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🚗 | Recall 21 units of 95 models such as Daihatsu and Tanto ... Stall due to fuel pump malfunction

Photo Daihatsu Tanto (2017)

Recalled 21 units of 95 models such as Daihatsu and Tanto ... Stall due to fuel pump malfunction

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The targets are Daihatsu "Tanto", "Mira", "Mira Cocoa", "Miraise", "Mira tocot", "Move", "Move Canvas", "Cast", "Copen", "Wake", "Hijet Truck", "Hijet Caddy", Toyota "Pixis". 21 models of Joy, Pixis Epoch, Pixis Mega, Pixis Truck, Subaru Pleo, Pleo Plus, Stella, Chiffon, and Sunbar Truck from July 2017, 7 to May 3, 2019. Manufactured in 5 units.

On June 6, Daihatsu may stall 24 models including "Tanto" due to a fuel pump malfunction ... → Continue reading


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Daihatsu Mira Cocoa

Daihatsu Mira > Daihatsu Mira Cocoa

Mira Cocoa(Mira Cocoa) IsDaihatsu industryWas manufactured and sold byhatchbackType (Light sedan)ofLight carIs.as its name suggestsmirrorIt belongs to the series and simply says "cocoaAlso called.


2009May 8, Was released as a derivative model of the 7th generation Mira, which is Daihatsu's core model. Discontinued in March 2009Mira GinoIt is also a successor car[2].. Discontinued 5 months agoMove latte(3th generationMoveAlthough some people see it as a successor to the (derivative) model, it is a derivative model of the 4th generation Move.ConteExists, and some people think that the successor to the latte is a conte.However, when the Latte and the 4th generation Move / Conte were sold together[Note 1]There is, and the relationship between the three parties of cocoa, latte, and conte is unclear.

platformIs the same as Mira, but the body is dedicated[3]..The engine has an output of 43kW (58PS)[Note 2],DVVTNaturally aspirated water coolingInline 3 cylinder Equipped with KF-VE type.

The "custom" set for other Daihatsu mini passenger cars is not set, but a plus system equipped with silver roof rails, door mirror turn lamps, etc. and a special seat is set.Since the plus system is equipped with a silver roof rail, the vehicle height is 30 mm, which is +1,560 mm higher, and it is not possible to enter most mechanical multi-storey car parks.

Still more2018As of February, it is the only series of Mira series that can be purchased with new cars, and all carsTachometerWas equipped as standard (MUJI Mira, andMiraiseAre all cars, not equipped with a tachometer).


Model L675S / L685S (2009-2018)

2009May 8
Sales start.As for the transmission, the instrument panel shift CVT (manufactured in-house by Daihatsu) is combined with the X series and above grades, the instrument panel shift 4-speed AT is also combined with the L series and below grades, and the X series and above grades are further trinocular. Meter panel (TachometerWith) is standard equipment.The highest grade "Plus G" comes standard with a rear-view mirror (with automatic anti-glare function), which is the first Japanese car to be used.[Note 3]..The initial fuel consumption (2WD model) is 10km / L for 15AT and 4km / L for CVT in 19.4/23.5 mode.
2010May 5
Added "X Special" equipped with a tachometer-equipped trinocular meter, integrated CD / AM / FM stereo, eco-indicator, instantaneous fuel consumption meter, and ABS as standard equipment.At the same time, the specifications will be changed, and the "L" and "Plus L" of 3AT cars will be abolished, and all cars will have CVT specifications.In addition, the price of the vehicle itself has increased by 4 yen because some of the plus equipment is standard equipment on the "X".
2011May 6
Partially improved. The engine of the 4WD vehicle is replaced with the "2nd generation KF engine" to improve fuel efficiency.As a result, the "22 fuel efficiency standard + 25%" was achieved.In addition, an average fuel consumption meter is standard equipment, 14-inch tires are installed on the "X Special", and illuminated vanity mirrors (driver's seat / passenger seat) and ticket holders (driving) on ​​the "Plus X" and "Plus G". Seats), floor illumination (driver's seat), and glove box lamps are standard equipment.The body color has been reduced from the initial 9 colors to 6 colors.
2012May 4
Minor change.MiraiseOf the "e: s technology" used in the above, the powertrain that combines the new engine and the improved CVT and before the vehicle stops.Idling stopNew "eco IDLE" with function and eco-power generation control (deceleration energy regeneration function) are adopted to greatly improve fuel efficiency (JC08 mode2WD vehicles are 26.0km / L and 4WD vehicles are 25.6km / L), and all vehicles have achieved the "27 fuel efficiency standard + 20%".At that time, the split foldable rear seat was abolished from the plus type 4WD car for weight adjustment.
In addition, all grades except "L" are plated with grille, bumper corners, and fog lamps (fog lamps are only plus type), and the rear combination lamps are changed to LEDs and clear crystals are used for all cars, and high mount stops are used. The lamp is also changed to LED.A multi-information display that allows you to check the driving situation is also standard equipment. "Plus G" also has a navigation system with a back monitor and a pollen removal function.plasma clusterIs also standard equipment (this eliminates the setting of the rearview mirror built-in rearview mirror)."Moose Pink Pearl (optional color)" has been added as a new body color.[Note 4]..In addition, the grade system has been partially changed, and instead of abolishing the conventional "X Special", the once abolished "L" has been revived as the cheapest grade equipped with a CVT.
2012May 12
The combination of interior and exterior of mousse pink pearl (ext) x ivory x black (int)Auto Color Award 2013Received the Fashion Color Award[4].
2013May 4
Special carAnnounced "Special Coordination" (sales start on April 4). Based on the "X" and "Plus X", the door outer handle and 8-inch two-tone colored full wheel cap are pearl white (silver when "bitter color" is selected in "14-tone selection") to add an accent. The interior uses a special brown seat (suede-like, with deodorant function, with "cocoa" emblem).In addition, a passenger seat back tissue pocket and a split foldable rear seat (only for 2WD vehicles) have been added to the "X", and a leather-wrapped steering wheel with the "cocoa" emblem has been added to the "Plus X".In addition, three types of "2-tone selection" with different body colors at the top and bottom of the body are available as options.
2014May 5
Released the special specification car "Special Coordination Smart Selection SN"[5]..In addition to the special equipment contents of the above-mentioned "special coordination"SmartphoneA linked memory navigation system, super UV & IR cut glass (front door), and super air clean filter are additionally equipped.In addition, in "Special Coordination Smart Selection SN", memory navigationHDMISince the terminal is provided, the passenger seat shopping hook is omitted.
2014May 8
Second minor change[6].
The body color has been significantly expanded, and the new color "Silky Lavender" has been revived and set to "Shining Red" which was abolished at the time of partial improvement in June 2011 and "Cocoa Beige Metallic" which was abolished in the previous minor change. Set 6 colors with "Metallic Opal" added.In addition to this, the "10-tone selection" that was set for the special specification car "Special Coordination" was set as an option for all grades except the "L", and the number of types was increased to five. In "Plus X", the interior panel color and seat color are set to 2 colors each, and 5 combinations can be selected.In addition, the front bumper design was changed for all cars except the "L" to differentiate the exterior design for each grade, resulting in a total of 3 variations in the combination of exterior design, body color, and interior color.Furthermore, in addition to the variations listed in the catalog, the whole country will be divided into 9 blocks, and special specification cars that will be sold only in each region will be set.
The headlamps of "Plus X" and "Plus X Smart Selection SN" have been converted to LEDs, and a ring-shaped LED clearance lamp has been added.In the interior, the design of the self-luminous trinocular meter and audio face was changed for all cars. The "3-tone selection", which is an option on all models except the "L", has improved design by changing the parting position of the pearl white paint and changing the center of the hubcap to the same color as the body.
"Plus X" is a plated car name ornament attached to the back door with a large plated grill decoration.[Note 5]Was also attached to the front fender, and a happy clover emblem with the grade name "+" as a motif was also attached in the same place.In addition, as special equipment, it is equipped with a front LED illumination lamp that lights up in conjunction with a small lamp and a room lamp "LED jewel lamp" that uses high-brightness LEDs.
In addition, the already adopted "e: S technology" has improved fuel efficiency by newly adopting a cooled i-EGR and CVT thermo controller (08km / L for 2WD vehicles and 29.0km / L for 4WD vehicles with JC26.8 mode fuel efficiency). ) In addition, the "Fan & Relax Drive Concept" has been introduced to improve ride comfort by changing the characteristics of the front arm bush.Cowl/ Improved quietness by adding sound absorbing material on the back of the instrument panel.In terms of equipment, all cars are equipped with an emergency stop signal, and all cars except the "L" are equipped with a key-free system (with request switch (driver's seat / passenger's seat / back door)) and key-free interlocking auto-retractable colored door mirrors.On the other hand, the plus type 2WD car is only integrated because it can be split from the rear seat.
The special edition "Special Coordination Smart Selection SN" has been added to the catalog grade as "X" Smart Selection SN "" and "Plus X" Smart Selection SN "" due to minor changes.At the same time, "Plus G" was abolished (as a result, vehicles equipped with door mirror turn lamps are no longer set).
2015May 4
Some improvements[7].
The 6th generation navigation that is standard equipment on the "X" Smart Selection SN "" and "Plus X" Smart Selection SN ""MoveChanged to the voice control navigation system adopted in, and changed the grade name to "X" Limited "" and "Plus X" Limited "".At the same time, the "eco IDLE" emblem attached to the lower left of the rear has been abolished, and the "32 fuel efficiency standard + 32%" has been achieved in response to the newly established 10 fuel efficiency standard.
2016May 7
"Silky Lavender Metallic Opal" and "Muscat Green Metallic" in body color to organize color variationsOrder stop, And abolition (including two-tone).
Of overseasSri Lanka,New Zealand,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Thailand,Hong Kong,Macau,Malaysia,Singapore,MyanmarSold at.
It was the first overseas sales of a mini vehicle.[Source required]
Discontinued, sold only in stock[Note 6].
Due to the end of sales of both MUJI Mira, posting on the homepage has ended.At this point, Daihatsu's light hatchback was only Mira e: S, so on June 6, the same year.TocotThe Mira series disappeared temporarily until it was released.

Origin of car name

The car name is "Beverage"cocoaIt expresses a calming car from the relaxing atmosphere when drinking cocoa.[8].


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注 釈

  1. ^ October 4 when the 2006th generation Move was released --August 10 when the Conte was released --March 2008 when the latte production ended.
  2. ^ The 4WD model will be downgraded to 2011kW (6PS) due to some improvements in June 38.
  3. ^ The "X Special" and "X" could also be equipped with the set option "Back Monitor Pack" with the reverse interlocking rear wiper.
  4. ^ Along with that, the exclusive color "Cocoa Beige Mica Metallic" from the time of the appearance of cocoa was abolished.
  5. ^ With the minor change in August 2014, the plated car name ornament on the back door of all cars including "Plus X" has changed, and instead of putting the "Mira" logo engraved under the "C" of the "Cocoa" logo, " The "Mira" logo, which was placed independently to the left of the "Cocoa" logo, has been omitted.
  6. ^ On the official page, there is a notice saying "Since Mira Cocoa is sold in stock, we may not be able to meet your request such as grade, option, body color. Please ask the sales company for details."MUJI Mira (including vans) was also sold in stock along with this model.


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