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🚗 | Verstappen's third win of the season, Red Bull is on the W podium.Honda has won three consecutive victories since 3 [Final Report ...


Verstappen's third win of the season, Red Bull is on the W podium.Honda has won three consecutive victories since 3 [Final Report ...

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Verstappen chases Mercedes-AMG at a pace two seconds faster than Hamilton, who is caught in a lap delay.

At 6:20 local time on June 15, 2021 F1 Round 7 French GP final was held, Max of Red Bull Honda ... → Continue reading


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Mercedes amg

Mercedes amg(Mercedes-AMG , Mercedes AMG[1]) IsGermany OfAutomobileIs a manufacturerDaimlerSports / racing system developed bybrandIs. It is positioned as a "model that pursues the ultimate in high performance."

Originally an independent tunerAMGHowever, it was absorbed by DaimlerChrysler (at that time) in 1999, and since 2014 it has been developed as a Daimler sports car brand as "Mercedes-AMG".[2].

This paper also describes the technology licensing to Mitsubishi Motors in the Japanese market, where "AMG" was involved in the independent tuner era.


1967,raceCarengineFounded as a design company. Founder Hans WernerAufrecht(Hans Werner Aufrecht), engineer ErhardMelcher(Erhard Melcher), the hometown of AufrechtGrowth Aspach(Großaspach) is taken as AMG[3].

Then in 1971Spa FrancorchampsBy winning the 24SEL300 class in the 6.8-hour race, the name of AMG will be known to the world. Also,DTMIn the (German Touring Car Championship), he has won 1986 races since his entry in 160, winning 10 driver's titles and 15 constactor's titles, making him the most successful team in DTM history.

F1In 2012, the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team and the MERCEDES AMG High Performance Powertrains in charge of the engine participated as representatives. Furthermore, since 1996, with medical carsSafety carAre offered.

Brabus,LorinserAs well asAftermarketI started to mainly tune Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. From the mid-1980s, parts supply to Mercedes-Benz officially began, and in 1993 the first jointly developed vehicle C36 was released, and in 1999 it became a division of Mercedes-Benz. CurrentlyBMW OfM model,Audi OfRS modelIn addition to being in charge of models equipped with high-performance engines, the brand is crowned with sporty added value parts.

Development of the AMG model starts with sending vehicle information to the AMG side at the initial stage of new car development by the Mercedes side. Therefore, the AMG model can be released almost at the same time as the new Mercedes car is released. Recently, in addition to the AMG model, as an option of the normal model, AMG aluminum wheels andAero PartsIs on sale. In addition, Mercedes-Benz also has options called "AMG Sports Package" and "AMG Line", so that you can finish the exterior according to it without purchasing an AMG model.

In the late 1980sMitsubishi Motors OfGalant,DebonairHas been in charge of tuning (Galant AMG, Debonair AMG).

He has been involved in motor sports since he was an independent company and is nowGerman Touring Car Championship (DTM)You can see the activity in.1996FromF1 OfSafety carAnd as mentioned above, I am in charge of medical cars.

Originally, it was mainly a model with a large displacement, but now it is also developing a 2.0 series equipped with a 45 liter engine and a new 2019 series from 35. The head office factory is Affalterbach, Germany (Affalterbach )It is in.

In recent years, under the principle of "One man-one engine", skilled workers (Meister) of AMG Factory are building the engine exclusively. A plate with the signature of the Meister in charge is specially attached to the engine assembled at the AMG factory.

AMG Japan, which was the importer of AMG at that time (YanaseWhen it was handled by (a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz), the name of AMG was entered before the model name (example: Mercedes-Benz AMG C36),200010After the import right was transferred to DaimlerChrysler Japan (at that time), the model name was followed by the AMG name (eg Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG). After that, when the sub-brand "Mercedes-AMG" was launched, it became a form that puts "Mercedes-AMG" in front of the model name (example: Mercedes-AMG C63).

Difference from normal model

The AMG model is characterized by having an extremely powerful engine, a reinforced body and suspension, suitable for sports driving such as circuits, and being tailored to a car with a stronger and harder ride than the normal model. ..

The former AMG model featured an intimidating appearance such as a front grille and wheels of the same color as the body, a lowered vehicle height, and large aero parts, but after joining Mercedes, it became a calm styling. ing. The difference in appearance is that aluminum wheels and aero parts dedicated to each model are installed, the AMG emblem is attached to the upper right of the rear end (shifted to the left side sequentially: described later), and the upper left of the rear end (shifted to the right side sequentially: described later) is " It has a two-digit emblem such as "C63, S65".

For vehicles up to the early 1990s, the name of each AMG model was to indicate the increased displacement after the grade, the version in AMG and the number of valves (eg 190E 3.2, 400E). S3, 300CE 6.0-4V Wide Version: HAMMER, 560SEC 6.0-2V, etc.)1993Since the launch of the C36, a car jointly developed with the Mercedes-Benz headquarters, the two-digit number notation method described above has been gradually adopted, and the concept of a specific base grade has disappeared. However,W202 OfAMG C280,R170 OfSLK230 AMGExceptionally employs a three-digit display, which is due to the fact that the engines of these models have not been modified by AMG.

In addition, the act of changing the appearance of a normal car to AMG specifications and then replacing it with the AMG emblem (E350 → E63, etc.) is generally called.雑誌magazineVERYThese acts are introduced in columns such as, and the fact is that there are quite a few Mercedes with emblems tuned.The regular AMG model has a silver sticker on the lower left of the rear window or on the rear side window (it is a non-reusable sticker to prevent duplication).

Strengthened as a dedicated partbrakeSystem and AMG sportssuspension, A tuned engine, four mufflers, interior, etc. are installed.In addition, some Japanese models have a "performance package" that is a further tune of the AMG model.In addition, since 4, a special model that further strengthens each model of AMG has been sold for a limited time as the black series.

The interior and seats are often made of higher quality materials than the regular model, and the texture is also improved. AMGのロゴが入ったスピードメーターは300km/h以上刻まれているが、実際には一般の欧州車同様250km/hでThe speedometer with the AMG logo is engraved at XNUMXkm / h or more, but in reality it is XNUMXkm / h like a general European car.Speed ​​limiterIt takes.In Germany, it is possible to remove the limiter as a paid option, but in that case it is necessary to strictly maintain the condition including the tires used.In Japan, depending on the model, the maximum speed can be increased as an additional option.

After C36 AMG, the AMG emblem was located on the right side of the boot lid, but it was changed to the left side of the AMG GT when the sub-brand of "Mercedes-AMG" was launched.[4]..After that, each model is expected to be changed according to the face lift and model change.In recent models, the AMG emblem is also placed inside the front grill.

AMGは創業以来から長らく、FRの車両のみにAMGモデルを発表し、SUV以外での4WDのAMGモデルや、FFのクラスにはAMGモデルは用意されてなかったが、2013年にEクラスがマイナーチェンジしたことに伴い、初めてセダン・ステーションワゴンタイプで4WDのAMGモデルであるE63 AMG 4MATICを発表した。また近年、FFベースの4WDであるA45/CLA45/GLA45 AMG 4MATICが発表され、さらに、旗艦モデルSクラスにもS63AMG 4MATICが追加発表されるなど、精力的に4WD車を展開している。

AMG sports

AMG in January 2015North American International Auto ShowAnnounced a new lineup of AMG Sports at. AMGモデルほどのハードで強烈なパフォーマンスは必要ない一般ユーザー向けに開発されたモデルであるIt is a model developed for general users who do not need the hard and intense performance of the AMG model.[5].. AMGスポーツは、メルセデスベンツのオプショングレードであるAMGスポーツパッケージ/AMGラインとメルセデスAMGモデルの間に位置し、BMWのAMG Sport is located between the Mercedes-Benz optional grade AMG Sport Package / AMG line and the Mercedes-AMG model and is BMW's.M performance modelIt seems to compete with Audi's S model.Equipped with a reinforced suspension, an engine with higher output than the base model, and an exterior dedicated to AMG sports, the number of the car name will be three digits.

After that, it became the Mercedes-AMG brand, and the C450 became the Mercedes-AMG / C43, and the GLE450 became the Mercedes-AMG / GLE43, so AMG Sports was virtually abolished.As a result, the rear emblem has the "AMG" emblem on the left and the car name emblem on the right.


2015May 7Announced the introduction of "C450 AMG 4MATIC" and "C450 AMG 4MATIC Station Wagon", the day beforeMay 7Order acceptance has started[6].

The introduction of "Mercedes-AMG GLE2016 4MATIC" and "Mercedes-AMG GLE27 43MATIC Coupe" was announced on April 4, 43, the former from the same day.[7], The latter started accepting orders from August[8]..The introduction of "Mercedes-AMG SLC6" was announced on June 2, the same year, and order acceptance began on the same day.

On August 2016, 8, the "Mercedes-AMG C19 43MATIC Coupe" was announced along with some improvements to the "Mercedes-AMG C4 43MATIC" and "Mercedes-AMG C4 43MATIC Station Wagon", and orders were accepted from the same day, and sales began in September. ..[9]

Development in Japan

Current model

The models currently sold in Japan are as follows.欧州にはこれ以外のバージョンやOther versions in Europediesel engineThere are also models equipped with it.The current mainstay is the "63 series" engine, which occupies most of the AMG models.Basically, the same engine is installed in the models belonging to the same "system", but there is a difference in output.In addition, the W2014 type Mercedes AMG C205 announced in 63 and the W2016 type Mercedes AMG E213 announced in 63 are equipped with a 4.0 liter twin turbo engine and are no longer in agreement with the displacement.

Type of vehicleSteeringDrive systemDisplacement / engineEngine modelMaximum output / maximum torqueCurrent base vehicle
63 series
C63Left / RightFR4.0 liter V8 DOHC twin turboM177476ps / 66.3kgf-mC class W205 type / S205 type / C205 type / A205 type
C63 station wagonright
C63 coupeLeft / Right
C63 S510ps / 71.4kgf-m
C63 S station wagonright
C63 S CoupeLeft / Right
C63 S Cabriolet
E63 S 4MATIC +4WD612ps / 86.7kgf-mE class W213 type / S213 type
E63 S 4MATIC + station wagonleft
S63 4MATIC + Coupe
S63 4MATIC + Cabriolet
612ps / 91.8kgf-mS class coupe C217 / R217
GT63 S 4MATIC +639ps / 91.8kgf-mThere is no base vehicle
GLC63 S 4MATIC + Coupe
right510ps / 71.4kgf-mGLC class X253 / C253
GLE63 S 4MATIC +Left / Right612ps / 86.7kgf-mGLE class W167 type / C167 type
GLE63 S 4MATIC + Coupeleft
GLS63 4MATIC +GLS class X167 type
G63Left / Right585ps / 86.7kgf-mG class W463 type
53 series
E53 4MATIC +Left / Right4WD3.0 litersInline 6 cylinderDOHC turboM256435ps / 53.0kgf-mE class W213 type / S213 type / C213 type / A213 type
E53 4MATIC + station wagonright
E53 4MATIC + CoupeLeft / Right
E53 4MATIC + Cabrioletright
CLS53 4MATIC +Left / RightCLS class C257 type
GT53 4MATIC +There is no base vehicle
GLE53 4MATIC + Coupe
GLE class W167 type / C167 type
45 series
A45 S 4MATIC +right4WD2.0 litersInline 4 cylinderDOHC direct injection turboM139421ps / 51.0kgf-mA class W177 type
CLA45 S 4MATIC + shooting break
CLA class C118 type / X118 type
GLA45 S 4MATIC +GLA class H247 type
43 series[10]
C43 4MATIC station wagon[11]
C43 4MATIC Coupe
C43 4MATIC Cabriolet
Left / Right4WD3.0 liter V6 twin turboM276M30390ps / 53.0kgf-mC class W205 type / S205 type / C205 type / A205 type
GT43 4MATIC +3.0 liter, in-line 6-cylinder DOHC turboM256367ps / 51.0kgf-mThere is no base vehicle
SLC43FR3.0 liter V6 twin turboM276M30390ps / 53.0kgf-mSLC class R172 type
GLC43 4MATIC Coupe
right4WDGLC class X253 / C253
35 series
A35 4MATIC sedan
right4WD2.0 liter in-line 4-cylinder turboM260306ps / 40.8kgf-mA class W177 type / V177 type
CLA35 4MATIC Shooting Break
CLA class C118 type / X118 type
GLA35 4MATICGLA class H247 type
GLB35 4MATICGLB class X247 type
GT Roadster
Left / RightFR4.0 liter V8 twin turboM178530ps / 68.3kgf-mNo base vehicle
GT C Roadster
left557ps / 69.3kgf-m
GT R585ps / 71.4kgf-m
Hyper car
One[12]leftMid engine 4WD1.6 liter V6 hybrid twin turboPU106C Hybrid986hpNo base vehicle

Sales base

Each AMG model can be purchased at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.その中でも「AMGパフォーマンスセンター」が増設される販売店もあり、そこではAMGの専門知識を持つ担当者が在籍し顧客サポートをするとメーカーはアピールしているAmong them, there is a store where "AMG Performance Center" will be added, and the manufacturer is appealing that a person in charge with AMG expertise is enrolled and provides customer support.[13].

Furthermore, on January 2017, 1, "AMG Tokyo Setagaya" opened as a Mercedes-AMG exclusive sales base.メルセデスAMGのみを専門に販売する正規販売拠点はそれまで存在せず、日本が世界初であるUntil then, there was no official sales base that specializes in selling only Mercedes-AMG, and Japan is the first in the world.[14].

Technology license to Mitsubishi Motors

independenttunerIn the times,Mitsubishi Motorsとbusiness partnershipThen,CatalogsモデルAs AMGgradeWas being sold.


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