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🚄 | Keikyu New 1000 series 4-car train 3 long & cross seat conversion New cars are added


Keikyu New 1000 type 4-car train 3 long & cross seat conversion New vehicle added

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The four cars of the same shape stopped at Yokosuka Chuo, Kanazawa Bunko, and Kamiooka, and arrived at Shinagawa at 4:07.

The latest model of Keikyu 1000 series, equipped with long seats and cross seats, and new 1000 series will be added. ... → Continue reading

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4 cars of the same shape

Kanazawa library

Kanazawa library(Kanazawa Bunko) isKamakura PeriodMid-termJapanAtMr. Kanazawa style Hojo OfKanezawa SanetokiJapan's oldest established bysamuraiPaperback[1][2].. The location isKanagawa横 浜 市Kanazawa kuKanazawa142.

Mr. Kanazawa style HojoAnd later the mansionBodhi TempleIsShomei-ji TempleWas built and developed as a base, and it is the place where the family name was derived.Musashi countryKuraki-gunMutsuurasoThe name comes from being located in Kanazawa.Currently under the name of "Kanagawa Prefectural Kanazawa Bunko"History museumIt stores and displays various collections.


It is not certain when it was established, but it is probably the first year of Kenji, when Sanetoki spent his later years at Kanazawakan.1275) It seems that it was around[3]..Kanezawa SanetokiMingkyodo OfKiyoharaWhile learning Kanbun readingHojo MasamuraHe was a cultural person who was familiar with dynasty culture due to the influence ofKamakuraCollect the books and records necessary for the Kanazawa family, and keep the collected Japanese and Chinese books.archiveWas founded in Kanazawa Township.The paperback has been expanded to include the actual collection of books.Sadaaki Kanazawa RokharaWhen he was assigned to Kyoto, he needed to come into contact with the public family society and the field of literature to be collected expanded, and Sadaaki himself made manuscripts and tried to collect "good books".In addition, Sadaaki is repairing the famous temple of Bodaiji, but there are documents that Sadaaki was mourning the devastation of the library, and there are also documents that Sadatoki was the founder of Kanazawa Bunko. It is also pointed out that there is a possibility that the library is being rebuilt.After the fall of Mr. Hojo, including Mr. Kanazawa, Shomyoji took over the management.[3]However, the building at that time does not exist, and its location is estimated from excavations and records at that time.Muromachi PeriodToNozomi UesugiIs reviving.

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"Kanazawa" was originally read as "Kanezawa" historically and customarily, and was called "Kanezawa Bunko" or "Kanezawa Fumikura" when it was first established.[4].Edo PeriodToKaga Domain OfKanazawaBecame famous and the reading "Kanazawa" became widespread, and now it is also read by public institutions.Kanazawa ku,Keikyu Corporation"Kanazawa Bunko Station"" Becomes "Kanazawa Bunko", and the Kanagawa Prefectural Kanazawa Bunko also reads "Kanazawa Bunko".


After the fall of Mr. Hojo, the paperback declined and many books were collected.Mr. Gohojo,Tokugawa Ieyasu,Maeda TsunaBrought out by them.MeijiWhen you enterMeiji30 years(1897)Ito HirobumiThanks to their efforts, the Kanazawa Bunko was reconstructed and rebuilt at the site of Shomyoji Daihoin, and the collection of old books was also promoted.[5]But,1923(12th year of Taisho) OccurredGreat Kanto EarthquakeDamaged byShowa5 years(1930) January 8Library ordinanceBased onKanagawaIt was reconstructed as "Kanagawa Prefectural Kanazawa Bunko", the first prefectural library operated by.Showa 8 (Showa XNUMX)1933), And when one of the public libraries was designated as the central library, Kanazawa Bunko, which was the only Kanagawa prefectural library, will play the role of the central library.The Kanazawa Bunko during the time of the Central Library was used as a local material.Kanazawa HakkeiAnd in Kanagawa prefectureFamous place, A historical painting that happened in the prefecture,Yokohama pictureSuch asUkiyo-eWe have collected more than 200 items and still have more than XNUMX items.[6]..26 (Showa XNUMX)1951)Museum methodWas promulgated and enforced in 29 (Showa XNUMX)1954)Kanagawa Prefectural LibraryWhen the was established, the Kanazawa Bunko will change from a library to a museum, and in 30 (XNUMX)1955)Registered MuseumIt became.Heisei2 years(1990), And is now owned by ShomyojiNational treasure,Important cultural propertyIt is a history museum that stores and exhibits the collections mainly from the Kamakura period, including[7]..The main collection materials (deposited items from Shomyoji Temple) are portraits of Hojo Kanazawa's successive generations.Real time-At the time of manifestation-Sadaaki・ Sadasho statue, national treasure),NinshoBuddha statues such as the portrait of Shaka Nyorai, the statue of the Ten Principal Disciples made of wood, the statue of Aizen Myo, made of gold and bronze[8].

Kanagawa Prefectural Kanazawa Bunko Cultural Property

Important cultural property (designated by the country)

(Owned by Kanagawa Prefecture)

  • Kenshunmon-in Chunagon
  • Musashi Province Tsurumi Terao Township Picture

* In addition to the above, the details of cultural properties owned by Shomyoji and deposited from the temple to Kanagawa Prefectural Kanazawa Bunko areShomei-ji TempleSee section.


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Coordinate: North Latitude 35 Degrees 20 Minutes 38 Seconds East longitude 139 degree 37 min 43.5 sec /35.34389 degrees north latitude 139.628750 degrees east longitude / 35.34389; 139.628750 (Kanazawa library)


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