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🚗 | Honda releases special movie "Time Slip Drive" about the land of memories with father and daughter

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Honda releases a special movie "Time Slip Drive" that goes around the land of memories with father and daughter

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This time, Yuji Abe, who is familiar with wide show reporters, and Momoko, a daughter who is active as a model talent, will appear as father and son representatives.

Honda will drive with his father as part of the 20th anniversary of the release of "Fit" and as he celebrates "Father's Day" ... → Continue reading


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Wide show

Wide show(Wide show,Japanglish) IsTV programKind of.


In Japan, April 1964,Nippon Educational Television (NET)Is the highlight of the morning broadcastNippon Vix OfProvided by one companyAs a program, "Today』(NBC) Following "Morning showIs the first wide show on a Japanese TV station. In April 1965, NET took advantage of the success of the "Morning Show" in the barren time frame on weekday noon,Afternoon show] Has begun. After that, other stations followed, and in the weekday morning frame "Studio 102』(NHK), "Hiroshi Ogawa Show』(Fuji Television Network, Inc), but the midnight frame is "11PM』(Nippon TV-Yomiuri Television), the weekday afternoon in November 19662 o'clock Hello(Nippon Television/Yomiuri Television) became the first[1].. Both programsAudience ratingHas succeeded in cultivating the barren time zone.

There was no VTR technology at the beginning of the broadcast, and a talk from the studioNewspaper companyMost of the news manuscripts were provided by. In 1970,Tokyo Home Jockey(Fuji TV) in the TV programTv shoppingHas started. In 1976, as the program composition of the wide showEntertainment newsBegan to be in the main lineup, and an entertainment reporter who had an exclusive contract with a TV station was born.

Taking advantage of the success of wide shows, especiallyCommercial broadcastKey stationBegan to organize wide shows side by side in the morning and afternoon broadcast slots on weekdays.However, it is a latecomer to NHK, a public broadcaster, and a commercial broadcaster.Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Has never organized a wide show.

1996 years,Aum ShinrikyoBy executives,Tsutomu Sakamoto family murder caseTrigger the outbreakTBS video problemsBy TBS TVWeekday morning wide show frameWill be withdrawn[2].. Then, in the 2000s, Japanese TV stations did not use the term "wide show".Information programI came to call it by the name[3].

However, although it continues to be called "information programs" in the entertainment and program production industries, people who discuss domestic and international affairs due to the increasing frequency of wide shows dealing with the news described below since the mid-2010s. However, as the number of patterns in which the name is called "wide show" has increased, the influence of the latter rather than the transmission power of the industry has increased the number of cases where the streets also use the vocabulary of "wide show" again.

After that, there was a time when the wide show was once reduced in the program organization, but since the mid-2010s, the commercial broadcasting key stations except NHK and TV Tokyo have been wide show from 5:00 am to the evening time. By securing the program length for a long time, only broadcasting stations that organize live programs have become available.The reason for this is explained as "breaking news" and "cost", and there is a merit that regular press conferences of local government chiefs, special press conferences and interviews of celebrities who are said to have news value can be inserted during program broadcasting. Treated as[4].

Program structure

Separate the program into individual corners by one or more moderators, and in each theme,NEWS,Life,Entertainment,社会It adopts a program format that handles a wide range of topics. It was a live broadcast, and the broadcast time was relatively long (about 1 to 2 hours), and the name "wide" "show" was born from it. Broadcast timeHousewifelayer·Senior citizensIt is organized in the morning and afternoon of the day when the layer has a high home stay rate[5]..Basically, it consists of a news section and a planning section, and depending on the day of the week, a section that has nothing to do with news or entertainment news is broadcast, which is the biggest element that shows the difference from news programs.In addition, people with various titles will appear as commentators on topics such as news.[6].


In order to differentiate from news programs, there is a tendency to focus on narratively directing the process leading to the result rather than the result of the matter, and the reporter dedicated to the program reports on the incident / topic from the scene. In many cases, in information programs (wide shows) organized as of 2015, due to the cost reduction of program production costs, the station Ana or the reporter of the news station, orProgram production companyThe program director to which he belongs reports.Reporters are distinguished by incident news and entertainment news, as well as gourmet projects and close-knit projects.However, the case reporter may follow the topic of the entertainment field.Rather than the entertainment information that was once the main feature of wide shows, it has information that is closely related to daily life and a program structure that is closer to politics and economy.


Commentator comment

For wide showsNews programCompared toYellow journalismSince it often deals with gossip of entertainers, it is pointed out that the commentator's careless remarks and the credibility of remarks mentioned outside the specialized field are pointed out in the composition of commenting on a wide range of topics.Public opinion formationSome fear that the negative impact of[7][8].

Depending on the program, the content of comments may be discussed in advance with the program staff, and not the commentator himself, but what the program staff intended. Also, some people are critical of the government to make them appear to be in balance, but it is pointed out that they are choosing people who are likely to lose the battle.[9][8].. However, during the casting of the commentator, the production staff of the wide show (information program)TV writer OfHideki TakahashiPoints out that "the informed expert, the person who can laugh, the person who can say a witty/sometimes criticizing impression". Also,"Express the same level of impression as the general audience's opinionIt is said that it is placed from the standing position[10][8].

Group coverage

Questions have been raised about the coverage of the wide show, and while the scoop coverage by in-depth coverage has been highly evaluated, the appearance of the reporters of each program as a group seeking interviews with the people in the whirlpool has been criticized. ..This is especially true when entertainers are the subject of coverage, and based on their reflections, they have been posting "de-entertainer news" several times.[11]


Since the number of news services on the Internet has increased since the 2010s, the number of points to touch news articles has increased, but the existing articles are being distributed.News agency,National newspaper,Local newspaper,Broadcaster,Magazine companyAs a result, the same information may be touched on the portal site, which may be the same as watching a wide show, and will be implemented by news agencies, national newspapers, and broadcasting stations.pollIt is often reflected in the survey results of.In addition, the approval rating of the Cabinet and the figures will be reflected in the survey results as well.[12], There are cases where the match pump is reported as a material and used as a material for criticism of the Cabinet, which affects policy decisions.[13].


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Abe Yuji

Yuji Abe(Yuji Abe,1958May 8[1] -) isJapanTvreporter,An actor, University visiting professor.Tender ProBelongs.


TokyoItabashi kuBackground[2]..Yayoi Elementary School, Itabashi Ward,Itabashi Ward Kamitabashi Daiichi Junior High School,Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa High School,Waseda UniversityFaculty of Political Economygraduate[1].. Since November 2019, he has been appointed as a visiting professor at Kyoto Arts and Crafts University.Height is 11 cm.WifeProfessional golfer(Maiden name: Isomura).The eldest daughterMomoko Abe[*1]While working as a fashion model talent, 2017Miss Universe JapanWas elected to[3]. CurrentlyTokyoKoto WardToyosuLives in.Because he is fluent in English, he can interview foreigners directly.

"Big morning』(TBS), Until he became a reporter, the magazine "POPEYE』Acting as a model,An actorAsTV dramaWas appearing in.The stage name in the early days of the actor wasYuji Date(Yuji Date)[2]..The stage name of Yuji Date, the TV drama "The policewoman is a witch』(TBS) Debuted as an actor[2].


  • Special skill iskendo(The rank in 1984 was XNUMX dan[2]).The reason for his debutTokyo-TakadanobabaAt the training centerHiroshi FujiokaWas to have been scouted by[2].
  • When I was in elementary schoolNaughty sumoI have won a tournament.This was the triggerSumo roomHave been invited to[2].
  • From college to 36 years old, while performing entertainment and interview activities, professionalTutorAs a result, he sent his students to many famous schools. At the age of 29, he established himself a limited company that dispatches tutors.[4][5].
  • He cited the fact that he wanted to be a reporter when he graduated from college as a background to his transition from modeling and acting to a television reporter.[5].
  • On September 2005, 9, he appeared in "The! Information Tsu" as a reporter telling the scene of the typhoon.Immediately after reporting while crouching down and enduring while being blown by a strong wind, the appearance of walking normally was broadcast, and there was a rumor that it was a mess.This video isYouTubeIt was posted on TV and played nearly 150 million times, and was criticized by TV officials.Abe explained that he walked because the wind stopped, and denied letting him do it.[6].
  • On February 2012, 2, Kodansha released his first book, "The 25 Laws of Success for the" Sorrowful Wife "".On June 22th of the same year, he said, "A popular reporter who is also talked about as a" horror wife "."Tetsuko's room』(TV Asahi) For the first time[7].
    • He confessed that he got married in a bad time as the reason why he became a ghost wife. "Because I got married with a big income gap with my wife (famous as a professional golfer), I still can never recover (the relationship with my wife at home)," he said.[8]
  • 2011May 1ToNishinomiya ShrineMade inChoosing FukuoI won the red lottery in the lottery and started from the front row of 108 people.The result is 63rd[9].
  • 2011May 3Before dawn, I was boarding to go home at an intersection in Urayasu cityTaxiHe was hospitalized with a serious injury for 3 months, including a fracture of the second cervical spine of the neck, when a passenger car collided with him.This afternoonGreat East Japan EarthquakeHowever, I was not able to participate in the interview activity.[10][11]..Returned with "Refreshing !!" on June 6nd of the same year[12].
  • "Refreshing !!" aired on August 2014, 8 Due to coverage, on August 18, the day beforeTokyo Big SiteMade inComic marketI went to interview.During that time, a passing ordinary person said, "Iwao DaimonAt first, I thought that I was "misunderstood", but that name used to appear.Special effectsTV drama"Tokusou Exceed RaftI was informed that it was the role name in the program, and said, "I was happy to remember it," and commented in the program that the confusion turned into an impression.[13].




TV drama

Information program



  • Secret Akko(Short movie version) (August 2012, NTV) --The role of the person



  • Dr.Metal Factory "Jupiter-Appeared in the jacket photos of "Kavameta Now" and "Kavameta Then" recorded in the same song.
  • ET-KING"mother'

V cinema

  • Pachinko Wandering Record (1994)
  • Cosplay detective (2013)
  • Hitoshi Betrayal (2017)-TV Broadcast Reporter

Web drama




注 釈

  1. ^ Abe serves as a reporter "RefreshingFormer reporterMomoko Abe(March 2015-March 3) is another person with the same surname and the same name, but the reporter was sometimes mistaken for Abe's daughter.In addition, my daughter also served as a "clean" reporter, albeit only once.


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