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🚗 | DTM abandoned the traditional Norisring match in July.Seeking to postpone to autumn


DTM abandons the traditional Norisring match in July.Seeking to postpone to autumn

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"Norisring is an outstanding chapter in the history of DTM," Elsner said.

ITR, which runs the DTM German Touring Car Championship, is originally scheduled for the second round of the 4 season on April 28th ... → Continue reading


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Norris Link

Norris Link(Norisring) Is,Germany,NurembergLocated inPublic road course..The total length is 2.3km.


This circuit and races are held in the big city and near Lake Dutzentaihi.Monaco Grand PrixIs compared with.A typical event isGerman Touring Car ChampionshipIt is said to be one of the most important battles.Also, the fact that you can watch the race closer than other circuits is popular with fans.


The circuit itself is a temporary course, but the 360-meter-long grandstand is a permanent type.Initially, the race was held in several different layouts, including a figure eight.

The current layout is a concise one in which three straights with gently curved parts are connected by a hairpin curve and a chicane.After passing turn 3 of a gentle right curve from the home straight,GrundigIn front of the head office building, go through turn 2 of the left hairpin curve and turn 3 of the gentle left curve in succession.At the end of the short straight, there is a chicane "Shuller S" that turns 90 degrees to the right and left, respectively, and cars with understeer due to escape are prone to crash here.After that, go through the gentle right curve, turn the second hairpin curve called "Dutzentaihi curve", and pass the gentle left curve turn 2 to make one lap.

Fatal accident

  • 1971- Pedro RodriguezWas drivingFerrari512Crashed on a refractory barrier in front of Schuller S, and Rodriguez died.After that, a repair was made to move the position of Turn 2 toward you to reduce the speed.In 2006, a commemorative amount was placed at the accident site.
  • 1988-During the F3 race, a Hungarian driver accidentally crashed into a tire barrier and died instantly.

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