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✈ | [Haneda] Meat soba from Toranomon's legendary procession soba shop "Minatoya" at the airport! "The Minatoya Lounge"

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[Haneda] Meat soba from Toranomon's legendary procession soba shop "Minatoya" at the airport! "The Minatoya Lounge"

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Kintaro is named after Mr. Kintaro Ueno, President and CEO of Mercedes Japan Co., Ltd.

Since I am a JAL Mylar, I usually use Terminal XNUMX at Haneda Airport, but the legendary procession of Toranomon is standing up ... → Continue reading

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President and CEO of Mercedes Japan Co., Ltd.

Kintaro Ueno

Kintaro Ueno(Ueno Kintaro,1964May 8[1] -) is JapaneseBusinessmanso,Mercedes-BenzJapanLtd. CEOPresident andCEO.


TokyoI'm fromWaseda Business SchoolCommercial Department,Waseda UniversityFaculty of Social Sciencegraduate.

After graduating from university1987, In the previous yearDaimler-Benz AGEstablished as a Japanese corporation (at that time)[2]He joined Mercedes-Benz Japan as a first-year new graduate hire.Sales department, public relations department, working at the German headquarters[3], General Manager of Corporate Public Relations Department, General Manager of President's Office, DaimlerChrysler in Japan2003Appointed as a director (in charge of the commercial vehicle division)[3],2005からDealer networkOfficer in charge and Director of Human Resources and General Affairs Department,2007Vice President on June 6 (Mercedes Car Group Sales / Marketing Division)[3].

2012Announced the appointment of Mercedes-Benz Japan President and CEO on November 11st2013He took office on February 2.

Former car criticJapan Car of the YearExecutive Committee Chairman Masami Miyoshi[4], OriginalRacing driver OfAkihiko NakataniWhat isRacing cartThroughout the competition, I have been acquainted with him since I was a child.Mercedes amg』\ At related eventsinstructorAppointment of Nakatani[5]Can also be seen.


Single book "Why Mercedes-Benz is chosen"ISBN-978 4763134585 Sunmark Publishing(2015/4/14)

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