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🚄 | Cheap!Reserved seat tickets are 100-300 yen! Let's go to Wakayama by Nankai Limited Express Southern from August to October


It's cheap!Reserved seat tickets are 100-300 yen! Let's go to Wakayama by Nankai Limited Express Southern from August to October

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The stops on the way are Shin-Imamiya, Tengachaya, Sakai, Kishiwada, Izumisano, Ozaki, Misaki Park, and Wakayama University.

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. has issued "Nankai / Limited Express Ticketless Sa ..." → Continue reading

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Misaki Park

Misaki Park(Misaki Koen)OsakaSennan-gunMisaki TownIt is inCity parkso,Nankai Electric Railway(Nankai) as a 70th anniversary commemorative project1957May 4Opened in.2020May 3Until,Japan Zoo Aquarium AssociationAffiliated facility[Note 1]As,amusement park-Zoo-aquariumAnd so on.

In Nankai, the business management work in the park was outsourced to Nankai Amusement Co., Ltd., and the facility management work in the park was outsourced to Nankai Building Service Co., Ltd.but,2019May 3Announced a policy to withdraw from the operation of our garden including the above operations[1]..Negotiations were underway with the operator to take over the operation, but no agreement was reached, so the zoo and aquarium were closed on March 2020, 3.[2]..As for the amusement park, the next day because Nankai withdrew from operation at the end of the same day.May 4Has been closed since.

On the other hand, the Nankai remains some areas (amusement parks, etc.)2020May 4Transfer the ownership of the site and buildings / facilities (including the amusement park area) to Misaki Town free of charge.[3]..Misaki Town is planning to reopen after 2021 after converting the transferred site to a town-run natural park (Details later). "Misaki ParkThe name will be carried over to the town park, but the treatment of the amusement park area after the transfer is undecided.[4].

Equipment outline

Although it is called a park, it has an amusement park (named "Sports Land" until the mid-1980s), a zoo, an aquarium (opened as a "natural aquarium" until 2000), and a large outdoor summer only.PoolComplex type withLeisure facilitiesIs[Note 2]..Close to the prefectural border with Wakayama prefectureOsaka BayIt is located in the hills overlooking.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of facilities with a zoo (described later), it presents the new significance of a zoo (amusement park with a zoo) in private railway management as a symbol of an environment-friendly railway that "contributes to a low-carbon society" and "biodiversity." (Nankai Electric Railway CSR Report 2009 p2-7).As for the aquarium, even after the "Natural Aquarium" was closed in 2000,DolphinHas continued to breed and breed dolphins and hold dolphin shows.

There are many permanent facilities that are said to be "the first in Japan", and in 1961, on a hill in the park overlooking Osaka Bay.Tourist lighthouse(Height is about 32m) is installed.Even after it was discontinued in September 2014 due to aging, it remains a symbol of the garden.[5]..Also, from March 1964, 3 to the mid-20s, it is said that "Misaki Park Speedline" ("first installed in an amusement park in Japan"".Moving walk) Operates between the zoo and the tourist lighthouse.Prior to other aquariums, the natural aquarium had a large ocean aquarium (oceanarium) from the beginning to 1986, and an underwater promenade (tunnel aquarium) from 1971 to the end of business in 2000.

The site of this garden is operated by Nankai Electric Railway (Nankai)Nankai Main Line"Nan-Nowa Station" (Nankai Railway era1943May 7After opening1944May 5Was located near).For this reason, the company called Minami Tan-Nowa Station "Misaki Koen StationBy utilizing it as "", the convenience of access was improved.In addition, considering that the park is rugged due to the hills, it will be in the park from 3 to 1960, three years after the park opened.cablewayInstalled. "Sightseeing lift" from 1960 to 2007, "Misaki Park sightseeing ropeway" from March 1965, 3 to 2 (the only one in Osaka prefecture at the time of opening)Ropeway(A maximum of 31 people can ride), a "panoramic car" that goes around the zoo from 1971 to 1987 (monorail), "Lighthouse lift" was operated from 1998 to 2007.

The total number of visitors per year peaked in 1966 (about 96), decreased to about 1989 in 72, and decreased to about 2018 in 33.The increasing trend of the cumulative deficit due to the operation of the facility was not stopped.Therefore, on March 6,000, 2019, Nankai announced a policy to withdraw from the operation of the park.In fact, before and after the announcement, we have asked multiple companies to take over the operation.However, no agreement was reached on terms of conditions.[6]Therefore, it was announced on February 2020, 3 that the zoo / aquarium business and the amusement park operation will be terminated only on March 31, 2 (Tuesday).Most of the animals (about 13 species, 70 animals) that have been bred in the parkAdventure world(WakayamaShirahama), Multiple facilities (Kaiyukan,Kobe Animal KingdomEtc.)[2].

In addition, before the zoo and aquarium are closed, an event called "Misaki Park Graduation Ceremony-I played very well-" was held in the park.Initially, it was scheduled to be held from Saturday, February 2020, 2.In fact, in Japan from the beginning of the same yearInfection with the new coronavirusDue to the spread of the park, the park was temporarily closed from February 2th to March 29rd (Monday), so the event will be held from March 3th (Tuesday), the reopening day, to the closing day (23st). It was shortened.In addition, as part of measures to prevent the spread of infection, we limited the scope of business resumption to outdoor facilities, so it was an indoor facility and a closed-door attraction (a symbol of the garden).Ferris wheelEtc.) will be virtually closed on Friday, February 2th.As a result, the originally planned indoor exhibition (event hall) was also postponed. After the closing of business on Friday, March 28OsakaHas issued a request to refrain from going out on the 28th (Saturday) and 29th (Sunday) in the prefecture, so we responded by temporarily closing the park again on the 28th and 29th, but resumed business from the 30th (Monday).[7]..As a result, Nankai withdrew from the operation of the park at the end of the business on Tuesday, March 3, in line with the original policy.

On the final day of operation by Nankai, about 200 applicants gathered before the park opened, so it opened at 9:30 earlier than the original opening time (9:10).As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection, non-contact temperature measurement at the entrance and fingeralcohol6,214 people were admitted on condition that disinfection was carried out. The "Ending Ceremony", which was scheduled in front of the entrance after the closing of business at 17:00, was cited as the cause of the spread of the infection (there is a lot of potential infections due to the congestion of people watching the ceremony). For the purpose of avoiding contact), it ends with only a short greeting by Director Seishiro Makai.Instead, it was taken by Makai and volunteer staff in the park after the business was closed.Video of "Greetings for Closing"Of our gardenTwitterWe took measures to publish it on the official account.

In the Kansai region where our garden is locatedMajor private railwayCompany-wide (Nankai,Hankyu Corporation,Hanshin Electric Railway,Kintetsu Railway <Kintetsu>,Keihan Electric Railway <Keihan>) Used to operate an amusement park similar to ours in the area along the railway line.Due to the withdrawal of Nankai from the operation of this park, the amusement park in the Kansai region, where the above railway companies are involved in the operation,Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park(Kintetsu affiliated companyNaraIkoma cityOperated by)Hirakata Park(Keihan affiliated companyHirakata City, Osaka PrefectureOperated by).

amusement park

1957Since the opening of the park, the total distance is 650m.roller coaster"Is installed.This roller coaster is the oldest in western Japan and even in JapanAsakusa Hanayashiki(TokyoTaito) Is the second oldest.In addition, just before the suspension of business, the rails laid at the same time as the opening of the business were used.

In the 1980s, screaming machines such as "Dolphin" (somersault coaster) and "Pirates" were also installed, but in the 1990s when the policy was announced to introduce attractions that children can play with peace of mind, screaming machines were introduced one after another. Removal.USJ OsakaKonohana WardIn 2001, 2014, 2015, and 2017, which opened in Japan, the annual number of visitors exceeded the previous year.[8].

When Nankai was operating, the usage fee for each attraction was set separately from the entrance fee, so "vehicle tickets" that can be used only at attractions have been sold for a long time.At the end of the period, instead of the "vehicle ticket," a point system called "Mipo (Misaki Point)" (100 Mipo is equivalent to 100 yen) was introduced at most attractions. By purchasing an "attraction card" at the service counter or at the reception desk of the corresponding attraction, it was possible to play at all the corresponding attractions. Three types of "attraction cards" are sold according to the number of charged points (1,000Mipo, 2,000Mipo, 3,000Mipo).Even if the number of charged Mipo is small, we have taken a mechanism to increase Mipo by additional charge (minimum 3 Mipo = 100 yen) at the service counter and the above reception.On the other hand, coin (cash) -type attractions were left in some areas so that visitors who did not purchase an "attraction card" could use the amusement park.

As mentioned above, due to the withdrawal of operations from Nankai, the business will be temporarily suspended on March 2020, 3.The facilities in the area were transferred from the company to Misaki-cho free of charge on April 31, the following day.The contract sets a grace period of one year until full delivery (reopening as a town park), so Misaki Town plans to find a business operator to outsource the operation of the amusement park during this period. ..By the way, the arcade game machines (about 4 units) installed in the game corner (closed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection just before the withdrawal by Nankai) are "[Note 3]After bulk purchase and relocation (July of the same year), the main store of "Crayfish" (Naniwa Ward, Osaka City) Is running again[9]..Ferris wheelTochigi OfNasu Kogen Rindo Lake Family RanchIt was relocated to and started operation on July 2021, 7.[10][11].


Ueno ZooChief (at that time)Tadamichi KogaThe first zoo established under the guidance of a doctor.Germany OfHagenbeck ZooJapan's first "animal geographic arrangement ("Geography exhibition)"by"Unfenced free-standing exhibition", And boasted the latest style at that time (one year later)Tama Animal ParkIt was a pioneer in the construction of zoos under the guidance of Koga at zoos all over Japan, such as the expansion and enhancement of the same ceremony.)With this new style, he called himself "Natural Zoo" and is said to have been epoch-making in the history of Japanese zoos.

The feature is that animals can spend their time freely. It is said to embody Koga's ideal that "the zoo is peaceful."GiraffeIn addition to leaving a remarkable result in the breeding record of the giraffe, it got the nickname of "Kirin Misaki Park"KangarooNo. XNUMX in JapanPeafowl, Holo guinea fowl, famous for free-range prairie dogs.2004Giraffe,elephant2 heads,Polar bearPopular animals died one after another,2005ChapmanzebraWas born in the park and specializes in Nankai leisure information for the naming rights of this baby.インターネットsite"NATTS NET "auctionA plan was made to sell it.Also Japan's firstAsiatic black bear OfBehavior exhibitionIt is carried out.

2009In the summer, "Night ZOO" (a night tour of the zoo by appointment) is held.In response to the favorable reception from the participants2010After that, as a summer-only tour,2019It was carried out every year until.2015From, as part of the 55th anniversary of the opening of the park, "South American Forest" (South AmericaThere is also a permanent exhibition and breeding facility for animals that live on the continent.

For animals that have been bred by the time the park closes,Adventure worldRequested acceptance from multiple zoos, etc.For animals whose acceptance destination is undecided, we planned to accept them at Adventure World by March 2020, 3, which is the closing date.[2].

The main recipients and the main animals that have been decided to accept are as follows.For large animals such as giraffes, the recipients were not decided by the closing date.For this reason, in the Nankai, even during the grace period mentioned above, the breeding of animals for which the recipient has not been decided will continue in the park.[3]..In the meantime, I'm looking for a place to accept.By the way, even at Ueno ZooRed pandaAccepting[12].

As of the end of June 2020, it has been decided that approximately 6 species (70 animals) of animals, including those raised in aquariums, will be transferred to 450 facilities in 2021 prefectures by March 3.At the facilities that have already been accepted, the animals that have been accepted are being exhibited one after another.It is said that animals that are sensitive to heat are carefully transported to the receiving facility, such as by putting them in a cold storage car.[25]..In addition, large animals stored in the park (Asian elephantEtc.)Skeleton specimenIt is,Osaka City Museum of Natural History(大阪 市 東 住 吉 区) Was moved to[29].

On February 2021, 2, Adventure World completed the acceptance of animals kept in zoos and aquariums.We accepted 24 species (about 37 animals), and upon completion, we will continue to take responsibility for the future where important animals that have been loved by the local people for many years can live in peace at Misaki Park. Is issued a comment[15]..Since Japanese macaques have not been bred in Adventure World for about 20 years, it is said that a new breeding facility was built when accepting Japanese macaques (about 100).

Purland RiO

As part of the 30th anniversary commemorative project1987May 6Large leisure pool opened in[30]..It is equipped with a running water pool on a hill overlooking the sea, a "river descent" with a total distance of 90 m (first introduced at an amusement park in the Kansai region), a straight slider with a total distance of 40 m, and a pool for children.[31]..The facility name "RiO" means "river"SpanishNamed from.When it was first opened, it was active as an idol singer at that time.Yoko NagayamaWas singing a CM song.

1989"Loop slider",1997May 7"Splash slider"[31]Is newly established one after another.2000May 7Was the first amusement park in the Kansai region to have a permanent "water jungle".[32].

2018It was open as usual in the summer, but in late August during the business period,30 Typhoon No. 20Due to the damage such as cracks in the water slider, we were forced to close the business earlier than planned.[33]..In addition, the next2019Since Nankai announced a policy to withdraw from the operation of the entire park, it was decided to close it without recovering the damaged part or resuming business.

However, in the summer of 2019 (June 6-September 28), when the pool was closed due to the above reasons, we are dressed to take advantage of the situation of "cannot put water in the pool". "Summer waterless campaignIs carried out.Originally, the admission fee for "adults" (1st grade and above) of 1,350 yen and "children" (2 years old-6th grade) of 700 yen is set to 100 yen for "adults" and "children" only during the campaign period. did[34]..The closing time, which was set at 17:00 in the normal summer, has been extended to 21:00 only during the campaign period. We held a "Night ZOO" every Saturday in August to attract customers to facilities other than the pool and after the evening when it was cooler than during the day.[35].

Shiny Stadium

Opened on March 50, 2009 as part of the 3th anniversary commemorative project of the park under the concept of "a stadium where you can feel the scenery of Osaka Bay, the setting sun, and the brilliance of life."The dolphin trainer and the show management staff said, "It's a dolphin show, but it's a dolphin show.GlitterWith the desire to be a show, "Shiny StarsThe team name was newly added.In addition, along with the new construction of the stadium, the sea lion building and penguins building will also be newly built and relocated outside the stadium.Before the move, sea lion and penguins shows were also held, but after the move, only dolphin shows were held regularly.

At the time of opening, NankaiITO EN5 years withNaming rightsSince the contract was signed, it was open under the name "ITO EN Shiny Stadium" until the contract period expired on March 2012, 3.During the contract period, ITO EN's main product, "Oh teaA large advertisement was posted on the outer wall of the facility, and the company's company inside the stadiumvending machineWas only installed.

From April 2012, 4 to March 1, 2014, "" (a used car purchasing company headquartered in Nishi-ku, Osaka) signed a naming rights contract with Nankai on behalf of Itoen, so "Yupos" Renamed "Shiny Stadium".Large-scale advertisements for the facility were also renewed, but the name "Shiny Stadium" was used because no new sponsor was attached after the contract period expired.

Originally closed in 2000, the show pool where bottlenose dolphin and Pacific white-sided dolphin shows are held uses the "Marine Studio", which is considered to be the oldest onshore dolphin show pool in Japan. It was.In addition, a large-scale aquarium called Oceanarium was installed indoors.Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium,KaiyukanIt greatly contributed to the breeding and operation method in the large aquarium of large aquariums.The first aquarium director who was involved in the construction of this aquarium was said to be "Yoichi Azuma".Sakai AquariumBorn in the official residence ofHanshin ParkAquarium, Misaki Park Natural Aquarium,Oita Marine Palace Aquarium,Sunshine International AquariumInvolved in the construction of the museum, except for Hanshin Park[36]He is a living witness of the aquarium who served as a living witness.Dolphin breedingEnoshima AquariumIt started at the same time as1958In addition to setting the world's longest dolphin transport record (at that time)1971Introduced Japan's first "underwater promenade" (tunnel aquarium).

The dolphin show is called "Dolphin Jump Show" after the suspension period.1977Resume from. It continued from the closing of the "Natural Aquarium" to the completion of the "Shiny Stadium".2005The first child was born from a captive breeding dolphin.It was named "Misaki" after the name of the garden, but it is growing in the garden.2008May 2Died in.

At the dolphin show at "Shiny Stadium," the BGM and performances were changed each season so that they could be enjoyed no matter how many times they were viewed.On the other hand2010"Dolphin contact experience business" also started from.It was very popular not only with visitors from Japan but also with tourists from abroad.

2020In light of the spread of the new coronavirus infectionMay 2からMay 3Instead of suspending the paid dolphin show until (Tuesday), the "Shiny Stadium" was scheduled to open for free at some times.Actually from February 2thMay 3Since the park was forced to be temporarily closed until (Monday), the policy was changed when the business was resumed only at outdoor facilities (including Shiny Stadium).On the day of resumptionMay 3From (Tuesday)28 days3 days until the end of business after free opening for some hours until (Saturday)29 days - 31 days) Decided to hold a limited dolphin show.For the dolphin show, the number of visitors per performance will be limited to about one-fifth (1 people) of the capacity of "Shiny Stadium", and from March 5,26 daysWe are looking for people who want to see it until (Thursday) on our official website.By lottery from applicants, 1 people per day (total number of people in 800 performances) can be viewed for a fee with some conditions.The application rate is about 4 times, and the result of the lottery isMay 3Notify all applicants on Friday afternoon.Due to the circumstances mentioned above, the event was postponed on the 29th,31 daysThe final performance (held from 15:30) ended with such a great success that even the losers of the lottery could watch the performance from outside the stadium (such as the embankment outside the stadium).

By the way, at the time of the closing of "Shiny Stadium", two Pacific white-sided dolphins and three bottlenose dolphins were appearing in the show.Dolphins will be accepted at Adventure World, where the show facilities are located[14][25]..On the other hand, at Wakayama Castle Park ZooHumboldt penguin[19], Kaiyukan (大阪 市 港区)[37]-Kobe Oji Zoo[38]-Ise Meotoiwa Fureai Aquarium Sea Paradise(MieIse City)[39]-North Safari Sapporo(HokkaidoMinami-ku, Sapporo)[25]Then.Little otterIs accepting.

Exciting train land

As a railway experience facility for children2014May 9Opened in.Nankai 10000 series(Car 10905) ・7000 seriesDriver / conductor experience using 7041 cut models of old and new paint (new paint No. 7033, old paint No. 3),50000 series(Limited expressRapidIn addition to being able to experience a driver using a full-scale mockup of)PlarailThere was a plaza where you could play in.

Because there was an indoor exhibition and goods sales space related to Nankai Electric Railway,Railway fanIt was also popular with residents along the railway line who knew the Nankai Electric Railway of yesteryear, but due to the above-mentioned circumstances2020May 2It was virtually closed.Since the company does not have any other static storage facility for vehicles that have finished operating on its own routes, the handling of the above vehicles after the business is closed is undecided.[40].. About mockup of 50000 series train in October 2020Hamadera ParkIt was relocated to and is exhibited near the entrance of Hamadera Traffic Amusement Park in the park.[41].

Even before the opening of "Wakuwaku Train Land" in the park, it will be the 100th anniversary of Nankai Electric Railway's founding.19851Until"Zoom car"(The first "Koya") AsNankai Koya LineWas operated inNankai 20000 seriesFrom, as part of the 2th anniversary commemorative project of the first two carsStatic preservation..After removing the seats in the car, it was converted to an exhibition facility.At the beginning of the conversion, it was used as the "Nankai History Memorial History Train Museum"[42]But,1988Nankai at the endHawks(NPB OfPacific LeagueManagement rights of the teams that are members ofDaieiIt was used as the "Nankai Hawks Memorial Hall" when it was sold to.However, as the car body deteriorated during storage in the open air, both cars were dismantled after closing later.[43].. The exhibits and functions of the "Nankai Hawks Memorial Hall" are from the Nankai Hawks.HeadquartersWas used asOsaka StadiumFormer site (Namba StationSouth next to)2003May 10からNamba ParksWas moved to the "Nankai Hawks Memorial Gallery" in Namba Parks.


An outdoor stage (event stage) is set up in the park.Kamen Rider series-Super squadron series,Go! AnpanmanEtc.Character show,EntertainerLive performances such as were held regularly.Initially on the day the amusement park, zoo, and aquarium are closed (2020May 3), But due to the circumstances mentioned above, the event related to the "Graduation Exhibition" was forced to end at the end of the previous month (February 2020).However, as the restaurant outside the event stage (the store name at the end of business was "Misaki Kitchen") continued to operate while reducing the number of seats than usual, only the stand (capacity 2 people) took out "Misaki Kitchen". It was open to customers for free.

In the past, tie-up events with major newspapers in Osaka were held twice a year throughout the park, with the main purpose of learning for children.Below,Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka HeadquartersThis is a graduation exhibition with the cooperation of the company, and describes past events where materials and photographs (including news materials and newspaper articles owned by the company) were planned to be exhibited.

  • 1957May 4 - May 5"Misaki Park Natural Zoo Opening Commemorative World Expo" (sponsored by:Asahi Shimbun Osaka Head Office)
    • Our garden is the first venue, Nankai Main LineTannowa StationThe Tannowa Amusement Park (currently Atagoyama Park), which was open nearby, is used as the second venue.As a provisional measure during the exhibition period, Misaki Koen Station, which has just been renamed from "Minami Tannowa Station" to coincide with the opening of the parkLimited express, At Tan-Nowa StationExpressWas stopped.
  • 1958May 3 - May 5"Growing World and Children's Expo" (sponsored by:Mainichi Newspaper Osaka Head Office)
    • During the exhibition period, "Children's Hall", "World Hall", "Space Hall", etc.PavilionWas set up in the park.
  • 1959Spring "Wonderful Fair in the World" (sponsor unknown)
  • Fall 1959 "American Pioneer History Great Western Boys Fair" (sponsor unknown)
    • During the sessionWestern United StatesIt played an important role in pioneering for the purpose of explaining the pioneering story to children in an easy-to-understand manner.Mayflower,Cover carriageEtc. were exhibited in the park.
  • 1960Autumn "Sky / Land / Sea Vehicle Fair" (sponsor unknown)
    • During the exhibition period, the "Carriage History Museum" will be opened in the park.In addition, while introducing the "vehicles" (means of transportation) that had achieved remarkable development at that time with actual objects, models, photographs, etc., he drew the future image of "vehicles".
  • 1961Spring "Kaiyohaku" (sponsor unknown)
    • To commemorate this event, Japan's first tourist lighthouse was built.When it first opened, it had a museum displaying lenses (made in England) and sundials from the early Meiji era.
  • 1977May 3 - May 6"Fossil was alive 600,000,000 years of wonder" (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun Osaka Headquarters)
    • During the session, fossils collected from all over Japan andArsinouteriumThe whole body skeleton of is exhibited in the park.Iriomote WildcatA special public event was also held.
  • 1981May 3 - May 5"Spring Misaki Fair Andersen's World" (sponsored by Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Headquarters,讀賣TV broadcasting,Junichi Shimbun)
  • Spring 1981 "Chinese Dinosaur Exhibition 4 Million Years from Fish to Monkeys" (Organizer unknown)
    • During the session, valuable Chinese academic specimens were exhibited in the park for the first time abroad.
  • 1982May 3 - May 5"Railway Expo in Japan" (sponsored by Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Headquarters, Yomiuri TV Broadcasting, Hochi Shimbun)
    • During the exhibition period, many valuable materials that tell the history of Japanese railways from the early Meiji era will be exhibited in the park.On a special railJNR 7100 steam locomotive (Yoshitsune)An event was also held for a limited time.
  • 1982Autumn "Moon Rock from Space Exploration Fair NASA" (sponsor unknown)
    • During the sessionNASAIntroducing the history and future of space exploration in a large-scale exhibition with the cooperation of.Previous year(1981) Was started fromspace shuttleA photograph of the moment when the launch was successful was also exhibited.
  • 1984May 9 - May 11"Legend of Revived Riders World Superbike Exhibition" (sponsor unknown)
    • During the session, many bike fans coveted machines, from classic bikes to the world's largest super machines, were released for free.
  • 1985May 3 - May 6"Great Australia Exhibition Nature and Mysterious Animals" (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun Osaka Headquarters)
    • Held as part of the Nankai Electric Railway's 100th anniversary project.Under the supervision of Tadamichi KogaAustraliaOf rare animals that live inStuffedIn addition to publishing about 120 items, he introduced the country's nature and animals.

Our garden1987The reason why "Purland RiO" started operating only in the summer is that while many visitors gathered at the above events in the spring and autumn, the number of customers dropped in the summer.[44].

Image character

  • In June 2006, "Purland RiO" image character "Mr. NakayamaIs appointed.
  • In June 2007, "Purland RiO" image character "The Plan 6"Takeshi NadagiIs appointed.
  • In June 2008, "Purland RiO" image character "NON STYLE"When"Garrigal GarixonIs appointed.
  • July 2011th, 7-August 16st, "Summer image character"NMB48Is appointed.
  • March 2012, 3-June 26, "6th Anniversary Image Character"Michiru CastleIs appointed.

Media relations

  • 1994,Fuji Television Network, IncsystemTV drama"Naked general・ I got on a dolphinclear』(Kansai TVProduction)Aya SugimotoPlayed the role of a dolphin show trainer and performed "surfing" on the back of a dolphin and gliding on the water in one day, and was amazed by the staff of the park, which was the location.
  • 2013, Kansai TV production late-night drama "I started acting as a substitute.』Episode 11[Note 4]Misaki Park appears on location.This time, the members of the girls bar "WILD!" (Matsuyama MaryOthers) were set to go on a comfort trip[45].
  • FukushimaFromactress-Misaki ItoIs "Chichin Puipui(Headquarters in Osaka PrefectureEvery day broadcastingWhen he appeared in the production information program), he revealed that he decided on the stage name "Misaki" from the name of our garden because he lived in Osaka prefecture when he was a high school and college student.
  • Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system"A large collection of pets! PochitamaIn the section called "Ganbare 1st Grade Cape Zoo", the growth of new dolphin trainers and veterinarians is taken up.
  • Haruki EtsumiOriginalComic-Anime"Jarinko Chie』(TV anime version produced by Mainichi Broadcasting SystemIn the 8th episode), "Nico Nico Amusement Park" drawn with the motif of the scenery of our garden around 1980 appears as a spot that holds the key to the story.
  • Serialized from June 2006, "Prefectural office star-Part 2- "(Big Comic Superior,Imaya Iron PillarIn (drawing), we are cooperating to cover the theme park "Wai Wai Land" in the third sector, which is about to close, as a model of the story to be regenerated by the prefectural office staff (for this reason, the scenery inside the Wai Wai Land is similar to Misaki Park). ..
  • Yasuhiro YamaneSong "In the Summer Day"[Note 5]"THE SECRET GIG 2010" on May 5, 16, tells us that the "hill with a view of the sea" sung in is a scene near Misaki Park.[Note 6]It was revealed in the stage talk.
  • 1984Is,The Best Ten』(TBS TV) Live broadcastKyoko KoizumiFrom the top of the tourist lighthouse (open to the general public during business hours at that time)Labyrinth Andora”[5][Note 7].
  • Headquartered in OsakaAsahi BroadcastingOf productionDetective! Night Scoop], Based on a request from a housewife who longs for a woman (commonly known as "Megu-san") who worked as a trainer for a dolphin show, "Detective"Yu Tamura(Unicorn) Investigated the location pattern under the title "Longing Dolphin Trainer Megu-san"2012May 11Broadcast to.2014May 3ToYoshimoto R&CIt was recorded in "Detective! Night Scoop DVD Vol. 17" released by the company, and received a great response.In addition, I was hoping to see the dolphin show because of the broadcast of the time, but I could not do it due to the closing of the aquarium.ToyamaA resident viewer requests the program to conduct a recent survey of housewives mentioned above.As a result, after the business is closed2020May 6Broadcasted a special edition with a follow-up survey by Tamura under the title "I want to see" Dolphin Trainer Megu-san "again!"[46].
  • "Chichin Puipui" (at the time of broadcasting) the week after it was announced that the amusement park would be closed and the zoo and aquarium would be closed (February 2020, 2).MiyazakihosoAnd mutual net)Yoshifumi Hasegawa(Picture book writer from Osaka prefecture) is in the middle of Misaki-cho location (Saturday, 1th of the same month) for "Tobidase! Picture book" (a corner that is broadcast once a month on Thursday). (A mini vertical drop-type attraction that jumps up with a frog motif) We broadcast a video recording a pattern of riding on a "roller coaster" and "Ferris wheel" and a sketch of the inside of the park.by the way,Keiko FurukawaSupplementary explanation by (Mainichi Broadcasting System announcer and studio assistant on Thursday)Yumiko TeradaThe location VTR narration by (free announcer) said, "Nankai Electric Railway has decided to withdraw from management in March of this year (2020), but the usage of the site after withdrawal is undecided," Misaki Park " It has not been decided until the park itself is closed. "

History from the opening of the zoo to the closing of the zoo / aquarium

Our garden and the front garden (the area in front of Misaki Koen Station)City Park LawInCity parkHit

Originally part of the land (1938 tsubo) owned by the Osaka Golf Club (opened in 24),Second World WarFrom April 1944, 4, together with the golf course facilitiesImperial Japanese ArmyWas requisitioned.The end of the warImmediately after the requisition was canceled on August 1945, 8, it was transferred to Osaka Prefecture.Farmland reformThe site of 13 tsubo was acquired by the Government of Japan as part of the above.As a farmland, it was released from the government to general farmers.At the Osaka Golf Club, we have begun work to secure and restore land in parallel with negotiations with farmers on state-owned farmland to resume operations.After remodeling the site other than the state-owned farmland (11 tsubo of cultivated farmland) into a 9-hole course, the business was reopened in October 1952.

However, the conversion of liberated farmland to a golf courseFarmland lawConflict with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (currentlyMinistry of Agriculture) Pointed out, the Osaka Golf Club abandoned the conversion of open farmland.After repeated discussions and research with local officials and Nankai Electric Railway (Nankai), "A city planning park (Izumi Misaki Park) was constructed as a" recreation facility for Osaka citizens "in the Minami-Tannowa area where the golf course is located. By obtaining the approval of the golf course as a "green zone of the park" on the premise of doing so, there is no choice but to obtain permission to dispose of national farmland and convert cultivated farmland. "[47].

As a result of proceeding with the licensing procedure in line with the above conclusions, the Government of Japan approved in October 1955 to lend the cultivated farmland in the designated park area (including the site of the golf course) to the Nankai.In response to this decision, Nankai began construction of Izumi Misaki Park in December of the same year.Since we later obtained permission to set up city park facilities (natural zoos, natural aquariums, shops, cafeterias, etc.) in the designated area, the local governmentMisaki Town(Born on April 4, 1955 due to the merger of four neighboring towns and villages) signed a contract to lease the park site free of charge, and then opened under the name "Misaki Park".For this reason, the contract between Nankai and Misaki Town treated the park as a "rented land park."[8][47][48].

On March 2019, 3, Nankai announced a policy to withdraw from our business on March 26, 2020.We have consulted with multiple businesses inside and outside Osaka Prefecture to take over the operation, but have not reached an agreement. In July 3, we explained to Misaki Town that we are preparing for the closing of the amusement park.[48]..According to Mayor Tashiro Tashiro of Misaki Town, who received the explanation, the company posted an impairment loss of about 3 billion yen in its FY2017 financial results, saying that it was running a deficit of about 33 million yen every year. Was[49].

The total area of ​​the park and the front garden is about 33.6 hectares, and as of February 2020, when the end of operation of the zoo, aquarium and amusement park was announced, the asset value is expected to be 2 billion yen.[48]..However, in Misaki Town, we are seeking the survival of "Misaki Park" by operators other than Nankai.[50]..In line with the above contract, we strongly requested Nankai to transfer the site and some buildings free of charge.Regarding dolphins and large animals that have been bred in our garden, "Because the maintenance cost is large, if you cover the entire amount in Misaki Town after the withdrawal of the Nankai business, the town's finances may collapse," said Adventure World and other facilities. It was decided to be transferred to[48].

By the way, once in Nankai, Osaka PrefectureOsaka Sayama OfTakano LineIn the area along the railway lineSayama amusement parkIs operated as a sister amusement park of our garden.2000May 3The same year after the closing of the parkMay 12Taking advantage of the Takano Line timetable revision, the name of the nearest station on the same line was changed from "Sayama Yuenmae" to the current "Sayama Yuenmae".Osaka SayamaIt was changed to.Although the reopening of this park as "Cape Town Misaki Park" is being considered, the treatment of the name of the nearest station has not been clarified at the time when the end of operation of the amusement park, zoo and aquarium was announced.On the other hand, the Osaka Golf Club has redeveloped the above-mentioned cultivated farmland into an 18-hole course. When the business was completely resumed from July 1953, 7, it has continued to operate until now, after the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry completely sold the cultivated agricultural land (24).[47].

Reopening plan as "Cape Municipal Natural Park"

On March 2020, 3, Nankai signed a basic agreement with Misaki Town regarding the free transfer of zoos and aquariums after the business is closed (FY24).[3]..The ownership of the site and facilities was transferred to Misaki-cho on the day after the business closed (April 4, the same year), leaving the facilities such as the amusement park area, tourist lighthouse, and outdoor stage.Due to this transfer, Nankai is no longer obliged to pay property tax to Misaki Town, but in Misaki Town, the Japanese government responded to the decrease in property tax due to the extinction of the obligation.Local allocation taxUtilize.It is expected that the amount equivalent to three-quarters of the decrease in revenue will be covered by the local allocation tax.[51].

The above agreement provided a one-year grace period for full delivery, during which the Nankai removed zoos, aquariums, Shiny Stadium and pools.In fact, removal work has been underway since early August 1.In Misaki Town, we operate facilities other than amusement parksDesignated manager system,PFIOn the premise that it will be outsourced to a private company other than Nankai by the methodGlamping,Dog runNew facilities for use. While inheriting the name of "Misaki Park", we are aiming for a gradual reopening from 2021 as a town-run natural park.However, regarding the amusement park area, the business operator of the management contractor decides whether to abolish it.[4]..If it is difficult to remove the above facilities, it has been decided that the deadline for removal will be extended to June 2021, 6.[3].

In Misaki Town, on January 2021, 1, "New Misaki Park Maintenance and Operation Project" (tentative name) was launched.Act on Promotion of Improvement of Public Facilities by Utilizing Private FundsSelected as a specific business based on the provisions of Article 7. Assuming operation by the PFI method, we have begun to recruit designated managers (PFI operators) who can conclude business consignment contracts every 10 to 30 years.In addition, regarding the reopening as a town-run park, the following schedule has been set out.

  • April 2021: Pre-opening
  • Around September 2021: Designation of PFI operator and conclusion of business contract
  • Around December 2021: Full-scale operation by PFI operators started ・ Park facility maintenance project started
  • Around December 2023: Fully opened with the completion of the park facility maintenance project[52]

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