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🚗 | Mitsubishi Motors, commercial EV for less than 200 million yen — price competition with Chinese [newspaper watch]

Photo Mitsubishi Minicab Meave

Mitsubishi Motors, Commercial EV for 200 Million Yen or Less — Price Competition with Chinese [Newspaper Watch]

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According to the Next Generation Vehicle Promotion Center, if you drive 10 km in Japan, the fuel cost of a gasoline car is 69 yen, while the electricity cost of an EV is 31 yen.

Mitsubishi Motors, which launched the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle (EV) in July 12, 2009 years ago, will be in 7 ... → Continue reading


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31 million yen (The amount of capital is incorrect here and in history, and should be divided by XNUMX correctly.)


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