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Photo Nissan First Generation Fairlady Z 240Z

Three long-established car brands that have been in business for over 50 years since their debut!Corolla, Land Cruiser, Fe ...

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Next is the Fairlady Z, a sports car that represents Nissan along with the GT-R.

A new model that appears every month.Among them, even though it was developed with prestige, it disappears for only one generation ... → Continue reading

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Nissan Fairlady Z

Fairlady Z(Fairlady Z,FAIRLADY Z) IsNissan MotorManufactured and sold bycoupeOf typesports car.


GT-RRepresenting Nissan alongsideFlagship modelso,JapanWidely known as a representative sports car.The first generationNorth AmericaIt was a big hit in the market, and subsequent models are being developed mainly targeting the North American market.In a sports carPorsche 911It is one of the few models that has been continuously produced for more than half a century under one model name.

in JapanPopular name・ The nickname is mainly the abbreviation "Z(Zet / Zed) ”,“ DATSUN Z ”,“ Z-Car ”, etc. overseas, mainly in North America. "Fairlady" is only used in Japan, and for export, it is called "DATSUN" or "NISSAN" with the company name.The current model is sold as "NISSAN 370Z" outside Japan, including the North American market.


First S30 type (1969-1978)

1969Is the predecessor modelConvertible OfDatsun FairladyIt was released on behalf of.

It was a big hit mainly in the North American market because it was extremely inexpensive while having specifications and attractive styles comparable to those of high-end GTs made in Europe.As Nissan's image leader car, it was produced for a long period of 10 years, and the total worldwide sales of 55 units (including 8 units sold in Japan) set an unprecedented record for a sports car at that time. It is a monumental vehicle that has opened the way for Nissan's overseas expansion by making the name of DATSUN, which is nicknamed DATSUN Z and is a general term for Nissan's export models, known to the world.Even now, not only in Japan but also worldwideClassic carIt is very popular and well-known.

Development history and mechanism

It was in the 1960s that we planned to develop and sell this model.Nissan USAWas the president ofYutaka KatayamaIs. He is looking for a model that will be a strong image leader for Datsun's sales expansion in the North American market.The United KingdomTraditional small sports car imitationDatsun FairladyHe thought that he would not be competitive in the market and would not be able to meet the increasingly stringent North American safety standards.

KatayamaAmericaHe was the president of Nissan at the time, after requesting the development of a new sports car that meets the needs of the market and enthusiastically working on the heavy Nissan headquarters from the mid-1960s.Katsuji KawamataI finally got the go-ahead for development.At this time, with the meaning of encouragement to the sports car development department at that time, which was being treated coldZ flagWas the origin of the Fairlady "Z"[1][2]..Katayama led the production of the first Z by giving a clear concept and appropriate advice to the development team at the Nissan headquarters in anticipation of the needs of the American market.Katayama himself said in an interviewJaguar E type"Please build a car like this", and the styling of the original Z fully met that expectation.

Z specs are advanced and lightweightMonocoqueBoth front and rear wheels on the bodyStrut suspensionEquipped with four-wheel independent suspension by, leading the marketJaguar E type,Porsche 911It was thin.

The installed L-type in-line 6-cylinder engine was the latest in the 2L class equipped with a SOHC valve mechanism, but its features arecast ironCylinder blockIt was a solid practical engine that combined a turn-flow combustion chamber with.The specifications for North America are power measures by adopting the L2.4 type engine with increased torque by expanding the displacement to 24L, which is also a solid method, rich in torque from the low speed range, similar to large displacement American cars. It was easy to handle in the practical range.For Jaguar and Porsche's high-performance but complicated power units, thanks to its simple design, it can withstand rough handling, is reliable and easy to maintain, and it was a unit that met the needs of users in the American market.In this respect, it inherits the good tradition of the former British sports car, which was tuned and equipped with a mass-produced engine for utility vehicles, and gave the Z excellent characteristics as a utility sports car.

The design was entrusted to Nissan Motor's 1st Modeling Division and 4th Design Studio, led by Yoshihiko Matsuo, and development began.Although this department was in charge of sports cars, it was a small department premised on small-lot production.In the media, the chief designer of S4 is often introduced as Yoshihiko Matsuo because he was the chief of the 30th design studio, but in reality, the design is based on the fastback of Akio Yoshida (Fumio) and combined with the front mask of Matsuo. Is the basis.After that, in 1967, Kumeo Tamura, Koichi Nishikawa, and Fumio Kuwahara entered the studio, and Tamura was in charge of the final modeling correction.[3].

Various body types are being considered, and the long wheelbase 30by2 designed by Matsuo before the S2 was released became an actual vehicle in the fall of 1973 and was added to the series.Have a separate trunk room for those seeking open airTarga topThe model is designed,prototypeWas produced. Also, for future demands for horsepower improvement, for presidentsV8 cylinder(Y40 type engine), But neither has been commercialized.Models that ended in sketches included a race specification designed by Yoshida and a four-seater sports wagon designed by Matsuo.Of these, in the sports wagon, based on the sketch drawn by Matsuo in 4, only one was reproduced by Futaya Ataka, a car restore expert living in the United States with the cooperation of Matsuo, and Nissan in August 1966. It was unveiled at the sponsored Z Convention.This situation was also introduced on the site of Nismo in the United States. In the 1s, two-door shooting breaks (sports wagons) were manufactured by each manufacturer in the European market, but due to manufacturing cost issues and the priority of manufacturing two-door coupe, it ended up with only sketches.The 2014by8 model that Matsuo had made up to the prototype has appeared everywhere in pursuit of comfort and ease of use, and it became a production type with almost the same design.

After the sale of the 1996ZX (Z300 type) in North America was discontinued in 32, at the request of fans, Nissan North America collected new and used parts, restored it, and launched a plan to sell the 240Z for a limited time. It was named and sold. However, the restoration cost and time was higher than expected, and it was not profitable. In addition, the number of applicants was flooded, so the initial plan for 200 units was limited to 39 units and then canceled. In addition, there are various orders-based vehicles for Vintage Z, and because all of them are finished by local sheet metal factories and shops, there are various finishes and specifications of individual car bodies.

New car sales price

The new car sales price in Japan at that time was 84 yen for the low-priced version "Z" and 105 million yen for the "ZL", which was an explosive hit because it was relatively cheap as a sports car. The "432" was 182 million yen, and the "240ZG" added later was 150 million yen.


1969(Showa 44) Announced on October 10

Prior to its premiere at the opening of the 16th Tokyo Motor Show (October 10th), it was announced on October 24th and has been on sale since November.

In Japan, three grades of "Z", "ZL" and "Z432" have been released. "Z" and "ZL"SUTwincarburetorEquipped with SOHC L20 engine equipped with. Z is a base model and 4 speedMT.. The ZL is equipped with a 5-speed MT and is fully equipped with a car stereo with AM radio, a passenger footrest, and a reclining seat. Z432 was developed by the old PrinceSolexEquipped with 3 cabsDOHC OfS20High-performance version with a mold. The naming of "432" is "4 valves, 3 carburetors, 2"CamshaftIt is derived from the structure of the S20 engine to be installed (Nissan called the S20 a 432 engine).In addition, the "Z432R", which has a lighter body and simplified equipment, is also available.This was a race-only vehicle that was listed in the catalog but couldn't run on public roads.In the United States and the United Kingdom, the "Datsun 2.4Z" (HLS24 / HS240 type) equipped with a 30L L30 type engine was released.


Fairlady Z L in 3rd gearAT(Nissan Full Automatic) Added a car. Until thenHigh-octane gasolineAlthough it was only a specification, a regular gasoline specification car was additionally released for all grades. The L20 has 130ps for high-octane gasoline and 125ps for regular gasoline. The S20 has 160ps for high-octane gasoline and 155ps for regular gasoline.


A 3-speed AT car has been added to the Fairlady Z and minor changes have been made to the details. The "Fairlady 24Z", "Fairlady 240Z-L" and "Fairlady 240Z-G" equipped with the L240 type engine, which had been exclusively for export until then, will be additionally released in Japan. The 240Z-G has aero parts with integrated front bumper made of FRP called "Grand Nose" (later known as "G Nose": but "Aero Dyna Nose" in the catalog).Over fenderWas installed.


When the 1971Z was released for 240 million yen in 115, the main race was shifted to that, and the Z432R was completely unsold.Therefore, Nissan attached a sales certificate to the Z432R, which was not available on public roads, and made it possible to obtain a number.Nissan Motorsport InternationalIt was lined up in front of and sold as a settlement disposal product.As a result, about 20 cars jumped out on public roads.Still unsold vehicles were returned to the "normal" Z432.Some of them were delivered to the Metropolitan Police Department High Speed ​​Corps.


Minor change of 2.0L model "Z series".48 Exhaust gas regulationsConformance, dashboard design changes and tail lamp and rear garnish changes were made, and the back lamp was placed inside the garnish.Production of the Z432 and 240Z series was discontinued due to pollution problems and soaring gasoline prices.


A 310-seater model with an extended length of 4 mm has been added (GS30, announced and released on January 1). It was called 17by2.The export model has been changed from the previous 2L to the "Datsun 2.4Z" (RLS2.6), which has an increased displacement due to a change in the 26L L260 engine. The 30Z partially conforms to domestic standards andOkinawa, which was on the right side at that timeIt is sold at. The "Fairlady 26Z" equipped with the L260 engine was planned to be released in Japan as well.Oil shockI have given up due to such influences[4].


With the enforcement of exhaust gas regulations in 50, SU twin cab to L20E type (Germany, GermanyBoschDeveloped L-Jetronic electronic controlFuel injector・ Changed to Nissan EGI), and at the same time to the exhaust systemcatalystExhaust gas purification system "NAPS(Nissan Anti-Pollution System) ”is installed.The model is "A-S30 / A-GS30".The export model has been changed from the previous 2.6L to the "Datsun 2.8Z" (HLS28), which has an increased displacement due to a change in the 280L L30E engine.Although it is a Nissan EGI system, it is not equipped with an exhaust gas purification system such as a catalyst.North American model5 mile bumperEquipped with a large bumper with a shock absorber called.


Based on ZL, FM / AM multi-cassette stereo, electric remote control fender mirror, power window, etc. are added to the high-grade "Fairlady ZT". Aluminum wheels are available as an option. With the enforcement of exhaust gas regulations in 51,Exhaust gas recirculation device (EGR) Etc. are additionally equipped. The model has been changed from "A-S30 / A-GS30" to "C-S31 / C-GS31".


Production ended due to a full model change to the S130 type. Production is 6 units[5].

Model details

Model description
Onboard engineHandle positionWheelbaseBasic model
No symbol L20
P S20
H L24
R L26
H L28
No symbol right
L left
No symbol (standard, capacity 2 people)
G (long, capacity 4 people)
S30 Vehicles before the 50 emission regulations
S31 51 Exhaust gas regulation compliant vehicle 
  • At the beginning of the model, "A-" is given to vehicles that comply with the 50 emission regulations, and "C-" is given to vehicles that comply with the 51 emission regulations (only for vehicles sold in Japan).
  • In the case of HLS30 (left steering wheel, two-seater), there are two types of engine-equipped vehicles, one with the L2 engine and the other with the L24 engine released later, so it is not possible to determine which one is based on the model alone. However, since the chassis number following the model is 28 digits for the former and 2 digits for the latter, it is possible to distinguish if all the chassis numbers are known. There is no HLGS5 L6 engine-equipped vehicle.

2nd generation S130 type (1978-1983)

1978(Showa 53) Announced on October 8
Full model change to S130 type.
While inheriting the long nose and short deck style of the previous generation, the second generation has appeared in a slightly wider size. Two L-type engines were set up, the 2L "2.0Z" and the "200Z" with a large displacement of 2.8L, for the Z that had its fangs pulled out due to exhaust gas regulations.It was a style that evolved the predecessor normally, but the rear suspensionSemi-trailing armDue to the change to, the fuel tank and spare tire compartment have moved further rearward, and the rearOverhangHas expanded.
First domestic carT bar roofAdded a specification car.
Open typeDatsun FairladyIt will be the first production since the transition from Fairlady Z to Z32, and the form of T-bar roof will continue until Z32 (only ZXNUMX is fully open)convertibleZ33 and Z34 abolished the T-bar roof and changed to "Roadster" and unified).
This model is gas pressure opening and closing typeSemi-gull wing windowThe TV drama "Western police]Patrol carUsed as "Super Z".
1981May 10
Minor change. The 2.8L model improved its output by 10ps to 155ps by increasing the compression ratio and reducing friction. 2.0L model AT lock-up type, power steering from recirculating ballRack and pinionchange to. Other suspension tuning changes, overall weight reduction, standardization of all large soft-colored bumpers, and the same hood louver as the US model (NACA duct) Addition, change of grille and tail lamp, automatic speed control device, remote control mechanism of rear side window, metal deck, dimming room lamp, door key lighting, adoption of combination seat of genuine leather and artificial leather (optional).
24 timesTokyo Motor ShowRace SCCA held in the United States of America (Sports Car Club of America) Was participating in the "DATSUN ZX TURBO V-8" as a reference exhibit.FRPMade of bodyPresidentForV8It is a racing car that combines a turbo based on the engine.
28L equipped with L2.8ET engine in the United StatesturboA model is born. Continuing from the first generation, the S130 was also a big hit in the United States, and production exceeded 1 units in less than a year. (The Japanese model application did not pass for the L10ET listed car.)
Year ending March 1982
The first Fairlady Z model "20Z-T" equipped with the L2.0ET 200L turbo engine has been added. It was the first Japanese car equipped with 60 / 215R60, which is the first 15% flat tire. At that time, this was called "ultra-wide tire".
Achieved a cumulative total of 100 million units since the first generation.

The second generation produced 2 units[6].

3rd generation Z31 type (1983-1989)

1983(Showa 58) Announced on October 9
While inheriting the traditional concept of Z, long nose and short deck, the third generation with an emphasis on aerodynamic performance has been introduced. The second full model change in 3 years[7].. The catch phrase is "Let me tell you the meaninglessness of comparison], [Waltz Night], [Ceramic response], [SOUL SYNCHRO MACHINE"Such.
From the beginning of development, the goal was to pursue high performance that surpassed the prestigious sports cars made in Europe.Plaza agreementDue to the sharp appreciation of the yen based on the above, the price of overseas export cars is inevitably rising, and the change from cheap everyday sports cars to high-performance sports cars is timely for this model whose main market is North America. It was a thing.
The exterior design of the early model was in-house and was put together by a team led by Kazumasa Takagi.
The engine is a new generation from the in-line 6-cylinder L typeV6 cylinderSOHC turbo 2.0L engineVG20ETAnd 3.0L VG30ET (export specification includes NA VG30E) All grades are equipped with V6 turbo engine[7].. Although the in-line 6-cylinder model was set again later, the turbo installation was protected. Have a rivalryToyota SupraWas in stark contrast to the low-priced version of the 2.0L NA engine.[Annotation 1].. Among them, the VG30ET boasts great power at that time and will be installed in the Supra.7M-GTEUThe model for Europe, which boasted top-class output and had excellent aerodynamics, reached a maximum speed of 250km / h. Also, in North America at that time, there was a strong impression that the direct 6 engine was an inexpensive automobile engine, so it was essential to adopt the V6 engine in order to switch to a high-performance sports car.
The turbocharger uses T2.0 type made by Garrett Air Research for both 3.0 L and 03 L.
The initial lineup for Japan is the Z / ZS / ZG equipped with the 2.0L "VG20ET" and the 3.0ZX equipped with the 30L "VG300ET".
300ZX 5th speedMT TheBorgWarnerIt was equipped with a T5 type transmission.
Suspension is a 3-way adjustable suspension with 3-stage damping force for all vehiclesshock absorberIt was possible to switch between soft / medium / hard.
In appearance, the normal shaft rotation typeRetractable headlampUnlike the parallel rise-up headlamp, which has a structure in which the lamp moves up and down in parallel, a part of the lens is exposed even when the lamp is turned off. This is to follow the conventional design of equipping the headlamps as if a part of the body was scraped, but there was also a practical meaning to omit the separate passing lamp. However, in the United States at that time, the use of deformed lenses that did not comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards was not permitted for headlamps, and the North American export specifications were supported by combining a square headlamp with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and a driving lamp. At the time of a major minor change of the exterior made in 1986, the use of deformed lenses was approved, and it was exported in the same state as the Japanese specifications. In terms of exports, Datsun 240-280Z / ZX (there was a subtitle of Datsun Produced by Nissan until the latter half of 130) was officially changed to "Nissan 300ZX" all over the world.
Year ending March 1984
The T-bar roof specification that was in the previous generation is additionally set.
1985October (new grade model added)
The Fairlady Z will be the world's first in-line 30-cylinder DOHC engine for the first time since the S432 engine of the first S20 type Z6.ceramicAdopted turboRB20DET"200ZR series" equipped with is additionally set.
The engine body firstR31 type skylineAlthough it was installed in, the turbocharger was changed and the world's first ceramic turbo was adopted.By making the impeller in the turbine made of ceramic, which is lighter than ordinary metal, we aimed to reduce the inertial mass, improve the response and reduce the turbo lag, and Nissan appealed with a catch phrase called "ceramic response".In addition, an intercooler was installed at the top of the engine to cool the air supply that was compressed and heated by the turbo, so the bonnetAir scoopIs provided and is a feature of the appearance. In addition, dedicated sports seats, aluminum wheels, suspension reinforcement,LSDが奢られていた。 ノーマルルーフの「200ZR-I」とTバールーフの「200ZR-II」のそれぞれに2シーターと2by2が設定され、トランスミッションは200ZR-Iは5MT [FS5W71C型]のみ、200ZR-IIは5MTとATが設定された。
1986October (Big minor change)
Nissan's design base in North AmericaNissan Design InternationalAdopting the exterior design proposed by, the 3L model will undergo a major minor change by changing the design of all panels except the cabin (including the rear gate) and the left and right doors. I was given a body for 3 numbers of wide flare fender similar to the North American export specification. For the 2.0L model, only the front and rear skin changes have been made, and the front and rear fenders have not changed.
As for the 2.0L model, the V6 SOHC turbo VG20ET has been abolished, and only the "6ZR series" equipped with the inline 20-cylinder DOHC turbo RB200DET is available.
As for the 3.0L model, the "6ZX" equipped with the V-type 30-cylinder SOHC turbo VG300ET has been continued from the previous model, and the transmission setting is only for AT cars in the domestic specification.
また、新グレードのフラッグシップモデルとして「300ZR」が追加され、エンジンには同年2月にレパードに初搭載されデビューを飾った3.0L V型6気筒のツインカムヘッド (DOHC)化されたVG30DEが搭載され、マニュアルトランスミッションには新開発された5速MT [FS5R30A型] が搭載された。2シーターと2by2、5MTとATがそれぞれ設定されている。
This "300ZR" is the only one in the tightened suspension and Z31 type system.Natural aspirationFrom the engine etc., it became a maniac model with a classic and spartan taste. However1988Is equipped with the VG30DET (30PS), which is a VG255DE equipped with a turbocharger.Nissan CimaAppeared and became a big hit, and after that it became a dust in terms of engine performance.

Added shift lock to AT cars.

With 3.0% flatness tires for 50L carsViscous LSDWas additionally set as an option.
end of production.Only the stock will be sold.Cumulative number of new cars registered in Japan up to the month before the end of production is 3[9]
Touch the 4th generation and baton to end the sale.

4rd generation Z32 type (1989-2000)

1989(HeiseiFirst year) Announced on July 7
Introducing the 4th generation aiming for a perfect super sports car, including style and performance. The catch phrase is "I want to ride a sports car』.Bubble economyWith the peak ofCollapseAfter that, due to the deterioration of Nissan's management, it was produced and sold for a long period of 2000 years until September 9.Carlos GhosnIt was also my favorite car.
Exterior design belonged to the Nissan Motor Design Department at that timeYoshio Maezawa-Isao Sono・ It was done by several people such as Toshio Yamashita.The image is an animal aiming for prey, pursuing a dynamic form even in a stationary state.Then, in consideration of the design trends at that time, the long nose and short deck, which have been a feature of the past, have been revised, and the basic image of a sports car called wide & low has been newly decided. Do not sinkCaliforniaIt is said that he considered a body design that shines in the sun[11].. In addition, according to Maezawa, there was a plan to make the front and rear over fenders and wheels 17 inches at the time of minor changes, but it did not come true.[12].
Wide & low powerful stylingCADThe V6 DOHC engine with a high overall height is designed like the first generation.ExcitementLow withoutbonnetHowever, as a result, the margins in the engine room are narrow, and especially in the turbo model, the ventilation performance in the engine room is not sufficient, and it becomes a drawback that troubles due to heat damage and deterioration of parts are likely to occur. ing.
The headlamps have been returned to the fixed type from the 3rd generation parallel rising type. Since the lens of this lamp has a very gentle inclination, the transmittance is too low to secure the illuminance with the combination of the general lens cut and halogen bulb at that time, so the lens (cover) without cut is used and the projector lamp (low beam). This problem has been solved by adopting (for) and reviewing the reflector (high beam). Although it follows the design of installing the lamp as if a part of the body was scraped off, the upper surface of the body is kept smooth by the transparent glass lens. Due to its unique shape, this lamp unit will be used in later years.Lamborghini Diablo,R390It was also diverted to (road car).
The body size has become particularly large in the width direction, and it has been changed from the previous 5 number size to the complete 3 number size. There are 2 seater and 2by2 and 2 chassis and body, respectively.WheelbaseThe Fairlady Z is characterized by being designed and manufactured separately for each chassis, but the difference in appearance between the 32-seater and 2by2 is that the fuel filler port is located between the door and the rear tire house. It is a model that can be easily identified because it is located behind the rear tire house. Continued from the second generation (S2 type)T bar roofWas taken over by some models. In addition, 2by2 is set only for the T-bar roof, and the normal roof is not set. In addition, the Z32 type has the only refueling port on the left side of the Fairlady Z of all time.[Annotation 2]
The traditional triple meter (fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, voltmeter, clock (S30 is an analog clock, S30 is a digital clock)) from the S130 type mounted on the front instrument panel has been removed from this type. ..
The material of the ignition key isTitanium, In-vehicle jackAluminumMade, space saver typeSpare tireAlsoア ル ミ ホ イ ー ル.
In terms of mechanism, it is electronically controlled like the Skyline (R32 type) announced at the same time.4WSIsSuper HICAS Twin turboEquipped on the model, we aimed for more ideal control performance.
V2 and 6L are used for the two types of engines installed. Naturally aspirated VG3.0DE type adopted in the previous 300ZR[Annotation 3](230ps) and the newly developed twin turbocharger installed on the MID4-IIVG30DETTDetuned models are available, and the twin-turbo model equipped with the VG30DETT is the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to reach a maximum output of 280PS. Initially at the same time as NissanSkyline GT-R,Infiniti Q45It was a plan to release 300PS with and release it as a 300PS trio,Ministry of TransportThere is a history that all three models were suppressed to 3PS under the guidance from (at that time). It was carried out by each Japanese automobile manufacturervoluntary restraintsThe value of 280PS was born from here. The export specification is 300PS. Also,VQ30DEAlthough a plan to replace it with the engine was raised, it was postponed because the engine replacement required a large budget and a major specification change.
In North America, which was a major market, recognition as a luxury sports car comparable to European sports cars such as Porsche has taken root. In addition, the standing position of the low-priced sports car, which was previously carried by this model, is240SXWill be responsible.
Older than this modelNissan storeIn addition to (Bluebird sales series, later Bluestage sales series)Prince store(Skyline sales series, later Red Stage sales series) has also come to be handled.
フ ルopenThe model "Fairlady Z ConvertibleAdded (2-seater only). The position of the seatbelt retractor and hanger has been changed from the inside of the door to the body side. ..
Partially improved.Rear spoilerChanged to a wing type with high speed stability.Air condition Alternative FreonChanged to a new refrigerant air conditioner (R-134a). Super HICAS installed in the turbo model will be electric. Change the interior color.
Partially improved. The driver's seat SRS airbag is standard equipment on all models, and "Version S" is added to each of the 2-seater, 2by2, and convertible. Equipped with a rear spoiler and a special seat. In addition, "Version S Recaro" is set for the 2by2 T-top. 16 inches based on "Version S"BBSForged aluminum wheels,RecaroEquipped with seats, mirror-coated T-top, and electronically controlled active sound system. Driver's seat on all carsSRS airbag,Viscous LSDIs standard equipment. The boost gauge installed in the turbo model has been abolished. Brake caliper material from aluminum alloycast ironchange to. Titanium key setting is abolished.
Partially improved. "Version R" added, new body color Midnight Purple added. Twin turbo model and version RABSIs standard equipment. Two-seater is set only for version S.
Minor change. Improved body rigidity. Changed front bumper, rear spoiler, etc. Equipped with a side sill protector. The front ornament and the rear 300ZX letters are red. Polished aluminum wheels are set as a manufacturer option. For twin turbo modelXenon lampIs standard equipment.Rear combination lampTurn signal lamp is made into a white lens. Inner finisher changed from black to chrome plating. Abolished "convertible". The sheet color is changed.
end of production. After that, only inventory will be supported. Production is 6 units[14]
Year ending March 2000
End of sale. Once the curtain is on for 30 years,20027Temporarily until the 5th generation (Z33 type) is releasedOut of printIt became a car model.

5rd generation Z33 type (2002-2008)

2002(14) Announced on July 7

Since the end of sales of Z2000 type in September 9Carlos GhosnAfter taking office as COONissan Revival PlanThe Z33 type has been revived for the first time in two years as one of the symbols of.

There are two body types, a coupe and a roadster (open roof), both of which are set only for two seats. 2by2 that was set in the successive Fairlady Z has been abolishedSkyline Coupe (CV35)Was the alternative.

The engine to be installed is a V-type 3.5-cylinder DOHC naturally aspirated engine with a displacement of 6L.VQ35DEType, maximum output is at the beginningCar horsepower regulationIt was 280ps due to the influence of, but in the end, due to repeated annual improvements and deregulation.VQ35HREquipped with a mold and improved to 313ps.


 End of sale.

6th generation Z34 type (2008-)

Announced on December 2008, 20

After the first full model change after the resurrection, it became the 6th generation Z34 type.

It is a further evolution of the previous model, and the transmission, body, etc. have been boiled down. The engine is a V-type 3.7-cylinder engine with a displacement of 6L.VQ37VHRIs installed and generates 336PS. The Roadster was delayed in the middle of the model life and made a full model change.

7 generation

2020th of February 9
Announced the 7th generation new prototype.The body is based on the Z34 type, including the interior and exterior, and the style is based on the S30 type's identity, the "long nose," and the rear view that descends toward the rear.The headlights have a teardrop shape, and the front grille uses a rectangular grille inspired by the S30 type.The rear design uses a horizontally long tail lamp similar to the Z32 type, and on the right side of the rear gate is the same typeface as the S30 type.Fairlady Z"Badge is attached.

Origin of car name

Broadwaymusicalof"My fair ladyIt is said that President Kawamata, who was impressed by the name, sought the beauty of the car as well. "FAIRLADY" is a lady, "ZIsThe alphabetIt means the ultimate because it is the last character of. In addition, the first development staff was the president of Nissan America at that time.Yutaka Katayama Z flagThere is also an episode that gave.

By the way, Nissan North America had a domain called "z.com" associated with this car (previously transferred to the Fairlady Z page, but later no longer used for HTTP access and eventually2014In 11 monthGMO InternetSold to[15]).

Miss Fairlady

Nissan Motor Global Headquarters(GinzaThere is also a showroom at the corner of the 4-chome intersection) Nissan Motor's directly managed showroom "Nissan GalleryBe incompanion(showroomStaff)Miss FairladyIt is called, and is playing an active part as the face of Nissan Motor. Also,Tokyo Motor ShowHe is also active as a companion at new car announcements and various events.

Racing activity

First generation

Initially, the Z20 with the S432 and the 24Z with the L240 were being developed for racing in parallel.The Z432 made its debut earlier, but the vibration at high rpm of 8000 rpm caused many troubles.In addition, with the same displacement, it will compete with the company's Skyline GT-R.So Z decided to fight in one class. The 240Z was a machine that was easy to ride with a large displacement and a large torque, although it was not good at 7000 rpm and high rpm.Above all, the vibration was reduced because it was not turned to high rpm.Unlike the nervous S20, it was easy to maintain and fuel efficient, and there were many racers who replaced the Z432 engine with the L24.Gradually, the leading role of the race became 240Z.As an option for racing, a cylinder head (LY head) that cross-flows the L24 was set at 300 million yen.

January: Z1R debuts at.Participated in the R class with unlimited displacement because the official approval was not in time.Retired.
March: 3nd and 300rd place in the All Japan Stocker Fuji 2km Race.
April: First victory in Raced Nippon 4-hour endurance.
May 5: At Fuji Freshman,Masami KuwashimaDefeated the Skyline GT-R and won as a privateer.
May 5: Hiromi Nishino / Koji Fujita wins the All Japan Suzuka 24km Auto Race over the Works.
July: 7Z participates for the first time at Fuji 1000km. First place.
November: "11Z" participated in the RAC rally and ranked 240th overall (7nd in the class).The driverRauno Aaltonen.
Monte Carlo Rally"Datsun 240Z" participates in the war. Aaltonen / Group won 5th overall (2nd in class). The group is 10th overall (3rd in the class).
Safari Rally"Datsun 240Z" participates in the war. Achieved a 1-2 finish and won the overall, class, and team victory. The winning driver also won the Datsun 3 the previous year. Second place isShekhar Mehta, 7th place is Aaltonen.
January: "1Z" wins the All Japan Suzuka 300km race.
June: Fuji Grand Champion RaceSo, Saburo Koinuma participated in the Z30 with the H3 (432ℓOHV) engine for Nissan President. 2nd place.
"240Z" participated in the Monte Carlo Rally and finished 3rd overall. set
"240Z" participates in the Safari Rally. Hermann is 5th overall.
"240Z" participated in the Southern Cross Rally, and Aaltonen was second overall.
June: In the "Fuji Grand Champion Series Round 6", won the championship over the pure racing car with 240Z of privateer (Japanese-French automobile tune).The driver has the nickname "Z Yanagida"Yanagita Haruto.
World Rally ChampionshipThe "2.5Z" with a displacement of 240L participated in the Monte Carlo Rally and finished 9th overall.
"240Z" participates in the World Rally Championship Safari Rally. Shekhar Mehta wins overall victory. Bluebird U (2) came in second and won the team victory.
April: "Fairlady 4ZR" won second place.
All Japan Suzuka 1000km Race"Fairlady 240ZR" will win the overall victory.
"240Z" participated in the Safari Rally and finished 4th overall.
May: "Fairlady 5Z" won second place in the 78 JAF Fuji Grand Prix GTS class.
September: "Fairlady 9Z" wins the Fuji Inter 200 Mile Race Super T> class.

2nd generation-4th generation

From S130 typeraceThe main axis of activityNorth AmericaMoved toPaul NewmanByIMSA-I found a place to play an active part in GTO. Racing activities in North America continued until the Z32 model, which led to the dissolution of the IMSA governing body.

In 1985, the 3rd generation (Z31) 300ZX turboAll Japan Rally ChampionshipAnnual overall victory. The driverMasao Kamioka.

April: Round 4 Kansai Rally 3th
   Round 4 ACK Spring Rally Retired
   Round 6 Tour de Kyushu Champion
   Round 7 Tour de Tohoku victory

In 1987, participated in the Z31 type 200ZR-I.

Z32IMSATo1990Participate from. The engine isVG twin turbo engineUsed until 1994. Since 1995PresidentEquipped with the V8 engine that was installed in.The driverSteve Millen.1992と1994, Won both drivers and manufacturers titles. Also1994 TheDaytona 24-hour race,Sebring 12 hour raceWins24 Hours of Le MansBut I got 5th overall and 1st in the class.

5 generation

6 generation

Police car specifications

1972S30 type 240ZGPolice carIs from NissanKanagawa Prefectural PoliceHighway traffic police forceWas donated to. At that time, it was also called the "strongest police car" and1980Was active. After that, it was replaced by S130 type, Z31 type, Z32 type, and Z33 type.1992The Z32 type introduced in was a donated vehicle and could not be scrapped.2004Until around, he was active2006The Z33 type police car was introduced in. In addition, the S30 type 240ZG police car was left undiscarded and was exhibited at the Prefectural Police Traffic Safety Center, but it was kept by the Prefectural Police because it was closed. Currently, it has been returned to Nissan Motor and stored in the Zama Memorial Garage at the Zama Office. In 30, the Prefectural Police Transportation Task Force deployed a white GS1974 type, a window washer on the hood, and a masked police car that was modified to use a retractable light type red light for the opening and closing part for battery replacement.

At that time in 1975Mie Prefectural PoliceWas the general managerAtsushi SasaHowever, from his subordinates, "Higashi Meihan Expressway"The police car of the Mie Prefectural Police cannot catch up with the violating car because it is on-board," he said, and the driver is willing to violate the speed. " A total of two Fairlady Zs were introduced, one for each. This vehicle has a tremendous effect on cracking down on malicious speed-violating vehicles that had been escaped by the vehicles of the same prefectural police high-speed corps ("Toyopet Custom" according to Sasa's work), and this is also a driver. It became a hot topic among others, and finally the speed violation was wiped out from the highway in Mie prefecture.[Annotation 4]

2007Z33 version NISMO was assigned to the Tochigi Prefectural Police High Speed ​​Corps main corps.Tohoku ExpresswayOperated by[Annotation 5].

2016Z34 type NISMOMetropolitan Police DepartmentIntroduced to the high-speed corps (2004型Mazda RX-8Successor model)[16].

OtherOsaka Prefectural PoliceBut it has been introduced.


注 釈

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  1. ^ The first generation who was also a rivalToyota SoarerとNissan LeopardIn the former, even the low-priced version had 2,000cc 6 cylinders, while the latter adopted 1,800cc 4 cylinders, damaging the brand image.
  2. ^ Other Nissan FR cars (Fairlady Z other than Z32, Skyline, Laurel, etc.) have a standard refueling port on the right side.
  3. ^ However, there are many differences from those installed in the Z31 type, such as the newly designed parts of the skeleton such as the cylinder head, intake / exhaust system, cylinder block, and crankshaft.
  4. ^ "Kiku no Mikoto and Flame Bin-" Himeyuri Memorial Tower "and" Ise Jingu "burned in" 50 "" Atsuyuki Sasa Bungeishunju, 2009. In the same book, these two units are described as "Japan's first black and white two-tone Fairlady Z", but at this point the Fairlady Z had already been introduced to the Kanagawa Prefectural Police as mentioned above.
  5. ^ Motor magazineInterview with the high-speed corps by the company. Detailed photos are also available.


[How to use footnotes]
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sports car

sports car(sports carWhat isAutomobile OfCategoryIt is one of the practical use, and it puts more emphasis on "enjoying sports driving" rather than transporting means of transportation and goods in practice.design-development ofIt is a car that has been used, and is a car that is taken out of the garage not only as a daily foot but also for enjoying driving.


In a broad sense, it is not fixed to a specific body shape, but traditionally it is a sports type2 doors・ Two-seater cars are often talked about as sports cars.Lightweight sportsIs a typical example, and is mainly excellent in exercise performance at high speeds.On the other hand, even if it has the performance and style that can be called a sports car, if it is designed to emphasize comfort and ride quality rather than mobility, "Grand tourer"Sporty car", "Sporty car", "Sporty car", "Sporty car", "Sporty car", "Sporty car"Specialty carIs sometimes called.

4 doors for passengerssedanOr almosthatchbackCentralCompact carHowever, there are cases where driving performance is more important than practicality, and grades based on specifications for motor sports are included in sports cars (in this case, ""Sports sedan"Or"Hot hatchAlso called).

There are no clear rules regarding the criteria for such distinction, and it can be said that it is basically left to personal preference and the discretion of the automobile manufacturer.And therefore, there is constant debate among car enthusiasts about the definition of a sports car.

Especially in the present age when development costs are soaring due to stricter exhaust gas regulations and safety standards, it has become difficult to develop traditional two-door sports cars, which are expensive to develop despite the fact that many sales cannot be expected. There is.Therefore, the definition of sports car tends to expand, and it was tuned exclusively.Minivan,Crossover SUVIn some cases, automobile manufacturers and journalists call it a sports car, or describe it as "just like a sports car."However, among the conservative enthusiasts who know the radical sports cars of the old age, modern sports cars are not enough, and considering the background of the times and pricing, the performance that seems to be enough to be a sports carcoupeHowever, many criticize that "this is a sporty car, not a sports car."

When it comes to opinions that have expanded the definition to a greater extent, "light truckEven if it is used for motor sports, if you think of it as a sports car, it is a sports car. " I don't call it. "For the time being, there is a seemingly plausible saying that "sports cars start at the end of passenger cars and end at the beginning of racing cars."[1]However, what is meant by the "passenger car" in this case is debatable.

It is a standard unique to JapanLight carAccording to the statistics by car type in Japan,MinivanAll light vehicle standards such as "light vehicle" may be categorized as "light vehicle", and the driving performance was emphasized.Honda S660,Suzuki Alto Works, The Alto Turbo RS,Daihatsu Copen(Including Copen GR SPORT, which is also sold by the parent company Toyota), may be classified as a light vehicle instead of a sports car.[2].

Off-roadDeveloped for sports driving inLadder frameStructure +Four-wheel driveIs not a sports carCross countryEnter the car (black) group. AlsoSUVThe official name of the is ``Sport Utility Vehicle'' (multipurpose vehicle for sports), but in this case it is a car for comfortably performing sports such as hunting and outdoor activities, and it is distinguished from sports cars that do sports driving. There is.


Sports cars are one of the oldest in the car category.1913 OfHispano SuizaThe 3.5-liter car is said to be the first car in the world to be called a sports car.[3].. As a sports car of the same period,Bugatti Type 13,Boxhole・There is Prince Henry[4].

Car competitionIn the early days of the race, sports cars were sometimes called "sports cars," but in reality, race cars and sports cars had not yet been clearly classified.Most of the racing models these daysroofAnd againボ デ ィからタ イ ヤCalled an open wheelDesignHowever, the tire was integrated with the body later.fenderThe format covered by will appear. The open wheel type race category isGrand Prix"(AfterF1) Has already been established, and for the purpose of distinguishing from these, competition vehicles other than open wheels have begun to be called "sports cars".

Initially, the car race itself (especially for long distances)Public roadIs often held incircuitIt was not necessary to distinguish between sports cars and competition vehicles since it was common for competition vehicles to run on public roads up to the circuit and participate in the competition as it was after the construction. ). After that, as the performance and speed of automobiles increased, so did the sophistication of automobile competition and the tightening of safety standards for ordinary cars, and the gap between the structure of competition cars and ordinary cars became larger. Eventually, the competition vehicle is "Racing car(Racing car), "race car", "racer", etc.As the difference with the competition vehicle became clear, mass-produced vehicles that were supposed to be applied to the competition vehicle changed to be called sports cars, but as the times went down and the specialization of racing cars progressed, sports Cars and racing cars have less in common.

From these circumstances, a sports car in motor sports refers to a two-seat vehicle manufactured for racing, and two seats for public road operation, which is generally regarded as a sports car.Passenger carIs a Grand Touring (GT) car in motorsport.Ferrari BBAnd many moreFerrariThis is why passenger cars call themselves GT. In contrast, the "S", which means a sports car in a Ferrari car, is given125S,159S,512SIsSports car racingIt is a competition car manufactured for.[Note 1]

*For the definition of "sports car" in motor sports, see "Sports car (motor sports)See.

Of the cars that emphasize exercise performance, the "sports car" is currentlyPublic roadThe "racing car", a car designed primarily for running incircuitA car used in a car competition held in.

Sports car in Japan

In Japan after the Second World War, practical cars such as auto tricycles and trucks were mainly made, but in the 1960s of the high economic growth period, consumers began to develop their tastes, and domestic manufacturers started full-scale production. Is said to be a sports carHonda S500,Toyota Sports 800,Toyota 2000GT,First Mazda Cosmo Sports,Nissan Fairlady Z S30 type,Mitsubishi Galant GTOStarted to appear.

In the 1970s, many manufacturers developed and manufactured sports cars, and as a famous model in the 1980sNissan skyline,Nissan Silvia,Mazda RX-7,Toyota Celica,Mitsubishi StallionIt was manufactured and sold, and became a car that young people at that time would prefer. They areBubble economyIt was one of the popular models until around 1992 when the car collapsed.

However, in Japan, after the collapse of the bubble economy (after 1994)Kyoto ProtocolDue to changes in environmental awareness, such asToyota Supra,Nissan Skyline GT-R,Mazda RX-72-door coupe style with an emphasis on hobbies[Note 2]The model that belongs to falls to the bottom in terms of sales. In addition, 12Exhaust gas regulationsAs a result, sports cars were forced into a harsh environment. Of whichHonda NSXAlthough there were some cars that cleared the emission regulations at the time through minor changes, as a whole, it was a minority. Of these, Toyota2002Since the sale of A8 type Supra in August2012April ZN4 type86Approximately 10 years before the start of sales, Mitsubishi chose to temporarily withdraw from the sports car business,Lancer EvolutionOther sports cars were abolished for the same reason. Other cars were forced to reduce their size and take environmental measures[Note 3].Although the lineage of sports cars did not completely disappear, in terms of sales, it was treated as cold as a sedan andLine of deathTreatedCategories(Genre) And for sports carsUnfavorable age (winter age)WelcomeThat will be the case today.

Background of unfavorable sports car

The fundamental problem isYouth away from carHowever, the concept of "youth away from the car" itself has not been established to satisfy everyone. Therefore, the following contents are not specific to sports cars, and there are some points that overlap with the contents found in a survey on young people leaving their cars.

Financial reason
Instability in employment of young people, which is the main target (= instability of income,povertyBecomingEmployment ice age(See ), etc., and the cooling of the demand for purchasing the car itself also had an effect. Also,Driver's licenseEven with the acquisition, the number of people who give up on purchasing costs or simply do not own a car (not even the concept of buying a sports car) is increasing.
Even if you decide to buy it, even if you compare only the price of the car itself, the price is getting higher. For example, we adopt an ear model system that evolves every yearNissan GT-RTaking (R35) as an example[Note 4],
December 2007 model: Approximately 12 million yen
December 2010 model: Approximately 11 million yen
December 2013 model: Approximately 12 million yen
December 2016 model: Approximately 7 million yen
December 2019 model: Approximately 6 million yen
However, this time every 3 years, but even if you compare only by price (without taking into consideration the secondary factors such as the inflation rate and the difference in design changes due to the year model system), the price tends to increase overall. It is also true that the number of people who cannot afford to buy sports cars is increasing due to the high cost of purchasing sports cars.
However, this is a tendency of the automobile industry as a whole;Compact carIs no exception. The same sports car and light carDaihatsu CopenTake for example[5],
Released in June 2002 Active top (6 MT) About 5 million yen
Released in June 2014 Robe (6MT) Approximately 5 million yen
Therefore, even for light vehicles, which are treated as relatively cheap vehicle types, prices are rising, although not significantly.
Even if the purchase cost can be increased by using a loan, for example, it is often the case that the maintenance cost is abandoned. Appeared in 2003Green tax systemInfluence of2004One of the factors is the rise in gasoline prices due to the rise in global crude oil prices, which is becoming more noticeable around the world, but the tax burden is likely to increase.[Note 5]However, due to the high accident rate and theft rate, the premium rate for voluntary insurance is set to a high level, and the maintenance burden due to the use of parts specific to sports cars is large. It has also been shunned in terms of maintenance costs when owning it.
In connection with this, maintenance costs will always be incurred just by owning it, so if we focus on just one means of transportation, the percentage of people choosing light vehicles, compact cars, and other vehicles with low maintenance costs will increase. Therefore, it can be said that the popularity of sports cars has decreased relatively.
Changing consumer values ​​for cars
In the era of high economic growth, the economic power of Japanese people is increasing year by year, and the performance of cars is also improving year by year.Even if you own a coupe that has very few seats and loading capacity, ``I will replace it in the near future, so in the future For many people, the car is "for a short period of time," and because there were often differences in the performance of the car, we bought a new one for the purpose of the performance of the car. I was able to buy and buy it (for about 1 to 4 years), so even if I own a sports car, I didn't care much. Until the 1990s, it was practical (=LifeThere was also a status of purchasing sedans, coupes, sports cars, which are more admired than the ones that were actually easy to use, and the ones that were bought on the way home from shopping can be loaded (loading capacity).
On the other handVolkswagen Golf,Rover MiniAlthough there was a modern model such as a hatchback with practicality that appeared in the 1980s, they were imported cars and were not appreciated by consumers other than car enthusiasts. In addition, there were many Japanese cars with such a concept, but there were quite a few cases where it would end in one generation. Therefore, there were candidates at this time, but they were not willing to buy, and in addition, the sedans and coupe were able to meet the required practicality at the time, and as a result, those cars were bought. It was also.
However, after the collapse of the bubble economy, the number of people who own cars has decreased. Higher than the criteria for those who want to buy a car, it is possible to continue riding without buying or buying even if children are born or increased (= there is a rear seat, it is easy to get in the rear seat) and the practicality of the car itself Became important. Along with this, it has become conscious of owning one unit for a long time. In such a situation, it was remade to fit in the frame of a mini car, and it appeared after the bubble burstSuzuki Wagon RWith the practicality of light vehiclesLight tall wagonThe concept of was established. Also, the minivanMitsubishi Delica(First generation, second generation) etc.Commercial vehicleBased on the cab over styleOne box carAs seen from later years, there was a car model called a type of minivan from the later years, but the first generation in 1990Toyota EstimaAs a result, the concept of practical minivans that consumers want was established, and the genre of minivans appeared in the market.
Various factors overlap,RV(SUV,MinivanEtc.) orStation Wagon, At the endhatchbackOriginating of compact cars and light carsLight tall wagonBegan to flourish, and the choices other than sedans and coupes increased dramatically. As a resultSpecialty CarCoupe-type passenger cars including the SUV, minivan, hatchback, etc. are statistically avoided.Tall wagonThe proportion of people who ask for such things has greatly increased. In addition, the number of cases where the performance of the car has improved significantly compared with the past has decreased, so the number of people who replace by other reasons such as deterioration over time due to the age of the vehicle and changes in user's hobbies and preferences is also affected. did.
In fact,The fact that when you ask modern young people to think about future cars, there are many ideas that you can think about dancing in the car, chatting, or as a space rather than a machine.The change in values ​​can be seen from[6].. Therefore, the manufacturers who sell the products are shunned from developing sports cars (and coupes and sedans), which are fields that cannot be sold, and SUVs and minivans that sell reliably and stably.Light car,Compact carTended to concentrate on the development of. There are people who argue in the streets that "the youth's leaving the car is because car makers don't make affordable sports cars," but in fact, the causality is the opposite: "Youths are positive even if they make sports cars. It is a situation that we do not buy it”, even if we look at it by purchase classYoung people with poor financial resourcesThanAn elderly person who has a relatively large amount of financial resourcesAre willing to buy a sports carThere are quite a few car types. Therefore, it can be said that the young people have just preferred minivans and minicars to sports cars.
Even if I own another one,Car sharingOr a car that can be used for a monthly fee including voluntary insurance and maintenancesubscriptionService (eg ・KINTO) Is starting to improve, and the number of registered sports cars is increasing. The fact that the number of registrants is increasing[7]Therefore, there is an increase in the number of people who like driving but do not own it.Therefore, there is also a view that the number of individuals who own cars is decreasing, rather than leaving cars including sports cars. There is also a view that the formula "=car leaving" is not correct.

21st Century Sports Car Culture

Although cars belonging to sports cars were developed in the early 2000s, they are no longer the models that contribute to sales as they used to be, and the lineup has become very limited. In connection with it,Sports sedan,Sports wagon,Hot hatchA model that appealed to the existence of a sports car through minor changes and re-introduction as[Note 6]However, the effect was limited and it did not lead to leveraging sales. For ToyotaMR-SSince the number of vehicles sold fell to around 1000 a year, the coupe disappeared from the lineup. In addition, since the appearance of new coupe sports cars was small, it is in the area of ​​sporty cars and family cars in the market against the backdrop of the dramatic decrease in coupe and the shift to FF.Mark IIThree brothersLaurel,CefiroThe number of cases in which such a car model has become a base for tuning cars has increased due to its excellent features and the large number of vehicles in circulation.

But shouted out loudYouth away from carManufacturers could not overlook the absence of flagship coupes such as sports cars and sports cars, and they started leveraging sports cars again since the 00s. Carry out multiple world championships especially in motor sportsToyotaToyota is known for its car enthusiasts who participate in the raceAkio ToyodaWe are actively promoting sports cars under the president,LFAIn addition to the development of the new model, in 2009, the sports-grade "G's" and the complete model "GRMN" were launched. In 2017, we launched the sports car brand "GR", like Vitz GRMNHot hatchIn addition to the lineup of many tuning cars centered around the, it also suggests the development of hypercars. Also in 2012Fuji Heavy Industries(Subaru) Of a lightweight sports car jointly developed withToyota 86とSubaru BRZIn 2019, in collaboration with BMWGR SupraAlso released.

HondaAlthough there was a period when sports cars were not produced for a while, they have been regularly introducing sports cars to the domestic market since the 2010s. It was a monopoly overseasCivic OfType RIn addition to domestic sales of the light weight hybrid coupe ahead of other companiesCR-ZDeveloped. In addition, a light coupe whose youth in his 20s was the development chiefS660Of the new hybrid supercarNSXAre born one after another.

Suzuki will be the 8th generationSuzuki AltoAfter the release of the model, the hot hatch models "turbo RS" and "works" were released as additional models, and the mini hot hatch that had been discontinued after the production of the 5th generation Alto was revived.NissanIs also newGT-R(R35) was introduced and gained high acclaim worldwide, and the fair lady also continued. furtherAutechWas developed as a tuning car brand in 2017. Other MazdaRoadster, SubaruWRX STi, DaihatsuCopenHas survived. Only,Mitsubishi TheLancer EvolutionWas discontinued and completely withdrawn from this field.

hybrid OfCompact carWas tuned forG's aquaSold more than 1 units a year[8]As can be seen from the above, sports cars since 2000 are required to have low fuel consumption and practicality as well as running performance. Therefore, like the GT-R, 86/BRZ, NSX, and CR-Z, the number of coupe-equipped vehicles with 2+2 seaters (with rear seats) and hybrid systems is increasing. The efforts of manufacturers to adapt to these trends in the world have gradually brought the Japanese sports car market back to life.

Manufacturers and brands that manufacture sports cars professionally

Manufacturers and brands that only manufacture traditional 2-door sports cars

Manufacturers and brands that also manufacture sports cars other than 2-door


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注 釈
  1. ^ The name "S" in Ferrari passenger cars is based on the Berlinetta (as in the relationship between GTB and GTS).coupe) Spider on "B" (Roadster) Is used.
  2. ^ Strictly speaking, it is a 2-seater 2-door coupe model.
  3. ^ In the two-door coupe at NissanFairlady ZCorresponds to "a sedan treated as a high-end sports car"Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution,Impreza WRX STiThe model has been remodeled and production continues, and Mazda has a 4-door (strictly 2+2 door) specification.Mazda RX-8Was produced as a successor model.
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