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Firefly Famous Place Ochiai Township ... [Station Bura 04] Shinjuku Line 10

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The front of Shinjuku / Shimoochiai Hikawa Shrine was on the northeast side.

* Taken in April 2021 The top image is the limited express "Koedo" 4 that passes through the east side railroad crossing of Shimo-Ochiai Station on the Seibu Railway Shinjuku Line. → Continue reading

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Hikawa Shrine (Shinjuku Ward)

Hikawa Shrine(Hikawa Jinja)TokyoShinjuku wardShimochiaiA shrine in.

Shinjuku Hikawa Shrine,Shimoochiai Hikawa ShrineIt is also said to be.The guardian of the former Shimoochiai village.


The history of this shrine is unknown, but the 5th emperorEmperor TakaakiEra of (5th century BC) Was founded and before that.In the Edo period, it was called Hikawa Myo Shrine.Also in the Edo period, the neighborhoodToshima ward(I.e.It is inHikawa ShrineIs the deityFrustrationWhile the troupe was called the "Men's Palace," the deity of Shimoochiai's Hikawa Shrine is his wife.KushinadahimeSince it was a troupe, it was called the "Women's Palace", and the two were also called the "Couple's Palace".In addition, the neighboring YakuoinBetto TempleI was working on it.The current shrine isSecond World WarIt was burnt down and rebuilt in 1951, and the torii gate1985It was rebuilt in.

Behind the shrine is a slope called Nanakumazaka.To a dual-purpose companyHigashiyamafuji Inari ShrineThere is.


  • Mitsuminesha
  • Tensosha
  • Inari
  • Suwasha
  • Asama shrine
  • Tennosha

Ujigami area

  • Shinjuku-ku Shimoochiai XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • NakaochiaiAll areas of 1 and 15 chome, 19 chome XNUMX to XNUMX and XNUMX (partial)
  • Takadanobaba16-chome 18-XNUMX

Directions and Parking

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外部 リンク

Northeast side


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