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✈ | Sapporo Sightseeing Bus, "Setapukusa", a bus that goes around the Hiratori / Shiraoi area and Sapporo Station / New Chitose Airport


Sapporo sightseeing bus, the bus "Setapukusa" that goes around the Hiratori / Shiraoi area and Sapporo Station / New Chitose Airport starts operation

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As a souvenir, we presented a key chain kit, a sweet "Kamui's sowed chestnut suketto" using chestnuts from Biratori-cho, and a villaky tote bag.

The Sapporo Sightseeing Bus will operate the "Setapukusa" bus that goes around the Hiratori / Shiraoi area and Sapporo Station / New Chitose Airport on July 7rd ... → Continue reading


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Biratori Town

Biratori Town(Biratoricho) isHokkaido OfHidaka Promotion BureauIn the jurisdictiontown.


The origin of the place nameAinuThe meaning of "between ghosts" in Pilautur.the sameHidaka Promotion BureauIn the jurisdictionHidaka Town-Monbetsu TownAnd a voluntary merger council was set up to discuss mergers in three towns.But,2004(Heisei16 years)May 9Withdrew from the merger talks.


Located in the western mountains of the Hidaka branch office.

Adjacent municipalities


Population distribution of Biratori, Hokkaido, Japan.svg
Biratori Town and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Biratori Town Age / Gender Population Distribution (2005)
Purple-Biratori Town
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Biratori Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Sister cities/partner cities


Rice farming, upland farming, forestry, livestock, etc.Biratori Wagyu (beef) and tomato (Nishipa's lover) are known.

Financial institution

Agricultural cooperative

post office

  • Biratori Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Furenai Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Nukibetsu Post Office
  • Japan Post Nioi Office
  • Biratori Nibutani Post Office

home delivery

公共 機関


  • Monbetsu Police StationBiratori police box
  • Monbetsu Police Station Cargo Police Box
  • Monbetsu Police Station Furenai Police Box




Existed in the past, but nowAbolishedHas been done.


April 2021, 3 (4rd year of Reiwa)JRHidaka Main LineMukawa StationDue to the abolition in the south, the service system was adjusted.[1].


  • Biratori Hire
  • Furenai traffic


Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Cultural property

Registered tangible cultural property

  • Nibutani Laboratory, Faculty of Letters, Hokkaido University (former Munro House)

Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property

  • Collection of Ainu Living Tools in Nibutani and Surrounding Areas of Hokkaido --Shigeru Kayano Collection

Important intangible folk cultural properties

  • Ainu Traditional Dance-Biratori Ainu Culture Preservation Society

Important cultural landscape

  • Cultural landscape of the Saru River basin through Ainu tradition and modern development

Cultural property of the town

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Festivals and events

local specialty

  • Healthy pig (ham, sausage)
  • Wagyu (Biratori Wagyu)
  • Tomato (Nishipa's lover)
  • Wood carving folk crafts (Ainu folk crafts)

Famous people

Person with connection

  • Hikosaburo Goto(Managing Director of Nitto Kakuro Mining, Senior Managing Director of the company, President of the company) --Opening of the Nitto mine in Niseu, Biratori-cho.


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