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🚗 | Nissan GT-R NISMO 2022 model reservations are strong!GT-R sales in 2 in about 2021 months ...

Photo Nissan GT-R NISMO 2022 model

Nissan GT-R NISMO 2022 model reservations are strong!GT-R sales in 2 in about 2021 months ...

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High-precision weight-balanced engine parts are used for piston rings, connecting rods, crankshafts, etc.

"Nissan GT-R NISMO" 2021 ... which was released in advance on April 4, 14 (Wednesday) and started accepting reservations. → Continue reading

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piston ring

piston ringIs for the purpose of maintaining airtightness, lubrication, etc.Reciprocating engineAnd compressors, hydraulic equipment, etc.pistonIt is an annular part that is mounted in the groove on the outer circumference.

Reciprocating engine piston ring

In the case of a reciprocating engine, there is a compression ring for maintaining airtightness and an oil ring for lubrication.In most cases, a set of 3 top ring, 1nd ring, and oil ringpistonIt is attached to.A compression ring is used for the top ring and the second ring.The joint is cut to give springiness and mountability to the inner wall of the cylinder.It also works to release the heat transferred to the piston by combustion to the cylinder block.

Compression ring

This is to eliminate the gap between the piston and the inner wall of the cylinder and prevent the compressed gas from escaping from the combustion chamber to the crankcase side (blow-by).The abutment is open, and the abutment is almost closed in the operating state.The ring diameter in the free state is larger than that of the cylinder, and when mounted inside the cylinder, it adheres to the inner wall of the cylinder by the force that tries to open it to the outside.

Oil ring

Extra on the inner wall of the cylinderengine oilTo scrape off and form an appropriate oil film to prevent seizure of the piston.


Invented by British engineer John Ramsbottom in 1854 for steam engines. In 1926 (Taisho 15)Keikichi EbiharaObtained a patent for an improved piston ring. In 1927 (Showa 2)Masatoshi OkochiRiken Kogyo Co., Ltd. (later) for the purpose of commercializing research results on piston ringsRiken) Was established, and the company started manufacturing practical piston rings for the first time in Japan, which will be the technical basis of Riken, the current largest manufacturer of piston rings.

World wide,cast ironThe transition from to is progressing, and Japanese manufacturers are at the forefront of this.Most of the steel wire materialHitachi MetalsMore supplied and17Cr steelIs the mainstream.

Piston ring manufacturer


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