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✈ | JAL, Osaka / Itami-Niigata Line 55th Anniversary Event at both airports on July 7st


JAL, Osaka / Itami-Niigata Line 55th Anniversary Event at both airports on July 7st

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Currently, J-Air operates on Embraer aircraft.

Japan Airlines (JAL) will hold a commemorative event at both airports on July 55, celebrating the 7th anniversary of the Osaka / Itami-Niigata route ... → Continue reading


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Jay Air

Japan Airlines > Jay Air

J-Air Co., Ltd.(J-AIR) IsJapan Airlines (JAL) Group OfAirlines.Regional jetCurrently usingOsaka International AirportBased onHokkaido OfMemanbetsu Airport, SouthKagoshima OfTokunoshima AirportIt covers the whole of Japan and accounts for about 3% of all JAL Group domestic flights.

All flights by joint underwriting of transportationJALOperated as a flight[3].

Since 2015, it is the same Japan Airlines (JAL) groupJapan Air CommuterWas in serviceAmami archipelagoThe route network is expanding, such as the transfer of part of the route.


Flight aircraft

Owned equipment

J-Air Fleet As of 2020 year 7 month[8]
equipmentNumber of equipmentOrderNumber of passengersNotes
Embraer 17018-76Received from November 2008 [9]
Embraer 19014-95Received from April 2016.
There are 15 classes, 80 class J seats + 2 regular seats. [10]
Embraer E170-100STD/ 76 ordinary seats
18 aircraft
2008 Received the first unit in October,2009 May 2Started operation. All machines ordered in 2018 have been delivered.
The interior of the aircraft has been updated from April 2016, 4, and the interior of the aircraft has been updated.Wi-FiCorrespondence,無線 LANOnly video viewing is supported depending on the compatible device (Internet connection not possible). All machines have been repaired in 2016[11].
Embraer E190-100STD/ Class J 15 seats, regular seats 80 seats
14 aircraft
In service from May 2016, 5. All machines ordered in 10 have been delivered.
It is the company's first two-class installation machine with a class J 15 seat arrangement, and it has a 2 + 1 seat arrangement that other models do not have.By setting class J, the number of seats is reduced to less than 2, and the number of flight attendants is reduced to two to reduce operating costs.
Equipped with a universal PC power supply that can be accessed by all seats. From 2017, in-flight Wi-Fi compatible, wireless LAN compatible device only supports video viewing (Internet connection not possible)[12].
Aircraft symbolRegistration dateModelRemarks
JA211J2008/10/31ERJ170-100STDTest flight conducted at Nagoya Airport until the start of service in February 2009, in-flight Wi-Fi
JA212J2009/01/22Test flight conducted at Nagoya Airport until the start of service in February 2009, in-flight Wi-Fi
JA213J2009/05/28In-flight Wi-Fi
JA214J2009/09/24In-flight Wi-Fi
JA215J2009/10/15In-flight Wi-Fi
JA216J2009/11/18In-flight Wi-Fi
JA217J2010/04/15In-flight Wi-Fi
JA218J2010/09/22In-flight Wi-Fi
JA219J2010/10/07In-flight Wi-Fi
JA220J2011/02/09In-flight Wi-Fi
JA221J2012/11/26Optional additional equipment, in-flight Wi-Fi
JA222J2013/03/13Optional additional equipment, in-flight Wi-Fi, FIP1
JA223J2013/07/04Optional additional equipment, in-flight Wi-Fi, FIP1
JA224J2013/12/12Optional additional equipment, in-flight Wi-Fi, FIP1
JA225J2014/03/19Optional additional equipment, in-flight Wi-Fi, FIP1, originalRugby support JET
JA226J2015/10/27Additional orders, in-flight Wi-Fi, FIP1, LED lights
JA227J2015/12/02Additional orders, in-flight Wi-Fi, FIP1, LED lights
JA228J2018/04/26For additional orders, in-flight Wi-Fi, FIP1, LED lights, formerly, let's go out!Hokkaido, World Natural Heritage Special Painting Machine
JA241J2016/04/19ERJ190-100STDIn-flight Wi-Fi
JA242J2016/06/25In-flight Wi-Fi
JA243J2016/08/25In-flight Wi-Fi
JA244J2016/11/24In-flight Wi-Fi
JA245J2016/12/21In-flight Wi-Fi
JA246J2017/04/12In-flight Wi-Fi
JA247J2017/05/31In-flight Wi-Fi
JA248J2017/07/13In-flight Wi-Fi, originalminionjet
JA249J2017/08/18In-flight Wi-Fi
JA250J2017/10/26In-flight Wi-Fi, 50th anniversary of the opening of former Nanki Shirahama AirportWakapanjet
JA251J2017/12/07In-flight Wi-Fi
JA252J2018/01/31In-flight Wi-Fi, former minion jet 2
JA253J2018/04/25In-flight Wi-Fi
JA254J2018/07/24In-flight Wi-Fi, originalShimajirojet

* Footnote: E170 is all new paint, new seats have been refurbished ・ E190 is all new paint, class J, new seats.

Ordering equipment

Mitsubishi Aircraft Mitsubishi SpaceJet
We have a final order for 32 aircraft[13].2021 It was planned to replace the E-Jet series by introducing it from2020 It has been confirmed that the development will be delayed due to the suspension of development and the inability to reach a commercial flight.

Retired equipment

BAe Jetstream 31
Started operation as Jar Flight Academy2003 May 8 OfHiroshima Nishi-Izumo LineLast retired from the flight.I had a maximum of 5 aircraft.
Bombardier CRJ200ER/ 50 ordinary seats
2000 から2006 Introduced up to 9 aircraft. Retired from June 2016[14].2018 May 1All aircraft were retired.As a result, the CRJ200 disappeared from the Japanese airline (2018 May 2Due to a malfunction of the aircraft to be used, the equipment was changed in a hurry and was appointed to the Miyazaki-Itami (Osaka) line.Ibex airlinesThen retired in September 2017).
2012 Since June, it has become possible to connect to a boarding bridge using the "passing board (PBB adapter)" developed in-house, making it barrier-free.
Aircraft symbolRegistration dateErase dateModelRemarks
JA85901996/05/092001/10/30Jetstream 31Sold to England, now Red Star, TC-RSA, final production
JA85911997/09/122003/09/24Sold to Denmark, now Sun-Air Scandinavia, OY-SVB, last flight aircraft
JA88651993/08/262003/05/13Sold to Denmark, now El Neil Air, TF-ORC
JA88761991/04/232002/01/18Sold to USA, now Royal Star Aviation, RP-C2812
JA88771991/04/232003/05/23Sold to Denmark, now Eagle Air, TF-ORA
JA201J2000/12/012016/06/13CRJ-200ERSold to Southern Aircraft, now Airest, 4ES-LCA
JA202J2001/03/162016/11/02Sold to Southern Aircraft, now Frontera Flight Holdings, N484RH
JA203J2002/03/222017/01/13Sold to Southern Air Craft, now Zoom Air, VT-ZOC
JA204J2002/05/072017/03/27Sold to Southern Aircraft, now Shree Airlines, 9N-AMC
JA205J2003/03/192017/10/03Sold to Regional One, current Zoom Air, VT-ZOD
JA206J2003/08/282017/07/18Sold to Regional One, now Air Pohan, HL8298
JA207J2005/10/192018/01/29Sold to Regional One, 2-CFFV, maintenance preservation
JA208J2005/12/162018/02/27Sold to Regional One, 2-CFFX, maintenance preservation
JA209J2006/03/312018/03/06Sold to Regional One, 2-CFFZ, maintenance preservation


Since it is a JAL group, it is basically the same as the JAL design.

At the time of establishment
Same as JAL at that timeLandor AssociatesIt is a design that combines gray and red blocks by.However, instead of "JAL", "J AIR" (a red block is inserted between J and A,There is no horizontal bar of A) Replaced by the notation,Vertical tail TheTsurumaruInstead, it was a style in which red, white, and red were painted horizontally from above.
2 generation
With Japan AirlinesJapan Air SystemIt is a design by "The Arc of the Sun" adopted at the time of the business integration of Japan Airlines, and the logo of "JAL" (there is no horizontal bar of A and there is a box) is placed, and it is called "J-AIR". It was written next to it.
3 generation
Designed by re-adopting JAL's Tsurumaru, it has a white body and italics in black.J-AIR", And Tsurumaru is placed on the vertical stabilizer.However, the character notation in Tsurumaru is "JAL".

Boarding music

Japan AirlinesSimilarly, "I Will Be There with You"(David FosterComposition) and "Tomorrow's Wings" (Joe Hisaishi(Composition) is appointed, the former flows when boarding and the latter when disembarking.

In-flight services, etc.

As mentioned above, by joint underwriting of transportationJapan AirlinesAlthough it is operated as a flight, some standards of in-flight service are different from those of Japan Airlines.All flightsIn-flight salesAnd audio services[Annotation 1]Has not been implemented.Drink service is also limited to routes operated by Embraer 170 for 60 minutes or more.Japan Airlines OfIn-flight magazineIsSKYWARDThere is a candy service on routes that do not have a drink service.One of J-Air's unique services is the provision of flight route maps handmade by flight attendants.

For a long time since its establishment, J-Air has only set up ordinary seats.2016 From May, it will be the first time for the companyClass JThe aircraft (Embraer 190) with the setting of[15].

Since 2016, the Embraer E-Jet series will be compatible with in-flight Wi-Fi by updating the interior of the aircraft through equipment updates and regular inspections.Only video viewing is supported by wireless LAN compatible devices (Internet connection not possible).

Service route

Own route

Routes as of March 2021[16].

About freight

Although it has not been loaded with cargo for a long time, it started loading cargo on October 2009, 10.Initially, there were only 1 routes such as Sapporo / New Chitose ⇔ Iwate Hanamaki / Akita / Sendai / Osaka / Itami, Osaka / Itami ⇔ Delicious Yamagata / Aso Kumamoto, Fukuoka ⇔ Matsuyama, but since then it has expanded to all routes.

JAL Group Airlines

◎ The JAL Group is a member of the international airline alliance "oneworld".However, airlines marked with * are not affiliated with oneworld due to management measures.In addition, airlines with ★Cheap airline(LCC).

All flights operated by J-Air, Japan Air Commuter, Hokkaido Air System, and some flights operated by Japan Transocean Air are operated as JAL flights by "joint underwriting of transportation".


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注 釈

  1. ^ Audio service ended in April 2021 at Japan Airlines


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