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🚗 | Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution "Tomima Kinen" wins for £ 10 ... World record

Photo Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution "Tomima Kinen" Wins for £ 10 ... World Record

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That's more than £ 2007 (US dollars converted to British pounds) recorded by one of the Lancer Evolution auctions sold in the United States in 1.

On May 5, Mitsubishi Motors' UK division held a "Lansat ..." at an online auction of 4 cars, including old cars it owns. → Continue reading


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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Mitsubishi Lancer > Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Lancer Evolution(English: LANCER Evolution) IsMitsubishi MotorsIs producedSaleWassedanType, andStation WagonType ofsports car(Automobile).


Lancer Evolution is a 5 number size sedanLancerGalant's 2,000 cc high power on the car bodyturboEquipped with an engineWorld Rally Championship In (WRC)HomologationA sports model sold in limited production for acquisition.

1980s WRCGroup B carAccording to the regulations of, when the base vehicle of the commercial vehicle was modified in various ways within the vehicle regulation range and homologation was acquired again in the next year and debuted, the production of 20 units was certified as an "evolution model". (Audi[1]・ Citroen Peugeot etc.).Group AWith the additional production of 500 units, it was able to be officially recognized as an evolution model, but it was only a racing vehicle (Skyline GTS-R,Supra Turbo AEvolution models were not allowed on rally vehicles.The name of this car is "Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution", but strictly speaking, it is not an "evolution model", and 2500 units (the lowest production volume of Group A since 1993) are produced and sold every time an application for official approval is made. Was there. 2001WRCSince the change of regulations, the Lancer GSR has not been certified as an evolution model, but the car name remains the same.Group NOr it showed its presence in other motorsport categories.In addition, VIII officially started exporting to outside Japan, and was regarded as one of the image leaders of Mitsubishi Motors in Japan and overseas.

In actual sales, the "GSR" is equipped with comfortable equipment like general sales vehicles, and the "RS" is a competition-based model that removes air conditioners, electric mirrors, and electronic controls that are not suitable for rally competitions, and uses the minimum brakes. It is available in two grades (the automatic "GT-A" for the VII and wagon, the intermediate grade "GT" for the IX, and the luxurious "GSR Premium" for the X are added to the lineup).Popular nameLancer Evo[2][Annotation 1]..Just simplyEvoOr called[Annotation 2], To clearly identify the modelEvo ○It is sometimes called (○ is a number). "Wild Speed ​​X2』Scene pointing to the same car[Annotation 3]In the original language (English), it was simply called "Evo", but in Japanese subtitles it is called "Lancer Evolution", and you can see the difference in the names in Japan and the United States (at least at that time).In Europe, the name of WRC is pervasive, and there are rather many in Evo alone, and it is often called simply Lancer.

The basic body of the Evo I --III, Evo IV --VI, Evo VII --IX, and X is different, and they are called the 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, and 4th generation.[4].

Because it is highly evaluated and popular in Japan and overseas, such as driving performance,Vehicle theftThere are many cases of encountering, from the model after Evo VIIIImmobilizerIs standard equipment.

It is sometimes called a "cult car" because it has enthusiastic fans, and in the marketPremiumIt may be traded at a price. Made in the UK in 2021auctionThen.Lancer Evolution VI Tommi.Makinen EditionWas sold for £ 100,100 (1,521 million yen in Japanese yen), the highest price ever.[5] This is more than the £ 2017 of Lancer Evolution IX, which was sold in the United States in 99,000.[6]It was a new world record for the Lancer series.[7]

1st generation (CD9A / CE9A)

Lancer evolution

1992Released in September.Model name "E-CD9A".Known as "Evo I".The catch phrase is “To the highest rank of sports sedans.”[8].

The first model in the series.The RS, a competition-based car, is equipped with a 1170 ps engine in a lightweight body of 250 kg, which is unusual for a general sales vehicle at that time.Power weight ratioIt is a vehicle showing (4.8 kg / ps or less)[9], This number isGT-R (BNR32)What surpasses even[Annotation 4]Met.

Based on the Lancer 1800GSR to qualify for the WRCE39 A type Galant VR-4 Of4G63It was developed by transplanting a type turbo engine and drive train.The body used the most rigid body in the Lancer seriesMiddle EastThe spot was added to the taxi vehicle for the purpose, and the front was almost changed from the bulkhead and the engine was loaded.[10]: 81..However, the development period was originally only about one year.[11]Moreover, since the tire size was "basically the size of the base vehicle", the size increase of 1 inch was the limit.[11]..After allInternational Automobile Federation (FIA)HomologationIt has a strong sense of makeshift for acquisition, and since it was released without being able to say that it was able to carry out a sufficient driving test, it has a tendency to be front heavy, which can be said to be abnormal, and further4WDIt was unpopular because it had a strong tendency to understeer.

The production was also for homologation, and because it was a vehicle that left doubts about such sales, TVCMI didn't make any announcements at the store. Despite the limited sales of 2,500 cars that were not actively introduced by dealers, they sold out in just three days after the launch.[12]..In response to that, 2,500 units were additionally sold, but still could not handle the order, and finally 7,628 units were sold.[11].

Other car name candidates include "Lancer Turbo" and "Lancer Revolution".[11]..Also, since it was originally planned to be a limited model for one generation only, the car name is "Lancer Evolution" I(oneIt is correct to simply call it "Lancer Evolution" instead of "", but after the launch of II, "Evo I" was officially abbreviated within Mitsubishi (Retro Nim[11].

Available body colors are Scortier White, Grace Silver, Colton Red, Pyrenees Black, Santa Mur Green.[13].

WRC Gr.A participated in Works in Round 1993 of 1Rally monte carloIn 1994 races from 3 to the 8rd round Safari Rally, in the first roundKenneth EricssonWon 4th place, the highest ranking was Round 1993 of 13RAC rallyAnd 1994 Round 3Safari RallyWas second in[14][10]: 82.

Lancer Evolution II

1994Released in January.Model name "E-CE1A".Known as "Evo II".The catch phrase is "Once again, it has evolved into the strongest."[8].

The problems of the previous model were identified, and the driving test was carried out over time, resulting in significant improvements.All the unpopular undercarriage was changed for each member, forged steel lower arms were adopted, and the wheelbase and tread were expanded.Improved body rigidity, lower geared transmission, adoption of mechanical LSD at the rear, optimization of tire size (Evo I 195 / 55R15 → Evo II 205 / 60R15), improvement of engine interior and intake / exhaust, etc., output Improved to 260 PS.There are no major changes in appearance, but driving performance has been significantly improved.

Originally, the vehicle was designed for competition on rough roads such as rallies and dirt trials, and the gravel rally tires were up to 15 inches, so the brakes and tires were not enlarged.However, in tarmac rallies and circuits, there is a strong tendency for brakes and tires to lack capacity for output.[15]..This was also the case with the Evo III and Evo IV.[15]..Later, the Evo V drastically increased the tire size and strengthened the brakes, and this problem was solved, and good results were seen in amateur competitions on paved roads.

Available body colors are Scortier White, Queen's Silver, Monaco Red, Pyrenees Black, Moonlight Blue.[16].

Round 1994 of 5 at WRC Gr.AAcropolis RallyFrom 1995 Round 2Swedish rallyParticipated in five races up to, and won the first victory in the Lancer Evolution series in the second round of the 5 Swedish Rally.[17].

Lancer Evolution III

1995Released in January.Model name "E-CE1A".Known as "Evo III".The catch phrase is "Evolution doesn't stop."[8].

The basic body structure of the Evo II has not changed, and it was developed only for the purpose of improving engine cooling performance and aerodynamic performance.Equipped with a large rear wing, which is unusual for a commercial vehicle, and a front bumper with a large opening[18]..Improvements have been made not only to the exterior but also to the engine, increasing the output to 270 PS.[19].

However, it is relatively expensive due to the significant improvement in output.Compression ratio(The average compression ratio of the turbo engine is 8-8.5, the compression ratio of the Evo III is 9.[19]) As a result of adopting a littleBoost upEven just doing this makes it easier for problems such as head disconnection to occur.As a countermeasure, the Evo II piston (later the Evo IX piston) may be diverted to lower the compression ratio, and the camshaft may be replaced to increase the overlap and release the compression pressure.

Compared to the Evo I and Evo II, it is a model that can be said to be the completed form of the first generation with a flashy exterior, and since it is also the first vehicle to win the championship in the WRC, it is a certain popularity among the successive Lancer Evolution.

From Evo IIITurbo lagFor the purpose of eliminatingSecondary air supply system (PCCS) is installed[18][19][20]..However, it is a system intended for use in WRC, and it is installed because it is necessary to install the same mechanism in commercial vehicles according to WRC regulations, and it is set so that it operates only slightly in commercial vehicles. Has been[21].. (Operation control by ECU) It was a particularly effective system for the Evo III equipped with a large-diameter turbine.

Available body colors are Scortier White, Queen's Silver, Monaco Red, Pyrenees Black, and Dandelion Yellow.[22].

Round 1995 of 4 at WRC Gr.ATour de CorseFrom 1996 Round 9Rally catalunyaParticipated in 14 races until the 1995th race in 4Rally Australia, 1996 Round 1 Swedish Rally, Round 2 Safari Rally, Round 5Rally Argentina, Round 61000 lake rally, Round 7Rally AustraliaWon[17]..In 1996Tommi MakinenHas won his first driver's title[23]. AlsoGroup NGustavo Treles has won the throne.

Grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weightProduction volume
RS4G63 (Turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc270 ps / 6,250 rpm31.5 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm5 speedMT1,190 kg1,082 stand[24]
GSR1,260 kg8,998 stand[24]

2nd generation (CN9A / CP9A)

Lancer Evolution IV

1996Released in August.Model name "E-CN8A".Known as "Evo IV".The catch phrase is "Lancer's run, this is the ultimate."[25].

Since the base model Lancer was fully remodeled in the previous year, the body was renewed to a new model.At the same time, the engine mounting direction is reversed left and right with respect to the first generation.[26], The drive loss was reduced by abolishing (the same role) that was installed inside the transmission, and the response was greatly improved.In addition, the adoption of a multi-link suspension at the rear improved the road surface followability.

The biggest feature of this model is that it changes the driving force to the left and right rear wheels mounted on the GSR to improve turning performance.Active yaw control (AYC). By adopting AYC, the turning performance has been greatly improved compared to Evo III.However, the AYC mounted on the Evo IV was relatively incomplete, and there were many problems with abnormal noise.As a countermeasure, it was possible to temporarily eliminate the abnormal noise by changing the hydraulic oil of AYC and adjusting AYC, but it was not a fundamental solution.Therefore, aftermarket products such asLSDThere were many cases of changing to.For competition use, an RS with a helical LSD on the front and a 1.5WAY mechanical LSD on the rear was used (the front differential of the GSR was open).

EngineForgingpiston,Twin scroll turboAdoption, PCCS andTurbineBy increasing the nozzle area, boost pressure, and adopting a high-speed cam profile, the output has been improved to 280 PS, which is the full self-regulation value at that time.However, the piston of this model was prone to troubles such as dropping of tana when the boost pressure increased.[27]..Evo V againcastingThe piston was adopted[28].

As a result of enlarging the rear wing with the Evo III, the front and rear lifts could not be balanced, so the exterior was designed to be smaller by reviewing the balance.This results in front zero lift and drag coefficient (Cd value) 0.30[29]Was realized.

Like the Evo of the past, it took the form of limited production, but the sensational form has become popular and the number of production is the largest among the successive models.[Annotation 5]..Among the successive models, it is preferred that it has a flashy but cohesive design and that it is the final champion machine developed with 5 numbers.Also, from the late development of Evo IVAkihiko NakataniWill join the development.[30]

Supercross transmission (Hi and Lo) was set as an option for RS.

Available body colors are Scortier White, Steel Silver, Palmer Red, Pyrenees Black, and Isel Blue.[31].

WRC Gr.A from 1997 Round 1 Rally Monte Carlo to 1998 Round 4Rally de PortugalParticipated in 18 rounds up to 1997, Round 4 Rally de Portugal, Round 5 Rally Catalunya, Round 7 Rally Argentina, Round 10Rally Finland, 1998 Round 2Swedish rally, Won the 3rd round Safari Rally, 1997 season driver's championTommi MakinenBut also won the throne in Group N[32].

Taiwan Ofsinger,An actorAct asKe ShouliangBut,1997May 6To ChinaShanxi ProvinceLinfen CityAtYellow RiverJump over the Hukou Waterfall (width 55 m) with the Evo IV RS.

Grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weightProduction volume
RS4G63 (turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc280 ps / 6,500 rpm36.0 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm5 speedMT1,260 kg00941 stand[33]
GSR1,350 kg12,193 stand[33]

Lancer Evolution V

1998May 1Release[34]..Model name "GF-CP9A".Known as "Evo V".The catch phrase is "V-dimensional, instantaneous power.[Annotation 6]"[35][36].

As a development driver from the beginning from this generationAkihiko NakataniIs involvedSuper enduranceBCNR33 type that was a regular victory inNissan Skyline GT-RIncorporate various ideas to win[Source required].

エボIV以前のモデルの欠点である乾燥路におけるブレーキやタイヤ容量の不足を改善し、WRCのWRカーに対抗すべく3ナンバーサイズとなる車幅1,770 mmのワイドボディを初めて採用。タイヤサイズの拡大(エボIV 205/50R16→エボV 225/45R17)、フロント17インチ4ポット・リア16インチ2ポット対向のBremboCompany calipers are standard for GSR and optional for competition RS[37][38]..Braking force, running performance, turning performance, etc. have been greatly improved, showing outstanding acceleration performance and running stability even in the domestic 280 PS class at that time, equipped with optional super cross mission and Brembo brake on RS thin plate body for competition car isBest motoring Tsukuba CircuitIn the time attacks and races held at, the vehicle class often exceeded the record of the higher displacement sports car.

In addition, front inverted struts, forged aluminum lower arm, angle-adjustable rear wing, and turbine with increased nozzle area (Evo IV 9) cm2→ Evo V 10.5 cm2), 16-bit ECU, etc. were adopted.In addition, the 5th generation Lancer that will be the base1997Due to a minor change in August, the headlights and tail lenses were changed to late models.

The horsepower is 280 PS, which is the same as the Evo IV, but due to the increased turbine nozzle area and boost pressure.torqueImproves to 2 kg-m, which is +38.0 kg-m compared to Evo IV.

This model also performed well in WRC and circuits. WRC has a narrow range of modificationsGroup ADespite being a regulated vehicle, overwhelming the WR car prescribed vehicle with a relatively wide range of modifications, manufacturer's champion, driver's champion,Group NHe achieved the feat of winning the triple in the same year.

Body colors available for GSR are Scortier White, Satellite Silver, Palmer Red, Pyrenees Black, and Dandelion Yellow.[39].

WRC Gr.A from Round 1998 of 5 Rally Catalunya to Round 13Rally of Great BritainParticipated in 9 races up to, Round 7 Rally Argentina, Round 10 Rally Finland, Round 11Rallye Sanremo, Round 13Rally of Great BritainWon the title in Mitsubishi's first manufacturer's title, Tommi Makinen's driver's title, and even Gr.N.[40].

Grade system[41]
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weightProduction volume
RS4G63 (turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc280 ps / 6,500 rpm38.0 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm5 speedMT1,260 kg0678 stand[42]
GSR1,360 kg6,939 stand[42]

Lancer Evolution VI

1999May 1Release[43]..Model name "GF-CP9A".Known as "Evo VI".The catch phrase “evolves to the next peak.”[35].

Based on the Evo V, it was developed to increase the potential by aging the details and to refresh the interior and exterior including the appearance change to comply with the '99 WRC rally regulation.For the purpose of improving air resistance and cooling performance, and front lift, the license plate position has been changed from the center to the left side, the front opening shape has been expanded by reducing the diameter of the fog lamp, and the rear wing has two stages to improve aerodynamics. It was.It was unpopular with the previous model Evo V that the stiff suspension was not suitable for city riding, so by setting the roll center axis of the front suspension 2 mm lower than the Evo V, it is a little softer. It was changed to the setting.However, it is not suitable for the purpose of competition, and it is causing a kind of "degeneration" that it is not possible to beat Evo V in the All Japan Rally.However, in the competition grade RS, the suspension with the same settings as the Evo V could be selected as an option.

The horsepower and torque of the engine are the same as those of the Evo V, but the durability of the engine has been improved by adopting a cooling channel type piston with a built-in cooling oil passage, changing the cooling water layout, increasing the size of the oil cooler, and adopting an oil cooler ventilator and air blow duct. It improves sexuality and reliability.Also, it is genuine for RSTitanium aluminideAn alloy turbine is used to reduce the inertial force of the turbine blades by 50%.In addition, after this VI, AYC can be selected as a set option with Brembo brake even in RS.The wheelOZSilver-painted 12-spoke wheels made by the company (so-called super turbine type).

Available body colors are Scortier White, Satellite Silver, Pyrenees Black, Isel Blue, and Lance Blue.[44].

WRC Gr.Aに1999年第1戦モンテカルロから2001年第10戦ニュージーランドまでの38戦に参戦し、1999年シーズンは第1戦モンテカルロ、第2戦スウェーディッシュ・ラリー、第4戦ポルトガル、第9戦ニュージーランド、第12戦サンレモで優勝し、3年連続となるドライバーズタイトルをトミ・マキネンが獲得した。またグループNでもタイトルを獲得した。リアウイングの2段化はWRC Gr.A規定には適合したが、WRカー規定を超えるとしてFIAが指導したため、下段とトランクの間にある隙間をカ ー ボ ンKevlarClosed with, only the upper wing is working[45][46].. In the 2000 season, he won the 1st round Monte Carlo, and from the 9th round New Zealand, the front bumper was changed to imitate the following TME.He also won the title in Group N this year.

Grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weightProduction volume
RS4G63 (turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc280 ps / 6,500 rpm38.0 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm5 speedMT1,260 kg0726 stand[47]
GSR1,360 kg6,868 stand[47]

Lancer Evolution VI Tommi.Makinen Edition

2000May 1Release[48]..Model name "GF-CP9A".Known as "Evo VI TME" or "Evo 6.5".

Mitsubishi's WRC works driver at the time,Tommi MakinenIn commemoration of winning the driver's championship for the fourth consecutive year, a special specification car bearing the player's name.Revision of the front bumper shape based on the opinion of Akihiko Nakaya in consideration of the relatively high-speed tarmac (paved road) rally[49], CN-CP system featuresFog lightsAerodynamics was improved by abolishing the installation part.

The suspension uses a tarmac suspension (front: Evo V, rear: Evo VI) that is 10 mm lower than before, and a front strut tower bar.In RS, the tarmac suspension is a manufacturer's option (standard is Evo 6 gravel specification for both front and rear).In addition, RS quick steering gear was also adopted in GSR.[50]..Iridium plugs and plastic cooling panels were also adopted. The GSR uses a new high-response titanium-aluminum alloy turbocharger to improve medium- and low-speed torque and response (miniaturization of compressor wheel diameter and change of blade shape. Maximum torque generation speed is Evo V, Evo It became lower than VI. Evo V, Evo VI 3,000 rpm → Evo VI TME 2,750 rpm).The muffler has also been changed from an elliptical tail up to VI to a perfect circular large-diameter muffler.There were no major changes in power performance such as output, but the degree of perfection was definitely improved.In RS, the new high-response titanium-aluminum alloy turbocharger is a manufacturer's option (the standard is the turbocharger of the titanium-aluminum alloy turbine wheel that was used in RS in the past).

The interior is based on black and red, and the shift knob, shift lever boots and steering wheel are red.stitchThe instrument is also a red dial, and the red with the TOMMI MAKINEN logo.RecaroCompany seats were also adopted[50]..The wheel isENKEIChanged to a white-painted 10-spoke wheel made by the company (very similar to ENKEI WTE II).Available body colors are Scortier White, Satellite Silver, Pyrenees Black, Canal Blue, and Passion Red.[51]..For the Passion Red body color car, a special coloring package inspired by the WRC works machine is set as an option.[51].

As the rivals increased their strength in a wide range of modifications due to the World Rally Car regulations introduced in 1997, Lancer could not compete at the level of improvement, and in 2001 it was decided to switch to the World Rally Car.The Lancer Evolution WRC was introduced in the first half of the Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition (commonly known as Evo 6.5) equipped with a rear suspension and lightweight flywheel with increased stroke as a special measure, and in the second half of the San Remo. Only commemorative models with special coloring have not acquired Gr.A homologation.[Source required]AndLancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition, commonly known as Evo 6.5[Source required]Participated in the WRC in 2001 and won the 1st round Monte Carlo for a total of 119 wins, 3 wins in the 120rd round (Portugal) of the same year, and the 8st win in CS2 of the 121th round (Safari). did[52]..The drivers and navigators are "T. Makinen" and "R. Manisen Maki" in all three races.[53].

The works machine used since the 2000 season has a front bumper shape similar to that of a commercial vehicle, but the side canard shape has been reduced because it generates downforce.For use in gravel, the lip part was also removed from the beginning, so it had a relatively gentle appearance. In the 2001 season, he won the 1st round Monte Carlo, the 3rd round Portugal, and the 8th round safari, but with the shift to the Cedia-based WR car, the lineage of the works machine based on the commercially available Lancer Evolution has come to an end.[54]Won the title in Group N.

Due to Group A regulations, which have a narrow range of modifications, various manufacturer options were set for RS. RS manufacturer options: Super cross gear Hi / Lo (3/4/5 speed crossed compared to GSR), thin body specifications (impact barless option, roof panel / trunk lid panel thinner), high response titanium aluminum Aluminum turbocharger, twin plate clutch, turmac specification suspension, 17-inch wheels, Brembo caliper, AYC, aero partsless specification, rear wiper, cold region specification.

According to development driver Akihiko NakayaNürburgringIt is said that development tests in the north course have started[Source required].

Grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weightProduction volume
RS4G63 (turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc280 ps / 6,500 rpm38.0 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm5 speedMT1,260 kg0678 stand[24]
GSR38.0 kg ・ m / 2,750 rpm1,360 kg2,021 stand[24]
GSR special coloring package38.0 kg ・ m / 2,750 rpm1,360 kg0212 stand[24]

3rd generation (sedan: CT9A / wagon: CT9W)

Lancer Evolution VII

2001May 2Release[55]..Model name "GH-CT9A".Known as "Evo VII"

The base model is the Lancer Cedia, which was fully remodeled the previous year.The newly developed body has achieved 1.5 times the flexural rigidity of the Evo VI by reinforcing the suspension mounting part and body frame joint, adding a dedicated lean force, and adding spot welding.The body of the base model Lancer Cedia has become larger, andActive Center Differential There was an increase in weight due to the new adoption of (ACD).In addition, HID has been adopted for the headlights from Lancer Evolution VII, and the subsequent Evo series are equipped with HID as standard equipment in the GSR grade.

The Evo VII newly adopted the ACD (electronically controlled variable multi-plate clutch mechanism) that electronically controls the differential limitation of the front and rear wheels.Depending on the road conditions, you can switch between three modes, "tarmac (paved road)", "gravel (unpaved road)", and "snow (snow road)" with the switch inside the car, and you can control the center differential.Parking brakeA function to free the operation restriction at the time of operation was also adopted.This function makes it easier to make sharp turns in competitions such as rallies and gymkhana, and has improved turning performance compared to the previous model.The gear ratio is also Evo VI ratio, 1st gear is low geared, 5th gear is high geared.Vehicle body price is 299 million yen in GSR[56]And cheaper than Evo VI[57]Became.

Up to the CP type, it was called "Lancer GSR / RS Evolution", which was a notation of Lancer GSR or RS evolution model, but after this VII model, it is "Lancer Evolution GSR / RS", which is one car name in Lancer Evolution. It was changed to the notation.

From this model, Mitsubishi shifted the activities in WRC from Group A to the World Rally Car regulations based on CS2A Lancer Evolution (only the naming inherited the evolution), but this is due to the difference in total length etc. between Lancer Evolution and Lancer Evolution. It was said that "Lancer Evolution is a single model called Lancer Evolution, not a variation model of Lancer Cedia", and it was not possible to obtain the homologation specified by the WR (World Rally) car due to the lack of sales volume.Therefore, Lancer Evolution after VII is Group N and All Japan RallySuper enduranceIt will be specialized in models for domestic races such as.

Served as a development driver since Evo VAkihiko Nakatani Best carThe column I wrote in and "REV SPEED"[58]Initially according to his autobiographyMitsubishi LancerCedia body size and E30 seriesMitsubishi GalantSince it is almost the same size as the VR-4, it was reported that it was the last in the Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition and it was undecided whether to sell it.[Annotation 7].

Grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weight
RS4G63 (Turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc280 ps / 6,500 rpm39.0 kg ・ m / 3,500 rpm5 speedMT1,320 kg
GSR1,400 kg

Lancer Evolution VII GT-A

2002May 2Release[60]..Model name "GH-CT9A".Known as "Evo VII GT-A".

Lancer Evo's firstATIt was additionally sold as an adopted model. "INVECS-IIBy adopting a 5-speed AT with a sports mode called ", we aimed to capture the demand for sports sedans.

Considering the characteristics of the automatic transmission, the engine output was reduced to 272PS and a setting was adopted that emphasized torque in the middle and low rpm range rather than peak power.In addition, it had not acquired homologation as a competition vehicle (currently).Japan Automobile FederationSince it is certified), the anti-lag system is unnecessary, and the piping for PCCS is omitted.For the interior, Lancer Evolution's first genuine leather 8-way power seat (similar to the Lancer Cedia Wagon Super Package equipped car) was prepared as an option to change the character that was all about sportiness, and it was customary in Lancer Evolution.MOMOChanged the steering wheel made in-house by combining a shift button (steermatic).In addition, the same metallic blue panel as the Lancer Cedia Wagon Sport Edition II is adopted.The exterior is designed with an emphasis on city use, and a small rear wing with a special design is standard equipment (the same large rear wing as the GSR and wingless specifications can be selected as an option).

Around the front, the ventilation port of the AT oil cooler was provided on the left side of the bumper, so the license plate mounting position was changed to the center of the bumper.In addition, the air outlets and air intakes on the bonnet have been abolished for the purpose of changing the rugged image.

Grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weight
GT-A4G63 (turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc272 ps / 6,500 rpm35.0 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm5-speed AT1,480 kg

Lancer Evolution VIII

2003May 1Release[61]..Model name "GH-CT9A".Known as "Evo VIII".

DaimlerChryslerMore transferred designers,Olivier BouleyThe Mt. Fuji-shaped grill, which was advocated by Mitsubishi as a common identity for Mitsubishi vehicles, was adopted.The change from the conservative rectangular grille to the Mt. Fuji type grille (commonly known as the "Boulay face") was unpopular at the time of its release, leading to a decrease in the cooling performance of the radiator and an increase in air resistance.

However, in terms of mechanism, it has steadily evolved from its predecessor, the Evo VII, and in particular, the transmission has become a 6-speed MT (Aichi Machine Industry(Made) (RS also has a 5-speed MT specification).In addition, the capacity of the gasoline tank is 48 for Evo VII.literHowever, in VIII, the GSR has been expanded to 55 liters and the RS to 50 liters.

There are basically two grades, GSR and RS.There is a difference in the tail lamp lighting pattern when the headlights are lit.When the headlights are lit, all four tail lamps are lit on the GSR, but only the two on the back are lit on the RS, and all four are lit only when the brakes are applied.

The internal structure of the AYC has been reviewed and a super AYC with an increased amount of control torque has been adopted (RS is a standard 1.5WAY mechanical LSD, and the super AYC is an option).Rear wing is the world's first mass-produced sedanカ ー ボ ンMade of.In addition, export from this model to outside Japan has officially started.The performance and evaluation of the Impreza were high, and it was even said that it surpassed the rival Impreza in maneuverability.However, ACD and AYC are not installed in the export model.In addition, from this model, the anti-theft measures that are increasing year by yearImmobilizerIs standard equipment for all grades.

Grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weight
RS4G63 (Turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc280 ps / 6,500 rpm40.0 kg ・ m / 3,500 rpm5 speedMT1,320 kg
6 speedMT1,350 kg
GSR1,410 kg

Lancer Evolution VIII MR

2004May 2Release[62]..Model name "GH-CT9A".Known as "Evo VIII MR" or "Evo 8.5".

Galant GTOContinue fromMitsubishi RacingA mature model of Evo VIII, which bears the name of MR, which means.

BilsteinAdopting a company-made damper, the side impact bar inside the doorAluminumBy adopting an aluminum roof for the first time in a mass-produced vehicle, we have achieved a weight reduction of approximately 10 kg.Also, as an option, it can be installed on the roof.Vortex generatorWas prepared.Aluminum wheels are Evo VIIIEnkeiIn addition to the company's 17-inch 6-spokeBBSA 17-inch forged lightweight aluminum wheel made by the company has become a manufacturer's option (also available as a manufacturer's option for the Evo IX and Evo Wagon).The difference from the appearance of Evo VIII isHeadlightRear combination lampBlackout, gun metallic (Eisen gray) paint on the wing tip plate, and stay on the press rib at the end of the roof panel due to the adoption of the aluminum roof.In addition, this model uses the same large-capacity turbine as the Evo V and Evo VI (GSR and RS 6-speed MT vehicles only. The RS 5-speed MT vehicle has the same turbine as the Evo VII and Evo VIII), and the cam profile is also compared to the VIII. It has been changed for high rotation.The RS grade of this model is also the lightest in the CT system (so-called 3rd generation Evo).

Grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weight
RS4G63 (Turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc280 ps / 6,500 rpm40.0 kg ・ m / 3,500 rpm5 speedMT1,310 kg
40.8 kg ・ m / 3,500 rpm6 speedMT1,360 kg
GSR1,400 kg

Lancer Evolution IX

2005May 3Release[63]..Model name "GH-CT9A".Known as "Evo IX".

The first engine to be installed in the Lancer EvolutionContinuously variable valve timing mechanismMIVECAdopt[Annotation 8], From this time againturboChanged the compressor housing to the compressor wheelMagnesium alloy(As an option in GSR), conventionalAluminum alloyThe response was improved.As a result, the maximum torque generation speed was reduced from 3,500 rpm of Evo VIII MR to 3,000 rpm, and the torque in the low speed range was increased, the torque bandwidth was increased, and the response in the high speed range was improved.However, with magnesium compressor specifications, it has been reported that the compressor blades are easily cracked when the boost pressure is increased, and countermeasures have been added for production since December 2005.At this time, the end of the turbine part number has been changed from 12 to 0. In the case of RS, it can be solved by replacing it with an aluminum compressor specification such as for GSR, but it is a heavy burden on the user because it is an expensive part.

In this model, GT was added to the lineup as an intermediate grade between GSR and RS. The GT is equipped with a 1.5-way mechanical LSD, 5-speed MT, rear thin glass, halogen headlights, and magnesium alloy turbo on the rear differential.Other body color selection, comfortable equipment such as auto air conditioner and keyless entry, Bilstein damper (less option available), Brembo brake and other undercarriage are the same as GSR.The price of the vehicle itself is lower than that of GSR, and the weight of the vehicle is about 20 kg lighter than that of GSR.

In addition, basic components from Evo VIII MR (Super AYC)[Annotation 9], ACD,BilsteinAdopted company damper, aluminum side impact bar inside roof and door[Annotation 10]Etc.), but the Boulay face, which was unpopular in the aforementioned Evo VIII, was abolished.Akihiko Nakatani-Takayuki KinoshitaOf the test & service that was running as a groupSuper enduranceThe design is similar to the front bumper of the specifications.Also in the center of the rear bumperDiffuserEquipped with to improve aerodynamics and reduce the rear vehicle height by 5 mm to improve ground contact.[Annotation 11]..Other minor changes and improvements have been made, such as the hollowed carbon rear wing.

Grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weight
RS4G63 MIVEC (Turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc280 ps / 6,500 rpm41.5 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm5 speedMT1,320 kg
GT1,390 kg
GSR40.8 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm6 speedMT1,410 kg

Lancer Evolution Wagon

2005May 9Release[64]..Model name "GH-CT9W".Known as "Evo Wagon".

Introduced as the first station wagon shape of the Lancer Evolution, based on the Evo IX, manufactured with the "upper half" design of the Lancer Evolution, equipped with a 6-speed MTGTAnd equipped with 5-speed ATGT-AWas lined up.

GTIs equipped with the same MIVEC as the Evo IX engine, and delivers 280 PS / 6,500 rpm and 40.0 kg-m / 3,000 rpm output.GT-AIs equipped with the same engine as the Evo VII GT-A, and exhibits a lower output than the GT at 272 PS / 6,500 rpm and 35.0 kg-m / 3,000 rpm.The license plate is also installed in the center like the Evo VII GT-A.

It is different from the normal Lancer Wagon in terms of skeletal structure, and has differences in appearance as well as chassis, such as front mask and rear blister fender, which are inherited from Lancer Evolution.The rear roof spoiler is the same as the "Ralliart Edition" that was set on the Lancer Cedia Wagon.Generally, wagon cars are inferior in body rigidity to sedans of the same design, but in the case of Evo wagons, 280 PS due to intensive spot welding to the back door opening to compensate for it It is designed with sufficient rigidity so as not to lose to the engine power that demonstrates.As a result, the weight of the rear car increased, butFFSince the Lancer Evolution developed on the base was originally a front heavy, the weight distribution in the front and rear was improved.As a result, the rear traction was improved (some car critics say that the maneuverability is rather favorable compared to the base sedan.[Who?].. ).In addition, when participating in Super Taikyu, the shape of the wagon body with excellent aerodynamic characteristics works, the maximum speed on the straight is longer than that of the sedan, and the proper weight distribution improves the stability of the behavior during cornering. It was.However, since the absolute weight is increased compared to the sedan, it has weaknesses such as the braking point being in front of the sedan and the speed during cornering cannot be increased, leading to the destruction of the sedan's stronghold. There wasn't.The chassis and power train are carryovers of the Evo IX and Evo VIII MR, and the rear differential gear is the same as the Evo IX GT, with a 1.5WAY mechanical LSD instead of AYC.In addition, considering the usability as a wagon, a flat and large-capacity luggage space can be secured by arranging the seats by storing the rear seats (for 2-3 people).On the utility side, the luggage space is equipped with a 12 V accessory socket, and there are plenty of other equipment besides those related to driving performance.

Grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weight
GT-A4G63 (turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc272 ps / 6,500 rpm35.0 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm5-speed AT1,540 kg
GT4G63 MIVEC (Turbo)280 ps / 6,500 rpm40.0 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm6 speedMT1,500 kg

Lancer Evolution IX MR, Lancer Evolution Wagon MR

2006May 8Release[65]..The model name of Lancer Evolution IX MR is "GH-CT9A".Known as "Evo IX MR" or "Evo 9.5".The model name of the Lancer Evolution Wagon MR is "GH-CT9W".Known as "Evo Wagon MR".

Mitsubishi RacingIt is a mature molding of Evo IX and Evo Wagon bearing the name of MR, which means, and at the same time, as Lancer Evolution,4G63It is the last model equipped with a turbo engine.A total of 2 grades will be released, 4 grades each for sedans GSR and RS and wagons GT and GT-A.

No major changes were made to the engine system from the Evo IX and wagon, and the diameter of the turbine inlet was reduced (see below) with the aim of improving response.Also, the seams on the sheet have been changed to red stitches.The mirror switch has been moved by making the interior panel black with piano, black plating inside the front headlights, and adding an auto-levelizer for the headlights.By changing the shape of the lower part of the front air dam, reducing lift and controlling airflow, the aerodynamic characteristics are further improved.The company's coil spring is set as a standard for GSR and as a set option for RS.By installing this spring, the vehicle height is changed by -10 mm at the front and -5 mm at the rear, aiming for a lower center of gravity.The maximum output and torque, and the number of revolutions generated are the same as those of the Evo IX, but the MIVEC turbo settings and control have been optimized and fine-tuned to further improve the response. The settings of ACD and Super AYC have also been changed to improve turning performance. The sunroof maker option setting that existed in the IX Evo Wagon has disappeared.

Before the official announcement, pre-order sales with an emphasis on rarity were carried out as "rareness limited to 4 units in total for 1,500 grades".It is a popular car model[Source required]Therefore, as usual, additional production was carried out.Including back orders for additional production, the total production volume isRumored to be around 2,500[Source required].

The turbocharger has a response-oriented setting by reducing the compressor wheel inlet diameter, and the standard equipment has been changed to titanium-aluminum alloy turbine wheels and aluminum alloy compressor wheels (GSR / RS).The standard equipment has been downsized by redesigning the housing.As for the magnesium alloy compressor wheel, the compressor wheel inlet diameter has been reduced as with the standard equipment, but with the same dimensions as the Evo IX, the wall thickness of the compressor wheel has been further increased compared to the IX countermeasure product, and the magnesium alloy material. Changed.This reduced the risk of compressor blade breakage, which was an initial concern.

The manufacturer's optional magnesium alloy compressor was shunned due to the frequent occurrence of defects in the early model of Evo IX, and the standard aluminum alloy was out of stock at the time of reservation for Evo IX MR.Therefore, it was a strange situation that the manufacturer's option magnesium alloy compressor specification was delivered immediately, and the standard specification was waiting for 3 months.As mentioned above, the magnesium alloy of Evo IX MR is different from that of Evo IX.

Lancer Evolution IX MR grade system
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weight
RS4G63 MIVEC (Turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc280 ps / 6,500 rpm41.5 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm5-speed MT1,320 kg
GSR40.8 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm6 speedMT1,420 kg
Lancer Evolution Wagon MR Grade System
gradeEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weight
GT-A4G63 (turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,997 cc272 ps / 6,500 rpm35.0 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm5-speed AT1,540 kg
GT4G63 MIVEC (Turbo)280 ps / 6,500 rpm40.0 kg ・ m / 3,000 rpm6 speedMT1,500 kg

Test car

Lancer Evolution MIEV has been modified based on Evo IX, and all four wheelsIn-wheel motorPrototype to be equipped withElectric car.MIEVAnd MMitsubishi In-wheel motor Electric VAbout ehicle[Annotation 12](Detail isMIEVSee).Equipped with motors on all four wheelsFour-wheel driveby car,engineNothing is installed in the hood because it is not equipped with a transmission or a transmission.Power InputToGS Yuasa Corporation OfLithium ion secondary batteryUsing the motorToyo Denki SeizoJointly developed by Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Motors.This motorOuter rotor methodIt has a donut shape unlike a normal motor.Batteries are generatedDCTheinverterAlternating currentAnd use it as a power source.The interior is generalAutomatic transmissionIt's almost the same as a car.The shift lever is the same as the Evo VII GT-A.The rear wing has the same shape as the Lancer WRC05 specification.2005Since its announcementLicense plateIs being tested for practical use, including driving on public roads.However, it is difficult to reduce the weight of the in-wheel motor, and development is difficult.


  • Motor-50 kW in-wheel motor x 4[66]
  • Maximum output-200 kW (50 kW x 4, 270 PS)[66]
  • highesttorque --517 Nm (52.8 kg-m)[66]
  • Maximum speed --180 km / h (because speed limiter is applied)[66]

4th generation (CZ4A)

Lancer Evolution X

2007May 4Announced in the same yearMay 10Released (SST model released in late November of the same year)[67]..Model name "CBA-CZ4A", commonly known as "Evo X".The catch phrase is, "The evolution will instantly overtake the next generation."The price ranges from 299 yen to 7,750 yen. The target sales volume for 375 is announced to be 600 units.Until then, the Evo series had been produced for a limited period and number of units, but this model became the first catalog model.

2005Lancer (Japanese name:) that will be the base car at the Tokyo Motor ShowGalant Fortis) Prototypes "Concept-X" and "Concept-Sportsback" have been announced.After that, at the Detroit Motor Show in March 2007, a commercial model was announced and the concept car "Prototype-X", which will be the prototype of the next Lancer Evolution, was exhibited.

Share the body monocoque with Galant Fortis.The suspension is different from the members, and the front wheels came out 15 mm forward, but the front and rear overhangs were cut down with bumpers to shorten the overall length by 75 mm.The overall height has also been lowered by 10 mm due to the adoption of an aluminum roof and a lowered roll center, and the rear and front fenders and tread have been expanded to improve driving stability.Like Galant Fortis, the body frame has a maximum of 980MPa class.High strength steelAre using.

Orthodox 5-speed transmissionMTIn addition, the newly developed 6-speed MT replaces the 6-speed MT used in the previous model.DCT"Twin Clutch SST(SST) ”is newly set.Clutch pedalBecause it is a 2-pedal MT system that does not haveATTreated as a carAutomatic limited licenseBut it is possible to drive.This is the second AT car in the Lancer Evolution series after the Evo VII GT-A.

The engine so far4G63Not a mold, but an all-aluminum block that is a world engine4B11It is equipped with a mold.In addition to the weight reduction, it greatly contributes to the reduction of yaw moment.MIVECThe torque was 422 Nm (43.0 kg-m) in combination with.In addition, it should be noted.Car horsepower regulationEven after the release of "To avoid unnecessary output competition"[68]The maximum output was kept at 206 kW (280 PS), but the first time it was held in October 2008.Minor changesIt was raised to 300 PS.

The 4WD system is a newly developed vehicle motion integrated control system "S-AWCIs installed.The exterior features a wide open front grill "Jet Fighter Grill" designed with the motif of a jet fighter.

The model focused on city ridingGSRAnd become a competition-based carRS2 models. GSR has 6-speed SST and 5-speed MT, and RS has only 5-speed MT.The RS of the competition-based car is the passenger seat that is standard equipment on the GSR.AirbagAnd fully automatic air conditioner is omittedHeadlightOf GSRDischarge headlampCheap againstHalogen lampThe price and weight are kept down.

2008May 7
Since October of the same year, it has been a general importer and distributor in Seoul, South Korea.MMSK CorporationAnnounced that it will be sold in Korea through.Only models with Twin Clutch SST will be sold.
2008May 10
Minor change.The extension part of the rear combination lamp was changed from red paint to black paint, and the output of the engine was increased from 280 PS to 300 PS.In addition, some interiors and functionality other than RS have been improved.AlsoBBSA new grade "GSR-Premium" has been added, which is equipped with wheels, genuine leather Recaro seats, and HDD navigation as standard equipment to improve quietness and exercise performance.The catch phrase is "To The Premium Driving", which is an improvement that enhances the overall sense of quality.
2009May 10
Minor change (2010 model).The catch phrase is "Have your unique talent in your hands."Mainly, the size of the side skirt was increased and the weight of the engine head cover made of resin was reduced by about 1.5 kg.The grade system was also reviewed, and the MT specification was abolished from GSR-Premium.In terms of functionality, it runs at a constant speedCruise control functionIs standard equipment on GSR-Premium, and optional on GSR.Quietness has also been improved, and sound-insulating glass has been adopted for the front windows other than RS.In the interior, the multi-information display that displays vehicle information on the meter section is colored.In addition, the air conditioner dial except RS has been chrome-plated, and the lighting and wiper functions have been modified when getting on and off at night.Also, the rear wing can now be made a less option.According to Akihiko Nakaya, there was a plan to make only MT cars 320 PS.Lehman shockDue to the recession caused by the economy, it was punished and had to stay at 300 PS.
2010May 10
Minor change (sales start on October 10st).Adoption of highly ignitable spark plugs and engine control,catalystBy reviewing the specifications ofJC08 modeIt conforms to the corresponding "17 standard exhaust gas 50% reduction level (☆☆☆)" and also improves acceleration response and fuel efficiency. The Twin Clutch-SST model has undergone a review of control, improving shift response and enabling skip shifts during deceleration, making it possible to shift gears to better suit the driver's feelings.In addition, for grades other than "RS", the brake assist mechanism has been changed to a pedal force / step speed sensitive type, illegal opening of the door, unauthorized entry into the vehicle, illegal movement of the vehicle, tire theft due to jacking up, disconnection of the battery cable, etc. Premium security alarm (premium security alarm) that detects abnormalities such as, and alerts you by the sound of the self-battery built-in siren and the blinking hazard lamp.Thatcham compliantTheft alarm deviceMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismECO lamps that assist fuel-efficient driving have been added.In addition, "GSR-Premium" has a new built-in terrestrial digital tuner in the 7-inch wide display HDD navigation (MMCS), and external devices such as mobile phones and music players can be connected with the MMCS touch panel, steering audio remote control switch, and voice command function. Added a link system that can be operated.The total output of the Rockford Fosgate Premium Sound System has been improved (650 W → 710 W), allowing you to enjoy more powerful sound (MMCS and Rockford Fosgate Premium Sound System are also manufacturer options for the "GSR". Can be equipped with).The sound insulation glass that was partially adopted in the 2010 model was abolished.In addition, from this partially improved model, "up to 5 years 24 km special warranty extension" is applied on condition that the warranty extension inspection (equivalent to 10-month regular inspection) is received at the time of vehicle inspection and warehousing after the 10th year. It became the target model of.
2011May 10
Minor change (sales start on October 10).
All models are equipped with brake override control that prioritizes braking when the accelerator pedal and brake pedal are pressed at the same time while driving.In the interior, except for RS, the accent panel was changed to gloss black paint, the upper part of the front door trim was soft padded, and the central part was soft leather.In addition, when the shift position is set to "R", a 3.3-inch color LCD monitor with a built-in rear-view mirror reflects the rear view to support safe retreat and parking. , Set as a maker option.
2012May 10
Minor change.
The body color of "GSR" and "GSR-Premium" has been reviewed, and "Cosmic Blue Mica" has been added in place of "Lightning Blue Mica". MMCS, which is set as a manufacturer option for "GSR" and "GSR-Premium", has been updated to a new model consisting of multifunctional memory navigation equipped with a high-resolution, high-definition WVGA monitor, and has become a Rockford Fosgate premium sound system. Has adopted new features such as "DTS Neural Surround".In addition, a 6.1-inch QVGA touch panel has been adopted for the "GSR," and display audio has been added to the manufacturer's options so that the rear view camera can be used to check the rear view image when reversing a parking lot.
At the same time as this changePajero5MT specification was abolished from, and in June 2013eKSince MT was abolished, this car became Mitsubishi's only MT passenger car.
2014May 3
Mitsubishi Motors announced that it will discontinue production of the Lancer Evolution only for the current model.
Limited to 440 units of "FQ-40 MR", a commemorative car for the end of sales in the UK.In the same modelHKSThe turbocharger made by the manufacturer and the intake and exhaust system parts made by the company are standard equipment, and the engine output has been raised to 440 ps / 57 kg ・ m.The price was set high at 5 pounds (about 845 million yen), but it was sold out in just 60 minutes from the start of sales.[69].
2014May 6
It will be revealed that the Lancer Evolution 2015 model will start production in July for the North American market[70]..For this reason, only the North American market will survive as the current model for the time being.
2014May 7
Partially improved (SST model will be on sale on August 8st)[71].
Change the door mirror to a blinker and use it as a front door trimstitchAdd.The body color has been replaced with "Cosmic Blue Mica" and "Lightning Blue Mica" has been revived.
It was announced that the competition base grade "RS" for MT cars will be abolished in September, and production of SST cars will be discontinued by the end of FY9.Along with this, the SST car will have an accent scuff plate engraved with "Twin Clutch SST FINAL" to commemorate the contract.serial numberA plate with a serial number will be presented and installed at the store (the plate with a serial number will be installed on the shift panel).
2014 late 12
SST cars will be discontinued, and after that, only stock will be sold.The 5MT model was continuously produced until August 2015.
Grade system
gradeYear of saleEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weight
RSJanuary 2007-January 104B11 MIVEC (IC turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,998 cc280 ps / 6,500 rpm43.0 kg ・ m / 3,500 rpm5-speed MT1,420 kg
January 2008-January 10300 ps / 6,500 rpm1,420 kg
GSRJanuary 2007-January 10280 ps / 6,500 rpm1,520 kg
January 2008-January 10300 ps / 6,500 rpm1,530 kg
January 2007-January 11280 ps / 6,500 rpmSST1,540 kg
January 2008-January 10300 ps / 6,500 rpm1,550 kg
GSR PremiumJanuary 2008-January 10300 ps / 6,500 rpm5-speed MT1,580 kg
January 2008-January 10SST1,600 kg

Lancer Evolution Final Edition

2015May 4, Mitsubishi Motors announced that it will release the Lancer Evolution X special specification car "Lancer Evolution Final Edition" in August, and started accepting pre-orders[72][73].

This model is a limited sale of 1,000 units, and reservations will be closed when the number of units sold is reached.It was also announced that the production and sales of the "Lancer Evolution X" in Japan will end with the release of the "Final Edition".At the same time, this means that not only will the Lancer name disappear from the lineup of passenger cars and in-house produced models in the Japanese domestic market, but it will also completely withdraw from the sedan market developed in-house in Japan. As the catch phrase "I'm proud to have lived in the run" shows, this is the culmination of the Lancer series as well as the Lancer Evolution series.

Based on the "GSR" 5MT car, the exterior is dark chrome plated on the front grille molding, and gloss black paint on the bumper center and bonnet hood air outlet.BBSChanged the 18-inch forged lightweight aluminum wheels made by the company to dark paint.Five body colors are available, and a two-tone color with black paint on the roof is also available as a manufacturer's option.The interior has a unified base color of black,RECARORed stitching is applied to the leather combination seat, steering wheel, shift knob, parking lever, and floor console lid.

For the enginesodiumIn addition to improving the maximum output by adding an enclosed exhaust valve, the base grade comes standard with a high performance package that is a manufacturer's option.

In addition, the rear trunk is equipped with the "Final Edition" emblem, the floor console is equipped with a serial number plate, and the opening screen of the multi-information display is specially designed to display the "Final Edition".

2015May 8
Announced that the limited number of 1,000 units of the above-mentioned special specification car "Lancer Evolution Final Edition" have been sold out and delivery has started. Delivered sequentially by the spring of 2016[74].
2016May 4
End of sale.At the same time, the listing on the car lineup on the Mitsubishi Motors website has ended.
Grade system
gradeYear of saleEngine modelengineDisplacementMaximum outputMaximum torquetransmissionCar weight
Final editionJanuary 2015-January 84B11 MIVEC (IC turbo)In-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve IC turbo1,998 cc313 ps / 6,500 rpm43.7 kg ・ m / 3,500 rpm5-speed MT1,530 kg

Lancer and WRC

The Lancer Evolution, which debuted in 1992, was a variation of the Lancer GSR and RS, officially the GSR and RS Evolution.This was at that timeWRCHomologationThis situation continued until the Evo VI TME, which was necessary to create a Group A rally car that matched the Evo VII, but it was released as a Lancer Evolution independent model from the Evo VII, and its grades are GSR / RS and GT. Was set. From 2001 to 2002, when the car was first switched to the WR car, it was called the Lancer Evolution WRC, but due to homologation restrictions, the vehicle was created from the white body of a normal Lancer (Lancer Cedia).[75].

Lancer Evolution WRC participation history

Rally monte carloThe "Evo I", which entered the WRC from the beginning, was forced to struggle at first, but as a result of repeatedly participating in the race by introducing a model with repeated improvements, it will be able to demonstrate top-level competitiveness.
Swedish rallyAtKenneth EricssonWins the Lancer Evolution series' first WRC overall victory with the "Evo II" driven by[76].
At "Evo III" where the fighting power was rapidly increasing due to the maturation of Mitsubishi's original electronically controlled active differential systemTommi MakinenWins 5 times[17], Won the annual driver's champion and started a good advance.He also won the title in Group N.
1997Or later
After that, a full model change was made and a sequential shift was made.[77]Expanded tread width to compete with "Evo IV" and WR cars[78]Tommi Makinen, who drove the "Evo V" and "Evo VI", which have improved their fighting power, won the WRC Drivers' title for the fourth consecutive time in 1996-1999.[79], 1998 with Tommi MakinenRichard BurnsWon the long-sought WRC Manufacturers title in the combination of[45](In 1998, Group N also achieved a complete WRC victory because Lancer Evolution won the championship.[45]).
But the WRC1997The World Rally Car (WR Car) Regulations, which have a wider range of modifications than Group A, were introduced in Japan, and while each company shifted to the WR Car Regulations, Mitsubishi also had the purpose of "participating in WRC based on commercial vehicles" from the beginning. Although he was particular about Group A regulations, as WR cars with a wider range of modifications gained competitiveness, they gradually became unable to compete within the framework of Group A.[Annotation 14].
2000Finished 4th in the Manufacturers and 5th in the Drivers.It was revealed that it will shift to a WR car in 13 in Round 2001 Australia[82].
Evo VI from the start of the season[Annotation 15]Participated in the first roundRally monte carlo, Round 3Rally Portugal, Round 8Safari RallyWon[84]But Round 10Rally New ZealandThe lineage of the works machine based on the last Gr.A vehicle in WRC history, "Lancer Evolution", has come to an end.
From Round 11 Sanremo Rally to Mitsubishi's first WR car, the Lancer Evolution WRC.Although Tommi Makinen struggled to retire in three of the following four races and competed for the drivers'champion until the final race, the manufacturers and drivers ranking of that year ended the 4 season in third place.[85]..This "Lancer Evolution WRC" is a modification of the Lancer Cedia's white body, and its appearance is very similar to the commercial car Evo VII, but it is a different model under FIA regulations.[75].
Tommi MakinenSubaruTransferred toFrancois DelcourtAlister McRaeAs a new driverRally FinlandThe "Lancer Evolution WRC2" will be introduced from the company, but the WR cars of other manufacturers that have matured will not stand out, and the Mitsubishi WR car will not stand on the podium even once and will be active for the development of a new machine in 1. Pause[86].. In 2003Alister McRaeGani participated in the spot and won 6th place.In the same year, Tommi Makinen, who used to belong to Mitsubishi, announced that he would retire from active duty for this year.
Then, in 2004, he resumed participation in the WRC with the "Lancer WRC04".[87]..Transferred to Mitsubishi from this yearGilles PanizziWon 6th place in the first match[88]However, although it showed speed such as setting the SS top time in some places, the activity in 2004 was suspended at Rally Ichuland.[89].
Switch the machine to "Lancer WRC05" andGilles Panizzi,Harri Rovanpera,Gigi GalliWe faced the season with our driver lineup.Gilles PanizziRally monte carlo3rd place podium[89]Harri Rovanperä on podium in final round Rally Australia[89]Showed signs of revival.
However, in December 2005, Mitsubishi2006Announced suspension of WRC works activities[89]..The reason was discovered in the previous yearHidden recallThis is to prioritize the company's revitalization plan in order to rebuild the management of Mitsubishi Motors, whose business performance has deteriorated due to such factors. The rehabilitation plan will end when the WRC returns2008After that, it was planned to be a med.However, rumors of a return to the WRC have not risen as of 2008, probably due to the effects of the global economic recession and regulation revisions that occurred in the second half of 2019.in additionRally artHowever, the liquidation and the homepage were closed, so it is treated as withdrawal, and the possibility of returning is extremely low.Also, because the body of the next Lancer will be enlarged temporarily.ColtBase vehicle, commonly known asColt EvolutionThere was information that it would appear, but it did not actually appear.
However, in the 2006 season when the works activities were suspended, privateers rented the "Lancer WRC05" and participated in it, earning points and other activities.Group NCompete on the machineProduction Car World Rally Championship (PWRC) But drive the Evo IXFumio Nutahara Rally monte carloAchieved the first Japanese victory in the same yearRally japanThe Lancer Evolution accounts for about 3% of the entries, proving that its popularity and performance in the rally have not declined.
It will be the year of Lancer Evo IX.From the opening round of Rally Monte Carlo to the 15th roundRally japanUntil,Production Car World Rally Championship Including (PCWRC)Group NIn class, Subaru Impreza andPeugeot 207He has won the championship over the S2000.He has also won the championships in Monte Carlo and Germany, where PCWRC is not co-sponsored.


Even now that the PWRC has disappeared since 2012, it is possible to run in the WRC and WRC2 according to the rules, and many privateers are participating in the spot.HoweverWR car,Group R5Since 2016, there are no athletes who will use it in full participation because it is completely unrivaled in combat power.Group NAnd relaxed the scope of modification of Group NGroup R4The specification lancer is stillAPRC,ERC,All Japan Rally ChampionshipIt is playing an active part as a main vehicle in regional rallies such as.

Racing activities in Japan

  • Super enduranceIn the series (commonly known as S-Taikyu), although it is a normal engine and genuine turbine based on RS, the maximum boost pressure is 2.3 kg / cm in qualifying.2In the final, 1.7 kg / cm for durability2I'm running on.Until now, the durability of devices such as AYC has been questioned for use in racing, but since becoming Super AYC, this has been used for traction performance on rainy days and measures against understeer, including reducing the burden on drivers. Is very effective, so I am running with ACD + Super AYC + Sports ABS.Of course, the rise in oil temperature of ACD and AYC is unavoidable, so an oil cooler for cooling is required.
    • 2006Corresponds to the third round ofTokachi 24-hour raceThen, the Evo Wagon participated as the first station wagon in the series and showed the ability to be 5th in the class in the debut race.Also in the same race, blackRally artThe specification Evo WagonPace car (martial car)Is used for.
    • 2007Drives the Lancer Evo IX MRTakayuki Kinoshita,Akihiko NakataniThe group won all races from the opening race to the final race.And at the opening round of Sendai Highland, due to the effects of rain and fogNissan Fairlady Z,BMW Z4 such asFRIt was faster than the ST1 team and won the overall victory.
    • 2008The Lancer Evo X, which was released the previous year, made its first appearance and won the 2nd and 3rd rounds, but the Evo IX continued to win.This year, the Impreza only participated in the spot race, and all the cars participated in the ST2 race in a one-maker state called Lancer Evolution.
  • JAFAll Japan sponsoredJim KhanaIn the championship, about 4-4% of Lancers occupy both N3 and SA8 classes, which are 9WD turbo classes, and all JapanDirt trialEven in the championship, about 4-3% of the N2 and SA8 classes, which are 9WD turbo classes, are occupied by Lancers, proving that they are very popular as competition vehicles.
  • 2007ThanD1GPToNobushige KumakuboStarted to participate in the FR version of the Evo IX[Annotation 16].
  • 2008 yearsAll Japan Rally ChampionshipThe Lancer Evolution X also participated in the race and won the first victory in the second round, but it was overwhelmed by the Subaru Impreza, which made its international debut and started to crush troubles, and the aged and light body weight of the Evo IX. Although his rival made a mistake (early start) and won the championship in the battle, he could not become the overall champion.The winner is both timesFumio Nutahara.
  • 2009 TheTokyo Auto SalonIn D1GPNobushige KumakuboMade the first run of the Lancer Evolution X and participated in the same car until 2010.

Evaluation outside Japan

He has gained high popularity outside of Japan due to his success in the WRC.Therefore, exports have been officially carried out since Evo VIII.

  • Right handle OfThe United Kingdom-Australia-New Zealand-Malaysia-Singapore-Hong KongIn some cases, used Lancer Evolution used in Japan may be exported in parallel.Also a regular at the WRCCitroen,PeugeotHowever, because the company does not have a four-wheel drive vehicle in its commercial vehicle, a preview of the rally stage (WreckingI am using the Lancer Evolution as a car when I go to).
  • Popular carIsLancerThe price of this vehicle is about 300 to 450 million yen.Super carIt is not often treated, but it is sometimes said that it is equivalent because of its performance.One of the examplesWild Speed ​​X2There is a video privilege recorded on the DVD, and a technical advisor has told Lancer Evolution VII that it is a "4-door supercar."

Lancer Evo as a tuning base

  • Since it is a car tuned by the manufacturer, it is one of the popular models as a tuning base.
  • Lightweight + compact + high power + 4WD, which is the height of the basic components, makes the most of the technical course.Super lapIt is very active in.Especially at Tsukuba CircuitHKS,[90]Each tuning machine has set a record record.
  • Taking advantage of the lightweight high-power 4WD,Drag racingOften used for.


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