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✈ | Star Flyer extends the validity period of shareholder coupons

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Star Flyer extends the validity period of shareholder coupons

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Star Flyer shareholder coupons offer a 1% discount on regular adult fares and child fares on one-way domestic commuter passes.

Star Flyer has extended the validity period of the shareholder benefits issued in May 2020 until November 5, 2021 (Tuesday) ... → Continue reading


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Star flyer

Star Flyer Co., Ltd.(British: Star Flyer Inc.) IsFukuokaKitakyushuOgura Minami Ward OfKitakyushu AirportBased inJapan OfAirlines.


2002Established as "Kobe Airlines Co., Ltd." Simultaneously with the relocation of Kitakyushu Airport in March 2006Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)The route operation between and started. further,2007Tokyo/Haneda from September 9th- Osaka/Kansailine,2011Tokyo/Haneda from September 7th- Fukuokaline,2012From July 7th Kitakyushu- Busanline,2013From October 10st Osaka/Kansai-Fukuoka line,2014From December 3Nagoya/Chubu -Fukuoka Line, Tokyo/Haneda from October 2014, 10- Yamaguchi UbeOperated each line.KitakyushuAs an airline based inTOTO-Yaskawa Electric-Kyushu Electric PowerSuch,Fukuoka・It receives investment from a local company in Kitakyushu.

1990 era OfDeregulationFirst new Japanese airline to be launchedAirbusMadePassenger planeWas introduced. Founder and first presidentTakaaki HoriIs the former Toa Domestic Airlines (TDA) →Japan Air System (JAS) OB[3], Other executives tooJapan Airlines(JAL)All Nippon AirwaysIt consisted of people from (ANA).

At ANA, there are no routes to / from Kitakyushu Airport, the sameAirbus A320Since we are operating the service, we have a business tie-up to strengthen both sides in service, and from June 2007, 6, Tokyo / Haneda-Kitakyushu line,2008From Tokyo/Haneda-Osaka/Kansai line from November 11st, Tokyo/Haneda-Fukuoka line from February 1st, 2014Code shareStarted[Note 2].. The 2007th event on December 12, 21Third-party allotmentANA has also taken on the capital increase and has developed into a capital relationship.

It had not been loaded with cargo since it entered service, but on March 2008, 3Fukuyama TransportA comprehensive business alliance was signed with and the air freight business was started on August 8 of the same year. We have code-shared with ANA Cargo on all flights since April 1, 2015, but mail is not eligible for routes to and from Kitakyushu.[4].

August 2011, 12,Tokyo Stock Exchange Second SectionToStock listing[5].

Since entering 2012,Cheap airline Management has deteriorated with the entry of (LCC), etc., and we are promoting management rationalization measures including the abolition of international flights, reduction of equipment, and capital increase with ANA as a shareholder.In addition, the seat reservation system for airline tickets (CRS) Also changed to use ANA's one,boarding passTickets will be issued in the same format as when using ANA.

FormalAirline codeIs "7GHowever, for convenience when operating domestic flights, "MQ'[Note 3]May be used[6](KIXSuch).


  • 2002(Heisei14 years)
  • 2003(15)
    • May: Change target to Kitakyushu Airport after relocation,Company nameTheStar Flyer Co., Ltd.Headquarters changed to Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka PrefectureKokurakita WardMoved to.
  • 2004(16)
    • May 8 : Second capital increase through third-party allotment, with capital of 2 million yen.
    • May 10 : Airbus A320-200Of 3 new type machinesleaseConcluded a provisional contract with GE Capital Aviation Services, Ltd.
    • May 10 : Implemented third third-party allotment, resulting in capitalization of 3 million yen.
    • May 11 : Implemented the 4th third-party allocation.
  • 2005(17)
  • 2006(18)
    • May 1 : From Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismBusiness license related to air transportation businessIs issued and becomes an official air carrier. In response to this, application for approval of conditions of carriage on the same day, operation plan and application for concession airport operation permit,FareReport.
    • May 1 : Open reservation center and accept boarding reservations.
    • May 1 : Airbus A320-200 Unit 2 (machine code: JA02MC) arrived in Japan.
    • May 2 : Acquired "permit to operate at congested airport (Tokyo International Airport)" from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
    • May 3 : Airbus A320-200 Unit 3 (aircraft code: JA03MC) arrives in Japan.
    • May 3 : Kitakyushu Airport relocated to current location,Tokyo/Haneda-Kitakyushu route service.
    • May 5 : Implemented 8th third-party allotment. Issued 1 shares of common stock for 75 yen per share and raised 865 yen. The capital stock will increase by 7,000 yen to 6 yen.
    • May 7 : Ninth third-party allotment implemented. Issued 9 shares of common stock for ¥1 per share, raising ¥75. Capital increased by 153 million yen to 5,000 billion yen.
    • May 10 : Good Design AwardAwarded (new area design category).
    • May 11 : OwnMileage programIntroduced "STAR LINK" (announced on September 9 of the same year).
  • 2007(19)
    • May 2 : Airbus A320-200 Unit 4 (aircraft code: JA04MC) arrives in Japan.
    • May 2 : Implemented the 10th third-party allotment. Issued 1 ordinary shares for ¥75 per share and raised ¥1,826 million. The capital will increase by 8,000 yen to 13 yen.
    • May 3 : Implemented 11th third-party allotment. Issued 1 ordinary shares for 75 yen per share and raised 213 million yen. The capital will increase by 4,000 yen to 1 yen.
    • May 5 : Implemented 12th third-party allocation. Issued 1 common shares for ¥75 per share and raised ¥306. The capital stock will increase by 7,000 yen to 2 yen.
    • May 6 : Started code sharing with ANA (announced on April 4, the same year).
    • May 8 : Total number of passengers reaches 100 million.
    • May 8 : Implemented 13th third-party allocation. Issued 1 common shares for ¥75 per share and raised ¥263. The capital stock will increase by 3,000 yen to 1 yen.
    • May 9 : Tokyo/Haneda- Osaka/KansailineIn service (complete competition with ANA).
    • May 10 : CaptainWhen maneuveringAviation lawIs obliged to carryLicenseLeave the equivalent set of documents at home and operate 2 flights within 5 days from the day before (“TroubleSee).
    • May 10-20 Day : Shibuya Seibu"Men's Style Fair Star Flyer Collaboration"
    • May 12 : Implemented 14th third-party allotment. Issued 1 shares for 75 yen per share and raised 374 million yen. The capital will increase by 8,000 yen to 2 yen. The large-scale third-party allotment will be suspended once this time.
  • 2008(20)
    • May 8 : Started air freight in a business tie-up with Fukuyama Transport on Tokyo/Haneda-Kitakyushu line.
    • May 11 : Tokyo/Haneda-Osaka/Kansai line also starts code sharing with ANA.
  • 2009(21)
    • May 6 : At the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, the founder, President Aki Hori retired (became an advisor) due to poor management and succeededMitsuiShinichi Yonehara, vice chairman of the investment fund "Simon Murray & Company Japan" that invests in Star Flyer, is appointed as an alumnus.[9]However, the executive department was replaced, with Seiichi Saiga from ANA becoming the representative director and manager of the business planning department. There is a theory that this personnel affair, which is said to have been aimed at reconstruction under ANA's initiative, is due to the intention of US investment fund “Dol Capital Management” (current DCM), which was the largest shareholder at the time.[10].
  • 2010(22)
  • 2011(23)
    • May 2 : Airbus A320-200 Unit 5 (aircraft code: JA05MC) arrives in Japan.
    • May 4 : Issued 180 million ordinary shares. However, this is not due to a capital increase, but measures to exchange and deliver the same number of Class A shares (A shares)[Note 5].. Same year after A shares were re-ownedMay 5Canceled with the attached.
    • May 7 : Tokyo/Haneda- Fukuokaline(1 round trips a day)[11].. In an interview at the time, Shinichi Yonehara (then) is scheduled to expand in 2013Slots at Haneda AirportI will do my best to secure theKyusyuIt was clarified that it is considering launching routes connecting airports other than[12].
    • May 7 : 100 shares to 1 shareStock consolidationCarried out.
    • May 12 :Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange[5].
  • 2012(24)
    • May 7 : Kitakyushu- Busanline(1 round trips a day) (First regular international flight by Star Flyer)[13].
    • May 12 : Received Airbus A320 No. 8 (aircraft code: JA08MC).Introduced for the first time by purchasing in-house instead of leasing[14].
    • May 12 : All Nippon Airways acquired 17.96% of the shares from DCM Group and became the largest shareholder.
  • 2013(25)
    • May 3 : Received Airbus A320 No. 9 (aircraft code: JA09MC).
    • May 6 : Airbus A320 No. 10 (aircraft code: JA20MC[Note 6]) Received. Unit 10 is the company's first[Note 7] OfSharkletIt is also an equipped machine.[15].
    • May 7 : Started operation using aviation containers on some aircraft (JA08MC, JA09MC, JA20MC).
    • May 8 : Kitakyushu- GuamLine serves as a charter flight[16].
    • May 8 : Completed charter operation on Kitakyushu-Guam route.
    • May 9 : Received Airbus A320 No. 11 (aircraft code: JA21MC).
    • May 10 : Osaka/Kansai-Fukuoka Line(1 flights a day)[17][18].
    • May 10 : Unit 1 retired from flight 83 from Haneda to Kitakyushu last day[19][20].
    • May 11 : Received Airbus A320 No. 12 (aircraft code: JA22MC)[21].
  • 2014(26)
    • May 1 : Received Airbus A320 No. 13 (aircraft code: JA23MC)[22].
    • May 2 : Tokyo/Haneda-Fukuoka line also starts code sharing with ANA.
    • May 2 :Osaka/Kansai-Fukuoka line (1 flights a day)[23][24][25].
    • May 3 : Kitakyushu-Busan Line (1 round trips a day)[26][27][28].
    • May 3 : Nagoya/Chubu -Fukuoka Line (1 flights a day)[29].. Also, code sharing started on the same route[30].
    • May 4 : Shinichi Yonehara resigned from the position of President and Representative Director to take responsibility for the deterioration of management, and Tadashi Matsuishi, an executive officer invited from ANA to succeed himMay 6Until then, Representative Director and Managing Executive Officer Nobu Takahashi was in charge of acting as president).[31].
    • May 9 : Unit 4 retired from flight 77 from Haneda to Kitakyushu last day[32]
    • May 10 : Tokyo/Haneda- Yamaguchi Ubeline (1 flights a day) Also, code sharing started on the same route[33].. At the same time, the departure/arrival terminals of Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) on the Tokyo/Haneda-Fukuoka route are relocated from Terminal 1 South Wing to Terminal 2.[34][35].
  • 2017
    • July 7: As a summer-only routeKitakyushu- Nahaline(1 flights a day)[36].
    • October 10: Tokyo / Haneda-Tokyo International Airport on the Fukuoka line (Haneda Airport) departure and arrival terminal "Terminal 29" "Terminal 2 South Wing" relocated.
  • 2018
    • October 10: As a regular international flight for the first time in four and a half yearsKitakyushu- Taipei/Taoyuanline,Nagoya/Chubu-Taipei/Taoyuan Line(1 round trip per day)[37].
  • 2020
    • October 10: Moved the departure and arrival terminals of Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) on the Tokyo / Haneda-Osaka / Kansai Line and Tokyo / Haneda-Yamaguchi Ube Line from "Terminal 25" to "Terminal 2 South Wing".


As of 2020, manufactured by AirbusA320-214 type machine13 aircraft (JA08MC and JA23MC are leasebacks)[38]ButCOVID-19As a business structural reform due to the decline in aviation demand due to the epidemic, the number of aircraft is expected to be reduced by one when the lease period expires in 2021, and the other aircraft whose lease period will expire in 1 is expected to be judged while looking at domestic demand trends.[39].. After January 2023, new equipment due to the return of other current equipment lease deadlinesA320neoWe have already contracted for XNUMX fixed-order machines and XNUMX options, and plan to introduce replacement leases in sequence.

1 class manufacturer standard 164 seats[40] 320 seats of Airbus A150[Note 8]Since it operates with reduced specifications, there is relatively room for ordinary seats (Front-to-back spacingIs 91-94 cm, 12-15 cm larger than the domestic ANA specifications). All seats are black leather upholstered, movable headrests, footrests, individual typeLCD MonitorAnd at your feetElectronicsPower supplyOutletThere are equipment such as all seatsOrdinary seatHowever, it was set by Japan Air System in the past.Rainbow seatAndPremium economyThere is also an evaluation that the equipment is close to.
Genuine leather upholstered seats give a luxurious impression to customersMoquetteEasy to clean compared to upholstered seats,Cheap airlineHowever, it is a common equipment. For the LCD monitor, the Panasonic Aviation eX2 was first introduced in Japan. Furthermore, with the eX5 (with handset), which is Panasonic's airframe entertainment equipment,USBPower added[41].. Equivalent equipment from Japan AirlinesBoeing 737-800For international flight equipment and All Nippon AirwaysBoeing 777-300ERBoeing 767-300ERIt is also installed in a part of.
Unit 12 (Aircraft symbol:JA22MC) has improved entertainment equipment (described later) and the LCD screen has become thinner, so the seat pitch remains the same, but the top of the seat is 4 cm thinner.[42].. Also, the seat number is displayed when boarding[42].
JA25MC and JA26MC are available as international flight equipment, but they are not dedicated and are used from No. 12 onwards.
At this time, if 22MC and 23MC are allotted, hot meals will be provided on the website from Nagoya = Taipei and Kitakyushu to Taipei.ovenIt is changed to cold meal because there is no.
Most of the paint colors on the aircraft are black, which is rare for commercial aircraft. Also,Wing OfWing tipOr equipped with JA20MC or later to improve fuel efficiency by improving aerodynamicsSharkletVertical tailIs painted black on the port side (left side) and white on the starboard side (right side). It is unusual that the paint is different on the left and right. In addition, "City Of Kitakyushu"The first in-house purchase machine, No. 8 (JA08MC)Heart Of Kitakyushu'[14], Unit 13 (JA23MC)Spirit of KitakyushuIs shown to show respect for the local city of Kitakyushu. The No. 8 and No. 13 units have a gold band as a decoration on the black and white separate lines of the aircraft.
List of equipment in operation at Starflyer[43][44]
Aircraft modelAircraft numberSerial numberDate of receiptRemarks
A320-214JA05MC455520110201 DayThe lease expired in January 2019, but the period was extended[45]
May 2021 Scheduled to be returned due to lease expiration
JA06MC472020110601 Day
JA07MC510220120May 4
JA09MC551220130May 3ETOPS
JA20MC565220130May 6Ex ``Partner Movie version IV"jet[46]
JA21MC577320130May 9
JA22MC58622013th of February 11New IFE / new seats, aircraft available for international flights
JA23MC593120140May 1New IFE / new seats, aircraft available for international flights,
"Spirit of Kitakyushu", gold belt
JA24MC74142016th of February 12New IFE / new seats, aircraft available for international flights,
Leased from ANA HD[47]
JA25MC833420180May 6[48]Own purchase, new IFE / new seat / space flex specifications,
International flight available equipment, galley oven equipment, 1 emergency exit on main wing[49]
JA26MC84662018th of February 10New IFE/new seat/space flex specifications,
International flight available equipment, galley oven equipment, 1 emergency exit on main wing[50]
JA27MC8964Year ending March 201903 DayNew IFE/new seat/space flex specifications, leased from ANA HD
International flight available equipment, galley oven equipment, 1 emergency exit on main wing[51]
Star Flyer Retired Equipment List[52]
Aircraft modelAircraft numberSerial numberLease originDate of receipt[53]Retirement dateRemarks
A320-214JA01MC2620GE Capital Aviation Service2005th of February 122013th of February 10First Star Flyer
From March 2014Vueling AirlinesOperated by
JA02MC265820060May 120140May 2Operated by Vueling Airlines from May 2014
JA03MC269520060301 Day2013th of February 12From March 2014Frontier AirlinesOperated by
JA04MC302520070May 2Year ending March 201401 DayVueling Airlines (February 2015-May 2)Fly eggplantOperates (May-October 2016)
JA08MC5393Sumitomo Mitsui Finance & Leasing, NEC Capital Solutions, Ricoh Leasing2012th of February 12202105[54]First in-house purchase, May 2014, 5 Leaseback, ETOPS, "Heart of Kitakyushu", gold band, former "Shin Godzilla"jet[55]

Operating route

Except for two flights, SFJ95 (Tokyo/Haneda to Kitakyushu) and SFJ70 (Kitakyushu to Tokyo/Haneda), it is a joint flight with All Nippon Airways (ANA) operated by Starflyer's aircraft and crew.

Domestic flights

International flights

Charter results/plan

  • September 2008: Kitakyushu- Seoul/Incheon( South Korea[56][57]
  • Autumn 2009: Kitakyushu- Hong Kong
  • February 2011, 2: Tokyo / Haneda-Seoul / Incheon (First charter flight to / from Tokyo as Star Flyer)[58]
  • February 2011, 2: Osaka / Kansai-Seoul / Incheon (First charter flight to / from Kansai as a Star Flyer)[58]
  • March 2013, 3, March 1: Miyazaki - Busan(First stop at Miyazaki Airport)[59]
  • March 2013, March 3, 28: Yamaguchi Ube-Seoul/Incheon (First stop at Yamaguchi Ube Airport)[59]
  • August 2013st-8th, 1: Kitakyushu- Guam
  • February 2018th-March 2st, 11: Kitakyushu- Muan (Korea)
  • September 2016: Kitakyushu- Taipei/Taoyuan[60]
  • December 2017, 12 --January 30, 2018: Nagoya / Chubu --Taipei / Taoyuan[61]
  • December 2017 / February 12: Kitakyushu- Macau[37]

Route operated

  • Osaka/Kansai-Fukuoka (October 2013, 10-February 1, 2014)
  • Kitakyushu-Busan (July 2012, 7-March 12, 2014)

New route concept

International flights

It is mentioned in the "Concept" item of the company outline on the official website that "in the future, we will also consider short-distance international flights from Kitakyushu Airport to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Seoul, and major domestic cities", with Kitakyushu Airport as a hub Represents the concept of expanding. As of January 2012, we are planning to operate regular flights with a track record of charter flights other than the operating Kitakyushu-Busan line.In addition, with the launch of international flights, the company's international ticketing business will be carried out by All Nippon Airways in Japan,Cathay Pasific Airlines,China Airline,Philippine Airlines,Royal Brunei Airlines,Malaysia Airlines,Singapore Airlines,Garuda IndonesiaAbacus, which was jointly developed and set up by major Asian airlines, concluded an exclusive planned sale as a reservation management system[Source required].. 2008 Business Plan announced on March 3, 28[62]So, as a 2008-year medium-term management plan from fiscal 5,Chugoku-Taiwan-Hong Kong-Macauな どEast AsiaAlthough the development of a short-distance business route to was included, it was not realized due to management difficulties. On the other hand, in the new medium-term management strategy announced on May 2015, 5, we will actively plan charter flights in the late-night and early-morning zone using current aircraft in the growth strategy from 1, and resume regular international flights depending on the situation. I'm also looking into making things happen[63].

The board of directors meeting held on October 2017, 10 resolved to re-enter the international routes, and from the winter 31 schedule, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Nagoya/Chubu- Taipei/Taoyuan LineAnnounced to open 3 routes[37]However, on July 2018, 7, it is very difficult to adjust the flight slots at Fukuoka Airport, and the Fukuoka-Taipei (Taiwan Taoyuan) route will be abandoned from the initial schedule at the 20 winter timetable. Announce[64].


Designer'sTatsuya Matsui(Flower Robotics) "Instantly recognized" in total design supervisedCorporate colorChoose black as[65].. Not only reception desks and automatic check-in machines/flights but also office tools such as tickets and envelopes, advertisements, and websites are consistently coordinated in black and white. This total design is for 2006Good Design AwardHas been awarded[65].

At Tokyo International Airport, the South Wing of the 1st Passenger Terminal Building (formerlyJapan Air SystemUse the boarding gate that was used by. The boarding gate of the first passenger terminal is the farthest from the doorway, number 1 or 1, or open using a ramp bus (away from the terminal)SpotThere are many.Before October 2020, the Kansai Line and Yamaguchi Ube Line had to go through boarding procedures at the ANA counter in the 10nd Passenger Terminal Building.For this reason, depending on the equipment, there was a case where a ramp was attached to the starboard side after arriving at Spot 2 and the bus headed for Terminal 1 (eg, SFJ16 flight from Yamaguchi Ube to Haneda).

At other airports, boarding procedures will be performed at the in-house counter only at Kitakyushu Airport, and at the ANA counter at Chubu International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Yamaguchi Ube Airport, Fukuoka Airport, and Naha Airport.

Flight attendant OfuniformAlso about womenPants styleHad adopted[Note 9]However, in commemoration of the 2016th anniversary in December 12, a uniform renewal was madeDressesEtc. were also introduced (pants also exist)[66].

In-flight from December 5 with the introduction of Unit 2007インターネットThe service was planned to be introduced, but it was postponed because the introduction schedule for Unit 5 was postponed. Unit 5 was received in 2011, but no internet service is provided. In addition, in the spring of 2009, onboard the aircraftMobile phoneSaid it would like to launch a service that will allow the use of the, but this has not been launched as of July 2013. In addition, the in-flight mobile phone can be used because the latest model of Airbus A7 to be introduced controls the wings etc.Fly by wireInstead of copper wire as a part ofOptical fiberBecause it uses, there is little influence on the instrument.


Boarding procedure

Reservation ticketCRSthe system,AIRDOIt uses the all-Nippon Airways capable-D, which has a business tie-up similar to the above.Automatic check-in machine(SCM)-Air ticket vending machine (ATV) is diverting the model used by All Nippon Airways in the past. Due to this, even Star Flyer users will be issued tickets depending on the model.Airline ticketWas sometimes printed as "All Nippon Airways Ticket", but now it is issued as "Star Flyer Ticket" (SFJ is printed on the upper left). On the other hand, issued by SCM/ATVreceiptIs issued by All Nippon Airways and is printed with "(STAR ​​FLYER)" printed under the ANA logo. Including code-share flights with All Nippon AirwaysSKiP serviceWas not available, but started handling from the end of December 2007. The appearance of the SCM is the same as that of All Nippon Airways, but the ATV is entirely painted black.

In-flight service

For audio/video servicesheadphoneIs not in the seat pocket and is distributed by the flight attendants when boarding. The map of the flight position display system displayed on the personal LCD monitor is so detailed that the names of medium-sized cities are displayed in Japanese and English. For in-flight BGM (boarding music) before and after takeoffPax Japonica Groove"Floating colors" (album "knock!Back!Rock!" recorded until September 2015)[67], "Serenity" (newly written, from October 2015 to December 10), "Asterism" (from December 2016 to March 12)[68], "Breakthrough The Sky" (from April 2020)[69]Are using.

The entertainment program changes monthly, and in the video service, NHK news, movies, etc.Japan! Food Travel→ →The power of Japan』(Private Broadcast Education AssociationYou can watch 12 channels including the original program of Fukuoka). For audio services, "CCROSS FM Playback Best Hits" (CROSS FM, Navigator:Ritsuko Tateyama), “LOVE FM NUMBER SHOT” (Love FM International Broadcast8), such as the original program by the Fukuoka radio station. For navigators of audio service programs (other than radio station production)Suzuki MayukaHas been appointed (as of September 2019). Back numbers are posted on the official website for past programs.

Video services include "Type I" before the 11th machine and "Type II" introduced after the 12th machine, which was loop playback of video in Type I, but in Type IIVideo on demandFeatures have been incorporated so that you can browse from any place at any time.[70].. Also, in Type IIYomiuri ShimbunYou can browse multiple electronic books including the electronic version (Japanese/English).

In-flight magazineIs producing a monthly magazine "Mother Comet" (initially bimonthly update, A4 version, monthly update from April 2016, B4 version)[71]). In addition, in Type II, the in-flight magazine is also made into an electronic book, and it is not distributed in paper. In addition, an information magazine "Kun no Ue" (quarterly publication) issued by Kitakyushu is distributed to applicants.

Drink service is provided on board. As of March 2018Onion soup(Tokyo/Haneda, Nagoya/Chubu, Naha arrivals),minestrone(Tokyo/Haneda, Nagoya/Chubu, departures from Naha),Tully's coffeeチ ョ コ レ ー ト"Calle de Chocolat"Apple juice"Shizuku of Hope", "FukuokaYamecha'Cold tea, Hot tea, mineral water "Yufu no Kuro" and mango juice "Juicy Tropical Mango" are available for a limited time and quantity.[72].. Until September 2006, 9, for flights departing after 30:18beer(Kirin Ichiban Squeezed,Nippon SteelYawata WorksAlthough it was announced that it was a can made of steel material), it occurred in Fukuoka prefecture where the head office is located.Fukuoka Uminonakamichi Ohashi drunk driving accidentDue to this, the service was discontinued to prevent drunk driving. From September 2007, 9 to October 14, 10, beer (only for flights departing Tokyo/Haneda-Osaka/Kansai line after 31:17)Suntory The premium malts) Was resumed[73].. Limited to Kitakyushu-Naha line from February 2018th to May 2th, 8Helios Brewery"Starry Sky Porter" and "Blue Sky and Sea Beer" (as a snackMochiyoshi"A superb cheese rice cracker" is provided for a fee.

On the Tokyo/Haneda-Kitakyushu Line, Fukuoka Line, Yamaguchi Ube Line, and Kitakyushu-Naha Line, we call them "STARFLYER★CAFÉ" and sell light meals on board. As of March 2018, the menu includes brown rice and porcini mushroom cream risotto and Yame Gyokuro chocolate sand (both can be purchased for in-flight purchase, but in-flight sales are available on all routes).

For international flights, the menu is changed every 3 months, and all of the hot meals (Kitakyushu flights from Taipei and cold meals at the time of the above-mentioned equipment filling) main dishes and desserts (both from Japan and Taiwan) ) And mineral water are provided. There is beer (Kirin Ichiban Shibori or Asahi Super Dry) and Tully's coffee, apple juice, cold tea, hot tea, mineral water drink service similar to domestic flights when providing and collecting meals. In-flight sales are the same as for domestic flights.

It also provides a service to distribute candy after landing to alleviate the symptoms of passengers whose ears hurt due to changes in air pressure during landing.

In-flight safety video

Unusual for Japanese airlines, aired before takeoffIn-flight safety videoIs elaborate.

  • January 2011-August 1:NinjaTo introduce in-flight safety equipmentア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン"Star Flyer Ninja"[74](Character production isHat tricksKnown in the series[75]
  • September 2014-December 9: "STARFLYER JAZZ Lounge" created by bringing in the same seats as the Star Flyer aircraft into the Jazz Lounge[76][77]
  • December 2017 -: "I am STARFLYER MAN" explained by Star Flyer Man, a robot imitating Star Flyer's body[78](The video is produced by Visual Design Studio WOW inc.[79]

Early morning/late night operation

As of July 2014, operated all year roundDiamondJapan's domestic passenger flights are the earliest and the latest[Note 10]。北九州5:30発→羽田7:00着の早朝第1便、羽田22:55発→北九州0:30着の最終便(いずれも2014年7月時点)など、日本では異例の深夜早朝便を設定し、他社との差別化を図っている。

Since November 2006, the first flight from Haneda at that time and the last flight from Kitakyushu were canceled. This has increased from 11 round trips a day to 1 round trips a day. This is because the boarding rate for early morning and late night flights was around 1% (early morning flights from Haneda, the last flight arriving at Haneda was in the 12% range) and was low (June 11). As a reason for the slump,Public transportOn the Kitakyushu side, where access byPrivate carOn the other hand, there is no public transportation to connect to on the Tokyo side, which uses a lot of (private cars), but on the other hand, has little access by private cars.

For example, when the last 23 flights (then) at 15:92 from Kitakyushu arrived at 0:45, the train from Tokyo International Airport (Tokyo Monorail,Keikyu Line) AndLimousine busThe operation ofTaxiOther than private cars and private carsShared taxiThere is no transportation available.

Airport access

For flights to/from Kitakyushu Airport (SFJ70, SFJ93, SFJ95) late at night or early morning, the public transportation from the airport is limited to Kokura Station (Airport Bus) or Fukuoka City (Fukukita Limousine Bus). Because of this, a fixed fare is available between various parts of Kitakyushu.Shared taxiIs operating[80].. Advance reservations are required via phone or website.

Mileage service

OwnMileage serviceAs2006(18) Offering "STARLINK MEMBERS" from October[81].2018As of (30), the number of members is about 40, and the age group is about 30% of the total in the 50s to 7s, and the male-female ratio is 63% for men and 37% for women.[81].

There are three levels of membership status depending on the number of boarding in one year, 1 times or less per year are general members, 3 times or more are ALTAIR, and 9 times or more are VEGA (vega)[81].. Increased boarding mileage accrual rate at ALTAIR,CouponServices such as use, priority boarding and baggage allowance are provided, and in addition to these at VEGAAirport loungeUse,チ ャ ッ トUse and rental services available[81].

Previously, card-type membership cards were issued,2018(30) With service renewal in SeptemberSmartphoneForAppsMoved to[81].


In addition to adult fare, child fare, and round-trip fare that can be booked, the following discounted fare is available.[82].

STAR1A/B, STAR3, STAR7, Sora Journey 21, Sora Journey 28, Sora Journey 45, Sora Journey 60, Sora Journey 80
Discounted fares released with limited boarding dates and number of seats[82].. Reservation period is the day before, 3 days ago, 7 days ago, 21 days ago, 28 days ago, 45 days ago, 60 days ago, 80 days ago[82].. Cannot change reservation[82].
Star Q percent
Tokyo/Haneda-Kitakyushu/Fukuoka/Yamaguchi Ube Local Discount Fares. Fukuoka Prefecture·Yamaguchi -Oita-Saga-KumamotoResides in orPermanent domicileYou can create a "Star Q Ward Membership Card" if you have any of the following, a person with a relative within the second degree of affiliation in 5 prefectures, or a person whose work location is in 2 prefectures. It can be used by the member himself. There is no restriction on the reservation period and the number of seats, you can make a reservation up to the day and you can change the reservation. Mileage accrual rate is 5%.
Star youth
Available for people aged 12 to 26[82].
Star senior
Available for ages 65 and up[82].. It was introduced on November 2006, 11.
Discounted fares for people with physical disabilities
Can be used by the target person and some caregivers[82].
Nursing discount fare
Can be used when moving family care[82].
Shareholder benefitsDiscounted fare
Can be used by owners of shareholder special discount coupons distributed to shareholders[82].
Fly JAPAN Value Fare
Only available to foreign tourists visiting Japan[82].

Abolished fares

The lowest fares released with a limited number of seats and seating days. Until March 2008 Tokyo / Haneda-Osaka / Kansai line had no settings. The reservation period was set about 3 days 2 months before the boarding date.
Change the reservation period and move to Sora Journey 21, Sora Journey 28, Sora Journey 45, Sora Journey 60, Sora Journey 80
Star student discount
Student discountfare. Introduced on November 2006, 11. Expand the target age and shift to star use.
Shuttle round trip fare
Fares that were set on the Tokyo / Haneda-Osaka / Kansai lines from April 2008, 4 to March 1, 2011. You can use either Star Flyer, All Nippon Airways, or Japan Airlines in Tokyo (Haneda,Narita)-Osaka (Kansai,Itami,Kobe) Within 7 days, it was possible to make reservations and purchases from 35 days before the departure date to 20 minutes before the departure date. Reservation changes were possible within the valid period including all Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines flights. It was also possible to board the Star Flyer operated flights using the "Shuttle Roundtrip Fares" of All Nippon Airways and the "Shuttle Roundtrip Discounts" of Japan Airlines.
International transit discount fares
Applicable when entering (exiting) from a designated air or sea route and transferring to (from) a Star Flyer within 72 hours. It is necessary to show the documents certifying the use of international flights at the check-in counter at the airport. It was sold with a limited number of seats. The setting was completed on October 2008, 10.

Discounted fares for a limited time

Kansai Airport Commemorative Fares/Kansai Airport Commemorative Fares II
From September 2007 to March 9 Tokyo / Haneda-Osaka / The lowest fare set on the Kansai line. The reservation period is from 2008 months before the boarding date to the day before the boarding. After boarding in October, the number of seats was limited, and after boarding in January 3, flights and seats were limited. Fares were 2 yen one way in September 10, 2008 yen one way after October of the same year, 1 yen-2007 yen one way after February 9, and 7,900-10 yen one way after March 8,900 of the same year. It is called "one way ○○○○ yen, insane" in advertisements etc.catch copyWas used.


Non-carrying cases such as skill certification
On December 2007, 10,ForeignerCaptain (pilot) Is obliged to carry by aviation law when maneuveringAirman skill certificateLeave the set at home and leave it unattended, fly/operate on Osaka/Kansai→Tokyo/Haneda SFJ20 flight, and return Tokyo/Haneda→Osaka/Kansai SFJ21 Flight It was discovered that he was uncarried. As a result, we canceled the same flight and the return flight SFJ22 (Osaka/Kansai→Tokyo/Haneda) where alternative standby personnel could not be arranged, and transfer to another carrier. It was reported that the captain had operated and operated four flights on the same day after traveling to work from home on October 10, the same day. In addition, the company public relationspersonal informationFor protection reasons, the captain's nationality and age cannot be answered.
Canceled due to vacancy in flight crew due to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident
Occurred on January 2011, 3Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake)・Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentDue to the inability to secure the necessary flight crew members due to the travel self-restraint of each country, the flight was canceled in April 2011.[83].
Unauthorized take-off
2013January,Kitakyushu AirportAt the same time, the air traffic controller instructed the aircraft to stop taking off, but the Starflyer side could not understand the radio instructions correctly, and as a result, it took off without the air traffic controller's permission.[84].


  • 2006 World Baseball ClassicThe winning member,Fukuoka Softbank HawksBelonged todirected by(At the timeSadaharu Ohplayer OfMunenori KawasakiWhen he returned to Fukuoka, he moved from Narita to Haneda after his return flight and boarded the last flight of the same day. Next morningFukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN DomeWhen he came to the practice of the Hawks at, King said to the reporters, "It's convenient at times like this."
  • From October 2007th to 10th, 9,Shibuya SeibuStar Flyer for a limited time on Men's Fashion FloorcollaborationImplemented the campaign. In addition to the seating experience at the special shop, where you can take a seating experience, you can also enjoy the original brand "NOIR" products with the theme of black and white monotone of the Star Flyer, Ergopoque bags, and Joseph Homme leather.Jackets・Sold original collaboration products such as pants.


Movie collaboration

  • Movie ``released on July 2016, 7, 10th of the same month''Shin GodzillaThe decal machine "Shin Godzilla Jet" (registration number JA08MC), which was collaborated with ", was released in the hangar at Kitakyushu Airport. In March 2017, the machine was returned to normal painting, and during the period, collaborative goods were also sold as in-flight goods for the company.[85].
  • Movie ``released on July 2017, 2, 4th of the same month''Partner-Movie version IV-The collaborative decal machine "Buddy-Theatrical Version IV-Jet" (registration number JA20MC) was released in the hangar at Kitakyushu Airport. About 8% of the works were filmed in Kitakyushu and made into films.ToeiHas made an offer to tie up with Star Flyer, and the decal machine has been realized.[86].

Sponsored programs

  • From April 2007,CROSS FMIn charge of the program sponsor of the regular program "STARFLYER Presents Groovin' Jazz Trippin'" (end of program), since April 2008,Inter FMLOVE FMIn charge of the program sponsor of the regular program "STARFLYER Groovin' Aviator" (both foreign language FM stations) (currently closed).

Sports related

From 2007,Giravanz Kitakyushu(at that timeKyu LeagueCurrentJ League) Has become a sponsor. Once J LeagueAvispa Fukuoka,Cerezo OsakaWas the official sponsor of.

Also, professional baseballFukuoka Softbank HawksOn September 2015, 9, we will present an original boarding certificate with the Hawks logo, entitled "~ Going by charter flight from Midnight Haneda ~ Hawks Premium Tour in Yahoo Auction Dome for 24 days" A charter flight for in-flight broadcasting by Hawks players operated on the Haneda-Kitakyushu route[87].

Other basketballB.LEAGUE OfRising Zephyr FukuokaHas been used as an official sponsor of the Rising Kanto and Tohoku expeditions.

Since 2017,Grand SumoIn addition to praising the Kitakyushu tour, he is a Makuuchi wrestler from Fukuoka prefecture since the same year.Yuya MatsutoriKotohiro KikuhiroOn January 2019, 1, he presented a makeup wheel designing the tail of a star flyer to Shohozan on January 11, XNUMX.[88][89].


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  1. ^ Opened "LOUNGE NOIR" at Kitakyushu Airport, which can be used more than 60 times a year[1].. The lounge remains a "lounge sunflower" operated by the airport terminal building company[2].
  2. ^ Tokyo / Haneda-Kitakyushu line last flight 93 flights, first departure 70 flights and Osaka / Kansai-Fukuoka line (currently suspended) is not subject to passenger code sharing (freight is subject).
  3. ^ actuallyAmerican eagle airlinesAlthough it is a letter code assigned to, there is no relationship between the two and there is no overlap of operating sections.
  4. ^ The difference in capital was reduced by 48 yen, and the capital reserve amounted to 3,359 yen, resulting in 6,000 million yen.
  5. ^ A share acquisition request was received from a shareholder who held Class A shares.
  6. ^ The machine symbol changed from No. 9 to "20MC" instead of a serial number,Mori Building City Air ServiceThis is because the owned helicopter is already registered as "JA10MC".
  7. ^ In Japan, it is the third aircraft after Jetstar Japan's two aircraft already installed.
  8. ^ The retired Units 1 (JA01MC) to 4 (JA04MC) have 144 seats.
  9. ^ In JapanSkynet Asia Airlines(Solacido Air) andAIRDOYou can also choose a pants look as a uniform for female flight attendants,SkirtsAirlines that have not adoptedAsiaIt's rare.
  10. ^ In the summer, other airlines may also operate temporary midnight flights, which may result in departure and arrival times later than the Star Flyer. In addition, as of 2011, Skymark operated midnight flights throughout the year centered on flights to and from Haneda Airport.


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