" of JAF-GT vehicles that can be operated at low cost with common parts (see below).

Since the vehicle weight is lighter than the FIA-GT, cornering performance andFuel efficiencyIt tends to be superior in performance, less tire wear, etc.[31].. In addition, FIA-GT introduces improved parts during the season, which are severely limited, suspension and transmission.Gear ratioAdjustments can be made relatively freely[32].. On the other hand, the engine output was suppressed to about 300 PS, which was the origin of the GT300 class, and the increased airresistanceIn some cases, the straight-speed is inferior to the FIA-GT, which has an output of about 500 PS, due to the influence of the fact that a restrictor smaller than the FIA-GT is attached.[32]However, in recent years, the number of machines that outperform FIA-GT machines in straight speed has been increasing due to their settings.ABS,TCSAlthough it was prohibited to install electronic control devices such as these, in order to bridge the performance difference with FIA-GT, TCS has been approved for use since 2012 and ABS since 2014.

Category A
Among commercially available vehicle-based vehicles that have been modified under the JAF-GT regulation, those registered as FIA or JAF certified vehicles are applicable. As of 2020, there are no vehicles in this category.
Category B
Among commercial vehicle-based vehicles that have been modified under the JAF-GT regulation, those that are not registered as FIA or JAF certified vehicles fall under this category. As of 2020,Subaru BRZ,Toyota PriusVehicles based on such as are participating.
Category C
Vehicles modified based on a small number of sports cars whose production quantity is less than that required to be certified as a commercial vehicle belong. In 2012ASL・GarayaとVemac RD350RTwo models of the car participated. A small number of production vehicles are easier to design from the beginning suitable for sports driving than ordinary commercial vehicles, so they are more advantageous than other categories in terms of the potential of base vehicles. However, since these vehicles do not match the purpose of the competition in the GT2 class, which competes with "commercially available" vehicle-based vehicles, the weight of the category C vehicle is added to the specified weight, and a special performance adjustment weight handicap is installed for the first time. It is supposed to be qualified for participation. It was discontinued in 300 with the meaning of returning to GT racing when the GT2014 class was integrated with DTM in 500.
Category D
Although it is said that a vehicle that does not have a base vehicle, generally called a "prototype racing car", belongs to any of the AC, E, and F standards, although a base vehicle actually exists. Since the machines that were not there are also grouped in this category, the vehicles they belong to are more diverse than any other category. 2011 is virtually a complete prototype racing carMooncraft shidenWas originally a FIA-GT3 standard vehicle, but it was a one-offJLOC Gallardo RG-3, Newly modified to the original GT2 standard vehicle within the range of JAF-GT standardPorsche 911GT3RS (996 type), originallyHonda C32BThe Vach Mac RD320R, which was equipped with an engine, was replaced with a Porsche engine, Mach No. 5, of the LM-GTE standard.Ferrari458GTC etc. participated. One-off performance is higher than category C vehicles, so strict performance adjustments are made[Note 23].
GT300 Mother Chassis (GT300 MC)
Since the number of teams using JAF-GT vehicles has decreased due to the increase in FIA-GT3 stipulated vehicles, in addition to increasing the participation of domestic cars, we will inherit and develop technologies such as vehicle manufacturing, utilization of domestic parts, tuning, etc. With this in mind, it is a newly introduced regulation, and it is operated under the internal regulation of "JAF-GT300 MC" in the JAF category.DomeFormer presidentMinoru HayashiCFRP monocoque developed for "ISAKU PROJECT" developed byMother chassis) Is sold by GTA, and it will be a participation vehicle by pumping the machine in a form incorporating it. The body size is basically the same as the conventional JAF-GT, but the wheelbase is unified to 2,750 mm ± 10 mm, and it is mandatory to install the engine, safe fuel tank, roll cage approved by GTA (JAF).[33].
Become a prototype in 2014Toyota 86 MC announced[34], One 7 MC participated in the spot in Round 1 of the same year. From 86, regulations have been established and it is now possible to officially participate, and in this year, 2015 MC,Lotus EvoraParticipated in the war in 2017Toyota Mark XAre participating in the war.


FIAWorld standard established by. PreviouslyGT1,GT2Although it was possible to participate in the race, since 300 considering the performance of the vehicle and the cost of participation in the standard that can participate in the GT2012 class,GT3Only class[35].. GT3 is a commercial vehicle for racing mainly based on sports cars, and the number of manufactured units is small and it is expensive at about 4,000 million yen.[Note 24]Since it does not require new development and saves costs, it is the mainstream in GT races around the world. Therefore, used cars are bought and sold among teams all over the world.

Compared to the JAF-GT standard, the range of modification is narrower and the engine, gear ratio, and aerodynamic parts cannot be changed, so the setting range is limited, and there is a tendency for differences depending on the course layout to appear.[36].. Since the body is closer to the original of a commercial vehicle, the downforce is low, but the air resistance is low, and since the engine with the output of more than 3PS is installed even in the lowest GT500, the maximum straight speed is a JAF-GT vehicle. Often outperforms[31].. On the other hand, it tends to be inferior to the JAF-GT in cornering and fuel efficiency, so there is a tendency to have a hard time in technical circuits and long-distance races, but in recent race results FIA-machines are ranked high in various courses. It seems that the machine is highly complete.

Until 2011, FIA-GT had a balance with JAF-GT in the form of performing GTA's own performance adjustment based on BoP, which is the performance adjustment of FIA, but from 2012 on FIA-GT3 Said that even if it used the previous year's model, it applied the latest FIA BoP and basically did not adjust its own performance. Even with the 2012 specification, the manufacturer's team or company may be able to purchase the updated version of the 2013 version, but in that case, you will receive the 2013 BoP. Since 2014Blancpain Endurance Series (English edition) Adopted the BoP used in[21].

Category E
This applies to FIA-GT1 vehicles and LM-GTE vehicles.
Category F
Applies to FIA-GT3 vehicles.
Participating vehicle
ManufacturerVehicle namespecificationParticipationRemarks
NissanFairlady ZJAF-GT2005-2010Withdrawal
ToyotaMR-SJAF-GT2005-2008Moved to Corolla Axio[Note 25]
CelicaJAF-GT2005-2008 Round 2Moved to IS350[Note 26]
Corolla AxioJAF-GT2009-2011Moved to Prius[Note 27][Note 28][Note 29]
PriusJAF-GT2012-2015 (ZVW30 type)
2016-2018 (ZVW50 type)
ZVW30 type moved to ZVW50 type
ZVW50 type moved to Prius PHV GR SPORT[Note 28][Note 29][Note 30][Note 31]
Prius PHV GR SPORTJAF-GT2019-(ZVW52 type)[Note 29][Note 32][Note 33]
86 MCJAF-GT2014 Round 7, 2015-2014 spot participation[Note 34]
Mark X MCJAF-GT2017-2019Transition to GR Supra[Note 29][Note 34]
GR SupraJAF-GT2020-
LexusIS350JAF-GT2008 Round 3-2012Withdrawal[Note 28][Note 29][Note 35]
RC F GT3FIA-GT32015-[Note 36]
HondaNSXJAF-GT2005-2006Withdrawal[Note 37]
CR-ZJAF-GT2012 Round 4-2015Withdrawal. Some tanks moved to M6 GT3[Note 30][Note 28][Note 38]
NSX GT3FIA-GT32018Migrate or update to NSX GT3 Evo
NSX GT3 EvoFIA-GT32019-Updated model of NSX GT3.
SubaruImprezaJAF-GT2005 (GD mid-term type)
2006 Round 5-2008 (late GD)
GD mid-term type is transitioning to late GD type
Withdrawal from late GD type

[Note 39][Note 29]

Legacy B4JAF-GT2009 Round 6-2011Moved to BRZ. Participation in BM type only[Note 40][Note 29][Note 41]
BRZJAF-GT2012-2020 (ZC6 type)
ZC6 type withdrew, moved to the second generation[Note 41]
マ ツ ダRX-7JAF-GT2005-2010Withdrawal. Participation in FD3S type only[Note 42]
ASLGalaiyaJAF-GT2005, 2007-2012Transferred to CR-Z and suspended.[Note 43]
BoxsterJAF-GT2005-2010Withdrawal. Participation in the 986 type only. Separate from the vehicle that participated in the JGTC era[Note 44]
911 GT3 CupJAF-GT2005-2007Withdrawal. Participation in 996 type only
911 GT3 RFIA-GT2 (996 type)
FIA-GT3 (997 type/991 type)
2005 Round 1,2 & 996 (Type XNUMX)
2010 Round 5-2015 (Type 997)
2016-(Type 991)
997 type moved to 991 type, 996 type[Note 45]Is withdrawal
911 GT3 RSFIA-GT2 (996 type)
JAF-GT (996 type)
FIA-GT2 (997 type)
2005-2010 (996 FIA-GT2 cars)
2006-2011 (996 JAF-GT model)
2007-2008 (Type 997)
996 type[Note 45]Withdraws both type 997
911 GT3 RSRFIA-GT22005-2010 (Type 996)
2009-2011 (Type 997)
996 type[Note 45]Withdraws both type 997
LamborghiniMurcielago RG-1JAF-GT2005 Round 4-2009Phased transition to Gallardo RG-3
Gallardo RG-3FIA-GT32007-2012Phased transition to Gallardo LP600+ GT3[Note 45].
Gallardo LP600+ GT3FIA-GT32012-2013Changed to Gallardo FL2 GT3
Gallardo FL2 GT3FIA-GT32013-2015Migrated to Huracan GT3
Gallardo R-EXFIA-GT32015 Round 3Spot participation
Huracan GT3FIA-GT32016-2019 Round 5Migrate or update to Huracan GT3 Evo
Huracan GT3 EvoFIA-GT3Round 2019 of 6-Updated model of Huracan GT3.
Aston MartinV8 Vantage GT2FIA-GT22010-2012 Round 1Migrated to V12 Vantage GT3. 3rd generation only.
V12 Vantage GT3FIA-GT32012 Round 2-2014Withdrawal. 3rd generation only.
Vantage AMR GT3FIA-GT32019-20204th generation only.
FerrariF360GTJAF-GT2005-2007, 2009Withdrawal[Note 46]
F430GTJAF-GT2008-2009Migrated to F430 GTC[Note 47]
F430 GTCFIA-GT22009-2012Withdrawal. Some tanks moved to 458 GTC
458 GTCLM-GTE2011Transition to R8 LMS ultra, withdrawal[Note 45]
458 GT3FIA-GT32012-2013 Round 3, 2015Moved to 488 GT3
488 GT3FIA-GT32016-2017, 2019 Special BattleWithdrew from full season entry. Later spot participation
488 GT3 HereFIA-GT32021-
ChevroletCorvetteJAF-GT2005, 2008 Rounds 3,6,9, XNUMX and XNUMXC6 type only. Withdrawal
Callaway Corvette Z06.R GT3FIA-GT32011-2013C6 type only. Withdrawal
Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-RFIA-GT32019 Special BattleC7 type only. Spot participation
VemacRD320RJAF-GT2005-2009, 2011Transition to 458 GT3, withdrawal[Note 48]
RD350RJAF-GT2005-2008, 2010 Round 6-2012Transition to SLS AMG GT3, withdrawal
RD408RJAF-GT2006-2008, 2010Withdrawal[Note 49]
McLarenMP4-12C GT3FIA-GT32013-2015Withdrawal
720S GT3FIA-GT32019-Withdrawal
Moon craftShidenJAF-GT2006-2012Moved to MP4-12C GT3, retired
BMWZ4 M CoupeJAF-GT2008 Round 6-2009Withdrawal[Note 50]
Z4 GT3FIA-GT32011-2015M6 GT3, 488 GT3, SLS AMG GT3 respectively
M6 GT3FIA-GT32016-2018, 2020-Some tanks migrated to NSX GT3
AudiR8 LMSFIA-GT32012 (type 42)
2016-2018 (Type 4S)
Type 42 is transferred to LMS ultra, type 4S is transferred to LMS Evo, or updated
R8 LMS ultraFIA-GT32012-2016 Round 142 type R8 LMS update model. Migrated to 4S R8 LMS
R8 LMS EvoFIA-GT32019-Updated model of 4S R8 LMS.
Mercedes-BenzSLS AMG GT3FIA-GT32012-2017Migrated to AMG GT3
Mercedes amgAMG GT3FIA-GT32016-2020Migrate to or update AMG GT3 Evo
AMG GT3 EvoFIA-GT32020-Updated model of AMG GT3.
FordGTJAF-GT2006-2007Withdrawal[Note 51]
MT900 GT3FIA-GT32009 Round 4Spot participation
MT900MJAF-GT2010-2011, 2012 Round 3Withdrew from full season entry. Later spot participation
LotusExigeJAF-GT2005 Round 3Spot participation
Evora MCJAF-GT2015-[Note 34]
BentleyContinental GT3FIA-GT32017-2018Withdrawal. 2rd generation only.

■2004Previously participating vehiclesAll Japan GT ChampionshipSee section.

Work steam

In this section, we are participating in GT500 classWork steamとSemi Works TeamDescribe.

Nissan Motor

The oldest of the three manufacturers, in the JGTC era[Note 52]On the skylineR32,R33,R34Since 2004Fairlady ZSince 2008GT-RI am participating in the war. Until 2008, 4 cars from 5 teams were participating, but in 2009 there were 4 cars and in 2010 there were 3 cars, but from 2011 to 2017NISMO,IMPUL,KONDO,SPRINGParticipated in 4 teams of 4 cars. From 2018, NDDP Racing has taken the place of MOLA. Long time agoHASEMIHad also joined[Note 53].

The GT-R, which was revived in 2008, partially pre-empted the 2009 standard, and the Motoyama-Benoit group XANAVI NISMO won the opening two consecutive games, but due to its overwhelming strength, the minimum vehicle weight due to special performance adjustment. Was gradually raised[37]However, the advantage has not changed, and with three wins a year, it became Nissan's first SUPER GT champion. In 3, from the JGTC eraSugoThen Nissan cannot win"JinxSugao wins the first victory. In 2011, MOLA of the Yanagita/Quintarelli group, who stepped up from GT300, won the first championship in the first race, and in 2012, he became the champion and won the title for the second consecutive year. Since 2, it has been developed according to the DTM regulations and the model vehicle has been changed from GT-R to GT-R Nismo. Despite steadily earning points during the season and earning points for LEXUS, NISMO achieved pole-to-win in the final race and became the first DTM champion. In 2014, the strength remained strong and NISMO and IMPUL 2015-1 won the championship for two consecutive years. In 2, I thought that I would have won four consecutive victories with GT-R in the first half of the game, and I think that I would win the title for three consecutive titles, but I missed the second half of the game so much that the result was that Lexus took the champion in the reversal. From 2, the regulation is close to Class 2016 regulations, and the vehicle has been changed to the latest GT-R Nismo. NISMO showed speed in the last three races and finished second in the ranking. In 4, NISMO won the second round, and it seemed that he would go on to fight for the championship as it is, but there were many misses in the second half of the race, and he dropped out of the championship fight. In 3, NISMO won many podiums with three poles and four podiums, but could not close the point difference with the Lexus group and remained in third place. B-MAX has won its first GT2017 win in Round 1.

Engine maintenance for all carsTomei EngineIs in charge of[Note 54].. Compared to other camps, it seems to be struggling in contrast to the JGTC era, and from the middle of 2002VQ30DETT3.0L of base V6 T / CI used the engine, but only one in the final race of 2006VK45DEIt is equipped with the base 4.5L V8 NA engine. In 2007, all vehicles were sequentially switched to V8 NA[Note 55].. From 2010, 3.4L V8 in line with the regulationsVRH34AChanged to VRH2011B from the middle of 34. From 2014 to 2019, 2.0L inline 4-cylinder turbo NRE engine with common basic specificationsNR20AAre used. From 2020, use the improved version of NR20B.


The entrant with the highest number of championships in the SUPER GT series. Until 2005Toyota Supra, 2006-2013Lexus SC430, 2014-2016Lexus RC F, 2017-2019Lexus LC500, New from 2020Toyota GR SupraAre using. As of 2020,TEAM TOM'S2 units ofCERUMO2 units ofTEAM SARD,BANDOH4 teams from 6 teams are participating. Long time agoTsuchiya Engineering(Suspended from 2009, returned in GT2015 class from 300),KRAFT(Withdrawn in 2012, TEAM TOM'S took over and moved to a two-car system),TEAM LeMans(Withdrawn in 2019, CERUMO took over as "WAKO'S ROOKIE" and transitioned to a two-car system).

The entrant name was previously unified as “TOYOTA TEAM ○○”. Since 2008, some teams have a sponsor name before "TOYOTA TEAM ○○". From 2009LexusChanged to brand, unified entrant name to "LEXUS TEAM ○○", and later "GAZOO Racing"LEXUS GAZOO Racing" was entered as a part of ". With the participation in the GR Supra from 2020, 2019 will be the final year of participation as a Lexus brand and entrant name ``LEXUS TEAM ○○'', and the entrant name also bears the abbreviation of ``TOYOTA GAZOO Racing'' Changed to "TGR TEAM ○○".

In 2005, Tachikawa and Takagi Gumi's ZENT CERUMO became the SUPER GT's first champion and displayed Supra's endless beauty. In 2006, Wakisaka Lotterer's OPEN INTERFACE TOM'S won the championship. In the same year, the supply of SC430 was limited to four, so two Supras of 4 model were also introduced, but from 2005 it was unified to SC2. We struggled due to the overwhelming strength of the 2007 NSX and the GT-R in 430, but in 2007 we participated in the only vehicle that complies with the regulations among the three manufacturers, and in 2008, Wakisaka-Lotterer PETRONAS TOM'S was the champion. In 3, the final year of the SC, ZENT CERUMO of Tachikawa/Hirate team won the championship. In 2009,Lexus LC500For four consecutive races from the opening round depending on the performance of the new carLexus LC500Showed a high ranking monopoly and set an undefeated record in all of the first half. In the title battle between Lexus forces, Hirakawa Cassidy team KeePer TOM'S won the championship, and in the final year of Lexus 2019, Oshima Yamashita team TEAM Le Mans won the championship for the first time in 17 years.

enginemaintenanceIs all carsTRDIs going. From 2003 in the JGTC era3UZ-FEBase V8 NAEquipped with engine. The displacement was 5.2L only in the first year, but was changed to 2004L from 4.5 the following year. From 2009, for the Formula Nippon in line with the regulationsRV8KWas changed to RV8KG with some specifications changed for GT. Although vehicle development may be delayed because the vehicle development is carried out on a zero basis by making use of the reflection points of the previous year, it has sufficient fighting power in the opening race. From 2014, 2.0L inline 4-cylinder turbo NRE engine with common basic specificationsRI4AGAre used.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

From series launch to 2009NSXSince 2010HSV-010Since 2014NSX CONCEPT-GTSince 2017NSX-GTAre competing in. The teams currently participating in 2020 areARTA,TEAM KUNIMITSU,NAKAJIMA RACINGAnd since 2007REAL RACING, Returning from 2017TEAM MUGEN5 teams. Until 2014DomeHowever, in 2015 and 2016, Drago Modulo Honda Racing was in the race.

Only of 3 manufacturersMRIn 2014 and 2015, a hybrid system will also be adopted, but this is a place where the original vehicle is FR in the DTM vehicle regulation.NSX CONCEPT → NSXAiming to be as close as possible, because there is a history of special permission to change to MR with the permission of GTA, Toyota fighting together, Nissan[19]As a condition to participate in using the hybrid system, the minimum weight of the vehicle is 2 kg heavier than the rival, 70 kg, and the engine speed is 1,090 rpm or more when using the assist output so as not to be an absolute advantage with the other two models. Besides, there are restrictions on the assist output and energy amount.[38]. However, the hybrid system was removed in 2016 due to the problem of battery supply, and it will be continued in 2017. From 2020, we will use FR specification NSX-GT because we will participate in a machine that complies with the common rule "Class 1 rule" with DTM.

Supply of 2006 units until 4 and 2007 units from 5. Dome and ARTA in 2005 and 2006Team Honda Racing[Note 56]However, since 2007, the vehicle maintenance has been a dome, and both teams have participated as independent teams. In 2005, he was forced to struggle in the early stages, but from the 3rd round Sepang, he introduced the 3.5L V6 NA engine to the ARTA NSX of the Ito-Ralph group and achieved a good result of 2nd place, and then introduced it to all cars. Although he won four wins in 2006, he could not win the title due to many troubles in important situations. Since 4, KEIHIN REAL has joined the team to form a five-team structure, and ARTA has won three wins to win the double title of Drivers & Team.[Note 57], NSX monopolized the 1st to 4th place in the annual point ranking, and TAKATA Dome of the Michigami/Kogure team won the pole position 5 times. It was the year that showed the overwhelming strength of NSX.

In 2008, the minimum vehicle weight was raised by performance adjustment from the surplus speed of NSX in the previous year[Note 58]In Round 5, Sugo, Michigami and Kogure team had only one Dome victory. In the final round of 1MotegiAnnounced that it will end its participation in the NSX and introduce a new model from 2010. ARTA in the final racePaul Two WinWon. No commercial model since 2010HSV-010 GTParticipated in. Although he missed his debut win, Kogure/Loic's Dome became the champion. In 010, the final year of the HSV-2013, the race ended in 430nd place, competing for the champion until the final race of the same year, SC2. In 2014, Dome won the 5th round, but the season ended without being involved in the championship competition.In 2015, TEAM KUNIMITU showed a catch-up at the end, but although it did not reach the champion, it ranked 3rd higher than the Lexus group. End the season. In 2018, Yamamoto/Baton team TEAM KUNIMITSU steadily earned points and won the championship by winning the title battle with the LEXUS group. Yamamoto also won the Super Formula championship that year, so he won his first double crown together with GT. Button also became the champion in the first year of GT participation.

Engine maintenance for all carsM-TECIs in charge. In 2005, the 3L V6 T/C engine continued from the previous year, but the base engine wasC30AChanged to C32B. However, as in the previous year, it was unavoidable that it was inferior and changed to 2003L V3.5 NA, which was the same as it was until 6, and recovered its competitiveness. In 2009, only the displacement was reduced to 3.4L in line with the regulation. 2010 for Formula Nippon in line with regulationsHR10EWas changed to HR10EG with some specifications changed for GT. From 2014 to 2016, 2.0L inline 4-cylinder turbo NRE engine with common basic specificationsHR-414EAre used. From 2017 to 2019, the updated version of HR-417E will be used, and from 2020, the engine will be FR by regulation, so HR-420E will be used.

Tire manufacturer

It is supplied by many manufacturers to each team in the GT500/300 class. The SUPER GT is becoming an uncommon example in the world as the number of categories that select one-make is increasing due to reasons such as cost reduction.[Note 59]However, the reason why we are realizing a competition by multiple manufacturers, which is also called a tire war, is because it is one of the important sponsors in addition to the management side's idea that it is an attractive series for tire manufacturers.[39].. In the GT500 class where the balance of vehicle performance was strongly promoted, the course conditions andpitstrategyIn addition to the selection of tires according to the above, the brand of tires contracted by each team may play an important factor. Various data obtained on-site are fed back to other categories of racing tires and commercially available fuel-efficient tires, making it a valuable test site.[40][41][42][43]..In recent years, it has become a higher grip than Western one-make tires, and even if it is a GT3 machine with almost the same BOP, the lap time may be 5 seconds or more apart.[Note 60].


Manufacturer with the largest market share in the GT500 class[40].. As of 2020, two TEAM TOM'S, ZENT CERUMO, TEAM SARD, WAKO'S ROOKIE 2 Toyotas, ARTA, REAL RACING, TEAM KUNIMITSU 5 Hondas, TEAM IMPUL 3 Nissan have been supplied to a total of 1 units. .. There were times when Honda had been unified with Bridgestone until 9 and Nissan with 2004. It has not been supplied to the GT2005 class since 300, but started supplying to ARTA in 1998, and by 2011, it has spread to apr, LEON RACING, Saitama Toyopet GB, and muta racing. It is said that the slick has a stable record even when it is dry, and also has a strength in the so-called "slightly wet" condition where the road surface gets slightly wet.[21].. In addition, GT300's rain tires have a high level of fighting power that is said to have a performance difference that sets them apart from other manufacturers. In 2013, he became the first Bridgestone tire champion in the GT300 class, and in 2018 and 2019, the team using Bridgestone tires became the champion. This is the first consecutive victory for a Bridgestone tire.


It is a manufacturer with the largest market share in the GT300 class, and in 2019 it supplied 29 of the 19 cars in the same class. In the GT500 class, BANDOH, TEAM MUGEN and KONDO RACING are supplied one by one to each side. It used to be said that it goes well with Okayama International Circuit and Sepang, and in fact the Yokohama users have often won the races held there. Nissan is said to be strong in wet conditions.KONDO RacingKondo said in a pit conversation with Takuya Yura before the race, "3 seconds is faster than other cars when wet"[44].. As a works driver, Orido Manabu was 2000-2007, Seiji Ara was 2001-2003, 2006-2009, 2011, and was a member of a team that wore Yokohama tires for a long time. It is a racing tire that the company first blended natural "orange oil" as a softening material for rubber to replace conventional petroleum resources for the purpose of improving grip.[41].. The GT500 in recent years is behind the BS and MI teams, but it can be a typhoon's eye if they can mesh well.

ダ ン ロ ッ プ

Toyota has been supplying one GT500 class vehicle since 2002 and Honda one since 2005, but as of 1, only NAKAJIMA RACING is available. I often struggle due to lack of data, but in recent years the lastSuzuka 1000kmIt is getting better, such as controlling. In 2020, it will be supplied to R & D SPORT, GAINER No. 300 car, and K-tunes Racing in the GT11 class.[Note 61].. Works drivers include 2002-2007 Naoki Hattori, 2002-2005 Kaoru Wakisaka and 2008-2010 Andre Couto. In addition, Ryu Michigami was in the team wearing Bridgestone tires until 2009, but has been developing Dunlop tires since 2010. Like Bridgestone, it has a good reputation for the strength of "little wetness" and is also called "rain dunlop".[21].


As of 2020, NISMO, NDDP RACING with B-MAX Nissan 500 cars only in GT2 class[Note 62].. Previously it was also supplied to Toyota Honda[Note 63].. It was supplied to GT300 in 1997 and in the spot races from 2000-2001, 2005-2010[Note 64].. Since 2013-2014 R & D SPORT, there have been no users in the same class, but from 2020, it will be supplied to PACIFIC-D'station Racing and LM corsa for the first time in 2 years.At the beginning of the race, he was behind other manufacturers due to lack of data, but he gradually showed his strength by making use of the know-how cultivated in various endurance races.It has high grip and heat resistance, and is considered to be superior especially in summer races when the road surface temperature is high.[39]It also supports low temperature and wet[42].. In 2009, HASEMI won the 4th round in Sepang for the first time, in 2011 SARD took three pole positions, and in 3 and 2011 MOLA consecutive wins, 2012 Suzuka 2012km victory, 1000 and 2014 Having contributed to NISMO's consecutive victory, it has grown into a presence threatening other manufacturers in the GT2015 class. In 500, the GT2013 BRZ won the pole position 300 times out of all 8 races, and showed the speed enough to delay almost all vehicles in the Suzuka 5km race, contributing to the BRZ's first victory.


The company was the main sponsor of the GT300 class KTR Racing from 2006-until 2013. In addition, in the past, it has been supplied to several GT300 teams. Although it has not been supplied to the 500 class, in the GT300 class it has achieved results comparable to Yokohama, which is the overwhelming majority. In particular, it shows a sense of stability that it can run without replacement under the condition of light dry road surface. Hankook tires will come back to the SUPER GT race in 2019, though it will be an exchange battle between SUPER GT and DTM.


From the first year of the series, 2005-2009, it was supplying several teams in the GT300 class. TEAM CERUMO's Toyota Celica was partly rescued during the 2006 Round 6 Suzuka 1000km.Pole to winThe podium finishes this one time.


Success weight

Introduced in 2, the second year after the start of JGTC, the predecessor of SUPER GT, with reference to DTM[3].. By placing weights on top of the qualifying and finals, we are trying to reconcile their abilities in the same class.[Note 65].. Because the weight increases as you accumulate points in the top grades[Note 66], It will be difficult to keep winning. Until 2020Weight handicap(The notation in the sporting regulation is "weight handy system"), but it was changed to the current name from 2021.[45].

According to the 2020 regulations, there is no weight handicap in Round 1 and Round 8, which is the final round.[Note 67]、GT500クラスは第2戦 - 第6戦までは総獲得ポイント×2、第7戦は総獲得ポイント×1、GT300クラスは第2戦 - 第6戦までは総獲得ポイント×3、第7戦は総獲得ポイント×1.5となる[2][46].. Maximum loading weight is 100kg for both classes[Note 68]Therefore, any further weight increase will be exempt regardless of performance.[Note 69].. In the past, because the performance of the vehicle, team strategy, performance and weight are closely related, such as deliberately manipulating the ranking by dislike weight increase, the specific contents are constantly being discussed and frequently revised.[3].

Until 2015, when the weight exceeded 500 kg in GT50, measures were taken to limit the engine output by reducing the fuel flow restrictor diameter equivalent to 50 kg.[47].. In 2013, the weight was attached to the lead seat up to 50 kg in the passenger seat in 2014, and it was free for more than 50 kg, but from XNUMX to XNUMX kg under the driver's seat, more weight or fuel restrictor It became possible to select either output limitation by[48].. It has also been pointed out that the influence when the weight is loaded (weight sensitivity) may become more noticeable because the load is biased to the left side because the driver and the weight are on the same left side.[Note 70].. In 2016, the weight handicap system with a maximum weight of 100 kg was used as before, but in 2017, the fuel restrictor limit was used again. However, in the past, the restrictor caliber was a uniform number, but the new system provides three types of caliber according to the weight, and it will be a form to finely adjust with the actual weight based on that.[Note 71][50].

タ イ ヤ

There is a limit to the number of items you can use, and you can use it from the official practice to the finalSlick tireは4本×6セットの計24本となっており、各チームはその中でコンパウンドなどを選択すると、オフィシャルの手によってマーキングが施される。予選のQ1、Q2で使用出来るのはそれぞれ1セットのみで、Q2に進出出来なかった車両はそのタイヤでスタート、Q2に進出した車両はQ1かQ2で使用したいずれかのタイヤを選択出来る。ウェット用のRain tireCan only be used free of charge from the official qualifying if the tournament management determines that it is wet. Also, the total number of tires that can be brought in by each tire manufacturer is 1 for 4x7 sets for dry cars and 28 for 4x9 sets for wet cars.[Note 72]If the distance exceeds 300km, GTA will consult and decide.[47].


In the past, the two qualifying systems were mixed depending on the race, but from 2 all races have been unified into the knockout system.

Knockout method
With the super lap method, it took time to drive all 20 cars, and there were problems such as large differences in course conditions such as weather and road surface temperature depending on the order in which they started. So, at the 2007th round of 7 in Motegi,F1Same asKnockout methodQualifying has been adopted and it has been carried out in earnest since 2010. Prior to 2012, the ranking was decided by performing three rounds as in F1, but since 3 it has been held in two rounds, Q2013 and Q1. Unlike the finals, GT2 and GT2 will not be mixed races.
Although Q10 will be held in 2 minutes after the 10-minute interval, there will be another 300-minute interval after running GT8, and the final ranking will be finalized at the end of GT500. Note that the driver cannot ride consecutively with Q1 and Q2, so separate drivers are in charge of each.[51][52].
Super lap method
This is the method that was used up to 2012, with the normal time attack method.Super lapIt will be a combination of methods. After two 60-minute time attacks, a super lap will be held. The qualifying is irregular based on the average time of the top three cars in the class.107% ruleIs adopted[Note 73].. In the first qualifying session, the top 1 players in each class can participate in the Super Lap. Competing for a lap time of one lap from the team that ranked 10th in the first qualifying, in order of speedStarting gridWill be decided. For the 1th place or less in each class in the first qualifying round, the starting grid will be decided at the time of the first qualifying round. There are only vehicles under attack on the course[Note 74], BGM selected by the driver will be played, and the audience can unite with the team to support the favored team.

A seed system is applied to the qualifying, and the team with the seed right is guaranteed to enter the final race regardless of the result of the qualifying. As of 2006, the target team of the seed right is "within the 12th place of the previous year's point ranking in each class".[53]After that, it was expanded to "15th place within the previous year's point ranking"[54].. From 2017, the rules for seed rights have changed drastically, and the final race slots will be "All GT500 class teams & GT300 class last year's 18th place, GTA certified international teams, teams that have continued to participate since 2008". Will be guaranteed[54].. Other teams are also allowed to take over seed rights from the resting teams with seed rights.[54].


At the start, wear the tires used in the qualifying as they are, continue to GT500, GT300,Rolling startDone in a manner.Formation wrapDo[Note 75],Pace carWill start off at the same time with the green display of the signal, but overtaking is prohibited until it passes the control line, so the vehicle that has acquired the pole position must start at its own pace by timing. Have the advantage that[55].. In the formation lap, the pace car arrives at the beginning of GT500, the rolling start has a sufficient gap between GT500 and GT300, and the green display of the signal is done at the start of GT500 ahead. Since 2014, the GT500 has the same carbon brakes as the DTM, so one warm-up lap was added to warm the brakes separately from the formation laps.[Note 76].. After that, Suzuka 5km in Round 1000[Note 77]So instead of a warm-up lap, a local police vehicle (Police car,White motorcycle) Was led by a parade lap, and then other races have also been held and established.


Awarded to the 10th place in the final for both drivers and teams. Allocation is different at a distance of 700km. Before 700, it was only Suzuka 2017km, and after 1000 it was only Fuji 2018 miles. The third driver will not be awarded points if the total distance driven is less than 500 km.

Race distance1 bit2 bit3 bit4 bit5 bit6 bit7 bit8 bit9 bit10 bit
Less than 700km2015118654321
700km or more25181310865432

In addition, points are awarded to teams according to the number of laps when they complete the race.

classSame lapOne lap behindOne lap behindDelayed by 3 laps or more
GT500 class321
GT300 class321

If the total points are the same at the end of the final race, the vehicle with the highest number of prizes will win the title.[47].

If you win PP in qualifying Q2016 from 2, you will be given one driver's point. Note that team points are excluded.

From 2020, the GT300 class has been changed to the rule that 2 points will be added when the finish is delayed by 2 laps and 3 point will be added when the finish is delayed by 1 laps or more.

Driving moral hazard

"Driving Moral Hazard" has been established as a system established to build the sportsmanship that is the norm for all races and to enhance the safety of motor sports in order to provide high quality races to the spectators. ing. This is imposed on the driver in all SUPER GT races, official tests, promotion events, etc.It was judged that the GT Association had set guidelines and dangerous behavior and behavior that deviated from morals on and off the course were performed. In this case, driving standard observer will add penalty points[56].

Penalty points will be accumulated for one year from the point of addition, over the season, and penalties will be applied according to the accumulated points. If you participate in two races without penalties from the time of addition, you will be exempt from 1 points. In addition, points will be 2 in principle if you do not participate in two seasons, and 2 points will be deducted if you refuse to participate in the race at the next event.

Moral Hazard points (2017 regulations)[57])
PointCase studyItem
1Black and white flagDangerous driving act presented byGeneral principles, dangerous drive
2The act of spinning out an opponent by contacting each other in the same classGeneral principles
3The act of spinning out another class car or a car with a different number of laps in the same classGeneral principles
3Yellow flagInside spinDangerous drive
3 and overRed flagInside spinDangerous drive
1~3Violation of safety confirmation obligationGeneral principles, dangerous drive
3~5Acts that cause other vehicles to go off the track or crash after violating the safety confirmation obligationDangerous drive
4~10Retribution, acts determined to be malicious, or violenceDangerous drive
2~5Blue flagignoreDangerous drive
Penalties for accumulating points (2017 regulations[57])
Cumulative pointsPenalties
4Official practice at the next competition is prohibited for the first hour
6No official practice all day participation at next competition
8Official practice at the next competition will be prohibited from participating all day long and 8 grids will be demoted at the starting grid of the final race
10Refusal to participate in the next competition


In the past, for vehicles that were later than the standard time, which is the average of the top six cars in each race in the qualifying and final races, and were ranked 6th or less in the point ranking, the air restrictor diameter was expanded and the performance was improved by increasing the engine power. Measures were taken, but they were abolished in 7.

Rookie test

Since 2010, GTA has been obliged to take the rookie test in the joint test before participating in the race, targeting GT300 class drivers who have entered the GT2 class newly or who have not participated in SUPER GT for more than two years. As a general rule, past race results are not considered,F1,WTCCEven drivers who have participated in the race and won the SUPER GT victoryShinichi Yamaji[58], 2012Hideki Noda-Yukinori TaniguchiSuch as[59], If you meet the above conditions, you need to take a rookie test[Note 78].

In addition, during the examination of the rookie test and the racepenaltyIn order to standardize the judgment criteria ofNaoki Hattori(2008 - ),Hideki Okada(2010 - ),Tetsuya Tanaka(2018) has been used as a former driver.

Problems with SUPER GT


The SUPER GT, which had the largest number of mobilized spectators in the four-wheel motor sports currently held in Japan and was considered to be in good management, was run by GTA, the operating organization of the series, in March 2007. In fact, it amounts to about 3 million yen.Debt overrunIt was revealed that I was in a state. The direct cause is "One of the sponsorsbankruptcyBecause of this, the originally planned sponsorship money was not received,'' but GTA originally had a deficit of about 2005 million yen per year in 1, and from the previous time there was a ``series''. Promotion, etc.[Note 79]The entrant (racing team) side had the question, "Is it too expensive to spend?"

In order to solve this problem, GTA will dissolve the Board of Directors and the secretariat, which have traditionally been the center of the organization's operations, and then establish the "GTA Committee" as a new operating organization at the GTA General Assembly held in the same month. Decided. The chairman of the GTA committeeRACING PROJECT BANDOHRepresentativeMasaaki BandoAppointed, and while maintaining the existing system for series operation, announced a policy to launch a new corporation within the year for promotion, aim to convert profitability and wipe out debt by reviewing operating costs.[62]According to the declaration, "GT Promotion Co., Ltd."KRAFT(Hisato Hiraoka, president) was established.[63].

In addition to this, with the aim of stabilizing the series operation, "GT Association Co., Ltd." was established on April 2008, 4 as the parent company responsible for series operation. The investment ratio is Toyota (Fuji Speedway,Toyota techno craft), Nissan (NISMO),Honda (Mobility Land), a total of 500% of GT3 class Works 47.34 manufacturers, 47.34% of the ``GT Entrant Association'' consisting of representatives of the participating teams, and otherOkayama International CircuitWill invest 5.26%, and Bando will hold the remaining 1 share as the founder representative. Bando concurrently serves as president of the company[7].

From 2015, in addition to SUPER GTSupport raceAsFIA-F4 ChampionshipIs operated.

Driver training

The SUPER GT, which boasts the most prominence in motor sports in Japan, is the origin of its popularity, with the introduction of the weight handicap system, etc. Face is one of the reasons. On the other hand, the popularity of domestic formula races is declining, and it is difficult to obtain sponsors, etc.F3The number of participating drivers of middle formulas such as is tending to decrease. As an example,All Japan F3 ChampionshipThe number of cars participating in the program was 2007 in 12 and 2008 in 9 (16 including the national class), showing a continuing downward trend. Therefore, young people expected by each automobile manufacturerdriverAs a training project, we are increasingly sending it to GT300 class partner teams that are popular and easy to obtain sponsors.

Originally, the driver is required to have the ability to pull out the vehicle performance to the limit in the race and shave 0.1 seconds, but in SUPER GT, because it fights under the artificial control of weight handicap, it is not always possible to fully demonstrate the performance. Absent. In addition, there were cases in the past where we gazed at the acquisition of a series champion and intentionally dropped the ranking to reduce weight.[3].. Also, although the SUPER GT machine has high performance,Touring carso,Formula carSince the setting method is very different fromF1,IRLIt is difficult to step up to[Note 80].

As a race that boasts the scale and popularity comparable to this category as a touring car raceWTCC,DTMHowever, the characteristics of DTM, WTCC, and SUPER GT machines are completely different from each other, and it is difficult to obtain backup because Japanese carmakers and large companies as sponsors hardly participate in WTCC and DTM. However, it is difficult to expand overseas in the field of touring cars. In fact, in the past, Japanese drivers had full participation in WTCC and DTM in 2003.Katsutoshi Kaneishi (DTM), 2011Yukinori Taniguchi (WTCC) and so on. As a result, the driver's saucer aiming to step up from this category is practically limited to the GT500 class, but since there are few vacant seats in the GT500 class, many drivers can not do it even though they want to step up. This is the current situation, and there are still issues from the perspective of training for the future. Furthermore, from 2009, test drive on Friday with cost reduction[Note 81]The lack of approval will reduce the chances of driving and raise concerns that younger drivers will have less experience.

Attracting children

Recent sports car awayI was worried about, and I wanted more children to come to the circuit,Middle school studentsFree of charge below and Kids Walk since 2006[Note 82]Is being held. In addition, it is a fact that the number of spectators with families has increased in recent years, as a result of such efforts, such as a team that distributes goods for fathers with children.

All Japan Championship handling/international series conversion

Although the SUPER GT withdrew from the jurisdiction of the JAF in 2005 with the aim of becoming an international series, the reality is that only one race per year will be included in the calendar for series development outside Japan, which is almost the same as the JGTC era. They are forced to operate with the same series calendar.

Meanwhile, since 2013 South Korea-Lingyan County OfKorea International CircuitDecided to hold a SUPER GT in Japan, signed a temporary signing on December 2011, 12[64]Officially decided in June 2012, 6 will hold All-Star match scheduled for May 2013-5[65] It was planned to be held as a series game from 2014 onwards (postponed) (later canceled)[66]. Also,Chugoku-Zhuhai city OfZhuhai International CircuitHowever, we planned to hold a special game and initially adjusted to hold it on December 2012, 12, but due to lack of time for promotion, we abandoned holding in 23 and 2012 It is a policy to review again with the aim of holding[65].. Aside from this,Taiwan-Donggang Township OfDapeng Bay International CircuitReports that they are aiming to hold a SUPER GT[67].

It is said that it will be held in Southeast Asia, and in the future there will be a plan to use the SUPER GT regulation to hold series competitions in each country with unified regulation in Southeast Asia and to decide the championship in Southeast Asia.[68].. Above allThailandThen.Churn International CircuitHas held a series of SUPER GT series since 2014[69]In addition, the series held as "Super Car Thailand" will be renamed to "SUPER GT Thailand Series" from 2015, and it will be held under the GT300 class vehicle regulations.[70].. From 2020Malaysia-Sepang International CircuitIs scheduled to be revived, and SUPER GT is planning to hold the night race for the first time. This year2020 Tokyo OlympicsSince it is not possible to hold Fuji 500 miles at the Fuji Speedway, which is used as a bicycle race venue, we are keeping in mind that this will be held at this time as an alternative event. If the contract is held in Thailand, it may be linked with Malaysia.[71].

From 2014, GT500 class will unify the vehicle regulations with DTM and further plan to fully integrate the regulations in 2017, which will enable manufacturers such as Germany participating in DTM and DTM America scheduled to start in 2015 to become SUPER GT. , Japanese manufacturers participating in SUPER GT will be able to participate in DTM and DTM America, and by sharing the specifications, certain solutions will be shown for cost reduction and participation of foreign cars described later. In addition, 3 series exchange battles will be possible in the future[25][18][72].. In addition, it will be resumed from 2013AsLMSIt has been agreed that GT3 class vehicles will be able to participate in GT300-GTC class of[73].. Furthermore, from 2018, Stefan Ratel Organization, which hosts GTA and Blancpain Endurance Series, will cooperate in holding the ``Summer Endurance Suzuka 1000 Hours Endurance Race,'' which will be the successor to Suzuka 10km so far. It will be held as a unified game of GT300 vehicles including[74].

Soaring costs

The current SUPER GT vehicle regulations, the so-called N-GT regulations, include Japan-specific regulations,FIA-GT ChampionshipFIA-GT regulations and24 Hours of Le Mans,ELMS,ALMSIt is incompatible with the LM-GT regulations such asExchange battleYou can't even do it. Furthermore, since the vehicle regulations for each category of SUPER GT are revised almost every year, each manufacturer and team will be involved in the development of the machine.costIs on the rise. OriginallycostThe provisions that should advocate reduction lead to intensified development and soaring costs.dilemmaIt is worried that they are falling into.

Chassis OfPipe frameCost reduction measures[Note 83]However, it does not work at all, and it is a vicious circle that intensifies machine development. The GT500 is no longer in an environment where privateers can participate.[Note 84]In recent years, many teams have withdrawn from SUPER GT. From 2009, the test on the day before the qualifying at the time of the race was cancelled, and only the two days of the qualifying and the final were held, and measures were taken to reduce the overall running cost, but this is not a fundamental measure. There are also concerns that drivers who have just debuted will have fewer opportunities to actually drive on the circuit.

In order to solve these problems, GT500 class decided to integrate DTM and chassis, aero parts, etc. to reduce costs, and it was implemented from 2014. The gasoline-spec in-line 2014-cylinder turbo engine "NRE" adopted in the SUPER GT from 4 is planned to be adopted in DTM in the future.[19].

The number of cars participating in the GT300 class has increased due to the FIA-GT3 regulations on vehicle regulations and improvements to allow privateers to participate in the race, while the JAF-GT has few domestic cars as the base is few. The number has stopped. Concerned about this situation, since there is little room for modification of the FIA-GT3, which is almost a finished product at the time of sale, the GTA also uses the JAF-GT in the sense of passing on technology including vehicle production and utilizing domestic baht. Although a vehicle was required, it would take a huge cost to develop a dedicated monocoque from scratch, and there is a risk that JAF-GT vehicles will decrease in this state, so a common chassis is used. Is presented and the manufacturer decides to become a dream[75],contemporaryCFRPSince the material and production cost of the monocoque using is very high, it is being developed by devising ways to make it in order to reduce the cost.[20].. The mother chassis was introduced in this way, but in recent years the number of teams handling it has decreased sharply. The cause is that it is difficult to deal with anything other than an experienced garage because there are many troubles after the introduction, but there is a lack of human resources who can technically support them, and the extent to which parts other than the mother chassis can be modified Since the range is wide, you can put in as many modifications as you want, and you can say that the originally expected cost reduction effect has not been fully exerted. Tsuchiya Engineering, which won the championship in the mother chassis, has also changed to FIA-GT models from 2020.

FIA-GT/JAF-GT/Mother chassis problem

In recent years, many teams using foreign cars have participated in the GT300 class, but in the case of foreign cars, there is a case where "detune" is performed to reduce the output according to the regulations. For that reason, GTA has set regulations for the 2012 GT300 class.FIA-GT3Changed to standard. As a result, the 300PS limit has been abolished, and some FIA-GT3 vehicles exceed 500PS. At the same time, the output limit has been eased in the GT500 class, but in 2013, due to performance adjustments that were advantageous for Japanese manufacturers' JAF-GT vehicles, especially those equipped with hybrid engines, the GT300 class will always be ranked higher in the JAF-class. GT vehicles dominated, and it was difficult for foreign cars and some Japanese manufacturers' vehicles that had been in the top position until the previous year to reach the top position rather than win, so we decided to adjust the performance of JAF-GT cars during the series. became[76].

Originally, the FIA-GT, which was created for the GT race that started as a game for the wealthy, and the JAF-GT and mother chassis, which were made by remodeling with the technology unique to Japan, differ greatly in their origin and purpose. .. Therefore, the BOP (Balance of Performance) has always been a problem in the SUPER GT where both races run together.

Race broadcast

Since 2006, GTA has been supplying the official video produced by GTA to CS broadcasting and terrestrial broadcasting. Due to internationalization, full-scale broadcasting has started overseas since 2005.telopRegarding, about the Japanese notation in the JGTC era, as a rule, we have switched to English notation[Note 85].


The real condition

  • Tsuneyuki Shimoda ( - 2013)
  • Hideyuki Nakajima ( - 2017)
  • Akadaira (2011-2017)
  • Sasha (2014-, in principle, in charge of the actual situation in all races from 2018)
  • Shirley Handa (2016 Round 7 Thailand only)
  • (2018-mainly in charge of Sascha's absence. In charge of pit reporters in long-distance races. Also, in support racesFIA-F4 ChampionshipThen in charge of the actual situation in all battles)
  • Pierre Kitagawa (Only in Round 2020 Fuji in 2. Normally, GTA will be dispatched to take charge of the actual situation inside the venue)


Pit reporter

Live / Commentary

  • Tsuneyuki Shimoda
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Akadaira
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Tsuneyuki Shimoda
  • Takuya Yura
  • Takayuki Kinoshita
  • Tsuneyuki Shimoda
  • Takuya Yura
  • Takayuki Kinoshita
  • Tsuneyuki Shimoda
  • Akadaira
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Takayuki Kinoshita
  • Tsuneyuki Shimoda
  • Takuya Yura
  • Takayuki Kinoshita
  • Akadaira
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Tsuneyuki Shimoda
  • Takuya Yura
  • Takayuki Kinoshita
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Akadaira
  • Takuya Yura
  • Takayuki Kinoshita
  • Akadaira
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Takayuki Kinoshita
  • Akadaira
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Akadaira
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Takayuki Kinoshita
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Takuya Yura
  • Takayuki Kinoshita
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Akadaira
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Akadaira
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Akadaira
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Takuya Yura
  • Kazuki Nakajima
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Kazuki Nakajima
  • Akadaira
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Kazuki Nakajima
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Akadaira
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Shirley Handa
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Kazuki Nakajima
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Ryu Michigami
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Akadaira
  • Hideyuki Nakajima
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Ryu Michigami
  • Akadaira
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Ryu Michigami
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Ryu Michigami
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Masataka Yanagita
  • Sasha
  • Issei Minakata
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Toranosuke Takagi
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Masataka Yanagita
  • Sasha
  • Issei Minakata
  • Takuya Yura
  • Fukuyama Hideo
  • Toranosuke Takagi
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Issei Minakata
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Pierre Kitagawa
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Takuya Yura
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Kazuki Nakajima
  • Sasha
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha
  • Hidetoshi Mitsusada
  • Sasha

Satellite broadcasting

J SPORTSBroadcast the broadcast on. Initially, it was broadcast with the commentary part replaced, but since 2007 it has been broadcast as it is. Also, from July 7st of the same yearSKY PerfecTV! e2 (now SKY PerfecTV!)And from October 2008, 10SKY PerfecTV! (current SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service)HD broadcast on J SPORTS Plus (currently J SPORTS 4) channel. On October 2011, 10, J SPORTS transitioned to BS, and HD broadcasting on BS has started since the final race of 1.

In the off-season, the omnibus will be broadcast, and a few weeks after the race, the on-board camera +, which is the conventional international video plus the onboard video of the machine, will be broadcast.

Although it is not a live broadcast, "GTV (SUPER GT Talk Variety)" has been broadcast on J SPORTS since 2008.


For the first time in 2015, we will conduct an official test at the Okayama International Circuit on March 3th and 14th.BS SKY PerfecTV!Was broadcast live on[78].

Ground wave broadcasting

From 2011Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Information program centered on SUPER GT that is broadcast every Sunday at 23:30-0:00 the next day[79].

Internet distribution

A free digest movie after the race will also be distributed on the SUPER GT official website from the night of the final day. From 2019, the full video of each race of the year will be split and distributed every 15 minutes on the official Youtube channel.In addition, full footage of all past (since 2009) final races (including SUPER GT races of JAF GP FUJI SPRINT CUP) has been distributed.Also, for qualifying, full footage of all races since 2017 has been distributed. From 2012, J SPORTSNico Nico Live BroadcastFree live broadcast of qualifying at[80], From 2014 Suzuka 1000km, we are carrying out paid distribution of the final[81].. Also, from 2013SKY PerfecTV! On DemandThe live broadcast and recorded distribution of the qualifying and finals are conducted by.

Up until 2018, "NISMO TV" was broadcasting live outside Japan, but the contract ended in the same year, and in 2019 the broadcasting rights will be transferred to Malaysia's "Haro Sports". In addition to the distribution to Southeast Asia by the company, from the second round of the same year, it will be distributed online for the whole world in the form of receiving a sublicense.[82].

Past broadcast

Terrestrial wave
BS digital
  • Until 2009:3 on March 31, 15,Moba HO!Channel ONE has been performing live broadcasting since 2005.

Past Internet distribution

Distribution started in 2006 except for Gran Turismo TV. In 2006, it was delivered live on Yahoo! Video, but it ended in a year. SUPERGT.net, GyaO and DOING.TV will be recorded and delivered in 1.PlayStation 3Game software ofGran Turismo 5 PrologueVideo distribution service in "Gran Turismo TV will be paid in 2007 in the form of digest version from 2006[Note 87], Game software of the same hardwareGran Turismo 5Video distribution service within "Gran Turismo TV was distributed in 2010 in the form of a digest version of some races from 2008 to 2012[Note 88].
  • SUPERGT.net --2006 & 2007 Final Race DigestVODDelivery.
  • GyaO (USEN)-VOD distribution of all race finals of 2007 and onboard video of GT500 class machine.
  • DOING.TV (Open interface)-Not currently available. Multi-angle VOD distribution for all 2006 and 2007 races.
  • Yahoo! Video (Yahoo! JAPAN)-Live broadcast of all 2006 races held in 8 in Japan[Note 89].
  • Excitement -At the official fan site, the digest version of all nine rounds of 2006 and the original original program VOD were delivered.
  • Gran Turismo TV (Gran Turismo 5 Prologue)-Paid distribution of the digest version from 2006[Note 87].
  • Gran Turismo TV (Gran Turismo 5)-Paid distribution of the digest version from 2008[Note 90].

International video production staff

  • TP︰ Hidehiro Nagashima
  • TD/SW︰ Nishiyama Kazunobu
  • Photography: Shuhei Nation, Hideaki Ohashi, Gonji Honzawa, Seiji Yaguchi, Takuya Kageyama, Nobuya Tomobe, Ken Nakajima, Taishi Fujimura, Kenji Harada, Yoichi Nakamura, Yusuke Tanahbara.
  • Monitoring system︰ Yukio Fukuda
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Successive champions

YearsDriver (machine/tire)OUR TEAM
2005Japanese flag Tachikawa Yuji/Japanese flag Toranosuke Takagi
Japanese flag Tetsuya Yamano/Japanese flag Kota Sasaki
2006Japanese flag Juichi Wakisaka/German flag Andre Lotterer
Japanese flag Tetsuya Yamano/Japanese flag Hiroyuki Iiri
(AmemiyaAsparagus drinkRX-7/YH)
2007Japanese flag Daisuke Ito/Irish flag Ralph Furman
Japanese flag Kazuya Oshima/Japanese flag Hiroaki Ishiura
(TOY STORY Racing April MR-S/MI)
2008Japanese flag Satoshi Motoyama/French flag Benoit Treluyer
Japanese flag Kazuki Hoshino/Japanese flag Hironobu Yasuda
(SPRING Leopalace Z/MI)
2009Japanese flag Juichi Wakisaka/German flag Andre Lotterer
Japanese flag Orido Manabu/Japanese flag Tatsuya Kataoka
(Weds sports IS350/YH)
2010Japanese flag Takashi Kogure/French flag Loic Duval
(Weider HSV-010/BS)
Japanese flag Kazuki Hoshino/Japanese flag Masataka Yanagita
Weider honda racingHASEMI MOTOR SPORT
2011Japanese flag Masataka Yanagita/Italian flag Ronnie Quintarelli
Japanese flag Nobuteru Taniguchi/Japanese flag Taku Bamba
(Hatsune ミク Good smile BMW/YH)
SPRINGGSR & Studie with TeamUKYO
2012Japanese flag Masataka Yanagita/Italian flag Ronnie Quintarelli
Japanese flag Kyosuke Mineo/Japanese flag Naoki Yokomizo
(Endless TAISAN 911/YH)
2013Japanese flag Yuji Tachikawa/Japanese flag Kohei Hirate
Japanese flag Hideki Muto/Japanese flag Nakayama Yuki
2014Japanese flag Tsugio Matsuda/Italian flag Ronnie Quintarelli
Japanese flag Nobuteru Taniguchi/Japanese flag Tatsuya Kataoka
(Good smile Hatsune ミク Z4/YH)
2015Japanese flag Tsugio Matsuda/Italian flag Ronnie Quintarelli
Macau flag Andre Couto
2016Finnish flag Heiki Kovalainen/Japanese flag Kohei Hirate
Japanese flag Samurai tsuchiya/Japanese flag Takamitsu Matsui
(VivaC 86 MC/YH)
2017Japanese flag Ryo Hirakawa/New Zealand flag Nick Cassidy
(KeePer TOM'S LC500/BS)
Japanese flag Nobuteru Taniguchi/Japanese flag Tatsuya Kataoka
(Good smile Hatsune ミク AMG/ YH)
2018Japanese flag Naoki Yamamoto/British flag Jenson Button
Japanese flag Haruki Kurosawa/Japanese flag Naoya Gamo
2019Japanese flag Kazuya Oshima/Japanese flag Kenta Yamashita
Japanese flag Shinichi Takagi/Japanese flag Hitomi Fukuzumi
2020Japanese flag Naoki Yamamoto/Japanese flag Ryosuke Makino
Japanese flag Kiyoto Fujinami/Brazilian flag Joao Paolo de Oliveira
(Realize Nissan Motor College GT-R / YH)

■2004Previous successive championsAll Japan GT ChampionshipSee section.


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