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🚗 | Two Toyotas with different strategies "It feels really great to win a tough race" Kazuki Nakajima / WEC Portimao


Two Toyotas with different strategies "I feel really great to win a tough race" Kazuki Nakajima / WEC Portimao

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"Car 7 engineer, pit crew, Mike, Kamui, and I think I did a really good job in this race.

The WEC World at the Algarve International Circuit located near Portimao in southern Portugal on June 6th ... → Continue reading


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Pit crew

Pit Crew Co., Ltd. (English: PITCREW Co., Ltd.)Internet reputation monitoring serviceIs the main business,TokyoChiyoda WardCompany.Holding companyでTokyo Stock ExchangeListed on the first sectionPoletowin Pit Crew HoldingsSubsidiary of.

Business overview

Its main business is to support the activities of contract companies by supporting the operation of the contract company's website, researching its reputation, dealing with slander and monitoring posts.Otheronline gameOperation,serverInstallation and monitoring of the websitedebug,Typographical error・ The business is to correct omissions.
According to an interview with the 3st Business Group Manager of the Business Department, the business content can be broadly divided into "Posting monitoring" to watch for posts on the content that violate the law and regulations, and "Provided by the client". It is said that there are three types: "operation monitoring" to check whether the content is operating normally, and "web patrol" to patrol the Internet and report information (reputation, etc.) of clients and provided services.[2].

13'sMunicipalitiesFrom about 7,300 schools, we are entrusted with surveys and "viewing" work on unofficial schools, and we are conducting seminars and lecture activities for parents and teachers on the Internet with the aim of preventing youth troubles. ..In addition, several prefectural police and related administrative agencies are giving lectures on the Internet "viewing", the status of children's Internet usage, and the current state of the Web.recentlyNico Nico DougaIt is announced that the video of is being deleted.Also, from October 2008, the National Police AgencyLife Safety BureauThe Information Technology Crime Countermeasures Division entrusted the business to private companies and organizations for the first time in 2011 (Heisei 23).[3].

We are proceeding with in-house systemization, and we have built and are operating a system called (Marshall) that creates a database of "posts that can cause problems".

FoundationJapan Information Processing Development Association, Information management standard.ISO27001 /Information security management systemCleared (ISMS) certification (formulated 2006)May 4, Revised 2010May 4).Registration scope: (In-house bulletin board message / image monitoring, content operation confirmation, email support, telephone support, fax support, shipping agency business, server manned monitoring, in-house information system management business)

2008May 9At the board of directors meeting held in Tokyo, Kozo Matsumoto, the founder and president, was appointed chairman of the board to focus on developing new business areas, and Naoto Konishi, the director, was the representative director to expand the business and strengthen the management system. Became president.In addition, Chairman of the Board, Mitsutaka Motoshige, will serve as a director advisor, and Kiyoji Ouchi, a director, will serve as a managing director.Board MemberThere was a human resource[4].

2014May 2, President Naoto Konishi was appointed Chairman of the Board, and Munehiro Ando was appointed President and Representative Director.


  • January 2000 Pit Crew Co., Ltd. (President Kozo Matsumoto, capital 1 million yen) in TokyoNakanoEstablished in
  • January 2001 Reorganized as Pit Crew Co., Ltd.
  • March 2001 Tokyo Headquarters in TokyoChuo-kuMoved to
  • June 2005 Chubu Support Center (AichiNagoya city) Installed
  • October 2005 Sapporo Support Center (HokkaidoSapporo) Installed
  • December 2005 Obtained Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification
  • April 2006, 4 Gifu Support Center (GifuOgaki) Installed
  • December 2006 Obtained ISO12 certification
  • March 2007 Tokyo Headquarters in TokyoChiyoda WardMoved to
  • September 2008, 9 Naoto Konishi becomes representative director
  • November 2008 Kitakyushu Office (FukuokaKitakyushu) Installed
  • August, 2009 Pole to winJoint with a corporationStock transferBy Pacer Co., Ltd. (in April 2011)Poletowin Pit Crew HoldingsEstablished (changed trade name to joint-stock company)
  • October 2009 Established Kitakyushu Support Center (Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
  • 2011/3/10 FacebookParticipate in and open a page
  • February 2013 Transferred part of server inspection service business to newly established subsidiary Pitcrew Core Ops Co., Ltd.[5]
  • October 2013 Acquired all shares of Portside Co., Ltd. from Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings Co., Ltd. and made it a subsidiary.[6]
  • August, 2013 YahooCorporationSafer Internet AssociationTheAlps System IntegrationEstablished Co., Ltd. and Pit Crew Co., Ltd. as regular members.As a supporting memberMixi,GleeCo., Ltd. also participates.
  • April 2014 Established Sendai Support Center (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • November 2014 Subsidiary Portside Co., Ltd. changed its trade name to Pit Crew Cross Lab Co., Ltd.[7]
  • September 2015 Opened Osaka Support Center (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) and consolidated Kansai sales offices
  • November 2015 Opened Hakata Support Center (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
  • September 2016 Shiroharu Yamauchi becomes representative director
  • February 2018 Merged with Pit Crew Cross Lab Co., Ltd.Part of the business of Pit Crew Core Ops Co., Ltd. succeeded through a company split[8].

Business contents

  • School unofficial site (Back school site) Surveillance service
  • EC (Electronic Commerce & Communlty) Observation Business
Bulletin board monitoring service
Server monitoring service
Quality verification service
  • Customer Support Business
User support service
Other business
Web patrol service
Advertising review service
  • New initiatives by establishing "Safety Measures Laboratory"
Safety Measures Laboratory


  • Site launch stage
Quality verification service
  • Site operation stage
Bulletin board monitoring service
  • Follow-up
User support service


Related company

  • Pit Crew Core Ops Co., Ltd.

Member organization


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