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🚗 | 4 units such as Isuzu Giga, bug in speedometer control program ... Recall

Photo Isuzu Giga

4 units such as Isuzu Giga, bug in speedometer control program ... Recall

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The target vehicles are Isuzu "Giga", "Forward", and UD Trucks "Condor", and 3 units manufactured from January 2019, 1 to March 28, 2021.

Isuzu Motors Ltd. said on June 6 that there was a problem with speedometers such as the heavy-duty truck "Giga", and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism ... → Continue reading


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UD Trucks

UD Trucks Co., Ltd.(Udy Tracks,English:UD Trucks Corporation) IsJapan OfLarge carSpecialty (Track-bus)ofCar maker.Isuzu MotorsSubsidiary of.

Long time agoスウェーデン OfMulti national company-Volvo GroupIt is a subsidiary of Volvo, and also imported Volvo Group products.2020May 10With Volvo Group, a major shareholderIsuzu MotorsBetweenStrategic allianceWas officially signed and became an Isuzu Group company by acquiring UD Trucks from Volvo for 2021 billion yen by April 4, 1.[3][4][5][6].

CorporationAs a case,2007May 1ToNA Co., Ltd.Was established as2010May 4 OfVolvo Group Japan Co., Ltd.After changing the company name to2014May 1It is a corporation that changed its name to the current company name and merged with the company (former)UD Trucks Co., Ltd.It is,2010March 2Nissan Diesel Industry Co., Ltd.It is a corporation whose company name has been changed from (Nissan Diesel Kogyo).

In addition, Nissan Diesel IndustryNissan MotorAlthough it was under the umbrella2007Became a subsidiary of Volvo and the capital relationship disappeared.However, even after thatbusiness partnershipWas continuing.Made by Nissan MotorCommercial vehicleMounted ondiesel engineHas also been produced.The predecessor1950May 5ToConsumer industryWas spun off fromConsumer Daisel IndustryAnd1953With the capital participation of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.1960ToNissan Diesel IndustryThe company name was changed to.For cars with UD engine in the old company eraConsumer industrySee also


The main product isTrackAnd largetrailerDomesticmarket shareIt is the first.Domestic share of ordinary trucksHino Motors,Isuzu Motors,Mitsubishi Fuso Truck/BusNext to 4th place.

In addition, in Japan ...Volvo construction machineryEach business of is also developed by our company.

Abbreviation of the old company name "Nissan dieselOr the popular name ""Nissan dieselFrom the time of the old company nameUD"(Udy / Uday) is also widely known.[7].

ThisUDBecause onceGMSingle-flow scavenging method2-cycle diesel engine"Uniflow Scavenging Diesel EngineManufacture and its acronymengine Of商標It is derived from the fact that The UD trademark continues to be used after the end of two-stroke engine production, and now UD is derived from the acronym "Ultimate Dependability".

In the old company name eraAutomobileMainly in the industryDay deIt was abbreviated as "(Nichide)".1972Up to a large bus,1976We were manufacturing heavy trucksNissan MotorTo clarify the model and classification ofJapan Automobile Manufacturers Association,Car magazineWas mainly used.In addition, it should be notedRailway journalIn some magazines, "Nissan dayYou can also see the notation.

またtransportationAt the business site, simply "NissanWas also used[Annotation 1].

From Nissan Group to Volvo Group

1999,RenaultWith Nissan MotorCapital allianceSometimes to Nissan DieselInvestmentdo itShareholder listNo. 2 in the ranking, under the command of RenaultRestructuringProgressed.

2003March, Nissan diesel carMountWas responsible for about 6% ofFuji Heavy IndustriesIsesakiThe factory withdrew from the bus body manufacturing business (in the same year)Subaru Customize StudioIndependent as, since 2011Kiryu IndustryIsesaki Factory).Along with that, the procurement source of the bus bodyWest Japan Body IndustryAggregated to.

2005Renault owns after restructuring in MarchstockIs released and becomes a subsidiary of Nissan Motor again.

2006January,Largest shareholder19% of the 13% stake held by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.スウェーデンTruck maker,AB VolvoVolvo becomes the largest shareholder.In September of the same year, the remaining 9% was sold to Volvo, and the capital relationship with Nissan Motor disappeared.At that time, it was announced that the company name of "Nissan Diesel" would not change.

2007February 2th, Volvo is completesubsidiaryFor the purpose ofTakeover bidAnnounced that it will be implemented, and Nissan Diesel also resolved to agree.On July 7, the same year, with the completion of the purchaseTokyo Stock ExchangeDelistedIt became.

2009January,2010On August 1Japan VolvoAbsorbed and merged[8], Nissan Dieselsubsidiary OfCreate Center, And also a subsidiary company to follow the flow of system brainVolvo Information Technology Japan(Volvo IT Japan) will also be absorbed and merged on the same date[9]とWebsiteWill be announced at.

In the morning edition of each newspaper dated January 2010, 1, on February 19, 2, "UD TrucksIt is reported that the company name will be changed to ", but the company name change on February 2 is true, but the new company name will be announced on January 1," announced on the website.[10]..On January 1th of the same year, the company name change to "UD Trucks" was announced on February 26st, and the brand was unified to "UD Trucks".[11].

In 2014, merged with Volvo Group Japan, making the company the surviving company and changing its trade name to "UD TrucksTo[12].

From Volvo Group to Isuzu Group

August 2019, 12,Isuzu MotorsとVolvo GroupA strategic alliance with Isuzu was announced, and it was also announced that UD Trucks would become a subsidiary of Isuzu.Isuzu plans to buy UD shares from Volvo[13].. On October 2020, 10, a strategic alliance was officially signed between Volvo Group, a major shareholder, and Isuzu Motors, and by April 30, 2021, Isuzu became a subsidiary of Isuzu for 4 billion yen.[3][6].

Transition of bus business

Bus businessSince 2007Mitsubishi Fuso Truck/BusAnd in the bus manufacturing businessbusiness partnershipStart. May 2007Space runner AAndMitsubishi FusoOn the sideAero Star-S OfSaleMutual with the company since the startOEMSupply has started.

On January 2010, 1, Nishi-Nippon Shatai Kogyo discontinued vehicle body production and the company on August 21, 8.Dissolution(Later, the dissolution date was postponed to October 2010, 10). The reason was that UD Trucks canceled the bus body manufacturing order from Nishi-Nippon Shatai Kogyo.[14][15]..In response to this, on August 8, the same year, regarding the Mitsubishi Fuso and bus businessJoint VentureStart of discussions for establishmentMemorandumIs concluded.Mutual OEM supply has been virtually terminated, and all vehicles sold by UD Trucks will be OEM models from Mitsubishi Fuso.

On October 3, 2010, three days before the dissolution of Nishi-Nippon Shatai Kogyo, it was announced that discussions on the establishment of a joint venture with Mitsubishi Fuso would be terminated and mutual OEM supply would end.[16][17]..As a result, UD Trucks, which does not own its own bus body manufacturing facility, has effectively withdrawn from the bus business, and bus production and sales were suspended in 2011.[18].

LaterChugokuLooking for imports of Volvobus made in JapanRoad Transport Vehicle ActIt was reported in September 2012 that the response cost and sales forecast were not balanced and abandoned and decided to withdraw completely.[18].

Currently of bus vehiclesAfter-Sales ServiceAnd parts supply took over the business of Nishi-Nippon Shatai KogyoNishitetsu body technology(Old company name) is doing[16][19]

2014March 3th, Volvo GroupEmerging marketsNew fordevelopment ofof the busbrandAsJapan,Southeast AsiaThe name of the "UD" bus, which has a strong brand power, is "UD BusesIt has been announced that it will be used as.at firstIndiaManufactured and sold atBangaloreBus factoryOutputHubTo[20]However, there are no plans to restart the bus business in Japan.[21].


Describe the old and new corporations separately.

Old corporation

  • 1950May 5 - Consumer industryThe automobile division of a corporationSplit companyThen,Minsei Daisel Industry Co., Ltd.Inaugurated as.
  • 195312 month - Nissan MotorCorporationCapital participationTo do.
  • 1955
  • 1960May-trade nameNissan Diesel Industry Co., Ltd.Change to.
  • 1971 --The head office was moved from Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture to 1-XNUMX, Itchome, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture.
  • 1979 --Changed the "NISSAN DIESEL" logo.Appeared in the same yearResonaMore adopted. (The bus is1982More adopted)
  • 1987 --Established a corporation (later TEXUS Co., Ltd.)[24].
  • 1995 - CIAdopted.An emblem with "UD" in the ellipse has appeared.At the same time, the "NISSAN DIESEL" logo was changed again.
  • 20001 month - Nissan Diesel Sales Co., Ltd.Take over the business of[23].
  • 2002February --Launched "genuine custom paint" service for high-quality painting on cabs.
  • 2003April-A new emblem has arrived.Changed the emblem with "UD" in the ellipse to a new type (it is common to read "UD", but it has a geometric design).
  • 2004June-Medium-sized car engine in June for trucks and August for busesHino MotorsChange to OEM from a corporation,Electric double layer capacitorUsedParallel hybrid method"Capacitor hybrid" technology will be provided to Hino.
  • 2005May 6 -In-house developmentUrea SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) System・ Technology related to "FLENDS"Mitsubishi Fuso Truck/BusIt will also be provided to a joint-stock company and announce the technical tie-up between the two companies.
  • 2006
    • May 3 - AB VolvoWill acquire 13 million shares, which is 4000% of the total number of shares, from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and become the largest shareholder.
    • May 9 --Volvo from major shareholdersPreferred stock, The capital relationship with Nissan Motor will be extinguished by acquiring 6 million shares, which is about 1800% of the total number of shares held by Nissan Motor.
  • 2007
    • May 3 - NAThe joint-stock company will conduct a tender offer and acquire approximately 96 million shares, which is 2% of the total number of shares, and become the parent company of the Company.
    • May 5 --Mutual OEM supply with Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus announced on July 2006, 7 due to the start of sales of Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star-S[25]Has started and is largeNon-step busBuses and medium-sized buses will be manufactured by Nissan Diesel to Mitsubishi Fuso, and large tour buses and large one-step buses will be supplied from Mitsubishi Fuso to Nissan Diesel.At the same time, Hino engines will continue to be used only for trucks.
  • 2008January 1-Reorganization.Integrate some businesses into the Volvo Group[26].
  • 2009
    • May 1 --A direct sales companyNissan Diesel TrucksEstablished by integrating with a joint-stock company (later UD Trucks Japan Co., Ltd.).
    • May 7 -SubsidiaryNissan Diesel Logicom Co., Ltd.Merged[27].
    • May 8 --Concluded a memorandum of understanding with Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Co., Ltd. to start discussions on establishing a joint venture for the bus business.[28]Then, discussions will be held to transfer and integrate the bus planning, R & D, production and sales businesses from the two companies to the joint venture.
    • May 11 --A wholly owned subsidiary of VolvoJapan VolvoAcquire all shares of a joint-stock company and make it a wholly owned subsidiary[8].
  • 2010
    • January 1-SubsidiaryCreate Center Co., Ltd.,Volvo Information Technology Japan Co., Ltd.[9], な ら び にVolvo Japan Co., Ltd.[8]Absorb and merge.
    • May 2 -(Old)UD Trucks Co., Ltd.Change the trade name to.After that, the emblem was changed to an ellipse with the "UD" mark and the English letters "UD TRUCKS".
    • May 2 --Start selling Volvo heavy-duty trucks to major companies.
    • May 8 --Final production of buses manufactured by Nishi-Nippon Shatai Kogyo was shipped, and the buses of (former) UD Trucks Co., Ltd. were supplied by Mitsubishi Fuso on an OEM basis.[Annotation 2]Is done.
    • May 10 --End of negotiations and negotiations to establish a joint venture with Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus for bus business[16][17].
    • May 10 --West Japan Body Industry Disbanded[15][14]
  • 2011
    • By the end of the year-OEM supply from Mitsubishi Fuso will end[18].
    • May 8 - Press industryPartial transfer of shares of a joint-stock company, a joint-stock company, from the company[30].
  • 2012 --Announced that it has abandoned the resumption of the domestic bus business[18].
  • 2013
    • May 5 --Subsidiary Co., Ltd.DRDAll shares of the staffing agencyTemp staffTransfer to a corporation[31].
    • January 7-SubsidiaryTEXUS Co., Ltd.Merged[24].
    • May 8 - BangkokAnnounced "Quester", a heavy-duty truck for emerging markets[32][33]To do.
  • 2014January 1-SubsidiaryUD Trucks Japan Co., Ltd.と と も にVolvo Group JapanMerged with a joint-stock company and dissolved[12].

Current corporation

  • 2007
    • May 1 - VolvoAsset Management Subsidiary and Current Surviving CompanyNA Co., Ltd.Was established.
    • March 3-Conducted a tender offer for Nissan Diesel Industry Co., Ltd. and acquired approximately 29 million shares, which is 96% of the total number of shares, and became the largest shareholder.
  • 2010May 4 - Volvo Group Japan Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.
  • 2014
    • January 1-(Old)UD TrucksWith a stock companyUD Trucks JapanMerged with a corporation. (new)UD Trucks Co., Ltd.Change trade name to[12].
    • May 3 --Announced to manufacture UD brand buses in India[20]To do.
    • May 4 - Volvo Logistics Corporation Japan Co., Ltd.Merged[34].
    • May 6 --Agree on OEM supply of light trucks from Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus[35].
  • 2015May 7 --The new head office building is completed.
  • 20162 month - Isuzu MotorsAgreed to supply medium-duty truck OEM from Co., Ltd.[36].
  • 2019December-A strategic alliance between Isuzu Motors and its parent company Volvo Group was announced, and it was also announced that the company would become part of Isuzu.[13].
  • 2020October 10-Isuzu Motors officially signs a basic agreement on a strategic alliance with the Volvo Group.
  • 2021April 4-By the same day, Isuzu completed the UD Trucks acquisition procedure and became the Isuzu Group.[3][6].

Business locations


  • Headquarters / Ageo Factory (Saitama Prefecture)Ageo City)
    • Truck assembly
    • engineProcessing and assembly
    • Import and sale of Volvo brand products
  • Thai factory (Kingdom of Thailand)
    • Manufacture and export of trucks for emerging countries
  • Singapore office (Singapore)
    • Truck sales

Former production base

Group Companies

What is extant[37]Only write.

  • (Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture)
    • We undertake manufacturing operations.
  • (TokyoMinato-ku)
    • Our company belongs toVolvo groupVolvo Financial Services[38](Volvo Financial Services[39]) Japanese corporation[40].

Vehicle list

Current model


  • Quon(Heavy truck 25Tclass)
  • コ ン ド ル(Medium-duty truck, 4-12 ton classIsuzu ForwardIt is an OEM model of. )
  • Kazet(Light truck, 1-4 ton classMitsubishi Fuso CanterIt is an OEM model of. )
  • Quester(Heavy trucks for emerging countries[41]..Released in Southeast Asia and South Africa. )
  • (Medium-duty trucks for emerging countries[42]..The trade area is the same as Quester. )
  • (Light truck for emerging countries. Released in Indonesia.)


Re-entered the bus business on March 2014, 3 and is selling in growth markets such as India.[20][43][44].

  • SLF(Large route bus for emerging countries. Released in India.)
  • (Articulated bus for emerging countries. Released in India.)

Industrial engine


Out of print

Listed in order of release.


As mentioned above, in Japan, sales of all bus models ended on October 2010, 10, and production ended in 29.[18].


Industrial engine


Sales outlet

There used to be UD Trucks Japan as a sales company, but now it is directly managed by our company except for some.

Due to the change of our former corporation (Nissan Diesel Industry) to UD Trucks, the three sales companies (subsidiary 2010, equity method application 3) and Hokkaido sales that existed in 1 are linked to each other. Changed[45][46]..After that, Iwate and Tochigi were also changed, and now only Gunma has a name that includes "Nissan Diesel".It is also a sales companyUD Trucks JapanAs mentioned above, the old corporation was merged with the new corporation, and it is currently directly managed by the Company.

this houseUD Trucks Japan(UD Trucks Japan) announced the establishment on November 2008, 11[47]Later, on January 2009, 1, all of Nissan Diesel Industry's (at that time) direct sales companies and used car sales companiesCross netIs integratedKanto Nissan DieselCo., Ltd. as the surviving companyNissan Diesel TrucksEstablished as a joint-stock company and headquartered in Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture, it is a holding company of UD Trucks along with UD Trucks on January 2014, 1 in order to improve management efficiency.Volvo Group JapanWas merged with (at the same time, the trade name was changed toUD Truckschange to)[12][48].

This UD Trucks Japan is the parent company of UDAB VolvoThe handling of heavy-duty trucks was started on February 2010, 2 for major companies only.

In addition, the direct sales companies were integrated into one companyMitsubishi Fuso Truck/BusSecond to the second, the six local capital companies will continue to operate independently.Also, during the Nissan Diesel Industry era, there was a loose sales cooperation relationship, such as being listed on the Nissan Motors general catalog (general leaflet / general pamphlet) and the Nissan car catalog (pamphlet) being placed at Nissan Diesel dealers. ..In addition, it was described as "Nissan diesel sales company" in the general catalog of Nissan Motor.[49]

Current sales company structure


  • TV commercialKansai TV production historical dramaIt was sponsored by such as, and mainly broadcasted Condor commercials. Although TV commercials have not been aired for a while since the 1990s, from the appearance of Quon in 2004 to 2008SaitamaWas broadcasting a commercial for Quon. Became a TV sponsor for the first time in 2018 years on "Footprints of Hot Summer," which has been broadcast on TV from May 5, 14.
  • Radio commercialNACK5of"SUNDAY LIONS"And so on.
  • Books and magazine advertisementsBasrama InternationalI was advertising books and magazines.Also,Seibu BusThe one with our advertisement in the lower part of the advertisement in the car[Annotation 3]Existed.


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