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🚄 | Hokuriku Shinkansen "Fukui Station" appearance will be unveiled soon, station name will be installed in early August


The appearance of Hokuriku Shinkansen "Fukui Station" will be unveiled soon, and the station name will be installed in early August.

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The Railway and Transportation Organization will continue to carry out interior work and equipment work.

The appearance of Fukui Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen will soon appear.The Railway and Transportation Organization (JRTT) will be on July 2021, 7 at the station building ... → Continue reading

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Interior finishing work

Interior finish work business(I don't know what to do)wood,Gypsum board,wallpaper(cross),Folding,vinyl,carpet,BranEtc.Building OfInteriorConstruction industry whose business is finishing work.

As an example of construction,InteriorConstruction,ceilingFinishing work, construction,InteriorPartitionConstruction,bedFinishing work,FoldingConstruction,BranConstruction ...

"Furniture work" means the work of installing furniture in a building or processing or assembling furniture materials on site.

"Soundproofing work" is normal soundproofing work in a building, and does not include works such as halls that are structurally aimed at sound effects.

"Folding work" refers to work that consistently undertakes measurement, allocation, manufacturing and processing of folding, and laying.


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