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🚗 | What is the “made with japan” switch that Eiichi Shibusawa's 5th generation descendants are paying attention to?


What is the "switch called" made with japan "" that the 5th generation descendants of Eiichi Shibusawa pay attention to?

If you write the contents roughly
How does Generation Z turn on the "made with japan" switch?

"Why do you do this job, why do you work for this company?" → Continue reading


From such things to such things, we are delivering the latest trend news from Class A news to Class Z news.

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Generation Z

The United States of America Ofgeneration
* = dates disputed, ^ =Strauss and Howe
United States Age Pyramid.svg
○○ generationperiod
^en: Puritan Generation1588 - 1617
en: Puritan Awakening1621 - 1649
^en: Cavalier Generation
^en: Glorious Generation
^en: Enlightenment Generation
^en: Awakening Generation
1618 - 1648
1648 - 1673
1674 - 1700
1701 - 1723
en: First Great Awakening1727 - 1746
^en: Liberty Generation
^en: Republican Generation
^en: Compromise Generation
1724 - 1741
1742 - 1766
1767 - 1791
en: Second Great Awakening1790 - 1844
en: Transcendentalist Generation
^en: Transcendental Generation
^en: Gilded Generation
^en: Progressive Generation
1789 - 1819
1792 - 1821
1822 - 1842
1843 - 1859
Third Great Awakening1886 - 1908
^Missionary Generation
Lost generation
Interbellum Generation(Interwar generation)
Greatest Generation
^GI Generation
1860 - 1882
* 1883 --1900
1901 - 1913
* 1901 --1927
1901 - 1927
Jazz age1918 - 1929
Beat generation
Silent Generation
Baby boomer
Generation Jones
1914 - 1929
* 1928 --1945
* 1946 --1964
1954 - 1965
Consciousness Revolution1964 - 1984
Generation X
^13th Generation
MTV Generation
Boomerang Generation
* 1965 --1979
1961 - 1981
1974 - 1985
1977 - 1986
Cultural war1980s --present
Net generation
Digital native
Generation Y
^Millennial Generation (Millennials)
Generation Z
^New silent generation
Generation α
* 1970 --present
* 1976 --present
* 1980 --1996
1981 - 1996
* 1997 --2009
1990 - 2009
* 2010 --2028

Generation Z(British: Generation Z),Generation ZWhat is (Zet Seidai)?Japan,The United States of AmericaIn general1990 eraFrom the middle stage2000 eraBorn by the endgenerationThat is.カナダIn the case of the Statistics Bureau1993After birth[1],American Psychological AssociationIn Case of1997Refers to after birth, etc.[2], The definition is not strictly defined (even the year of birth)2010When it is supposed to be2010 eraIt is fluid because it may be from the beginning to the middle stage)[3].. Mainly from the 2010s2020 eraIt will be a generation that will advance into society.

At the time of birthインターネットWas available, trueDigital nativeBecame the first generation[4][5].デ ジ タ ルIt has existed as a matter of course since the birth of devices and the Internet.[4][5],WebIs a generation that feels and uses as a part of everyday scenery. Also,computerthanSmartphone"I use my smartphone on a daily basis and become a part of my life.Smartphone generation(iGen) ”[6]..In addition, of the video call serviceZoomBecause it makes heavy use ofZoomers(Zoomers) ”[7].. During the growing seasonWeb 2.0As a matter of course, we are good at disseminating information, so there are many from the generation concerned.InfluencerHas appeared.

In addition, young people born around the same time as Generation Z (1990s-2000s)Generation C(English: Generation C),Generation C(See generation)[8][9][10][Note 1]OrNew silent generation(English: New Silent Generation)[Note 2]Sometimes called.


Generation YMore surroundings than (millennials)ITThe environment is evolving, and since childhood, "digital"deviceIt is a digital native (net native) generation who lives on the premise of the existence of (equipment) and the Internet.Mobile phoneAlready existed, and by the time we started using the InternetADSL,CATVな どBroadbandbyAlways connectedenvironment,Social MediaIncludingWeb 2.0Furthermore, smartphones have become widespread, and personal information transmission has become familiar.[4][5].

As mentioned above, the Internet was widespread at birth, mainlyBlogThis is the generation that started full-scale Internet use from SNS and SNS. Immediately after that, smartphones appeared and enjoyed a life optimized for smartphones (so-called ""Smartphone generation(iGen)[6]).Search engineI tend to prefer instant things because I live on the premise that I can instantly search for information around the world and connect with others on SNS, but it is classic.analogI often feel fresh about my central life. Compared to Generation Y, which was born mainly in an era when commercial use of the Internet was not started and had to use the Internet on a developing personal computer during the growth period, the Internet is a bold form in daily life () EspeciallyTwitter,Instagram,TikTokEtc.), and there is a tendency to pursue new experiences that are unique to you. For Generation ZOriginal landscapeThe Internet is blended into the world, and it is difficult to imagine a world without the Internet anymore.[Source required]

2020Started onPandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19)Under the influence ofCompulsory educationHigher educationImplemented socially in bothDistance learningBecame the first generation to take (online lessons)[11].

As of 2020, it will account for about one-third of the world's population[12], The percentage exceeds Generation Y.The declining birthrate and aging population are the most advancedJapanIn, if Generation Z is defined as 2020 to 6 years old as of June 10, the population corresponding to it is 24 million, which is about 1752% of the total population.[13].


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注 釈

  1. ^ "Computer ”(computer),“Connected ”(接 続), "Community ”(communityIt is a concept that is also familiar to the digital native generation, which is taken from the acronym such as), and although there is no strict definition to separate by the year of birth like Generation Z etc., in general1980 eraIn many cases, generation Y (millennials) born in Japan is also included.[8].
  2. ^ It was proposed as the name of a generation born after the 1991s in "Generation" (1990), co-authored by William Strauss and Neil Howe. The book predicts that the "silent generation" will be revived around this time due to the periodicity of generations in the United States. In addition, the formerSilent generation(English: Silent Generation) IsBaby boomer,Generation XCorresponds to the parent generation of1928~1945A generation born around that time, it was called the "silent generation" in contrast to the later noisy Boomer generation.


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