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🚗 | Will Penske's unwinning record stop?New Garden is the first pole of the season [Ranking result] IndyCar No. XNUMX ...


Will Penske's unwinning record stop?New Garden is the first pole of the season [Ranking result] IndyCar No. XNUMX ...

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Is it possible to stop Team Penske's unwinning record since the opening?

NTT IndyCar Series held at Detroit Bell Isle Park. Preliminary for Round 13 on the 8th ... → Continue reading


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Team Pensky

Team Pensky(Team Penske) IsAmerica-North carolinaMooresvilleRacing team based in. Until 2013, he called himself "Pensky Racing."


Former F1 driverRoger PenskySince its founding in 1958Open wheel-Stock car-Sports car racingIt is a team that can be said to be "prestigious" in American motorsports, and has the strength of "New York Yankees"Of motorsport" was nicknamed[1].. Especially known for his success in open wheels,IndyCar SeriesIncluding, it has won the highest peak in North America at 32 degrees.

It also has chassis manufacturing capabilities, and in the 1970sF1In 1999, in the PC series of the original chassis until XNUMXCARTWas participating in. Before the 1993 seasonWilliams-RenaultDid not come trueAyrton SennaHad a test drive.

Stock carAfter going through USAC, in 1972NASCAR OfWinston Cup SeriesTo start the battle. From 2003DodgeActing as a Works case in 2008Daytona 500Then.Ryan NewmanとKurt BushPlayed 1-2 finishes[2].. In 2012Brad KeserowskiWon the team's first series champion[3]But with the withdrawal of Dodge2013からFordIs changing the machine to[4].. In 2015Joey Logano Daytona 500Control[5]In 2018, Logano willMonster Energy NASCAR Cup SeriesWon the series champion of[6].

Sports car racingAlso from the early 1966 careerロ ー ラ-ChevroletでCan-AmAnd participated in USRRC, 1969Daytona 24-hour raceHe has also won the overall championship, the Trans Am series and the USRRC champion. After a long blank period, in the 2000sRiley-Porsche OfDaytona prototypeso,Grund seriesParticipate in the war.Also,American Le Mans Series(ALMS) alsoPorscheSemi-works "DHL Porsche Team Penske" (Porsche RS Spider), And won the LMP2 class for the third consecutive time from 2006 to 2008. 3-2018United sports car championshipTo (USCC)AcuraSemi-works "Acura Team Penske" (Acura ARX-05), And won the overall victory in 2019 and 20.

In partnership with Porsche again from 2023, as "Porsche Penske Motorsport", United Sports Car Championship and WEC (World Endurance Championship) In each PorscheLMDhIt was announced that we will participate in the war with two machines[7].

Also in 2014 in AustraliaSupercar championshipHas acquired a 51% stake in the powerful DJ R Racing ofFord).

Affiliation driver

American Open Wheel (CART/IndyCar)

Current season (2021)

Past drivers

■ Greg MooreHe was scheduled to participate in the 2000 season from Team Pensky, but passed away due to an accident in the final race of the 1999 season. Instead, Elio Castroneves was invited.

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

Current season (2021)

Past drivers

Exfinity series

Current season (2021)

Main sponsor

Data are as of 2013.



From the late 1974 Canadian GPF1Participated in. Full participation began in 1975. One time in 1975,MarchI used a chassis made by myself, but other than that I participated in my own chassis. EngineFord Cosworth DFVIt was a typical F1 machine at that time, but unlike other teams, the design used curves etc. everywhere in the machine. The sponsor isFirst National City Bank.

1976 yearsAustrian Grand PrixThen, the only victory for the teamJohn WatsonSaid. Is a German wheel manufacturer in 1977ATSThe entry name was changed to ATS Racing Team after the acquisition of the team, but the constructor name remained Pensky. The machine continued to use PC4 from the previous year. Since 1978, the constructor name is alsoATSAnd thenMarchAlso acquired, and participated completely as ATS.

Transition table

YearsEntry nameCar body model numberタ イ ヤengineFuel/oildriverRankingNumber of winners
1971Pensky White RacingMcLarenM19AGFordDFV-Mark Danahue
David Hobbs
n / An / A
1974Pensky RacingPC1GFord DFVSlaterMark Danahue20 bit0
1975Pensky RacingPC1
GFord DFVSlaterMark Danahue
John Watson
12 bit0
1976Citibank・Team Pensky
* F & S Properties(PC3)
GFord DFVBarbolin・SlaterJohn Watson
Boy Haye
5 bit1
1977ATS/Racing Team
* Interscope Racing(PC4)
PC4GFord DFVBarbolin SunokoJean-Pierre Jalier

Danny Ongeis
10 bit0

*Supply the car body to the team with branches (show the model number of the car body supplied in brackets)
*Italicized drivers participate in spot battles etc.


注 釈

  1. ^ In 2020, only the Harvest Grand Prix will participate.
  2. ^ a b c d e f g Participation due to regular driver miss.
  3. ^ From 2018 to 2020, only the IndyCar Grand Prix and the Indy 500 participated.
  4. ^ Power won the pole in the first round of St. Petersburg but withdrew from the final due to internal ear inflammation. Serbia took the place of power.
  5. ^ The owner, Roger PenskyPhilip MorrisSince I was also an officer ofMarlboroughBrand main sponsor of the team (Crown sponsor), but due to the refraining from the worldwide tobacco advertisement since 2006, the coloring is still red and white Marlboro color from 2007, but the logo on the car body is not exposed and the entry name is Marlboro. The letters “” disappeared and became “Team Pensky”. From 2009, the coloring of the car body was changed to black and silver.


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