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✈ | You can operate without touching the screen!Touchless sensor introduced by Japan Airlines for automatic check-in machine [Ehime]


You can operate it without touching the screen!Touchless sensor introduced by Japan Airlines for automatic check-in machine [Ehime]

If you write the contents roughly
Japan Airlines plans to introduce similar sensors at airports nationwide in the future.

As part of the infection control measures for the new corona, the automatic check-in machine at Matsuyama Airport was operated on the XNUMXrd without touching the screen directly ... → Continue reading

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Japan Airlines

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  1. International JAL SKY SUITE specification seats (all four classes, especially business class and economy class)[1]
  2. Domestic JAL SKY NEXT specification seats (any of the 3 classes)[2]
OfImage providedplease.(August, 2015

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.(Japanese,English: Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.,Abbreviation: JAL) IsTokyoShinagawaHeadquartered inJapan OfAirlinesIs.It has the longest history of domestic and international flights in Japan.2020Is the number one domestic flight.Second place on international flights[6].. BritishSky traxBy airlineratingSo, the highest evaluation "The World Five Star Airlines(The World's 5-Star Airlines) ”certified.The corporate slogan is"Tomorrow's sky, Japanese wings"[7].


Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Law1953(Showa28 years)1987Until abolished in JapanFlag carrierMet[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17].

International flightsTokyo International Airport,Narita International Airport,KIX,Chubu International AirportBased inAsia,Western,OceaniaAnd domestic flightsTokyo International Airport,Osaka International AirportWith a wide route network from the main line to local lines. WorldwideAviation unionIsOne worldIs a member of[18].

in JapanAll Nippon AirwaysIt is a major airline along with, and both companies are sometimes called "two major airlines" or "full service carriers".[19][20].

As part of the JAL Group reorganization2004Was renamed "Japan Airlines International" from Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., and was established as a company in charge of international flights and some domestic flights.Japan Airlines JapanAs a result of the absorption-type merger, it became a single operating company responsible for operating JAL flights. In January 2010Corporate rehabilitation lawApply for the application of the holding company in the process of rehabilitationJapan Airlines Co., Ltd.Or a financial business companyJal Capital, Etc.[21].. As a core business company representing the group, in general, like the former holding company,Japan Airlines,Japan Airlines,JALKnown as (Jal).Identification signalUses "Japan Air".

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry,Japan Aviation Academy,Japan AirlinesIt is a separate organization from the above, and has no capital relationship.


  • 2002August 10- Japan Air System(Old Toa Domestic Airlines, later Japan Airlines Japan)Stock transferByHolding companyJapan Airlines System Co., Ltd. (June 2004Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.Change the trade name to)Was established and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Air System.
  • 2004April 4-Japan Airlines and Japan Air System respectivelyJapan Airlines International,Japan Airlines JapanAnd changed the trade name. At the same time, the cargo business of the former Japan Air System is completely transferred to Japan Airlines International.
  • 2005October 10-International as JAL GroupAviation unionIsOne worldHas decided on a membership policy.
  • 2006April 4-Japan Airlines International as the surviving company, merged with Jal Sales.
  • October 2006, 10-Japan Airlines International as the surviving company, merged with Japan Airlines Japan.
  • 2007April 4-Japan Airlines International, Japan Asia Airlines,JALways,JAL Express,Jay Air,Japan Transocean AirOfficially joined "One World" and started service. "One worldOperates a painted aircraft.
  • 2008August 4- Japan Asian AirlinesAbsorbed and merged. As a result, the ROC route operated by Japan Asia Airlines was succeeded by Japan Airlines International.
  • 2009September 9-As part of the management restructuring,Hokkaido Air SystemAnnounces withdrawal from management and sale of shares.
  • 2010January 1-With the parent company Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. and Jal Capital Corporation, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.Tokyo District CourtToCorporate rehabilitation lawFiled for bankruptcy. Haruka Nishimatsu President and Director resigned immediately[22].. The new management team will take office as of February 2, and will start as a new company.
  • October 2010, 2- Japan Air CommuterRepresentative Director and President Ken Onishi is President and GroupCOOToKyoceraRepresentative Director Honorary ChairmanKazuo InamoriIs Chairman and GroupCEOOnishi, Inamori system and new management team were established on the same day. ContinueCorporate Revitalization Support OrganizationWill help.
  • 2010May 2 - Tokyo Stock Exchange-Osaka Stock Exchange(Currently market integration) ・Nagoya Stock ExchangeIn Japan,Delisted.
  • October 2010, 5- Ministry of the EnvironmentDue to the aviation industryAll Nippon AirwaysFollowed byEco firstCertified as a company. With the Ministry of the Environment, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2020% compared to 2005 by 23, cooperate with R&D and commercialization of biofuels,Boeing 737-800It was promised to upgrade to fuel-efficient and low-noise equipment such as[23].
  • June 2010, 6-The former subsidiary ofJal CapitalTogether with parent company Japan Airlinesabsorption・Announced to be integrated[24].
  • August 2010, 8-Submission of rehabilitation plan to Tokyo District Court[25].
  • October 2010, 9- 2022 FIFA World Cup Japan Bid CommitteeWe have signed an official invitation partner contract withIn-flight magazine, Publicity cooperation with in-flight video[26].
  • November 2010, 11-Tokyo District Court approves rehabilitation plan.
  • December 2010, 12-Implement the following measures.
    • Japan Airlines International as the surviving company, merged with JAL Capital and JAL Capital (changed from the time of the report in June of the same year).
    • Immediately gratuitously acquired the JAL International shares issued to the former JAL shareholders due to the merger, and canceled all treasury shares including the gratuitously-acquired shares, resulting in 100% capital reduction.
    • Received capital investment of 1750 billion yen (3500 billion yen in total) from the Corporate Revitalization Support Organization and became a member of the organization.
    • 5215 billion yen in debt waivers by financial institutions (87.5% debt waiver rate).
    • Merged with JALways and JAL Libre.
  • December 2010, 12-Implemented hiring for understanding.
  • 2011March-Reduced the shareholding ratio of Hokkaido Air System to 3%, which is excluded from consolidated accounting, and withdrew from management of the company.
  • October 2011, 3- Kyocera(250 million shares),Daiwa Securities Group(250 million shares),Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance(75 million shares),Sompo Japan(25 million shares),JTB(15 million shares),Hankyu Kotsu company(10 million shares),Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance(5 million shares),Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.Of 5 billion yen (127 million shares, 635 yen per share) with (1 shares) as underwriterThird-party allotment(Unlisted share allocation)[27][28].
  • March 2011, 3-End of corporate reorganization.Private enterprisesReturn to.
  • October 2011, 4- Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.
  • October 2011, 8- Qantasgroup,Mitsubishi CorporationJoint investment withJetstar JapanFounded,Cheap airlineAnnounced to enter the business.
  • September 2011, 9-Established Jetstar Japan Co., Ltd. Japan Airlines' shareholding ratio is 5%.
  • 2012August 8-The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism formulated "Correspondence to corporate revitalization of Japan Airlines", whether corporate revitalization was carried out properly and reliably until FY10, and whether the competitive environment was distorted by public support. Said that the Civil Aviation Bureau would be monitoring(8.10 paper).Haneda Airport slotsReceive a slot allocation that is less favorable than competitors at[29].
  • October 2012, 9- Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed again. All shares held by the Corporate Revitalization Support Organization were sold for about 6,500 billion yen.[30].
  • 2013October 10-First major equipment update plan after relisting A350Decided to introduce 31 model machines. First time europeAirbusThe company's large aircraft was selected as the next major international flight equipment.
  • 2014October 10-Merged with JAL Express[31][32].
  • October 2014, 10-Hokkaido Air System becomes a subsidiary.
  • 2015August 6- Boeing 787-Received the first -9 aircraft. Adopting the same seat as the new international flight "Sky Suite 787",無線 LANInternet connection service "JAL Sky" Wi-FiAlso corresponds to.
  • 2016April 4-Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Haneda Airport international flight arrivals and departures slots 26 flights already distributed late night early morning hours (of which, Japan Airlines 4 flights) all decided to move to daytime hours. As a result, Japan Airlines will be able to increase the number of international flights from Haneda by two during the daytime.[33].
  • 2017April 4-New York flights to and from Haneda have revived for the first time in 1 years[34].. International flights in the daytime from Haneda Airport, which is a hub for domestic flights, will be convenient because it is possible to make connections on the same day when departing or returning to Japan.[35].
  • June 2017, 6-announced that it will be permanently free of in-flight Wi-Fi connection service on domestic flights. According to the company, it is the only domestic airline that offers free in-flight Wi-Fi connection service for an unlimited period of time.[36].
  • October 2017, 11- Passenger service systemTheAmadeusof"AmadeusTo "Altea"[37].
  • 2018July 7-International medium-long haulCheap airlineAs,ZIPAIR TokyoEstablished[38].
  • 2019May 9 - Airbus A350-900The model aircraft started operation on the Tokyo / Haneda-Fukuoka route.
  • 2020May 4 -Started wearing new uniforms.

List of successive management teams

Successive management since the establishment of Japan Airlines
InaugurationRepresentative Director and President (previous position)Representative Director and Chairman (previous position)
19518Seijiro Yanagita(Bank of JapanVice President)Aiichiro Fujiyama(Japan Chamber of Commerce) President
195310Kunizo Hara (oldMitsui ZaibatsuExecutive)
19611Shizuma Matsuo(Director General of Aviation Agency)
19635Uemura Kojiro(Japan Business FederationVice-president)
19695Teruo Gogo(Executive Director, Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)
19715Shizuo Asada(transportationUnder SecretaryShizuma Matsuo(President)
19735Kobayashi Naka(Arabic oilRepresentative Director and President)
19776Uemura Koyurou (Honorary Chairman of the Japan Business Federation)
19796Shozo Hotta(Sumitomo BankRepresentative Director and Chairman)
19816Takagi Root(Vice President and Representative Director)
19836Nihachiro Hanamura(Vice Chairman, Japan Business Federation)
198512Susumu Yamachi(General affairsUnder Secretary)
19866Junji Ito(KaneboRepresentative Director and Chairman)
19886Fumio Watanabe (Tokio Marine Fire InsuranceRepresentative Director and Chairman)
19906Matsuo Tomitsu(Vice President and Representative Director)
19916Susumu Yamachi(Representative Director Vice Chairman)
19956Akira Kondo(Senior Managing Director)
19986Kaneko Isao(Senior Managing Director)
20046Toshiyuki Shinmachi (Vice President and Representative Director)Kaneko Isao(President)
20066Nishimatsu Haruka(Senior Managing Director)Toshiyuki Shinmachi(President)
20102Ken Onishi (President, Japan Air Commuter)Kazuo Inamori(KyoceraRepresentative Director Honorary Chairman)
20122Yoshiharu Ueki(Senior Managing Executive Officer)Ken Onishi (President)
August, 2018Yuji Akasaka (Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Maintenance Headquarters, President of JAL Engineering)Yoshiharu Ueki(President)
  • From the management integration of Japan Airlines and Japan Air System in October 2002 to the change of trade name in June 10, the management team of Japan Airlines System. From the merger in December 2004 to the name change in April 6, the management team of Japan Airlines International.
  • The chairmanship has a blank period.


Aviation lawLimits the proportion of voting rights held by foreigners, etc., to air carriers and their holding companies in Japan to "one third or less" (Articles 3 and 1 of the same law,Foreign capital regulation).

JAL abolished unprofitable routes (suspended 50 routes before and after bankruptcy and withdrew from 8 locations) and reorganized a large-scale staff during corporate revival (voluntary retirement by retirement recommendation, 81 pilots and 84 flight attendants). Reduced more than 1 people in the entire group by arranging and hiring employees, selling subsidiaries, etc.), and reviewing wages, benefits, and welfare benefits, etc. Corporate tax is exempted due toReturn on equity・World's highest dividend yieldsInstitutional investorAre believed to be buying shares in Japan Airlines[39].

Based on Article 120-2 of the Civil Aeronautics Act, we refuse to transfer the transfer of ownership for more than one-third (3%) of the foreigner's ownership, and the percentage of voting rights occupied by foreigners is "one-third or less". Is maintained. Under the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, revised in June 1, dividends are also paid to foreign shareholders who refuse to change their names.


"Tsurumaru" (1959–2002, 2011–present)

Formerly: Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.TailUsed for many years as a mark,symbolIt was also known as, but Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., which became a business subsidiary in October 2002,LogoToThe Arc of the SunSince it was switched to ", it was abolished nominally. TsurumaruTailThe old painting machine from 1989 drawn on is disappeared by 2008 due to painting renewal and sale of equipment.[40]..However, after the bankruptcy in January 2010, it was re-adopted on April 1, 2011 with the intention of returning to the starting point.The new Tsurumaru is similar to the first generation, but with deeper wing cuts and thick italics for the letters "JAL".[41].. At the same time,Jar pack-JAL card-JAL Mileage BankAnd so on, the company name logotype of the group company has been renewed.

The first new painting machine (Boeing 767-300ER's new machine JA654J) was released on February 2 of the same year at Haneda- KushiroAmongCharter flightWas announced at[42], March 3 of the same year, Haneda-has begun service on regular routes on the Beijing line.

"The Arc of the Sun" (2002 --2011)

During the business integration of Japan Airlines and Japan Air System (the establishment of Japan Airlines System)The Arc of the SunThe logo mark called "(Arc of the sun)" and the painting were established. Above the "A" of JAL,Three-dimensionalIt is a design in which a circular arc of a shape is drawn. The designer isThe United States of AmericaMajor ofDesignCompanyLandor AssociatesSo, the former: The gray and red rectangles under the A and L introduced from the beginning of 1989 after the privatization of Japan Airlines.LogoIs also by the company.

As for the new design, the new JAL Mileage Bank was launched in April 2003, the face of the JAL card has been redesigned, and the logo has changed due to the reorganization of the JAL pack and JAL story. became. From April 4, the visual images of Japan Airlines International and Japan Airlines Japan, including body painting and onboard equipment, will be unified, and affiliated operating companies such as Japan Asia Airlines will also have the same name as Japan Airlines. The logotype has changed and the aircraft design has been updated. Continued to use their own logoRyukyu Air CommuterAlso adopted the visual image of the JAL Group in April 2007 with the introduction of a new model.

In addition, "Dream SkywardThe slogan "" was established at the same time as this logo.eye catchingAnd was used in radio readings. This slogan disappeared with the adoption of the Tsurumaru mark in April 2011,In-flight magazineIsSKYWARD] To leave that name[43].


6th generation paint "Tsurumaru" (2011-present)

  • 2011rd generation "Tsurumaru" paint adopted on April 4, 1. On the white bodyJAPAN AIRLINESIs written in italics, and the new "Tsurumaru" is placed on the tail.[41].. The model name display follows the 5th generation paint as it is.
  • Atmosphere observation project CONTRAIL as a special coating machine[44],London Olympics"Go for it! Nippon!"[45],Studio Ghibli"Fly in the sky." Special decal machine"[46],Pink ribbonJET"[47]"Suica penguinjet"[48] and so on.2015Japan Airlines will be held in Japan in 20132020 Summer Olympics-ParalympicBy being selected as an official partner for the (2020 Tokyo Olympics), a special coating machine will be operated to support the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. As the first step, since June 2015, 6, the special coating machine "JAL FLY to 27 Special coating machine" has been operated. At the same time as the special painting,Olympic symbolsWas subject to special paintingB777-It is drawn on the 300 type machine (JA751J).
  • B737-800B767-300ER Some equipment ・Equipment such as E170 and E190 equipped with winglets is painted in silver. In the A2019-9 introduced in September 350, the winglets have been changed to red and silver gradation.

5th generation painting "Sun Arc" (2002 --2011)

  • Adopted after the business integration of Japan Airlines and Japan Air System in 2002Arc of the sun". Same as the previous generationLandor AssociatesDesigned by[49].. The company name is "JAPAN AIRLINES". The model name is displayed in black, which is clearly readable, unlike the fourth-generation model, which is very gray and very difficult to see. The Boeing and Airbus planes are displayed under the cabin window in front of the rearmost door (excluding special coating machines), and the DC-4/MD-10 is behind the rearmost door of the fuselage (size is slightly larger.McDONNELL DOUGLASIs displayed), and MD-81/87/90 is displayed under the passenger compartment window in front of the engine (there is no display of "McDONNELL DOUGLAS"). Conventionally, Japan Airlines displayed the model name alone like "BOEING 747" without displaying derivative type such as "-400" of "BOEING 400-747",Boeing 737-800Has a display that includes only derived types.
  • The equipment of the former Japan Air System, which had been coated with multiple types of paint, was provisionally marked with the JAL logo of Japan Airlines until the paint was changed.stickerWas pasted and was operated. In April 2006Airbus A300-The B2/B4 aircraft was retired and transferred to the US where it was sold in the summer of the same year, and the painting of the former Japan Air System closed its history.
  • As a special painting machine,Tamagotchi"Or"One world"Membership Memorial,FIFA World CupJapanese national team "Samurai Blue"[50], "Sadoku Jet", "Narita International Airport30th anniversary of the opening of the port"[51],JAL x Kobukuro Jet","Doraemon Jet[52]"and so on.

Owned equipment

Customer number of Boeing aircraft ordered by Japan Airlines (Customer code) Is46[53], The model name of the aircraft is 767-346, 777-346ER, 737-846 And so on. Before integrationJapan Air SystemThe customer code of the aircraft ordered by89The model name of some Boeing 777 aircraft owned by Japan Airlines is 777-2.89It has become.

From 2006Boeing 737-800We have introduced 50 aircraft, and in addition to launching them on short-distance international flights at any time,2012From the state-of-the-art with excellent fuel efficiencyBoeing 787Has been introduced and operated.

AirbusThe company's aircraft was ordered by the former Japan Air System before the integrationAirbus A300It was only on October 2013, 10,Boeing 777This is the first new company to succeed the company due to its retirement.Airbus A350 XWBConfirmed model machine 31 machines, announced ordering 25 options[54]..It was introduced mainly with a view to replacing the Boeing 777, and in the future it is planned to unify the large aircraft to the A350 XWB.[55]..The introduction of the A350 XWB2013Was the president at that timeCaptainFromYoshiharu UekiPlayed a leading role[56]..The aircraft was the first Japanese airline to place an order, but many airlines around the world have already recorded operations, and JAL began operating on domestic flights in September 2019.

2017May 12, JALSupersonic transport"Development" in the United StatesBoom technologyCo., Ltd. and a capital and business alliance agreement, and secured 20 priority ordering rights in the future.[57].

Aircraft owned by Japan Airlines (as of 2021)[58]
equipmentNumber of equipmentFirm orderOptionsConfigRemarks
FJWYTotalJAL code
Airbus A350-90099[59]251294263369X01JA01XJ ~ JA30XJ
Eight aircraft expected to be introduced by the end of 2020
Airbus A350-100013[59]TBAJA01WJ ~ JA30WJ
Scheduled to be received sequentially after 2023
Boeing 737-8004820145165V32 / V35"SKY NEXT"
Boeing 767-300242219261A26"SKY NEXT"
Boeing 767-300ER29542205252A25"SKY NEXT"
42219261A27 / A28
30197227A43"SKYREC LINER"
24175199A44"Sky Suite 767" "SS6"
Boeing 777-200ER64240154236W61"Sky Suite 777" "SS2"
Scheduled to be diverted to 5 domestic flight equipment (scheduled to be retired at the end of 2022)
26286312W63 / W64
Boeing 777-300ER1384940147244W84"Sky Suite 777" "SS7"
Boeing 787-82720658227291E21For domestic flights (mainly Haneda-Itami, Fukuoka)
30176206E03"SELL FLAT NEO"

JA821J ~ JA835J
Scheduled to be diverted to 2 ZIPAIR

30156186E12"Sky Suite 787" "SS8"

JA836J ~ JA845J

Boeing 787-9224435116195E71"Sky Suite 787" "SS9"
5235116203E91"Sky Suite 787" "SS9Ⅱ"
2821190239E92"Sky Suite 787" "SS9Ⅱ"

International flight equipment

For international flight equipment, for long-haul and high-demand routesBoeing 777-300ERAlso, compared to the conventional type, we have updated the equipment inside the aircraftBoeing 767-300ERFor short distances such as AsiaBoeing 737-800Have been introduced. State-of-the-artBoeing 787Has been introduced since 2012, Narita- Duffel Bag-San Diego- Helsinki-MoscowWe have realized the operation of medium-sized cities where large conventional aircraft such as railways are not profitable.[60].

Domestic flight equipment

As of April 2021, domestic flight equipment is mainly used for trunk lines (Haneda-Itami, Fukuoka, New Chitose, Naha, etc.), which are in high demand.Airbus A350-900,Boeing 787-8Mainly for molds and semi-main linesBoeing 767-300 (ER)Mainly for molds and local routesBoeing 737-800Operating type machines[Annotation 1][61].

Since February 2009, affiliated companies have been aiming to reduce the size of aircraft on existing routes and streamline operating costs.Jay AirSmall aircraft operated byEmbraer 170Introduced[62].. At the same time as ordering an additional machine of the same type in 2014, the stretch typeEmbraer 190Has also placed a new order and has been introduced and operated since 2016.


In 2020, due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and the impact of declining international flight demand, the 777-200ER (GE engine adopted machine) that was operated on international flights will be diverted to domestic flights and will be operated until 2022, but the cabin specifications will remain as international flight specifications Although it is diverted, it is popular and the competition rate is fierce because it sells business class as class J that can ride on ordinary seats for an additional 1000 yen. From April 2021, the Airbus A4-350 was introduced on the Itami-Naha route, and was replaced with the Boeing 900 (3 aircraft) using the PW engine, which was retired at the end of March of the same year due to engine trouble.In addition, from the beginning of July 777, the aforementioned 13-2021 aircraft was introduced on the New Chitose-Haneda line, and it is mainly operated on the morning line.

Ordering equipment

Initially the United StatesDouglasMany company-made products were introduced, but in 1965Boeing 727Same U.S. since its introductionBoeingMainly made by the company, but in 2013 EuropeAirbusThe company's A350 has been ordered as the next main equipment and has been introduced and operated since 2019.Domestic machinesYS-11Was launched on Japan's first international flight in 2014Mitsubishi Aircraft OfMitsubishi SpaceJetSeries from 2021Jay AirI was planning to introduce the Mitsubishi SpaceJet for use, but it was difficult to receive it as planned due to repeated delays in safety examinations by manufacturers.Further in 2020COVID-19Due to the decline in demand for passenger aircraft due to the influence of the above, the manufacturer's development freeze was announced and the need for alternative equipment emerged.

Supersonic transportAbout onceConcordeI planned to introduce and proceeded to a temporary order but canceled it. In 2017, it announced that it plans to make a capital tie-up with Boom Technology, which researches supersonic passenger aircraft, and secure priority ordering rights for 20 aircraft.[64].

The Boeing 787 was scheduled to be introduced on domestic flights from 2008, but due to delays in the development of the Boeing company, it will be delayed after the first quarter of 2011. Since then, due to policy changes, the Boeing 787 will not be introduced on domestic flights for the time being and will not be operated at all for international flights.[65] Ordered four 2017-9s in September 787 as alternatives to domestic flights for the retired 8-4 and 767 aircraft. Received after 300 and operates mainly on flights to / from Osaka Itami Airport, which are greatly affected by engine noise.[63].. Starting in 2019, the Airbus A777 XWB will be introduced as a successor to the retirement of the Boeing 350.[54], In service from September 2019, 9[66]..It is being replaced and operated from domestic flight equipment.

Retired equipment

Ordered the maximum number of aircraft as a world airlineBoeing 747The series has been a representative of Japan Airlines from the 1970s to the present day, and at the same time, it has achieved high economic growth for mass transportation.symbolWas even told[67].. However, the Boeing 747 Classic SeriesAviation engineerIs necessary, and the operational efficiency gradually deteriorates due to the soaring crude oil price.Boeing 747-300In July 2009,Boeing 747-400Made its last flight on March 2011, 3, and retired, and the Boeing 1 and four-engine aircraft it owns disappeared completely. The aging Boeing 747-767 was retired in March 200.[68].. Introduced by the former Japan Air System and operated for 17 years including the mergerMcDonnell Douglas MD-90Also2013May 3Retired to.

After 2020COVID-19に伴う世界的な航空需要喪失により事業構造の見直し、2021年度末までに9機ある国際線用777-200ERの内5機を国内線に転用し残り4機全機退役させ、2022年度末までに国内線用の777全13機を退役させ、2022年度前半までに737-800のリース機5機を返却し経年機の退役を進め機材、整備費などを削減する方針[69]However, it was adopted on domestic flights 2021 in February 2.PW4000 engineトラブルにより、国交省が運航停止指示を出したため該当13機が飛行禁止状態になったため、運航停止時適用外の国際線777-200ERやA350-900、国内線787-8、国際線767-300ERによる代替運航の目途をつけ、21年3月期に数十億円規模の特別損失処理をして引退前倒ししている[70][71].

Training equipment

Introduced training equipment from the 1960s, and started the first in-house training of pilots in Japan[72].. The first jet training equipmentDassault Falcon 20To introduce[73] The equipment lineup was expanded. In-house training is conducted at the Japan Airlines Technical Center in the Haneda Airport maintenance area.

In-house training was conducted at the Japan Airlines Technical Center during the initial training, and then flew at Falcon Field Airport (single-engine propeller plane) and Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport (twin-jet course) in Arizona. Conduct training. Flight training in the United States is outsourced to CAE along with American Airlines and Iberia, and is conducted at Phoenix School of CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. Subsequent training will be conducted again at the training facility of the Japan Airlines Technical Center. Partly, the training specialized in takeoff and landing using the actual aircraft,Guam International Airport[74] Is being done in.

PreviouslyShimojishima Airport,Sendai Airport,NapaAnd Moses Lake, Adelaide, and there were many training facilities completely owned by the company.[75].. Most of them are sold at the time of business restructuring.

Diamond DA40 for primary training, certification for multiple turbinesCessna CitationDone in. Training in TokyoBoeing 737 Next GenerationorBoeing 767 OfFlight simulatorHe will be promoted to co-pilot after undergoing prescribed examinations after conducting actual aircraft training (paid flight).

In-flight BGM

Current,"I Will Be There with You"(David FosterComposition) and "Tomorrow's Wings" (Joe Hisaishi(Composition) is appointed, the former flows when boarding and the latter when disembarking.

International flights

ManyWide bodyJapan Airlines (JAL), which owns aircraft, has entered the international flight business in earnest since the 1990s.All Nippon AirwaysWe operate business operations to and from Japan with (ANA) every day.WesternIt operates many long-distance international flights that connect Japan with international cities and other countries. As of 2015, it is still a major airline that supports international economic activities such as overseas business trips by Japanese companies,2014Is the current major international flight equipmentB777Japan Airlines will be the first major aircraft to replace the series for the first time in historyAirbusLarge passenger aircraftA350We have ordered 31 confirmed aircraft and 25 options, and this new aircraft with high cruising range and comfort2019We are gradually introducing domestic flights, and international flights2023The introduction is scheduled to start after that.

CurrentlyHaneda airportWith the re-internationalization of Japan, a system has been established to cooperate with and meet the needs of ANA and the Japanese people, who have greatly increased the number of international service cities.ETOPSHas been greatly eased, due to continuous flightCruising distanceMedium-sized equipment with significantly improvedB787(Dream linerThe increase in the number of aircraft owned by2015The total number of JAL and ANA companies as of the end of the year was the destination for direct international flights to and from Japan.Japan Air System(JAS) It was a de facto oligopoly by Japan Airlines before the merger.Cold war eraIs significantly more than Overseas, which made a full-scale entry into Japan from around 2013Cheap airlinebyEast Asiaas well as the Southeast AsiaA series of independent routes opened in various places,Capital AreaIt became easier to travel abroad without going through, and it became easier for the general public to enjoy traveling abroad as an individual trip compared to before the bubble economy period. As a flight operated by Japan Airlines,Tokyo/Haneda airportArrival and departure英国/UK-Heathrow AirportThe line maintains a high boarding rate,2015From May,2001It will be the first revival in 14 years since thenNarita International AirportArrival and departureTexas-Dallas Fort WorthOpened the line.North American continentOperate with large aircraft for routesThe United States of America/ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク-John F. Kennedy International Airport,Massachusetts-Duffel BagState-of-the-art aircraft as the main route after direct flights toB787-It is operated as the main route to the southern part of the United States operated by "JAL SKY SUITE 8", which is a new specification aircraft of type-787. The number of international flights operated from the airport is 13 routes and 1 flights a day (due to an increase in flights from China from the 20 winter timetable). Currently, our own international flights are:Three major metropolitan areas OfChibaNarita City OfNarita International Airport (Narita Airport),TokyoOta-ku OfTokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)There are 2 airports.

GlobalAviation unionIs one of theOne worldIs a member ofCode share flightsConvenience is being enhanced by expanding networks, introducing common fares, and diversifying mileage accrual.British Airways,American airlines,Cathay Pasific Airlines,Qantas,Iberian airlines,FinnairOneworld companies such asEmirates Airlines,Korean AirIncluding flights operated by other companies through code sharing with non-One World airlines, as of April 2015, we are operating at 4 airports in 51 countries and regions around the world (on the Pacific route).GuamIs US territory,Papeete TheFrench PolynesiaAsFranceCalculated as treatment)[76].

Destination city (excluding freight flights)

Service route

As of September 2021, 3. However, routes operated by code-share flights are not included.
Japanese airports that have their own international railroad linesNarita International Airport(ChibaNarita City),Tokyo International Airport(TokyoOta-ku),KIX(OsakaSennan city),Chubu International Airport(AichiTokoname) Only 4 airports.Current,New coronavirusDue to the influence of the above, many flights have been suspended or reduced on international flights.[77].

Madrid,Berlin,DusseldorfCities where oneworld member airlines are based[78],Yangon,ChugokuCities with remarkable economic growth, including local cities[79] Opening a new route toDenpasar,Sao Paulo,Milanな どBusiness reconstructionKeeping in mind the route withdrawn at the time,2013JAL's business performance recovered rapidly, supported by the boom in foreign visitors to Japan from around that time.Long-lasting next long-distance equipment (A350) Is completed and the profitability is restored, and the revival of the previous in-house operated routes and the opening of new routes are under consideration.20153IsKIXThanThe United States of AmericaCaliforniaLos Angeles International AirportTo11IsNarita International AirportThanThe United States of AmericaTexasDallas/Fort Worth International AirportThe long-haul route to has resumed regular service[80].

Past regular destinations

Until the mid-1970s, due to the short cruising range of aircraft, it was common to travel to several destinations for refueling, and purely for refueling at airports where paid passengers could not get on and off due to the agreement. Call at (Technical landing) Often. In addition, especially for the Southbound Europe route, the number of flights to the Northbound Europe route via Siberia was limited, and there was also a national policy of building relationships by entering oil-producing countries in the Middle East, so many ports were called in cities in South Asia and the Middle East. Was there.


Irregular flights

Tokyo Narita,Osaka Kansai,Central Nagoya,Sapporo New Chitose,Fukuoka,KitakyushuFrom airports around JapanMontreal,Anchorage,Koror,Denpazar,Zagreb,Budapest,Toronto,Ulaanbaatar,Fairbanks,MajuroOperates as an irregular flight, charter flight, or program charter flight[82][83].

Fare system

Based on the new international airfare system from Japan, which was implemented from April 1994,Economy classRegular international discount fare "JAL Goku" forMinistry of TransportWe applied for approval (at that time) and implemented from the 1st of the same month. After that, we introduced multiple discount fares with advance purchase discount and expanded regular international discount fares to business class.[84].

In-flight service

As a feature of international in-flight service,kimonoA service to hand over hand towels and fans[85]AndJapaneseIn addition to providing in-flight meals and gaining popularity,Japanese-style roomIntroducing state-of-the-art aircraft such as the Windy Airport Lounge and Douglas DC-8 and Boeing 747[72], In-flight lounge[86],bedseat[87]We actively introduced Japanese-style services and new services such as luxurious in-flight specifications, clean in-flight cabins, etc., and received high praise. In September 1980, we introduced the first business class as a Japanese airline.

Since the latter half of the 2000s, it has been difficult to obtain in the market in first class and business class.Sake,Distilled spirits,rice cookerFreshly cooked rice,HappiIt is strengthening Japanese services again, such as providing nightgowns and night gowns. These services are available not only for Japanese businesspeople, who are the main customer classes in First Class and Business Class, but also for travel magazines outside Japan.[88] And magazines for the wealthy[89]Has been well received by foreign businessmen visiting Japan[88].

On June 2008, 6, we announced the introduction of new comfortable seats and in-flight entertainment for First Class, Executive Class (current Business Class) and Economy Class.[90].. The new design "shell flat sheet"Good Design AwardWon[91].

On January 2012, 9,Welcome! New Sky ProjectAnnounced that it will redesign seats and meals for all classes of international Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.[92].. Introducing full-flat seats in the business class, the theme of all classes is "highest quality in one class". Narita in January 1-UKThe service started from the line. On May 2013, 5, it was announced that the seats of all classes of Boeing 30-767ER aircraft will be renewed.[93], Narita since December 2013- VancouverEntered service on the line.In addition, the Boeing 787 aircraft (-8 aircraft will be introduced from the beginning of service, and the -9 aircraft will be introduced from the beginning of service) and the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft will be introduced with Sky Suite specifications in sequence. We are promoting the full flattening of business class seats on medium- and long-distance international flights and the expansion of economy class seat pitches.

In-flight service has been strengthened since the bankruptcy, and it is called JAL SKY Wi-Fi.In-flight internet service[94] Introducing Boeing 777-300ER and 767 Sky Suite equipment that are fully equipped.

We are also updating the equipment, and since 2012 we have the latest Boeing 787 with good fuel efficiency.Duffel Bag,San Diego,Dallas,Bangkok,Moscow,HelsinkiIs in service[95].

These services were highly acclaimed and were first selected as the Airlines of the Year by Air Transport World (ATW) magazine in 1980 as the first Japanese airline. In 2002, he was selected for the second time as a Japanese airline.[96].. Travel magazine "October 2008"Conde Nast Traveler(US version) "Top 25 Airlines" in the international sector, including JapanNortheast asiaRanked 5th among the top airlines[88] It was also ranked second in the international satisfaction survey published in Australia in March 2010.[97].

International flight class

As of 2015, First Class and Business Class, and in December 2007, the Premium Economy introduced mainly on long-distance routes with many business passengers[98] And there are four classes of economy class. Many local routes, short/medium-distance routes, resort routes such as Hawaii and Guam routes, and some long-distance routes have two classes: business class and economy class. Image colors are set for each class: red for first class, navy for business class, and green for economy class. This image color is applied to airport counters, boarding passes, luggage tags, etc.

Most of the current flight aircraft are seats announced on June 2008, 6[99] Is based on. On September 2012, 9, we announced the latest seats and in-flight meals for all classes introduced from January 13.[92].

Seat specs

First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy "Seat Spec"
Function/TypeJAL SuiteJAL Skysleeper SOLOShell flat seat neoShell flat seatSkyreclinerSkylux seatMillennium EditionSky shell sheet
Seat pitch211 cm200 cm153 cm157 cm129.5 cm119–127 cm112–127 cm97 cm
Reclining angle180 °180 °171° (life rat)170° (life rat)132 °152 °139 °-
Foot leg rest
Lumbar support×
シ ェ ル×××
Electric assist××××
High position table××××
PC power supply (outlet)×△ (738 only)
Armrest storage××××
LAN connection××××××××
USB/RCA terminal××△ (787-8 only)××××
Reading light
Equipment model777-300ER-787-8 777767-300ER767777/767/738777
  • 機種略称は、787…787-8、787-9、777…777-300 (ER) /-200 (ER)、767…767-300 (ER)、738…737-800
  • Please refer to the following for details of the service.

Economy class

It is offered at the cheapest price of all classes, and offers regular discount fares called "Economy Saver" and "JAL Goku", as well as group discount fares via travel agents.

Same as all Boeing 777 and Boeing 767-300ER737-800 型機にはシートテレビを備えたシートが設置され、MAGICと呼ばれるオンデマンド型のエンターテインメント設備が導入されている。2008年8月以降にボーイング777-300ERなどの長距離用機材に導入された新シートでは、個人用モニターを9インチに拡大(新造機の767-300ERと777-300ER(ロンドン線)、787-8は10.6インチ)し、ハ ン モ ッ クStyle headrests[100].. Although the seat pitch remains the same, we decided to widen the space under the seat by thinning the cushion without sacrificing comfort and introducing a sliding type that slides the seat surface itself at the same time as reclining. Successful. In addition, some B777-200ER, 300ER, B767-300ER, 787-8 type power supply equipment (A plug typeOutlet) Is attached. On international flights, we are increasing the number of flights with increased seat spacing,Sky traxIt was the second award, winning 2017st place in the 1 "Best Economy Class Airline Seat" announced by[101].

For in-flight meals, there is a well-established western food store in Nihonbashi called "Taimeiken" and "Soup stock tokyoIn addition to setting up a menu and a snack corner (only for long-distance lines in Europe and the US),Plum wine,Sake,Red and whiteWineWe offer alcoholic beverages with a wide range of choices. Detailed seat specifications, service routes, in-flight services JAL homepage You can check it from.

Premium economy class

"Premium Economy Class" was introduced from December 2007 mainly for long-haul routes in Europe and the United States.[98].. As of 2015, it has also been introduced on the Asian routes such as Delhi and Jakarta and on the Sydney route.

"Premium economy classIn the dedicated compartment, we introduced a shell-type seat ``Shell Sky Seat'' that has a seat pitch of 97 cm and is the first in the class to sacrifice the rear seat space even if the seat back is completely tilted.[102].. The seat includes audio/video on-demand personal TV, a PC power supply, and a large table for A4 size notebook PCs.

The content of the meal on board is the same as that of the economy class, but the champagne of Piper Aidsick,Dean and Deluca"ofice creamAndIs it JAL?series"UdonWill be provided, as well as special blankets, slippers, eye masks and toothpaste sets. Detailed seat specifications, service routes, in-flight services JAL homepage You can check it from.

business class


In October 1974, we introduced "Tachibana Executive Cabin Service", which is an ordinary fare area for some passengers in economy class of Boeing 10, which was operated mainly on long-distance routes. This "Tachibana Executive Cabin Service" only uses some of the guest rooms as areas for ordinary fares and individual passengers, and used the same seats as in economy class.[72].. Since then, in response to the growing demand for wider seats and enhanced services, it was the first Japanese airline to operate on September 1980, 9.business class"Executive Class" was introduced. At that time, only Japan Airlines was in service on regular international flights. After that, we have been updating the seats and service content several times.[99][103].. In January 2013, the name was changed from JAL Executive Class to JAL Business Class in line with the new seats on the 1-777ER.

In the mid-1980s, an intermediate class "Super Executive J Class" was set between the first class and the executive class, which widened the seat pitch and adopted a wide dedicated seat.[104].. However, it was abolished in a short period of time due to improvements in the service content of the executive class.


In-flight meals with many choices, slippers, eye masks, etc.AmenityDistribution of passengers and other in-flight services, provision of seats with a wide seat pitch equipped with personal TV and PC power supply, executive class check-in counters,Airport loungeA wide range of services are provided, such as the use of mileage service, additional mileage accrual (125%), priority boarding guidance on board, and priority delivery of baggage.[105].

In-flight meals on major long-distance routes departing from JapanJapanese cuisineIs the "Kyoto Cuisine Memories",French cuisineIs "Japan Escoffier AssociationMenus supervised by "," freshly cooked rice (some Western lines) and original cup noodlesIs it JAL?series"Udon, Etc. are provided. For the second in-flight meal on some routes, there is a service where you can eat whatever you like at any time from a menu of about 2 Japanese-style and Western-style dishes.


Tokyo- Los AngelesLines andUKWestern lines such as lines,JakartaLines andSydneyFor Asia and Oceania routes such as the line, it is equipped with a full flat seat "JAL SKY SUITE" that has a personal monitor of the largest class in the class, 23 inches. In addition, from the summer of 2015, the full flat seat "JAL SKY SUITE II" was installed.Boeing 767-300ERThe service has improved considerably, with services such as the Honolulu line and short-haul Haneda-Shanghai and Guangzhou routes. The number of SKY SUITE series has increased and the naming rules have become unique.

SKY SUITE series
NameAbbreviationequipment配 列Personal monitor
SKY SUITESS7B777-300ER2-3-2 Horizontal 7 seats23 イ ン チ
SKY SUITESS8B787-82-2-2 Horizontal 6 seats23 イ ン チ
SKY SUITESS9B787-92-2-2 Horizontal 6 seats23 イ ン チ
SKY SUITE IISS6B767-300ER1-2-1 Horizontal 4 seats15.4 イ ン チ
SKY SUITE IIISS2B777-200ER1-2-1 Horizontal 4 seats (diagonal arrangement)17 イ ン チ
SKY SUITE IIISS9 IIB787-91-2-1 Horizontal 4 seats (diagonal arrangement)17 イ ン チ

In addition,SingaporeLines andBangkokThe Boeing 777-200ER, which operates on medium-haul Asian flights such as lines, also has a "JAL SHELL FLAT SEAT" equipped with a 157 inch personal monitor and PC power supply on a life rat seat with a maximum seat pitch of 10.4 cm. It has been introduced.It is also being updated to the B777-246er (SS2) equipped with the latest seats.Some Boeing 767-300ERs in service on short- and medium-haul international flights such as China737-800 The machine is equipped with a "Skylux seat," which has a small seat pitch and a shallow reclining angle. From October 2010, a new seat ``JAL SKYREC LINER'' equipped with a 10 inch personal monitor, PC power supply, USB terminal, etc. on the new machine 767-300ER has been launched on Haneda's South Korea and Taiwan routes. .. For detailed seat specifications and in-flight meal service details,JAL homepage You can check it at.

first class

Tokyo as the highest class ParisLine or London line,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クLines andLos AngelesOn major European and American routes, including the line, First Class is set for business customers and the wealthy. Due to the enhancement of business-class services since the 1990s, the number of routes that have been set has decreased from before. For detailed services and meals,JAL homepage You can check it at.


Only First Class trained flight attendants will be in charge of the service. For in-flight meals, a menu supervised by "Kyoto Cuisine Meikai" for Japanese cuisine and "Japan Escoffier Association" for French cuisine is provided, the contents are upgraded compared to other classes, and advance reservations for in-flight meals are also accepted There are also 10 or more à la carte menus available. Alcohol,Shochu"Izo Mori], sake "iso boasting", "flying joy", "champagne tetanje" and "por roger", "Veuve ClicquotHigh-end brands such as "Champagne Salon" are offered.

Entered the pouchShiseidoSpecial amenity sets for men and women, duvets, and audioBoseNoise cancelingheadphone"Quiet Comfort 2" has been adopted.

At major airports, check-in counters and exclusive for first classAirport loungeIn addition to the services provided by Narita International Airport, passengers with eligible fares for Europe and Americas (excluding Hawaii and other code-share flights operated by other airlines)Tokyo WardTohelicopter(Mori Building City Air Service OfEurocopter EC 135) Was also provided free transportation service[Annotation 2][106].


From August 2008, a semi-private room seat equipped with a 8-inch personal monitor and PC power supply on the Tokyo-New York line "JAL SUITE" was introduced. From September 19, Tokyo- San FranciscoIn addition to being introduced to the line, it was introduced to the Los Angeles line, Chicago line, and Jakarta line after FY2009. The seat will be provided with a dedicated mattress and pillow in collaboration with Tempur.

On the European route, "JAL SKYSLEEPER SOLO" was introduced, which is based on the image of the "sleeper" sleeper service that was introduced in the 1980s.[107].. Designed by British designer Ross Lovegrove,イタリア OfPortorona FrauFull flat and massage function using leather, shoe case and accessory case, on-demand personal TV and PC power supply can be used. From January 2013, "NEW JAL SUITE" equipped with a 1-inch personal monitor was introduced on the Tokyo-London route as well.[92].

Ground service

Free bus service

The following bus services are available free of charge when boarding using a class with a regular discount fare (excluding some fares) or mileage awards in economy class.

  • Beijing Capital International Airport- 天津市Various places
  • Frankfurt Airport- DusseldorfCity (Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf)

JAL Family Service

We provide a variety of support services and in-flight services at the airports of departure and arrival destinations for Japanese businessmen and their families when they are transferred to or from other countries, and when they visit their families during their transfer.

The JAL family service lounges at Narita and Kansai airports were closed on January 2014, 1.[108].

Domestic flights

Route network

From the beginning of the establishment, domestic flights were operated mainly on main lines mainly to and from Tokyo,1972With Japan AirlinesAll Nippon Airways,Toa Domestic AirlinesFor (Large Japan Air Systems) 3 major companiesMinistry of TransportMore business line allocation (so-called45/47 system) Was carried out, Japan Airlines will be assigned the operation of domestic trunk lines. But,1985After this business line allocation was abolished, the route network was expanded to the local lines of quasi trunk lines and regional routes.

Due to the integration with Japan Air System in 2002, most of the domestic flights were transferred to Japan Airlines Japan (formerly Japan Air System) and the international flights of Japan Air System were taken over, but since it merged with the company on October 2006, 10, Eventually, the domestic flights of both companies will be taken over and operated.After the consolidation and abolition of routes, as of 1, the entire group operates 2020 airports and approximately 60 routes (including seasonal flights and code-share flights).

2004May 12Same year as Haneda Airport Terminal 2 openedMay 12It is now possible to board from both the north and south wings of the first passenger terminal (west passenger terminal). ThisChugoku,Shikoku,Kyusyu,OkinawaBoarding flights to the regions is South Wing,Hokkaido,Tohoku,Hokuriku,Tokai,KinkiBoarding for flights was divided into North Wing and direction.

Fare system

Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Japan Air Systems' three major companies dominate the Japanese aviation industry as a result of "if one moves, the other follows," even though new entrants are competing with cheap fares There is no big difference in fare between the two companies, and the difference was within a few hundred yen, and for some reason the fare was revised within a few days,cartelWas often ridiculed.

However, for a period of time, the differentiation from All Nippon Airways on domestic flights was far from fares such as "if one moves, the other follows." A prominent example is that All Nippon Airways will abolish the birthday discount and develop a “Travel Discount” that will set the fare substantially the same as the reservation by 28 days before, while Japan Airlines will keep the birthday discount. Japan Airlines, which was said to have been weak in fares for individual passengers in the past, such as the establishment of a large discount "earnings discount" for reservations 28 days in advance of the same type as "Taburi Discount" mentioned above, is all Nippon Airways Various strategic changes were seen, such as gaining more advantage.

However, due to intensifying price competition after that, the big difference has disappeared as of 2014.

In April 2008, the "Business Ticket" was released for JAL card members only. Miles will be accumulated 4%, with a maximum discount of 100%. The feature is that it can be purchased until the day of boarding. It should be noted that during the busy season, it is the same as the round-trip fare (however, the regular fare outside the round-trip fare period), which is a fare targeting business customers who purchase on the same day. You can also book Class J or First Class at the same time as booking.

Domestic flight class

There are three classes, regular seats, class J, and first class, but depending on the route and aircraft, normal seatsClass JThere are 2 classes[Annotation 3].2014May 5From Haneda-Fukuoka lineWelcome! New Sky ProjectAs part of this, we have redesigned the interior of the aircraft and introduced the JAL SKY NEXT, which is the first domestic airline to use the in-flight internet service for domestic flights, on the Boeing 777-200. JAL SKY NEXTBoeing 777-300Introduced to 77 aircraft[109](In-flight internet service introduced in July 2014).

Ordinary seat

In-flight service

InternationalEconomy classThe seat is equivalent to, and is provided for all equipment and routes.

Soft drinkscoffee,Black tea,Green Tea,SoupBeverages and candies are provided free of charge. Also, blankets andIn-flight magazine,In-flight salesAlso offers. Also, news andMichelin・ In addition to broadcasting videos such as "Green Guide Japan's Journey" on the monitor in the guest room and personal screen, earphones will be provided free of charge for equipment with personal images.[Annotation 4].

The in-flight audio service was discontinued in April 2021.


Germany'sRecaroSeveral types of seats are offered, centering on manufactured seats, depending on the model and time of introduction.In addition, the former Japan Air System Boeing 777-200 was equipped with a personal TV and was distinguished by the display of "7J2" in the timetable, but it was gradually upgraded to first class setting equipment, and at that time the seat was also It was replaced and, like the other Boeing 777-200s, had no personal TV.Later, personal monitors were installed on the seats introduced on the A350 and 787.

Class J

After the management integration with Japan Air System,Super seat""Rainbow seat(Japan Air System)”, the first domestic flight for Japan AirlinesMiddle classAs an introduction of ", you can use the regular fare plus 1,000 yen.Class JWas installed. Currently operated by J-AirEmbraer 170, Japan Air Commuter, Ryukyu Air Commuter, and Hokkaido Air System are used for all aircraft except propeller aircraft. In May 3, Class J was also installed on J-Air's Embraer 2016. This will set Class J for the first time on a regional jet[110].

Despite the low price of an additional charge of 1,000 yen, passengers can accept that they can enjoy air travel with wider seats and high service, and if there are vacant seats, they can upgrade at the airport on the day, etc. From maintaining[111][112]Announced in August 2010 to increase seat capacity[113].

Incidentally,1980 eraIn the middle stage, between the first class and the executive class on the international flights, an advanced intermediate class called "Super J." with a name similar to "Class J"J classWas set.

School excursionWhen group passengers, such as the one in the same class, overlap with each other, the class J seats may be opened to ordinary passengers as ordinary seats even when operating with a class J equipped aircraft.

For seats and detailed services,JAL homepage See.

In-flight service

In addition to providing free soft drinks and teas, soups, coffee and green tea for class J, and vegetable juice, which are free of charge as with ordinary seats, we also provide thick blankets.


Good Design AwardWe have seats with a wide pitch of 47 cm on average, which has an award of 97 cm, which is wider than ordinary seats, a wide seat surface and armrests, a footrest and a pull-out table. In addition, when operating with international flights, executive class seats are provided, and for aircraft that have not been switched seats, the old rainbow seat and super seat were diverted as is, but all are JAL SKY NEXT specifications. Has been updated to.

first class

In order to acquire a customer base that uses routes that are frequently used and have relatively high unit prices, such as businessmen and wealthy individual passengers,Superlative classAs2007May 12Introduced from.

Initially operated on the Haneda-Itami lineBoeing 777-200Introduced in (excluding old JAS machines).After that, we gradually installed 15 seats each on a total of 14 aircraft.2008May 4Introduced to the Haneda-Fukuoka route, the Haneda-New Chitose route on June 6, 1, and the Haneda-Naha route on August 2012, 8.The fare is an additional 1 yen to the regular fare, and if there are vacant seats, you can upgrade by paying an additional fee at the airport counter on the day.Currently, it has been diverted from international flights in addition to all Boeing 8,000-777s including the old JAS aircraft.Boeing 767-300ERAlso has 5 seats.Furthermore, it was introduced as domestic flight equipment from 2019.Airbus A350-900Boeing 787-8There are also 12 seats and 6 seats, respectively.The Boeing 777-200 occurred in February 2021 as mentioned above.PW4000 engineDue to the suspension of operations due to troubles, all aircraft including the old JAS aircraft will be retired within 2020 in view of the undecided timing for resuming operations.[114].

In addition, although "Class J" is also attached to all "First Class" equipment, "First Class" is highly rated for its high-quality service, and as with "Class J", a high boarding rate has been achieved since its introduction. Has earned[115].

For detailed services JAL homepage See.

In-flight service

In-flight mealsDessertDomestic luxuryRestaurants,restaurantYou can choose your favorite one from the menu for each time of breakfast, lunch and dinner. At dinner,Michelin guide"Mt. Tokutoku" that won the star in "Tokyo 2008",Nadaman, "Aroma Fresca", "Lariant", and "Ep Banteuil" will be provided with a menu of affiliated restaurants and restaurants. All menus change every 5 days.

As for drinks, shochu "Mori Izo" etc. will be provided free of charge in glasses and pottery, as well as various beers, soft drinks and teas will be provided free of charge. In addition, we will provide nationwide paper, sports paper, and in-flight jacket storage services.

Ground service

Upon departure, we will prepare a dedicated check-in counter, "Diamond Premier Lounge" (Haneda Airport, New Chitose Airport, Itami Airport), "Sakura Lounge" (other airports), use of a dedicated security gate, priority boarding, It will offer a free baggage allowance of 40 km, a priority baggage handing service upon arrival, and a 50% increase in the number of sector miles.


At the forefront of the cabin, there are legrests and footrests that occupy the largest space for a Japanese airline's domestic flight, with a front/rear pitch of 130cm, a seat width of 53cm, an armrest width of 33cm, and a reclining angle of up to 42 degrees. Install genuine leather sheet. In addition to having a large partition, this dedicated seat also offers headphones with noise canceling function, dedicated slippers, blankets, and cushions.

Regular flight service port

Destinations of Japan Airlines Group (including code share and seasonal flights)

TaiziIs a hub (base) airport

As of July 2019

Past regular service ports


In-flight service

Flight attendant

Only domestic flight attendants will be on board domestic flights, but on many international routes, in addition to the Japanese flight attendants,Hong KongRecruitment,ShanghaiRecruitment,SingaporeRecruitment,BangkokHiring (transferred from the former JAL Ways),TaipeiHiring (oldJapan Asian AirlinesTransferred from),EuropeHiring (FrankfurtUK) Is a member of the flight attendant, and is operating at each location. In addition, onboard aircraft that does not provide servicesInterpreterAs,SeoulThe hiring staff also works on some Korean routes. These flight attendantsJapanese,EnglishI have also been trained in and can speak Japanese and English in addition to the local language. The polite and detailed service unique to Japan has received high international acclaim.

In the past, on some international flights, a custom-made two-piece by a female flight attendantEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euWearing service was done[116]..However, it takes time and effort to wear it on the plane, and it interferes with emergency response.1980 eraIt was abolished in the latter half.

In-flight meal

Since 2011JAL's new in-flight meal”, and incorporated plenty of carefully selected ingredients from Japan.In-flight mealIn addition to expanding the menu,Soup stock tokyo, Wait,Mos Burger,Yoshinoya,Nissin FoodWith Japanese companies such ascollaborationSuch as planningJapanese qualityFocus on the service[117].

International and domestic flights excluding some sectorsfirst classThe menu varies depending on the route and cabin class. In addition to regular meals on international flights,Diabetes mellitusFood and lowcalorieSpecial food such as food and low protein food,Hinduism,Islam,JudaismFolksvegetarianInflight meals for, under 12 years oldchildrenForAn infantIn-flight meals are also available. Advance reservations are required to request these special meals[118].

The latest in-flight meals are updated on our website as needed.Japan Airlines Official Homepage Business Class In-Flight Meal Introduction


Juice, cola, hot and cold tea, for all domestic flightscoffeeDrinks such as soup, consomme soup, and mineral water are provided free of charge.

As with domestic flights, the international drink service provides non-alcoholic drinks such as soft drinks, tea and coffee free of charge, as well as alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer and whiskey for all classes.[118].

Personal tv

As of 2015, personal for all classes of all international flightsliquid crystaltv setHas been installed,on-demandBy formatvideo・Provides audio and video game programs and movies (jal mooove!). The personal entertainment system for international flights is named MAGIC, and there are four types of equipment currently in operation as of 2018, from "MAGIC III" to "MAGIC VI", depending on the time of introduction. Introduced on 4 for domestic flightsAirbus A350-900Type machine andBoeing 787-8Personal monitors are installed in all seats of the model machine. in the pastJapan Air SystemInherited fromBoeing 777-200A personal LCD TV was also installed on the model machine, but it was gradually refurbished to a seat of Japan Airlines specification and disappeared by 2013[119].

In-flight magazine

In-flight magazineAsSKYWARD(Skyward)”,JapaneseDomestic version of article only, JapaneseEnglishArticles added (For some guidanceKorean,Mandarin,CantoneseThere is also a notation) international version is available. The magazine is sold at some bookstores and can be subscribed to.[120].

In case of international flightsfirst classJAL Global ClubIn addition to being equipped with "AGORA" for distribution to members, a guidebook of major destination cities with maps and restaurant lists that are distributed free of charge to First Class and Business Class passengers, sightseeing and entertainment information. JAL GUIDE” and JAL Hotels' information magazine “Fountains” are also installed on some routes. theseIn-flight magazineIs free to take home[120].

Magazines and newspapers

In case of international flights, "Weekly BunshunAnd 'Weekly ShinchoSuch asweekly magazineIn addition,Lady pictorialAnd 'an ・ an], [BRUTUS] And “MEN'S EX”fashion magazine,Weekly Toyo KeizaiSuch asEconomyMagazines, dozens of types of magazines including class magazines such as "SEVEN SEAS", for childrenPicture bookAnd for childrenComicBookIs also installed. Also,"TEAMAnd 'Newsweek], [The New YorkerAnd 'VOGUE], such as English magazines, are also equipped with local leading magazines of departure (magazines are different depending on the route). Newspapers are the major national newspapers in First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy Class,The Wall Street Journal,Financial TimesIt is equipped with international economic papers such as, leading papers in the local language of the departure place and Japanese papers in the departure country.[121].

In the case of domestic flights, normal seats and "Class J"In-flight magazineOther than magazines and newspapers are not installed, but children's picture books and children's comic books are available. In first classNihon Keizai Shimbun,Yomiuri Shimbun,Asahi Shimbun,Mainichi Newspapers,Sankei ShimbunWhen,The Japan TimesSuch asEnglish paper,Sports Nippon,Nikkan SportsSports paper, such asChunichi Shimbun,West Japan NewspaperIt is also equipped with leading local newspapers at the starting point.[121].

No. 1 on-time arrival rate in the world

It is the world's number one accredited in the scheduled arrival rate announced by the American research company "Conducive Technology".

According to the results from January to December 2012, the scheduled arrival rate for domestic and international flights was 1%, and in addition to being the No. 12 certification among the 90.35 major airlines in the world (Major International Airlines category), No. 29 in the world in 1 categories[122].. In the results from January to December 2011, it was certified as the world's No. 1 in the carrier-specific network division including code-sharing operations.[123].. In the results from January to December 2009, Japan Airlines ranked first in the world with 1% in the scheduled arrival rate survey of 12 major airlines in the world[124][125].

Priority guest support

handicappedFor airports, which are prepared for the injured person, the sick person, etc. according to the purpose of use and physical constitutionwheelchairAnd in-flight wheelchairs. Wheelchair-enabled cabinWC,BrailleGuidance, simpleWritingBoard and JAL Smile Support Counter (Narita International AirportTerminal 2 international flights only), stretchers and medical oxygen cylinders are available. Some services require advance reservation[126].

Toys for children

There are multiple types of toys for children for children of all ages, from infants to elementary school students, which are provided free of charge to those who wish to reach the target age.

JAL DOCTOR registration system

Public interest group corporation corporationJapan Medical AssociationCooperate with first-aid measures for passengers who become sick on boardDoctorIt is a pre-registration system. DoctorJAL Mileage BankMembers need to register in advance on the JAL official website, but the flight attendants will know in advance where the doctor is sitting, so that patients with sudden illness will be able to respond quickly. Japan Airlines is the first Japanese airline to offer a similar system.[127].

Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

For all domestic and international aircraft (excluding J-Air and Ryukyu Air Commuter),Cold medicineOr gastrointestinal medicine,Adhesive bandageIn addition to the above, in order for medical personnel who boarded the aircraft to treat passengers who were suddenly ill in the aircraft,DripSet andPhysiological saline,Glucoseliquid,Stethoscope,SphygmomanometerAvailable in Japanese and EnglishAutomatic external defibrillatorIs installed. In addition, gastrointestinal tubes and Neraton are used for international flights.catheter,blood sugarAlso equipped with measuring instruments[126].

In-flight Wi-Fi connection service

On domestic flights,GogoOnboard the offerWi-FiConnection service available for free[128]..As a result, voice services such as music and rakugo will be abolished on domestic flights at the end of March 2021.It was told that it would continue on international flights[129].

Ground service


In addition to the usual manned check-in counter, automatic check-in and ticket issuing machines are available. Also, at many airports,Airline ticket OfFareCategory, JAL Card CLUB-A Member, JAL Global Club, JMB FLY ON Service Status,One worldPriority check-in counters available for use by Elite Status[130].

Airline ticketSeat reservation system (CRS) IsAXESSI was using201711からAmadeus AlteaUsing[131].

Airport lounge

At many airports,Beverage,Light meal,News (Chinese),magazineIn addition to the business centershower room,MassageProviding services etc. free of chargeAirport loungeIs prepared. Especially many international flightsNarita International AirportThe lounge at Terminal 2The largest lounge in JapanIs[132].

Target passengers arefirst class,Executive classPassengers,Premium economy classTarget fare users,Economy classAlthough it is a target fare user[133], JMB Diamond, JGC Premier, JMB Sapphire, andJAL Global ClubEach member can use the lounge regardless of the boarding class of the ticket. Passengers who do not have these statuses (or are unaccompanied by status)Haneda airportIt is possible to use the Sakura Lounge only for a fee (1 yen per person, advance reservation required)[134]).

The JAL family service lounges at Narita and Kansai airports were closed on January 2014, 1.[108].

International Lounge

  • JAL First Class Lounge
  • Sakura Lounge
  • Sakura Lounge annex
  • Sakura Lounge Wing
  • Sakura Lounge Sky View
  • Sakura Lounge with American
  • One worldMember airline lounges, etc.

Domestic lounge

  • Diamond Premier Lounge (located at Haneda Airport Terminal 1, Itami Airport, New Chitose Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Naha Airport)
  • Sakura Lounge
  • JAL Lounge

Boarding procedure

Passengers who need support for boarding,妊娠Inside and乳 幼 児Passengers with passengers are given top priority, followed by first class, business class, senior members and all passengers in a predetermined order.[135].. Since February 2010, some domestic and international flights have beenGrand hostessInstead, the flight attendants are also in charge of accepting boarding gates, which is expected to save about 2 million yen annually.[136].


"JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) started as the earliest Japanese airlineMileage serviceThe number of members is about 2,500 million (as of October 2012), the largest in Japan.[137] In addition, it is the largest number of members as a point membership organization[138].. There is no membership fee, and JAL Group andOne worldBoarding member airlinesshoppingMiles can be added by using, and can be exchanged for free tickets and coupons[139].

We also collaborate with other companies,AEON groupIn partnership withElectronic money"WAON"Bic cameraBicCamera shopping mileage with[140] and so on.

JAL card

JAL card becomes JMB cardcreditWith functionCredit card.DC card,master Card,Visa,JCB,American Express,Diners ClubYou can choose from the above, and receive insurance and membership magazine services attached to the card company.[141] In addition, you can receive 10% member discount at in-flight sales and airport duty-free shops[142].


When using the Japan Airlines Group's international flights, more than 180 hotels in Japan and overseas, including Nikko Hotels InternationalHotelIn addition to staying at a special rate, you can stay at a cheap rate through the website even if you are not on a Japan Airlines group flight.

JAL IC/QuiC service

By selecting a seat on the JAL official website in advance when boarding a domestic flight, you can use a JAL IC card or two-dimensional bar that supports the equipment installed at the entrance of the security checkpoint without having to stop at the check-in counter or check-in machine. There is a "JAL Touch & Go" service that allows you to pass through the security checkpoint by holding the code and boarding by holding the same thing at the boarding gate.[143].

Sky mateExcluding some fares such asパ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ーIt is available for most fare types including



Affiliated company in the past

JAL Group Airlines

JAL Group is internationalAviation Alliance"One worldIs a member.However, airlines marked with * are not affiliated with oneworld due to management measures.In addition, airlines with ★Cheap airline(LCC).

J-Air is operated as a JAL flight on all flights by joint transportation underwriting. OnceJAL Expressも共同引受により、JAL便名にて運航していたが、2014年10月1日に同社は日本航空と合併した。また北海道エアシステムはJALの経営破綻に伴い2011年3月から2014年10月まで北海道が筆頭株主となり、JALグループでなかった時期があったため、同社については2016年10月29日までは運送共同引受でなくJALグループ外の提携航空会社との間で用いられているコードシェア便扱いになっていたが[146][147], From October 2016, 10, Hokkaido Air System was also added to the scope of joint underwriting of transportation, and all flights were switched to JAL flight numbers.[148]..Furthermore, from October 2020, 10, Japan Air Commuter also started operating as all JAL flights by jointly underwriting transportation.[149]..And from March 2021, 3, Japan Transocean Air also started joint underwriting of transportation on some flights.[150].

External partner airline

Domestic flights

International flights

*◎ indicatesOne worldMembership, △,Sky teamMembership, ☆,Star allianceMember companies. () will join.

* We also have mileage alliances with OneWorld member companies and * companies.


◎ is WOW member, △ isSkyTeam CargoMembership.

Special planes and government planes

Special machine

From the 1950s,royal,Prime Minister-MinisterAt the time of the official overseas visit, a special aircraft of Japan Airlines was used. Since the 1990sJapanese Government MachineThe frequency is lower than before due to the introduction ofEmperorSpecial aircraft of Japan Airlines may be used when the aircraft is in use or for an official ministerial overseas visit. For this reason, special aircraft are always allocated for multiple aircraft, and when needed, these aircraft are chartered by the government and operated as special aircraft.

In addition, when hiking and rescue Japanese people, and when transporting to destinations where regular flights of Japanese group sports teams are not in service, special aircraft and charter aircraft are often operated based on past operational records.1990,Gulf WarBecame a catalyst for(I.e.MilitaryKuwait invasionAt the time ofクウェートRescued the Japanese who were residing in Japan, and worked in Iraq during the Gulf WarEgyptHad been evacuated toVietnam peopleIt was a special aircraft of Japan Airlines chartered by the Japanese government.2010 Icelandic volcanic eruptionThen from Japanニ ュ ー ヨ ー クVia ItalyRomeThere are also operations that can only be done by the system of Japan Airlines, such as circling rescue flights to Japan and operating as Japan's first rescue flight to Japan.[156].

1985(Showa60 years)Iran-Iraq WarAt the time of, when the safety of the crew was not ensured,Japanese GovernmentAt the request of(I.e.The media reported that it has refused to operate charter flights to rescue Japanese residents. In fact, as Japan Airlines had suspended regular flights as of the 1980s when the war broke out, there were no local expatriates, so there was not enough time to coordinate with the local authorities and the security of the countries involved in the conflict could be taken. Was not. March 3Saddam HusseinAfter the President issued the "Iran War Area Declaration" and set the airspace above Iran as a banned area for airlines of each country, after 19:20 local time (20:2 am Japan time, 6 am Japan: XNUMX hours difference), All aircraft flying over Iran have announced that they will be targeted by the Iraqi Air Force. There was a request for a rescue machine from the Ambassador to Iran,Ministry of Foreign AffairsRequested a charter flight from Japan Airlines on the 18th of Japan time[157].. Furthermore, on the 18th local time, the Iraqi army warned that "the sky will be a war zone from the night of 19th", and the regular flights from Tehran to Europe were canceled. The ministry said on the evening of 18th, "It is difficult to get to Tehran even if we launch a charter plane." In response to this, Japan Airlines decided to abandon boarding by the night of the 18th, saying that the security of the flight to return cannot be guaranteed. Then, on the evening of the 18th, the Ambassador to Iran told the Turkish ambassador, "Tomorrow (19th),Turkish AirlinesTwo machines will come. ``Since there are vacant seats, I would like you to tell me the number of Japanese passengers wishing to board,'' 2 out of about 250 people who wish to leave Japan for Iran have departed by Turkish aircraft, but also those who departed with other airlines. And the story that all were rescued by Turkish Airlines is an arbitrary statement from the media.[158].

Government machine

Since the introduction of two Boeing 1992-747 aircraft as government-only aircraft in 400,Experience of international flight operation and maintenance technology of the same aircraft,[Source required]It was recognized that it was one of the largest international flight networks for Japanese airlines at the time, and we are entrusted with maintenance work and in-flight refurbishment. Japan Airlines' equipment is provided as a spare aircraft.

In addition to this,Japan Air Self-Defense ForceChitose baseBelongingSpecial Air Transport CorpsPart of the training of various services in the cabin of the government aircraft by the airmen of the 701th Squadron is also entrusted, and the training of airmen is also conducted at the flight attendant training center at Haneda Airport. Also, in-flight meals for government aircraft were once affiliates of Japan Airlines.Thiev KIs also in charge of ordering and delivering in-flight meals of special machines in other countries.

By introducing the Boeing 2019-777ER as a government-only aircraft in 300 and selecting All Nippon Airways as the outsourcer for aircraft maintenance, the aircraft maintenance by Japan Airlines will be terminated.

Official airline

Long time agoFlag carrierIn addition, since it was an exclusive international airline operator for Japanese airlines for many years,Olympic,International Expo,FIFA World CupIt was the official airline of many events that marked the turning point of Japanese history.

Besides this,Tokyo Olympics held in 1964 OfTorchTheGreeceFrom Japan to Japan[72].. In addition, the Olympic logo was put on almost all of the operated aircraft such as Douglas DC-8 and Conveyor 880.

From 1999 to 2015Japan national football teamSupporting the Japanese national soccer team as the team's "official supporting company"[160].. In addition to operating special coating equipment at the 2002 and 2006 FIFA World Cups, we also operated special aircraft to the camp during the 2010 South African Games.[161].

Accidents and incidents so far

Japan Airlines aviation accidents and incidents(All items listed)

Since the establishment of the company, 13 fatal accidents (11 of which have crashed) (including training flights) have occurred, and a total of 854 people have died.This number of deaths is the highest record for domestic airlines.However, since 1, the number of injured has been limited to 2010.


Major scandals

  • 2018August 5- RiceHawaii OfDaniel K. Inouye International AirportDepartedKansai airportA man who was on board the flightFlight attendant(20's) was drinking a can of beer for inflight service. A passenger who witnessed bringing a can into the toilet contacted the company and was discovered. The flight attendant explained in an internal survey that he had drunk so that he could sleep well during the break, which is in violation of the company's flight regulations, and the male flight attendant will be punished strictly. AlsoMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismPaid close attention to the company on June 6[162].
  • September 2018, 9-Operation Control Department manManager(57 years old) on September 2018, 9 in TokyoTaitoAt the hotel, while knowing that he was under 18 years old, he handed 3 yen to a girl who was a junior high school student at that timeMetropolitan Police DepartmentTakashimadaira Police Station The2019April 4, the male directorChild Prostitution/Porn Prohibition Lawviolation(Buy spring) In doubtArrest official[163].
  • October 2018-A male copilot who was scheduled to fly on Flight 10 had JAL in-house despite the blood alcohol concentration being over 44 times the standard value set by the law of the country of departure. I illegally slipped through the alcohol concentration test stipulated in 9 and boarded the aircraft for a while. The bus driver who picked up the male sub-captains noticed the alcohol odor of the sub-captain,London Heathrow AirportIt was discovered by reporting to the security of. The deputy captain was subsequently arrested by the local police. Due to this effect, the flight flew to Haneda after a delay of 1 hour and 9 minutes.[164].. British IsleworthCriminal courtOn 11th November, to the male copilot,imprisonment10 monthsPrison sentenceI handed over. Also on the 30th after receiving this judgment, the male copilotDisciplinary dismissalWas disposed[165].
  • October 2018, 12- NaritaDepartureHonoluluFlight 786 for a female flight attendantIn-flight mealI felt tired after the service,ChampagneI opened a small bottle (about 170 ml) and drunk it in a plastic cup about halfway. Three of my fellow flight attendants felt the smell of alcohol, and four of us, including the other one, felt that the situation was different, so we conducted an alcohol test on board. A senior flight attendant who is in charge of the cabin holdsAlcohol detectorWhen tested with, the alcohol level of 1 mg was detected twice from the exhaled breath, compared to the in-house standard of 0.1 mg per liter. The standard value was exceeded even in the third inspection, which took about 0.15 minutes. Flight attendants were removed from all duties after the first detection of alcohol. The female flight attendant initially denied drinking alcohol in an internal survey conducted after returning to Japan. He explained that he used a mouthwash. But,2017In November as well, there was a suspicion of drinking alcohol during the flight, and in the proof experiment based on the testimony of this flight attendant, mouthwash and the meals that were eaten could not affect the results of the alcohol test. , The company determined that the flight attendant had drunk on board. On December 11, the flight attendant made a phone call to his boss to allow him to drink while he was on flight 12, and confirmed the fact of drinking at an interview held on January 26 and 786th of January. Another flight attendant who was on board was suspected of drinking alcohol while flying Flight 28 from Honolulu to Narita on November 1, 3. The day after this interview2019On January 1, I explained to my boss that I was drinking alcohol on flight 4, and after interviewing again on January 781, I admitted to drinking[166].
  • October 2019, 8- KagoshimaDepartureHanedaFrom the copilot who was scheduled to fly on the flight, he detected alcohol that exceeded the standard and changed it before departure.
  • 2019September 9-12th NaritaCentral partFrom the male captain (3087 years old) who was scheduled to fly on flight 58,Alcohol testA value exceeding the reference value was detected at. Another pilot was on board the flight and arrived in central Japan at 11:8 pm, 1 minutes behind schedule. Male captainDismissaldisposal.[167][168].
  • August 2021, 3,SITAAnnounced that about 92 personal information of JAL Mileage Bank was leaked due to unauthorized access to the company system[169][170].


Japan Airlines has issued paper timetables for domestic flights since 1951 and for international flights since 1954.[171]..However, due to the increase in Internet search by PCs and smartphones and cost reduction, the paper timetable will be abolished with the April / May issue scheduled to be issued in March 2021 as the final issue.[171].

Advertising/promotional activities

For a while after the establishment, the main activities were foreign advertising and domestic advertising. Currently, during the summer and Obon holidays, in collaboration with other Japan Airlines group companies, Okinawa campaign aimed at these busy seasons[172],HokkaidoLarge-scale campaigns such as campaigns will be held.

Relationship with Disney

Tokyo Disney Resort Official Airline

1983FromTokyo Disneyland (TDL) andTokyo Disney Sea Participating companies of (TDS)Official airlineIs (2004In 10 monthJapan Air SystemDuring the business integration withJapan Airlines JapanThe name was temporarily transferred to, but became an official airline again due to reorganization).

As a company participating in Tokyo Disney Resort,Mickey's Philhar Magic,” of Tokyo DisneySeaBroadway Music TheaterWe provide two facilities. In addition, in the spring of 2Usatama Great Escape!] Was the sponsor.

"JAL Dream Express"

From the 1990s to the 2000s, it was a special painting machine with Disney characters drawn all over the aircraft.JAL Dream Express”Was operated, and a miniature of the same aircraftmodelWas also sold. In 2013, a special coating machine "JAL Happiness Express" was operated to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Disneyland.

At the beginning of the introduction of "JAL Dream Express," flight attendantsMickey MouseWith the ears of the crew on board, the character was drawn after that.apronWas wearing. In addition, the "Tokyo Disney SEA", which is a variation of the "JAL Dream Express", was also operated on an international flight aiming at the effect of "Tokyo DisneySea" being announced outside Japan.

Deployment in advertising, etc.

Also, of Japan Airlines (Jaltours)パ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ーAt "Tokyo Disney Resort at JAL" set in "JAL STAGE",Haneda airportIn addition to free shuttle buses between the park and the park, benefits such as show tickets and prizes with Disney characters are available.

In principle, the advertisements in which Japan Airlines uses Disney characters are limited to use within Japan. Among the gifts distributed to children as in-flight services, those using Disney characters are also available.


From November 2018, 11, a special coating machine to commemorate the 12th anniversary of Mickey Mouse's screen debut started operation. 90rdWalt Disney JapanWith the collaboration machine with, Mickey Mouse with 9 different expressions are drawn according to both sides. The interior is also decorated with Mickey Mouse, and the headrest cover and paper cups used for drinks for in-flight services have a Mickey Mouse design. Boarding certificates will also be distributed to passengers who wish.

The aircraft is a domestic specificationBoeing 767-300ERThe registration number is "JA602J" on the model machine. First class 5 seats,Class JIt operates on domestic backbone routes of New Chitose (Sapporo)/Itami (Osaka)/Fukuoka/Naha (Okinawa) with first-class settings arriving and departing from Haneda with a total of 42 seats, 205 seats and 252 ordinary seats.

Relationship with Universal Studios

Universal Studios Japan Official Airline

From 2015 year 5 month 11 dayUniversal Studios JapanAs "Official Airline" ofBack to the future the rideTo sponsor[173] なった。同アトラクション閉鎖後の2016年6月1日からは『アメージング・アドベンチャー・オブ・スパイダーマン・ザ・ライド 4K3D』のスポンサーになっている(2017年4月20日まで)。2017年4月21日からは、新しく登場したミニオン・エリアの『Minion Hachamecha RideBecame a sponsor of[174].. The JAL Lounge, a lounge for JAL Pack product users and JAL Mileage Bank senior members "JMB Diamond" and "JGC Premier", is available in the attraction building.

"JAL Minion Jet"

From July 2017, 7, a special coating machine ``JAL Minion Jet'' depicting the appearance of a large number of minions is in service on domestic routes[175].. In addition, since December 2017, 12, we have been providing minion headrest covers, paper cups, and stuffed animals onboard.[176].

Sponsor activities for sports business

  • Japan national football team -From August 1999, various representatives of each age group "Supporting companyIs[66][177].. Also, in March 2015JAL Challenge CupWas also held[178].
  • Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  • Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters From the 2014 season.
  • Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
    The campaign has been aggressive since the 2009 season. We carry out public relations by using athlete portraits that are not found in other companies in the same industry, and a link banner is always placed on the official website. Japan Airlines is also used for player movement. Of these, SoftBank has been launching the specially marked "JAL Hawks Jet" for a month since June 2010 (at the SoftBank side's expense).
  • Shikoku Island League plus(Withdrew from the sponsor last year)
  • Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo
    It is carried out on its own budget within the Sapporo sales office, and is used for campaigns in Hokkaido, etc., apart from the sponsorship for Shimizu, which is described later.
  • Shimizu S-Pulse
    The chest logo at Shimizu S-Pulse was a precursor to uniform advertising in Japan. At that time, Japan Airlines employee Izawa looked at the breast sponsor of the European football club and started working to put the Japan Airlines logo on the chest part of S-Pulse's uniform, which had no specific corporate image in the civic team, and then other Clubs have also been introduced.
    The sponsorship of S-Pulse was terminated due to the bankruptcy on January 2010, 1, but in honor of Japan Airlines, which has continued to provide support since the founding of S-Pulse, the logo will be displayed on the sleeve free of charge after 19. It is provided.
  • Ehime FC
    Matsuyama metropolitan area transportation IC cardIC cardA card with the JMB function and the Ehime FC fan club function has also been issued.
  • Tokushima Voltis
    Tokushima AirportTickets and goods are affiliated with the campaign for flights.
  • Japan Golf Association (JGA)
    JGA Official Airline from 2018
  • Honolulu Marathon
    Not only as a sponsor, but also by the voluntary participation of employeesvolunteerIt has a wide range of operational cooperation, including activities and charter flights that carry a large number of Japanese participants.

Other sponsors

TV program

Programs currently on air

Previously broadcasted programs

Radio program


CM talent


In the early 1970s, with Japan Airlines as a trump card for access to Narita International Airport, which was scheduled to open in the late 1970sNagoya RailwayIs the center of HSST (Magnetic levitation railway) Was developed[72].. Then in 1985International Science and Technology ExpoIt was exhibited at (Tsukuba Science Expo), and even ordinary customers could actually board.

Although development was continued after that, when the new Tokyo International Airport (now Narita International Airport) was completed in 1978Keisei Electric Railwayof"Skyliner"byAirport entry(Although it is on the airport grounds,Airport terminal buildingIt was not a boarding in) and then1987At that timeShintaro IshiharaMinister of TransportReceived the order of1991ToEast Japan Railway(JR East)Narita Line Airport Branch LineOpening and limited express "Narita Express"andYokosuka-Sobu Rapid LineDirect high-speed "Airport Narita" started operation, along with "Skyliner" andKeisei Main LineLimited expressAirport terminal accessWith the dramatic improvement in access to airports from Tokyo and the privatization of Japan Airlines, we will invest in businesses that are not directly related to our core business and whose profitability is not clear. I announced that I would withdraw from the development plan because I canceled2000Officially withdrew[72].

After that, the development of HSSTNagoya RailwayIt was inherited by the group company "Chubu HS Development", and in 2005Aichi Rapid Transit Eastern Tobu Line(Nickname: Linimo) has come to open.


  • Good Design Award
    • 2002-International First Class Seat "JAL NEW SKYSLEEPER SOLO"[180]
    • 2003-International Executive Class Seat "JAL SHELL FLAT SEAT"[181], JAL Group exclusive ticketing corner[182]
    • 2004-Domestic Class J Seat[183]
    • 2007-Map browsing web content "JAL MAP 2.0"[184]
    • 2008-International Premium Economy Class Seat "JAL Sky Shell Seat"[185]
    • 2009-International Executive Class Seat "JAL SHELL FLAT NEO"[186]International flight meal “JAL Sky Ben” (for Guam Economy Class)[187]
    • 2011-Executive class seat for international flights "JAL SKY RECLINER"[188], International flight meals (for Paris Premium Economy Class and Economy Class)[189], Bamboo wheelchair[190]
    • 2013-International Economy Class Seat "JAL SKY WIDER"[191],Boeing 777-300ER"JAL SKY SUITE 777"[192]
    • 2014-Domestic flight in-flight service ``JAL SKY NEXT''[193], Domestic regular seats (JAL SKY NEXT)[194], International Lounge "Sakura Lounge" (at Tokyo International Airport)[195]
    • 2015-International Economy Class Seat "JAL SKY WIDER II"[196]
  • World Airline Award(Sky trax
    • 2013-Best Business Class Airline Seat Award[197]
    • 2015-Best Economy Class Airline Seat Award[198]
  • On-time performance award (world ranking of flight stats and on-time arrival rates)
    • 2009-90.95%1st major airline category[199]
    • 2010-89.90%1st major airline category[200]
    • 2011-90.14%2st major airline category[201]
    • 2012-90.35%1st major airline category[202]
    • 2013-88.94%1st major airline category[203]
    • 2014-87.78%・4th major airline division, 1st Asia-Pacific division[204][205]
    • 2015-89.44%・1th major airline division, 1st Asia-Pacific division
    • 2016-87.80%・3th major airline division, 1st Asia-Pacific division
    • 2017-85.60%・2th major airline division, 1st Asia-Pacific division
  • Others


Pilot training

Regularly recruit pilot candidates to train their own pilots[208].

In addition to Japan Airlines, pilot companies are trained from primary training at Japanese airlines.All Nippon AirwaysThere is.

Club activities

By employeesHand bellThere is a team "Bellstar" and they perform at various events.

Long time agobasketballTeamJAL Rabbids"was there.

In addition,ダンスThere is a team "JAL JETS".

Successive uniforms

  • First generation: 1951- [209]
  • 2nd generation: 1954---
  • 3rd generation: 1960--- Mohei Ito
  • 4nd generation: 1967--- Hidee Mori
  • 5s: 1970--- Hidee Mori
  • 6s: 1977--- Hidee Mori
  • 7s: 1988--- (Application from the general public who won the grand prix from 7,830 points)
  • 8nd generation: 1996--- Megumi Inaba
  • 9s: 2004 ~-Megumi Inaba (Japan AirlineSuing[210]
  • 10nd generation: 2013---

Famous people


  • The JAL Public Relations Department publishes a glossary of terms related to the aircraft and aviation industry, part of which is "Aviation practical encyclopedia]インターネット OfWeb pageIs open to[212].
  • In the unlikely event that the Northbound European Route was opened in 1962ArcticWhen I landed inbearI thought about the time when I was attacked byHandgunThe pilot is actually trained in shooting[213].
  • ビ ー ト ル ズ 1966When I came to Japan and got off the ramp of a Japanese aircraft, all four members got the "Japan Airlines" logo.HappiWas wearing. This was planned by the Public Relations Office, and a cabin attendant who accepted this was in advance, and immediately after landing at Haneda Airport, I asked the members to wear "Traditional Japanese costumes will make fans happy". was[214].. At that time, the existence of this happi became so famous that even today, in the first class of international flights, happi of the same design as that of the time is offered to passengers.
  • 1969Wet lease one Japanese aircraft manufacturer YS-11 from Japan Domestic Airlines to Fukuoka-BusanIt entered the line and operated for about one year. In addition, the JA1 aircraft leased at this time was used for Japan Airlines painting for a while even after being returned to Japan Domestic Airlines, and then with Japan Domestic Airlines performed in 8717.Toa AirlinesAfter being transferred to Toa Domestic Airlines through business integration with, it was transferred to a subsidiary company Japan Air Commuter, and then Japan Airlines and its parent company.Japan Air SystemAfter the business integration with2006May 9Will fly until the retirement date of the same aircraft.
  • Occurred in July 1972Sheremetyevo crashBy the proposal of the bereaved family of passengers who died inGreen cross"Safety"badgeHas been put on the uniforms of all Japan Airlines employees since this accident[72].. However, this badge was abolished before and after the management integration of Japan Air System by Japan Airlines in 2002, and after the uniform change due to the merger, the symbol is written in one corner of the employee identification badge. It became a thing. Japan AirlinesMoscowIn the branch, it is the accident day every yearMay 11At that point, employees head to the memorial service to memorialize the victims.
  • 1973Occurred inDubai Nikko Hijacking CaseWas blown up byBoeing 747Some parts of the tail that were left unburned on the model were then sold.KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesIt was installed in the same type of machine. However, after that, the aircraft1977ToスペインAreaCanary islands OfTenerifeIt is inLos Rodeos AirportTwo Boeing 2 aircraft collided on the runway ofJumbo plane crash at Tenerife AirportIt was decided to meet.
  • In August 1978, we refurbished the 8nd floor guest room lounge part of the Boeing 747 aircraft that will be operating on the Pacific route,bedLaunched "Sky Sleeper Service" with 5-7 seats[87].. The size of the bed was 185.4 cm in length and 68.5 cm in width, and it was the first attempt for a jet aircraft to install the bed in the cabin.[72].
  • In the past, pickled stones (*142 and the word “Ishini”) were distributed to all departments in order to achieve the “target profit of ¥142 billion”.
  • Japan Airlines' corporate motto in the 1980s was "gratitude to customers, empathy with colleagues, challenge to the times".Master HinomaruFrom the corporate culture of the company, it was criticized in the company as "gratitude to friends, sympathy for the times, challenge to customers".
  • In the 1980s, movie criticsYodogawa NagaharuWas giving advice on the selection of in-flight movies[215].
  • 1983から1984Was broadcast overTV drama"Stewardess storyThe same as what the stewardess trainee actually wore in the drama at the timeT-shirt,HatBut,In-flight magazine"WINDS" (currently "SKYWARD)) was sold as a limited number of "Stewardess Story Official Goods" at the mail order section in[216].
  • Nissin FoodIn collaboration with the originalCup Noodle,Is it JAL?series"Udon (Udon de Sky)" was developed and started to be offered in executive class on long-distance routes from June 1992, 6.(I.e.Since it is cooked and served in a low temperature machine, the device is devised so that the noodles return even at a lower boiling point than ordinary cup noodles.
  • Mt. Sasayama Kishin,Yoshihiro Tachiki,Kirishima RolandWell-knownPhotographersOf the Japan Airlines Group, which is in charge of shootingFlight attendant"Cabin attendantカレンダーWas created every year. Many of the female flight attendants appearing in this calendar are self-recommended (others can be recommended), and there are many criticisms that only female cabin attendants appear, especially female cabin attendants (in September 1998, male flight attendants). Has appeared, but this is only once in the past). In addition, due to a part of the cost reduction measures and the decrease in the number of sales, the issuance was canceled in the 9 version.[217] However, the 2013 edition was issued to commemorate the renewal of the flight attendant's uniforms in 2014 (only in tabletop format), and it revived for the first time in five years.[218].
  • In addition, the calendar created by the company was launched in 1954 to commemorate the founding of international flights,National treasure,Important cultural property"Art Calendar" to introduce Japanese antique art such asRound the World RouteFirst commemoration of the launch of世界Of the scenery and womenA WORLD OF BEAUTY CALENDARIs also issued every year. The "World Masterpiece Literature Calendar" was discontinued in 2009.
  • It should be noted that after that, in the catalogs for in-flight sales of international and domestic flights, several female flight attendants (and male flight attendants) who also actually attended appeared in each issue, but all were recommended.
  • Within Japan Airlines,1985Occurred inJapan Airlines Flight 123 crashWas based on the novel,Toyoko YamazakiThe novel "The sun does not sinkWas postedWeekly ShinchoSeriesFilm adaptationIn addition, Japan Airlines showed discomfort and stopped handling "Weekly Shincho" on the Japanese aircraft during "Sunset Sun" serialization.[219].
  • 2007May 11, August 8, the Captain of the Arctic Ocean, which recorded the smallest sea ice area in the history of observation, off the coast of Banks Island, Canada.Hiroyuki KobayashiIt was revealed that (currently an aviation critic) was taking pictures. It clearly captures the rapid "seasonal collapse" of sea ice, and it is said that photographs of the same type from aircraft are extremely rare. This photo is a picture of the reality of sea ice, and it shocked the world.[220][221].
  • 2014年2月20日に閉鎖された非常救難訓練センターは当初、アメリカ進駐軍が建てた格納庫で1979年3月に改修し、以降JALの歴代の運航機材に対応したボーイング747型機(クラシック型)などの実物大模型(モックアップ)や、広さ20メートル×20メートルのプールなどを備えて、大規模な訓練施設で開所当時、プールは社員が福利厚生施設として使用していたりした。また、同施設には日本初のジェット旅客機「DC-8」1号機の機首部分が同訓練センター内に保存されていた。同センターは2014年2月18日にTokyo Fire DepartmentMount FujiAssuming an eruption ofTokyo BayThe first joint rescue training for emergency landing was conducted.


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