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🚄 | Kanazawa → Yonago 12 and a half hours, on the Obama Line & Kyoto Tango Railway 《Aomori-Shimonoseki on a conventional line along the Sea of ​​Japan ... Shinkansen ...


Kanazawa → Yonago 12 and a half hours, on the Obama Line & Kyoto Tango Railway << A trip from Aomori to Shimonoseki on a conventional line along the Sea of ​​Japan ... Shinkansen ...

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Take a regular train departing Yonago at 8:XNUMX in the morning to the final destination, Shimonoseki.

From Shin-Aomori, the northernmost Shinkansen station in Honshu, to Shin-Shimonoseki, the westernmost station.Aorta of Honshu Railway, Tohoku Shinkansen, Tokaido Shinkansen, Sanyo Shinkansen ... → Continue reading

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8:XNUMX in the morning

Final Destination (Movie)

"final destination』(Saishu Mokukichi,The City of Your Final Destination) Is2009 OfThe United States of AmericaDrama movie.Based on the novel of the same name.


Omar, a young man who works as a literary teacher at the university, wants to get a PhD and extend his contract with the university.suicideI was hoping to write a biography of the writer Jurs Gund, but he was rejected by the writer's bereaved family.Due to the strong recommendation of his lover Diadora and his desire to change his life, Omar is in South America, where the mansion where the deceased writer lived is located.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHead to.There, the writer's brother Adam, the writer's wife Caroline, the writer's mistress Arden and his little daughter Posha, Adam'sゲ イLover Pete was living a strange communal life.Omar decides to spend some time with them to get permission to write a biography, but even though he has a lover, he is attracted to Arden.Also, with the advent of Omar, other residents also thought about their future life (final destination) and made their own decisions.


*Japanese characters in parentheses

Dubbed translation: Chimizu Imura

Dubbed production:Mitsuru Ichiki


Pete in the originalThaiHowever, by all meansHiroyuki SanadaBy the director who wanted to be played byJapaneseChanged to the setting of[2].

The writer who committed suicide, Jurs Gund, appears only in photographs, using photographs of Anthony Hopkins when he was young.


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