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🚄 | Black-painted DD200 type participates in Kawasaki Heavy Industries, destination is JR Kyushu Kumamoto Vehicle Center


Black-painted DD200 type participates in Kawasaki Heavy Industries, destination is JR Kyushu Kumamoto Vehicle Center

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Production has continued for JR Freight since 2017, and from May to June, the DD5 was delivered to the JR Freight Group's Mizushima Rinkai Railway and Keiyo Rinkai Railway.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries DD200, a new electric diesel locomotive made at the Hyogo Plant. JR from 2017 ... → Continue reading

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Keiyo coastal railway

Keiyo Rinkai Railway Co., Ltd.(Keiyorinkaitetsudo)ChibaでFreight railwayIs operating,Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight) ・ Invested by Chiba Prefecture, etc.Seaside railwayIt is a company.The head office isChibaChuo-kuIt is located at Chuoko 1-2-21.

Japan's firstJapan National Railway(JNR) ・ Established in 1962 as a coastal railway type railway company funded by local governments along the railway lines and companies operating along the railway lines.Currently, it handles all rail freight in Chiba prefecture.The main items handled areoil-コ ン テ ナ.



Existing vehicle

As of March 2017, 3, 31 diesel locomotives are enrolled[8]..Of the following 9 cars, KD55 105 was in 2012Sendai coastal railwayHas been transferred to[9], KD8 55 out of the remaining 102 cars[10],103[11],201[12]And KD60 1[13],2[14],3[15],4[16]It has been confirmed that seven of these cars have been inspected since 7.

General inspectionIs enforced in-house.

KD55 type (101-103, 105, 201)
KD55 102KD55 103KD55 105KD55 201
left: KD55 102 This is an in-house ordering machine equipped with a radio control device, and the shape of each part of the car body is in the 0s and JNR.DD13 typeDifferent from
Middle left: KD55 103 Former JNR DD13 346 engine renewal machine
Middle right: KD55 105 Former JNR DD13 366 engine renewal machine
right: KD55 201 In-house ordering machine.Classified into 200 series to install air conditioner.The radio control device is limited to the preparatory work for the antenna and pedestal only.
  • KD55101: Vehicle that updated KD5510 in 1991
  • KD55102: Vehicle manufactured at Niigata Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1992.It became the current paint color from this vehicle.
  • KD55103: Vehicle that updated KD5513 in 1992
  • KD55105: Vehicle that updated KD5515 in 1994
  • KD55201: A vehicle manufactured at Niigata Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1995.It is classified into the 200s because the radio control device is prepared and the air conditioner is installed.
KD60 type (No. 1-4)
KD60 1KD60 4
left: KD60 1 May 2001 Made by Nippon Sharyo[17].. afterwardsKashima coastal railwayKRD64 typeKanagawa coastal railwayDD60 typeNagoya seaside railwayND60 typeIs manufactured with common specifications.
right: KD60 4 Compared to the first unit, which had a prototype element, the shape of each part is different from the second and subsequent mass-produced units.
  • KD601: Vehicles manufactured by Nippon Sharyo in 2001
  • KD602: Vehicles manufactured by Nippon Sharyo in 2002
  • KD603: Vehicles manufactured by Nippon Sharyo in 2004
  • KD604: Vehicles manufactured by Nippon Sharyo in 2008
JNR DD13 type diesel locomotiveThe height of the engine room was lowered and the view from the driver's cab was expanded by making the engine a small one made by Mitsubishi.[17].

Vehicle to be introduced

DD200 type
As a replacement for the conventional KD55 type, the DD200 type introduced in JR Freight will also be introduced at Keiyo Rinkai Railway. Arrived in June 2021 and announced the nickname of "RED MARINE"[18].

Vehicles owned in the past

Mitsui Ashibetsu RailwayA vehicle that took over the DD503 in 1989.Two vertical rows for heavy snowfallHeadlightIs a feature. It was scrapped in 2000.

Contract business

We are entrusted with the following operations from JR Freight.


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JR Freight DD200 diesel locomotive

DD200 type diesel locomotive(DD200 Diesel Locomotive)Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)2017(Heisei29 years)ElectricDiesel locomotiveIs[1][5].

In this sectionKeiyo coastal railway,Mizushima coastal railway,Kyushu passenger railwayThe DD200 type owned by (JR Kyushu) is also described.


Towing freight trains in non-electrified sections and inside freight stationsReplacementUsed for both workDE10 type-DE11 typeSuch asLiquid typeDeveloped to replace both types due to the aging of diesel locomotives[1][3][5].DF200 typeとEF210 typeApplying the technology of[2], We aim to reduce development and maintenance costs by standardizing various on-board equipment as much as possible.


The body structure is a front-rear asymmetric bonnet type locomotive similar to the DE10 type, but the 3-axle bogie, which had problems in terms of maintenance, was abolished, and the normal 2-axle bogie was arranged in the BB type, giving consideration to maintenance.Although the number of axles is reduced, the axle load is 10, which is almost the same as the DE14.7 type. t(10 tons for the DE13 type and 11 tons for the DE14 type) makes it a vehicle that aims to be able to operate on local lines where the DE10 type was previously introduced.Maximum speed is also 110 km / hIt is a specification that can meet various uses on local lines.[4].

The drive system is a diesel-electric system with experience in the DF200 type, aiming for easy maintenance.The power generation engineV12 cylinderWith a displacement of 30.48 litersKomatsuMade by SAA12V140E-3 type[6]Adopted a diesel engine as FDML30Z (in the JNR era)DML30 series engineNot related to).

Internal combustion engine and main generator on one end side of the car body,Main motorBlower andCooling water heat exchangerIs installed, and the auxiliary power supply and the auxiliary power supply are on the 2 end side.Main converterIs installed.

The cab structure is DE10 typeHD300 typeSimilar to the above, the layout is such that the driver's cab is arranged sideways in a face-to-face manner.

Placement and operation

2017PrototypeUnit 901 is on June 2017, 6New Tsurumi engine districtToClass A transportationWas done[7]..Then, after Unit 901 was officially placed in the Shin-Tsurumi engine district, the press was released.[4].

August 2017, 8, before dawn on August 21, 8Tokyo Freight Terminal Station - Seishō Kamotsu StationA test run on the main line was carried out between the two stations, and from October to November of the same year, Tokyo Freight Terminal Station- Sagami Cargo StationPerformance tests were conducted between electric locomotives and footjob vehicles.In the Tohoku areaTohoku Main Line-Stone winding-Sengoku LinePerformance test is being conducted on November 2017, 11 in[8][9].

DD2019-8, which will be the first mass-produced machine on August 27, 1Hyogo StationからInazawa StationTransported to[10], SequentiallyDE10The operation has started in the form of replacing.

As of June 2020, 2,Aichi engine districtA total of 901 cars of 1-8 are placed in[11].

The scope of operation as of the timetable revision on March 2020, 3 is as follows.

Introduction other than JR Freight

Keiyo coastal railwayInitially, it was reported that a vehicle for the company would be completed in May 2021.[12]After that, it arrived in June of the same year, and the nickname of "RED MARINE" was announced.[13]..The format is in the 800s.

Mizushima coastal railwayThen, on May 2021, 5, from Hyogo Station, Mizushima Rinkai RailwayKurashiki Freight Terminal StationUp to 600 series 1 car was transported[14][15][16].

Kyushu passenger railwayIn (JR Kyushu), in June 2021Kumamoto Vehicle CenterUp to 700 series 1 car was transported.Unlike before, the painting is black according to the DE10 type of the same place.[17].


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