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🚄 | Optimizing the number of driving in response to the post-Corona society Keihan revised the schedule on September 25


Optimizing the number of trains to operate in response to the post-corona society Keihan revised the schedule on September 25

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The last train on weekdays will advance the operating time by up to 20 minutes on each line.

Keihan Electric Railway will revise the schedule of Keihan Line and Otsu Line from September 2021, 25.Due to the influence of the new corona, at midnight ... → Continue reading

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last train

last train(Shuden) islast trainStands for[1],is thereRailway lineWill be driven last during business hoursElectric train(列車).Last train(Last train, last train),Last train[2],Last car[3] Also called.This article mainly describes the last train in Japan.


The last train isTrainThis is the last flight that allows people who come to urban areas to return home without dawning.Therefore, the time display such as "last train guidance" is displayed.First trainWith the guidance ofstationIt is posted at the entrance and the "Last connection time" (the last train that can transfer to the last train on the connection line) including yourself and others is posted.business personYou can check the time of the last trainWebsiteが存在する。なおJR lineにおいては、終電(最終列車)に乗り遅れた場合、直ちに申し出ることによって、有効期間の延長又は旅客運賃・料金(自由席に限る)の払い戻し(要手数料)を請求することができる[4].

First time in JapanShimbashi Station - Yokohama StationIn 1872, when the railroad opened between them, the last train departed from the first station at 18:XNUMX.[5]..In 1906, after the development of the railway networkRailway National LawRailway nationalization was carried out by the Japanese National Railways in various parts of Japannight TrainIs now driven.The last train was gradually deferred due to the development of the railway network and the progress of urbanization, and trains that exceeded 24:XNUMX were also operated in urban areas from before the war.[6].

In 1964Tokaido ShinkansenWhile the night trains will gradually be abolished when the business opens,High economic growthThe population concentration in the metropolitan area continued.cityIn the central area, the population will decrease due to soaring land prices and the deterioration of the housing environment, and the population will increase at the outer edge of the city.Donut phenomenonThere has occurred.As a result, the average commuting time in the metropolitan area has increased, and the number of transport personnel has continued to increase.1970 eraMidSecond oil shockSometimes there was a movement to move up the last train on some lines[Annotation 1],1980 eraFrom the second half1990 erafirstBubble economyIn timesPrivatization of the national railway divisionWas born byJRCoupled with the flourishing service battles in Japan, many businesses have seen a tendency to postpone the last train.As an example,Hankyu Corporation The1991 OfTimetable revisionAtKyoto Main Line-Takarazuka Main Line-Kobe Main LineUmeda Station (currentlyOsaka Umeda Station) The last train departing was deferred to 0:25[9].

ThenBubble burstAs a result, the number of transport personnel turned to a declining trend, but the last train did not move up significantly in order to fulfill its mission as a public transportation system.Even in such a situationWest Japan Railway Company(JR West) in 2005Fukuchiyama Line derailment accidentIn response to the occurrence of the above, the last train was advanced by the 2009 timetable revision to secure the sleep time of the crew.[10][11][12].

subwayBecause of the maintenance, inspection and repair of tunnels and equipment between the last train and the first train, the last train tends to be earlier than general routes.2011 OfGreat East Japan EarthquakeAfter that by foreign touristsInbound consumptionWas rising.2013In 3 monthOsaka Municipal Subway(CurrentOsaka City High Speed ​​Electric Orbit(Osaka Metro)Sakaisuji LineStarting with the last train being pushed back by 8 to 10 minutes on all 30 routes except[13],Tokyo[14] And Nagoya (only on some days)[15][16] The last train was postponed on the subway in urban areas.

On the other hand2010 eraAfter the second half,2018 OfKeihan Electric RailwayKyozu Line-Ishiyama Sakamoto Line[17],Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)[18] Some routes have been moved up to the last train according to the actual usage.AlsoTrack maintenanceThe shortage of workers became noticeable, and increasing the amount of work per day by expanding the working hours, promoting the taking of vacations and improving the working environment became an urgent issue, and West Japan Railway Company 2019 As of October, I was considering further advancement of the last train[19]..Among them,2020 Tokyo OlympicsDuring the tournament, it was also considered to postpone the last train.[20].

However2020からGlobal pandemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)As a result, railroad demand fell sharply, JR and 16 major private railway companies posted ordinary losses, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed.With work style reformTeleworkIs widespread, and to prevent infectionBanquetHowever, the occupancy rate during the midnight hours has decreased significantly due to the refraining from doing so.

Based on these factors, JR West announced in September 2020.2021Announced that the last train will be advanced due to the revision of the timetable[21]..Following this,East Japan Railway(JR East) and nine major private railway companies in the Greater Tokyo area and other railway companies in the Kanto region have also announced a timetable revision to advance the last train.[22]..Also, Hankyu Railway,Hanshin Electric RailwayMajor private railway companies in Kansai are also considering moving up the last train.[9].

Regarding the new coronavirus infection targeting 2021 metropolitan area and 1 prefectures on January 7, 1Emergency declarationIs announced,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism,MunicipalitiesIn response to a request from, 25 railway operators in Kanto will suspend some trains of the current timetable from January 1 orForwardingAdvance the last train in the form of[23][24], Continued until March 3 of the same year (the day before the timetable revision. Some businesses are on March 12)[25].

Last train time at each place

Although there are differences depending on the area, in the city center, the arrival time is often from 0:30 to around 1:23 and in the suburbs from around 24:XNUMX to around XNUMX:XNUMX.

Shizuoka Railway,Takamatsu Kotohira Electric RailwayAnd so on, some trains have a temporary train set after the last train only on Friday (some Saturdays also).Tokaido Main LineSo every Friday and certain daysNumazu StationA rapid train that leaves at 23:59 is set.

Kanto region

Kanto regionThere were many routes that operated after 1 o'clock, but due to the timetable revision on March 2021, 3, the number of last trains decreased significantly due to the successive advancement of the last train due to the decrease in demand during the midnight hours. ..

The radial line that departs from the Yamanote Line station at the latest time isShinjuku StationDeparts at 0:52 at each station on the JR Chuo / Sobu Line中行(中野駅0時59分着)、次いで品川駅を0時46分に発車する京浜東北線の蒲田行(蒲田駅0時55分着)である。これらの路線は、2021年3月13日のダイヤ改正前まで山手線の駅を1時過ぎに発車していた。

Private railways depart Shinjuku Station at 0:43Odakyu Odawara Line OfKyodoThe line (arriving at Kyodo Station at 1:00) is the latest and departs from the terminal station on the Yamanote Line.Next, depart Shinjuku Station on the new line at 0:41.Keio New Line OfSakurajosuiLine (arriving at Sakurajosui Station at 0:53),Ikebukuro StationDepart at 0:35Tobu Tojo Main Line OfIncreaseLine (arriving at Narimasu Station at 0:51).

Ueno StationDepart at 0:33Joban Line Rapid Train OfMatsudoLine (arrive at 0:52 at Matsudo station)Kitasenju StationでTokyo Metro Chiyoda Line(SubstantiallyStop at each station on the Joban Line) Departs at 0:48 for Matsudo (arriving at Matsudo Station at 1:01) to ensure the convenience of a rapid transit station.This is the latest departure time for the first train station on the Tokyo Metro, and before the timetable revision on March 2021, 3, it departed Kita-Senju Station at 13:1.

The last train for the up train is a little faster than the down train for the short distance trains on the JR train, and the starting station time for the last train to reach the city center is set before 0:XNUMX. The latest departure time of the up train isSaikyo Line(Akabane Line)Akabane StationDepart 0:45IkebukuroLine (arriving at 0:54 at Ikebukuro Station).

The arrival time at the terminal station is set around 1 o'clock. The latest arrival time at the JR stationTakasaki LineTakasaki StationIt arrived at 1:14. Before the timetable revision on March 2021, 3, it arrived at 13:1, but the train concernedKagoharaThe section was shortened to a line, and the last train from Kagohara Station to Takasaki Station was advanced by about 23 minutes.In the past, local trains on the Chuo Line departed and arrived at Tokyo Station only in the early morning and late night.Takao StationArrived at 1:37.Along with Takasaki Station on the Takasaki Line mentioned above, it was the station where the last train arrived the latest in the Kanto region, but due to the timetable revision on March 2020, 3.Chuo Line Rapidが終日運行されるようになり、到着時刻が1時22分に繰り上がった。さらに2021年3月13日のダイヤ改正で到着時刻が0時52分に繰り上がり、2020年3月14日のダイヤ改正前と比較して終電が約45分繰り上がることになった。

The last station to arrive at a private railway station isTobu Noda LineNanakodai StationSo, I arrived at 1:16 on the weekday timetable.Next to this is the Tobu Tojo Main LineKawagoeshi StationThe weekday timetable arrives at 1:09, and the Saturday and holiday timetable arrives at 1:08. Before the timetable revision on March 2021, 3Seibu Shinjuku LineShintokorozawa StationThe arrival time was the latest, and it arrived at 1:28 on weekday schedules, but due to the schedule revision on the same day, the last train was advanced by about 31 minutes to arrive at 0:57.

Some private railways secure construction time and the working conditions of the staff involved (Closed track-power failure), Etc., the business hours are decided in advance, and some lines have a timetable so that the last train arrives at the terminal station within that frame. Before the timetable revision on March 2021, 3Keisei Electric Railway,Keikyu Corporation,Shin-Keisei Electric RailwayとMetropolitan New City RailwayAll trains were scheduled to arrive at the terminal station or garage / detention line by about 1:00.For weekday diamondsKeikyu Main LineShinagawa StationThe last train on the descent, which departed at 0:23, was a limited express train, and there was no connection or shelter at the station on the way.

After the timetable revision on March 2021, 3,Seibu Railway,Odakyu Electric Railway,Tokyu CorporationAll trains arrived at the terminal station by 1:00.

Kansai region

2000 eraFor up toWest Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan), considering the long-distance commuter, arrived late at the last station of the last train not only in the urban areas,Fukuchiyama Line derailment accidentFor some routes of KeihanshinTimetable revision on March 2009, 21The last train was advanced[10][11][12]..Furthermore, it is in a difficult situation due to labor shortage.Track maintenanceFor the purpose of securing working hours in order to improve the working environment of workers2021(Reiwa 3rd year) We were considering advancing the last train time by the timetable revision on March 3.[26]。2020年(令和2年)9月には深夜帯に12線区で48本の列車を削減する方針であることが発表され、これにより見直し前の時点で到着時刻が日本一遅い西明石1時38分着が1時14分着に繰り上げられるなど、対象路線の多くで10 - 30分程度繰り上げた[27].

The radial line departing from the Osaka Loop Line station at the latest time,Tsuruhashi StationDepart at 0:31Kintetsu Nara Line OfEastern flower gardenLine (arriving at Higashi-Hanazono Station at 0:46),Kintetsu Osaka Line OfTakayasuLine (arriving at Takayasu Station at 0:50).ThenKyobashi StationDepart at 0:29Gakken City Line OfreleaseThe line (arrival at 0:34 at the release station) departs from Kyobashi station at 2021:3 before the timetable revision on March 13, 0.ShijoI was driving as a line (arriving at Shijonawate 1:01), and the last train was advanced about 13 minutes.

Osaka StationDepart at 0:10JR Kyoto Line OfTakatsuki行(高槻駅0時36分着)は、もともと大阪駅を0時41分に発車していたが、2009年(平成21年)3月14日のダイヤ改正で13分繰り上がって0時28分発となった。その後、Timetable revision on March 2017, 29The stop time at Osaka Station was extended, and the departure time was moved back by 3 minutes to 0:31.Then, due to the timetable revision on March 2021, 3, it was moved up by 13 minutes to become the current timetable.

Similarly, the train departs at 0:04JR Kobe Line OfNishi Akashi行(西明石駅1時14分着)は、もともと大阪駅を0時27分に発車していたが、2009年(平成21年)3月14日のダイヤ改正で1分繰り下がって0時28分発となった。Maya StationOpenedTimetable revision on March 2016, 28The arrival time at Nishi-Akashi Station was delayed by 2 minutes to 1:38, which was the last train to arrive at the latest time in Japan.Then, due to the timetable revision on March 2021, 3, it was moved up 13 minutes to become the current timetable, so on the same day (to be exact, the next 24th)Yosan lineTakamatsu StationI gave up this position.

Timetable revision on March 2010, 22UntilShin-OsakaRapid departureKii TanabeLineKisei Main LineIt arrives at Kii Tanabe Station at 1:47 (the oldnight TrainA train that draws on the flow of.Kisei main line #night trainIt was the last train to arrive in Japan at the latest time, but due to this day's revision, the destination isGoboIt was shortened to the line (arrive at 1:11). Until revision on the same dayLake Biwa LineYasu StationAlthough the last train arrived at 1:30, the train was abolished and arrived at 1:08.

For trains heading to Osaka City, the final arrival time for both JR and private railways at central Tokyo stations (Umeda, Namba, etc.) is set at around 0:30.As a late example, JR departs from Nishi-Akashi on the Kobe Line.Local trainThe last train bound for Osaka arrives at the same station at 0:46, and the last train bound for Osaka stops at each station from Kyoto on the Kyoto Line at 0:45.At major railway companiesKIXHoldNankai Main Line-Airport lineIn consideration of convenient arrival users at night,Kansai airportAirport express departing at 23:55To NambaFrom the lastIzumisanoThe final train bound for Namba arrives at Namba at 0:57.

Hankyu CorporationOsaka Umeda Station TheKyoto Main Line-Takarazuka Main Line-Kobe Main LineThe last train at 0:25 (Kyoto Main LineMahjongLine (arriving at Shojaku Station at 0:42), Takarazuka Main LineHibarigaoka Flower HouseLine (arriving at Hibarigaoka Hanayashiki Station at 0:54), Kobe Main LineNishinomiya North ExitThe train departed from the line (arriving at Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station at 0:43), but due to the timetable revision on March 2021, 3, the last trains on all three lines were advanced, and the trains no longer depart at the same time.SimilarlyNankai Electric RailwayNamba Station is Nankai Main LineTakano LineThe last train at 0:25 (Nankai Main LineSuminoeLine (arriving at Suminoe Station at 0:37), Takano LineSakai EastThe train departed from the line (arriving at Sakaihigashi Station at 0:44), but it was suspended from April 2021, 4 due to the announcement of the state of emergency, and it is no longer a simultaneous departure.

The last station to arrive at a private railway station isHanshin Main LineIshiyagawa StationとNankai Main LineHakurazaki StationIt arrived at 0:59. Before the timetable revision on March 2021, 3Kobe Electric Railway Koto LineWoodytown Central StationArrived at 1:05, but connectFukuchiyama LineDue to the advancement of the last train on the same day, the schedule was revised on the same day, and the train arrived at 21:0.As a result, commercial trains that operate after 44 o'clock on private railways in the Kansai region are no longer set.Kinki Nippon RailwayとKeihan Electric RailwayIs 0:50,Hankyu Corporation,Hanshin Electric RailwayとNankai Electric RailwayIs a timetable for all trains to arrive at the terminal station (or garage / detention line) by 1:00.

Incidentally,Second World WarFormer Keihan Electric RailwayKeihin Main LineAnd Shin Keihan Line (currentHankyu Kyoto Main Line), there were cases where trains were operating until around 2:30 am[28].1960 eraEven in the middle, the Keihan Main Line is in the 1:40 range,Hanshin Electric RailwayMain lineThen it was operating until 1:10[29] However, it moved up later.

Chukyo area

Nagoya StationThe slowest train departing from the station departs at 0:28Nagoya Municipal Subway Sakuradori Line OfNakamura Ward OfficeIt is a line (arrival at Nakamura-ku government office station at 0:30). Then, depart at 0:20Tokaido Line OfDafuLine (arrive at Obu station at 0:46),center lane OfKozojiLine (arrival at Kozoji station at 0:49),Nagoya Municipal Subway Higashiyama Line OfIwatsukaIt is a line (arriving at Iwatsuka station at 0:29).

The latest arrival time isKansai LineKameyama StationThe ordinary train departing Nagoya Station at 23:57 arrives at 1:03. Next to this is the Tokaido LineToyohashi StationThen, the section rapid train departing Nagoya Station at 23:57 arrives at 1:01. It is only on these two lines that the arrival time of the terminal station of the regular train in the Chubu region is past 1:2.

Chubu International Airport StationThe last train departing at 23:31Meitetsu GifuIt's a limited express train (arriving at Meitetsu Gifu Station at 0:34),Meitetsu Airport LineとMeitetsu Tokoname LineIt does not connect to the up train. The train isMeitetsu Nagoya StationDepart at 0:07 and take the Tokaido LineOgakiThe train departs later than the last train of the line (0:02 from Nagoya station).

Other areas

Hokkaido passenger railway(JR Hokkaido) In the jurisdiction,Sapporo StationAll the last trains departing the train depart at 23:59. The last train to arrive isHakodate honsenIwamizawa StationArrival at 0:43, and thenChitose LineChitose StationIt arrived at 0:39.

Sendai areaUntil March 2015, 3Tohoku ShinkansenDepart from Sendai Station due to the temporary train operation (in principle, Friday)Tohoku Main Line-Senzan Line-Sengoku LineThe last train has been pushed back, and the last train arrives lateShiroishi StationIt was 0:48 (until March 2012, 3 it was 16:0). AlsoSendai SubwayThen, on the above-mentioned temporary train operating day, one train has been added to both upper and lower trains after the last train. By the timetable revision on the following 1th, all the last trains except the Tohoku Shinkansen and Joban line will start at 14:0.

Shikoku Passenger Railway(JR Shikoku) The last train that runs the latest in the jurisdiction,Okayama stationArrive inSanyo ShinkansenRapid train departing at 23:51 after receiving the connection from the last train (arriving at 0:12)Marine linerIsTakamatsu StationIt arrived at 1:21.Since the timetable revision on March 2021, 3, the station has the latest arrival time in Japan.OnceYosan lineLimited Express "Midnight EXP TakamatsuDeparts from Takamatsu Station at 23:46Iyosaijo StationArriving at 1:16, the arrival time was the latest on the limited express train in Shikoku. Due to the timetable revision in March 2020, it was moved up from Takamatsu Station at 3:23 to Iyo Saijo at 13:0.[30], Limited express "22:XNUMX departure from Okayama station"Shiokaze No. 29, Departing from Takamatsu Station at 22:20 "Ishizuchi No. 29(Consolidated at Tadotsu Station)Matsuyama StationIt arrived at 0:56 and became the latest limited express train.Midnight EXP Takamatsu was abolished by the timetable revision in March 2021.[31].

Hiroshima areaThen,Hiroshima StationThe last train departing from 23:52-0 after receiving the connection from the last Sanyo Shinkansen train (arriving at 05:11)Geibi LineIs set). The last train to arrive isKure LineHiro StationIt arrived at 1:01,Sanyo Main LineIwakuni StationIt arrives at 0:59.Kabe LineAkigameyama StationAt 0:43, Sanyo Main LineSaijo StationIs 0:44 (2017May 3改正現在。2010年3月12日までは岩国駅は1時02分着、志和口駅は0時50分着だった)。芸備線最終列車は2021年3月13日現在、広島駅23時20分発、Shimofukawa StationThe end is 23:42.

Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu) In the jurisdictionKagoshima Main LineMinami Fukuoka StationTrain arriving at 1:22 (Hakata Station(Departs at 1:13)[32] However, this train was shortened to Ebitsu station by the timetable revision on March 2018, 3. Until March 17, 2014, "AriakeThe last trainKumamoto StationThe time to arrive at was 1:48, and the train arrived the slowest except for the night train. This tooKyushu ShinkansenHakata Station until partial opening- Nishi Kagoshima StationThe night limited express that was set betweenDream swallowIt was also a remnant of. The destination will be changed on the next 15thNagasuThe limited express train that was shortened (1:20) and was the slowest to arrive on Kyushu IslandOita StationArrival at 1:21Sonic No. 61It became.These trains are mentioned above[When?]The Ariake train was canceled due to the revision of the schedule, and the Sonic train disappeared due to the shortening of the driving section.Current[When?]The latest arrival time was 0:53 at Mojiko Station.Also, all the last trains departing from Oita Station andKagoshima Chuo StationThe last train on all conventional lines departing from will depart at 23:30.

Non-electrifiedThe last train on the line is lateTimetable revision on March 2009, 21Back thenTsuyama LineTsuyama StationArrival at 1:01,Kotoku LineArrival at Takamatsu station at 0:59,Hikita StationIt was arrival at 0:57, but allTimetable revision on March 2010, 22(The Tsuyama Line is the timetable itself, and the Kotoku Line Takamatsu Station and Hiketa Station are due to the shortened service section). As of 2020, it arrives at Tsuyama Station on the Tsuyama Line at 0:29, which is the slowest non-electrified route in Japan.In the past1971As of January,San'in Main LineでShimonoseki StationDepart 23:32Nagatoshi StationThere was a train arriving at 2:11[33].

For local private railwaysCapital AreaIn the suburbsKanto RailwayJoso LineThen,Toride stationThe last down train departing at 23:54Mizukaido StationArrived at 0:23, private railwayNon-electrifiedThe arrival time is the latest on the route.As an example of deferring the final as part of activationEchizen RailwayFukui StationLast train at 23:8 (for Katsuyama) and 13 (for Mikuni Port),Fukui RailwayTaharacho Station22:53 (23:04 from Fukui station front: only on weekdays).

A special example that existed in the past is the case where a late-night train was run in rural areas for night shifters while the blast furnace of a steel mill was operating for 24 hours. In 1979,Muroran WorksnearMuroran Main LineToMuroran StationDepart 0:35Higashi Muroran StationThere was a train called at 0:49[34][Annotation 2]. AlsoKamaishi Steel WorksWas holdingKamaishi LineとYamada LineIn eachKamaishi StationTrains not departing from the timetables departing at 1:20 and 1:25 were operating (Kamaishi LineTono StationArrived at 2:34, Yamada LineRikuchu-Yamada Station2:22 arrive)[34][35].

In addition, it is carried out at nightFestival,Fireworks display,concertIn case of etc. after the usual last trainExtra trainMay be operated, and in the case of large-scale ones, the arrival at the terminal station may be past 2:XNUMX am. EspeciallyMieKumano City OfKumano Fireworks FestivalIn the case of, trains past 4am are also set[36].


Tokyo subwayThe busiest route toOedo LineAndHikarigaoka StationIt's arrived at 1:10. The same lineToei SubwayIt is the only line that operates until 1 o'clock.Tokyo subwayThe line that operates the slowest in東西 線AndMyonori StationIt's arrived at 0:39. The train was revised in December 2013Toyo TownIt is the extension of the last train going. Saturdays and holidaysNamboku LineAndMeguro StationArrival at 0:38.

The earliest departure time is 0:35 at Hikarigaoka station on the Oedo line, except for the Chiyoda line.Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentTo go, and then at 0:32 from Tochomae Station on the same lineUeno OkachimachiviaKiyosumiIt is going.

ThenFukutoshin LineShinjuku-sanchome StationFrom 0:30 (weekdays only),Hibiya LineKitasenju StationとNakameguro StationFrom 0:28 each (on Saturdays and holidays, 0:28 from Nakameguro station, 0:27 from Kitasenju station),Marunouchi LineNakanosakaue StationOf 0:26 will be from, but these are all 1-3 stations at the end, or a direct train to other routes. On the weekdays, the route with the latestHanzomon Lineso,Shibuya StationIt is from 0:08. Saturdays and holidaysAsakusa Lineso,Oshiage StationIt is from 0:05.

The busiest lines on Osaka Metro areMidosuji Line.Shin-Osaka StationでTokaido ShinkansenIt is a diamond that receives connection from the last train ofNakamozu StationIt arrived at 0:39.Previously it was not connected to other subway lines,2018Due to the timetable revision before and after privatization in April, the last train of each line was postponed.center lane OfCosmosquareGoing and goingMorinomiyaGo toNagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line OfTaishoIt became a diamond that connects to each train going. The starting time of the continuous driving is the latest on the Sakaisuji line, which was delayed by up to 2013 minutes due to the timetable revision in December 12,Tenkajaya StationDepart 0:18Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome StationArrival at 0:33.

Nagoya Municipal SubwaySo, the last train of all lines arrives at the terminal station by 0:30.Higashiyama LineSakae Stationでは、両方向の通し運転の終電が0時02分に、区間運転の終電が0時16分に発車する。2014年7月4日からは金曜日と休日の前日に限り東山線の終電を延長し、同駅では両方向の通し運転の終電が0時39分に、区間運転の終電が1時1分に発車する。高畑方面の最終列車はIwatsuka StationArrival at 1:14, the last train for FujigaokaHoshigaoka StationArriving at 1:15, it became the slowest subway line in Japan.

Sapporo Municipal SubwayThen, the last train on all lines is in operation, and all the last trains depart from the starting station at 0:00. All lines get inOdori StationThen,東西 線MiyanosawaThe last train to go is the latest to depart at 0:19. continueNamboku LineAsoDeparture at 0:16, Tozai LineNew sapporoThe departure is 0:15,Toho LineFukuzumiDeparture continued at 0:12, Namboku lineMakomanaiBound and Toho LineSakaemachiThe departure is 0:11.

Kyoto Municipal SubwayThen, from the timetable revision on March 2010, 3Karasuma Lineと東西 線Get inKarasuma Oike StationIn addition, all the last trains arrive at 23:52 and the timetable starts at 23:55. This waiting for connection is named "Cinderella Cross" after the Cinderella's magic is cut by the Kyoto City Transportation Bureau. The "Kotkin Liner", which is being driven on Friday from October 2015nd, 10, has a train that arrives at the station at 2:0 and starts at 22:0.


The last train on the Shinkansen is based on "Environmental Standards Concerning Shinkansen Railway Noise" (Environmental Agency Notification No. 50 dated July 7, 29), except for special cases such as disorder of diamonds and disasters Therefore, there is a restriction that it should not run past midnight.[37].. Therefore, the last train departing from Tokyo is the latest at 23:00Joetsu Shinkansen"Max Taniga 475"Takasaki StationIt will arrive at 23:58. Upon arrival, the Hokuriku Shinkansen “Tsurugi 734Ending inToyama StationArriving at 23:59. In addition,First trainAbout 6 am and after, it is also regulated.

However,Yamagata ShinkansenFukushima Station - Shinjo Stationwhile·Akita ShinkansenMorioka Station - Omagari Station - Akita StationBetween (so-calledMini bullet train(Section) is not applied for handling conventional lines,AkitaDaisen CityCarried out inNational fireworks competitionThen "Komachi"Akita station and Morioka station of the conventional line section after 0:XNUMX-will be operated temporarily between Omagari station.

night Train

For night trains, the last train (the last train) near the starting point and the first train (the last train) near the ending pointFirst train) Also has an example. When functioning as the first and last train,Sleeper trainnotSeat carOften operates in the center.

FormerNational railway・In JRlocal train-Rapid trainThere are not a few night trains, and it functioned not only as a passenger but also as the last train at midnight (last train) to the station on the way and the first train (first train) in the early morning from the station on the way (in the era of regular trains).While moonlightSuch). These trainsMetropolitan areaNot only was it possible to move early and late at night on local routes,2009May 3Finally, while operating on the moonlight, the operation on the regular train disappeared. Also,1980Until aboutUtaka ferryThere are flights operating between 3-4 pm and connect to thisUno LineUno StationAnd Yosan Main Line (currentlyYosan line)Takamatsu StationEven at 3-4 o'clock there was a train set to arrive and depart.[Annotation 3] However, this can also be included in a type of night train.

In the night train of limited express train,Sunrise Izumo-Sunrise seto"Has prepared the same amount of seats as the reserved seats, "Nobinobi Seat," and can be used as the last and first train.[Annotation 4].. In the JNR era, there were many trains that couldn't be used for a long time, so if the bed wasn't set at departure "21:6 to 6:XNUMX", if it was set at departure It was said that "from the time of departure to XNUMX o'clock the next day". In such a train, there was a system (common name: Hilne) that allows passengers to ride on a sleeper without having a sleeper ticket in order to supplement the day train during times when the sleeper is not used.

"Red Train" and "Red Bus"

Once in some big cities such as TokyoTram(Toden, Etc.), the last trainCurtainRed onlight bulbWas lit and operated, and this was called the "Red Train". The last train from the last train also has a blue (actually green) light bulb on the curtain, so it is called a "blue train".[38].

Toden Arakawa LineThere was a red and green piece left on the direction curtain for that purpose, but with the renewal of the vehicle, it is now written on the last train only on the last train.

Is the successor to thesePublic busAnd the surrounding areaPrivate busBut "Red bus""Blue busThere are also businesses that have similar practices. However, as the LED display of the direction curtain is progressing, in addition to changing the lighting color for the final bus display, characters such as "final bus" and "final" can be displayed, characters can be highlighted, characters can be enclosed in a frame, etc. , There are alternatives to color coding. In addition, there are many bus operators who do not implement this custom.[38].

In the LED display of Japanese railways,Metropolitan New City RailwayTsukuba Express LineSo, there are cases where the word "last" is entered in the destination display of the last train.


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