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✈ | ASDF F-35A first arrives at Tsuiki Air Base Training until June 6

Photo Air Self-Defense Force F-35A Lightning II first arrives at Tsuiki Air Base (photographed by aki241012)

Air Self-Defense Force F-35A first arrives at Tsuiki Air Base Training until June 6

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This F-35A will be trained at Tsuiki Air Base until June 6th (Friday).

The Air Self-Defense Force's F-35A Lightning II arrived at Tsuiki Air Base for the first time on June 2021, 6 (Monday).This ... → Continue reading


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From July 6st until July 25th

Construction base

Construction base(Tsukikichi, JASDF Tsuiki Airbase)FukuokaChikuji-gunChikami TownThe 8th Air Corps, etc. located in Oaza Nishihatta is locatedJapan Air Self-Defense ForceIs the base of.Tsuiki AirfieldAlso called.The site of the baseYukuhashiOaza Matsubara,Kyoto-gunMiyako TownIt straddles 1 city and 2 towns in Azami, but the official address isChikujo Town Oaza NishihattaIt has become.The runway extends from west-southwest to east-northeast, partlySeto Inland SeaWest endSuo NadaIt sticks out about 300m.At the southern endNippo Main Line, The Otonashi River runs at the northern end.At the same time, the old runway still exists.Apart from this, the Toyotsu district has been set up in Miyako-cho, Miyako-gun, about 1.5 km away from the high-firing corps and facility corps.

Base commandIt is,8th WingThe commander also serves.Also from March 2008Kitakyushu AirportYamaguchi Ube AirportUndertakes most of the control work of.Also,Ozuki AirportResponsible for terminal control operations.

US Army in Japan OfReorganizationWithU.S. ForcesFutenma baseIt is one of the relocation destinations of the "emergency deployment base function", and it is planned that the runway will be 2,700 m, which is the same as the Futenma base.[1].


  • 1942(Showa 17)- Imperial Japanese Navy Fujita setBuilt with the cooperation of.Became the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service Tsuiki Airfield.
  • 1945(20)
  • 1955(30)
    • January 1-Temporary castle construction team formed, 20 aircraftT-33 trainerStart pilot training at
    • August 5- Japan's first jet pilot was born after the war
    • October 10-12 aircraft under MSA agreementF-86 fighterDeployed
  • 1956(31)
    • February --First fighter higher education begins using F-2 fighter
    • March-First F-3 flight by ASDF pilot.Ceremony is also held
  • 1957(32)
    • July 7-Returned from US Army
    • October 10-"Air Self-Defense Force" fortification base established, temporary fortification contingent was reorganized into the 1rd pilot school[2]
  • 1959(34) June 6-Renamed the 1rd Flight School to the 3th Flight Training Wing
  • 1964(39)
    • February 2-The 1th SquadronNittawara BaseMove from
    • October 10-The 26th Squadron moves from Nittahara Base, forming a temporary castle aviation corps
    • December 12-Formation of the 28th Air Corps (reorganization of the temporary air corps), at that time the 8th Squadron and the 6th Squadron (both models used are F-10F)
  • 1977(52)
    • April 4-Abolition of the 1th Squadron
    • August 8-1th Squadron New Edition (Used model isF-4EJ fighter
  • 1980(55) March-To the 3th SquadronF-1 support fighterWill be deployed
  • 1981(56)
    • February 2-Squadron 28 updated its model to F-6 support fighter (the squadron was also the last F-1 squadron)
    • December 12-Under the direct control of the Air Defense CommandFlight Guidance Corps(The model used isT-2 Advanced Trainer)
  • 1983(58) March 3-Tactical Fighter TrainingNittawara BaseMove to
  • 1988(Showa 63)- US-Japan Status AgreementAs applicable facilities / areas (temporary joint use) of Article 2, Paragraph 4 (b)US Army in JapanProvided to (Facility / Area Name: Tsuiki Airfield,Tsuiki Air Base, FAC 5121)[3]
  • 1990(2) January-1th Squadron, model usedF-15J / DJ fighterUpdate to
  • 2001(13) March --New edition of the 3th Base Air Defense Corps.
  • 2002(14) June-The 6th Air Corps achieves 8 hours of major aviation accidents
  • 2004(16) August-8th Squadron,F-2 fighterDeployment started
  • 2006(18)
    • March 3-End of operation of 2th Squadron, T-6 advanced trainer
    • March 3-9th Squadron ends operation of F-6 support fighter
    • March 3-18th Squadron updates its model to F-6A / B fighter
  • 2008(20) March 3-Wide area terminal radar control work and TCA advisory work started, terminal radar control work and approach control work in the airspace around Suo Nada were entrusted by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and until then Fukuoka Air Traffic Transferred the approach control operations for Kitakyushu Airport, Yamaguchi Ube Airport, and Kogetsu Airfield (Suo Area), which were carried out by the Control Department.[4]
    • September 9-F-11J (Unit 304-15) belonging to the 72th Squadron crashed into the Sea of ​​Japan due to a malfunction of the power system during training and was lost. (Pilot is safe) The record of the aviation accident of the 8883th Air Corps, which is rare in the world, is cut off.
  • 2016(28)
  • 2021(Reiwa 3rd year) --Air support team moves from Misawa base

Deployment unit

F-2A / BThe 8th Air Corps, which operates theF-15J / DJEquip304th SquadronAlso belonged to, but moved to Naha Air Base in January 2016).The high-firing unit / facility unitMiyako TownStationed in the Toyotsu district in (formerly Toyotsu-cho). Western Air CorpsSubordinate

Air support groupSubordinate

Air Tactical Guidance GroupSubordinate

Minister of DefenseDirect control


  • The "Air Festival" is held on Sundays from mid-November to early December every year.Blue ImpulseThe exhibition flight of is the highlight.Nearest stationTsuiki StationThe number of regular trains will be increased, and limited express trains will also stop temporarily.
  • Yukuhashi City Oaza MatsubaraNational Route 10From Otonashi Bridge intersectionFukuoka Prefectural Road No. 25 Moji Yukuhashi LineThe park just after entering is maintained so that you can see the inside of the base, and many aircraft fans come to shoot.In addition, since the runway of the base can be seen from Chikujo-cho Oaza Nishihatta, many aircraft fans from nearby prefectures come to shoot before and after the air festival.However, because there are private houses in the vicinityTrouble with neighborsYou need to be careful.
  • There are many private houses on the 07th runway side, and noise often causes problems.
  • On September 2008, 20, the F-9J belonging to the 11th Squadron crashed during training, and the record of the world's rare 304th Air Corps aviation accident was cut off, but the aircraft The wreckage was later recovered, and one of the tail wings was preserved in a corner of the front yard of the headquarters as a monument in gratitude and mourning for the aircraft.
  • As part of information disclosure and interaction with neighboring residents, the Tsukigami Town will be used as a broadcasting area.Community broadcasting station"East Kyushu Community Broadcasting(Starcorn FM) ”will be produced by members from 2010Radio program"Hot scrambleIs being broadcast.At the beginning, it was broadcast every other week for 30 minutes, but from 2011 it will be broadcast weekly, and from 2012 it will be expanded to 1 hour, and satellite broadcasting that will also be used by stations "Music birdWe are broadcasting to 63 stations nationwide using the community channel of[5].
  • Toyotsu districtEast Kyushu Road-Miyako Toyotsu InterchangeIt's near the ramp, but the doorway (Tokunaga intersection) Is far away.In addition, except for some parts, it cannot be seen from the highway due to the soundproof plate.
  • The runway length is expected to be extended by 300m to the sea side to 2,700m as part of the related facility development accompanying the relocation of Futenma base.[6].


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