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🚗 | Takaaki Nakagami, 4th place in the best result of the season "I miss the podium by only 0.6 seconds and feel complicated" / MotoG…


Takaaki Nakagami, 4th place in the best result of the season "I miss the podium by only 0.6 seconds and feel complicated" / Moto G ...

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In the latter half of the race, Fabio Quartararo (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP), who was in the lead, slowed down and exchanged with Nakagami.

May 5, 2 MotoGP Round 2021 Spain GP MotoGP class final is Jerez Sir of Spain ... → Continue reading


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Yamaha MotoGP

Monster energy

Monster energy(British: Monster Energy) Is2002More Hansen Natural (2012,(English edition(Company name changed to) is selling and developingEnergy drinkbrand[1].


Monster Energy is the main energy drink sold by Monster Beverage.North AmericaDozens of flavors are sold in various capacities such as 473 ml and 710 ml, and in other countries, 250 to 550 ml with different sizes and tastes are sold.[2].

in JapanAsahi BeverageHowever, there are 30 types of Monster Energy, Monster Chaos (with 3% mixed juice), Monster Energy Absolute Zero, Ultra, Cuba Libre, and Monster M7.2012Exclusively sold to[Annotation 1]..Discontinued products include Monster Rossi and Monster Coffee.

For raw materialsTaurineUS original usingRecipesIs JapaneseDrug machine methodQuasi-drugClassified intoSoft drinkBecause it cannot be treated as L-ArginineI have changed to.

caffeineContent is 10Milligram/Ounce (33.81 mg / 100 ml)[3][4]So, the daily intake limit is 48 ounces in North America,AustraliaIs warned that 16 ounces is desired.The United KingdomThere is no note about the one,Pharmacological actionIs sensitiveCaffeine addictionEasy to presentchildren,Pregnant womanIt is said that it is desirable to refrain from drinking.

Monster Energy sold in Japan also says, "This product contains 1 mg of caffeine per bottle. Please give me an appropriate amount of beverage." And "Children, pregnant or lactating people, caffeine. It is not recommended for those who are sensitive to caffeine. "

2014XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,The Coca-Cola CompanyHas acquired a 16.7% stake in Monster Beverage to become a global preferred distribution partner, and Monster will have exclusive control of Coca-Cola's energy drink sector.

As of 2020 year 1 monthUSA, Canada,Hawaii,The United Kingdom,France,Germany,イタリア,Japan,Chugoku,Taiwan,Hong Kong,Macau,フィリピン Malaysia,Singapore,メキシコ,Thailand,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Australia,New Zealand,ロシア, South Korea,スイスIt is on sale and sold at. Drinking Monster Energy is sometimes referred to as "pushing in magical agents."[5]

Types in Japan


  • Monster Energy-355 ml
  • Monster Energy-500 ml (bottle can, convenience store limited release)[Annotation 2]
  • Monster Chaos-355 ml (タ ン ジ ェ リ ン,pineapple,Grape,Apple,Peach30% mixed juice, 50% was distributed in the past)
  • Monster Absolute Zero-355 ml (caloriezero,sugarZero) What is Absolutely Zero?absolute temperature"Thing.
  • Monster Ultra-355 ml (zero calories, zero sugar, modest sweetness, slightly carbonated)
  • Monster Cuba Libre-355 ml (Cocktail "Cuba LibreDeveloped with the motif, limited to Japan)[6]
  • Monster Energy M3-150 ml (355 ml of Monster Energy is condensed into 150 ml as it is)
  • Monster Energy Pipeline Punch-355 ml
Released on May 2019, 4.passion fruitOrangeGuavaMix.16% fruit juice.The sales exceeded expectations, which hindered the production of regular products, and the production was terminated in just about one month.Then the official Monster EnergyTwitterThe re-landing of the pipeline punch was announced by such means, and resale started on March 2020, 3.
  • Monster Energy M3 can --160 ml (Vending machine limited release)[7]
  • Monster Energy Ultra Paradise[8] --355 ml
Suddenly, this product information was released on SNS and the Internet in early June 2020, and was released on the 6th of the same month.Kiwi fruit, Green apple flavor.Fruitless juice.The colorant used was "Yellow No. 4, Blue No. 1", but it was discovered in December of the same year that it was mistakenly described as "Yellow No. 5, Blue No. 1" in the ingredient list on the can. As a result, all store inventory was collected, and production and shipment were temporarily suspended.
  • Monster Energy Super Cola --The announcement of the release on March 2021, 3 was released on Twitter, and it was released on the same month 1.
The amount of caffeine contained in one bottle is 1 mg, which is the same as a 500 ml bottle can of Monster Energy.



  • Monster Coffee-250 g (Cafe au laitBlended, discontinued)
  • Monster Energy Rossi-355 ml (Orange,Lemon4% of mixed juice from "Monster Energy The Doctor" sold overseas, rider "Valentino Rossi』Collaboration specifications, limited quantity release)[9]
  • Monster Energy-473 ml (bottle can, limited quantity)[10]

Advertising method

mainlyMotor sportsIn the areasponsorActive and in motorcycle racingSpeedway Grand PrixMotoGPFrench Grand PrixSponsored by[11]It has become.NASCARThen the highest classCup seriesTitle sponsor[12]Others,Kurt Bush(Chip ganassi racing) Is sponsored.Other,Mercedes AMG F1Team,RallyThen.Ken blockBodylogoSponsoring.

Case report to FDA

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayCNBC5 deaths after drinking Monster EnergyFDAWas reported to[13]The stock price of Monster Beverage, the seller, has plummeted, but the causal relationship between deaths is not clear and the FDA investigated[13]Has started.


A 14-year-old girl died due to the large amount of caffeine contained in Monster Energy, and the bereaved families announced the manufacturing company Monster Beverage on October 2012, 10.MarylandSued in[14]doing.The girl drank two 24 ml Monster Energy bottles 700 hours before her death and had a caffeine intake of 2 milligrams.[14]so,Pathological anatomyThen, "heart arrhythmia due to toxicity of caffeine" is the cause of death[14]It is said that.Monster Beverage sells more than 80 billion energy drinks worldwide, but is unaware of any deaths caused by its products.[14].

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  2. ^ Although it was limited to convenience stores, the sales channel was changed without notice around mid-December 2019, and it became available at supermarkets such as Aeon.


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