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"Hatagoya Kunugitei", which opened in June, is a shop run by the landlady who once played an active part in the Takarazuka Revue.

Suooshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is a sister island of Kauai, Hawaii. Also known as "Hawaii in Setouchi", a summer hula event ... → Continue reading


Ashitano is a cross-media between the Web and free papers that delivers content that "enjoys tomorrow", mainly in Hiroshima.In the latest issue, you can enjoy the summer of Suooshima, which is also called "Hawaii in Setouchi", on a drive trip!

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Takarazuka Revue

Takarazuka Revue(Takarazuka Kagekidan,British: Takarazuka Revue Company) IsHyogoTakarazukaBased inoperaIt is a group.

Hankyu CorporationIs a divisionHankyu Hanshin Toho GroupAs an entertainment and communication businessHankyu Railway Creation Business Headquarters Opera Business DepartmentOperated by[1].

The current chairman is Kenshi Koba, an executive officer of Hankyu Corporation.[2].


3th year of TaishoSince its first performance in (1914), it is a theater company composed only of unmarried women who are still popular today.CurrentlyFlower-Moon (with)-Snow-Star-Sora5 groups and do not belong to any groupSenkaIt is divided into. "Takarazuka'[3]"Zuka'[4]It is often abbreviated as.

HyogoTakarazukaIt is inTakarazuka Grand TheaterWhen,TokyoChiyoda WardIt is inTokyo Takarazuka TheaterThe performance is centered on.In Takarazuka CityTakarazuka Bow HallAlso owned. Since July 2002, a specialized channel centered on theater broadcasts and performance information, "TAKARAZUKA SKY STAGE"of110 degree east longitude CS broadcastHas also been done.

The first in Japan to aim for a "national drama that can be enjoyed by all men and women of all ages" from the beginningReviewIt became famous as a theater company that performed.Even now, the play (focusing on performances that are healthy and enjoyable for people of all ages)musical) And reviews continue to be performed.The genre is historical drama, fantasy, regardless of age, east or west.SFAnd so on.

To appear on the stageTakarazuka Music SchoolAlumni of, all are unmarried women.The members said,TAKARAGENNEIs nicknamed ".Re-enrollment after leaving the group is not permitted, and no outside actors will appear in this performance.It is rare for members to appear on external stages or television while they are in the group.One of the major features is the training of members, and the training period of this performance is almost the same as the number of performance days.In addition, newcomer performances are held as a place for young stars to study, and theater company lessons (free of charge) for members are also offered.

It is always performed in a large theater with a capacity of 2,000 or more, and since the stage is illuminated, it is large so that the performer's facial expression can be seen even from a distance.eyelash, ThickDolanMost performers, such as strong eyeliner, wear gorgeous makeup.This make-upTakarazuka Grand TheaterIf you make a reservation at the "Salon de Takarazuka" inside, general customers (women only) can also experience it.

Since it is a theater company only for women, women also play the role of men.The role of a man "Male role・ The role of a woman is "Daughter".Based on their height, they are supposed to prefer either one while enrolled in the Takarazuka Music School attached to the theater company, but it has not been officially set.After joining the group, there are many examples of conversion from a male role to a daughter role, but conversion from a daughter role to a male role is extremely rare.In the early days of its founding, the role of a daughter became popular, but now the role of a man is overwhelmingly more popular with fans.Therefore, the stage composition is also made mainly for the male role.

"It looks like a symbol song of a theater company.When violet flowers bloomIs a pre-war German movie theme song "When the flowers of lilac (or lilac, elk) bloom",FranceI heard it chansonized and sungShiraiHowever, I took it home and added the lyrics (of the original song)GermanVersions of CDs are also on sale).Not only the opera companyHankyu Department StoreIt is also played when the store opens, etc.Hankyu Hanshin Toho GroupIt is a symbolic theme song of.

Opera members and Takarazuka Music School

The members will be educated at the Takarazuka Music School attached to the opera company for a total of two years, one year in the preparatory course and one year in the main course.The conditions for joining the Takarazuka Revue are also limited to graduates of music schools.The formal wear of the opera members isblack OfCrestTo绿(Olive color)ofHakamaIt is worn at various ceremonies and when leaving the group.

"Student" and "Graduate School"

Even after joining the opera company, the members said,studentIs called.This is because when the Takarazuka Revue was first launched, the members of the opera troupe said, "芸 者,MaikoTo be ridiculed as "something like"Kobayashi IchizoWas angry and said, "Takarazuka Revue is performed by" students "who have given high-level music education to the children of good families."Since the opera company and the school are one, the numbers of both periods are the same (eg, the 95th generation of the music school joins the 95th generation of the opera company).

Until 1939, the members of the opera group were treated as "graduate students of the Takarazuka Music and Dance School (at that time)".Even now, from the remnants of that, the number of years that students have been in the group is abbreviated as "Graduate School ○ Year".Lab ○Officially called.


After completing the two-year course at Takarazuka Music School and being certified as a graduate, after undergoing an enrollment ceremony, he officially became a first-year graduate student of the Takarazuka Revue.The opera company may not allow you to join the group because of your skill or appearance.Mainly, the graduation ceremony of the music school is held in the morning, and the entrance ceremony of the opera company is often held in the afternoon.[5]..Lab 1 students who are admitted to the group will be required to join the group during the enrollment procedure.Hankyu CorporationEmployment contractTo conclude.This is the Takarazuka RevueHankyu CorporationThis is because the members of the opera company also have the status of employees of the company because they are directly managed by the company.[Note 1][6].

After the training, all the 1st students of the Institute will appear in the spring performance at the Grand Theater.this"First stage performance", And the first student of the laboratory is"First stage studentIs called.In the first stage performance, before the performance, the first stage mouth andLine danceIt is customary to show off.The first stage oral is held every day during the performance, and the first stage students line up on the stage, and 3-4 people speak on behalf of them on a daily basis.Line dance is often given in one scene of the show, and all the first stage students work together to perform the line dance.Depending on the year, you may be given the opportunity to perform in addition to the first stage opening and line dance.

After the first stage performance, the affiliation of the group will be decided for the first students of the laboratory.this"Group assignment".Depending on the year, after the first stage performance, the first students of the lab may be divided into groups and perform in each group's main performance.this"Around the groupIn some cases, the group is assigned after passing around the group.Information on the assignment destination will also be announced on the official page of the opera company on the day of assignment.

Depending on the student, the assigned group may be transferred to another group after a certain activity.Call it "RecombinedIs called.The announcement of the rearrangement will also be announced through the official page of the opera company.

Talent contract and retirement age

In 1977, the so-called "(marriageable age) retirement age system" was introduced from the 63rd gen member.[7]、 "Female technicianStudents who were employees of Hankyu Railway as "" will be "when they reach a certain grade.talentIn the past, the 7th year of joining the group (Lab 7) was the time for the talent contract, but from the 2007 joining student (93th grade) to the 6th year of joining (Lab 6) Was accelerated[8]. thistalentThe contract system was introduced and the members of the opera companyUnionIs disbanded, a "women's association" consisting of all members is organized, and a general meeting is held once a year[9].

1972 years old since 57Retirement ageWas introduced and is now extended to the 60th birthday, but the retirement age does not apply to directors.Among the active members, the director of the opera company is nowNaoki EmaOnly.


When you reach retirement agemarriageIf you are planning (studentsunmarriedIf future activities become difficult due to various reasons such as health and economy, the opera company will be withdrawn.

With appearances at large theater performances or Tokyo Takarazuka theater performancesChiakiStudents who can withdraw from the group and who have successfully completed the withdrawal procedure will be referred to as "graduation" in this performance (Takarazuka Grand Theater-Tokyo Takarazuka TheaterWearing a green hakama with a black crest, which is a formal dress, and greetings on the stage.At this time, a bouquet is presented by a senior student of the group to which he belongs and a fellow student of the music school days.In Chiakiraku, those who leave the group will appear on the stage with fresh flowers on stage costumes and hair ornaments.

If you leave the group with Chiakigaku other than this performance, there is no specific ceremony, but you may appear on the stage with fresh flowers at the time of the curtain call or give a simple speech.

If you leave the group with the performance Chiakigaku, the announcement of the withdrawal will be made through the Takarazuka Revue website on the meeting day of the performance you are leaving (the day of the meeting on the first day of training).Due to various circumstances, some students will leave the group due to the date of the next performance, the date of the rehearsal meeting, the date of retirement, and the date of the day after Chiakigaku.In that case, there is no opportunity for the person to greet the audience directly, but the magazine "opera], The greeting of leaving the group will be posted.

Group composition

Students are in 5 groupsSenkaEach group will perform individually, and students belonging to the specialized department will participate in this as necessary.About the students who belong to the groupKumiko(Example: Students belonging to the flower troupe = "flower troupe kumiko" or "flower troupe").

For each groupTeam leader・ There is a deputy leader.The group leader supervises and manages the group and takes care of the kumiko both publicly and privately.The highest grade students are often appointed.The deputy leader assists the team leader, supervises and manages the team, and takes over the duties of the team leader in the event of an accident.

Team leaderDeputy leader
Flower TroupeMizuki TakashoMaira Mikaze
Moon TroupeKozuki RuuMiyako Kagetsu
Snow TroupeHaruto SonoKaren Chikaze
Star Troupe (Hoshigumi)Chigusa MikiNatsu Shirotae
Cosmos TroupeTsukasa KotobukiTeru Matsukaze

Star system


One of the major features of Takarazuka is "Star systemIs adopted.Some of the students who belong to each group are basically in charge of important roles and positions in the work.ス タ ーLimited to.This star is mobilizing and popular with the audience and plays an important role.

The man who stands at the top of each group of stars is "Leading man"Or"Top starIs called, and plays the leading role in each performance.for that reason,scriptIs written for the top stars.The role of the daughter who acts as the opponent of the top star is "Leading daughter role"Or"Top daughter roleIs called.He plays a heroine-like role in each performance.The official name is "starring XX", but in recent years, the name "top XX" may be used on official websites. Names such as "top male role" and "top daughter role star" are incorrect.Unlike other commercial plays, as a general rule, the same student will star in the theater during his tenure.[Note 2].

The top stars and below are called 2nd, 3rd, etc. in order, but other than the top star and top daughter roles, the positions are not clearly fixed and may fluctuate.For exampleAmami YukiHas been promoted quickly, and senior students have become lower-ranking stars than her.In particular, the daughter role is not as stable as the male role.

Appearance, star character (flower and aura), and popularity are also important factors for a star, and it is not always possible for a strong person to become the top.For exampleRei Dan-Yuzuru KurenaiAt the time of joining the group, the seats were low (Red was 48th out of 47, Dan was the lowest), but the efforts and popularity after that were evaluated and he was appointed as a top star (Dan is the top daughter). ..

The current star system was established in the 1980s.Prior to that, the cast was more flexible, with two top performers, different leading actors for each performance, and more special appearances in other groups of stars. It was.After the establishment of the star system, the top star will be one male and one daughter in each group, and in principle, they will star alone.Regarding the role of top daughter, from 2 to 1984Mai MinakazeReika KojoPlayed the role of an alternate or equal heroine, and was a W top daughter role system.Also, the Snow Troupe from 1984 to 85 (Asami Rei(Opposite role), 2004-05 (Nao Ayaki(Opposite role), Moon Troupe from 2008 to 09 (Jun Sena(Opposite role), Snow Troupe from 2010 to 11 (Sound laurelOpponent), 2017 Cosmos Troupe (Morning and summer ManatoThe role of the top daughter was absent.Even if you play the role of a heroine in a big theater, you will not be called the "top daughter role" unless you are appointed as the top daughter role.


Promising students have been given roles as top star candidates in newcomer performances and bow performances since their junior high school days and gained experience.Fans said, "This series of flowsStar route"Further abbreviation"routeTo be treated as a star by the theater company is expressed as "getting on the line".There was a promotion testSKDUnlike, it is not officially and clearly defined, so it is often the case that the members who have been selected for a while turn aside before they know it.

Students who "get on the line" will be gradually given larger roles, solo scenes, and more luxurious costumes in this performance as well.One of the ways to enjoy Takarazuka is to predict and support future stars by referring to the order of the program, the actual roles, and the release of photo books and bromides.

The following conditions are required to become a top star.However, the promotion was quickKuroki Hitomi,Kanami HohoAnd othersHikaru Asami,Ayase SennaEtc. do not meet some conditions, and there may be exceptions.

  • Rookie performanceStarring and heroine
  • Successful performance with a heroine who starred alone in a small theater such as Bow Hall

(The following is for male roles only)

  • Experience 2nd (quasi-top)
  • Appears on the cover of the magazine
  • Appear on the official calendar

And so on.

Top term

In the case of a male role, he will be appointed at Ken 12 to 15 in general, but due to various circumstances, it may be faster or slower.Since 1980, when the star system was established, the aforementioned moon troupeAmami YukiWas the earliest to take office at Ken 7 (joined in 1987 → took office in 1993), and also of the Moon Troupe who took office at Ken 9.Tamaki Ryo(Joined in 2008 → Inaugurated in 2016) is also an early example.A late example is the Cosmos Troupe who took office at Lab 18.Yuzuru Ozora(Joined in 1992 → Inaugurated in 2009) ・ Star TroupeHokusho Kairi(Joined in 1998 → Inaugurated in 2015), Snow Troupe inaugurated at Lab 17Soichi(Joined in 1996 → Inaugurated in 2012).

In the case of the daughter role, the earliest was the Moon Troupe who took office at Ken 2.Kuroki Hitomi(Joined in 1981 → Inaugurated in 1982), and in addition to the Snow Troupe who was inaugurated at Ken 3Kanami Hoho(Joined in 1983 → Inaugurated in 1985) ・ Moon TroupeKayo Asano(Joined in 1988 → Inaugurated in 1990) ・ Flower TroupeChihosachi(Joined in 1994 → Inaugurated in 1996) ・ Moon TroupeEmi KuraraThere are examples such as (joined in 1999 → took office in 2001).As a late example, the Star Troupe who took office at Lab 14Nagisa Aki(Joined in 1988 → Inaugurated in 2001), Snow Troupe inaugurated at Lab 12Kiwa Asazuki(Joined in 2010 → Inaugurated in 2021).Since the popularity of the male role is overwhelmingly higher, it is said that the balance of appearance with the top star and the ease of assembling dance and acting are important selection criteria for the top daughter role.Most of them have been in office for less than 10 years, and most of them are junior students in their grades.An example of taking the top position after switching from a male role to a daughter role is also the Star Troupe / Snow TroupeKurara Haruka, Star TroupeHaruka Sugata, Moon TroupeAiki ReikaThere are multiple.On the contrary, there is no example of changing from a daughter role to a male role and becoming the top.

When I took office as the top, I was transferred to a special course after the star system was established.Haruna YuriYu TodorokiWith the exception of both cases, he will leave the group in a few years.The number of performances in the big theater is about 4 to 10 times, but it varies depending on the growth of the successor star, the motivation of the person, and health reasons.

A short-term example (both male roles) is the flower troupe.Hibiki Takumi(2001-2002) ・ Snow TroupeYu Emao(2002) ・ Cosmos TroupeKei KijoThe troupe was blamed by fans for less than a year (one major theater performance) (2006-2007), all of which were short-term due to personnel issues.

A long-term example is the role of a daughterFlowerThe 12 years (1994-1998 for the Snow Troupe, 1998-2006 for the Cosmos Troupe) are typical, but they are also extremely rare.Besides, the role of Cosmos TroupeYouka Wao(2000-2006) ・ The role of the Star TroupeReon YuzukiAnd the same daughterNene Yumesaki(Both 2009-2015) ・ The role of Moon Troupe daughterAiki Reika(2012-2018) 6 years, the role of Star Troupe daughterMai Minakaze(1983-1988) ・ The role of the moon troupeKenyukiAnd the same daughterAi Kodama(Both 1985-1990) ・ The role of Moon Troupe daughterKayo Asano(1990-1995) ・ The role of Hanagumi OtokoyakuSumire Haruno(2002-2007) ・ The role of Hanagumi OtokoyakuTomorrow Umi RioThere is an example of 2014 years (2019-5).

Before the establishment of the star system, the Snow TroupeNatsuko Migiwa1970 years of (1980-10), Star TroupePhoenix(1970-1979) ・Haruna Yuri(1973 in the Moon Troupe-1975 and 1976-1982, in the Flower Troupe 1975-1976), 9 years,Jun AnnaThere are examples such as 1970 years (1974 for the Star Troupe-1974, 1978 for the Flower Troupe-8).Going back further, for exampleKasugano YachiyoHas starred in numerous performances for over 20 years.

The top resignation will be announced before the meeting day of the resignation performance, and a press conference will be held at a later date.The top and similar star-class retirees will perform a "goodbye show" that looks back on the footsteps of the performance.Only at the top, when greeting Chiakiraku's departure, instead of wearing black crests and green hakamaTailcoat,tuxedoOther costumes are allowed to be worn.Many media outlets have taken up the departure of the top, and enthusiastic fans watch multiple plays and purchase commemorative goods.This is the reason why it is commonly said that "Kabuki earns by showing off his name, and Takarazuka earns by leaving the group."[10].

Performance system

The center of the performance is "This performanceIt is a large theater work called. As of 2017, the number of times is nine times a year, and each group is in charge of this performance once or twice a year.

Between this performance, other performances such as Bow Hall performance and national tour will be held.The content varies from time to time, but basically each group will be divided into two teams, one with the top star and the other with the second and lower stars.Concerts and dinner shows may be held with a small number of people.

CurrentlyLong runNo system is adopted, and the performance period will not be extended in any of the performance formats.[Note 3]..Depending on the audience mobilization of the Bow Hall performance, the continuation of Tokyo (Tojo) may be decided in a hurry, but even if the audience mobilization is low, the performance will not be terminated.

Once every six months, the directors and other "performance organizers" discuss the script and plan of the director with a seat and decide on the lineup.[11]To do.

Performances that are currently held regularly

This performance

  • Takarazuka Grand TheaterTokyo Takarazuka TheaterIt is a performance to be performed at.At the center of the Takarazuka Revue's performances, each group performs on a rotating basis.In many cases, all the students in each group will appear, and some special students will make special appearances.Although it depends on the performance, one performance in both Takarazuka and Tokyo lasts about 1 days, and most of the performances are performed in Tokyo after the performance of the Takarazuka Grand Theater.
  • In the new work principle, basically, a new work written by a seated writer to a group with a top star is often performed, but the performance of musicals produced overseas (hereinafter abbreviated as "overseas musicals") and the past Sometimes the work is replayed.
  • The first half was a play of about 1 hour and 40 minutes, and the second half was a show of about 1 hour.Double standThere are many performances.The performance time will be about 3 hours including breaks.
  • At the finale of the show, "paradeThere is.All studentsShanshanProps called[Note 4]Or, holding a feather fan, walking stick, etc. in your hand,Grand staircaseGet off the staircase-type device called "" and greet the audience.The star comes down with a feather of the size according to the position on his back[Note 5].
  • The show consisted of chansons and Spanish "Western showHowever, "Japanese dance is arranged and orchestral performances are combined."Japanese showMay be performed.In that case, the first half will be a Japanese show and the second half will be a play.
  • In addition to the double standOne realA play consisting of two acts called "" will also be performed. At the end of the second act, there will be a small show and a parade of large stairs as a "final".Especially in the case of overseas musicals, it is often performed as a single piece, and only the show is made by Takarazuka original.In the case of a combination of a Japanese show and a play, the show is added at the end of the play, just like the real thing.
  • In rare cases, there are two performances, a Western show and a play with a finale, and a Japanese show, a play, and a Western show.In addition, irregular performances may be held.
  • Line dance is often incorporated into one scene of the show.In particular, the line dance performed by the first stage students at the Takarazuka Grand Theater performance around April every year has become an annual tradition.
  • Both the Takarazuka Grand Theater and the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater have orchestra pits, and the Takarazuka Revue Orchestra, which is an exclusive orchestra, performs live.

Rookie performance

  • It will be performed only once each in Takarazuka and Tokyo during this performance.In the same program as this performance, all roles from the leading role to the old role will be played by students of Ken 1 or lower.Costumes, sets, and even the orchestra will be the same as in this performance.Starring in this performance is an extremely important requirement to be treated as a "line" and should be called a gateway to the top star.
  • Basically, it is performed only in the play, but there are very rare newcomers to the show.In the case of a single real work, the director in charge of the new performance will reconstruct it, and in most cases the show part of the finale will be cut.
  • The 1958 Snow Troupe performance "Flower Feast" is said to be the first, and it took root in its current form in the 50s.[12].

Takarazuka Bow HallPerformance

  • Basically, young stars who are 2nd or lower will star, but rarely they will play the role of top star or daughter.[Note 6]May star in.
  • Positioned as a place for training young people and staff, a relatively small number of people will perform a newly written musical.Since the hall itself is small, the large stairs and parade wings that are used in large theater performances are not used.There are also performances such as solo plays and concerts.

Umeda Arts TheaterTheater Drama City Performance

  • Starring the top star or the second man.Basically, as with the Bow Hall performance, a small-scale new musical will be performed.

Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall Performance

  • The theater (formerly Umeda Koma Theater) has been held since 2005 when it became a capital of Hankyu.Often perform overseas musicals. It has been used as one of the venues for national tour performances since 2005.

Tokyo special performance

  • Japan Youth Hall-Akasaka ACT TheaterIt will be held at etc.
  • KAAT Kanagawa Arts TheaterThere are also performances using theaters in the suburbs of Tokyo.
  • Performances held at Umeda Arts Theater, Drama City, and Takarazuka Bow Hall will continue to be performed in Tokyo.Not all performances will be replayed in Tokyo.Depending on the performance schedule, it may be performed first in Tokyo.

National tour

  • It is a tour centered on top stars (rarely 2nd) and will be performed at venues all over the country.The venue and period are not the same every time.
  • As with this performance, it will be performed as a "double performance" or "one real".The performance is a replay of the performance of the latest performance or the old work, and it is rare to write a new work for the national tour.
  • Since it involves traveling all over the country, the set will be a little smaller than this performance. Although it is about 5 steps, be sure to bring a device that imitates a large staircase.


  • It is held about once a year, and in principle, the top stars star in it.The performance period is about 1-2 weeks.
  • There are many replays, but some were premiered in Hakata before this performance.Since each uses a "middle staircase" that imitates a large staircase, it is possible to perform in a format that is relatively close to this performance.
  • Its predecessor was the Fukuoka performance that was once held (described later).After the suspension, it became a regular performance venue after the opening of Hakataza Theater in 1999.

Takarazuka Special

  • Event performances that are held almost once a year. Since 1Takarazuka Record Music Festival→ Since 1983TMP Music Festival→ Since 1995TCA Special→ Renamed Takarazuka Special from 2008, and every December from 2008 to 2019Umeda Arts TheaterIt was done in.Previously the time was not fixed.
  • Except for the group that is performing in Tokyo, the show features all the stars of each group, and it is a feature that you can see combinations that are not usually possible.There are also scenes dressed as past masterpieces.In particular, there are cases where a male star and another daughter role are experimentally formed, and after forming at such an event, there are also combinations that actually became the top.
  • Until 1997, there was a time when this performance was not continued in Tokyo, so all four groups (at that time) could be gathered and practice time was taken, so sideshows and parody will also be held. was there.

Takarazuka Bastille Day (Takarazuka Bastille Day)

  • The show is mainly composed of chansons and is held every July. 7-It wasn't held in 2010, but it was resumed in 2011.

Past regular performances

Chunichi TheaterPerformance

  • It is held about once a year (around February), and in principle, the top stars star in it.The performance period is about 1-2 weeks.With the closing of the Chunichi Theater, the Star Troupe performance in February 2Utakata's love"Bouquet de TAKARAZUKA" was the final performance of the Takarazuka Revue.
  • Its predecessor was the Nagoya performance that began in 1918 (MisonozaNagoya Takarazuka TheaterMeitetsu HallChunichi Theater).

Nissay TheaterPerformance

  • Held once a year from the spring of 2002 to 2008.I often performed overseas musicals. The performance was held again at the 1 Snow Troupe performance.

Fukuoka performance




Hankyu CorporationPredecessor ofMinoh Arima Electric OrbitFounderKobayashi IchizoWas formed in 1913 (Taisho 2), inspired by the Mitsukoshi Boys'Music Corps and the Shirakiya Girls' Music Corps.Takarazuka RevueIs the predecessor.Takarazuka Shin OnsenWhen the indoor pool "Paradise" was closed, the girls were organized to perform songs as a sideshow of the hot springs to attract customers.[15],Normal smallIt was a hospitality to pay a graduated girl the same salary as a university graduate. In DecemberTakarazuka Revue Training AssociationRenamed to. It premiered at Takarazuka Shin Onsen from April 1914st to May 3st, 4 (Taisho 1).The premiere isMomotaroThe opera "Don Braco, "Floating Bodhidharma"[16], Dance "Kocho", orchestra, chorus.The average number of visitors this year was 1 per day[7]So, the number of spectators gradually increases as the number of visitors to Shinonsen is free.[17]did.For the next few years, he was active mainly in the New Year, Spring, Summer, and Autumn performances at the Paradise Theater and the Public Hall Theater four times a year.

In 1918 (Taisho 7),Imperial TheaterPerformed at Tokyo and advanced to Tokyo.Magazine"operaIs launched. Alternately played the heroine in "Cleopatra"Namiko KumoiAsaji ShinoharaBecame popular.The average number of visitors this year was 2000 per day, and its popularity gradually increased.

Approved as a private school in 1919 (Taisho 8)Takarazuka Music and Opera SchoolTo establish.Girl Opera Training Association is dissolved and newlyTakarazuka Girl Opera CompanyInaugurated as.It became a school organization consisting of 1 year of preparatory course, 1 year of main course, and graduate school.

Performances increased in 1921 (Taisho 10)Flower setMonthly groupIs divided into

On January 1923, 12 (Taisho 1), the Paradise Theater and Public Hall Theater were destroyed by fire.After a performance at the Takarazuka Revue Theater, which was built in a hurry, it accommodated 22 people in 1924 (Taisho 13).Takarazuka Grand TheaterWas completed.Prior to the completion of the grand theater, the Snow Troupe was newly established.At that time, Takarazuka was a Takarazuka reserved seat, a hot spring admission ticket, and curry rice for 30 yen each.[7]It was a general entertainment facility. This performance will be held 1925 times a year from 14 (Taisho 12).

The rise of reviews

In 1926 (Taisho 15),Osaka Shochiku Opera Company"Spring dance[Note 8]The year after the performance, Takarazuka will also perform "Spring Nodori".After that, until the end of the 20th century, it became a standard practice for Japanese shows to be performed in early spring as "Spring Dance / Dance / Dance".

1927 years,Tatsuya KishidaReturned from Western studies.Kishida is the first in Japan to take advantage of this experience.Review"Mont Paris-I'm Paris!-Is produced with the theme of Japanese world travel.It was performed from September 9st of the same year and became a big hit with epoch-making contents.The theme song record became a hit, and the gorgeous costumes that were highly exposed at that time became a hot topic.For the first time, line dance was incorporated into the performance, and although there were 1 steps (currently 16 steps), a large staircase also appeared.Since then, it has become established as an indispensable part of the review of girls' opera. After the success of "Mon Paris-I am Paris!-", The theater company actively sent directors overseas.ShiraiAfter returning to Japan, he produced "Paris Zette" in 1930.In this work, "When violet flowers bloom, "Oh Takarazuka" appeared and became established as a representative song of the Takarazuka Revue.Around the time of the birth of the review, a male role appeared and became popular.

In 1931, Ginbashi appeared in "Rose Paris".

Shochiku Opera CompanyMan roleWater TakikoCut his hair and at the Takarazuka RevueKadota AshikoMiyoko SahoShortened his hair during the 1932 "Bouquet Damour" practice[18],Nishiki KamiyoFollowed.

In 1933, reforms such as the establishment of a new star group and the enhancement of the special course system will be carried out.This year's "Flower Poems" was a flower-themed review in 1934.Tokyo Takarazuka TheaterIt was also performed as a Kokeraotoshi.At that time, the number of members was about 300, which was a large scale.Kuniko AshiharaFukuko SayaThe second otokoyaku duo became popular.

From October 1938, 10 to March 2, 1939, Grandmaster:Kobayashi Yonezo, Team leader: Otome Amatsu, Deputy team leader:Miyako NaraLess than,Kayoko Kumono, The first generationItoi weeping, Katsuko Chimura,Misa Uchibuki,Kyoko KumiIn addition, a total of 1938 selected members announced by Ichizo Kobayashi on September 9, 19, as well as a total of 30 people, including costumers, tools, and related parties, will be luxurious as the "Visit to Germany and Italy Art Mission".Cruise ship-Yasukuni MaruOn the 22nd outbound flightKobe PortBoard the ship from the XNUMXth jettyCommand routeThroughNaplesAfter arriving at the currentGermany(Berlin,Dresden,Dusseldorf,MunichSuch)·イタリア(Rome,Florence,Venice,MilanSuch)·ポーランド(Warsaw,Wroclaw(German Breslau in 1938)) ・クロアチア(RijekaIn 1938, he toured the Italian territory of Rijeka) and performed the first overseas performance in the history of the theater company.[19]..On the return trip, wearing uniforms tailored in Germany, the selected members triumphantly went to the 68th return of the passenger ship Fushimi Maru.NaplesI boarded from and returned to Japan[18]..The state when a group of selected members arrived at the port of Naples in Italy and GermanyBerlinNewsreels telling the story of the performance and monochrome group photos taken on board the Yasukuni Maru on the outbound route to Italy still exist.[20][21].. In April 1939Takarazuka movieProduced a short documentary film recording overseas performances under the title of "Japanese-German-Ichika Zen Takarazuka Furisode Envoy Dochuki"[22].

From April 1939, 4 to July 5, 7, the leader:Shigezaburo Yoshioka, Team leader: Fukuko Sayo, Deputy team leader:Tokiko MiuraBelow, Yachiyo Kasugano,Kimiko Sakuramachi, Mitsuru Tsukimiya,Miyoko Saho,Yoshiko Kusabue, Kirino et al., A total of 3 selected members, costume clerk, and tool clerk announced by Ichizo Kobayashi at the return welcome party of the Takarazuka Music School Auditorium on March 5 of the same year. , A total of 40 people concerned are gorgeous as "Auditorium for the United States"Cruise ship-Kamakura MaruOn the 2nd outbound flightKobe PortBoarding fromThe United States of America(Honolulu,San Francisco,Los Angeles,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,PortlandEtc.) and performed the second overseas performance in the history of the theater company[22][23]..The return trip is a luxury linerHikawamaruFor the 59th go-aroundSeattleI boarded from and returned to Japan[24][25][26][27]..While on board the Hikawa Maru, inside the shipSukiyakiActively participated in parties and captain-sponsored parties, fascinated other passengers with their gorgeous outfits and standing behavior.[28][29]..A group of selected members in kimono in Los AngelesHollywoodIt is inRKO Radio Film Company OfMovie studioBlack-and-white photographs of the tour and the performances in the United Statesニ ュ ー ヨ ー クMonochrome video of selected members who are sightseeing, on June 6st of the same yearカナダ OfVancouverThe color image taken in is still in existence[21][29].

Impact of World War II

Starting with "Pacific March" in 1934, the title of the workGreat East Asian WarThe title that is conscious of is appeared.In addition, you can see things like "Yangko River" and "From Manchuria to the North Branch".

In 1938, the Star Troupe was abolished, and in December of the same year, the school and the theater company were completely separated. In 12National Defense Women's Association of JapanThe Takarazuka Revue Subcommittee was established and all students were enrolled.Began to visit munitions factories and military hospitals.same year,Takarazuka RevueRenamed to.

The titles of loanwords disappeared in 1940, and militaristic performances have appeared in almost all performances since then. From 1942ManchuriaWas performed at.

In 1941,Shigenori UtsumiThe script and direction of "Takarazuka Kaguya Hime" will be performed.Played Princess Kaguya in that workFukuko Saya"Goodbye everyone" sung by Utsumi (lyrics by Utsumi,Ichiro Kawasaki(Composer) is one of the songs that are still sung by the current Takarazuka Revue, such as being adopted as BGM that is played in theaters after the performance.[30].

In March 1943, the Takarazuka Grand Theater was closed due to intensified air raids.Imperial Japanese NavyRequisitioned byTakarazuka Navy Air Corps(Actually a special attack submarineHeavenUsed as a corps for (crew training)[31]..The final performance is "The Battle of the Wings", and even if there is no "dream" or "hope", fans will flood and cross the Takarazuka Ohashi bridge.Takarazuka South Exit StationI made a long line to the vicinity.During the war, he was active mainly in consolation performances all over the country, while "Women's Corps"Kawanishi AircraftTakarazuka Seisakusho (the site isHanshin RacecourseWas mobilized to work at a sewing shop, etc.[32].

Takarazuka Music and Dance School was established in 1946 after the end of World War II.Takarazuka Music SchoolThe name was changed to, and the performance resumed at the Takarazuka Grand Theater from April 4nd.The first reopening work was a two-pronged "Carmen" and "Spring Dance", and a total of 22 people who joined the group during the war performed line dance.But the Tokyo Takarazuka TheaterTroopsBecause it was requisitioned in Tokyo, the Tokyo performance resumed in 1947Japanese theater-Imperial TheaterIt was done at. In 1948, the Star Troupe revived for the first time in 10 years.

Flower TroupeKoshiji snowstorm&Shinju MichiyoCombi and Snow TroupeKasugano YachiyoNobuko OtowaBecame popular.Kasugano played an active part in the front line as the second male star for a long time before the war, and continued to support Takarazuka in difficult times.

1951,poppy』Premiered.A powerful stage such as the appearance of a horse became a big hit and became a long run, "Javanese dancer] And many other masterpieces have been born.

The Tokyo Takarazuka Theater performance was resumed in 1955.

Development as performing arts

In 1954, the Japanese-Italy collaboration movie "Mrs. Butterfly"CinecittaStudioTo shoot with, firstイタリアHad crossed overKaoru YachikusaSumika HanayoFollowed by,Haruko Togo,Kahoru Yodo,Yachiyo OtoriTop stars, Yukiko Ibuki, Nashiko Asahina,Mayumi Azusa,Mari Tsukushi15 members selected from the group will be on October 10nd at 2:4 pm[33]ToHaneda airportからAir FranceMachine[33]Boarding in ItalyRomeDeparted for[34]..After a group of selected members take off from Haneda AirportSaigon - Karachi - BeirutVia RomeRome Ciampino Airport[33]There is a black-and-white news film that tells the story of when it arrived at Cinecitta and what it was like while shooting at Cinecitta.The group finished all shooting and arrived at Haneda Airport at 11:12 pm on November 9, Air France aircraft[33]I returned to Japan for the first time in about 40 days[35], Yachigusa returned to Japan on December 12th[35]..The production cost was about 2 million yen at that time.This trip will lead to a rapid increase in overseas performances.

In 1951, the directorShigenori UtsumiReturned to the United States in 1952, with a curtain and cord that had already been introduced on Broadway.Handheld microphoneWas incorporated. The world's first "Blue Hawaii" staged in 1955dry iceUse the smoke effect with.This was inspired by the director Shigenori Utsumi.

In 1957, the largest 50-step staircase in history appears in "Mon Paris".

In 1958, there were a series of observatory and observatory performances. At Tokyo Takarazuka Theater on April 4stEmpress Kasumi-Crown Prince Akihito-Masahito Yoshinomiya-Princess ChichibuWill publish "Flower Poems" on October 10th.Emperor Showa・ Empress ・ Masahito Yoshimiya ・Takako KiyomiyaIs appreciated by "Empress Komyō" and "Three Waltz". On November 11st, Prince Akihito alone watched "Autumn Dance" at the Takarazuka Grand Theater.Due to the influence of Takarazuka Music School becoming a two-year system from the previous year, there are no first stage students of this year[Note 9]..On the other hand, on April 4st, at the Takarazuka Grand Theater, the moon troupeHiromi Katsuki AuctionThere is also a terrible accident that kills him.Due to this accident, the auction was discontinued and the safety device was completed in 1959.

This year, "Local performing arts study groupWas launched, and coverage, recording and collection of traditional performing arts, festivals and performing arts events in various parts of Japan have begun.This activity has continued for about 20 years.These were staged as a collection of Japanese folk dances, and in 1958, the first collection by the Snow Troupe:NankiHen, NankiTaijiof"whale, The 5th collection by the Moon Troupe:OuHen "FlowerMichinoku], A total of 22 works were announced.

1960's "Brilliant Thousand Beats" (Sumika HanayoStarring) became a big hit.Not only Takarazuka but also the theme song was a hit.After a replay in Tokyo, in 1961Art festival awardIn 1962, he received the same award for "Fire Island" with the theme of Kyushu's folk performing arts.Teruko Akashi・ Hanayo Sumi and others gained popularity, and when they left the group, a "goodbye show" was performed.This is still customary today.In the mid-1960s, after Sumi and Akashi left, it was nicknamed Marsachiosono.Wataru Nachi,Climb the inner weight,Miho FujisatoReceived a great deal of support from fans.

In the latter half of the 1960s, we invited choreographers from overseas to "Shango" (Maho ShibukiA show that is different from the image of Takarazuka until then was born. "Westside story''Oklahoma!''回 転 木馬The Japanese premiere of overseas musicals such as "" is also Takarazuka at this time. "West Side Story" won the Art Festival Award. 3K trioInstep-Noboru Kozuki-Miyako KoshiroHave gained popularity.

From June 1968, "newcomer performances" by young members became a regular performance in this performance.Initially, it was held twice by different members, but since 6 it will only be held once.

1970 yearsOsaka ExpoAt that time, Takarazuka along the Hankyu line, which is the same as the Expo venue, also performed "Takarazuka EXPO70'" to attract the audience.Noboru KozukiAs the star left the group, it was a great success every day as intended.At this time, the performance time was shortened so as not to bore tourists (other than conventional fans) at the Expo, and a performance format was established with a break of two and a half hours and a 2-minute break between the curtains.

The stagnation and the Rose of Versailles

With the spread of television and the diversification of entertainment, the theater occupancy rate declined and the deficit continued.Partly "with TakarazukaBraves teamIs Hankyu's two major luggage "[36]There was also the media who ridiculed.To save labor costs[7], In April 1972, a retirement age system was announced with a retirement age of 4 years old, and was introduced on July 57.

In 1974Shinji UedaWas dramatized as "Rose of Versailles』Saved this predicament.When the manga, which had caused a social phenomenon, was staged, it became an unprecedented Takarazuka boom with a big hit that mobilized 140 million spectators by performing each group of moon, flowers, snow, and stars.The number of girls' fans has increased rapidly, and the magnification of Takarazuka Music School has become a challenge of about 5 to 20 times.EasternTodai, West TakarazukaWill be called.Played a major role in the Rose of Versailles seriesHaruna Yuri-Phoenix-Jun Anna-Natsuko MigiwaWas called "The Rose of Versailles" and gained popularity.

In 1975, the performance period will be about one and a half months, eight times a year. In 1, before the Takarazuka boom cooled down,Gone with the windHaruna was the first man to bear a beard. Since the 1970sYukihiro ShibataBut"Star shadow''Akanesasu purple flower] And many other original masterpieces will be announced.

In 1978, Takarazuka Bow Hall opens. "Hoffman storyAfter the premiere, an experimental performance has been held for the purpose of training star staff.

During this period, from the latter half of the 1970s, it was customary for stars to carry circular wings on their backs, and since then they have gradually become huge and the stage has become gorgeous.

Establishment of star system

The star system was established in the 1980s, and the leading actor of the group was fixed to the leading male role (top star).In order to be promoted to the top star, various conditions had to be met, and fans could predict who would be the star, making it easier to support in the long run.

At the same time, the activities of private fan clubs will become active. Until the early 1980s, the troupe members handed food and drinks to the troupe members. ・ The troupe members invited fans to a coffee shop on the spot.[37]It can be said that the members and the fans were close to each other, but there is no such act now.Excessive applause of the group is often regarded as a problem in the letter to the editor section of the magazine.[38]..Calling out to the performers is also prohibited.

Although there is a rearrangement, the star status is fixed, so not only the top star and the top daughter role but also the interaction and combination with the second male role star gained popularity, and the Snow Troupe'sAsami Rei-Hizuru Kotobuki-Kurara HarukaThe three were touted as the Golden Trio.

The characteristics of each group are gradually clarified, especially from the end of the Showa period to the beginning of the Heisei period."Dance Flower Troupe" "Dance Moon Troupe" "Japanese Snow Troupe" "Costume Star Troupe"Was called.

Top star in 1982Akira Matsu・ Second man roleHizuru KotobukiBoth "Overture of dawn』And leave the group.The enthusiasm of the stage together with the audience is tremendous,Art festivalWon the grand prize.

In 1984, became the heroine of the Star Troupe Grand TheaterReika KojoWas selected and was already in the position of top daughterMai MinakazeAt the same time, it will be the W top daughter role system until 1986.

In 1985, the moon troupe top combinationMao Daichi-Kuroki HitomiLeft at the same time.Since then, it is not uncommon for top stars and their opponents to leave the group at the same time, but there are criticisms that "the good parts cannot be passed on to the next star".[39].

In 1986, he performed a line dance of 126 people at the Star Troupe performance "Review Symphony", which is the largest performance.

In 1987Me and my girlWas premiered in Japan and then re-performed with the same cast, which is the only long-run example in the current performance system.

1989 (Showa 64-XNUMX)May 1Of Emperor ShowademiseIn response, all performances on the day and the next day were canceled,Mourning thanksOn the dayMay 2Also canceled the performance.From the same year20st centuryThe replay of "The Rose of Versailles", titled "The Last", has begun and is called "Heisei's The Rose of Versailles" for its premiere in the 1970s. In 1991, the moon troupe "The Rose of Versailles" (starring:Mayo Suzukaze)Crown Prince NaruhitoWatched the play.

In 1992, the Snow Troupe "Chushingura ~ Scattered in flowers ~ Scattered in snow ~The Takarazuka Grand Theater was closed. The new Takarazuka Grand Theater opened in 1993.The Kokeraotoshi performances were "Hojuu" and "PARFUM DE PARIS".Kasugano YachiyoIn addition to that, the top stars of each group will appear on a daily basis,Kenzo TakadaDesign costumes are also a hot topic.Takada was also in charge of make-up and shoes, which had a great influence, and the stage make-up changed to more natural after this performance.

On December 1995, 1,Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThere has occurred.There were no casualties among the members of the troupe, but they were forced to cancel the performance at their home base, and from March 3st, "Borderless map』Resumed the performance, but the number of spectators mobilized after that dropped sharply, and it was in 2001 that it returned to the original level.

1996,Elisabeth』Snow TroupeMaki IchijiWill premiere in Japan. The dark image of "Grim Reaper" had a poor reputation, but as soon as the first day opened, it became a big hit that gained tremendous support.After that, it was re-performed multiple times and became one of the standard performances.

From the birth of Cosmos Troupe to the 100th anniversary

In December 1997, the former Tokyo Takarazuka Theater will be closed and new construction will begin.During the construction periodImperial TheaterAfter performing twice inYurakucho StationTemporary in the vicinityTAKARAZUKA 1000days TheaterThe performance was continued and used for about 1,000 days.

In January 1998, to realize a year-round performance in TokyoAir groupWill be newly established.The first top starAsato Shizuki, The role of the top daughterFlower..Hong Kong performances "Mugen Takarazuka" "This is TAKARAZUKA! Will be the first performance as a group.

In 1999,Aika MireToshiyukiBecomes a top star.Already in the top positionMakoto Tsubasa-Yu TodorokiAt the same time, he will stand side by side as a top star of the same class until 2001.At the same time, 4 people will be the most.

May 2000, at that timeAll 2 stars in the 3nd and 10rd male roles are transferred to SenkaIt was announced to do.Fans became tumultuous in a sudden situation, officialWebsiteFlooded with access[40].

In the early days of Senka, talented stars were assigned to each field, and until the 1970s, the stars belonged to each group and made special appearances in each group, but after the establishment of the star system, veteran supporting characters may belong to it. By convention, it was rare for 10 stars to move at once.The troupe explained that it would make a special appearance as a star, unlike the traditional special course, and some of the transferees would later become the top stars of each group.

In 2001, the new Tokyo Takarazuka Theater will open.During the three years from 1998 to 2000 during the construction period, the occupancy rate of the temporary 3days theater was 1000%. [41]After that, Tokyo maintained almost 100%, but Takarazuka, which has a small population and a large theater, is around 90%.[42]Met.AdjacentTakarazuka Family LandThe planning office of the production department of the opera company also pointed out that the fans are aging.[42].

In 2004, he sang a song titled "The Road to 90 Years" to celebrate the XNUMXth anniversary of its founding.Kei Aran,Jun Sena,Kei Kijo,Natsuki Mizu,Dream Kiriya,Yamato YukawaThey made special appearances in performances other than the group to which the six mid-level stars at that time belonged, and Sena and Mizu became top stars after being rearranged to the group that appeared later.

In 2009, in addition to aiming for the 95th anniversary of the founding of 2014, such as holding a celebration ceremony with the same title to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding, "Four kings''PartnerAnd popular TV dramas such as "Reversal trial] And other innovations such as the performance of game-themed works[43]The performance period of this performance was shortened, and the main performance of 5 times a year, which was a pending issue after the formation of 10 groups, was realized.On the other hand, in both east and west theaters, the conventional A and B seats have been significantly reduced and the SS and S seat tickets have been raised.[Note 10].

In 2010, the annual mobilization of the Takarazuka Grand Theater, which is the home base, fell below 100 million, remaining at about 80.Due to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the performance was suspended for about two and a half months, and the performance period was shorter than usual.[44].

Golden age after the 100th anniversary

In 2014, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our first performance. At Takarazuka Grand Theater in AprilOGA celebration and a commemorative ceremony were held in which active stars appeared. For the 100th anniversary performance, the moon troupe will perform a review "TAKARAZUKA Flower Poetry Collection 100 !!" in three sets.Moreover"Rose of VersaillesAnd 'Elisabeth], Etc., a popular performance was replayed.

The annual mobilization number, which had been depressed for a while, will recover from the effects of events and performances of the 100th anniversary. In 2014, the number of spectators was about 118 million at Takarazuka Grand Theater and about 98 at Tokyo Takarazuka Theater. Since the opening of the current theater in 1993, the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater has opened the current theater in 2001. Since then, each record the highest number of people mobilized[45]did. After 2015, Snow TroupeBecause of HagiriStarring "Lupin III''Rurouni Kenshin』And gained new fans by setting the stage of well-known manga works.

On April 2015, 4, Yuji Ogawa became the chairman of the theater company, accelerating the announcement of the lineup of Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater performances eight months ago.[46]..In the past, production announcements were made at sponsored performances, but production announcements have become regular for new works as well.[46].

In addition to the establishment of new fans after the 100th anniversary, various reforms have been successful, and in 2016 both Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater achieved a customer attraction rate of over 100%. Achieved a customer attraction rate of over 3% for the third consecutive year, and achieved mobilization of 100 million people for the third consecutive year when combined with external theater performances.[46].. In 2017, as mentioned aboveBecause of HagiriHowever, at the Takarazuka Grand Theater performance while he was the top star of the Snow Troupe, he achieved 5% of the customer attraction rate for 100 consecutive works for the first time in history.[47]..On the other hand, it became difficult to obtain tickets, and it became difficult to obtain tickets for movie theaters.Live viewingIn addition to the top star's withdrawal performance, from 2017, it has also started to focus on some external theater performances.[48].

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Cosmos Troupe.As a commemorative performance, the musical "WEST SIDE STORYPerformance and review at the time of the birth of the group "Citrus wind』Replay etc. will be performed. In February, the 2th anniversary event was held with the appearance of successive Cosmos Troupe top stars and active Cosmos Troupe students.In addition, the number of spectators reached a record high of 20 million this year.[49], Occupancy rateTakarazuka Grand TheaterThen 102.8%,Tokyo Takarazuka TheaterWas 101.8%, both record highs[49].


2020 years,New coronavirusPandemic outbreak.In Japan, from the viewpoint of infection prevention, all the theater performances have been canceled, and the Takarazuka Revue has also been canceled for about four months from the end of February, including the main performance and the Bow Hall performance.Even after the performance resumed, in addition to having to undergo a major overhaul of the program and schedule, there were many effects.An example is shown below.

  • The number of performers has been reduced to avoid crowding of performers and staff on stage and during training.The junior students who are rarely in the game will be divided into two teams, and the teams will be replaced at regular intervals.
  • Thorough infection prevention measures in the theater.Measures will be taken to keep the distance between the spectators, such as selling every other seat.
  • The orchestra of this performance will change from live performance to recorded performance.
  • All newcomer performances after the Hanagumi Grand Theater performance "Haikara-san ga Gou" have been cancelled.
  • Snow Troupe top combination that has already been announcedBokai FutoNozomi Masai, Moon Troupe Top CombinationTamaki RyoMisono SakuraBoth have postponed their departure.
  • The first stage performance, which is held in April every year, will be in September (Moon Troupe "WELCOME TO TAKARAZUKA-Snow, Moon and Flowers-", "Pigalle Madness").
  • Cancellation of "Takarazuka Special 2020".

However, despite the above measures, the situation is still far from normal, as the students were forced to cancel the performance again due to the virus infection from the students after the performance resumed.Therefore, a part of the stageOnline deliveryWe are also making new attempts such as doing.Furthermore, in addition to the cancellation of newcomer performances, the chances of being on stage for junior students who have become a team system will be greatly reduced, and it is inevitable that the growth as a stage performer will be significantly affected.

In March 2021, the number of performers was reduced due to the progress of infection prevention measures (for performances after the moon troupe "Sakura Arashi" and "Dream Chaser").At the same time, newcomer performances and live performances by the orchestra resumed.In addition, the 3th generation (Lab 100) will appear as a special case only for some newcomer performances.[Note 11].

Yearly record

  • September 1913 (Taisho 2)- Hankyu CorporationWithinTakarazuka Revue(In December of this yearTakarazuka Revue Training AssociationRenamed to) organized.
  • September 1914 (Taisho 3)- Takarazuka Shin OnsenStarted performing at the Inner Paradise Theater.The performance is "Don Braco』\ Other three stand.
  • 1918 (Taisho 7th year)
  • January 1919 (Taisho 8) --Established Takarazuka Music and Opera School.Takarazuka Revue Training Association is dissolved and organized by students and graduatesTakarazuka Girl Opera CompanyRenamed to.
  • September 1921 (Taisho 10)- Flower set-Monthly groupIs born.
  • September 1924 (Taisho 13)- Snow setIs newly established.OldTakarazuka Grand TheaterIs completed.
  • September 1927-Japan's first review "Mon Paris-I am Paris!-" Premiered, a big hit.
  • August 1930-Review "Parisette" premiere (ShiraiWritten).The theme song is "When violet flowers bloom. "
  • In 1931, Ginbashi appeared at "Rose Paris".
  • February 1933- Kasugano YachiyoDue to the rise ofStar setNewly established.
  • 1934
    • January-OldTokyo Takarazuka TheaterIs open.
    • December-Takarazuka Women's Friends Association (currently Takarazuka Revue Association) is established.
  • January 1935-Takarazuka Grand Theater burns down.Completed in April of this year.
  • 1939
    • April-Abolished the Star Troupe due to the deterioration of the times.
    • December-Takarazuka Music and Opera School changed its nameSeparated into Takarazuka Revue and Takarazuka Music and Dance School.
  • October 1940-Takarazuka RevueTakarazuka RevueRenamed to.
  • February 1944- Second World WarThe Takarazuka Grand Theater and the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater are closed. On March 3th, the performance was canceled for this day only, and fans from the Hanshin region flooded in, and police officers arranged the swords.[50].
  • April 1946, 4-Takarazuka Grand Theater resumes performances.The performance is "カ ル メ ン"Spring nodori".
  • April 1947, 4 --Resumed performance in Tokyo.Tokyo Takarazuka TheaterTroopsSince it was requisitioned, it was performed at the Nippon Theater, Koto Theater, and the Imperial Theater.
  • October 1948, 8- Labor Standards ActRebuild the Star Troupe to respond.
  • August 1951-First work "poppy』Performance.It was a big hit and a long run for 3 months.
  • 1955 --Requisition of Tokyo Takarazuka Theater is lifted.
  • 1957-A maximum of 50 steps in history appears in "Mon Paris".
  • 1960-Premiere of "The Brilliant Thousand Beats".15thArt festivalReceived the grand prize (popular performing arts category).
  • 1961-Received the 16th Art Festival Grand Prize (popular performing arts category) for "Phoenix".
  • 1967-Takarazuka Revue's first overseas musical work "Oklahoma!Is performed.
  • 1971 --The first production assistant was recruited.Akio MikiJoined[51].
  • January 1974, 8-``Rose of Versailles] Premiere, a big hit.
  • 1976
    • The performance period of this performance will be extended to eight times a year.
    • 2nd in "The Rose of Versailles"Kikuta Kazuo Theater Award・Won a special award.
  • April 1978, 4-Takarazuka Bow Hall opens.
  • 1986-A line dance of 126 people in the Star Troupe performance "Review Symphony".
  • 1982-『Overture of dawnWon the 37th Art Festival Grand Prize (Popular Performing Arts Division, 2nd Division).
  • January 1993, 1 --The new Takarazuka Grand Theater opens.
  • October 1995, 1- Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThe Takarazuka Grand Theater and Bow Hall were damaged.
  • 1996-Vienna musical "Elisabeth』Premiere.
  • 1998
    • January-Because of the year-round performance in TokyoSora groupNewly established.
    • May 5-The Theater Division of the Opera Division Co., Ltd.Takarazuka stageAs a spin-off.
    • May 5-Temporary theater due to renovation of Tokyo Takarazuka TheaterTAKARAZUKA 1000days TheaterOpened.
  • January 2001, 1-The new Tokyo Takarazuka Theater opens.
  • July 2002, 7-Takarazuka Revue Channel "TAKARAZUKA SKY STAGE] Start broadcasting.
  • 2005
  • 2006-Tokyo Takarazuka Theater reaches 500 million visitors from the reopening.
  • 2009-The performance period of this performance will be shortened to 10 times a year.
  • October 2010, 3- Takarazuka Revue TestThe first exam will be held.
  • 2011
    • January-Celebrates the 1th anniversary of the reopening of the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater.
    • March 3-Tokyo Takarazuka Theater reaches 3 million visitors from the reopening.
  • 2014
    • 2013Asahi PrizeAward[52].
    • April 4-Celebrate the 1th anniversary of its founding (first performance).
    • April 4-In the Takarazuka Grand TheaterTakarazuka Opera HallIs open.Along with that, 100 people including staff and graduates who contributed to the development of Takarazuka Revue will be elected.[53][54].
      An exhibition facility consisting of three zones: the Hall of Fame, which introduces 100 people who have contributed to the development of Takarazuka Revue, the planning, which introduces the history of opera, and the current Takarazuka Revue.[55].
    • August 4- Prime Minister AwardMinister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology AwardAward[56].
    • August 4- TakarazukaReceived the Citizen's Honor Award at the 60th anniversary ceremony.Became the first Takarazuka Citizen's Honor Award[57].
    • December 10-22stAsia Cosmopolitan Award・ Received the Cultural Award[58].
  • 2015
    • December 4-4stKikuta Kazuo Theater Award・ Won the grand prize[59].
    • November 11-Received the 17rd Best Produce Award (sponsored by Japan Lifestyle Culture Promotion Council)[60].
  • 2020
    • August 2- New coronavirusの影響のため、公演を自粛(2月29日~3月8日、3月12日~3月31日)。※3月22日の雪組公演は実施。
    • July 7-Performance at the big theater resumes for the first time in about 17 months[61]..Performances at the Grand Theater since March 3th, and as a theater company since the 9nd (Tokyo Takarazuka Theater)[61].
    • August 8-Announced the urgent cancellation of the performance until the 2th because one of the people involved in the flower troupe performance "Haikara-san ga Gou", which is being performed at the big theater, was found to be in poor physical condition.[62].
    • August 8-Three performers and one staff member of "Haikara-san ga Gou" have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, and the performance until the 4th has also been cancelled.[63].
    • August 8-A total of 6 performers and staff are newly confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus.[64]..A total of 11 people were infected with the Takarazuka Revue, and Hyogo Prefecture was certified as a cluster (group of infected people).[64].
    • On the same day-Announced that one of the performers of the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater's Star Troupe performances "Dazzling Valley-Falling Nova-" and "Ray-Star Ray-" was infected with the new coronavirus.[65].. The performance will be canceled for the time being after the 7th[65].
    • August 8-Announced that the Star Troupe performance will be canceled until the 7th[66].
    • Same day --One new infection was confirmed for the flower troupe performance[67].
    • August 8-A new coronavirus infection has been revealed for one of the performers of the Snow Troupe performances "Bolero of Fire" and "Music Revolution! New Spirit" (8th to 17th) at the Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka.[68]..The general advance sale of tickets from the same day was postponed[69].
    • August 8-The cancellation period of the flower troupe performance "Haikara-san ga Gou" at Takarazuka Grand Theater has been postponed until 14st.[70]..Initially, the newcomer performance scheduled for the 4th will not be performed[70]..Snow Troupe performance at Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka "Flame Bolero / Music Revolution! Decided to cancel the performance once[70].
    • August 8-One new infection confirmed for flower troupe performance[71].
    • August 8-Resumed the Star Troupe performances at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, "The Valley of the Dazzling New Stars" and "Ray Star Rays"[72].
    • Same day-Snow Troupe performance at Umeda Arts Theater "Flame Bolero / Music Revolution! Announced that it will be held from 29th to 9th September[73].
  • 2021
    • April 4-The performances in Takarazuka and Tokyo will be canceled until May 26 due to the issuance of a state of emergency regarding the new coronavirus.[74].

Men's club

Since the founding of the Takarazuka Revue, Ichizo Kobayashi has had the concept of a "national drama," and not only Western titles but also Japanese historical drama were developed with Western-style melody.The idea of ​​joining the Takarazuka Revue as a male member was implemented twice, but both were disbanded without appearing in this performance due to the opposition of the surroundings.

In 1919 (Taisho 8), a selection course was set up at Takarazuka Music and Opera School to enroll a total of eight male students in the first and second semesters, but they were disbanded 8 months later.In the first periodSeiki HoriLaterNew national drama OfTatsumi Ryutaro,Fujiwara Opera CompanyDirector OfYoshio Aoyama, In the second termShirai,Tatsuya Kishidaがいた。第二次世界大戦後の1945年11月に1名と12月に4名が第一期生、1946年3月に第二期生3名、1947年4月に第三期生5名、公募により宝塚歌劇団に特設された部署に男子生徒が計13名入学した。各期3年にわたりVocal music,Buyo,ballet,theaterAiming for debut after taking lessons[75]..However, due to the opposition of women's theater members and fans, he did not appear in this performance until the end and only sang the yin chorus.In December 1947, he performed the operetta "Farewell Youth" at the Takarazuka Naka Theater with a female member. In January 12, 1 fourth-generation students were hired, but Ichizo Kobayashi was a co-star of Takarazuka because it was confirmed again that the success of "Consort Yu" in the previous year could produce high-level plays by women alone. Returned to the original Takarazuka Revue only for women[75]Finally, in March 1954, it was disbanded.[76]..Although women of the same period walked on the Star Road, men had no place to play in Takarazuka, and some quit by then, and seven of the remaining men's theater members were Takarazuka Revue (Takarazuka Revue).Light drama) Transferred to the exclusive seat and continued theatrical activities, the other 6 peopleKitano TheaterBecame exclusive to the dancing team[75]..On the other hand, there were many who retired from the entertainment world and kept secrets when they were in Takarazuka.As a celebrity from the men's club, in the second gradeNishino Ballet CompanyFounderKozo Nishino, Became a photographer after the 4th gradeTamotsu YatoThere are

In 2004, theater journalist Norihiko Tsuji published the book "Men's Takarazuka," which follows in the footsteps of the men's club. Based on this, the drama "Men's Takarazuka" was published in 2007.Takarazuka BOYSWas performed nationwide and re-performed in 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2018.


Main students

 Top starTop daughter role
Flower setGrapefruitMadoka Hoshikaze
Monthly groupKanato TsukishiroMitsuki Umino
Snow setSaya SayakaKiwa Asazuki
Star setMakoto ReiHitomi Maisora
Air groupSuzuho MakazeJunka

About the main graduatesTakarazuka Opera Company graduateSee.

List by period (including graduates)


Major works

Original work

Works with original works

Overseas musical

List of performances by year

Main staff


◎ Mark is a director currently enrolled in the Takarazuka Revue

★ Mark is the staff who entered the Takarazuka Opera Hall[53]



Media related


at firstHankyu CorporationPublishing Department (Osaka), From July 2003Hankyu Communications(Hankyu's publishing business was integrated with TBS-Brittanica), but since October 2014Takarazuka Creative Artsissued by. It is sold at the Quatre Reves and Hankyu Railway shops (Lagar Shop).

Hankyu Department StoreThere is a "Takarazuka Corner" in the area, which sells related books and other goods.Some related products are for men, such as ties.

Monthly magazine

First published in 1918, closed in 1940, reissued in 1946.
There are many reading articles such as roundtable discussions, dressing room coverage, and letters to the editor.Serialized from each group for 1 months per person "HuhCultureIn charge of.
Takarazuka Graph →Takarazuka GRAPH
First published in 1936, closed in 1940, reissued in 1947.
There are many photo articles such as stage photographs and portraits.


Takarazuka Revue
First published in 1938.Published every spring.
It used to be a special issue of "Kageki" and the title was "Takarazuka Revue", but now it is Takarazuka MOOK (MookIt is issued as (handling).SenkaAnd the facial photos of all the students, including the first year graduate students who joined the group that year, are posted with a brief profile.
Handy Takarazuka Otome
Released in 2009.A mobile version separated for each group.
Takarazuka Stage Yearbook → Stage Yearbook → Takarazuka Stage Album → Takarazuka Stage Album
First published in 1948.Published every spring.
It used to be a special issue of "Graph".As a stage yearbook, stage photos and performance data are listed.
Mook published once a year.Portrait interview articles of each group of stars are posted.In recent years, a DVD containing the shooting scenery is included.
Foursome → Le Cinq
A collection of stage photos for each performance. Since 2004, the script of the original work has been published.

tv set

Terrestrial wave

Hankyu affiliateKansai TV broadcasting(Fuji Television Network, IncAround 1964, a 30-minute program was aired every Thursday evening under the title of "Takarazuka Revue Theater".In addition, every Saturday (later once a month), "The Takarazuka" (every Saturday) → "Reserved seats for Takarazuka flowers" (once a month), etc.Takarazuka Revue stage broadcastIn addition to the theater broadcast as ""Hankyu drama seriesBut in the early days, Takarasienne had a regular appearance. From July to August 1999, the mini-program "Kansai TV Limited"Takarazuka Flower Troupe Picture BookHas been broadcast.

From 1969 to 1979, a young member of the group appeared in a variety show and drama on Kansai TV.BambisWas chosen for.Many starters Takarasienne have been born from Bambis, including those who will climb to the top later.[Note 14].

The reading provided by "Reserved Seats for Takarazuka Hana" is "This program will be sent by Hankyu Department Store, a shopping shop full of fun and Hankyu trains."Before that, there was no reading provided, and the theme song of Hankyu without a song was playing on the display of "Provided Hankyu Train Hankyu Department Store".

CurrentlyTokyo MX TVProduction "TAKARAZUKA CAFE BREAKAt the affiliated broadcasting station,Kansai TVYou can watch each of the "Dreaming Theaters" at.

Although extremely rare, active Takarasienne may appear regularly in TV dramas. First half of 1994,NHK Morning TV series"Piano]Risa Junna(At that time, the role of Snow Troupe, later Hanagumi) was the first active Takarasienne to act as the heroine of NHK's morning drama.TBSIn the morning doraKurara Haruka(At that time, the role of Star Troupe, later Snow Troupe), in a TBS dramaAyu YukiTakarasienne, who later became the top player, played the leading role, mainly in the role of daughter, such as (the role of Snow Troupe at that time, and later the role of daughter).

FNS Song FestivalHas appeared in related programs since 2017.

In addition, active Takarasienne may appear in variety shows and documentary programs.

Satellite broadcasting

In July 2002, a special feature and variety show of members of the theater company will be broadcast, centering on the theater broadcast of the Takarazuka Revue.Professional channel"TAKARAZUKA SKY STAGE"110 degree east longitude CS broadcastStarted broadcasting on Sky Perfect TV! 2. As of February 2007, it is the successorSKY PerfecTV! e2, And someCable TVYou can watch it at.Unlike other channels on SKY PerfecTV! E2, Hankyu itself, which produces the program,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsThanConsignment broadcasterHas been certified by.

In addition, you can watch Takarazuka programs on the following satellite broadcasting channels. ☆ mark isTAKARAZUKA SKY STAGEBut a program that can be watched.

  • Invitation to Takarazuka: Broadcast videos of past performances.
  • Takarazuka Premiere: An original program that is an original compilation of current Takarazuka performance information and topics.
  • ☆ Encore! Takarazuka Star's Small Room: A rebroadcast of the original program "Takarazuka Star's Small Room" that was broadcast in the past.
NHK BS Premium
  • It broadcasts performance videos and programs featuring Takarazuka on an irregular basis.

Multimedia broadcasting


From August 2014, 8, "22% Takarazuka" will start broadcasting.Young stars selected from each group convey the charm of Takarazuka Revue to celebrities who have never seen Takarazuka Revue as an escort[80].


"Takarazuka Fan Contest" from 1955Every day broadcastingIt was broadcast for 30 years until 1974 as a 19-minute public recording program in the series.[81].

From around 1981, "Viva! Takara JenneEvery SundayRadio kansaiIt is broadcast in series, and Takarazuka students make guest appearances on a weekly basis. As a graduate of the Takarazuka Revue from July 1999, 7PersonalityBy KazesayakaWind Sayaka's love and dreams Eternal Takara JenneIs also broadcast on the same station every Monday, and many Takarasienne OGs are appearing as guests here.In the past, Takarazuka students will appear as guestsRadio OsakaThere was a program "Oh! My Idol".

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNHK-FMso,"Today is a day full of "Takarazuka"Was broadcast. From 12:15 to 23:00, it was a long time of 10 hours and 45 minutes, and the general MCMakoto TsubasaWas in charge, and many active players and OGs appeared, and there was a wide variety of free talks and song request corners.


Takarazuka Review As a cinema, an attempt is being made to make a movie of the stage.The concept is the world of Takarazuka, which is fascinating with "visual beauty" that fuses the gorgeous stage of the Takarazuka Revue with the cinematic production.Filming, video and sound source recording using the latest digital cinema technology is performed, and the video is directed and edited by the movie staff, so it is different from the usual performance DVD.

Released in June 2009, the first "Solomon's Ring" (6 Snow Group performance) was screened and exhibited at the 2008st Tokyo International Film Festival.

In February 2010, the second "The Legend of the Great Kings ver.II(2009 Star Troupe performance) was screened at 25 movie theaters nationwide.

In October, the third "THE SCARET PINPERNEL(2010 Moon Troupe Performance) was pre-screened and was shown on a national road show from January 2011.

Image character

TakarasienneScandalIt rarely causes, and serves as a lot of image characters.Once upon a timeLionShampoo andHouse food"Rokko's delicious waterThe CM of the unit was aired by each selected member.The following are the customary and long-term ones. ☆ marks are top experienced people.

Hankyu Kotsu company

Ikeda Bank, Ikeda Senshu Bank

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Card

Hankyu Corporation


Overseas performance

  • Those without a group name are performances by selected members of each group.
  • Countries in parentheses (in order of visit), country names, national flags, and place names at that time.Does not include consolation / visits.
1938-First performance in Europe (1)Nazi Germany flag Germany,Italian flag Italy kingdom,Polish flag ポーランド
As a Japan-Germany-Iwakura Mission.
Performances: "Momijigari", "Sanbaso", "Gojin Doseiji", "Soga Brothers", "Mirror Lion", "Kappore", "Island Girl", "Oshima Bushi", "Oya", Japanese Dance, Chorus, Kabuki, etc.
1939-Art delegation to the United States (United States flag The United States of America
Performances: "Takarazuka Revue", "Takarazuka Ondo", "Okawabata", "Hikone Screen", "Snowflake", "Musume Dojoji", "Stick Bari", "Big Fishing Festival", "Spring Evening", Kabuki, etc.
1942-Manchuria XNUMXth Anniversary Celebration National Friendship Mission (Manchurian flag Manchuria
Performances: "Beauty and Power" "Tachi Thief" "Musume Dojo" "Takarazuka Emaki"
1943-The 2nd Manchuria performance[Note 15](Manchurian flag Manchuria
Performances: "Bright Town Strong Town" "Stick Bari" "New Kaguya Hime"
1944-The 3nd Manchuria performance[Note 15](Manchurian flag Manchuria
Performances: "Horsetail Hunting" "Fox Tadanobu" "Children of the Sun"
Performances: "Four Fantasias", "Japanese Festivals and Folk Songs", etc.
1956-The 2nd Hawaii Performance
Performances: "Stick Shibari", "Spring Dance (Rainbow Takarazuka)", "Two Hakama", "Japanese Flowers"
1957-The 3nd Hawaii Performance
Performances: "Musume Dojoji" "Takarazuka Flower Dance"
1959-Canada-America performance (Canadian flag カナダ,United States flag The United States of America
Performances: "Flower Dance" "Four Fantasia" "Takarazuka Dance"
1965-First performance in Europe (2)French flag France
Performances: "Takarazuka Dance Picture Scroll" "Invitation to the World"
1966-The 4nd Hawaii Performance
Performances: "Takarazuka Dance Picture Scroll" "Rainbow Takarazuka"
1973-First performance in Southeast Asia (Burmese flag (1948-1974) Burmese Federation,Malaysia flag Malaysia,Singapore flag Singapore
Performances: "Takarazuka Revue" "Hello Takarazuka"
1975-First performance in Europe (3)Soviet Union flag Soviet Union(リトアニア,ウクライナ,ロシア),French flag France
Program: "The Takarazuka"
1978-Latin American performance (Mexican flag メキシコ,Argentina flag アルゼンチン,Brazilian flag Brazil
Program: "The Takarazuka"
1982-First performance in Southeast Asia (Malaysia flag Malaysia,Singapore flag Singapore,Kingdom of Thailand flag Thailand,Burmese flag Burma
Program: "The Takarazuka"
1985-The 5nd Hawaii Performance
Performances: "Japan Fantasy" "Dream of Takarazuka"
1989- ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク(Radio City Music Hall) Performance (United States flag The United States of America
Performances: "Takarazuka Revue Hymn" "Takarazuka Forever"
1992-New York (Joyce Theater) performance (United States flag The United States of America
Program: "TAKARAZUKA" Dream ""
In addition to the members selected for each group, the graduatesOura MizukiAppears.
1994-London performance (British flag The United Kingdom
Performances: "Hanaogisho <Beautiful Japan>" "Here at the Door" "Million Dreams"
The above performance is an arrangement of the 1993 Moon Troupe performance of the same title for overseas markets.
1998-Hong Kong performance (Hong Kong flag Hong Kong
Performance:Air group"Mugen Hojusho" "This is TAKARAZUKA! 』\
Air groupIt was the first performance as.
1999-First performance in China (1st performance in ChinaFlag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku
Performance:Monthly group"Mugenka Emaki" "Bravo!Takarazuka "
People's Republic of ChinaFor the 50th anniversary of the founding of the country and the 20th anniversary of the conclusion of the Japan-China Cultural Exchange Agreement (Japan-China Cultural Friendship Year).
2000-Berlin performance (German flag Germany
Performances: "Takarazuka Snow, Moon, Flowers" "Sunrise Takarazuka"
2002-The 2nd China Tour Performance
Performance:Star set"Butterflies / Love" "Southern Cross Review in China"
To commemorate the 30th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.
2005-Korea performance (Republic of Korea flag South Korea
Performance:Star set"The Rose of Versailles" "Soul of Shiva"
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and South Korea.
2013-Taiwan performance (Republic of China flag Republic of China
Performance:Star set"Takarazuka Revue-Jo-ha-kyu-" "Phantom Thief Soruka Gaiden-Flower Thief-" "Étoile de TAKARAZUKA"
To thank you for the great reconstruction assistance we received from Taiwan.[87][88]
2015-The 2nd Taiwan performance (Republic of China flag Republic of China)
Performance:Flower set"The Rose of Versailles" "Takarazuka Fantasia"[89]
2018-The 3rd Taiwan performance (Republic of China flag Republic of China
Performance:Star set"Thunderbolt Fantasy Tokyu Sword"Killer Rouge / Hoshihide ☆ Glitter (Amazing Star ☆ Killer Rouge)"
In addition to Taipei City, where performances have been held twice in the past, it will also be held in Kaohsiung City for the first time.[90]

The theater that once existed

  • Public Hall Theater-Opened March 1919, 8 (Taisho 3).Capacity 17 people. It was burnt down on January 1500, 1923 (Taisho 12).
  • Takarazuka Naka Theater --Opened on March 1923, 12 (Taisho 3).Capacity 20 people (995 people including auxiliary seats). Closed in 1200 after renaming to "Takarazuka Movie Theater" in 1950 and "Takarazuka Shingei Theater" in 1953.
  • TAKARAZUKA 1000days Theater --Opened May 1998, 5.Capacity 30 people.Tokyo Takarazuka TheaterIt was used only for about 1000 days (actually 929 days) during the replacement period, and closed on December 2000, 12.

Viewing / viewing performance

title-PositionAt that time (excluding the emperor and empress). () Is large =Takarazuka Grand Theater・ East =Tokyo Takarazuka TheaterPoint to

the term

Takarazuka, Zuka
An abbreviation for Takarazuka Revue.
Nickname for members of the Takarazuka Revue. "Takarasienne" is a sword of Parisienne, and was inspired by Ichizo Kobayashi, who disliked the name "Zuka Girl".Fans call it "Jenne-san" with even more familiarity.
Their official profile will show their birthdays, but not their year of birth.The members are called "students", the rehearsal hall is called "classroom", and the director is called "teacher".
Zuka fan
A name that refers to Takarazuka Revue fans."Takarazuka Party" in the Taisho era and before the war[91][92]And "Zuka Party"[92], "Friends who love Takarazuka" and so on.
Well-known among male fansOsamu TezukaUnder the influence of the Takarazuka Revue, which I have been familiar with since I was a child,Ribbon Knight] Was drawn.As another male fanYushi Odashima-Yoshio Sakurauchi-Hiroo Sakata-Fukumoto YutakaAre known.
There is a nickname column in the official profile "Takarazuka Revue", and students and fans often call it by nickname.Most of them are derived from their real names and stage names.
FrenchMeaning.At the end of the finale, it refers to the singer who sings first when the performers come down the stairs in order.Soprano's daughter, who excels in singing ability, often plays the role of one person, but there are also cases where a male role is in charge or there are multiple roles such as double, and it changes from performance to performance.[93]..Some people decide to leave the group after experiencing Etoile, saying that their dreams have come true, which is one of their dreams for the role of a daughter.
Grand staircase
In Japan's first review "Mon Paris" in September 1927, a 9-step grand staircase was introduced at this time, and now it is a 16-step, one-step wide 26 cm stage set that uses the entire stage. Used as.The same dimensions are attached to the Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, which can be said to be synonymous with the Takarazuka Revue.Even at the Hakataza / Chunichi Theater performances, the scale is a little small, but stairs will be prepared.Be sure to use several stairs even on national tours.After undergoing renovation and new construction, it is now possible to display characters and patterns with illumination.At the end of the performance (final), the performers usually perform a parade while going down the stairs, and in some cases they are used as part of the set in the prologue of the show.
A name that refers to a private fan club (not officially recognized by the theater company) for individual members.They are engaged in activities such as wearing matching clothes and accessories, lining up and waiting to enter and leave the dressing room (guard), and hosting a talk event (tea party) inviting students.
The official supporters of the theater company include "Takarazuka Revue Association" and "Aihokai", but they are not individual fan clubs.
Kage Chorus, Kage Solo
Sing in the chorus box without appearing on the stage.The characteristic of Takarazuka is that it uses live voice instead of recording.
The apron stage between the orchestra box of Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater and the audience seats.Only a limited number of stars sing solos at Ginbashi. In "Rose Paris" in 1931ShiraiStarted to use.The name of Ginbashi is a translation of the French word "pont d'argent".
Quatre Reve
Takarazuka Revue official goods store.The products we handle are performance pamphlets and magazines "opera''Takarazuka GRAPH] And other opera company magazines, photo books, stage photos and bromides of stars, performance-related goods, Takarazuka original goods, top star supervised goods, performances and star-related CDs, DVDs, etc.
stage name
When the company was founded, the stage name of the members of the theater company wasOne hundred peopleIt was named after[Note 16]However, because the story was exhausted, he did not stick to Hyakunin Isshu, and now the members of the troupe are free to wear it.It is not covered with the stage name that was in Takarazuka in the past,Sueko TakigawaThere is also a stage name called "Takikawa" for the third generation of parents and daughters (only the second generation is "Takikawa").
All members are active under stage names, and their real names cannot be used for stage names.Tomoko MariyaTried to work with his real name Tomoko Yashiro, but was not accepted,Baptism nameWas used as the stage name with the surname.Joined in 26Kazuo HasegawaIs the daughter ofMichiko OnoIs the only case where the real name is allowed to be a stage name.
Names and kanji that suggest negative meanings cannot be used[Note 17].
Theatrical company lesson
In addition to Japanese dance, Western dance, and vocal musicKyogen・ Courses such as dialogue work are provided.In addition to choreographers and instructors inside and outside the theater company, veteran members also instruct juniors.
Goodbye show
After this performance, in which top stars and top daughters leave the group, a show that reproduces the memories of those who left the group will continue to be held.If the top star leaves the group, it will be held in Chiakiraku and the performance immediately before it (previous music), otherwise it will be held in Chiakiraku.The goodbye show began in 1.Teruko AkashiIs said to be the first time.[95]
Violet code[96]
Content expression and production that damages the dignity of the theater company and destroys the "dreams" of the audience[97]Is an implicit norm that is never published by theater companies or members of the theater company and is not requested by fans.
For example, realistic content such as real name, age, salary, etc. is prohibited, and at the Takarazuka Music School Cultural Festival, the stage name and real name were once written together in the pamphlet, but now only the real name is posted.
Even on the stage, radical content such as politics, religion, sex (3S) is refrained from, and the expression of the original may be modified.[97]..A rich love scene, off-color humor, political expression, that appeared on the stageBroadcast prohibited termsOn the other hand, expressions such as "Sumire code last minute" can also be seen.
Sumire dormitory
This is a dormitory for members of theatrical troupe and music school students.
flower arrangement
Refers to the aisle on the left and right of the stage and in front of the audience seats.There used to be a flower path that passed through the audience seats like Kabuki, but it disappeared with the birth of Ginbashi.
The area where the Takarazuka Grand Theater, the home of the Takarazuka Revue, is located in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture.
It is a name that refers to top star candidates, and the leading and successful performances of newcomers and bow halls are essential conditions.

"Awarded by the theater company"Takarazuka Revue Award"When,Hankyu Sumire Society's "Pansy Award"There is.

There are 6 types of "Annual Awards": Special Award, Excellence Award, Effort Award, New Face Award, Group Award, Lesson Encouragement Award, and Special Award, Excellence Award, Effort Award, and New Face Award are given to individual students by performing on stage. Awarded and group awards are given to all students who appear in works and shows.The lesson incentive award is given to students with a high attendance rate of theater company lessons regardless of the performance.

Works based on the Takarazuka Revue



"Weave the rainbow(Second half of 1980, serial television novel)
Kayo (Misako Konno) Played the youth over Takarazuka.Many active students are appearing in the stage scene.In supportKuniko Ashihara,Shinju MichiyoHas appeared.
"Only sadness dreams(June-July 1988,Galaxy tv novel
Heroine Tomomi (Tomita Yasuko) And his childhood friend Nobuko (Yumi Arimori) Takes the Takarazuka Music School.Tomomi's motherChikage AwashimaIn addition to serving as a supporting actorMichio Oji,Kumi TajimaHas appeared.
"Teru Teru Family(Second half of 2003, serial television novel)
Heroine Toko (Satomi Ishihara) Goes to Takarazuka Music School.Former Snow Troupe top daughterMahiru Konno(Haruko) is also appearing.In the music school cultural festival scene, junior students of the Soragumi will appear, dubbing the singing scenes of the main characters, etc.Mana Hazaki,Kozuki RuuIs in charge.
"When violet flowers bloom(2007, one shot)
Girl from the North Country, Kimiko (Kimiko) who longs for TakarazukaMikako Tabe)The tale of.Tsuyoshi MatsumotoThe same title manga is made into a drama.Two students appear in the role of music school students.
Commercial broadcast
"Takarazuka of love and youth(January 2002, Fuji TV series)
I drew a fictitious Takarasienne before and after World War II.Many active students are appearing in addition to the stage scene. OG gave acting guidance to the actress in the leading class.
The work was staged in 2008, and all the roles of the opera troupe appearing were played by former Takarazuka troupe students. In 2011, it was re-performed with some composition and cast changed from the premiere.


"Rome Nihonbare" (Shigekazu Settsu)
At the 1938 1 European performance by the Takarazuka Revueイタリア-RomeA work depicting the pattern of the Roman performance centered on the fictional girl opera company: Hanako Gion, the head of the T girl opera company, and the fictitious leader, Kimaru earth and sand.
"Opera School" (Yasunari Kawabata
A work depicting the events that the main character, Tomoko Matsuura (stage name: Michiko Toyama), who admired the opera company and enrolled in the long-sought opera school, was assigned to the moon troupe in the opera company and experienced.Junichi NakaharaThe girl magazine "Himawari-sha" was launched by Himawari-sha (renamed "Himawari-sha").sunflower, From the June 1949 issue to the July 6 issue, was serialized 1950 times in total. It was made into a book in December 7 using the cover drawn by Junichi Nakahara from Himawari.
This novel isTakarazuka Revue 14th classIt was written by Hisako Omi based on the experience of the Takarazuka Revue.
"Wild rose" (Mariko Hayashi
Fictitious daughter role: Chika and her best friend Moe draw their love patterns.
"Otokoyaku" (Kaho Nakayama
Ogi Otoya, who became a top star, died in an accident during the stage performance on the second day after the opening of the unveiling performance.After her death, her soul settled in the abyss and became known as "Phantom-san."Fifty years later, Sumire Kisaragi, who is about to leave the group as a top star of the Moon Troupe, and Hikaru Eien, who was selected for a newcomer performance, and "Phantom-san" are the main characters in the art.[98][99].


"The curtains are blue tonight" (1958,Osamu Tezuka
A suspense shojo manga depicting the events that occur in the opera company star Mejiro Chidori.
GirlIt was published in the 1958 New Year special issue of the magazine.
"10 masterpieces of graphic novel Takarazuka" (1977)
Weekly womenAll three issues up to Part 1-3 as special issues.3 masterpieces of Takarazuka and 10 new works (at that time) were made into manga.
Masterpiece-"poppy""This love is until the life of the clouds"(Masako Watanabe), "My love is beyond the mountains"(Yoko Kosakabe)"Star shadow"(Kyoko Takeda)Such.
New --- "Gypsy in the setting sun" (Chikae Ide), "Akanesasu purple flower"(Chieko Hosokawa), "Valencia's hot flowers"(Morimura Asuka).
"Rising!(1981-1984,Saeko HimuroOriginal workKazuko FujitaDrawing)
Except for the grouping, the stage is "Miyazono Kagekidan", which is modeled after Takarazuka, and its affiliated music school.
Yuki Nishina, a girl returning from the United States who entered a music school without even knowing the existence of a girl's opera, boldly depicts how she becomes a real stage performer through various conflicts.
There are depictions that anticipate modern Takarazuka, such as criticizing "Miyazono's favorite costume play" and "not Miyazono-like" works in which the daughter role is the leading role.
ShogakukanPublished manga magazineWeekly girl comicIt was serialized in.
"When violet flowers bloom"(1991,Tsuyoshi Matsumoto
The story of a girl from the North Country who longs for Takarazuka.Mikako TabeDrama.A book from Kodansha.
"Devil's Smile / Angel's Tears" "Valencia's hot flowers"Tolandot" (1998,Saito Uchiho
"Wandering Requiem" "Silver wolf(1999, same)
The above five works are based on Takarazuka's work and were serialized in Takarazuka GRAPH magazine.Both are books and paperbacks from Shogakukan.
"Violet flower blooming girls(2014-2015, Zhu Ryokan)
A high school girl who was born and raised in a sumo room in downtown Tokyo and belongs to the drama club is an ardent Takarazuka fan, but she was stimulated by a male classmate who had to give up her dream of becoming Takarasienne because she was a man. A story that aspires to.
ShogakukanIn "Big Comic Superior", all 2014 episodes were serialized from the 12th issue of 2015 to the 8th issue of 18, and all 2 volumes were published as a book comic.[100].
"Kageki Shoujo!(2012-2014,Kumiko Saiki
"Kageki Shoujo !!(2015-serialized, same)
Only unmarried women can join the group, and the Takarazuka Revue is a model for various points such as a clean, correct and beautiful concept, and the school for joining Hongka, the Hongka Opera Music School. Is the stage.
Sara Watanabe, a natural girl who aspires to play the role of Oscar, aims to become a top star while working hard with her friends.
ShueishaPublished manga magazineJump breakSerialization started at.As of April 2021, due to the suspension of publication of the magazineHakusenshaPublished manga magazineMELODYSerialized in.10 volumes already published.
The TV anime version will be broadcast for one cool from July 2021.The anime begins with the original "Kageki Shojo !! Season Zero".

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