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🚗 | Think immediately after the release of "Golf 8"! Meaning of choosing Audi's new "A3"


Think right after the release of "Golf 8"! Meaning of choosing Audi's new "A3"

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However, as the number of users who want to ride a model with a premium feeling even in a compact car has increased, the market size of the premium compact has also increased.

Audi's new "A3" and Volkswagen's new "Golf" have a price difference when compared between entry grades ... → Continue reading

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Market size(Shikikibo,market sizeWhat isEconomicsthe termone of. is thereMarketInEconomic activityMeans the scale ofwordIs used as.

Market size may be calculated each year in terms of the number of sellers and buyers in a particular market, or the total value of transactions. The market size calculated in terms of total transaction value is “market valueSometimes called ", but this wordMarket valueIs a word that also indicates. Even with the same product,Producerstage·Wholesalestage·retailThe size of the market differs at each stage, and in most cases, it rises after going through producers, wholesalers, and retailers.


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