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✈ | Finally the opening! Looking back on JAL / ANA's Olympic special coating machine

Photo Tokyo 2020 Olympic Holy Fire Special Transport Aircraft TOKYO 2020 (Photo by Miruponta)

It's finally opening! Looking back on JAL / ANA's Olympic special coating machine

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It is designed that the flame of the red torch rides on the ocher ground and leads to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch relay emblem marked on the vertical stabilizer.

July 7 is the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.Tokyo 23 Olympics postponed for one year due to the influence of the new coronavirus ... → Continue reading


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Vertical tail

Vertical tail(Good luck,English: Vertical stabilizer) Or finsEnglish: end) IsairplaneStarting withaircraft OfTailA type of vertical part.Submersible·high speedAutomobile-HovercraftEtc. may also be provided.


A small (and therefore light) tail is enoughMomentUsually so thatCenter of gravityIt can be installed away from.

So-calledKazami stableByaircraft YawIt works to maintain stability in the direction.For a typical vertical stabilizer attached to the upper fuselagerollIt also has the effect of strengthening the static stability in the direction.Vertical stabilizer simply occursLiftSince the effect cannot be estimated with, the value of vertical stabilizer volume is used as an index.

Basically, one is installed on the center line of the aircraft, but it is required from the optimization of the overall aerodynamics and strength structure compared to the area required from the scale of the aircraft.HangarWhen two sheets are provided side by side due to restrictions such as the door and ceiling height (F-15 EagleIf you have 3 cards (etc.)Lockheed ConstellationAnd so on).Balance with aerodynamics of other parts, orStealthTo ensure this, some aircraft are equipped with a two-piece configuration with the vertical stabilizer tilted outward or inward, rather than the literal "vertical" pointing straight up (F / A-18 HornetSuch).


Single stabilizer

Traditional tail

The vertical stabilizer is mounted exactly vertically,(English editionIs attached directly to the tail (rear fuselage).This is the most common vertical stabilizer configuration.


For the T tail, the horizontal stabilizer is attached to the upper part of the vertical stabilizer.this is,Bombardier CRJ,Fokker 70,Boeing 727,Vickers VC10,Douglas DC-9Commonly found on rear engine aircraft such as, and most high performance gliders.

Cruciform tail

The cruciform tail is arranged like a cross, the most common configuration where the horizontal stabilizer intersects the vertical stabilizer near the center.

Multi stabilizer

Twin tail

Twin tail aircraft are fitted with two vertical stabilizers, which are placed vertically and intersect or mounted with the ends of the horizontal stabilizer. Beechcraft model 18And the AmericanF-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle,F / A-18 HornetMany modern military aircraft, such as, use this configuration. F / A-18 Hornet,F-22 RaptorandF-35 Lightning IIHas tail fins that slope outward to the point where it has authority as a horizontal control surface.Both aircraft are designed to deflect the rudder inward during takeoff to increase the pitching moment.

Triple tail

A variation of the pigtail, with three vertical stabilizers.An example of this configuration is Lockheed Constellation.The constellation was done to give the plane maximum vertical stabilizer area while keeping the overall height low enough to fit in the maintenance hangar.

Quad tail

Another variation of the pigtail with four vertical stabilizers.The most prominent example is the Northrop Grumman E-4 Hawkeye AEW & C aircraft used by the US Navy.


The V-tail does not have a clear vertical or horizontal stabilizer.At the same time, it will also serve as a rudder and an elevator, and will be integrated into the control surface known as the rudder beta.The arrangement looks like the letter V and is also known as the butterfly's tail.Bonanza model 35Uses this configuration.F-117 Nighthawk,Northrop YF-23and(English editionThe same is true for many of the HP series homemade gliders.


WingletsBurt Rutan OfCanardPusher typeIsVariEzeLong-EZServed as both a wing tip device and a vertical stabilizer.Some other derivatives of these and other similar aircraft use this design element.

Fixed wing aircraft

Fixed vertical stabilizer (English: vertical stabilizer) And the movable at the trailing edgeRudder(English: rudder).

  • When flying while receiving crosswinds, such as when approaching landing, operate (turn off) the rudder and fly straight.Crosswind landingSee also
  • During a turning flight, the rudder is turned to maintain a balance of forces.

Vertical stabilizers are often fins (English: end,FinMeaning)[1].

Bentral fin

Maneuver at a high angle of attackjetFighterHuge and susceptible to windRadomehaveEarly warning and control aircraftIn such cases, the lateral stability may be insufficient with the normal vertical stabilizer alone.As a countermeasure, it is possible to obtain a large stabilizing effect with a small stabilizer by adding a second vertical stabilizer downward to the bottom of the fuselage rather than increasing (increasing the size) the existing vertical stabilizer.[2]In some cases.A small vertical stabilizer provided at the bottom of this aircraftBentral fin(English: ventral fin,Belly).

As a method of mounting the ventral fin,F-105 Thunder Chief,MiG-21 fish bet,Zero FighterIn some cases, there is only one on the center line of the aircraft, as inF-8 Crusader,Boeing 737 AEW & C,F-16In some cases, the two pieces are distributed to the left and right at the bottom of the fuselage.Since the lower part of the rear part of the fuselage where the ventral fins are mounted is close to the ground during takeoff and landing, it is difficult to increase the size in the vertical direction too much.MiG 23 / MiG 27,XF8U-3Some aircraft have a built-in mechanism that allows them to fold left and right during takeoff and landing.

There are few cases, but in the middle of the main wing away from the fuselageNacelleSome aircraft are equipped with bentral fins.


helicopterSuch asRotorcraftThen.Tail rotorSince most of the models have a rudder, it often has a vertical stabilizer with only a vertical stabilizer, and few aircraft have a rudder.In addition, the tail rotor keeps the nose direction at all times.Fixed wing aircraftCompared toCruise speedBecause of its low value, the vertical stabilizer is not expected to have much of a wind-view effect, and it is smaller than a fixed-wing aircraft.

Models with rudder (rotorcraft without tail rotor)

Tailless aircraft

So-calledTailless aircraftIt is,Horizontal stabilizerAbolishedaircraft(Fixed wing aircraft), But there are also cases where the vertical stabilizer is abolished.Aircraft that abolished the vertical stabilizerSpoilerByYawTake control.


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