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✈ | Ryanair receives 737 MAX for the first time 197-737 with 8200 seats

Photo Ryanair and Group company Malta Air, buzz painted 737 MAX

Ryanair receives 737 MAX for the first time 197-737 with 8200 seats

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The specifications of 737-8200 are also ordered by VietJet Air.

Ryanair will be on Wednesday, June 2021, 6 in Seattle, Washington, USA, Boeing 16-737-8 ... → Continue reading


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Vet jet air

Vet jet air (Vietjet Air)Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfCheap airlineIs.Vietnam's first commercial airline. Under Sovico Holdings[1].


2007Established in.at firstAir AsiaIn a joint venture withVietJet Air AsiaHowever, due to the Vietnamese government's foreign capital regulation policy, AirAsia was not allowed to operate.Then, after AirAsia raised its capital2011May 12Started operation from[2].

In 2012, a flight attendant in a bikini started a service to dance on board, which attracted a lot of attention both at home and abroad, but was punished for violating local aviation regulations by the Vietnamese authorities who saw it as a problem.[3].

August 2017, 7,Japan AirlinesAnnounced a comprehensive business alliance with (JAL)[4], With the companyCode share flightsThe flight will start on October 2018, 10[5][6].

January 2018, 5, JapanMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismReceived a management license from the International Air Transport Association for Foreigners[7], From June 11stOsaka/Kansai - HanoiIn service[8]..After that, Osaka / Kansai- Ho Chi Minh CityOn December 12th of the same year[9],Tokyo/Narita --Hanoi on January 2019, 1[10]Each went into service. On October 2019, 10,Danang - Tokyo/HanedaIn service[11]..It was announced that it plans to enter service in Nagoya, Fukuoka and Kagoshima in the future.


CEO Nguyễn Thị Phương Thảo is the co-founder and chairman of parent company Sovico Holdings and the first billionaire to succeed on its own as a Southeast Asian woman (= total assets of over $ 10 billion). But also[3][12]..Married and having 4 children[12]. In 1970HanoiBorn inロシア OfPrehanov Memorial Russian Economic Academy,Dmitri MendeleevStudied finance and management at the University of Chemical Technology.Clothing, office equipment, fertilizers, etc. from Asian countries such as JapanMoscowAfter returning to Japan, invested in Vietnam's first private banks (Techcombank) and (VIB), and then established VietJet Air in 2007.[3].

Sovico Holdings started as a media company in the late 1980s, became a trading company dealing in industrial machinery, construction machinery, special vehicles, steel, fertilizer, etc. from 1992, and was also involved in the establishment of the Soviet Vietnam Commercial Union.[13][1].. Entered the financial industry in 1997, changed the company name from Sovico to Sovico Holdings in 2008, and in addition to aviation, finance (HD Bank = Ho Chi Minh City Development Bank), real estate (urban development and Vietnam's largest beach resort) Became one of Vietnam's leading conglomerate companies (complex companies) with more than 20 subsidiaries such as hydropower and more than 2 employees.[1][14][3].

Owned equipment

As of 2018[15][16]

Vietjet Air fleet
ModelNumber of operating machinesNumber of ordered machinesNumber of seatsRemarks
Airbus A320-20023180
Airbus A321-200306230
Airbus A321neo3119230
Boeing 737 MAX 8120TBAOf these, 100 are high-demand specifications MAX200, and other specifications have not been announced.[Source required]
Boeing 737 MAX 1080TBA
  • August 2014, 2,Singapore AirshowConcluded an ordering contract for more than 320 A320 series (including A100neo) aircraft[17].
  • May 2016, 5, at that timePresident of the United StatesBarack ObamaDuring my visit to VietnamVietnam Communist PartySecretary GeneralNguyen Phu TrongAt the meeting withBoeingAnd 737 MAX 200 contract for 100 aircraft[18].
  • On July 2018, 7, a total of 18 purchase memorandums of understanding (MOU) were signed with Boeing for 737 MAX (MAX 8:20 and MAX 10:80).[19]..The following day, on the 19th, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed with Airbus to order 321 A50neo aircraft.[20].

Destination city

Services and others

  • Baggage that can be carried on board is 7 kg or less, and baggage that can be checked in for a fee is 32 kg or less.[21].
  • Seat selection[22], In-flight meals, beverages, etc.[23]Is charged.
  • When you purchase a ticket called "SkyBoss", the highest priority advance seat selection, priority check-in,Airport loungeYou can receive services such as use of, transportation by vehicle to the boarding gate, priority boarding, in-flight meals, priority disembarkation, etc.[24].
  • As part of the promotion, female models called "Vetjet Sexy" on boardビ キ ニAnd dressesダンスdo"fashion showIs being carried out[25][26]..A calendar with photos of flight attendants in bikinis has also been created.[27].
  • A lottery is also held, such as free airline tickets贈 り 物The campaign promotion was carried out without permission from the Vietnamese authorities, and fines were imposed, but the fine was about 75,000 yen in Japanese yen.[Source required]
  • You can also have a wedding on board.There is no charge.At an altitude of 1 meters, you can swear your love for a lifetime.However, the attendees are ordinary passengers.[Source required]


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