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🚗 | Oka Design Small type for splash prevention panel Proposed with subsidy for store counter

Photo Newly developed splash prevention panel (front)

Oka Design Small type for splash prevention panel Proposed together with subsidies for store counters

If you write the contents roughly
While disseminating the "Infectious Disease Prevention Measures Maintenance Project Subsidy" established by Chiryu City, we will call on local stores to introduce it.

Oka Design, which handles mechanical design and dispatch of employee engineers (4, Higashikamishigehara, Chiryu City, Headquarters, President Yoshio Oka, telephone 53 ... → Continue reading

 Chubu Keizai Shimbun

★ Disseminate information on the Chubu region of the "Manufacturing Kingdom" to all over the world

The Chubu Keizai Shimbun was first published in 1946 (Showa 21) and has a track record of over 70 years, and has earned the trust of many years.
Toyota Motor in the Chubu region is the only "regional economic newspaper" among the newspaper publishers that are members of the "Japan Newspaper Association"
We are conducting detailed coverage activities from large companies to small and medium-sized companies.

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Preventive measures maintenance business assistance


(I.e.(Chiryu) isAichiLocated in the middleCity.

NishimikawaBelong to the provinces.


Chiryu is the 42nd year of Emperor Keiko (112) Was builtChiryu ShrineIt developed as a gate town of.Chiryu Shrine is extended for 5 years (927) CompiledEnki ceremony god name bookIt is described inShikinaishaMikawa Kuni Ninomiya, Tokaido Three Great Shrines (Mishima Taisha,Atsuta Shrine, Chiryu Shrine) and had a great influence.Mr. Nagami, who is also a priest of Chiryu Shrine,Emperor GoshirakawaHe became a samurai under his control and built Chiryu Castle, and spread his power as a landlord and ruled this land for a long time.

From the Nagami clan in the Warring States periodTokugawa IeyasuConcubine, Oman (Choshōin) Was produced and Hideyasu Yuki was born.Mr. Nagami at that time belonged to the Imagawa family, soKariya Castle(AichiKariya city) Mizuno andOkazaki Castle(Aichi prefecture岡 崎 市)ofKiyoyasu Matsudaira,Sunpu Castle(ShizuokaShizuoka City) Etc., but Eiroku 3 years (1560),Battle between SasakamaでYoshikawa ImagawaWhen he is killedOda NobunagaObeyedTadashige MizunoRequisitioned Chiryu Castle, and during the Tensho era (1573-92), a guesthouse-like facility was set up for Nobunaga.

Edo PeriodWhen you enterTokaido OfNihonbashi39th counting fromPost town,Ikegoi sushi(Chiryu,Historical pseudonymThe furigana in the temple was maintained as an inn, and a palace was set up on the site of Chiryu Castle during the Kanei era (1624-43) as an accommodation facility for the Shogun Joraku.The Ikegoi sushi inn also developed as a gathering place for supplies, and became the economic center of the surrounding area, where horse cities and cotton markets were held.According to the records compiled in Tensho 14th year, Ikegoi Honjin has 1 Honjin, 1 Wakihonjin, 35 Hatago, and a population of 1620.

Chukyo metropolitan areaMain highway (National Route 1-National Route 23-National Route 155-National Route 419) AndNagoya RailwayMain routes (Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line-Meitetsu Mikawa Line) Is a hub area and the population density is the highest in the Mikawa region.Nagoya city25kmIt is also a city located within the range of the cityBed townThere is also an aspect.2016Than,Chiryu StationLarge-scale redevelopment is being carried out by the grade separation project of.

Origin of city name

Already7st centuryThe second half of theWooden stripThere is "Chirifu" in.Ritual systemAfter8st centuryThere is "Chiryu" on the wooden tablet.Heian period "WanashoIn the Edo period, it prospered as a post town on the Tokaido called "Ikegoi Sushi".Chiryu ShrineThere is also a theory that it is named after Ichiryu Mikoto, who built the building. The name "Ikegoi sushi" comes from the fact that there were many carp and crucian carp in the Mitarai pond at Chiryu Shrine (famous for its large anmaki).Fujitaya(Listed on the homepage etc.).


Mikawa districtIn the city ofTakahamaThe area is the second smallest.The city area is flat and in the northern part of the cityAisuma River, In the southSarutagawaFlows.



Second-class river

City name

In the Chiryu-cho era, the following large letters were organized.

  • Chiryu (former Chiryu town area until 1906)
  • Ushida (former Ushihashi Village)
  • Yabashi (former Ushihashi Village)
  • Raikoji Temple (former Ushihashi Village)
  • Kamishigehara (formerly Kamishigehara Village)
  • Nishinaka (former Nagasaki Village)
  • Yata (former Nagasaki Village)
  • Yatsuda (former Nagasaki Village)

After that, it became Chiryu City due to the enforcement of the city system, and at the same time, all the large characters in the city were abolished and 22 new towns were established to form 29 towns.After that, the towns were newly established one after another by the residential addressing system, and now there are 42 towns.The names of the towns that have been established so far, including the names of the towns that were established during the Chiryu Town era, are listed below.

  • Ikebata (established in 1965 from Chiryu and Kamishigehara)
  • Koei (established in 1965 from Chiryu and Kamishigehara)
  • Sakae (established from Chiryu in 1965)
  • Shintomi (established from Chiryu in 1965)
  • Nagata (established from Chiryu in 1965)
  • Horikiri (established in 1965 from Chiryu and Kamishigehara)
  • Showa (established from Ushida and Yatsuda in 1967)
  • Yamayashikicho (established in 1970 from Chiryu)
  • Nishioka Town (established from Chiryu in 1970)
  • Nishimachi (established in 1970 from Chiryu,1974Partially transferred to Kariya City)
  • Aizumacho (established in 1970 from Chiryu)
  • Takaramachi (established in 1970 from Chiryu)
  • Sakuragicho (established in 1970 from Chiryu)
  • Honmachi (established in 1970 from Chiryu)
  • Nakayamamachi (established in 1970 from Chiryu)
  • Shinchicho (established in 1970 from Chiryu)
  • Nagashinocho (established from Chiryu in 1970)
  • Uchisaiwaicho (established in 1970 from Chiryu)
  • Yamamachi (established in 1970 from Chiryu)
  • Nakamachi (established in 1970 from Chiryu)
  • Ushita-cho (established in 1970 by Ushida and Chiryu)
  • Yatsuhashi Town (established from Yatsuhashi in 1970)
  • Raikoji-cho (established from Raikoji in 1970)
  • Kobocho (established in 1970 from Kamishigehara)
  • Kamishigehara Town (established from Kamishigehara in 1970,1974SomeKariya cityTransferred to)
  • Nishinaka Town (established from Nishinaka in 1970)
  • Shinbayashi-cho (established from Nishinaka in 1970)
  • Yata Town (established from Yata in 1970)
  • Yatsuda-cho (established from Yatsuda in 1970)
  • Shinike (established in 1979 from Yamamachi, Nagashinocho, and Ushitacho)
  • Ushita (established in 1979 from Yamamachi and Ushitacho)
  • Nanyo (established in 1979 from Ushita-cho and Nagashino-cho)
  • Hiromi (established in 1979 from Shinchi Town, Nagashino Town, and Yamamachi)
  • Toei (established in 1979 from Uchisaiwaicho, Yamamachi, and Nagashinocho)
  • Higashinagashino (established in 2007 from Nagashino-cho, Shinchi-cho, Kobo-cho)
  • Minamishinchi (established in 2007 from Shinchi Town, Kamishigehara Town, Nagashino Town, Kobo Town)
  • Treasure (established in 2007 from Takaracho, Kamishigeharacho, Nishimachi)
  • West (established from Takaramachi / Nishimachi in 2007)
  • Torii (established in 2007 from Kamishigehara-cho and Takara-cho)
  • Higashikamishigehara (established in 2007 from Shinchi Town and Kamishigehara Town)
  • Kobo (established in 2007 from Nagashinocho, Shinchicho, Kamishigeharacho, Kobocho)
  • Kamishigehara (established in 2009 from Kamishigehara Town)


Population distribution by age in Chiryu City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Chiryu City (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Chiryu City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Adjacent municipalities

Aichi prefecture flag Aichi
Flag of Kariya, Aichi.svg Kariya city
Flag of Toyota, Aichi.svg Toyota City
Flag of Anjo, Aichi.svg Anjo City



countyBefore Meiji 22April 22, 10Meiji 23-Meiji 45Taisho era-Taisho 15Showa XNUMXst year-Present
Chiryu VillageChiryu TownApril 39, 5
merger Chiryu Town
Chiryu TownShowa 45 years 12 month 1 Date
Municipal system (I.e.
Kamishigehara VillageKamishigehara Village
UshidaUshihashi Village
Yatsuhashi Village
Raikoji Village
YatsutamuraNagasaki Village (part)


Successive mayors
代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generationNakajima Sakae1970/12/11971/4/27[1]Former Chiryu Mayor
2 feeGozo Nagai1972/12/241976/12/23
3 feeAkira Fujii1976/12/241980/12/23
3 feeShoji Tsukamoto1988/12/241992/12/23
4 feeTazo Nagata1996/12/242000/12/23
5 feeMasayuki Honda2004/12/242008/12/23
6 feeIkuo Hayashi2008/12/242012/12/23

FY2019 (Heisei 31) Initial Budget[3]

Accounting nameBudget amountYear-on-year comparison
General account23800 million yenUp 0.2%
Special account95 million yen18.4% reduction
Corporate accounting51 million yenUp 151.8%
All accounts385 million yenUp 2.7%
Wide area administration


Chiryu City Council

  • Number of people: 20 people
  • Term: March 2018, 8-March 26, 2022[4]
  • Chair: Ken Tanaka (Ritsushikai)
  • Vice-chairman: Chiharu Sugiyama (Komei Party)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name (◎ is representative)Number of female membersRatio of female members (%)
Ritsushikai8◎ Kiya Nagata, Sadao Kamiya, Yoshikatsu Yamaguchi, Tomoki Nakano, Akisuke Kobayashi, Ken Tanaka, Chieko Takagi, Katsuji Kazama112.5
City Council4◎ Tomoko Ishikawa, Kiyoshi Nakajima, Kei Yamada, Morito Miyake125
Minyu Club3◎ Civilization Kamiya, Koichi Sugiura, Tatsuo Inagaki00
Japan Communist PartyChiryu City Council2◎ Osamu Sato, Hokuto Ushino00
Komeito2◎ Chiharu Sugiyama, Sachiko Nasu2100
Showakai1◎ Masahiko Kawai00

Aichi Prefectural Assembly

2019 Aichi Prefectural Assembly election
  • Constituency: Chiryu City Constituency
  • Number of people: 1 people
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 55,609[5]
  • Voting rate: 44.97%[5]
Candidate nameCommentageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Takanobu ShibataThis50IndependentNow13,574 vote
Ryo Yamazakidrop41LDP新10,823 vote
2015 Aichi Prefectural Assembly election
  • Constituency: Chiryu City Constituency
  • Number of people: 1 people
  • Voting Date: July 2015, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 52,859[6]
  • Voting rate: 45.63%[6]
Candidate nameCommentageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Takanobu ShibataThis46IndependentNow10,282 vote
Ryo Yamazakidrop37LDP新7,797 vote
Takuro Kawashimadrop30Democratic Party新5,541 vote

House of Representatives

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisKensuke Onishi46Hope party前116,471 vote○
RatioTadashi Omi59LDP前104,811 vote○
Ryoichi Shimoshima71Japan Communist Party新19,589 vote

*Omi lost his job after running for the Mayor of Anjo on January 2019, 1[7].



There is no police station in the city.It is under the jurisdiction of the Anjo Police Station in Anjo City.

Executive police box
  • Chiryu executive police box (Yamamachi, Chiryu City)
Police box
  • Chiryu StationFront police box (2-chome, Sakae, Chiryu-shi)
  • Showa police box (6-chome, Showa, Chiryu-shi)
  • Yata Police Box (Yatacho, Chiryu City)


Fire department
  • Chiryu Fire Station (Kobo, Chiryu City)


Main hospitals in the city
  • Akita Hospital
  • Fuji Hospital


  • Chiryu City Library
    • On October 1987, 10, the Chiryu City Library and History and Folklore Museum opened. In 22, we started wide-area lending to residents, students, and employees in 1995 Hekikai cities (Chiryu city, Kariya city, Anjo city, Hekinan city, Takahama city). In 5, wide-area lending was expanded to Toyota City residents, students, and employees.The total floor area of ​​the library is 1999m2.. In 2014, the number of books in the collection including audiovisual materials was 225,211, the number of books lent was 411,941, and the number of books lent per person was 1.[8].

post office

Main post office
  • Chiryu Post Office
  • Chiryu Ushida Post Office
  • Chiryu Showa Post Office
  • Chiryu Honmachi Post Office
  • Chiryu Nishigaoka Post Office

Cultural facility

Main cultural facilities

Exercise facility

  • Chiryu City Welfare Gymnasium

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city
Friendship partner country

2005 Japan International ExpositionAt (Aichi Expo), "One municipality one country friendship businessWas done.Municipalities in Aichi Prefecture, excluding Nagoya City, have welcomed 120 officially participating countries of the Expo as friendship partners.[9].


Friendship city
  • Ina(Nagano)
    July 1994, 6 Friendship City Alliance


NishimikawaIn rural areasAutomotive industryが盛んである。2005年度(平成17年度)の製造品出荷額等は1247億8565万円だったが、1990年度(平成2年度)から減少傾向にあり、2010年度(平成22年度)の製造品出荷額等は1990年度の65%に過ぎなかった[10].Traditional craftsThere is.


Major industries


Chiryu StationA shopping district is formed in the area centered on.But,ToyotaIs at your kneesNishimikawaBecause it is a city located in[Original research?]Suburban type in recent yearsRoadside commercial facilityThere are many.

Main commercial facilities

Headquartered company

Listed companies
Other major companies


Vocational school


high school


Junior high school

Opening yearCurrent name1947-1977-1982-
1947Chiryu Municipal Chiryu Junior High SchoolChiryuChiryuChiryu
1982Chiryu Municipal Chiryu Minami Junior High SchoolChiryu Minami
1977Chiryu Municipal Ryuhoku Junior High School竜北

primary school

Opening yearCurrent name1945-19671974-1976-1979-
1873Chiryu Elementary SchoolChiryuChiryu
1974Chiryu City Chiryu Nishi Elementary SchoolChiryu Nishi
1908Chiryu Municipal Saruwatari Elementary SchoolSaruwatariSaruwatariSaruwatariSaruwatari
1979Chiryu Municipal Chiryu Minami Elementary SchoolChiryu Minami
1976Chiryu City Yatsuda Elementary SchoolYatsuda
1967Chiryu Municipal Chiryu Higashi Elementary SchoolChiryu Higashi
1908Chiryu City Raikoji Elementary SchoolRaikoji Temple

Other schools

driving school


In the cityNational Route 1,National Route 23(Chiryu Bypass),National Route 155There are highways.However, roads other than the main roads are relatively narrow, and there are irregularities such as Y-shaped roads and T-shaped roads.交 差点There are many.

TrainMeitetsu Nagoya Main LineとMeitetsu Mikawa LineAre each passingChiryu StationBoth lines intersect at.Currently around Chiryu StationMulti-level crossingThe project and the Mikawa Line double track project are underway, but due to financial circumstances, the progress is slower than in Toyota City, and it is planned to make it a single track except for some sections.Also, in the cityTokaido ShinkansenIs running, but there is no station. (The nearest Shinkansen station isNagoya StationorMikawaanjo Station)


City center station:Chiryu Station

Nagoya Railway(Meitetsu)
Nagoya Main Line: (Anjo City)- Ushida Station - Chiryu Station -(Kariya City)
Mikawa Line: (Toyota City)- Mikawa Chiryu Station --Chiryu Station - Shigehara Station -(Kariya City)
■Mikawa-Yatsuhashi StationIs located in Toyota City, but is close to our city area.

About 20 minutes by limited express or limited express from Chiryu Station to Meitetsu Nagoya Station (no stop on the way to Jingu-mae Station (Atsuta-ku, Nagoya City)).In the direction of Toyohashi, take the limited express to Higashi Okazaki Station for about 10 minutes and Toyohashi Station for about 30 minutes.Located in Kariya city in the southern part of the cityJRTokaido Main Line OfNodashinmachi Station,Higashi Kariya StationIs also available.


Transit Bus


General toll road
Kinuura Toyota Road
General national road
National Route 1
National Route 23(Chiryu Bypass)
National Route 155
National Route 419
Main local road
General prefectural road


Famous place, historic spot

Main castle
  • site
  • --There is Kamishigehara Town Public Hall on the site.
  • Trace- Battle between SasakamaThe castle fell.Chiryu City designated cultural property.
Main temple
Main shrine
Main housing complex
  • TokaidoIkegoi sushi inn
    • Raikoji Ichirizuka-Established on the old Tokaidomilestone..Aichi Prefecture designated historic site.
    • Ikegoi sushi Daimyojin nightlight
    • Remains of Horse City-A cultural property designated by Chiryu City.
    • Chiryu Matsunamiki-A cultural property designated by Chiryu City.

Nearby Tourist Spots

Main park
  • Oryu Park
  • Kakitsuhime Park
  • Gendatani Park
  • Showa 6 Go Park
  • Shinchi Park
Cultural facility


Festivals and events

Main festivals


Native celebrity

Political world


Entertainer / announcer

Cultural person


Mascot character

As a mascot character of Chiryu CityChiryuppiThere is[13].



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