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✈ | Ground Self-Defense Force, 2021 Fuji Firepower Exercise YouTube distribution by making full use of drone

Ground Self-Defense Force, 2021 Fuji Firepower Exercise YouTube distribution using drone

Photo From 2020 Fuji Firepower Exercise YouTube

Ground Self-Defense Force, 2021 Fuji Firepower Exercise YouTube distribution using drone

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It will be broadcast live from the venue, similar to the 2020 Fuji Firepower Review.

The Ground Self-Defense Force will carry out "Fuji Firepower Exercise (total fire performance: Soukaen)" at the East Fuji Exercise Area on Saturday, May 2021, 5. → Continue reading


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Fuji General Thermal Power Exercise

Fuji General Thermal Power Exercise(Fujiso Gokaryokuenshu)Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Ofexerciseone of.ShizuokaGotemba OfHigashifuji Exercise AreaIt will be held in the Hataoka area.For shortTotal fire performanceAlso called (Sokaen).Ministry of DefenseEnglish translation by "Fuji Firepower" Review[1]", In the Ground Self-Defense Force," Fuji Firepower Exercise[2]Is written.Also, "Fuji Firepower Demonstration[3][4]It is also called ".

JGSDF Fuji SchoolTo studentsFirepowerFor the purpose of recognizing the aspect of battle1961(ShowaIt started from 36 years).1966Since (Showa 41), it has been open to the public for the purpose of deepening the public's understanding of the Self-Defense Forces.Initially "generalExhibitionIt was called "exercise",1972(Showa 47) "ComprehensiveFirepowerIt has been renamed to "Practice" and continues to the present day.

Purpose of implementation

Training of members, improvement of unit combat maneuvers, to the Japanese peoplepublic relationsTo show off its military presence to other countriesprotest activityThere is also an aspect asUS Army in Japan[3]And neighboring countriesExpeditionary officerEtc. are also invited, and English commentary articles are also published for overseas[1].

Implementation status

The training itself began in July and takes almost a month in August.After that, exhibition exercises will be held several times from late August to early September.Private exercises (group rehearsals, school rehearsals, educational exercises) sponsored by Fuji School,Land Staff DepartmentThere is a public exercise (public exercise) sponsored by the public, but since the original purpose is the former, it can be said that the public exercise is part of the public relations activities of the Ground Self-Defense Force. For).Night exercises are also held on nights such as school rehearsals and educational exercises.

For public exercisesMinister of DefenseMay be present.In addition to military attachés such as U.S. Forces Japan and military attachés in Japan, the families of SDF personnel are also invited.[5]..In 15,Tsunku,Nagashima ShigeoPeople with fame other than the military and state guests are invited.It is popular because you can see live shootings that you can rarely see in front of you, and the number of visitors in 26 was about 2.the UAF YouTube-channelStarting withVideo posting site,Satellite broadcastingThere is also a live broadcast via.

2020(Reiwa2 years) degreeMay 5Was carried out to[6]. However,Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionIn view of this, the public release has been cancelled.インターネットDelivery only, viewing is limited to units and schools in Shizuoka Prefecture, participating unitsFuji Guidance GroupExceptSecond facility groupUnusual measures were taken of only 10 people[7].

Exhibition exercise

Live shooting with combat vehicles and artillery (using exercises in addition to live ammunition),Japan Air Self-Defense ForceGround bombing by fighter aircraft (for safety reasons, simulated bombing with ground-based explosives does not drop live ammunition), from transport aircraftParatroopersDescent or from a helicopterHelibornEtc. will be demonstrated.As mentioned above, there are some shows that have been shown up for the purpose of public relations and demonstration.

Shooting is northwest from the exercise exhibition area in front of the bleachers (Mount FujiIt will be aimed at multiple target areas set in the direction), and some equipment will be launched from a remote location for safety reasons.In-vehicle machine gun,rifleSame as normal shooting training at the outlet of the cartridge case (the bay window of the cartridge case)cartridgeThe receiver is attached.For performances and shooting that cannot be demonstrated at the venue, alternative images will be broadcast on a large screen.The distance from the bleachers to the main target areas (color stand, number stand, two-tiered mountain, three-tiered mountain) is said to be approximately 600m to 3,000m.

Exercise program

The exercise will introduce the main equipment of the Ground Self-Defense Force in sequenceFirst stage exercise, Assuming that the target area is the defensive position of the enemy unit, the battle aspect in cooperation of various occupations will be exhibited.Second stage exerciseIt will be implemented in two parts.The overall configuration is almost the same every year, but the deployment of new equipment andDefense Program GuidelinesIt is being reviewed from time to time due to revisions to the (Defense Guidelines).At the beginning of the second-stage exercise, a command of "starting the situation" is issued, and at the end, a command of "ending the situation" is issued.

The latter part of the exercise is mainly about the Fuji Kyodan attacking the invading enemy unit by maximizing the total combat power, but from 24, it is a scenario to defend the islands by the operation by integrating the land, sea and air 3 Self-Defense Forces. It is carried out based on.2013May 12In the Cabinet decision "About the outline of the defense plan for 26 and beyond" (25 outline), it was stipulated that "if there is an invasion of the islands, it will be retaken."Based on thisLand and Land Mobile CorpsBased on the fact that full-scale amphibious operational capabilities such as the new edition of the above will be newly developed, it was implemented in a scenario of defending and regaining the islands from 26 onwards.

The implementation time is from 10 am to noon.Performances by the music troupe are performed before and after the exercise and during breaks.After the end, equipment will be exhibited in the exercise exhibition area (about 1 hour).

First stage exercise (Introduction of the main equipment of the Ground Self-Defense Force)
Second stage exercise (response to attacks on islands)
  • Video broadcast (Rimpack 2016 (production training with the US Marine Corps in the United States))
    • Warning and surveillance activities by coastal surveillance units (JTPS-P23 radar)
    • Combat by troops located on the islands
      • Anti-boat boat shooting (middle range multi-purpose guided bullet)
      • Reconnaissance activity by the firepower guidance team ・ Simulated precision bombing by F-2 (F-2 fighter
  • Mobile deployment
  • 奪回
    • Recapture by troops mobile on the islands
      • Landing of Amphibious Rapid Deployment
      • Combat by the main force of the unit deployed in the islands
        1. Reconnaissance activity (Type 87 reconnaissance guard car,Light armored vehicle, Reconnaissance motorcycle)
        2. Attack preparation shooting (observation helicopter OH-6D, special artillery, infantry mortar, simulated naval gunfire)
        3. Shooting support (Type 87 anti-tank guided bullet)
        4. Obstacle handling support shooting (special artillery)
        5. Failure handling (Type 92 minefield processing vehicle
        6. Advance support shooting (observation helicopter OH-6D, special artillery)
        7. Attack advance (Type 10 tank, Type 89 armored combat vehicle)
        8. Assault support shooting (special artillery, infantry mortar)
        9. Assault (Type 90 tank, Type 10 tank, Type 89 armored combat vehicle)
        10. Battle result expansion (tank unit,HelibornUnits, etc.)

(The above is the program of public exercises in 30)

In FY26-FY28, the following exhibitions were held before the exclusion of landing craft, but they were not held by introducing or omitting only slide display and narration.

Exercise participation unit

(The above are the participating units of the 26 public exercise)

Exercise scale

  • Personnel: Approximately 2,300
  • Main equipment: Approximately 80 tanks and armored vehicles, approximately 60 various artillery, approximately 20 aircraft, and approximately 600 other vehicles
  • Ammunition: Approximately 51 tons (equivalent to approximately 5 million yen)
  • Number of visitors: 2

(The above is the scale of the public exercise in 29)[8]

Night exercise

Although the night exercises are held privately to the public, it may be possible for the general public to observe them by "giving them a ticket", which will be described later.

It consists of three parts of night exercises, the first part is "shooting using night vision equipment", the second part is "shooting with various battlefield lights and under lighting", and the third part is "defensive battle at night". There is.Tracer ammunition is used in the training for easy viewing.

The following is the implementation outline for FY2017 (Heisei 29).In addition, this yearType 10 tank-Type 01 light anti-tank guided bulletIs participating in the night exercise for the first time.

  • Part 3 "Defensive Combat at Night"
    • In the Hataoka area, defensive combat by the front-line augmented infantry company against enemy infantry supported by mortars and tanks

Open call for participants

In order to view the exercises (open exercises) that are open to the public, it is necessary to apply from the comprehensive thermal power exercise viewing application page of the Ground Self-Defense Force of the Ministry of Defense within the recruitment period of one month and win.PreviouslyRound trip postcardAlthough there was an application in, it was abolished at the end of 28.

Tickets for general, youth (29 years old or younger), and general parking tickets are available, but it is difficult to win due to the high magnification every year (in 21, the total number of applications by postcard was 93,919, and the total number of Internet applications was 52,845. The overall average magnification was 28 times, and with a parking ticket it was 209.5 times).In addition, a small number may be distributed as a lottery gift for magazines and websites.Admission tickets for exercises that are not open to the public (rehearsal exercises, night exercises) are distributed only to SDF personnel and some media outlets, so in order for the general public to view them, there is no choice but to give them to the people concerned.

In addition, since stores are lined up for general visitors on the day, there is also a way to tour by working part-time at the store.[9].

Lottery method

The general open call for participants lottery is held in the conference room of the Ministry of Defense, and the director of the Ground Staff Office and the director of the Ground Staff OfficeExecutiveAlso attendedPolice officerIt will be held strictly in the presence.The lotteryLotteryIt is done in the form of.Winners will be sent a winning postcard (admission ticket) from the Ground Staff Office.


Ground Self-Defense Forcethe UAF YouTube-channelIn the public relations channel established in, the videos after the 21 Fuji Firepower Review, including the digest, have been released, and the English version of the 26 Fuji Firepower Review video was also created.[10].

2010(22)May 8From the 22 Fuji Firepower Exercise (public exercise) conducted in Japan, the official live distribution of live video by the Ground Self-Defense Force will be released.UstreamIs done every year through[11]..From the 23 Fuji Firepower ReviewNiwangoAlsoNico Nico Live BroadcastBroadcast the same video as the official program of[12], Since 25, it has been broadcast on the Ground Self-Defense Force public relations channel of Nico Nico Live Broadcasting (live broadcasting in 24 was canceled due to equipment trouble).After 25Hikari TVBut we do live distribution and VOD distribution of archives[13]..After 26SKY PerfecTV!Is being broadcast live on[14][15]..SKY PerfecTV!Provided the videoTi joy OfMovie theater(Shinjuku Baltic 9な どCinema complex16 theaters nationwide)Live viewingWas carried out[16][17].


Although safety is taken into consideration, the distance is short, so debris from the accident may scatter to the bleachers.2015May 8Around 11:27 am, in the first stage exercise of the 120 Fuji Firepower Exercise (educational exercise), metal fragments (length and width 5 cm, thickness 1 cm) of the accessory parts (disengagement barrel) of the shell (2 mm tank gun exercise bullet) ) Hit and two male visitors suffered minor injuries to their legs.[18][19][5].. 2015May 9,JGSDF Fuji SchoolRegarding the cause of the accident, fragments of shell accessories used in past exercises were mixed into the maneuver path through which tanks passed from a distance during the training ground maintenance performed before the exercise, and while driving in slalom. Tracks of Type 10 tanksEndless track) Announced an estimate that it jumped up strongly and scattered to the bleachers about 50 m away.[20][21][22]..At the time of the accident, it was believed that fragments of shell accessories immediately after the Type 10 tank was fired flew to the bleachers behind the tank, but no cause for the fragments to fly backwards was found.In the future, it is said that safety measures will be thoroughly implemented, such as ensuring that the maneuver path is cleaned before the start of training.

On August 2017, 8, an elderly man who visited the school was temporarily missing after a daytime school rehearsal by Fuji School.[23]..The school rehearsal for night exercises was canceled for safety reasons because it could not be found by sunset.[23]..It was later discovered that the man had returned home alone (the night exercise itself was carried out on the 26th).

As another examplemortar OfNon-fireHas occurred in front of the audience, and as a countermeasure, it was decided to stop shooting at close range and take a certain distance for safety.


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