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🚗 | Carbon specification OGK aero blade-5R, stylish new graphic "SM-1" added

Photo OGK Kabuto Aero Blade-5R SM-1

Carbon specification OGK aero blade-5R, stylish new graphic "SM-1" added

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Aero Blade-5R combines hyper glass fiber and high-strength organic fiber material in the shell, in addition to the basic performance of Aero Blade-5 with improved "safety", "light weight", "compactness", "aerodynamic performance" and "quietness". , It is a special specification helmet that adopts the ACT + C (precision molded carbon + high-strength composite material cap body) structure in which the twill weave carbon material is molded on the outermost surface.

OGK Kabuto has a new graphic on the carbon specification "Aero Blade-5R" of the full-face helmet ... → Continue reading


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