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✈ | Tohoku Air Service receives BK117C-2 and operates as a doctor helicopter with a lease

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Tohoku Air Service receives BK117C-2 and operates as a doctor helicopter with a lease

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In Japan, it is used for various purposes such as doctor helicopter, personnel / goods transportation, police, firefighting / disaster prevention, and news reports.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries delivered the Kawasaki-style BK2021C-6 helicopter to Tohoku Air Service on Thursday, June 24, 117 ... → Continue reading


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Transportation of goods

Doctor helicopter

Doctor helicopterIsEmergency medical careEquipped with medical equipment forhelicopterAndDoctorandnurseRiding to the emergency site, from the siteMedical institutionLife-saving medical care for patients until they are transported toAir ambulance) Is a dedicated helicopter that can perform.Emergency medical helicopterAlso called.Describe the details of dispatch to the emergency site. "Air emergency medical activities","Helicopter emergency medical activities","Helicopter emergencyAlso called (detailsAir ambulanceSee).



JapanThen "Special Measures Law Concerning Ensuring Emergency Medical Care Using Emergency Medical Helicopters(Hereinafter, abbreviated as the Doctor Helicopter Law) has been enacted (Law No. 19, June 6, 27).Considering the importance of the role that emergency medical care using a doctor helicopter plays in saving the lives of the injured and sick, reducing aftereffects, etc., by taking special measures to secure emergency medical care using a doctor helicopter nationwide, The purpose is to contribute to ensuring a system that efficiently provides high-quality and appropriate emergency medical care, thereby contributing to the maintenance of the health of the people and the realization of a society in which people can live with peace of mind.

"Emergency medical helicopter" (doctor helicopter) is a hospital facility that is equipped with equipment necessary for emergency medical care, is equipped with medicines, and provides advanced medical care related to emergency medical care. Refers to an aircraft deployed in a location where hospital doctors can board immediately.

Measures related to securing emergency medical care using a doctor helicopter are such that the doctor boarded the doctor helicopter and immediately went to the current location of the victim and used the equipment equipped on the doctor helicopter and the medicines installed on the doctor helicopter. The goal is to establish a nationwide system that can promptly transport the injured or sick to a medical institution or other place while providing necessary treatment on the place or in the doctor helicopter, taking into account the actual conditions of the region. And.

Due to economic conditions, topographical and meteorological conditions, restrictions on securing off-site airfields, etc.1990 eraUp to Remote island・ Remote area ・ShipAlthough the emergency transfer from the hospital was carried out, medical treatment such as a doctor helicopter was not often performed on the plane or at the accident site.However, since experiments have been conducted since the 1990s and its effectiveness has been confirmed, it has been introduced in each region.

Introduced ahead of JapanGermanyHas 73 aircraft deployed in Japan, and can arrive anywhere in the country within 15 minutes of request.After introducing the doctor helicopterTraffic accidentAtDeath 13It decreased sharply.

2001ToOkayamaSince the introduction promotion project of the doctor helicopter started in Germany, the understanding of the doctor helicopter has been progressing, but while 73 aircraft are deployed in Germany.2015The reality is that Japan has only operated 41 aircraft in 51 prefectures.The biggest problem that has not progressed is that the total cost per location is about 1 million yen per year (initially, the national and local governments are half each).MunicipalitiesThere were many places that hesitated to introduce it due to the financial situation of the government, but now that the national government bears up to 9%, the burden on the local government is about 2000 million yen and it is gradually spreading.

In addition, horizontal cooperation within the base hospital and between hospitals, securing a sufficient number of doctors, crew training system, lack of heliports, operating hours are limited to daytime, night takeoff and landing is not possible, and there are places to land. There are many issues that need to be resolved, such as the fact that there are still few.Doctor helicopter operators said, "The more regions where doctor helicopters are really needed, the later the introduction of doctor helicopters", and in order to further promote the introduction, operating expensesmedical insuranceIs making a proposal to ask for assistance.Against theseRuling partyIs for doctor helicopter nationwide deployment国会New billLegislatorSubmit at2007 OfOrdinary DietIt was passed and passed.


It costs about 1 yen for one dispatch, but it is expected to cost about 40 million yen for a flight to a distant place.In addition, it should be notedAmericaThen, it costs about 1 to 200 million yen for one dispatch, so it is cheaper than that.



A typical model isMD902,EC135,BK117,Bell 429,AW109SP Grand Newetc.
PatientstretcherMany aircraft have double-door doors at the rear of the cabin because they are required to be transported on the aircraft (the same applies to all of the above aircraft except the AW109SP).

Some manufacturers sell not only the aircraft but also a series of systems such as operation and maintenance as a package.[1].


Medical equipment


Flight Coordination Committee
In order to coordinate with related organizations in order to carry out the doctor helicopter project smoothly and effectively, eachPrefecturesHas decided the installation outline, and the Flight Coordination Committee has been established based on it.At the committee, the parties concerned will discuss and decide on the "Doctor Helicopter Operation Guidelines" and "Rendezvous Point List".Article 6 of the Doctor Helicopter Law stipulates that the standards for communication of the injured and sick to the hospital for dispatch and the standards for the communication system between the fire department and the hospital regarding the dispatch should be discussed.
Depending on the actual situation in the area
  1. Appropriate cooperation and cooperation with fire departments, Japan Coast Guard and other related organizations regarding the transportation of injured and sick people to medical institutions and other places as necessary.
  2. Contribution to securing emergency medical care in remote areas
  3. Establishing a system of cooperation and cooperation that transcends prefectural areas
It shall be carried out with the above in mind.
Rendezvous point
Ambulance crew and doctor helicopter joinEmergency helicopter landing siteIs.The flight coordination committee mentioned above has decided in advance the school grounds and parking lots, and the flight management staff and the fire department will decide the takeoff and landing points from the list.In order to secure a place where the doctor helicopter can land safely, the cooperation of related organizations is required under Article 7 of the Doctor Helicopter Law. For example, when taking off and landing on a land where sand is likely to fly, the fire brigade will take the lead in watering. We provide support by sowing and guiding the general public to a safe place.However, in an emergency, the fire department or police may secure a landing site and then get off near the disaster site.After the fire department has made the landing site ready for landing, the doctor and nurse will land a little away from the ambulance so as not to burden the patient.ambulanceHead to and start the initial treatment in the ambulance.In Miyazaki Prefecture, there is a case where a doctor helicopter landed by blocking the intersection of National Route 10 in front of jR Miyazaki Station with the support of the police in order to respond to a vehicle runaway accident in the city area.
Service bases and dispatch standards
On the premises of the base hospital or the adjacent land of the hospitalheliportInstall[Annotation 1] Then, the helicopter is always on standby in a state where it can take off.Municipal fire departments and wide-area municipal areas that have signed transportation agreementsFire Department,PolicemenRequest for dispatch from the hospitalLifesaving CenterDispatched when (Emergency Lifesaving Center) receives it.By the way, the transportation cost isFreeIn addition to the treatment fee, a home visit fee is only charged.
Local fire departments and other doctor helicopter requesting organizations such as police and government offices
  1. When you receive the 119 call
  2. Judgment of the emergency personnel who received the dispatch request
  3. When the need to dispatch a doctor helicopter is recognized at any of the emergency patient outbreak sites, or when the emergency medical institution in each region places the emergency patient accommodated there, a higher-level emergency medical institution (emergency emergency center, etc.) If you decide that you need to be urgently transported to
It is possible to request dispatch to the general public and cannot be called directly by the general public.
For patients who need a doctor helicopter
  1. Patients with or may be life-threatening
  2. Severely ill patients who are expected to be transported for a long time
  3. Patients with special emergency illness (severe burns, polytrauma, amputation, etc.)
  4. Patients who need a doctor for emergency diagnostic procedures in the emergency setting
And so on.
Operating expenses
Municipality andMinister of Health, Labour and WelfareThe medical institution has a flight contract with a private airline that operates a helicopter.The subsidy isMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIt is spent equally between prefectures or by prefectures alone.However, operating expenses that exceed subsidies are a “take-out” burden for medical institutions or helicopter operators that spend labor and fuel costs.Therefore, the subsidy has been increased since 2010.The cost of purchasing medical equipment, personal flight suits, and other equipment and consumables that are not covered by the national treasury subsidy is a heavy burden for medical institutions, but some medical institutions use doctor helicopters as companies. Attempts are also being made to advertise and reduce the burden with the income.As the recognition of the doctor helicopter business progresses, there is a trend to support the doctor helicopter business from private companies and NPO corporations.
Operating hours
Many helicopters used toInstrument flightI couldn't fly at night or when visibility was poor, partly because I didn't support.In modern timesEurocopter EC 135Doctor helicopters that support instrument flight have appeared, but the price will increase if equipment is added, and there are financial problems such as additional training of pilots by the operating company is self-sufficient, so it will operate after sunset. There is no medical institution.SaitamaThen.Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsSince the disaster prevention helicopter in Japan is compatible with instrument flight, it is equipped with medical equipment and operates like a doctor helicopter at night.If the urgency is extremely high in areas where such operations are not possible, the SDF is requested to dispatch a disaster to make up for it.

Characteristic operation

Wide area cooperation and operation
It is also possible to discuss with multiple prefectures so that the doctor helicopter project can be carried out regardless of the framework of the prefecture (Doctor Helicopter Law, Article 5, Paragraph 2).
Implementation area
Fukuoka OfKurume University HospitalIn the business ofSagaWith the eastOita,Yamaguchi Joint operation is being carried out on remote islands.
Nagasaki OfNagasaki Medical CenterIn this project, joint operation is being carried out in western Saga Prefecture.
Kanagawa OfTokai University HospitalIn the business ofYamanashiPart of (Fujiyoshida,Tsuru city,Otsuki City,Uenohara,Doshi Village,Sai Katsura Town,Oshino Village,Yamanakako Village,Narusawa Village,Fujikawaguchiko Town,::Kosuge Village,Tamba mountain village,Kofu CityPart of (oldKamikuishiki VillageDistrict)).[4]
Okinawa PrefectureUrasoe General HospitalIn this project, an agreement has been signed and it has been dispatched to the southern part of Kagoshima Prefecture (Tokunoshima, Okinoerabujima, Yoronjima).
North KantoIt is being sought to strengthen the emergency medical system by mutually using doctor helicopters from the three prefectures (Tochigi, Ibaraki, and Gunma).Saitama Prefecture is also considering participating. Scheduled to start in April 3.
Saitama and Gunma prefectures started trial operation of mutual entry of doctor helicopters from March 2015, 3 to March 25, 2016.Dispatched to some areas beyond the prefectural area in the case of duplicate requests and numerous cases of injuries[5].
Tohoku region
If a doctor helicopter in the three northern Tohoku prefectures (Aomori, Iwate, Akita) cannot dispatch a helicopter in your own prefecture due to a disaster, you can request another prefecture to dispatch it.[6].. Since 2016, six prefectures in Tohoku have established a mutual access system with neighboring prefectures.
Kansai Regional Association
2010May 12ThanKinkiPrefectures cooperateKansai Regional AssociationHas been launched, but one of the seven projects covered by the wide-area administration is the field of "wide-area medical care," and the placement and operation of doctor helicopters and emergency medical cooperation plans will be formulated in the future.TokushimaA wide area medical office is set up in. Since 2011, the doctor helicopter business of the Tajima Emergency and Critical Care Center, a public Toyooka Hospital, which was jointly operated by Hyogo, Kyoto, and Tottori prefectures, has been transferred to the Kansai Regional Union.This is the first attempt in Japan.
In addition, the local governments, which are the constituent organizations, are actively promoting wide-area cooperation.
In Hyogo Prefecture, the public Toyooka Hospital Tajima Emergency and Critical Care Center "3 prefectures doctor helicopter" is located in the northern part of Hyogo prefecture.Northern Kyoto・ It covers Tottori prefecture, and the "Hyogo prefecture doctor helicopter" of the prefectural Kakogawa medical center covers Harima and southern Tamba in Hyogo prefecture.
The doctor helicopter project in Osaka Prefecture is being jointly operated in Nara and Shiga prefectures (started operation in 2011).Currently, the doctor helicopter in Osaka prefecture covers parts of Shiga prefecture, southern Kyoto prefecture, Wakayama prefecture and Nara prefecture.
The doctor helicopter project in Wakayama Prefecture is being jointly operated in Mie and Nara prefectures.Currently, the Wakayama doctor helicopter covers parts of Mie, Osaka, Nara, and Tokushima prefectures.
The doctor helicopter business in Osaka and Wakayama prefectures and the doctor helicopter operation business for disaster prevention helicopters in Tokushima prefecture are jointly operated.
In addition, Tokushima Prefecture Doctor Heli is a part of Hyogo Prefecture Awaji Island, Wakayama Prefecture and Kochi Prefecture, and "Keiji Doctor Heli" (base hospital is Saiseikai Shiga Prefecture Hospital) operated jointly by Shiga Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture is the whole Shiga Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture. Southern,FukuiReinan(Fukui prefecture2018May 9Started operation[7]) Is covered.
Toyama2015March 8Toyama Prefectural Central HospitalStarted the operation of the doctor helicopter based on[8]But prior to thatGifuAnd Dr. Helicopter signed an agreement on July 2015, 7 for joint wide-area operation between Toyama Prefecture and the northern part of the Hida district in Gifu Prefecture, and cooperative operation began on the same day.The operation areas on the Gifu prefecture side are Takayama City, Hida City, and Shirakawa Village, 10 cities and 2 village.[8]Becomes
Until now, Gifu Prefecture has started the Gifu Prefecture Doctor Helicopter Project based on Gifu University Hospital on February 2011, 2, but in Gifu Prefecture, which has a north-south distance, the northern part of the Hida area is a guideline for the operating range. It takes time outside the area of ​​about 9km (70 minutes), there are many mountainous areas, and it may not be possible to dispatch due to overlapping requests, but it will be within about 15km from the adjacent Toyama prefecture side to the above area. Therefore, the agreement was concluded.The usage cost of Gifu prefecture will be borne by Gifu prefecture according to the usage record.
As an issue, there is the Hida Mountains on the border between the two prefectures, and it may not be possible to dispatch due to unseasonable weather in winter or during the rainy season, but I would like to consult with an expert to find room for ingenuity.[9]
Private emergency helicopter
Since April 1999, the Hamamatsu Emergency Medicine Society has been operating a private emergency helicopter for the first time in Japan, and before that, Kawasaki Medical School Hospital in Okayama Prefecture also conducted an experimental operation, but it was completed in a short period of time.Urasoe General HospitalIt used to be a private emergency helicopter business, but since the prefecture's doctor helicopter was deployed, it moved to the prefecture doctor helicopter business.
The prefectures currently in operation are Okinawa, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Purpose: Contribute to the emergency medical system in depopulated areas such as remote islands and remote areas[10]
Business entity: Medical corporation foundationIkeyukai(Fukuoka), Fukuoka Wajiro Hospital, Fukuoka Shin Mizumaki Hospital, Shin Yukuhashi Hospital, Shin Yukuhashi Hospital
Support organization:MESH support[11]  Due to the suspension of subsidies from the prefecture, funds are insufficient and operations are suspended indefinitely.
Northern District Medical Association Hospital[12](Nago
Based in Tokyo Heliport, we are active using general private helicopters
We carry out activities to transport medical staff such as doctors and nurses to disaster sites and to transport victims depending on the situation.
Red wing
Social medical corporation Ryokusenkai Yonemori Hospital (Kagoshima
Medical helicopter operated by private Yonemori Hospital[13]..Kagoshima Prefecture and the social medical corporation Ryokusenkai conclude the nation's first supplementary agreement for doctor helicopters, "Agreement on the Transport of Emergency Patients for Doctor Helicopter Supplementary Helicopter in Kagoshima Prefecture" The private emergency medical helicopter "Red Wing" of Yonemori Hospital has been dispatched as a formal doctor helicopter at the request of the fire department to supplement it.[14].
U-PITS (discontinued)
Urasoe General Hospital (Urasoe City) has been operating U-PITS, a private emergency helicopter since 2005, but moved to the doctor helicopter business in Okinawa Prefecture from 2008.
Specified non-profit corporation all-round helicopter ARH (suspended indefinitely)
Kesennuma CityA multipurpose helicopter for folk medicine that operates mainly inBasically, it ’s a rideParamedicHowever, there is also a doctor on board.Due to lack of funds, it will be suspended indefinitely from November 2015, 11 without setting a deadline.
Doctor helicopter operation of firefighting / disaster prevention helicopter
Depending on the municipalityFirefighting disaster prevention helicopterMay be operated like a doctor helicopter.Equipped with emergency medical equipment (EMS equipment) equivalent to a doctor helicopter on a disaster prevention helicopter that handles emergency operations, fly to a partner hospital from the base, pick up a doctor, and head to the rendezvous point.
Currently, it is operated in most prefectures, and it is also operated in designated cities such as Sapporo City, Sendai City, Okayama City, Hiroshima City, and Kitakyushu City.
Case of Saitama Prefecture
In Saitama Prefecture, mountainous areas such as the Chichibu region are far from the tertiary emergency medical institutions, and road conditions are poor, so ambulances have long been used to transport patients. From August 2005, 17 (Heisei 8)Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsThe medical staff of Saitama Medical Center General Medical Center (Kawagoe City), who received the dispatch request, rushed to the disaster prevention helicopter waiting at the prefectural disaster prevention aviation center in Kawajima Town and took off. Due to the fact that it takes about 25 minutes and the landing area is limited due to the large helicopter, the number of dispatches so far was only 37, so on October 2007, 19 (10) , Decided to introduce a doctor helicopter.
However, the dedicated doctor helicopter aircraft can only operate during the daytime when the sun is shining, and at night it was sometimes transported by ambulance as before.So again, Saitama Prefecture decided to utilize a disaster prevention helicopter.Saitama Medical University International Medical CenterIn cooperation with, we decided to operate as a doctor helicopter in the early morning and at night when special aircraft cannot be dispatched.As a result, it is possible to offset the shortcomings of the doctor-helicopter-like operation of the disaster prevention helicopter, which takes time to pick up from the operation base and the dedicated aircraft that can operate only during the daytime, so that the 24-hour doctor-helicopter service can be provided throughout the prefecture. became.
However, due to the crash of the disaster prevention helicopter, Saitama Prefecture has announced that the night doctor helicopter system will be suspended for the time being from July 2010. In January 7, the operation of a doctor helicopter by a disaster prevention helicopter between Japan and China was resumed.
Furthermore, from 2015 in ChichibuMountain rescueIn the case, in principle, a rendezvous with a doctor helicopter was to be carried out in order to improve the lifesaving rate.[15]..In the case of a mountain rescue case, the doctor helicopter and the disaster prevention helicopter are docked at an early stage.Saitama Medical University General Medical Center(Kawagoe City) Doctors and nurses contact people in need of rescue and carry out life-saving measures while transporting them.


The number of institutions and organizations that own helicopters has increased, and medical equipment has become smaller (DefibrillatorWith the addition of (diffbrylator) and dedicated departure and arrival areas (including school playgrounds) beside the highway, it has become possible to meet the demand that doctors rush to the hospital rather than carry them to the hospital due to an accident.In particular, defibrillators for medical devices have been further miniaturized and installed as AEDs, which may help ordinary people who have collapsed due to a heart attack.See belowGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeIn, many roads were destroyed, and private cars flooded the usable roads, resulting in heavy traffic and making it difficult to use doctor cars, etc., so doctor helicopters became very active.

Success and problems

Transport of accidentally injured people on the highway
Until now, doctor helicopters have been dispatched in Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures in response to accidents that occurred on highways.Tomei ExpresswayIn the two multiple collision accidents that occurred inJapan Highway Public CorporationHowever, due to the turmoil that refused to land on the road and delayed emergency lifesaving activities, a so-called administrative wall was raised when the helicopter landed.2005In October, the Japan Highway Public Corporation was privatized and the "administrative wall" was removed, which has stimulated landing training for doctor helicopters on the expressways that have been constructed since then.West Japan ExpresswayIt is,2006From OctoberKyushu Expressway OfDazaifu InterchangeからKurume interchangeIn between, we are carrying out lifesaving and emergency activities on the highway using a doctor helicopter.Regarding the landing on the Kyushu Expressway main line on June 2007, 6 and carrying out emergency activities, the media reported that it was the first doctor helicopter to land on the highway main line in Japan, but it was already June 28. A doctor helicopter in Shizuoka Prefecture landed on the Tomei Expressway main line on June 2005, and is carrying out emergency activities.
Doctor helicopter that saved a young life
2008(20)May 1,AichiA 3-year-old boy mistakenly made a mistake in an eastern townBy the time his father rescued him, he realized he had no son.Cardiopulmonary arrestAn accident occurred that was in a state.Boy'saunt ambulanceIn the meantime, the familyFire DepartmentWith instructions fromCardiopulmonary resuscitationWas given.Eventually an ambulance arrived and I realized that I was in serious condition.Paramedics Fire DepartmentI requested the dispatch of a doctor helicopter, but the doctor helicopter in Aichi prefecture is different.patientBecause it was dispatched due to the occurrence of the fire department and could not be requested, the fire department headquartersShizuoka OfSeirei Mikatahara HospitalRequested the dispatch of a doctor helicopter.After the boy was put on an ambulance and was taken to the doctor helicopter from the rendezvous point, which is the confluence with the doctor helicopter.Shizuoka City OfPrefectural Children's HospitalWas transported to and saved his life[34][Source invalid]..In most cases, they are dispatched to the jurisdiction and transported to the base hospital, but this is dispatched to "other prefectures" and transported to "hospitals that are not base hospitals", and the baton of life is successfully delivered and human life It is a valuable case that saved.
Large-scale disasters / incidents
In the event of a large-scale disaster or incident that causes a large number of injuries in a short time that is not predicted in advance, a disaster medical team that is a mixture of doctors, nurses, clerical staff, etc. from pre-designated medical institutionsDMATWill be dispatched to perform triage and disaster medicine, but at that time the doctor helicopter may also be used as equipment for DMAT.[35].
Great East Japan Earthquake
Occurred on January 2011, 3Great East Japan EarthquakeThen, DMAT and doctor helicopter from all over the countryHanamaki AirportWe gathered at a wide-area base set up in Tokyo, and used that base to transport patients from the vast disaster area for three months.Fukushima doctor helicopterIwate-Miyagi Inland EarthquakeFukushimaDMATWas dispatched as.In the disaster area where the main road was cut off by the tsunami and earthquake, it was used as a means to transport patients from the air to maneuver.However, unlike police and firefighting helicopters, it is a business that is outsourced to private airlines while receiving public subsidies, so although it was flexible at the site, it was at the airport, which is a transit point. Issues that must be discussed in the future, such as the fact that refueling is not prioritized and who should bear the fuel cost, have been highlighted.
Collision with birds
2009(21)May 3,Hamamatsu cityAmusement park "Lake Hamana Pal PalA situation occurred in which a doctor helicopter made an emergency landing in the parking lot.On the side of the auxiliary driver's seatWindshield(ア ク リ ル(Made) was damaged by about 30 cm in diameter, but 5 crew members (made)Captain,mechanic2 people,Doctor,nurseNo one was injured.The helicopterCentral Japan AirlinesOwned, he was on his way to the site to transport a man in his 90s in the city, leaving the heliport of Seirei Mikatahara Hospital.According to the mechanic in the assistant cockpit, the bird that broke through the windshield was about 40 cm long.BuzzardIt was said.In addition, menambulanceWas taken to the hospital.Nakanihon Air Service commented, "Isn't it the first time in Japan that a helicopter and a bird collide with each other to make a hole in the windshield and make an emergency landing?"[36].

Flight contractor

Helicopters dedicated to emergency medical care, pilots, mechanics, flight managers, etc. will be deployed under a consignment contract with the operating company.The contracted operator must endeavor to secure an alternative aircraft in case of trouble or maintenance.

Asahi Yoko9 aircraft, mainly in the Kanto regionCentral Japan Airlines11 aircraft in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Chubu, etc.West Japan Air Transport7 aircraft mainly in Kyushu (Kochi is jointly commissioned),Hirata Gakuen Aviation Business HeadquartersOperates 9 aircraft (Yamanashi is jointly entrusted) mainly by the local government of the Kansai Wide Area Union, Kagoshima International Aviation operates 4 aircraft of Kagoshima City Hospital Oshima Hospital Donan Doctor Helicopter Yonemori Hospital, and Niigata Joint operation of Toyama prefecture,Honda Airlines,Shizuoka Air Commuter,Central helicopter service,Shikoku Air Service,Janet,Toho AirlinesAre entrusted with each operation.

Operating medical institution

The situation by region is

Dedicated aircraft operation

As of May 2021, 5, 24 aircraft in 44 prefectures are operating dedicated aircraft.There are four aircraft in operation in Hokkaido and two in Aomori, Chiba, Shizuoka, Nagano, Hyogo, Niigata and Kagoshima prefectures.The business of Toyooka Public Hospital, which was jointly operated by Hyogo, Kyoto, and Tottori prefectures, was transferred to the Kansai Wide Area Union in April 54, in which the three prefectures participate.

List of prefectural doctor helicopter projects
PrefecturesBusiness Name
(Auxiliary subject)
Base hospitalFlight startFlight consignmentOperating modelRemarks
HokkaidoDooDoctor helicopter
Teine Keininkai Hospital(SapporoTeine Ward20054Central Japan AirlinesEC135
DohokuDoctor helicopter
Asahikawa Red Cross Hospital(Asahikawa200910Asahi YokoMD902
Eastern HokkaidoDoctor helicopter
Kushiro City General Hospital(KushiroAugust, 2009Central Japan AirlinesEC135Core cooperation hospital:Kushiro Kojinkai Memorial Hospital(Kushiro City)
DonanDoctor helicopter
Municipal Hakodate Hospital(Hakodate20152Kagoshima International AviationAW109 SP
TohokuAomoriAomori Prefectural Central Hospital(Aomori201210Central Japan AirlinesEC135Aomori Prefecture operates two aircraft in mutual cooperation
Deployed in Hachinohe and rotation until October 2012
Mutual operation in Aomori, Iwate, Akita in the event of a large-scale disaster or overlap
Hachinohe Municipal Hospital(Hachinohe CityAugust, 2009Central Japan AirlinesEC135Aomori Prefecture operates two aircraft in mutual cooperation
Deployed in Aomori and rotation from April 2011 to October 4
Mutual operation in Aomori, Iwate, Akita in the event of a large-scale disaster or overlap
AkitaAkita Red Cross Hospital(Akita CityAugust, 2012Asahi YokoBK117C-2Mutual operation in Aomori, Iwate, Akita in the event of a large-scale disaster or overlap
IwateIwate Medical University Hospital(MoriokaAugust, 2012Central Japan AirlinesEC135Mutual operation in Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Miyagi in the event of a large-scale disaster or duplication
YamagataYamagata Prefectural Central Hospital(YamagataAugust, 2012Toho AirlinesBK117C-2Wide-area cooperation with Fukushima, Miyagi, and Niigata prefectures
MiyagiNational Hospital Organization Sendai Medical Center(Sendai cityMiyagino Ward
Tohoku University Hospital(Sendai cityAoba-ku
2016May 10Tohoku Air ServiceBK117C-2Wide-area cooperation with Iwate, Yamagata, and Fukushima prefectures
Base hospital is a rotation system
The hangar and refueling equipment are installed at the ground heliport of the Sendai Medical Center.
FukushimaFukushima Medical University Hospital(Fukushima20081Central Japan AirlinesEC135Wide area cooperation with Ibaraki prefecture, wide area cooperation between Niigata prefecture and Yamagata prefecture, Miyagi prefecture
KantoIbarakiNational Hospital Organization Mito Medical Center(Ibaraki Town
Mito Saiseikai General Hospital(Mito
20107Asahi YokoBK117Base hospitalTurnsystem
Sun-Tue is National Hospital Organization Mito Medical Center
Water-Sat is Mito Saiseikai General Hospital
Wide-area cooperation with Gunma and Tochigi doctor helicopters, and wide-area cooperation with Fukushima and Chiba prefectures
TochigiDokkyo Medical University Hospital(Mibu TownAugust, 2010Honda AirlinesEC135Wide-area cooperation of doctor helicopters in Ibaraki, Gunma and Tochigi prefectures
GunmaMaebashi Red Cross Hospital(MaebashiAugust, 2009Asahi YokoBK117Wide area cooperation between Ibaraki and Tochigi doctor helicopters
Mutual operation with doctor helicopters in Saitama and Niigata prefectures when there are multiple or multiple injuries
After the operation of the doctor helicopter, the number of emergency cases transported by disaster prevention helicopters decreased by 4% (21)[37]
SaitamaSaitama Medical University General Medical Center(Kawagoe-shi200710Asahi YokoMD902Mutual operation with doctor helicopters in Gunma and Niigata prefectures when there are multiple or multiple injuries
Saitama Prefecture's original 24-hour operation system by doctor helicopter (daytime) and firefighting disaster prevention helicopter (early morning / night)Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsSaitama Medical University International Medical CenterCooperation)
Chiba HokusoDoctor helicopter
Nippon Medical School Chiba Hokuso Hospital(Inzai City200110Asahi YokoMD902Also supports southern Ibaraki prefecture
Niigata Chuetsu-oki Earthquake[38] Iwate-Miyagi Inland Earthquake[35] In ChibaDMATDispatched as
Chiba Prefecture Kimitsu Doctor Helicopter
Kimitsu Central Hospital(KisarazuAugust, 2009Asahi YokoMD902
KanagawaTokai University Hospital(Isehara20027Asahi YokoBK117Mutual dispatch agreement with Yamanashi Prefecture in some areas
Central partYamanashiYamanashi Prefectural Central Hospital(Kofu CityAugust, 2012Janet
Honda Airlines
Hirata Gakuen
EC135P2 +Mutual dispatch agreement with Kanagawa prefecture in some areas
Shinshu Doctor Helicopter Saku
Saku Medical Center(SakuAugust, 2005Central Japan AirlinesEC135Saku General HospitalReorganization of the base hospitalSaku Medical CenterMove to
Shinshu Doctor Helicopter Matsumoto
(Nagano Prefecture)
Shinshu University Hospital(Matsumoto201110Central Japan AirlinesEC135
NiigataNiigata University Medical and Dental General Hospital(NiigataAugust, 2012Asahi YokoBK117C-2 (JA173A)Wide-area cooperation with Gunma and Saitama doctor helicopters, wide-area cooperation between Fukushima and Yamagata prefectures
Nagaoka Red Cross Hospital(Nagaoka20173Shizuoka Air Commuter
Kagoshima International Aviation
AW109SPWide-area cooperation planned with Gunma and Saitama prefectures
ToyamaToyama Prefectural Central Hospital(ToyamaAugust, 2015Toho Airlines[39]AW109SPWide-area cooperation with some areas of Gifu prefecture (northern part of Hida district) and joint operation with Gifu prefecture
In April 2021, the contractor was changed from Shizuoka Air Commuter and Kagoshima International Aviation.[39]
IshikawaIshikawa Prefectural Central Hospital(Kanazawa20189Central Japan Airlines[31][40]Bell 429[31]
FukuiFukui Prefectural Hospital(Fukui CityAugust, 2021[41][42]Central helicopter service[41][42]BK117
Eastern Shizuoka PrefectureDoctor helicopter
Juntendo University Shizuoka Hospital(Izunokuni20043Central helicopter serviceBK117
Western ShizuokaDoctor helicopter
(Shizuoka Prefecture)
Seirei Mikatahara Hospital(Hamamatsu city200110Central Japan AirlinesBell 429
AichiAichi Medical University Hospital(Nagakute20021Central Japan AirlinesEC135
GifuGifu University Hospital((I.e.[43]2011May 2Central helicopter serviceBK117Some areas of Fukui Prefecture (Ono CityIzumi district) Joint operation[43][44][45]..Continued even after the start of Fukui Prefecture's independent operation[41][42].
MieMie University Hospital(Tsu City
Ise Red Cross Hospital(Ise City
August, 2012Central Japan AirlinesEC135The base hospital has a rotation system every two months
KinkiOsakaDoctor helicopter
(Osaka prefecture)
Osaka University Hospital(Suita CityAugust, 2008Hirata GakuenEC135Nickname isKANSAI / Shrike
Kansai Regional AssociationCode-share agreement
(Codeshare) Shiga PrefectureSouthern Kyoto・ Part of Nara Prefecture (mutual operation) Part of Wakayama Prefecture
NaraDoctor helicopterNara Medical University Hospital(Kashihara20173Hirata GakuenEC135Core cooperation hospital (helicopter resident)
Joint operation by the Union of Kansai Governments
(Codeshare) Mie and Wakayama prefectures
WakayamaDoctor helicopter
(Wakayama Prefecture)
Wakayama Medical University Hospital(Wakayama City20031Hirata GakuenEC135Joint operation by the Union of Kansai Governments
(Codeshare) Part of Nara Prefecture, Part of Mie Prefecture (Mutual operation) Part of Osaka Prefecture, Part of Tokushima Prefecture
Sanfu prefecture doctor helicopter
Public Toyooka Hospital Association Toyooka Hospital(Toyooka[46]August, 2010Hirata GakuenEC135Nickname isKANSAI / Stork
Joint operation by the Union of Kansai Governments
(Codeshare) Northern Hyogo Prefecture,Northern Kyoto, Tottori prefecture
HyogoDoctor helicopter
(Hyogo prefecture)
Hyogo Prefectural Kakogawa Medical Center(Kakogawa2013May 11[47]Hirata GakuenEC135Nickname isKANSAI / Habatan
Joint operation by the Union of Kansai Governments
Semi-base hospital:Steel Memorial Hirohata Hospital(Himeji
Kei ShigeruDoctor helicopter
Saiseikai Shiga Prefectural Hospital (Ritto City[48]2015May 4Hirata GakuenEC135Nickname isKANSAI / Yurikamome
Joint operation by the Union of Kansai Governments (joint operation) Shiga Prefecture,Southern Kyoto,FukuiReinan[49]..Continued even after the start of Fukui Prefecture's independent operation[41][42].
Chugoku-ShikokuTokushimaDoctor helicopter
Tokushima Prefectural Central Hospital(TokushimaAugust, 2012Hirata GakuenEC135Nickname isKANSAI / Ai Bird
Joint operation by the Union of Kansai Governments
(Codeshare) Hyogo PrefectureAwaji Island, Part of Kochi Prefecture (mutual operation) Part of Wakayama Prefecture
KochiKochi Medical Center(KochiAugust, 2011West Japan Air Transport
Shikoku Air Service
EhimeEhime Prefectural Central Hospital(Matsuyama City2017May 2Central Japan Airlines
Ehime Airlines
EC135P2 (JA17TV)Core cooperation hospital:Ehime University Hospital(Toon City
For the time being, the starting base system (Matsuyama Airport(Standby) and rooftop heliport standby method will be used together.
TottoriTottori University Hospital(YonagoAugust, 2018Hirata GakuenEC135Nickname isKANSAI Mandarin duck
OkayamaKawasaki Medical School Hospital(KurashikiAugust, 2001Central helicopter serviceBK117
HiroshimaHiroshima University Hospital(Hiroshima cityAugust, 2013Central Japan AirlinesEC135
Shimane Shimane Prefectural Central Hospital(IzumoAugust, 2011Central helicopter service[50]BK117Affiliated hospitals:Shimane University School of Medicine Hospital[51]
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi University Hospital(Ube CityAugust, 2011Asahi YokoBK117C-2
Kyusyu·OkinawaFukuokaKurume University Hospital(Kurume2002/2/1West Japan Air TransportBK117C-2(Joint operation) Oita / Saga, Yamaguchi Prefecture remote island emergency transportation is also entrusted
NagasakiNational Hospital Organization Nagasaki Medical Center(Omura20066Hirata GakuenEC135Joint operation with western Saga prefecture
SagaSaga University Hospital(Saga City2014May 1West Japan Air TransportBell 429Cooperating hospitals:Saga Medical Center Koseikan
OitaOita University Hospital(Yufu2012May 10West Japan Air TransportBK117C-2
KumamotoKumamoto Red Cross Hospital(Kumamoto-shi2014May 1West Japan Air TransportBK117C-2
MiyazakiMiyazaki University Hospital(Miyazaki City2014May 4West Japan Air TransportBK117C-2
KagoshimaKagoshima City Hospital(KagoshimaAugust, 2011Kagoshima International AviationA109SP
Prefectural Oshima Hospital(Amami2016May 12Kagoshima International AviationAW109SP[52]Prior to introductionRegional Critical Care CenterMaintenance.
OkinawaUrasoe General Hospital(Urasoe City2008/12/1Hirata GakuenEC135Operates to the southern part of Kagoshima prefecture (Tokunoshima-Okinoerabujima-Yoron Island
Until 2005, he operated U-PITS, a private emergency helicopter.

Doctor helicopter operation of firefighting / disaster prevention helicopter

Fire and disaster prevention helicopterSince the mission of the company includes emergency transportation, aviation corps other than the following also carry out emergency transportation.

Private emergency helicopter

Medical corporation Mitsumatsukai Medical helicopter Oumi was outsourced to Osaka Airlines, but the operation ended at the end of December 2017.

  • -, Fukuoka Shin Mizumaki Hospital, Shin Yukuhashi Hospital, Shin Yukuhashi Hospital
    • (Supplement) Social Medical Corporation FoundationIkeyukai(Luck) Hirata Gakuen
  • MESH - Northern District Medical Association Hospital(Nago
    • (Supplement) NPO corporationMESH support(Luck) Nakanihon Air Service Started operation in 2007.Due to financial difficulties, the operation has been suspended and resumed frequently, but helicopter operation was terminated at the end of October 2018, and in November 10 (purchased (used) with crowdfunding funds in 2018 and trial operation was carried out. Was)Beechcraft BonanzaMoved to patient transfer by (activity radius 700km).
    • (Supplement) General Incorporated Association Disaster Prevention Medical Aviation Support Association (Luck) OKIDOKI
  • Social medical corporation Ryokusenkai "Red Wing" Kagoshima According to the agreement with Kagoshima doctor helicopter, we are working as a prefecture doctor helicopter complementary helicopter at the time of duplicate request and some remote islands.
    • (Luck) Kagoshima International Aviation Co., Ltd.
  • U-PITS (discontinued)
  • Specified non-profit corporation all-round helicopter ARH (suspended indefinitely)
    • Kesennuma CityA multipurpose helicopter for folk medicine that operates mainly inBasically, it ’s a rideParamedicHowever, there is also a doctor on board.Due to lack of funds, it will be suspended indefinitely from November 2015, 11 without setting a deadline.


"Doctor helicopter" is Japanese-made English, and in English-speaking countries, it is mainly called Air Ambulance (both fixed-wing and rotary-wing), Medical Helicopter (rotary-wing only), etc., and it is not the doctor (doctor) who rides. Mainly Paramedic (Emergency Medical Technician) and EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).Air emergency services are commonly referred to as Air Lift and Air Lifted, but they are also expressed in the same way when landing and carrying on a stretcher instead of hanging.

Since ambulances in the United States are charged even for ambulances of local governments, Air Ambulance is also charged for both the public and private sectors, and most of them are about 150 million yen per basic charge + about 1 yen per mile (1.6 km) + medical treatment on board We have a fee structure.Depending on the situation, it is often covered by medical insurance.

UKThen from 1990London Air AmbulanceThe service has started.Since the electric wires are underground in London, they may arrive and depart on ordinary roads.

"Doctor helicopter" and coloring (logo mark) were registered as trademarks by the All Japan Aviation Business Association in 2005 and cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission.

Related books

  • Wataru Nishikawa, "Dr. Heli'Flying Emergency Room'", Jiji Press, 2009.ISBN 978-4-7887-0952-2
  • Hiroaki Inatsugu, "Collaboration between Local Governments Strong against Large-Scale Disasters-Reports and Recommendations from the Field" Waseda University Publishing Department <Waseda University Booklet <Thinking "After the Earthquake">, 2012.ISBN 9784657123046


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  2. ^ "The conclusion was not always smoothly reached, and discussions such as proposals, counterarguments, adjustments, and corrections were repeated, and whether or not a doctor helicopter could be realized, and whether or not it could be effective as a true first aid, at one point. There was a scene where even the future of the meeting was in jeopardy. "[19]


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