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🚗 | Buffalo rush at the intersection Motorcycle destruction is also Thailand


Buffalo rush at the intersection Motorcycle destruction is also Thailand

If you write the contents roughly
It looks like a bullfight, but according to local media, no one was injured, and the buffalo was put to sleep with a tranquilizer gun and then brought back by the owner.

At the intersection in Thailand, a buffalo rushed and panicked.Cars and motorcycles were waiting for a traffic light at an intersection in southern Thailand ... → Continue reading

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Tranquillizer gun

Tranquillizer gun(Masuiju,British: Tranquilizer Gun) Is麻 酔Pneumatically inject an injection tube or dirt (arrow) containing medicine銃.Air gunA kind ofrifleWith the typeHandgunThere is a type.Sometimes called a Capture gun.

1950ToColin MurdochInvented.

Mainly for the protection of medium and large wild animals,ZooIt is used when anesthesia is applied for capture when an animal escapes.In China, such as BBQ-901 type tranquilizer gun and five-strand tranquilizer gunFor interpersonalThere is a tranquilizer gun.

Drugs to use

Strictly speaking, the drug used is not an anesthetic but an immobilizer, and the drug used for the tranquilizer gun is not limited to those with an anesthetic effect.

Since tranquilizer guns are extremely violent as a medication method, the conditions for anesthetics that can be used are quite severe.

  • It is safe to use a slightly higher dosage.
  • There is almost no respiratory depression.
  • To exert its medicinal effect by intramuscular administration.
  • Effective in a short time.

For many years, the anesthetic to be filled insideKetamineHas been used, but nowdrugHydrochloric acid to replace with other drugs because the designation made it difficult to useTiletamineA mixture of hydrochloric acid and hydrochloric acid is being considered.Alternatively, a sedative or muscle relaxant may be used instead of an anesthetic.Large animals such as elephants, cows and tigers are too strong for humans to useEtorphineとAcepromazineIn some cases, the combination of

Laws and regulations

In Japan, the tranquilizer gun is a "gun" that shoots flying objects.Law on possession of guns and swordsTo be subject to regulation and to usePermit to own a gunis required.And nowKetamineFor useDrug researcherPermission such as is required.Only a small number of people (practically almost) are in a position to use a tranquilizer gun because they need to be able to handle a gun and have knowledge of anesthetics.Veterinarian), And if a large animal goes wild, it will take time for someone who can use the tranquilizer gun to arrive.Therefore, in a situation where large animals could attack people, I rushed to report.Police officerThere are many situations in which people are forced to slaughter by firing.

In JapanName based on lawThe "tranquilizer gun" is called a "remote inoculation syringe".It has an effective range of approximately 10 to 15 meters and fires a flying object filled with chemicals from a cylinder shaped like a rifle.It is necessary equipment to prevent accidents when treating large animals, and veterinarians working at the zoo are practicing tranquilizer guns on a daily basis.

Due to the partial amendment (promulgated on May 26, 5) of the Act on the Protection of Birds and Beasts and the Optimization of Hunting (Promulgated on May 30, XNUMX), tranquilizer guns were used in residential areas, etc. to prevent damage to the living environment. You can now capture birds and beasts.

Interpersonal tranquilizer gun

Comic,DramaSuch asfictionThere may be scenes where humans are put to sleep with a quick-acting tranquilizer gun, but there is no (officially) practical tranquilizer gun for interpersonal use in Europe and the United States.The legal issue is that tranquilizer guns are for military use.chemical weaponTreated asThe Hague Land War TreatyとChemical Weapons ConventionThis is because it violates.AlsoPolicemenIn law enforcement agencies such as麻 酔The act of callingMedical practiceBecause it becomesDoctor's licenseMost do not havePolice officerEtc. cannot be used.Furthermore, it is difficult for even a professional anesthesiologist who has a qualification regarding anesthesia to judge the appropriate amount (depending on the physique and constitution of the other person), and even anesthesia performed after sufficient preparation and examination at the hospital causes trouble. Therefore, the risk of death or injury as a result of shooting a human with an anesthetic gun cannot be ignored.

Some research is being done[1]However, keep the distance and stun without killingNon-lethal weaponAs a wire needle type that does not require qualificationstun gunIs widely used.

Interpersonal tranquilizer guns are operated by government agencies in China.According to the exceptions to Article 2 of the Chemical Weapons Convention, it is permitted to be used for law enforcement purposes such as maintaining security in the country and suppressing riots.Chinese People's Armed Police ForceThe tranquilizer gun equipped by is used on this basis.

It is also used in China for forced eviction troubles.[2].

Appearance work

"Detective Conan"
The hero'sConan EdogawaIt is,腕 時 計I use a type of tranquilizer gun almost every time.
"Metal Gear Solid Series"
通常 のFirearmIs treated the same as.
"Uncharted Golden Thieves and the Vanished Fleet"
Handed over by Flynn while invading the museum early on.
"Joker Unforgivable Investigator"
Used when the main character, Date, imposes sanctions on the true criminal.
"Galaxy Express 999"
In episode 46 of the TV version, "El Alamein's Singing Voice," Maetel used what appeared to be a tranquilizer gun at Tetsuro and himself to eliminate the life reaction.In addition, it is helped by the conductor.
Used by police officers and some characters in each story.


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