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🚗 | BMW announces next-generation seats for e-sports ... Suitable for gamers with AI control

Photo BMW's next-generation seat for e-sports "rival rig"

BMW announces next-generation seats for e-sports ... AI-controlled for gamers

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The rival rig is also designed as an open platform and will incorporate ideas from the community, gaming platforms, third-party hardware and software providers in the future.

BMW will hold the next generation of e-sports at "Esports Boost" held in Germany on June 6th ... → Continue reading


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Third party

Third party(British: cookies) Means a third-party organization (company, institution, etc.). "Third" isthird partyIt is the "third" of, and is a non-party, that is, a person independent of the party. Used in some cases, but not in JapanComputerThere are many relationships. In other fields, "third party[1]It is often indistinguishable.


Computer parts(I.e.-softwareA third party of a manufacturer such as is a manufacturer that is not directly related to the manufacturer of the computer itself. Their products are called third-party products (non-genuine products or aftermarket products). As an antonymgenuineThere is.

"Third party" means "third party" to the two parties, the main body manufacturer and the customer, and therefore there is no other first party or second party. But,

  1. Body / genuine manufacturer
  2. ?
  3. Non-genuine manufacturer

From the misunderstanding that, a manufacturer in an intermediate positionSecond partySometimes called.


Today, computers (especiallyWindowsPC) itselfPC / AT In many cases, parts and peripherals manufactured according to the specifications can be used regardless of the manufacturer, so consumers are not so concerned about them.

In addition, personal computer products are sold in the form of a combination of parts already provided by various manufacturers at the time of shipment from the personal computer manufacturer. Therefore, as far as personal computers are concerned, it is a matter of concern whether it is a third-party product or not.Macintosh Only leave the ones in the series.

on the other hand,main frame,serverFor the types of computers that are not available in general retail stores, such asCompatibilityBasically, it is not recommended to connect with these third party products due to the problem of. HoweverWhen combining a number of devices such as business systems, use a combination of products other than the manufacturer's genuine peripheral devices.There are also many. The reason is that the manufacturer's genuine peripherals are more expensive than third-party products or lack the required functionality.[Source required]

For third-party products, with a specific modelcompatibilityThere are also products that verify connectivity and guarantee its operation. On the other hand, the main computer manufacturer does not verify compatibility or connectivity for products of manufacturers that are not in a direct business relationship. For this reason, even if a failure occurs due to the connection of a third-party product, the repair warranty may not be valid.

Historical background:

In computer products, detailed hardware specifications were not disclosed in the old days, and only the specifications viewed from the software side were provided to consumers and software manufacturers. As a result, consumers had no choice but to purchase genuine manufacturer peripherals.

In this era, manufacturers not directly related to manufacturers released peripheral devices that connect to external connection terminals designed according to the hardware information and common standards that were provided only slightly. Although the main body manufacturer did not guarantee the operation, it was generally offered at a lower price than the genuine product, or was accepted by consumers due to features not found in the genuine product.

Eventually, as time went by, even specifications that were not open to the publicreverse engineeringDepending on the genuine product and constantcompatibilityManufacturers that manufacture and sell products with the above have also appeared. However, in this era, there were many cases of malfunction due to technical problems in reverse engineering.

In due timePC/AT compatiblelike,"Open architectureWith the advent of hardware called "(although the reality is different), a large number of third-party products that comply with this specification will be on the market.However, in the early days, due to misreading of public specifications and differences in parts that were not described in the specifications, so-calledCompatibilityThe problem called "" also occurred frequently, causing confusion for consumers. In this era, electronic parts were made using the products of various manufacturers, but major manufacturers used each part andBIOSIt seems that some people say that these problems were likely to occur because they were all manufactured and procured in-house.IBM PC"Open architecture" is for IBM to supply peripherals to third partiesAndIt was not intended for other companies to supply compatible machinesIs the real reason.The BIOS was well protected by copyright (and the mighty IBM Legal Department).Because,Clean room methodBecause it is a reimplementation of another implementation byRather, it is strange that there is no problemThat is.[Source required]

For PC / AT compatibles, IBMPS / 2It is a non-open and proprietary bus architecture introduced inMCAFailed to spread, etc.Due to IBM's missteps, the initiative has been transferred to compatible machine assembly makers and compatible machine parts makers.(EISA(Bus, etc.) is the first reason why compatibility problems have decreased. Regarding the BIOSAMIThe compatible BIOS provided by such companies has become the de facto standard by overtaking the original family, and it has also been resolved in the form of a transfer of initiative. Also, regarding the OS, MS-DOS, which is the "home", is overwhelming than the PC DOS provided by IBM, and as the next-generation OS with the addition of a GUI, IBM's OS / 2 is overtaken. With the defeat of IBM in the form that Windows became mainstream, it was resolved in the form that "third party is no longer the master". In addition, the CPU supplier, which was in a strong position against both IBM and compatible manufacturers.IntelLed by the highway bus (PCI), And not only the CPU, but also the so-calledChipsetSince we are in a position to take the lead in the above, PC / AT compatibles are virtually not "open architecture", but "hardware such as chipsets provided by Intel and Microsoft.System software,Both are proprietary rather than openIt became an architecture defined by. Thus, today there is no difference between genuine and third-party PC products (to be exact).IBM withdrawalAs a result, the concept of "difference between genuine products and third-party products" has disappeared due to the disappearance of "genuine products").[Source required]

On the other hand, large-scale computers and the like still have not a few manufacturer-specific specifications even today, so some of them are not compatible with other companies' products.These may be combined with third-party products based on connectivity that the retailer has independently researched.

Game software

For home useComputer gamesDedicated machine (Consumer games) What is a third party in the industry?Nintendo,Sony Interactive EntertainmentIt is a software sales company other than the game console manufacturer (hard holder) such as (SIE).

The first third party in game historyAtari VCSEstablished in 1979 to make games forActivisionIs. Japan's first third partyHudsonAnd the software is "Nuts & milk"When"Road runner"(bothNES)[2].

Unlike the general usage related to computers, in the case of game-only machines after the Family Computer, the third party is a hardware manufacturer.licenseRefers only to licensed manufacturers. Once existedHacker internationalManufacturers that sell unofficial software, such as, are not included in the third party. Also, third parties usually refer to software manufacturers, and hardware-specialized manufacturers are distinguished.

In Japanニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ,BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Konami (Konami Digital Entertainment),Capcom,Koei Tecmo Games,SegaEtc. are huge third parties. On a global scaleElectronic Arts,Activision BlizzardEtc. are considered to be the world's largest third parties.

A pioneer in home video game consolesNintendoMany third parties have entered the NES family computer, and by producing a large number of hits, they have greatly contributed to the expansion and development of the video game industry, and the third party that developed popular software has also had a great influence on the entire industry. It was.

Especially the main platform for video games is SIEPlay stationAfter moving to, unlike Nintendo and Sega, which are also major software houses, the hardware maker SIE remained in the middle class as a software house, and a third-party market was formed.

For this reason, hardware that was strongly supported by third parties and provided high-quality content from third partiesGain a large share in the Japanese marketIt is also said to be. For this reason, SIE,MicrosoftMajor hardware makers such as are desperate to lock in third parties and can easily develop software at lower cost.MiddlewareWe are trying to get the support of third parties by developing. In recent years, there are many cases where hardware manufacturers bear the cost of software promotion and development.

online storage

GoogleChromebookInDropBox,OneDrive such asGoogleDriveNot made by a third partyonline storageBy using, the service can be divided according to the task or solution, so there is an advantage that multitasking is easier to perform.It can also be managed by a genuine file app, and files can be copied / moved / pasted to another online storage.

Internet connection

インターネットThe third party of the connection is the user's accessWebsiteIt is a third party that delivers advertisements, etc. above.

Generally used by users when they visit a websiteWeb browserOn the sideWeb serverData sent from (usuallyHTML), And the instructions (image tag,) contained in itStyle sheet,JavaScriptEtc.) to get various data required to render the page. The acquisition destination server is not necessarily the same as the web server that the user first accessed. For exampleBanner adsDelivery etc.Advertising agencyIn addition to generally acquiring image data for advertisements from a dedicated distribution server operated byGoogle Analytics Some of them are represented byaccess analysisTools, image tags and JavaScript Use to send access data to the analysis server. From the user's point of view, all of these are "implicitly accessing a web server other than the site that the user explicitly accessed", so those sites are usually called "third parties". It should be noted thatMicrosoftIs defined as "a site whose host domain is different from the website visited by the user"[3].

However, some of these third-party websites are for collecting user behavior history.Cookie(ク ッ キ ー()) Is embedded in manyPoliciesThere are often problems in relation to protection (more informationBehavioral targetingSee). for that reason Internet Explorer In some web browsers, it came from a third party Cookie About normal Cookie Set stricter restrictions (forced when the browser is closed) Cookie In addition to trying to deal with privacy issues by deleting[3][4],Anti-spywareMany of these are third parties Cookie Part ofSpywareAlthough it was targeted for extermination as equivalent to[5], Privacy issues have not been dispelled. For this reason,Safari , Mozilla Firefox(Watch. 22 or later), etc., third party Cookie More and more web browsers block completely by default.

Electronic authentication

Electronic authenticationThird party at(English edition) [6]Means. Third partyPublic key cryptographyFrom a standpoint independent of both parties communicating withPublic keyIs a company or government agency that manages.


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