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🚗 | Daisan Keihin Up and Down Line / Tsuzuki IC, entrance lamp closed at night due to reverse-way driving measures work July 7

Photo example of measures against reverse driving

Daisan Keihin Up and Down Line, Tsuzuki IC, entrance lamp closed at night due to reverse-way driving measures work July 7

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NEXCO East Japan is calling for the use of Tsuzuki IC from the Okuma Higashiyamada Line during the construction period.

NEXCO East Japan will enter the Daisan Keihin Up and Down Line / Tsuzuki Interchange (IC) from 7:5 on July 23th to 5:XNUMX the next morning ... → Continue reading


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East Japan Expressway

East Japan Expressway Co., Ltd.(Higashi Nihon Kosokudoro,British: East Nippon Expressway Company Limited) IsHighway Corporation LawWas established based onJapan OfSpecial company. The popular name isNEXCO East Japan(NEXCO Higashi Nihon).

NEXCOOne of the three companiesEast Japanregionalhighway(Highway national road,Motorway) Is managed and operated.


2005May 10Established.

Road related four public corporationsAdopted as a privatization methodVertical separation methodIn, the management and operation of road facilities (so-called upper part) is the business.Established for the purpose of owning road facilitiesIndependent administrative agencyJapan Expressway Ownership and Debt Repayment OrganizationFrom, it takes the form of renting road facilities.New construction of expressways, etc. is included in the project, but the completed roads will be owned by the Organization (including construction debt).

The corporate slogan is "Best way to you".Also, at the Kanto branch officeHighway radioAt the end of the broadcast content, at the Niigata branch office, at the beginning of the broadcast content, "Best way for you.Nexco East JapanIt has been announced.

The brand color is "Nexco GreenGreen called.The company uses green with depth and brightness, which is an image of nature that makes you feel the rest of eastern and northern Japan.

Branch office
  • Hokkaido branch(Management office: 6 places, construction office: 1 place) --Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
  • Tohoku Branch(Management office: 15 locations, construction office: 3 locations) --Miyagino Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
  • Kanto branch(Management office: 14 locations, construction office: 6 locations) --Omiya Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Niigata branch(Management office: 4 locations, construction office: 1 location) --Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture

Business scope

In generalHokkaido,Tohoku,Kanto,andShin-EtsuOld in some areas ofJapan Highway Public Corporation The scope of business is the roads managed by (JH) (for the Metropolitan Expressway)Shuto Expressway Co., Ltd.Scope of business).Also,Tomei Expressway-Chuo ExpresswayAnd its surroundingsGeneral toll roadFor the section of the Kanto region (Tokyo / Kanagawa prefecture)Central Japan Expressway Co., Ltd.It is included in the business scope of.

Routes to manage

Specifically, the following roads are the scope of business (based on Article 6 of the Expressway Co., Ltd. Law)Japan Expressway Ownership and Debt Repayment OrganizationAccording to the agreement concluded with.

National road network

Highway national road

General toll road (route connecting to high-standard highways)

A'isGeneral national highway motorway parallel to the national highway.. B isGeneral national road motorway

Other car transportation facilities

  • Hibiya car parking lot

Major affiliated companies

Consolidated subsidiary

As of 2020, there are 24 consolidated subsidiaries in total.[2][3].

  • Nexeria East Japan(Management and operation of commercial facilities in service areas and parking areas)
  • (Operation of directly managed stores in service areas and parking areas)
Equity methodApplicable company

As of 2020, there are a total of seven equity-method affiliates.[2][3].

High speed person CAR

High speed person CARWhat is (Kousokujin Car)?Mitsubishi UFJ NikosCredit card "E-NEXCO pass" affiliated with[1], Also known as "High-speed person CARD".The base car is "Nexco Green" (■) ColoredAE86Is. "High-speed people CAR" community[2]There is.

CM performers, etc.

  • Erina Arai --General highway renewal project, etc.
  • Negicco --Niigata Branch (Hokuriku Expressway Support Ambassador)[4]Such)

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