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🚄 | JR West and each local government will consider the survival of the section between Shobara City and Niimi City on the Geibi Line


JR West and each local government will consider the survival of the Geibi Line section between Shobara City and Niimi City

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The Geibi Line is a section that connects the Hakubi Line (Kurashiki-Niimi-Hoki Mt. Ooyama) and the Kiji Line (Shishido-Bingo-Ochiai) in a situation where the number of passengers decreases as the distance from Hiroshima increases. ~ The decrease in passengers such as Bingo-Ochiai is remarkable.

From Bichu-Kojiro (Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture), a mountain station in the Chinese mountains, through Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, to Hiroshima Station on the sea side, 159 ... → Continue reading

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Bingo Ochiai Station

Bingo Ochiai Station(Bottle Ochiai-eki)HiroshimaShobaraLocated in Saijocho Hattori,West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)station.


Of this stationAffiliation line[1]IsGeibi LineAnd this stationend pointToKisetsu LineAt the station whereChugoku MountainsLocated in the mountains of[2].. Opened in 1935 (Showa 10)[2], After the Kisuki Line entered in 1937 (Showa 12)BihokuAs one of the main stations in the districtEngine districtAccommodations, track maintenance divisions, communication divisions, etc. have been set up, and more than 200 staff members work at one time.[3],Semi-express/Express"ChidoriSuch asHonor train OfLocomotiveReplacement /Split and merge-SwitchbackEtc. were being done.In addition, there are two inns in front of the station[2]・ Taxi, cafeteria, barber shop, etc. have entered the market, and "Ochiai"GinzaIt was so successful that it was called[4]..But after thatsteam locomotiveからRailcarThe number of staff has decreased due to the replacement with[4], Depopulation / development of road network[Note 1]The number of passengers also decreased[2].

In Heisei, this station only departs and arrives at one-man trains.[4]..Even after the number of users decreased, three staff members were stationed and were in charge of operation management and ticketing of the Kisuki Line train that turned back at this station.Timetable revision on March 1997, 9By Kisuki Line (this station- Izumo-Sakane StationThe trains that operate betweenShobara OfCentralized Traffic Control Station Since it became possible to automatically control with (CTC), there is no need for operation personnel, so from the same dayMujin-ekiBecame[Note 2][3].. As of December 2018, most of the stores that used to be lined up in front of the station are closed, with few passengers seen except when trains arrive and depart.[5]However, the remains of the terminal station remain "Unexplored station'[Note 3]AsRailway fanIn addition to attracting attention from the station, a former Japanese National Railways engineer living near the station cleaned the station yard and its surroundings, and the activities of local railroad fans and tourist associations[6]In recent years, the number of users has been increasing slightly.[5].

There used to be a locomotive garage inside the stationTurntable[Note 4]・ Water towers and coal storage yard[2], There was a Bingo-Ochiai berth next to the station.Railway next to the stationGovernment building[4]・ The engine depot has already been removed as of 2009, but the coal storage yard and turntable remain.[2].

JR WestOkayama branch-Yonago branch-Hiroshima branch Ofrealm[Note 5]BecauseTrolley trainof"Okuizumo OrochiAll trains will return at this station, including.However, trains from MiyoshiOvernight stayPart of the station building is a crew accommodation facility[Note 6].

Of Kisuki Line and Geibi LineTransfer stationHowever, there are only 1 regular trains a day in the Miyoshi area and 5 trains in each of the Kiji and Shinmi areas (3 trains / day in total in 3 directions).[Note 7][5], The connection between each direction is not considered so much.

The section before and after including this station(I.e.-Heavy snowOften out of service.Heavy rains are in the Miyoshi area, heavy snowfalls are in the Kiji and Shinmi areas, and especially when the snow is deep once it reaches spring.Snow removalInstead, it is often a bus service.


  • 1935(Showa10 years)May 12 - National railwayShobara Line (at that time)Bingo-Saijō StationExtends from and opens as the terminal station.
  • 1936(11)May 10 --The Mikami LineOnuka StationExtends from to this station.At the same time, the Shobara line was incorporated into the Mikami line,Binchu Jindai Station --Bigo Miyoshi Station (currently:Miyoshi Station) Will be the Mikami Line, and will be an intermediate station on the same line.
  • 1937(12)
    • May 7 ――Bicchu-Kojiro Station with the nationalization of Geibi Railway ―― Hiroshima StationSince the space is the Geibi Line, it belongs to the same line.
    • May 12 --With the opening of the Kisuki Line (Yakawa Station-Bingo-Ochiai Station), it will become a connecting station between the same line and the Geibi Line.
  • 1942(17)May 2 - Saijo TownWith the establishment of (2nd), the location display will be changed to Hattori, Saijo-cho, Hiba-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • 1954(29)May 3 --With the establishment of Saijo-cho (3rd), the location display will be changed to Hattori, Saijo-cho, Hiba-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • 1972(47)May 9 --Abolished the handling of cargo[7].
  • 1983(58)May 10 --Abolition of ticketing (simple consignment by consignment of inn in front of the station).
  • 1986(61)May 11 --Resume ticketing (abolition of simple consignment).
  • 1987(62)May 4 - Privatization of the national railway divisionAs a result, it becomes a station of JR West.
  • 1990(Heisei2 years) November 11st-Station stand closed[8].
  • 1997(9)May 3 --Unmanned due to timetable revision on the same day[3].
  • 2002(14)May 3 --The last express trains "Chidori" and "Taishaku" that were on board this station have been abolished.[2].
  • 2005(17) March 3-With the establishment of Shobara City (second), the location display will be changed to Hattori, Saijocho, Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • 2006(18)
    • May 7 --This station due to heavy rain-- Hibayama StationA large-scale slope collapse occurred between them, and the Geibi Line was at this station. Bingo-Saijō StationThere will be no communication between them.
    • May 7 --Due to the interruption of the Geibi Line, the substitute bus operation started.
  • 2007(19) April 4-The Geibi Line restoration work has been completed, and operation has resumed on all lines.

Station structure

Single platform1 sides 1 linesIsland homeHas a platform with 1 lines on 2 side and 2 lines on 3 sides in totalGround station..The station building is located on the single platform side used by the Kisuki line, and the island platform used by the Geibi line is connected by a railroad crossing on the premises.At the time of openingoverpassThere was,Pacific WarIt was removed inside.

Bus stop

The platform is as follows from the station building side.

Bus stoproutedirectiondestinationRemarks
1E Kisetsu Line-Izumo Yokota-Kisukiaspect
2P Geibi LineGoing downBingo Shobara-ShiomachiaspectPart 3 platform
3Going upTojo-Niimiaspect
  • In this section, the entire route map of the JR West official website[9]The line symbol and line color are shown according to.
  • There are several sidings on the outside of track 3.Due to the signal system, it is not possible to enter Lines 1 and 2 directly from the direction of Shinmi, so trains entering the Kisuki Line from the direction of Shinmi will arrive at the siding line once, and after shunting, they will switch to Line 2 and then tree Enter the next line.However,2015(27)May 3In the revised timetable, there are no regular trains that need to use the siding, and it is limited to temporary operation, and has a track record in the rapid Okuizumo train operated between Niimi Station and Izumo-Sakane Station in the summer of 2004.
  • Depending on the arrangement of traffic lights at this station, the following trains can arrive and depart structurally.That is, track 1; arrival from the direction of Kisuki and departure to the direction of Kisuki. Line 2: Arrival from Miyoshi or Kisuki and departure to all directions. Lateral lines 3 and 3 outside; arrival from Niimi or Miyoshi and departure to Niimi or Miyoshi.
  • The track of line 1 joins line 2 on the east side of this station, and it is a wiring that allows the locomotives of trains arriving from the Kisuki line to be replaced. (There is no departure signal for Line 1 on the east side of this station.)
  • It used to be run by a local restaurant, Kansuiro, inside the current island platform on Lines 2 and 3.Standing Soba/Udon ShopThere was "Oden Udon" as a specialty of this shop[10]..In addition, ekiben was also sold, but the express train of the honor train was revised in March 1990."Chidori"Has been abolished, so all premises business has been closed since October 10st of the same year. After that, "Oden Udon" was offered at "Drive In Ochiai" near the station, which was entrusted with the operation of the station shop by Kansuirou at the end of the period.[2].

Usage situation

The average number of passengers per day is as follows.[11]

年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
Daily average
Boarding and alighting personnel

2019(First year of Reiwa)28[13]

Around the station

The station is located in the mountains and is separated from National Highway 183, which runs parallel from the station, by the Hitotobara River, which is a tributary of the Saijo River.To the national highwayBingo-Ochiai Stop Line, Hiroshima Prefectural Road 234The bridge (Ekimae Bridge) that crosses the Kotorihara River is about 90 meters to the east, and it is a gentle downhill toward the bridge.

There are no shops in front of the station and there are two vacant houses.Once on the river side in the middle of the slope of the prefectural roadBeauty salon-Newspaper shop・ DogoTaxiHowever, as of October 2019, only the taxi sales office building remains.The taxi office also had a free direct telephone facility, but it cannot be used.There is a large two-story wooden building in front of the bridge that crosses the Kotorihara River at the end of the slope, but originallyJapanese innMet.In the past, it was crowded with train transfer passengers arriving at midnight used to take a nap until the morning train arrived.Currently, the accommodation business is stopped, but an old showcase for selling cigarettes is placed on the porch and it continues to operate as a store dealing with cigarettes etc.[15].

  • National Route 183
  • National Route 314
  • Dogo Taxi Ochiai Sales Office
  • Bingo-Ochiai Post Office
  • Shobara Police Station Hachiho Police Box
  • Drive In Ochiai (Located about 1km west of this station, Oden Udon, which was a specialty of Bingo-Ochiai Station, is sold in winter)
  • Saijo Transportation"Ochiai station square" stop

Next station

West Japan Railway Company
P Geibi Line
■Rapid (arrival train only)
Mt. Dougoyama station → Bingo Ochiai Station
■Normal (transfer at this station)
Mt. Dougoyama Station- Bingo Ochiai Station - Hibayama Station
E Kisuki Line (only regular trains operate)
Aburagi Station - Bingo Ochiai Station


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注 釈

  1. ^ Geibi Line / Kisuki LineTrack standardGradually because it is low and difficult to speed uphighwayNet maintenance and accompanyingExpress BusPassengers were robbed due to the development of the route[4].
  2. ^ At the beginning of the unmanned operation, the ticketing business was outsourced to the inn in front of the station.[3],CurrentlyNiimi StationIt is a managed unmanned station.
  3. ^ Takanobu UshiyamaCalled this stationJapan's No. XNUMX Unexplored Terminal Station"It has said[2].
  4. ^ The turntable was in use until the early 1980s[2].
  5. ^ This station is under the jurisdiction of the Okayama branch office.Jurisdiction boundaryIt has become.
  6. ^ After the last train arrives, the driver stays at the accommodation until the first train the next day[2].
  7. ^ On the Kisuki Line (toward Kisuki), one trolley train will be added depending on the season.[5], There will be some suspension on the second Thursday.


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