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✈ | Narita Airport Pharmaceutical Transport Community to Acquire CEIV Pharma Certification 2nd

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Narita Airport Pharmaceutical Transport Community to Acquire CEIV Pharma Certification 2nd

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Currently, all airlines are All Nippon Airways (ANA), Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA), international airport shed as a logistics handling company, Yusen Logistics as a forwarder, Hankyu Hanshin Express, Nippon Express, Hitachi Logistics Vantec Forwarding, and Osumi Logistics as a land carrier. Eight companies have obtained certification.

Narita International Airport (NAA) has jointly acquired and transported the pharmaceutical air transportation quality certification system "CEIV Pharma" ... → Continue reading


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Japan Cargo Airlines

Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd.(Japanese cargo,British: Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. Abbreviation: NCA) Is JapaneseFreight airline.


JapanIs a comprehensive logistics companyNippon Yusen(NYK) International flight in charge of the group's air transportation departmentFreight airline.

Narita International AirportBased in Japan, the aircraft is a large cargo plane with a nose cargo door.Boeing 747-8F It is unified to (jumbo freighter).

It boasts one of the largest operating scales in the world as a cargo-specialized airline that transports general aviation cargo.


  • 1958 (Showa 33)- Nippon Yusen(NYK) ・Osaka Merchant Marine-Mitsui ShipPlans to establish a freight airline.Japan AirlinesAn agreement was reached with (JAL), and JAL became unnecessary due to jetting after the appropriate time came.Propeller planeWas planned to be remodeled and operated[2][3].
  • November 1970-Also researched entry into the international cargo fieldAll Nippon Airways(ANA),Kawasaki Kisen(Kawaki),Yamashita Shin Nihon Kisen(Sanki) agrees to enter international cargo aviation, and joint research team is established[2][3].
  • August 1971 (Showa 46) --NYK ・Osaka MOL Ship(Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, merged in 1964), a group of two companies jointly submit a cargo airline establishment prospectus and request.Ministry of TransportSubmit to[2].
  • November 1972 --ANA, K Line, and Sanki agree to establish "Japan International Air Freight Transport Co., Ltd."[2].
  • August 1973-NYK / MOL's two-company group again submits a cargo airline establishment prospectus and request to the Ministry of Transport under the joint name.[2].
  • February 1974 (Showa 49) --ANA, Kawaki, Sanki,Nippon Express(Nippon Express, newly participating) submitted to the ministry a letter of intent and request for the establishment of Japan International Air Freight Transport Co., Ltd. under the joint name.[2].
  • 1977 (Showa 52) --The Japan International Air Freight Transport Group decides on a policy of unification with NYK and MOL.Behind this was the intention of the Ministry of Transport.[2].
  • 1978
    • May-Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. has reached a final agreement on the establishment of Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd.By the time we reached this point, the president of ANATokuji WakasaAnd NYK President Shojiro Kikuchi and others worked on it.[2].
    • May 5-Narita Airport opens (the official name at that time was New Tokyo International Airport).
    • June-Submitted to the Ministry of Transport a letter of intent and request for the establishment of Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. under the joint names of five companies excluding Nippon Express (Nippon Express is in the United States)Cargo consolidated business operatorDeclined due to license acquisition)[2].
    • August 9- Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. established.. Joint investment by 5 companies (ANA, NYK, MOL, Kawaki, Sanki) (4,000 million yen for each company, totaling 2 million yen).The English company name is Nippon Air Cargo Lines (abbreviation NAC)[2][3][Annotation 1].
    • November-Submitted a regular air transportation business license application to the Ministry of Transport.However, the Ministry of Transport has put this on hold for a long time.As a background45/47 systemIn addition to receiving a backlash from JAL, which had been exclusively assigned international regular routes, Narita Airport's capacity to accept (Narita Airport Problem) And the suspension of Japan-US aviation negotiations[2][4].
  • August 1983, 58-Acquired a regular air transportation business license in response to the report results of the Transport Council (support for the entry of multiple international freight flights).After that, two shipping companies (Showa Kaiun,Japan line) Participated.Changed the English company name to Nippon Cargo Airlines (abbreviated as NCA)[2].
  • 1984
  • 1985
    • January --The Ministry of Transport decides to take retaliation measures such as restrictions on the entry of US companies to the United States, which is reluctant to enter NCA.next month,US Department of StateWarns of countermeasures and becomes a diplomatic issue[2].
    • January 1-First aircraft landed in Narita for the first time[2].
    • Late February-A provisional agreement to allow NCA to enter the US-Japan aviation negotiations is finalized[2].
    • March 3-The US-Japan aviation negotiations reached a basic agreement at the administrative level, but did not reach a conclusion. NCA abandons April 28st service[2].
    • April 4-American entry agreement through US-Japan aviation negotiations (30MOU) [2].
    • May 5-First flight in service (KZ8 flight,Narita - San Francisco - ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク JA8167) Second World WarLater, it will be the second scheduled international flight after JAL as a Japanese airline.[2].
    • November 11st-Obtained an irregular air transportation business license.cargoCharter flightsCan be operated.
  • 1998
    • March 3-Promoted to designated incumbent company by US-Japan aviation negotiations (14MOU).
    • By Japan-China aviation negotiationsChugokuObtained a mainland route license from the government.Kansai - Shanghai --Opened Narita Line.
  • 2003 (15) --Promoted to IATA CARGO2000 regular member (joined as an associate member from April 2001).
  • 2004- Hong KongEstablished a local subsidiary NLV (NCA Logistics Venture) in Japan to strengthen trilateral freight transportation.
  • 2005
    • June 6-Received the first Boeing 15-747F (JA400KZ) from Boeing. Launched on European flights in June.
    • August 8-Nippon Airways acquires ANA-owned shares and raises its shareholding ratio to 5% or more.Consolidated subsidiaryAnd
    • November-Next-generation flagship aircraftBoeing 747-8FOrder.Cargolux AirlinesWith the same type of machineLaunch customer[Annotation 2]Will be.At the same time, formed a tie-up with Cargolux for the introduction of the 8th floor.
  • March 2006-Because of conventional refueling by Boeing 18-3FAnchorageStarted going straight to the European route that was calling at.
  • 2007
    • January-NCA Japan, the core of sales and transportation in Japan, begins operations.Since then, we have built a business structure in the four poles of the world (Japan, Asia Pacific, Europe, America).
    • 2 month - SingaporeStrategic alliance with Jet Eight (Jett8), a freight airline established in Japan.
    • March --Boeing 3-747F / -400F compatible typeFlight simulatorOrder[5].
    • 4 month - Haneda airportAnnounced that regular cargo flights will be put into service at midnight and early morning (4:2010 to 22:10) to Haneda Airport after October 23, when the 6th runway will be put into service.
    • June-Elected as a member of the Cargo Committee (6 leading companies in the world), which is the IATA Standing Committee.
    • July --Established the maintenance system for the Boeing 7-747F in-house (continuing to outsource the 400F to ANA).
    • October --Opened Global Operations Center (GOC) at Narita Airport, which serves as a base for flight management departments.
  • 2008
    • January-For maintenance in the Narita International Airport maintenance areaHangerConstruction and construction start[6].
    • March 3-Narita-San Francisco- Los AngelesThe Boeing 152-747F will be retired (JA200) and the fleet will be unified to the Boeing 8181-747F with the operation of KZ400.[Annotation 3][Annotation 4].
    • April 4-The flight and maintenance operations will be completely independent, and the in-house operation system as an airline will be established.
    • April --Operating (i-Sky) -Transportation (i-cargo) -Maintenance (i-Macs) New information system construction and operation started.
    • June-Arranged by the Government of JapanSichuan earthquakeRelief supplies from China成都Charter transportation.
  • 2009
    • March 3-with JALCode share flightsFlight start[7].
    • June-Narita Airport maintenance hangers are in service.
    • July 7-Announcement of postponement of service to Haneda Airport[8].
  • 2010
    • March 3-Abandoned integration with JAL's air cargo division[9].
  • 2012
    • July 7-Received Boeing 25-747F (JA8KZ) from Boeing.On a delivery flight, on August 13ndNaritaArrived at (flight number: KZ696)[Annotation 5]..The company's new paint was unveiled for the first time on this aircraft.
    • August 8-The Boeing 13-747F (JA8KZ) received above goes into service on the company's business line for the first time.The first flight is Narita- Los Angeles(Flight number: KZ108 flight).
    • September 9-Germany / Frankfurt access changed to Khan / Frankfurt Airport due to airport operating time restrictions.
    • November 11-Narita- Dallas/Fort WorthLine service started.
  • 2013
    • January 1-Received Boeing 9-747F (JA8KZ) from Boeing.Second machine in total.Arrived at Narita on January 12th by delivery flight (flight number: KZ2).
    • February-Atlantic route (Chicago → Khan) one-way flight
    • April 4 --Boeing 8-747F (JA400KZ) is Narita - ChicagoRetired due to flight number (Flight number: KZ134) (retired after arriving at Chicago airport).The aircraft has been operated by Nippon Cargo Airlines for less than eight years, and became the company's first retired Boeing 8-747F.
    • May 5-On the return flight of the Seoul route (Seoul / Incheon → Tokyo / Narita)KitakyushuStarted calling at the port.The outbound route goes straight to Seoul as before.
    • November 11-Received Boeing 2-747F (JA8KZ) from Boeing[11].
    • November 11-Received Boeing 20-747F (JA8KZ) from Boeing[12].
    • November 11-On the return flight of the Taipei / Taoyuan route (Taipei / Taoyuan → Tokyo / Narita)KitakyushuStarted calling at the port.The outbound route goes straight to Taipei as before.
  • 2018
    • February 2-Agreed on strategic business alliance with ANA.Code sharePlans to promote alliances, expansion of solidarity transportation, business cooperation in the aircraft maintenance department, etc.[13]. In 2005ANA GroupAlthough NCA has withdrawn from, it has decided to strengthen its relationship with ANA again.
    • August 3- Cargolux AirlinesAnd Narita- LuxembourgLine ofCode shareAgreed in partnership[14].
    • June 6-The maintenance record for lubricating oil replenishment conducted in April revealed a false statement, and all of our flights were temporarily suspended in order to verify whether there were similar cases with other aircraft.[15][16].
    • October 10-Boeing 31-747F (JA400KZ), the last company and Japanese airline to retire[17]..The aircraft was the first aircraft ordered by Nippon Cargo Airlines.February 2, the following year, leaving Japan.With the retirement of the aircraft, the company's fleet was completely unified with the Boeing 12-747F.
  • 2021 years (Ryowa 3 years)

Business plan

  • After July 2012-Receive the next-generation flagship Boeing 24-7F at any time[18]..With this introduction, the company's first paint change was made.[18].
  • Due to an improvement order from the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2018, the aircraft will be unified as described below, and based on the "strategic business alliance" with ANA, eight people will be supported during 2018, and the aircraft body structure will be repaired in Hong Kong. Expected to receive support from ANA, including consignment by the company (HAECO) and Taiwan maintenance company (EGAT)[19].
  • As of March 2018, 10Boeing 747-400All F aircraft were retired, and the company's aircraft were unified to the Boeing 747-8F.[20]But in the United StatesAtlas AirlinesBy expanding its strategic alliance with Japan, it plans to provide a global large-scale freight transportation network in the form of five-aircraft operation consignment by concluding a lease-out contract and an air freight transportation service contract for retired aircraft of the same type.[21].

Owned equipment

Operation equipment

As of 2020, only the Boeing 747-8F is in operation.

As of 2018, NCA equipment is as followsFreighterIt is the only company that operates a Japanese-registered Boeing 747. As of October 2018, 10Boeing 747-400FHas been retired and the Boeing 747-400F has completely disappeared from Japanese airlines.

The last Boeing 2014-747 was retired from passenger operations in 400.Japanese Air Force OneAs a successorBoeing 777-300ERThere was a possibility that the Boeing 747 would disappear from Japanese airlines due to the selection of the aircraft, but since NCA received a new Boeing 747-8F aircraft and started operation in 2012, it has been a while. The situation where the Japanese-registered "Jumbo Jet" disappears is inevitable.

List of aircraft operated by Nippon Cargo Airlines
Aircraft symbolModelSerial numberDate of receiptRemarks
JA11KZBoeing 747-8KZF36136August, 2013
JA12KZBoeing 747-8KZF36137201301
JA13KZBoeing 747-8KZF36138201208
JA14KZBoeing 747-8KZF37394August, 2013
JA15KZBoeing 747-8KZF36139201401
JA16KZBoeing 747-8KZF37393August, 2014
JA17KZBoeing 747-8KZF36140August, 2014
JA18KZBoeing 747-8KZF36141August, 2014

Prior to the introduction of the 14 aircraft that were initially ordered (breakdown: 8 confirmed aircraft, 6 optional aircraft), the aircraft code was pre-registered.All customer codes are -8KZF.
Launch customer of 747-8F with Cargolux Airlines[Annotation 2]And is cooperating in development with Boeing.It became the first Boeing 747-8 (-8KZF) to have a Japanese registration.

On September 2015, 9, NYK reviewed the aircraft scale of its consolidated subsidiary Nippon Cargo Airlines in order to flexibly respond to the rapidly changing international cargo aviation market. As a result, 4 out of 6 options for the ordered aircraft Agreed with Boeing to cancel[22]..Furthermore, on March 2017, 3, we canceled the order for two optional aircraft.[23]As a result, all 6 optional aircraft were canceled, and the Boeing 747-8F was fully delivered with the 8 installed aircraft.[24].

Retired equipment

Since it was an ANA Group, it possessed equipment that was a refurbishment of ANA's passenger aircraft, and the aircraft was painted using ANA's "Triton Blue" and "Mohawk Blue."

List of aircraft retired from Nippon Cargo Airlines
Aircraft symbolModelSerial numberDate of receiptErasure dateRemarks
JA8158Boeing 747SR-81 / SF227111993/122006/02Short-distance passenger plane refurbishment type introduced by ANA, no nose cargo door
JA8167Boeing 747-281F / SCD231381984/122006/09
JA8168Boeing 747-281F / SCD231391985/022006/04
JA8172Boeing 747-281F233501985/102007/11
JA8181Boeing 747-281B / SF236981999/052008/04Passenger plane refurbished type, no nose cargo door
JA8182Boeing 747-281B / SF238132001/022008/03Passenger plane refurbished type, no nose cargo door
JA8188Boeing 747-281F / SCD239191988/012008/02
JA8190Boeing 747-281B / SF243992002/042008/03Passenger plane refurbished type, no nose cargo door
JA8191Boeing 747-281F / SCD245761990/112007/01
JA8192Boeing 747-2D3B / SF225791997/082007/04ANABritish Airways(OldBritish Caledonian AirlinesFrom)
Purchased used airliner refurbished type, no nose cargo door
JA8194Boeing 747-281F / SCD251711991/112007/01
JA01KZBoeing 747-481F340162005/062014/08Transferred to Kalitta Air on August 2014, 8 (N4KZ)
JA02KZBoeing 747-481F340172005/082013/06Transferred to Kalitta Air on August 2013, 6 (N3KZ)
JA03KZBoeing 747-481F340182006/092014/09Transferred to Kalitta Air on August 2014, 9 (N16KZ)
JA04KZBoeing 747-481F342832007/032017/08As of May 2017, 8Atlas AirlinesLease out (N404KZ)
JA06KZBoeing 747-4KZF361332007/122018/11Lease out to Atlas Air on November 2018, 11 (N7KZ)
JA07KZBoeing 747-4KZF361342008/052016/11Lease out to Atlas Air on November 2016, 11 (N2KZ)
JA08KZBoeing 747-4KZF361352008/082018/11Leased out to Atlas Air on November 2018, 11 (N8KZ), painted "Flexport"
JA05KZBoeing 747-4KZF361322007/102019/02NCA's first in-house ordering machine, February 2019 Lease out to Atlas Air under Atlas Air Worldwide (N2KZ)

(Note) The numbers in parentheses after the aircraft code are in the order of introduction.

Service route

Route development

  • 1985 (Showa 60) --Tokyo / New Tokyo (current name: Narita), San Francisco (later withdrawn), New York / Kennedy
  • 1986 (Showa 61)- Hong Kong/Enlightenment(Later withdrew due to relocation to new airport)
  • 1987 (62) --Singapore
  • 1988 (Showa 63) --Anchorage, Amsterdam
  • 1989 (Heisei XNUMX) --Bangkok (currently Don Muang) (later withdrawn due to relocation to new airport)
  • 1990 (Heisei 2) --Seoul (currently Jinpo) (later withdrawn due to relocation to new airport)
  • 1991 (Heisei 3)-Chicago, Los Angeles
  • 1993 (Heisei 5) --Milan
  • 1994 (6) --Osaka / Kansai, Kuala Lumpur (later withdrawn)
  • 1996 (Heisei 8) --Manila (later withdrawn)
  • 1998 (Heisei 10)-Hong Kong, Portland (later withdrawn), Shanghai / Pudong, London / Stansted (later withdrawn)
  • 2000 (12) --Frankfurt (later withdrawn)
  • 2001 (Heisei 13) --Seoul / Incheon
  • 2005 (Heisei 17) --Nagoya / Chubu (later withdrawn)
  • 2006 (Heisei 18) --Bangkok / Suvarnabhumi
  • 2007 (19) --Beijing (later withdrawn)
  • 2011 (Heisei 23) --Taipei / Taoyuan[30]
  • 2012-Frankfurt / Hahn (later paused), Dallas / Fort Worth
  • 2013- Kitakyushu(Call only on the return trip of Seoul / Incheon Line and Taipei / Taoyuan Line)

Withdrawal route

  • By operating the Atlantic route, albeit one way, in Narita → Anchorage → Chicago → Khan → Milan → NaritaRound the World RouteWas in service[31]Was suspended on December 2019, 12 to optimize flight efficiency, and has since been a return flight to Chicago.[32].
  • The investigation committee pointed out the lack of production system including maintenance for the increase in operating models in the improvement measures for administrative sanctions due to the post-event aviation accident certification case in 2018, and as a countermeasure, the operation scale was reviewed including unification of operating models, so it was suspended. Withdrawals are increasing, and outsourcing through business alliances is increasing.

Irregular destinations (major airports only)


  • In a trade magazine in January 2008, it was reported that "we are making adjustments to form a partnership with Japan Airlines (JAL)'s cargo business division," but Nippon Cargo Airlines reported this as "a fact. Strongly denied as "different from"[33]..However, one year later, in January 1, the two companies agreed on a code-share tie-up, and code-share freight flights began operating on March 2009, 21.[34].
  • In December 2010, instead of JAL, which is retiring the Boeing 22-12,Japan Air Self-Defense ForceOwned byJapanese Air Force OneEntrusted with the operation license acquisition business of[35].
  • August 2018 (Heisei 30),Singapore Airlines CargoConcluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with and to build a strategic partnership, and agreed to start operating code-share flights on the Narita-Kansai-Singapore route from FY18.[36].
  • In February 2018, it was announced that it would start a strategic business alliance with All Nippon Airways (ANA), including code-share flights and cooperation in the maintenance department, from FY30.[37].

Aviation accident

Since the service started in 1985 (Showa 60), no aircraft have been lost due to the accident.

  • 4 aviation accident certifications
    • October 2003, 15: At Narita International Airport, take off at the tail of the aircraftRunway(KZ062 flight JA8191 Investigation and report completed by the Accident Investigation Committee[38]).
    • May 2018, 30: The following two cases were recognized as aviation accidents, and the accident was reported to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism based on the Aviation Law.[39].
      • 2017年1月22日:シカゴ‐フランクフルトのボーイング747-8F型機(機番 JA11KZ)/便名:KZ192がシカゴ・オヘア国際空港にて、離陸時のバードストライクにより引き返し着陸した。点検により機体損傷を確認し、航空機製造者に次回定期整備時の修理で良いことを確認した上で引き続き運用していたが、この損傷について、同年4月の定期整備時に「小修理」として修理を行っていたが、修理箇所の大きさ(およそ縦10㎝ x 横15cm)により本来は「大修理」と区分すべきであったことが2018年5月17日に判明した。
      • March 2018, 3: Los Angeles-San Francisco Boeing 28-747F aircraft (machine number JA8KZ) / Flight number: KZ13 was confirmed to be damaged by post-flight inspection at San Francisco International Airport.After confirming with the aircraft manufacturer that the repair at the time of the next regular maintenance would be sufficient, the operation was continued. It was classified as "major repair".
    • From May 2018, 5, on-site inspection by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will be conducted at the head office in Narita International Airport.[40]、運用機材の整備点検状況の確認などのため大幅な欠航並びに遅延が発生した。さらにこの検査によって、同年4月3日に成田空港で実施した当社航空機(JA14KZ)の機械部品への潤滑油補給に関する整備記録に事実と異なる記載があったことが判明し、他運用機についても同様の事例の存在が否定出来ないため、全ての運航便を一時的に停止する事が同年6月16日に発表された。日本時間2018年6月16日の成田空港出発便より順次停止し、6月17日成田空港到着便を以って全ての運航を停止する事となった[41]..Since the soundness of one aircraft (JA7KZ) was confirmed on July 4, the same year, it was announced that the operation would be resumed from July 1, the following day. Prospect[42]Is.On July 7, the same year, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism issued a business improvement order and a business improvement order based on the Aviation Law.[43].
    • 2021年2月1日:香港‐成田のボーイング747-8F型機(機番 JA13KZ)/便名:KZ258 が成田空港に着陸する直前になって、気流の乱れで着陸をやり直した。同機は約20分後に成田空港のA滑走路に着陸したが、その後の点検で機体後部に縦3メートル、幅90センチの傷があるのが見つかった。
      • The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has determined that the aircraft has come into contact with the runway either when landing or when it has to be redone, and has been certified as an aviation accident because of the large degree of damage.The Japan Transport Safety Board has begun an investigation.


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外部 リンク

Hankyu Hanshin Express

Hankyu Hanshin Express Co., Ltd.(Hankyu Hanshin Express,British: HANKYU HANSHIN EXPRESS Co., Ltd.) IsHankyu Hanshin Toho GroupBelongs to (Hankyu Hanshin Holdings), Japan's major internationalAir cargoForwarder.


From founding to separation and independence from electric railway companies

1948(Showa 23) January 2[3]ToHankyu CorporationEstablished an agency department and started aviation agency business[4]In July of the same yearHanshin Electric RailwayStarted operations as an airline agency[5]Is the beginning.

1949(Showa 24) Hankyu RailwayOsaka Customs-Yokohama CustomsIn (currentCustoms broker(Equivalent to) Obtained a license, and also Hanshin Electric Railway1950(25) Osaka Customs,1952(Showa 27)Tokyo CustomsObtained the same license for1957In (32), both companies established an air cargo mixed loading tailoring company and participated in group mixed loading.[6].

1960(35) On October 10, the agency department of Hankyu Railway was spun off and Hankyu International Co., Ltd. was established.[3],1962(Showa 37) In April, the first Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd. was absorbed and merged, and the company name was changed to the second Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.[3]After that, the second generation Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd. was in business.[4].

The other Hanshin Electric Railway Group continued its business in the aviation sales department of the main body of the electric railway company.[7]But,1999(11) Hanshin Electric Railway transferred its international air cargo handling business to Hanshin Air Cargo Co., Ltd. and became independent.[5].

Business integration and subsequent development

After the tender offer of shares by Hankyu Holdings, which was carried out as a countermeasure against the electric shock of the Murakami Fund's hoarding of Hanshin shares,2006(18) Following the business integration of Hanshin Electric Railway, the parent company, with Hankyu Holdings on October 10st.[8], Became a subsidiary of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings.

With the acquisition of the same Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Hanshin Air Cargo Co., Ltd. and the second generation Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd. began jointly mixed export cargo.2008(20) In January, the second generation Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.KIXHanshin Air Cargo Co., Ltd. also shared the logistics facility constructed in Japan, and Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd., the second generation Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.New Tokyo International AirportCost reduction was promoted by business integration such as joint use of logistics facilities constructed in the vicinity of[9].

2008(20) On April 4, the second generation Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd. became an intermediate holding company.Hankyu Hanshin Kotsusha HoldingsNext[10], Hankyu Express Co., Ltd. inherits the international transportation division of the second generation Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.[11], Joined Hankyu Hanshin Transportation Co., Ltd. with Hanshin Air Cargo Co., Ltd.[12].

2008(20) The first overseas subsidiary established jointly by Hanshin Air Cargo Co., Ltd. and Hankyu Express Co., Ltd. started business in Vietnam on October 10.[13],2009(21) The company name was changed from Hankyu International Freight Forwarding (Beijing) to Hankyu Hanshin International Freight Forwarding Agency (Beijing) on ​​July 7, and the overseas business was integrated for the first time except for the new establishment.[14]The integration of overseas bases was also promoted.

2009(21) On October 10, Hanshin Air Cargo Co., Ltd. merged with Hankyu Express Co., Ltd. to become Hankyu Hanshin Express Co., Ltd.[15].

At the time of this merger, Hanshin Air Cargo Co., Ltd.Sumitomo CorporationAfter conducting a share exchange (triangular share exchange) in consideration of the common stock of the listed Hankyu Hanshin Holdings for the 15% stake that was invested by Hankyu Hanshin Transportation Co., Ltd.[15], Hankyu Hanshin Transportation Co., Ltd. acquired shares from Hankyu Hanshin Holdings through a third-party allotment on August 8, the same year.[16], A form was adopted in which the shares were exchanged with Sumitomo Corporation.[16].

We have local corporations and representative offices all over the world, and the number of local corporations is 17, and the number of developing countries including representative offices is 23.

Due to a review of the travel and international transportation business within the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group, the intermediate holding company system will be abolished and Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd. and Hankyu Hanshin Express Co., Ltd. will become direct subsidiaries, and as of April 2013, 4, the parent company Hankyu Hanshin Express Co., Ltd. The company Holdings has been absorbed and merged.


  • 1948(23)
  • 1960(35) October 10-Split off from Hankyu RailwayHankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.Established
  • 1961(Showa 36) January 1-Started business as Hankyu International Co., Ltd.
  • 1962(Showa 37) April 4-Hankyu International Co., Ltd. merged with the first sister company, Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd., and the second generation on April 1, the same year.Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.Company name changed to.
  • 1971(Showa 46) June- Ueno Zoo OfPandaResponsible for customs clearance and ground transportation of "Ranran" and "Kankan"
  • 1999(11)
    • 4 month - Hankyu Cargo ServiceEstablished (renamed by the merger of Hankyu Domestic Air Transport and East-West Express)
    • August 5- Hanshin Air CargoEstablishment
    • October --Transferred Hanshin Electric Railway's international air cargo handling business to Hanshin Air Cargo[5]
  • 2005(17) April 4-Due to the reorganization of the Hankyu Railway GroupHankyu HoldingsBecame a subsidiary of a corporation.
  • 2005(17) June- TeacherCo., Ltd. (Head office:Osaka) And the second generation Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.logisticsBusiness alliance related to business
  • 2008(20) April 4st-1nd generation Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd. is an intermediate holding companyHankyu Hanshin Kotsusha HoldingsReorganized into[10], Takes over the international transportation business of the former Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd. due to the company split[11],Hankyu ExpressWas established and made Hankyu Hanshin Transportation Co., Ltd. Holdings a subsidiary together with Hanshin Air Cargo.[12].
  • 2009(21) October 10-Hanshin Air Cargo and Hankyu Express integrated (the former is the surviving company),Hankyu Hanshin Express Co., Ltd.Launched as[15].
  • 2013(25) April 4-Hankyu Hanshin Transportation Co., Ltd. merged and became a direct subsidiary of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings.
  • 2018(30) January 1-With the parent company Hankyu Hanshin HoldingsSeino HoldingsCapital and business alliance with[17].. Seino Holdings will acquire the Company's common stock (holding ratio of 2018%) by underwriting all of the capital increase through third-party allotment scheduled to be implemented on April 4, 1.

Hankyu Hanshin Express Group

  • Hankyu Hanshin Logi Partners Co., Ltd.
  • Hankyu Domestic Express Hokkaido
  • Hankyu Domestic Express Shikoku
  • Ams Co., Ltd.
  • Sky Packing Co., Ltd.
  • Transportation company insurance service
  • CFH INSURANCE PTE LTD. Non-life insurance business

Overseas subsidiary


  • Hankyu Hanshin Express (USA) Inc.
    IllinoisChicagoSuburbsItascaHeadquartered in.Manages and controls 13 branches in the United States, Canada (Toronto office), and Brazil (Sao Paulo office).
  • Hankyu Hanshin Express Mexico SADE CV
    Mexico CityHeadquartered in.

Europe / Middle East / Africa (EMEA)

  • Hankyu Hanshin Express (Deutschland) GmBH
    Germany-FrankfurtHeadquarters,DusseldorfHave a branch office in.In addition to Germany, neighboring countriesチ ェ コIt also has jurisdiction over the Prague branch office.
  • Hankyu Hanshin Express (UK) Ltd.
    The United Kingdom-UKHeadquartered in.As the trade name indicates, it has jurisdiction over the United Kingdom.
  • Hankyu Hanshin Express (Netherlands) BV
    Netherlands-AmsterdamSuburbsSchipholHeadquarters,RotterdamHave a branch office in.In the list of Hankyu Hanshin Express sales offices, it is treated as "Amsterdam Headquarters".Besides the Netherlandsベルギー(Brussels branch),France(Paris branch) is also in charge.

Besides thisMilan,Vienna,Moscow,Dubai,Johannesburg,NairobiWe have an overseas representative office in.

Mainland China

  • Hankyu Hanshin Express (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
    As the trade name indicatesBeijingHeadquartered in.天津市(City),Dalian-Shenyang(BothLiaoning),Qingdao(Qingdao Liuting International AirportWe also have a sales office) ・Yantai(BothShandong),Tangshan(Hebei Province) Has jurisdiction over each branch.
  • Hankyu Hanshin Sinotrans International Transport Co., Ltd.
    As the trade name "Sinotrans" indicatesSinotransA joint venture with (Sinotrans)ShanghaiHeadquartered in.In Kanji notation, "Sinotrans Hankyu Hanshin International Currency Transport".Pudong Airport,Suzhou-Wuxi(BothJiangsu) Was in charge of the air cargo field[18].. Since the joint venture agreement with Chugai Transport will expire on December 2011, 12, from January 31, 2012, the following "Hankyu Hanshin International Logistics", which was previously in charge of sea freight, domestic transportation, and domestic warehousing operations, (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ”will be transferred and reorganized.[18]..However, the company name is still listed in the list of sales offices.
  • Hankyu Hanshin International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Headquartered in Shanghai, as the trade name indicates.In Kanji notation, "Hankyu Hanshin International Logistics (Shanghai)".Currently, it has jurisdiction over the branch office in Suzhou and develops bonded warehousing business.
  • Hankyu Hanshin Express (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Headquartered in Shanghai, as the trade name suggests.In Kanji notation, "Hankyu Hanshin International Freight Forwarding (Shanghai)".Chongqing(Directly controlled city)Wuhan(Hubei Province),Ningbo-Hangzhou(BothZhejiang Province),Nanjing(Jiangsu),成都(Sichuan Province) Branches.As mentioned above, in the past, "Hankyu Hanshin Sinotrans International Transport Co., Ltd." was in charge of the three operations of sea freight, domestic transportation, and domestic warehousing, but in the air freight field, it was in charge of January 3. The same field will be transferred to our company from the 2012st.[18].
  • Hankyu Hanshin Express (Guangzhou) Ltd.
    As the trade name saysGuangzhouHeadquartered in.Dongguan-Deep?(BothGuangdong),Fuzhou-Xiamen(BothFujian Province) Has jurisdiction over the branch office.

Hong Kong

  • Hankyu Hanshin Express (Hong Kong) Ltd.
    According to the trade nameHong KongHeadquartered in, and has jurisdiction over the area.The head office is九龍In and more新界 OfShatianHas a branch office in.


  • Hankyu Hanshin Express (Taiwan) Ltd.
    According to the trade nameTaiwanA local corporation that has jurisdiction over.The head office isTaipeiInTaipei Airport(Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, CKS Airport),Kaohsiung,TaichungHave a branch office in.

ASEAN (Southeast Asia) region / India

Besides thisPhnom PenhWe have an overseas representative office in.

South Korea


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