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🚗 | Unexpectedly unknown "car" tips Part 4 Gradually increasing ... What is a "shooting break" ...


Unexpectedly unknown "car" tips Part 4 Gradually increasing ... What is a "shooting break" ...

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Shooting breaks are a special "wagon-style" (brake in English) body type that aristocrats have created to carry their dogs to the hunting grounds for hunting.

In recent years, Mercedes-Benz has called "shooting break" for "CLA" and "CLS". → Continue reading

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Shooting break

Shooting break(English: Shooting brake) IsPassenger car body shapeIt is a kind of.The meaning differs depending on the times.

In modern times, it is mainly used for streamlined station wagons that have elements of a sports coupe.[1][2].. It is mainly 3 doors (2 doors + back door), but 5 doors (4 doors + back door) may also be called a shooting break.

Originally19st centuryから20st centuryAt the beginning英国Used inhuntingOpen forCarriage(carriage)[3].

1910When it comes to huntingCoach builder Rolls-RoyceSuch asChassisUsing wooden (and timber frame)Steel plateTension) It came to refer to vehicles that are produced in small quantities with bodies. After that, shooting breaks that can be used not only for hunting but also for various purposes appeared, and estates andStation WagonBecame synonymous with[4][5][6].

The term "break" is simplyFrench carFirst, normalStation WagonOften used for. Manufacturers other than France also use break (or brake), and in the alphabet, "brake" and "break" (spelling varies from country to country).


What is a break (English: brake, French: break)?19st centuryTo young horseFemdom Without the body used for (breaking)フ レ ー ムOnlycarriageIt is a word that refers to, and can be removed backwards.SheetPut onpassengerI was also able to put it on.

A shooting break is a break with a seat for hunters (sportsmen).Hound,Hunting gun,ammunition, It is designed to load prey. Fixed vertically (front-back direction) to the left and right of the breakbenchThe type of carriage that allows people to sit face-to-face is called a wagonet, and there is also a wagonet type for shooting breaks.[7].. There is a similar type in early cars instead of carriages, (English edition)Shooting break[8]Or 1912 yearsHudson33[9]and so on.

1910 eraThen, the wooden body vehicle produced by the coachbuilder for hunting came to be called a shooting break. Rolls-RoyceBentleySuch asChassisThe one with 2 doors using[1]. 1930 eraWhen it comes to not only huntingCustomerThe word "estate car" was born, which is said to be ideal for picking up and dropping off cars.[6], Shooting-brake has come to represent a more versatile vehicle.

In the 2006 edition of Chambers' English-English dictionary, shooting-brake is an old term for estates and station wagons.[10][11].

Modern usage

In modern timescoupeIt is a term that refers to a sleek 2-door or 4-door station wagon that is a fusion of a station wagon and a stubby 3-door / 5-door.hatchbackIs distinguished from. This trend is1960Seen inSunbeamIs 2 doorsopensports carLimited production of the 3-door model of[12].1965から1967ToCoach builderHarold RadfordAston Martin DB5,DB6,DBSTheRemodelShooting breakLimited production official[13][14].. Aston Martin later in-houseAston Martin VillageSelling shooting breaks.

There was another 3-door car that fused a coupe and a wagon, but the term shooting break was not used at the time of sale. For thisReliant Scimitar GTE(1968-1975)[15],Volvo P1800ES(1972-1973)[16][17][18],Volvo 480 (1986-1995), Volvo C30 (2006-2013)[1]There is.

Similar modifications may be made in the world of show cars. One of the examples isSkyline GT-R (BCNR33)Is an Option Speed ​​Wagon modified into a shooting break form.OptionIt was produced by the project of.

Currently, the finished vehicle officially released by the manufacturer as a "shooting break" isFerrari GTC4 Russo,Mercedes-Benz CLA,CLS・ Shooting break,Porsche PanameraThere is a sports tourism.

BMW M CoupeAnd the Z3 Coupe (1998-2002) are often referred to as shooting breaks.[19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26].Mini clubman[27]Is also mentioned as a shooting break in the magazine Torque.

With 5 doorsDodge Magnum,Jaguar S typeEstate[28]Etc. are listed as shooting break styles.

There is no Japanese car that the manufacturer sold under the name of shooting break, but as a 3-door car, the structure and modeling are as close to shooting break as possible.Nissan EXA Canopy,Honda Accord Aero DeckBut in a 5-door carToyota Altezzza(Overseas name:Lexus IS Sport Cross) AndSubaru revogue,Honda jade(5-seater only),Toyota corolla touring(European name: Corolla Touring Sports) etc. exist respectively.

Concept carIs a 3-door sport orGTThere are more wagons than before, but the ones who call themselves shooting breaks are the 2004 Chevrolet Nomad Concept, 2005.Tokyo Motor Show OfAudi・ Shooting break concept, 2006, etc.


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