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🚗 | Postponed the expiration date of the driver's license, expanded the target audience — People by September 9

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Postponed the expiration date of the driver's license, expanded the target audience — people until September 9

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To receive special measures, you need to apply at the driver's license center or police station, renew the driver's license in the remarks column on the back, and specify the last day of the driver's license period.

On June 6, the National Police Agency took special measures to renew the driver's license because the problem of the new coronavirus infection has not been resolved. → Continue reading


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Driver's license examination site

Driver's license examination site(Untenmenkyokenjo) isAutomobileDriver's licenseIt is an organization that newly issues, updates, and changes the items described.


Each in JapanPrefecturesPublic Safety CommissionAlthough it is under the jurisdiction ofPolice headquartersMinistry of Communications(There is also a "driver's license headquarters" under this).


At least one place is installed in each prefecture, and it is mainly installed in major cities in the prefecture.The name isTable belowAs you can see, there are various facilities such as "Driver's License Examination Center" and "Driver's License Center", but there are generally the following facilities.

Designated driving schoolEven if you graduate from such a school, the aptitude test (eyesight test, etc.) and the department test will be held at the license examination center, so you will definitely have to go once to receive your driver's license.In addition, there are some test sites where you can practice driving by opening the in-house driving course with advance reservations for temporary licenses and paper drivers.

There is also a test site that has a two-wheeled course (four-wheeled course and two-wheeled course are separate).

Most test centers have an exam number to announce the success of each exam.Electronic bulletin board,Liquid crystal displayAlthough it is displayed as, in some test sites in the proficiency test, it may be verbal.

In addition, many department tests, proficiency tests, and aptitude tests (appropriate tests related to driver's license tests) are conducted only on weekdays.

Auxiliary test site

In the case of prefectures that have multiple license examination centers, examination sites other than the first-ranked test center often conduct tests as an auxiliary place for the first-ranked license test center, and some police stations do not have an in-house course. There is also an example called a test site.Even if there is an in-house course, large cars, large two-wheeled vehicles, towing, large special, etc.Proficiency testIn many prefectures, only the first license examination center is used.Those who have graduated from a designated driving school can obtain a license only by aptitude test and subject test, so it is convenient to obtain a license even at an auxiliary license examination center with only simple equipment.

You can get a license only by aptitude test / department test (no proficiency test)scooters-Small specialCan be obtained at almost all license examination centers, and in some prefectures, examinations are conducted at police stations.

Update Center

There is no problem in prefectures where processing can be done simply by renewing the license at the test site, but in prefectures where there are many renewers and it is necessary to disperse, there are places where a renewal center is set up separately.Since it specializes only in renewal without conducting a license test, it is effective in guiding renewers and alleviating congestion at the test site.

Business trip exam

In prefectures with remote areas and remote islands, in order to facilitate the convenience of test takers when conducting a driver's license test, the Public Safety Commission examiner dispatches them to a place other than the driver's license test site after setting a date and time in advance. A driver's license test may be conducted.In this case, the police station in the area will provide full support (in effect, the police station will do it), so it is located in or near the police facility.Driving schoolThe test will be conducted at a suitable facility.

Update at the police station

In some areas, police stations can also be updated.There are places where it will be delivered on the same day, but it is often delivered two weeks later (received at the police station or requested to be mailed after the designated date) instead of being delivered on the same day.In this case, measures will be taken to extend the validity period of the old driver's license by about one month.Also, even at police stations where it is possible to issue on the same day, it is a good driver (so-called so-called) to issue on the same day.Gold license) In many cases.In addition to the police station that has jurisdiction over the address, some police boxes and police boxes can change the information.

Driver's License Examination Center / Renewal Center List by Prefecture

In prefectures with blue backgrounds, all operations are carried out only at the license examination center (there is no auxiliary examination center). "Actual vehicle" indicates a proficiency test using a vehicle, a test site where senior citizen training is conducted, and "lecture" refers to a written test, a test site that handles office work related to license renewal and change of items.

DivisionPrefecturesNameAddressBusinessPopular nameRemarks
Actual carClassroom lecture
HokkaidoSapporo Driver's License Examination CenterSapporoTeine Ward○○Teine
Central excellent driver license renewal centerSapporoChuo-ku△Central police stationInside.Updates are for good / general / elderly drivers only
Atsetsu Excellent Driver License Renewal CenterSapporoAtsubetsu Ward△Atsubetsu Police StationInside.Updates are for good / general / elderly drivers only
Hakodate Driver's License Examination CenterHakodate○○ 
Asahikawa Driver's License Examination CenterAsahikawa○○Chikabumi
Kushiro Driver's License Examination CenterKushiro○○ 
Obihiro Driver's License Examination CenterObihiro○○ 
Kitami Driver's License Examination CenterKitami○○ 
TohokuAomoriAomori driver's license centerAomori○○Supports same-day delivery The only skill test center in the prefecture
Hachinohe Motor Driver License Examination CenterHachinohe City○Hachinohe Police StationSupports same-day delivery
Hirosaki Motor Driver License Examination CenterHirosaki○(I.e.After relocating to (Joto small site), it will be issued on the same day.
Mutsu Car Driver License Examination CenterMutsu City△Mutsu Police StationInternal department test is held every Tuesday Skill test is not held
IwateIwate Prefecture Driver's License Examination CenterMorioka○○Ippongi (Ippongi = neighborhoodTakizawaPlace name)
Morioka Driver's License CenterMorioka△At the west exit of Morioka StationIwate Prefectural Information Exchange CenterInside.Department test / aptitude test only
Coastal Driving License CenterKamaishi○ 
Prefectural south driver's license centerIsawa DistrictKanegasaki Town○ 
Prefectural north driver's license centerKuji City○ 
MiyagiMiyagi driver's license centerSendai cityIzumi ku○○Ichinazaka (or Yaotome, Nanakita).Sendai SubwayYaotome Station)
Higashi Matsushima City○ 
ShibataOkawara Town○ 
AkitaAkita Police Driver License CenterAkita City○○Wariyama
YamagataYamagata Prefectural Traffic Safety CenterTendo city○○Urushiyama or Takatama (the name of the nearest station), Aratani (former location) 
FukushimaFukushima Driver's License CenterFukushima○○NiwasakaThere is a business trip test once a month in Iwaki, Aizu, and Minamisoma
Koriyama Driver License CenterKoriyama△○Proficiency test only on Friday
TokyoFuchu Driver's License Examination CenterFuchu-shi○○Fuchu
Samezu Driver's License Examination CenterShinagawa△○SamezuSkills are all except medium-sized type XNUMX license and medium-sized provisional license (bus type only)
Koto Driver's License Examination CenterKoto Ward○Toyocho (Tokyo MetroToyocho Station) Or KotoDesignated driving schoolGraduates only
Chiyoda Ward△KandaTokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Industry and LaborKanda Government Building.Update work only
Shinjuku ward△ShinjukuTokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 2..Update work only
KantoIbarakiIbaraki Driver's License Examination CenterHigashiibaraki-gunIbaraki Town○○Nagaoka (Nagaoka = location name)
TochigiTochigi Driver's License CenterKanuma City○○Kanuma (Kanuma = location name) 
GunmaGunma Prefectural General Transportation CenterMaebashi○○ 
SaitamaSaitama Prefectural Police Driver's License CenterKonosu○○Konosu
ChibaChiba Driver License CenterChibaMihama○○Makuhari (JRKaihama Makuhari Station)
Nagareyama Driver's License CenterNagareyama△○Only for graduates of designated driving schools and mopeds / small special exams
KanagawaKanagawa Prefectural Police Driver License Center横 浜 市Asahi ku○○Futamata (river)(SotetsuFutamatagawa Station)
NiigataNiigata Driver's License CenterKitabamabara-gunSeiromachi○○Handling of all vehicle proficiency tests (only in the prefecture) 
Niigata Driver's License Center Furumachi Branch OfficeNiigataChuo-ku△The so-called "Gold License Center".Only renewal of target persons such as those who have taken excellent driver / elderly training and some procedures
Nagaoka△○Large-scale [Type 2000 / Type 7] / Towing [Type XNUMX / Type XNUMX] proficiency tests have not been conducted.Known as: Miyauchi (as the main station around the Settaya district where the center was located until July XNUMX)Miyauchi StationBecause there was) 
Niigata Driver's License Center Joetsu BranchJoetsu City△○Large [XNUMXst / XNUMXnd] / Medium XNUMXnd / Towing [XNUMXst / XNUMXnd] No proficiency test 
Sado City△○Usually only updates.However, there is a business trip test
YamanashiYamanashi Prefectural Transportation CenterMinami Alps○○ 
Driver's License Division License Center Tsuru Branch OfficeTsuru city○No proficiency test
NaganoNakanan Shin Driver's License CenterShiojiri○○Shiojiri orKikyogahara
Hokushin Driver's License CenterNagano city△○Shinonoi (JRShinonoi Station)Skills are normal (provisional exemption, type XNUMX, type XNUMX), medium type only 
Toshin Driver's License CenterSaku○
ShizuokaShizuoka CitySakai District○○ 
Numazu City○○ 
Hamamatsu cityHamakita Ward○○Hamakita or Komatsu (location name and nearest station)Enshu RailwayEnshu Komatsu Station)
Central partToyamaToyama Driving Education CenterToyama○○Hariwara or Iino (Hariwara / Iino = Neighboring place name)
Takaoka Driver License Renewal CenterTakaoka○Update only
IshikawaIshikawa driver's license centerKanazawa○○Moss claw (Katagume = place name of location) 
FukuiFukui Driver Education CenterSakai City○○Harue 
Okuetsu Driver Education CenterOno City○No proficiency test
Tannan Driver Education CenterEchizen City○No proficiency test
Reinan Driver Education CenterMikatakamichu-gunWakasa Town△○Large (all types), medium size (XNUMX types / bus type provisional exemption), large two-wheeled vehicle, large special, towing skill test not conducted.
GifuGifu Proving Ground(I.e.○Mita-dong (formally, I saw itHoEt al.sawBOThese names are also often used)
Gifu Driver Training Center(I.e.○Separated and relocated license renewal office work at Gifu Proving Ground
Ogaki○Small special, moped test acceptance is over
Nakano Driver Training CenterSeki City○Small special, moped test acceptance is over
Tajimi Driver Training Center / Tajimi Proving GroundTajimi City△○Skills are normal provisional exemption and normal only, and are implemented only on Tuesdays (excluding the second week)
Tono Driver Training Center / Tono Proving GroundNakatsugawa○No proficiency test
Takayama Driver Training Center / Takayama Proving GroundTakayama△○Skills are normal provisional exemption and normal only, and the test is conducted only on Friday
AichiAichi Driver's License Examination CenterNagoya cityTenpaku Ward○○Hirabari (Hirabari = place name of location or nearest stationNagoya Municipal SubwayTsurumai LineHirai Station)
Higashimikawa Driver's License CenterToyokawa△○Without conducting proficiency tests such as large motorcycles and towing
MieMie driver's license centerTsu City○○ 
KinkiShigaShiga Driver's License CenterMoriyama○○Moriyama
Shiga Driver's License Subcenter (Maibara Branch)Maibara○No proficiency test
KyotoKyoto Prefecture Driver's License Examination CenterKyoto CityFushimi Ward○○Hazukashi or NagaokaHankyuNagaoka Tenjin Station)
Kyoto Station Driver's License Renewal CenterKyoto CityShimogyo Ward△Updates are for good and elderly drivers only
OsakaKadoma Driver's License Examination CenterKadoma○○Kadoma or Furukawabashi (KeihanFurukawabashi Station)
Komyoike Driver's License Examination CenterIzumi City△○Komyoike (Senboku High Speed ​​RailGwangmyeongike Station)Without conducting proficiency tests such as towing and large 2 types
HyogoHyogo Prefecture Driver's License Examination CenterAkashi City○○AkashiAkashi Renewal Center
Hanshin Update CenterItami City○Update only
Kobe Update CenterKobe City△Only renewal of good / elderly drivers
Himeji Update CenterHimeji△Only renewal of good / elderly drivers
Tajima Driver's License CenterYabu City△○YokaSkill test Only wood and gold, no proficiency test such as towing
NaraNara Prefecture Driver's License CenterKashihara○○Ninokuchi (Ninokuchi =KintetsuNinokuchi Station)
WakayamaWakayama Prefectural Police Headquarters Transportation Center (1st Proving Ground)Wakayama City○○Okazaki (former nearest station)Wakayama Electric RailwayOkazaki-mae Station..The current nearest station isKotsu Center Mae Station)Transportation center is a general term for test sites and renewal facilities.
Wakayama Prefecture Driver's License Second Examination CenterTanabe City△ManroOrdinary, ordinary two-wheeled proficiency test
Tanabe City○Driving school graduates, etc.
Shingu City△Ordinary, ordinary two-wheeled proficiency test
ChugokuTottoriTottori Prefectural Automobile Driver License Examination Center(Chubu District Driver's License Center)Tohaku-gunYurihama Town○○Hawaii orHawai(Hawai = old town name of location)2008May 9Tohaku-gunHokuei Town(Common name: Yura (Yura = place name of location and JRSan'in Main LineYura Station)) Moved from
Western District Driver License CenterYonago○No proficiency test
Eastern District Driver License CenterTottori City○No proficiency test
Shimane Matsue○○ 
Oki Islands Practice CenterOki DistrictOki Island Town△Ordinary license, ordinary provisional license, ordinary motorcycle (small size only)
Shimane Prefecture Western License CenterHamada○○ 
OkayamaOkayama Prefecture Driver's License CenterOkayama CityKita○○Mitsu (Mitsu = old town name of location)
Kurashiki Proving GroundKurashiki△Opened on Wednesday, Friday
Kurashiki Driver's License Renewal Center△Only renewal of good / elderly drivers
Tsuyama Proving GroundTsuyama△Opened on Tuesday and Thursday
HiroshimaHiroshima Prefecture Driving License CenterHiroshima citySaiki Ward○○Hiroshima or Ishiuchi
Hiroshima Prefecture Eastern Driver's License CenterFukuyama City△○FukuyamaNewly established for the convenience of Bingo local residents

The proficiency test is for ordinary cars, semi-medium size, ordinary motorcycles (including AT / small / small AT only), and large motorcycles (including AT only) ordinary two types only.

Hiroshima Prefectural Driver's License Miyoshi Test SiteMiyoshi City△three timesTue, Wed, Thursday only

Skill test is only for ordinary cars, semi-medium size, ordinary motorcycles, ordinary motorcycles (small size only)

Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Prefecture General Traffic CenterYamaguchi City○○Ogori (Ogoori = old town name of location)
ShikokuTokushimaTokushima driver's license centerMatsushige Town○○1973In 10 monthTokushimaAtaka(Commonly known as: Atake = location name) moved to Obara-cho, Tokushima City.
2014May 1Tokushima CityOhara Town(Commonly known as: Ohara (Ohara = place name of location)Tokushima AirportMoved to the old terminal building
KagawaKagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters Driver's License CenterTakamatsu○○Goto
Kagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters Higashikagawa Driver's License Renewal CenterHigashikagawa○Update only
Kagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters Azuki Driver's License Renewal CenterShodo-gunTonosho Town○Update only
Kagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters Zentsuji Driver's License Renewal CenterZentsuji○Update only
EhimeMatsuyama City○○Katsuoka
KochiAgawa-gunIno Town○○Edagawa
KyusyuFukuokaChikuho Motor Driver's License Examination CenterIizuka○○Supports proficiency tests for all models
Fukuoka Motor Driving Test CenterFukuoka CitySouth ward○Flower field, Noma (near place name), Sarayama.Actual vehicle business abolition
Watanabedori Excellent Driver License Renewal CenterFukuoka CityChuo-kuWatanabe△Only renewal of target persons such as those who have taken excellent driver / elderly training and some procedures (2009May 10Established)
Kitakyushu Motor Driver License Examination CenterKitakyushuOgura Minami Ward○KitagataActual vehicle business abolition
Kurosaki Excellent Driver License Renewal CenterKitakyushuHachiman Nishi Ward△Only renewal of target persons such as those who have taken excellent driver / elderly training and some procedures
Chikugo Motor Driver License Examination CenterChikugo△○HainuzukaProficiency test is only for some models
SagaSaga Prefectural Driver's License Examination CenterSaga City○△Proficiency test and issuance only
Saga City△Update and reissue only
NagasakiNagasaki Driver's License Examination CenterOmura○○Omura
KumamotoKumamoto Driver's License CenterKikuchiKikuyo○○ 
OitaOita Driver's License CenterOita City○○ 
MiyazakiMiyazaki General Motor Driver License CenterMiyazaki City○○One leaf (one leaf)Both "Miyazaki Driver's License Center" and "Miyazaki Driver's License Examination Center"
Nobeoka○No proficiency test
Kitamori PrefectureMiki Town○No proficiency test
KagoshimaKagoshima Prefectural General Driver's License Examination CenterAira○○Chosa (Chosa = JRNippo Main LineChosa Station)
Kagoshima Prefectural Traffic Safety Education CenterKagoshima△Taniyama (Taniyama = surrounding area name)Update / driver training only.
OkinawaOkinawa Prefectural Police Driver's License CenterTomigusuku City○○20111ToNahaMoved from.KumejimaSkill test business trip twice a month
Safe driving school middle schoolOkinawa City○ 
Safe driving school northern part schoolNago△○Proficiency test business trip twice a month
Safe driving school Miyako branch schoolMiyakojima City△○Proficiency test business trip twice a month
Safe driving school Yaeyama branch schoolIshigaki△○Proficiency test business trip twice a month


Each state in the United States has a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as a facility equivalent to a Japanese driver's license center.[1][2]..In addition to driving permits on public roads, DMVs also renew their driver's licenses after confirming their identities.[2]..However, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV, Vehicle Management Bureau) is not only a driver's license test business, but also an organization that also performs business such as vehicle registration (vehicle registration) and official identification of residents.[2].

Since there is no resident registration system in the United States, a car license is also an institution that performs various identification such as issuing ID cards and registering voters (for example, in the case of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, a California driver's license). And ID card), DMV has become a familiar administrative agency for residents[1][2].


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