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🚗 | Mercedes-Benz version of Kangoo, new model of "Shitan" ... to be announced in August with the first EV

Photo Mercedes-Benz Citan New Teaser Photo

Mercedes-Benz version of Kangoo, new "Shitan" ... to be announced in August with the first EV

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In addition, Mercedes-Benz is distributing one teaser photo of the new Citan.

On July 7, Mercedes-Benz is a new model of the light commercial vehicle "Mercedes-Benz Citan" ... → Continue reading


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Mercedes-Benz(alone: Mercedes-Benz[Annotation 1]) IsGermany OfDaimlerOwned byPassenger car,Commercial vehicleBrand.In Europe and the United States, it is generally called "Mercedes" or "Mercedes-Benz", while in Japan it is often called "Benz".However, Mercedes-Benz Japan advertises "Mercedes-Benz"[Annotation 2]In some motor sports articles, "Mercedes" included in the team name is used.partCar magazineAnd so on, "MelzedesMay be used.

"メ ル セ デ スIn 1899, he ran a Daimler car dealership.Austria-Hungary Empire OfConsulAnd a Jewish-German millionaire(English edition)Daughter of(Mercedes Jerinek) Is the name.イェリネックは自らが販売する自動車に、「ダイムラー」という硬い響きを避け当時流行していたJellinek was popular at the time, avoiding the hard sound of "Daimler" in the cars he sold.スペインNamed with the sound of the wind[Annotation 3]..This "Mercedes"brandBecame very famous and Daimler1902"Mercedes" was registered as a trademark.


Benz &, the world's oldest automobile company, both founded in 1926 at about the same time Cie. Reinische Gasmotoren Fabryk (1883-1926) and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (1890-1926), the 1926 merger of the two companies officially launched "Mercedes-Benz".After that, the company name isDaimler-Benz(1926-1998), DaimlerChrysler (1998-2007), now Daimler (2007-) has been changed, but there is no change in the brand name.Currently in Germany,StuttgartBased in, it manufactures and sells passenger cars and commercial vehicles at "Mercedes-Benz".

Passenger car

Previously an importer in JapanYanaseFrom the business policy and promotion ofluxury carAlthough it is often misunderstood as a specialized manufacturer, in reality, many relatively inexpensive models are manufactured mainly in Europe.乗用車のみならずNot only passenger carsバ ン,Taxi,largebus,Track,dump truckSuch asBusiness car-Commercial vehicle・ Various work vehicles,ambulanceSpecial vehicles such asMilitary vehicleWe handle an extremely wide range of automobiles, and once manufactured railroad vehicles such as commuter trains within the group.WesternThen.Volvo,RenaultSimilar toComprehensive automobile manufacturerIs recognized as.

S classLuxury includingsedan,a SUVIs a high-income earner, a politician,CelebrityWhile it is known to have a positive impression such as preferenceGangster[1]Cars for intimidating and scary people[2]Beverly Hills dentist's car, a symbol of riche hobby[3], Ancient and modern east and westdictatorOur car[4][5]There is also a negative impression.Cold WarIn the era, it became popular as a diplomat's official car[3], Despite being a western automobile company, it is often used by diplomats from eastern countries.Persona non grataIt was sometimes ridiculed as "a car for people".

It has been sold in Japan since the low 400 million yen range, which is more expensive than Japanese cars of the same class, but in Europe it is for taxis.E classThere are also low-priced grades that are not sold in Japan for each model, and it is known as a car used by a diverse customer base.

In the world ranking by sales volume class in 2006, the first place is the E class of 1 to 634 million yen, and the second place is 1530 to 2 million yen.S class, 3rd place is 400 to 1250 million yenC class, 4rd place is 300 to 385 million yenB classIs.It should be noted that the selling price is different between Japan and the world and the S class has been fully remodeled to a new model.

Car and driverThe magazine is Route 246 in Minato-ku, Tokyo.Aoyama streetIn the ranking of the number of traffic by vehicle type,Toyota CorollaMore than the popular cars of Japanese manufacturers such asCompany-owned car / company carMany registrations asE classHas become the number one regular, and there is a large regional uneven distribution of registration and usage bases.

Commercial vehicles, commercial vehicles, multipurpose vehicles

The main market for commercial vehicles, including buses, vans and special vehicles, isEuropeIn addition,Middle East,Asia,Latin AmericaCountries and so on.商用バン・Commercial vanSprinterAndMinivanIsV classThe commercial version of Vito has various specifications and is used all over Europe.North AmericaThen the sprinterBadge engineeringReceiveChryslerFrom "Dodge・ There is an example of being sold as a "sprinter".

France OfRenaultFromKangooA light commercial vehicle based on "RosewoodIt is supplied by OEM under the name of ".

KoreanSsangyong MotorTechnology is provided to the company, based on the commercial van MB100.IstanaProduced with MB100Southeast AsiaIt is widely used in areas.日本ではダイムラー子会社のバスなどをIn Japan, Daimler subsidiary buses, etc.Mitsubishi Fuso Truck/BusIs a multipurpose commercial vehicle for saleUnimogTheY EngineeringIs for sale.


Engine andト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ンAlso a supplier to other companies, oncePorsche,ジ ャ ガ ーMade in-houseATWas supplying.現在も日本でStill in JapanKato WorksHeavy equipment manufacturers such as Mercedesdiesel engineWe have a lineup of products equipped with. May 2014-until July 5Nissan MotorMade by Mercedesgasoline engineEquipped withSkyline 200GT-tWas developing the product.


About company historyDaimler-Benz,andDaimlerSee.


German engineer in 1886,Carl BenzOne of the oldest car makers in the world, founded by. The first car in the world in 1PatentIs getting.当時は自動車の有用性に気が付く者はなく、「交通の主役であるAt that time, no one noticed the usefulness of automobiles, and they said, "It is the leading role in transportation.(I.e.It was an obstacle that scared me. "

Meanwhile, my wife'sBertha BenzWanted her husband's invention to be recognized by the public, and on August 1888, 8, he rode a car with his two sons while his husband was sleeping.MannheimDeparted from the town of.The roads at that time were unpaved, and the pneumatic tires were just invented for bicycles, and the harshness was too great.gas stationNo, for removing stains at the pharmacyBenzineContinued the journey while purchasing and refueling it.When the sun went down, it was 106 km away.PforzheimArrive in the town of.People gathered around the car and praised the Berthas.The speed (distance and time) at this time was such that more than 10 horses had to be changed in the carriage at that time, and this success made her husband's invention known, and his wife was the world's first female driver. It will leave a name in the history of long-distance automobile travel.

Since the 1920s, he has actively participated in motor sports, which was popular in Europe at that time, and achieved many good results and solidified his fame.

Almost at the same time as Benz in 1926Gottlieb DaimlerMerged with Daimler, which was founded by.

Cooperation with the Nazis

National Socialist German Labor PartyTo be the leader ofGermanyWas the leader ofAdolf HitlerIs international on February 1933, 2, after gaining power.Berlin Motor ShowFocusing on the construction of automobiles and motorways, which are the means of transportation in the new era, in the opening declaration inmotorizationHe said that accelerating the situation would increase the defense power of the nation.これ以降政府はSince then the governmentAutomobile taxAbolition,AutobahnIt has announced policies such as construction and the establishment of a new truck transportation sector on the national railway.Hitler's favorite car was a Mercedes-Benz 770K[6].

Nazis in the partyNational Socialist Motor CorpsEstablished (NSKK) and started training driving technicians.Benz dispatches driving instructors, provides training cars free of charge,National Socialist German Labor PartyActively respond by dispatching officers to institutions, etc.National Socialist German Labor PartyWith a strong backup ofGrand Prix·race,24 Hours of Le Mans,Mille MigliaAlso receive backup in races such asAuto unionI played an active part with.

1935 yearsGerman rearmament declarationAs a company that supported the subsequent German arms race, it produced fighter engines and military vehicles. During World War II, which broke out in September 1939, it concentrated on munitions production and became the target of Allied bombing, causing catastrophic damage in about six years until the defeat of Germany.Due to the large number of Jewish and Allied POWs used as forced labor during the war, he was forced to pay a large amount of compensation after the war.

Famous car

Famous to match the recovery of the German economy since the 1950s300SLAndMille Miglia,24 Hours of Le MansWas a big success in300SLRSend out a number of famous cars such as.

It is also the return of the Grosser Benz released in the late 1960s.W100,Medium class(Current E class) and the third generation that debuted in 1971Mercedes-Benz SL-Class(R107 / C107), famous for "Sacco plate"Bruno SaccoBy the hands ofW124(Medium class is called "E" class from the middle of this model life), GermanyHelmut Coleprime ministerWas a private carW126(coupe"SEC" is "C126"), AmericanCAFEBorn as a countermeasureW201(Commonly known as 190E. CurrentC class), Etc. to the market,luxury carIt continues to have a presence in the market.

The seats of these models are described as the only high quality and elaborate construction in the world and are known for their extreme comfort.下からコイルスプリング、網状のスプリング(Sばね)、ウレタン製ダンパー、シュロ毛と馬毛で作られた通気性の良いクッション、ウール製の表皮(ベロア、ファブリック)で構成され、十分なサイズと調整機能(電動調整式が多い)があり、滑らず疲れにくく、耐久性も著しく高かったFrom the bottom, it consists of coil springs, mesh springs (S springs), urethane dampers, breathable cushions made of shroud and horsehair, and woolen skin (velor, fabric), which is fully sized and adjusted. It has a function (often electrically adjustable), does not slip, does not get tired easily, and has extremely high durability.[Annotation 4].

安全 性

As an optional equipment since 1980AirbagHas a track record of improving automobile safety, such as taking the lead in setting.Zigzag gated AT shift lever (currently out of patent and imitated by many automakers), shock absorbing three-pronged body, seatbelt tensioner, rain runner (body structure that does not allow rainwater to flow through the window), Uneven tail lamps, steering column and brake pedal that protects the body in the event of a collision, electronic stability control, grip-type door handles, unique seats with high body strength and mounting strength, wipers that wipe windows while expanding and contracting, 2nd speed start and 2nd speed AT with retreat function, chassis that thoroughly pursues safety, vehicle body rigidity that responds to high-speed accidents at outburn, etc.

For each Mercedes-Benz model released sequentially after 2010, "OFF" has been abolished from the light switch, and only "ON" and "AUTO" (automatic lighting) can be selected.This is a safety design based on the Mercedes-Benz style idea of ​​ensuring that the driver, not the driver, prevents forgetting to turn on the lights at night and driving without lights in tunnels, at dusk, or in bad weather.

Impact on other companies

The designs and equipment adopted by Mercedes-Benz ahead of other companies can have a significant impact on other companies.一例として、1998年にAs an example, in XNUMX4th generation S classSide with built-in door mirror that was adopted for the first time in the worldDirection indicatorAs soon as it came out, manufacturers all over the world followed and imitated it, and as of 2021, many car models have come to be standard equipment.Regarding this equipment, there is a survey result that "it can contribute to the improvement of safety"[7].

Cost reduction and quality improvement

Once the Mercedes-Benz was famous for "best or nothing (best or nothing)The best or nothing.) ”, Under the corporate slogan, it is said that there is a reason for every shape.[Source required]I was aiming to build a car without compromise.しかしその結果としての高コスト体質・製品の高価格化も事実であり、1990年代中盤以降のHowever, as a result, the high cost structure and high price of products are also true, and since the mid-XNUMXs.automotive industryChanges in the environment surroundingGlobalizationThe company also decided to aim for profit margin improvement and cost reduction in order to survive.

But that would put Mercedes-Benz on the market with products whose quality and performance questioned, betraying its former fame.

In particular, the first American factory of Mercedes-Benz released in 1997 (Alabama) Produced inM classWith its low quality "Alabama MercedesCriticized, all over the worldbrandThe result was a big drop in the image. 4th generation S class (W220) And the second generation E class (W210), 3rd generation C class (W203), Immediately after being replaced by an old Mercedes user, I felt a strong gap in ride quality and texture, so I gave up early and instead each predecessor model (S class:W140, E class:W124, C class:W202) And the R129 type that has been made since those timesSL classAnd W463 typeG classWas based on C classCLK class,SLK classThere was even a situation that asked for.Due to these, in the latter half of the 1990s, "best or nothing (best or nothing)The best or nothing.) ”, The past models manufactured under the philosophy of” are temporarilySecondhand carIn some cases, the market was running out of stock, and cars with good equipment and quality were more expensive than new cars.

In response to these problems, Mercedes-Benz has been improving the quality of each ear model of each model, improving the quality of the late model E class (W1999) that debuted in 210, and improving the quality of the late model S class in 2002. We have promoted quality improvement from the initial design in the E class, SL class, SLK class, etc., which are models since the 2000s.

However, the brakes used in the E-class and SL-class have many malfunctions and have been recalled several times in Japan and overseas, and sales of the E-class, which has been the top class for many years, have been sluggish since then and continue to the present day.

In the year models after 2005, the quality and reliability of each model is high in the mid-221s, as the problematic parts have been improved by the release of the S class (W2010) and various recalls of the E class, which is the best-selling model. It has become.

The seat structure is the same as beforePalm(Palm) cushion + metal spring (former coil spring, then S spring) has been changed to general urethane foam now, and it is sometimes described as cost reduction.However, holding ability andPretensionerIt is said that the new generation seats are superior in terms of safety including collisions, such as having a high affinity with seat belts.

In addition, now, Mercedes-Benz is also "best or nothing (best or not)The best or nothing.) ”Slogan, appealing for the revival of the former philosophy[8].. From around 2015, the English word "The best or nothing", which has the same meaning, has begun to be used on official websites and TV commercials in Japan.


Appeared in 1997Mercedes-Benz A-ClassUsingスウェーデン OfCar magazine"Teknikens Värld" is an elk test (Teknikens Värld)ElkWhen I suddenly appeared on the path, I performed a driving operation with the setting to avoid it quickly), but it rolled over and said "Mercedes-Benz's serious blunder" all over the worldMediaWill be reported in.その後、メルセデス・ベンツは発売した全てのAクラスをリコールし、サスペンションの再調整やAfter that, Mercedes-Benz recalled all the A-classes released, readjusted the suspension andESPAlthough repairs such as installing the were carried out, this case was taken up all over the world, and the M class, W210 type E class, W220 type S class released at the same time were criticized for poor design and low quality. As a result, the evaluation was significantly lowered.

Occurred from 2004 to 2005,BoschThe two recalls of SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) made by SBC are the main models.E classIt occurred in the SL class of the signboard model, which caused a big hurt for Benz and caused the management to deteriorate extremely.

In this SBC, even in cases where the brake disc gets wet when running in the rain and normally impairs the braking force, the brake pad is intentionally brought into slight contact with the brake rotor and the disc is dried by frictional heat (Railway carThen,Snow-resistant brake(Controls that have been used for a long time), the moment the accelerator pedal is released, the brake pads are brought closer to the brake rotor in preparation for braking, shortening the time lag, and improving the responsiveness and ability of the brakes. But it's the cornerstone of that safety processSensorKindconnectorDue to some kind of trouble, SBC did not work, and it worked only on the two front wheels and entered the "backup mode" which required about 2 times the normal pedaling force.[9].

Released after August 2005E classIn the SL class, sufficient reliability was ensured by responding to various recalls, but this equipment has disappeared after minor changes.Mercedes-Benz ranked 37th out of 29 brands in a reliability survey in the United States that year, and ranked last among 33 brands in a German Automobile Grab customer satisfaction survey.

Hybrid car

2007 year 11 month,DaimlerIs a subsidiaryMitsubishi Fuso Truck/BusA diesel truck that uses the hybrid technology of the company will be released by the end of 2008.Mercedes-BenzAnnounced plans to launch from the brand (Sankei Shimbun April 2007, 11).

In 2009, the first Mercedes-Benz passenger carHybrid carIs"S400 Hybrid" (W221)Was added.This model is a mild hybrid (gasoline engine + motor)Lithium ion secondary batteryIt is the world's first mass-produced vehicle equipped with. Sクラスのハイブリッド仕様は、次のモデルであるThe S-class hybrid specification is the next modelW222Not only the gasoline engine + motor "S400h", but alsodiesel engine+ The motor "S300h" has also been added.These models have been introduced to the Japanese market one by one, and especially the S300h was the only model equipped with a diesel engine in its class at that time.

From 2012E classA hybrid car was also added to. 3.5Lgasoline engine+ Motor "E400 Hybrid",diesel engine+ The motor "E300 BlueTEC Hybrid". The "E400 Hybrid" has a limited market and has been introduced only in Japan, the United States, and China.それに対し「E3 BlueTEC Hybrid」はOn the other hand, "E300 BlueTEC Hybrid"EuropeNot only was it deployed in the global market, but it was not introduced in the Japanese market.

Plug-in hybrid carHas been set as "C350e", "GLC350e", and "S550e" in C class, GLC class, and S class, respectively, and has been introduced in Japan.その結果、メルセデス・ベンツは2016年時点において、日本で「ガソリン・ハイブリッド」「ディーゼル・ハイブリッド」「プラグイン・ハイブリッド」という3種類ものハイブリッドカーを同時にラインアップする、唯一の自動車ブランドとなっていたAs a result, as of XNUMX, Mercedes-Benz was the only automobile brand in Japan to simultaneously line up three types of hybrid cars: "gasoline hybrid," "diesel hybrid," and "plug-in hybrid."[10][11][12]..なお、2018年現在、S300h・S400hともにモデル廃止となっており、新たにAs of XNUMX, both SXNUMXh and SXNUMXh have been discontinued, and new models have been discontinued.Inline 6 cylinderFor gasoline engine48V mild hybrid"S450" that combines the above is newly introduced.In addition, the 450 series is also set in the CLS class, which was remodeled in 2018, and the same powertrain as the S class is supplied as "CLS450".

On September 2019, 9, the "C2e" is newly set as a plug-in hybrid in the C class.

Emblem and Silver Arrow

The emblem that shines on the body of Mercedes-Benz was used by Daimler AG before the merger.Three-pointed starIt was designed with a circular laurel wreath of Benz and Daimler-Benz in each of the three fields of "land, sea, and air".

Silver body colors are very popular in Mercedes-Benz sedans, coupes and convertibles.One of the reasons is the anecdote of "Silver Arrow".1934 - 1937The Grand Prix race (corresponding to the current F1 World Championship) was held under the regulation that the weight of the car was 750kg or less, which was later called "750kg formula". 1934年のニュルブルクリンクにおける(アイフェルレース)前夜、車両重量規定をわずか1キログラムオーバーしてしまったメルセデス・チーム(監督はOn the eve of the (Eifel race) at the Nürburgring in XNUMX, the Mercedes team (director) overcame the vehicle weight regulation by just one kilogram.Alfred Neubauer) Decides to remove all the pure white paint on the body as a measure of bitterness.Manfred von Brauchitsch, who drives this car, wins the race by directly pasting the number on the bare aluminum body that took overnight to remove the paint.Since then, Mercedes-Benz racing cars have become a trademark of silver and have been nicknamed "Silver Arrow".Motor sportsIn GermanyNational colorHowever, it was changed from white to silver.Active at the same time,Auto unionIs also called "Silverfish" because of its silver paint, and until 1939, when World War II broke out, the Germans of Silver Arrow and Silverfish swept the Grand Prix.

Car name change due to new rules (2015-)

In 2014, Mercedes-Benz announced a new nomenclature for car models, as car names have become more complex due to the recent expansion of car models.[13].

As a result, from 2015, the vehicle names of some models will be changed sequentially based on this nomenclature.

The existing classes "A", "B", "C", "E", and "S" are the core, and "GL" which means SUV, "SL" which means roadster, or "CL" of coupe is added to the head. Attach and make each model variation.for that reason,SLK TheSLCNext to (3rd generation SL class(It will be the same name as the 4-seater coupe that existed in), "ML" isGLE, "GL" isUPSWill be changed sequentially.Now you can clearly see the class even on SUVs and roadsters.In addition, it should be notedCLA,GLA classIs already a car name based on the new nomenclature, and there is no change.CLSIs actually an E-class-based model, but it has not been renamed as a "4-door coupe located between the E-class and S-class."

In addition, depending on the type of powertrain, the number will have an alphabet to represent it at the end.Compressed natural gas carIs "c",Diesel CarIs "d",Electric carIs "e",Fuel cell vehicleIs "f",Hybrid carBecomes "h",Four-wheel drive vehicleThe model will still have the subname "4MATIC".

Core model

Sedan / wagon / compact

2-door coupe cabriolet

4-door coupe


Cross-country SUV

The yellow model has been renamed.括弧内は旧車名Old car name in parentheses

Sales in Japan

In Japan, the number of units soldJapan Automobile Dealers Association2017 units in 68,215, the number of newly registered imported cars is the highest in the market share,Japan Automobile Importers AssociationThe ranking by foreign manufacturer car model in 2016 isC class16,560rd place with 3 unitsE class13,262rd place with 4 unitsCLA7,430rd place with 12 unitsGLC5,579rd place with 15 unitsA class5,396rd place with 17 unitsGLAIs in 3,997th place with 20 units.

Limited to Japan to raise brand name recognitionAntenna Shop"Mercedes me(Old name: Mercedes-Benz Connection) ”is also operated.

Once regulardealerWas responsible forYanase[Annotation 5]The Stern Group (currently the Mercedes-Benz store), which was established after the 1990s, is an authorized distributor.

Stern Group dealersBubble economySome Mitsubishi from the late 1980s to the early 1990sGalan storeSince it was sold at, in addition to Mitsubishi dealers,Toyota,NissanSome are run by Japanese car dealers.

Parallel importIs handled by some importers, and it is possible to combine vehicle types and options that are not available at authorized import dealers.There are various destinations and sources, such as German home country specifications, British specifications, North American specifications, and UAE specifications.


Mercedes Care

If you purchase a new car from an authorized dealer, we will provide a 3-year free warranty and "24-hour touring support" in the event of a breakdown or accident. From April 1998, AMG and G classes have been launched in Japan since June.

In addition to general breakdowns, some consumables such as wiper blades, oil, brake pads, and brake discs are also subject to free replacement, and do not include the cost of vehicle inspection maintenance and various costs required to obtain vehicle inspection.

Difference between Western shipping model and Japanese model

Vehicles that can be purchased from authorized dealers in Europe and the United States and models that can be purchased from authorized dealers in Japan are sales strategies andRadio ActThere are differences in equipment and interior due to related regulations such as.Although it is not related to safety equipment, in the past, the part where the license plate was attached was horizontally long as it was in Western specifications, and it did not match the ratio of Japanese license plates until the mid-90s.

Used car market

It is widely sold and is cheaper than the new car selling price, but the current model does not have a big drop in selling price.

Commercial vehicle

Regular importdealerAsKomatsu,SternAnd other dealers were handling it, but with DaimlerChryslerMitsubishi Fuso Truck/BusBy 2006, it withdrew from the import and sales business in Japan due to the strengthening of its relationship with Japan.


Western carIt was first imported in 1985 by (Mercedes-Benz Japan sole agent) and introduced in 1986.afterwards,Hinomaru Automotive Industry,Gifu busIntroduced in.

Initially, most of them were introduced as chartered buses, but at that timeNippon Express Bus TheMeishin Highway BusNagoya-Daytime centered on the Kobe Line under the name of "Benz Limited Express"Express BusI put it in.

In 1993West Japan RailwayImports of new cars were cut off at the end of the two cars introduced in the above, but in 2, a new chartered bus operator in Tokyo used the super high decker "Super High Decker" in the United Kingdom.TouloImported two used cars, one laterHinomaru Motor GroupHas been sold to.

Route bus vehiclesOsaka City Transportation BureauBut"Red busThis is the first case of introducing 1 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters (T13N) into a small community bus commonly known as ". 2007年末にAt the end of XNUMXKanagawa Central TransportationIs an articulated busMercedes-Benz CitaroHave been introduced.

Multipurpose commercial vehicle

Unimog, which can be equipped with various special parts, is sold by Y Engineering.

Current model

Passenger car (current model)

appearanceCar nameformFirst appearance yearCurrent model
2018 Mercedes-Benz A200 AMG Line Premium Automatic 1.3 Front.jpgA classhatchback
1997W177 (4th generation)
V177 (first generation)
Mercedes-Benz W247 IMG 0398.jpgB classSports tourer


2006W247 (3th generation)
Mercedes-Benz C118 IMG 2674.jpgCLA4-door coupe
Shooting break

(Station Wagon)


X118 (2nd generation)

MB W206 2.jpgC classsedan
Station Wagon


1993W206 (5th generation)
S206 (5th generation)
C205 (4nd generation)
A205 (4th generation)
Mercedes-Benz CLS 450 4Matic Genf 2018.jpgCLS4-door coupe2005C257 (3nd generation) 
Mercedes-Benz E 200 Sports (W213) front.jpgE classsedan
Station Wagon
A238 (5th generation)
Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 (H243) front.jpga SUV2021H243 (first generation)
Mercedes-Benz EQC400 4MATIC (N293) front.jpgEQCa SUV2018N293 (first generation)
Gklass.jpgG classa SUV1979W463 (2th generation)
Mercedes-Benz X 167 GLS580 IAA 2019 JM 0265.jpgUPSa SUV2006 (as GL class)
2016 (as GLS class)
X167(2nd generation)
Mercedes-Benz GLE 450, GIMS 2019, Le Grand-Saconnex (GIMS1254) .jpgGLEa SUV

SUV coupe

1997 (as M class)
2015 (as GLE class)
W167 (2th generation)
C167 (2nd generation)
Mercedes-Benz GLC 300, GIMS 2019, Le Grand-Saconnex (GIMS1260) .jpgGLCa SUV

SUV coupe

2015X253 (first generation)

C253 (first generation)

Mercedes-Benz X247 IMG 2632.jpgGLBa SUV2019X247 (first generation)
Mercedes-Benz H247 IMG 2800.jpgGLAa SUV2014H247 (2nd generation)
Mercedes-Benz S 500 4MATIC long (V223) front.jpgS classsedan1972W223(7nd generation)
Mercedes-Benz C217 fr.jpgS class coupecoupe2014C217 (first generation)
Mercedes-Benz S550 Cabriolet by Japan specification.jpgS class cabrioletConvertible2016A217 (first generation)
Mercedes-Benz SL550 (2016) by Japan specification (Roof Open) .jpgSL1954R231(6nd generation)
Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 (MSP16) .jpgSLC1996 (as SLK class)
2016 (as SLC class)
R172 (3rd generation as SLK class, XNUMXst generation as SLC class)
2017-03-07 Geneva Motor Show 1012.JPGMercedes AMG GTsports car2015C190 (first generation)
Mercedes-AMG GT 4Door Coupe GT 63 S 4MATIC + Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 IMG 1183 edited.jpgMercedes AMG / GT / 4-door coupe4-door coupe2018X290 (first generation)
Mercedes-AMG Project One IMG 0607.jpgMercedes AMG Project OneHyper car2017
Mercedes-Benz V220d AVANTGARDE Extra-long (W447) front.JPGV classMinivan1998W447 (3th generation)
Mercedes-Benz Citan Van on IAA 2012 right side.jpgRosewoodLight van2012W415 (first generation)

Commercial vehicle

Mercedes amg

Mercedes-BenztuningIt is a division and is crowned with high-end high-performance models and sporty parts of Mercedes-Benz.brandBut also.The factory is Afalter Pach, Germany (Affalterbach )It is in.元は独立したチューナーであるOriginally an independent tunerAMGHowever, it was absorbed by DaimlerChrysler (at that time) in 1999, and from 2014, "Mercedes-AMG" (Mercedes-AMG ) AsMercedes-BenzIt is said to be a sub-brand of. 「究極のハイパフォーマンスを追求するモデル」と位置付けられているPositioned as "a model that pursues the ultimate high performance"[14].

Mercedes Maybach

Once a German luxury car manufacturer, it was manufactured and sold as a top-of-the-line car independent of the Mercedes-Benz brand from 2002 to 2012.MaybachIn 2015, "Mercedes-Maybach" (Mercedes-Maybach ) Is sub-branded.こちらは上記メルセデスAMGとは対照的に「究極のエクスクルーシブ」と銘打たれているThis is labeled "Ultimate Exclusive" in contrast to the Mercedes-AMG above.[15].

Former car model

Vehicle types before and during World War II

  • S / SS / SSK / SSKL Commonly known as S series. In 1927, the model "S" (S stands for Sport), which is a sportier version of the predecessor K series, appeared.設計はThe design isFerdinand PorscheIs.By adding a kickdown to the frame of its predecessor, the K series, the center of gravity is lowered and the engine position is adjusted. It is a commercial car, but it is a literal super sports car that can even participate in races. The S series has evolved into SS / SSK by improving the engine displacement and wheelbase. It is said that SSK was able to deliver a maximum speed of 1920km / h even though it was a commercial vehicle in the 192s.Ultimately, the engine was strengthened to 300 horsepower, which was unprecedented at that time, and it became a SSKL that was significantly stripped down and lightened, and the maximum speed reached 235 km / h, but it is exclusively for racing, only a few Is only manufactured. SSKLは、1931年には、伝統のSSKL was a traditional in XNUMXMille MigliaIt is also famous for having won. Sシリーズは、名手S series is a masterRudolf CaracciolaIt has been remembered as a legendary machine until now due to its success and the small number of production.
  • 170H
  • 540K- Horch 853It is the best personal car that competed evenly with.At that time, all the special models of all automobile companies left the coachwork to the coachbuilder, but like the previous 500K, they do the coachwork in-house.Its perfection was as good as that of a coachbuilder.映画moviesSound of musicBut this cabriolet B is used.
  • 260D-First in the worlddiesel engineIt is a passenger car equipped with and marketed.
  • (English edition) --Commonly known as "Groser Mercedes".There are first and second generations.Displacement7.7LInline 8 cylinderThis model with an engine was from Daimler-Benz at the time.Flagship modelIs.The main customers were the world's royal aristocrats, millionaires, and high-ranking Nazi officials.Nazi GermanyIt was used to show off national power in a parade in the victorious area.HitlerThe ones of senior Nazi officials are superchargers (Compressor ) Was added to the "770K", and Hitler's exclusive car was delivered by Rudolf Caracciola.当時のAt the timeDainichi this empireBut,Emperor Showa OfCarHas been adopted as.こちらはスーパーチャージャー非装備(出力は150馬力This is not equipped with a supercharger (output is XNUMX horsepower)[16]) 770 was selected. 1931年から1935年にかけ合計7台が輸入され、1969年まで連綿と使われたA total of XNUMX units were imported from XNUMX to XNUMX and used continuously until XNUMX.[17]..黒と溜色に塗られたこの御料車は、戦後間もなくのThis car, painted in black and tan, was shortly after the war.PilgrimageHowever, it was used and traveled all over the country with Emperor Showa, and was seen by the Japanese people at that time.[18].

After the war

  • 300SL --Sports Coupe Roadster.世界初のWorld's firstGasoline direct injection engineEquipped vehicle.クーペはThe coupeGull wing doorIs a feature.
  • 190E(W201) --Mercedes who hasn't had a small car for a long time1982Announced and surprised the industry.A car born as a countermeasure against CAFE in the United States.Originally, the name "190", which indicates the displacement, became the car name as it was, and the 2.3-liter model became an irregular name until the appearance of the C class, such as 190E2.3.デザインは、社内デザイナーのThe design is by an in-house designerBruno SaccoBy the hands ofS classVery similar to.It was first produced at the Bremen plant.The world's first multi-link was developed to reduce the size, and was subsequently imitated by various manufacturers around the world along with an aerodynamic body design and sacco plate.
  • It is said that the original purpose is to participate in the rally and as a result of the manufacturer's total displacement regulation when selling in the United States (although it was not realized for the rally, it participated in the touring car race).Cosworthが開発に協力した高性能版『2.3-16』後の『2.5-16』は特に有名で4ドアセダンの高性能モデルの魁となった。オリジナルの2リットル版の他に2.3/2.6リットルの直6や2.5リットルのディーゼルを搭載した車両もあったが、ボディタイプは上級車であるミディアムクラス(後のEクラス)と異なり4ドアセダンのみだった。Bubble economyIn Japan of the era, it was a small size that fits in the 5th number size, and it was ridiculed as "small Benz" because it is often seen in the city.However, many parts including the suspension are common to the medium class (later E class) which is a high-end car, so-called "best or nothing (best or nothing)The best or nothing.) ”Is one of the last models created.

Motor sports

Prior to the birth of the Mercedes-Benz brand in 1926, Daimler AG's predecessors, Daimler Motoren (DMG) and Benz, moved from the first ever motorsport event in 1894 to motorsport. I'm involved.

Not only has a long historyGrand PrixRace (today'sFormula 1),Sports car racingIn addition,Rally,Touring car raceIn various motor sports activities such as, he has won numerous victories under the name of the Mercedes-Benz brand.United StatesIndianapolis 500And French24 Hours of Le MansThe victory in is an example of such a victory.

Among them, the activity of the 1930s that swept the races all over Europe is especially known, and at that time, the racing car of Mercedes-Benz was "Silver arrowIt became the traditional name for Mercedes-Benz racing cars.

Current activity

As of 2021, with Formula 1 (F1)Formula EIn-house team (Work steam) Is participating in the war.

In F1, the annual champion titles in both the driver and manufacturer categories2014から2020It has been acquired for seven consecutive years, and both are the most consecutive acquisition records in F7 history.

Other,Mercedes amgThroughGT3,GT4We are engaged in customer racing business using vehicles.

Commercial passenger cars of each age

Before the 1920s

1930 era

1940 era

1950 era

1960 era

1970 era

1980 era

1990 era

2000 era

2010 era



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  4. ^ The seat surface is hard so that the body does not sink,vibrationAnd impact are absorbed by the stroke of the spring.On the other hand, if the road surface is not smooth, the seat surface is constantly swayed up and down due to the characteristics of the coil spring, the amount of movement is large with respect to the large input from the road surface, and the phase shifts with the sway of the vehicle, so the hip point andpedal,Steering wheelIt is difficult to keep the distance and viewpoint constant.ルーズクッションの様な包まれ感で身体をサポートする旧来のTraditional that supports the body with a feeling of being wrapped like a loose cushionFrench carIt is sometimes compared with the sheet of.
  5. ^ Since Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, etc. established their own Japanese subsidiary after the 1990s and transferred the automobile import business to that, Yanase has now completely withdrawn from the automobile import business, not as an automobile importer. , Operates as a multi-brand mega dealer.Import business such as pisten pulley (special caterpillar vehicle) and fashion product business are continuing.
    • Regarding Yanase's management diversification, in the early 1990sBubble economyWithdrew from most departments with the collapse.創業以来梁瀬一族による経営が続いたが現在はIt has been managed by the Yanase clan since its establishment, but now it isITOCHU CorporationIt is under the umbrella.


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