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๐Ÿš„ ๏ฝœ Subscribing business spreading in the railway industry What are your goals and targets?I also considered the difference from the automobile subscription [Column]

Image of photo subscription.Simply put, it's Internet shopping, where you buy a flat-rate service instead of a product. (Image: Sayukichi / Pixta)

Subscribing business spreading to the railway industry What are your goals and targets?I also considered the difference from the automobile subscription [Column]

If you write the contents roughly
The main items of Komi Komi are voluntary insurance premiums, maintenance costs, taxes, and no down payment is required.

The "subscription business" is a subscription business that spreads not only to the railway industry but to society as a whole.Subs ...ใ€€โ†’ Continue reading

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Train channels are always immersed in the train! This is a railway specialized channel for railway fans.
You can check the latest railway news you are interested in at once!

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Monthly comic

"Monthly comicใ€(Gekkan Komi Komi) was onceHakusenshaWas issued byMonthlyCartoon magazine..The book continues from the predecessor magazine, "Jets ComicsHandling on the label.


Hakusensha's only men's magazine, "Shonen Jets] As the predecessor19833A boys' manga magazine launched in the May issue.198810It was published until (December issue).

OwnMedia mixSince it did not have a system, there are few works that have been animated or made into games.The mid-career boy magazine "Monthly Shonen Captainใ€(Tokuma bookstore), "Monthly comic NORAใ€(Gakken), "Monthly Comic Compใ€(Kadokawa Shoten) Etc., although it is not the sales strategy envisioned from the beginning of the publication, gradually got on the media mix boom.1990 eraCompared to what continued until, this magazine, which inherited the flow of its predecessor "Shonen Jets" and remained in the position of "Shonen Magazine", can be said to be a transitional magazine.

Renewed after the suspension of publication "Monthly Animal Houseโ€Changed the category toโ€œ Youth Magazine โ€andโ€œBears clubใ€(Shueisha) Etc. became competing magazines.The work that was serialized just before the suspension of publication was interrupted in a state close to incomplete, and it ended incomplete.Elf17And later a new series was announced in another magazine.Youkai Disposal Trauma !!], The transition to new magazines has not been made.

However, "BerserkIs a remake of the newcomer award-winning work in this magazine and has been serialized in "Monthly Animal House" and continues in "Young Animal".Also,"Vulgar spirit huntingAfter the interruption, the next successor magazine, "Young animal] Has been resumed.

Main published works


  • Masamune Shirowof"Dominion(One-shot version) was published in the 1985 AUTUMN issue of "Comic Reader SF Special Feature".This is his first publication in a magazine.After that, in 1986, it was published three times in this magazine, and a book was released.In February 3, Seishinsha announced thatApple seedIs published as a newly drawn work, and this is the debut work.
  • Kentaro Miuraof"Berserkใ€(One-shot version) was published in the November 1988 issue, and became a prototype of the hit work of later years.Later, it was serialized in "Monthly Animal House" and is still ongoing in 11 in the successor magazine "Young Animal".
  • 2000 Year of 8 MonthComic marketIn (C58), "Comicomi 2000" was published as a douujinshi of "Comicomi Revival Committee".
The purpose of the project is a "reprint" of the magazine's independent production by the author at the time.There was also a plan for "Comicomi 2001", but this has not been realized.
Published works are "Love Syncroid" (Masahiro Shibata), "Outlanders" (Johji Manabe), "Vulgar Spirit Hunting" (Saki Okuse), "Youma Mikazuki" (Masato Tanaka), "RUN RUN RUN" (Masato Tanaka)Sanae Aizawa), "Polytan" (Miki Tori), "Magical Angel Maya" (Fumihiko Sato[Avoid ambiguity]), "FF2000" (Soichi Sakura)other.
The other authors are Masaomi Kanzaki,Kaoru Ohashi, Kiyoshi Haraguchi,Nonki Miyasu, Yutaka Nakanishi,Megumi Ikedaetc.

Related books

  • "Comic Komi Special Editing Comic Reader SF Special Feature"
A quarterly manga magazine published in connection with this magazine.On the cover, there were copies of "All-reading, super masterpieces", "600 pages in total", "3 comics", "Preserved version", etc.The actual number of pages varies from issue to issue. There are also omnibus-style special editions that do not limit the genre to science fiction, such as "Comic Reader Hero Collection", "Hideo Azuma Special Issue", and "Miki Tori Special Issue".
"Shonen Jets" published in the predecessor magazine "Shonen Jets"Shonen Jets Special Editing(Special feature name here)Special issueใ€.The predecessor magazine has more than 200 pages of flat binding, while the "Comic Reader SF Special Feature" has more than 500 pages.
The authors include Masahiro Shibata, Johji Manabe, Atsuji Yamamoto, and other signboard writers of this magazine.Yamada Minneko,Yosuke TakahashiAnd so on.Yosuke Takahashi has published several short films in the early days of this magazine.
  • "Melty Lemon(In titles, logos, etc., the part of the middle black dot "ใƒป" may be a symbol of "heart")
"Bishoujo Comic" magazine published irregularly at the same time as this magazine (1985-1986).It was published on the Jets Comics label in omnibus format, a full-length read.All 7 issues.It is not directly linked to this magazine.
It was planned to ride on the "Bishoujo Comic" boom that was popular at the time.Anthology comic..The appearance and contents are "Cartoon bricoใ€(Byakuyashobo), "Petit apple pieใ€(Tokuma bookstore) Was in conflict.
A copy of "FOR BOYS" is attached to the title for all issues.Although there are some fluctuations in the notation, all issues are complaining about "all new works".In addition, the fifth issue since the beginning of 1986 has the subtitle "The Refresh", the sixth issue has the subtitle "The Thrilling", and the final issue No. 5 has the subtitle "Climax".
The authors who published their works in all seven publications were Yunishi Nakanishi, Grin Nishiaki, Fumihiko Sato, who also published their works in "Monthly Comicomi" magazine.Katsu Aki, Takashi Adachi,Kyoko Okazaki,MEIMU7 people.There are nearly 30 authors.


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