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🚗 | Tokyo Banana that cannot be used as a souvenir ... Soft serve ice cream is available for a limited time Kanetsu Expressway / Miyoshi PA

Photo Tokyo Banana Soft Cream

Tokyo Banana that can't be used as a souvenir ... Soft serve ice cream is available for a limited time Kanetsu Expressway / Miyoshi PA

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"Bana Nami" is a soft serve ice cream made from Tokyo Banana's banana custard, and "Chocolate Banana Nami" is an image of a festival chocolate banana.

Tokyo Banana World will be offering "Tokyo Banana Soft Cream" on July 7st at the Miyoshi Parking Area (down line) on the Kan-Etsu Expressway. → Continue reading


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Chocolate banana

Chocolate bananaIsbananaToチ ョ コ レ ー トThecoatingdid,JapanBornConfectionery.製造The name of the person concerned isBanana chocolateで[1], SecondarilyBanana chocolate"and"Chocolate bananaIs also used.

Incidentally,Futaba food"Chocolate Banana" and Co., Ltd.Meiji"Colorful Banana Chocolate"[2]As mentioned above, various manufacturers manufacture and sell confectionery products with the same name or similar names, but this is not related to "chocolate banana" here.


Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd."Japanese style homemaker"Nippon's Fair Stall 2017 Summer"2017(29) Where it was introduced on August 8rd[3],TochigiOyama CityKamtoriya (People and)so1972Founded in (Showa 47)Japanese sweetsManufacturer "SakakiyaLtd.President Fumio Kobayashi ("fairGourmetWorldEdisonIs called[3])But[4],1970(Showa 45), developed at the age of 35[3]It is said that. For bananas, which were still expensive fruits at the timeHot waterCoated chocolate and fairA stallWhen it was put on the market as a product of, it was a big hit.[3][5].

In addition, KobayashiNew powderDough made inFrankfurtPut together,honeyjellyThe food "Candle Boy" is produced. SwirledCandleNamed because it resembles, it has become a popular product with annual sales of 12.[3].

Raw bananas verticallyChopsticksStab atslicedo itSkewered dumplingsStabHot waterSoak it in melted chocolate, coat it, and if you liketoppingCool and solidify with the addition of. Japanesefair,Cultural FestivalSuch asA stallOften sold at[6].

ChocolateBrownIs standard, butWhite chocolateOr usePink color,light blueSome of them use colored chocolate. Also as a topping, outsidenutAnd colorfulcake OfSprinkleYou can also see things sprinkled with. In addition, the usual topping ingredients andク ッ キ ーIngenuity with ingredients that can be attached to the main body可愛 いcharacterIt is not uncommon to sell.

Topping ingredients

Homebrew method

Chocolate banana, which has become popular as a product of fair stalls, is for commercial use at stalls.Gas stove, Commercial water bath and commercial display shelves (shelf with skewer frame) are manufactured and sold as essential tools.[1].

Currently, special ingredients are on the market so that they can be made at home, and major manufacturers selling chocolate (eg,Meiji Co., Ltd.[7],Morinaga Confectionery[8]) And cookingBoardWebsite(Example:Cook pad[9]) Etc. also introduce recipes.

You can also procure all the materials yourself. The procedure for making at home is as follows[6][7][8][9].

  1. bananaPeel theChopsticksPierce the banana vertically.
  2. チ ョ コ レ ー トTheHot waterOrHeat resistancebowlPut inmicrowaveHeat with and melt the chocolate well.
  3. Until the melted chocolate becomes smoothSpatula,spoonStir well with.
  4. Engage a banana with chocolate, give it a favorite topping,Refrigerator Chill and harden.


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