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🚗 | The entry list for Super GT Round 7 Motegi, which will be held from July 17th to 18th, has been announced. Car 4 is an entrant ...


The entry list for Super GT Round 7 Motegi, which will be held from July 17th to 18th, has been announced. Car 4 is an entrant ...

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As previously reported, Car 9 PACIFIC NAC CARGUY Ferrari will replace Kei Cozzolino in Round 4 and the next round, Round 3 Suzuka, in place of Takeshi Kimura, who is also the representative of CARGUY Racing. ..

The GT Association, which promotes Super GT, will open on July 7th and at Twin Ring Motegi from July 5th to 7th ... → Continue reading


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Takeshi Kimura

Takeshi Kimura(Takeshi Kimura,1970May 10[1] -) is JapaneseBusinessman,Racing driver.ChibaMatsudo-shiBackground[1].High School attached to Chiba University of Commerce,Chiba University of Commercegraduate[1].


Entered the real estate industry after graduating from university2001Established Roof Co., Ltd. (RUF). He is still the president of the company as of 2021.

Originally since I was a kidSuper carBecause I liked it, I started to get into the car when I bought it when I was 34 years old.2015Established "CAR GUY Racing" as its own team in earnestMotor sportsEntered.According to the person himself, "Many of the race friends and supercar owners I meet in CARGUY activities are wealthy people, and I am also involved in real estate transactions, so I started racing and the company's performance improved."[1], It is said that there is a synergistic effect with the main business, not just a hobby.Asian Le Mans SeriesIn addition to winning the 2018-19 season series championship2019-2020To24 Hours of Le MansHe has a good track record as a driver, such as participating in.


Ferrari F40He is a supercar enthusiast who commute to work in Japan, and owns many European supercars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, and Lamborghini.

There will be only one in the world in 2020,Youji YamamotoAnd Lamborghini collaboration model "Lamborghini Aventador S Selected as a purchaser of "Dressed" by Yohji Yamamoto[2].

Limited to Mercedes-AMG, 275 units worldwide (price: about 3 million yen)Hyper carIt has been selected as the owner of "ONE" and is currently waiting for delivery.


24 Hours of Le Mans

YearsOUR TEAMCo-driverVehicle usedClassesLapOverall rankClass ranking
Japanese flag CAR GUY RacingJapanese flag Kei Cozzolino
French flag
Ferrari 488 GTE EvoGTE
33235 bit5 bit
Japanese flag MR racingJapanese flag Kei Cozzolino
Monaco flag
Swiss flag KESSEL RacingDanish flag
Australian flag

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