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🚗 | [Nissan Note Aura New Announcement] Autech sets passenger seat rotating seat

Photo Note Aura Passenger Seat Rotating Seat

[Nissan Note Aura New Announcement] Autech sets passenger seat rotating seat

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In addition, when the manufacturer's option "BOSE Personal Sound System" is selected, speakers are also placed on the headrest, allowing you to experience a more premium sound.

On June 6th, Nissan Motor's affiliate Autech Japan announced that it would use the "Note Aura" as a base for "passenger seat rotation. → Continue reading


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Headrest (Headrest) isAutomobilePillow-shaped part of the upper part of the backrest provided in the seat of the transportation machine such as.

Head restraint Is an abbreviation for. Head means head and neck, restraint means restraint and restraint, and head restraint means pillow for seat and pillow for seat.

FighterWhen turningGAndTraffic accident(Rear-end collision) Etc., unexpectedly highAcceleration(Sudden load) shakes the passenger's head greatly,WhiplashIt is provided to prevent such obstacles from being caused.

Depending on the model, the headrest should be tilted forward during a rear-end collision.Active headrestSome have a built-in mechanism to improve protection performance.

Laws and regulations

Since the headrest is a security item, it is basically incompatible unless all the passenger capacity is installed except for some old cars, but regarding the back seat (coupeType andLight carIt may be left to the discretion of the inspector (especially for vehicles that are considered to be infrequently occupied by people in the back seats). There are various shapes such as pillow type, donut type, and seat integrated type. In addition, there are many products called headrest monitors on the market, but this violates safety standards and cannot pass the vehicle inspection.


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