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🚗 | "Core Seal" to prevent tire air leakage, Sumitomo Rubber Industries releases the first product in Germany

Photo Falken Euro All Season AS210

Sumitomo Rubber Industries launches its first product in Germany, a "core seal" that prevents tire air leaks

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Since it is possible to drive while maintaining the air pressure even during a flat tire, it is possible to improve safety, save resources and reduce weight by eliminating the need for spare tires, and improve the degree of freedom in vehicle design at the same time.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. announced on July 7 that the first product "Falken ..." that adopted the "core seal" technology to prevent air leakage from tires. → Continue reading


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Increased degree of freedom

Spare tire

Spare tire(British: Spare tire) Is installed in the carタ イ ヤUse as an emergency when is unavailableホ イ ー ルSpare tires assembled in.Vehicles equipped with spare tires include those equipped with standard size spare tires and those equipped with small diameter emergency tires (T type emergency tires, etc.).[1]..The latter are also called temporary tires (temporary) and temper tires.


TiresPunkIf you do, it is dangerous to continue running and it is difficult to repair the tires on the road, but if you have already loaded the tires assembled on the wheels,nutorbolt(mainlyEuropean cars) Can be moved.

When equipped with standard size spare tirestrunkEquipped on the bottom of the room, under the car body, in the engine room, back door or rear spare tire carrier, etc.[1]..Even in the case of emergency tires, they are installed at the bottom of the trunk room.[1].

It is desirable to check the air pressure of the spare tire regularly.If left unchecked for several years, it may be useless in an emergency because the air is deflated.In particular, those that use the air pressure of the spare tire to power the window washer require frequent inspections.Large carSince the weight of the tires and wheels also increases, it is necessary to inspect the tightening device.2017(29) In FebruaryOkayamaTsuyama OfChinese motorwaySpare tire that fell from a large truck (fixing deviceRustThere was a fatal accident caused by two other cars that got on the car.[2].. In response to thisMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIt is,2018(30) February 10Road Transport Vehicle ActAmendVehicle total weight8 tons or moreTrackAnd boardingCapacityOver 30 peoplebusMandatory to inspect spare tires every three months[3].

First aid tires

Emergency tires (temper tires) are designed to enable temporary movement as an emergency in an emergency.The width is narrower and the diameter is smaller than the mounted tire.Emergency tires have different structures, dimensions, air pressure, etc. from standard tires, and their running characteristics are inferior, so there are restrictions on mileage and maximum speed.[4].

T type emergency tire
Tires adjusted to an air pressure of 420 kPa[4].
Folding emergency tire
Tires that are stored unfilled and filled during use[4].

使用 方法

Since emergency tires have low performance, they are generally used for non-driving wheels.

Front wheel drive(FF)car isDrive wheelsIf the front tire is flat, first replace the rear tire with an emergency tire, and then replace the removed rear tire with a flat front tire.

Rear wheel drive(FR,RR) IsSnowy roads and frozen roadsSince the emergency tires are thin and small when driving, there is a risk that the braking force and cornering power will differ from side to side and the vehicle posture will be disturbed, so if installation on the drive wheels (rear wheels) is specified There is also.

Four-wheel drive(4WD, 4x4, AWD) Of the cars, there is no device to absorb the difference in rotation between the front and rear wheels.Part-timeIn this case, tires with different outer diameters cannot be used.If you select the four-wheel drive mode with a part-time 4WD, if you drive in the wrong mode that does not fit the road surface, or if you drive with tires of different sizes in the front and rear,transfer OfGear oilThere is an example of a vehicle fire caused by heating, and even in a vehicle equipped with a limited slip differential (LSD), if there is a long-term difference in rotation between the left and right wheels.DifferentialSimilar troubles may occur due to overheating.

Because these precautions vary depending on the individual vehicle and situationInstallation and use of emergency tires should be confirmed in the manufacturer's instruction manual, etc.Therefore, emergency tires are exclusive products for each model, and it is contraindicated to divert different models.

Space saver tire

sports car,GT carWhen the tire size is large and the luggage compartment volume is compressed when the spare tire is the same size, the space saver tire was used as a spare.When storing, the air is evacuated and the tire sidewalls are folded, so use the attached air pump to fill it to the specified value before use.American car,North AmericaAlthough it was seen in models for the market, it was abolished due to the spread of simpler temper tires (emergency tires) and the shift to spare tires.

Spare tireless

The movement to remove spare tires is called spare tireless.

The frequency of tire punctures has decreased due to improvements in the road environment and tire technology.[5]..Therefore, the ratio of spare tires that are discarded unused is extremely high (about 9% of emergency tires are discarded in an unused or equivalent state).[5].

other than thisJAFEnhancement of road service, etc.Mobile communicationPopularization, spare tire equipment車 検Abolition of items, reduction of vehicle sales price, efficiency improvement and weight reduction of vehicle interior space, increase in the number of parts and size due to differences in vehicle specifications[6]There is a background such as.

In addition, as the number of users who find it difficult to replace with spare tires has increased, it has become important to build cars that do not require tire replacement.[5].

For alternative equipment for spare tiresRun flat tiresAnd puncture emergency repair tools (puncture repair kit)[5]..Due to the elimination of spare tires, the number of vehicles that adopt these and do not load spare tires is increasing.

Run flat tires
Run-flat tires with flat tires have restrictions on running speed and mileage[1].
Puncture emergency repair tool
In many cases, the spray bottle is a combination of a filler that closes the tire hole and a leavening agent, but for some models, it is electric instead of the leavening agent.compressorSome are equipped with[7]..After filling the chemical from the valve, it runs quickly and the filler diffuses inside the tire by centrifugal force, but if the damage other than the tread surface is damaged or the damage spreads to the wheel, even if it is the tread surface, it will be damaged. If is too large, no effect can be expected.Furthermore, when the tire is replaced after using the repair kit, the repair liquid remaining or adhering to the inside must be treated and removed, and the repair liquid has a problem that it has an expiration date.

In addition, even if you say "a car without a spare tire", in the case of a car model that "the car body is designed with a view to installing a spare tire", it can be installed in the form of a dealer option even after purchase. There are many.

As an icon in SUV models

Even with the current modelSports utility vehicle(SUV),Commercial vehicle,Cold climate specificationsThere are many spare tires for cars. SUV,Crossover SUVIs1990 era OfRVIn the midst of the boomRacine (excluding FORZA),Chariot "Road",RVR "Sports Gear",Mira "RV-4",Starlet "Remix"etc,"Four-wheel driveA spare tire was loaded on the back of the rear of the vehicle as an identity of "RV".In a strange exampleDaihatsu Move"Sloper" carried spare tires like these, which had lost their place due to the conversion to welfare vehicles.


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