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🚗 | “Bavarian Beast” BMW X5M improved new model, finally equipped with final components

Photo BMW X5M improved new prototype (scoop photo)

"Bavarian Beast" BMW X5M improved new model, finally equipped with final components

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In the prototype I caught, the headlights are placeholders (provisional components), but the slightly larger kidney grille is camouflaged.

BMW is currently developing an improved new model of the middle-sized SUV "X5", but its strongest model "X5M" is the best ... → Continue reading


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BMW(BMW W,German: Bayerische Motoren Werke AG[Annotation 1], BavarianMover製造Co., Ltd.)Germany OfBavariaMunichBased inAutomobileandMotorcycle, An engine maker.

Other,英国 OfRolls-RoyceとMINICars under the umbrella of two companiesbrandAs,BMW M.とBMW MotorradAs a subsidiary.Main officeBillengine OfcylinderIt is shaped like a combination of four cylinders that imitate theVierzylinder), Four cylinders in EnglishFour Cylinder)Is called. A new emblem was announced in March 2020, and the emblem became official.Until now, the emblem had a motif of the flag of Bavaria in two colors, blue and white, but this time the emblem has been cut out of white to match the body color.In addition, the black border has disappeared and only the BMW notation is used.


How to read

1981Japanese corporationBMW JAPANWith the establishment, the official name in JapanEnglishReading "BMWBecame[Annotation 2]..By the way, in Germany, "B.M.V.'[Annotation 3]You can see the pronunciation videos of BMW from all over the world on the official page of the manufacturer.[7]..Previously it was read in German even in Japan, so "B.M.V.I tend to read.

BMWMotorcycleSales corporation name "Motorrad(→BMW Motorrad,wikt: Motorrad) Is "MotorradIs written, but in German reading, "Moto (A) Rat Is[8](Motrarad Motorrad Is it from the English reading of Bavarian?NamariThere is some debate as to whether it sounded like that).


1917May 10ToLogoIn GermanyTrademark registrationWas done.1929Before the public relations advertisement ofblackBorderedYenTowhiteArrange the "BMW" without it, and inside the center circlecrossDivided into 4 equal parts by point symmetrytagとwhiteIt is a design that is painted separately.The BMW font and its position have changed slightly in the past, but basically there is no change.

Also, in the same advertisement, the circle and cross are propellers associated with the former aircraft engine manufacturer, and the blue and white are white.(I.e.And blueOur SkyIt is explained that each image is imaged, and for a long time until 2019propellerThe origin theory was adopted. BMW JAPAN also posted the theory of logo propeller origin on the history page.

But BMW2020When revising the emblem, he said that the interpretation that the BMW logo was derived from the propeller was not the correct answer.However, on the other hand, since the theory has been believed for about 90 years and has become an established fact, it is also true that BMW has come to justify the propeller-derived theory in a sense.[9].

Product features

Full 4-seater 4-doorsedanThe feature is that while keeping the car as the main, it is trying to make it sporty.Also about the drive systemFront engine / rear drive system (FR) rear wheel drive(Or FR-based4WD), Until recently under the BMW brandFront-wheel drive (FF)There was no car, but the 2 Series Active Tourer was added to the lineup as the company's first front-wheel drive vehicle.In addition, we have also conducted research and development of FF vehicles in the past, and the technology is FF vehicles within the same group.Rover 75,MINIIt is kept alive in.Also,Inline 6 cylinderThe company's commitment to it is also unique to the company.Other companiesVertical installationとLandscapeCommonization,Crushable zoneIt is advantageous in terms of both indoor space and engine weight.V6 cylinderIn-line 6-cylinderVibration characteristicsWe are particular about the feeling and feeling, and continue to install the company's in-line 6-cylinder engine even at the expense of the above merits, and these engines are commonly called "Silky Six".In order to accommodate this long engine, the bonnet is longer than the overall length, especially in small models, and it has a unique proportion that other companies do not have.

In addition, the frontAxleTo the front end, and to place the engine as close to the guest room as possiblebatteryThetrunk roomWe are continuing our efforts to bring the front and rear weight distribution closer to 50:50, such as by arranging it in the engine, and the engine is mounted vertically for ideal driving, traction performance that gives a smooth and comfortable acceleration feeling, and agile handling. The beauty of FR cars, such as response (also the corporate slogan "driving pleasure".When translated, it becomes "joy of driving" or "joy of driving", and the slogan of BMW JAPANJapanese"The joy of running through") continues to be pursued.

As for the design, the round four-lamp type (two-lamp type + auxiliary light in the first place)head lampAnd Kidney Grill (kidney = kidney) Has a unique shapegrillIt features a front mask with.Kidney grill1933The first original car announced inBMW 303Adopted fromIso OfLicense productionIs a carIsetta, And its derivatives600, AlsoAir coolingFlat twin Rear engine Of700, Used on all models except the BMW 325 (1937-1940).North AmericaMarketForAlbrecht von GertzStyled507Although the front grill is divided into two parts, it is low, horizontally long, and large.designIs different.

As a person who has had a great influence on design in recent years1992から2009An American designer who was in the design department and was the chief of the department.Chris BangleThere is.He gradually and boldly changed the design throughout the 1990s and in the 2000s. An open car that appeared in the mid to late 1990sZ3(E36 / 7)4th Generation 5 Series (E39),4th Generation 3 Series (E46),First generation X5 series (E53)Although it was a relatively mild design that followed the conventional route, it was designed in the 2000s.formalsedan4th Generation 7 Series (E65)Then,Flagship modelAs it was too advanced design, "Bangle to crush BMWメ ル セ デ スSent inassassinMany criticisms such as "is received from users who prefer a conservative design."After that, Chris Bangle is an open carZ4 (E85),2th Generation 6 Series (E63),5th Generation 5 Series (E60),5th Generation 3 Series (E90)(However, in reality, Chris Bangle was not the only one to design. For example, in the case of the 5th generation 3 series (E90), exterior designJoji NagashimaThe chief designer, Chris Bangle, was in charge of the final design decision.To put it bluntly, it was Chris Bangle who led the design concept in recent years).As a result, his advanced design was commercially successful and contributed to the increase in unit sales.Although there were pros and cons, Chris Bangle gained a high reputation as a designer, and his advanced design sense had a great influence on other manufacturers.

In the past, the emphasis was on improving the performance of the car, so I preferred the latest electric devices and innovations, which made it easy to cause trouble.In addition, there are concerns about the reliability of parts, the replacement cycle of parts is short, and it is more expensive than Mercedes-Benz, which also has a similar model in German cars (Mercedes-Benz has an attitude of emphasizing reliability) (Prefered to make a car that is conservative and hard to break down, with an emphasis on acquired and matured technology), and tends to be shunned for business use.For exampleTaxiMercedes cars (among others)E class) Is overwhelmingly large, and the company's adoption is very small.[Annotation 4].


After World War I, it started producing motorcycle engines, and then the motorcycle itself.[10].

The company's motorcycle brand is currently "BMW Motorrad(Moto Alert, Motorat in German reading) ". First successful work after the failure of "Helios" and "Flink"R32Started production in 1923. R32 isAir coolingof"boxertwin"(Horizontally opposed 2 cylinder) Equipped with an engineVertical engineDepending on the arrangement, each cylinder protrudes to the left and right of the vehicle body.

Single cylinderApart from the model, I used only this unique layout until the early 1980s.Many models are still equipped with air-cooled boxer twins,R seriesAnd produced as.

During World War IIsidecarWithR75Produced.The R75 features a unique designZundapp-A copy of the KS750, and the sidecar was also powered.This is a fixed typeDifferentialIt was combined with and could easily run off-road.Vehicles that were similarly heavily used during World War II were of the U.S. military.ジ ー プMet.

1982 years,K seriesProduction begins.this isWater cooling OfInline engine(3 cylinderor4 cylinder) Is mounted horizontally and vertically (horizontal cylinders are lined up in the left-right direction) and driven by a shaft drive.Soon the chain driveF seriesAnd production began, these are single cylinder orInline 2 cylinder OfRotaxThe engineLandscapeIt was installed.

Revised air-cooled boxer engine in the early 1990s. Became known as the "oil head"SOHC4 valvesIt is an engine. In 2002, the oil head engine was equipped with two plugs per cylinder.

In 2004Balancer shaftBuilt-in, displacement increased to 1,170 cc, enhanced to 100 hp (75 kW)R1200GSIt was installed in.This was an increase of 1150 horsepower compared to the 85 hp (63 kW) of the previous R15GS.More powerful oil head engines will be installed in the R1100S and R1200S, delivering 98 hp (73 kW) and 122 hp (91 kW), respectively.

Motorcycles from the late 1980sAntilock braking systemIntroduced in motorcycles after 2006Anti-skid deviceWas introduced.

2004, new modelK1200Sannounced.It is a transverse engine with a 1 hp (167 kW) developed with the Williams F125 team and is lighter than its predecessor.Electronically adjustable front and rear suspension, "Duo leverAn innovative technology called a new front fork called "" was also introduced.

He is also an innovator in motorcycle suspension.They were the first to adoptTelescopicThe front suspension is now used by most other motorcycle manufacturers.They followedEarl's ForkSwitched to (1955-1969).In most modern models, the rear swingarm is cantilevered.Since the early 1990s, some models have been "TeleleverThe front fork called "is adopted.This is similar to Earl's Fork, but dramatically suppresses the nose dive when braking.

July 2007, ItalyHusqvarna motorcycleWill be acquired for 9,300 million euros. It plans to operate Husqvarna as a separate company from BMW Motorrad.All development, sales and production activity bases are original basesVareseFastened to[11]..Husqvarnamotocross,Enduro,andSupermotoIs continuously produced.

Motor sports

Motor sportsHas been showing a positive attitude for a long time.

The activity is particularly noticeableTouring carIn the raceSchnitzer motorsport,Hamann MotorsportSuch asSemi WorksHave a lot of teamsWorld Touring Car Championship(WTCC) and24 Hours of NürburgringWe are actively participating in such races.

70'sGerman racing car championship(Predecessor of the German Touring Car Championship)2002ti,320i Turbo (E21),3.0 CSLでPorsche,FordIn a fierce battle withDTM (German Touring Car Championship Phase 1)From the 1980s to the 1990s635CSi,M3 (E30)でMercedes-BenzAnd Ford,AudiFought a fierce battle. He showed a spectacular performance in DTM and continued to participate in the war until 1994.After withdrawal, he was often rumored to participate in the war, but he did not take part in the war, but in 2012,M3 Coupe (race vehicle E92 type M3 DTM)From the same seasonDTM (German Touring Car Championship Phase 2)Suddenly won the series championship in the first year[12]..In touring car races in JapanZ4As a base vehicle,E39 type M5ForV8 5.0L engineFrom the 2008 seasonSUPER GT・ Participated in the GT300 class.Entrant nameStudie GLAD RacingAs Z4 fought the 2008 and 2009 seasons.But,E86 type Z4Struggled, and after the end of the 2009 season, the team owner Advanced Step abandoned the race and the team was in danger of breaking up, but was the main sponsor.Good smile racing(good smile Company) Became the owner and took over.Good Smile Racing teamed up with Porsche Tuner COX in the 2010 season to adopt Porsche, but from the 2011 season again teamed up with BMW Tuner Studie.E89 type Z4The entrant name GSR & Studie with TeamUKYO (Good Smile Racing & Study with Team Ukyo) and the 2011 model Z4 GT3 participated in the race.In the 2011 season, the Z3 became the first BMW machine to win the GT6 class, starting with the first victory in Round 8 and winning in Rounds 4 and 300.

At the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC)BMW Team UK 320,320siIn 2005 (320i), 2006 (320si) and 2007 (320si), he won the annual championship.

24 Hours of Le MansIn the pastWilliamsTeam up withPrototype racing carAsBMW V12 LMHas experience in developing and participating in the war, and in 1999 it was an updated version of the car.BMW V12 LMRRunSchnitzer motorsportIs winning the overall victory. M2018 in 8LM-GTEIn the vehicleWecHas started to participate in Works.Also in North AmericaIMSAThen, before that, the Z4 LM-GTE specially certified car was participating in Works.

F1へはエンジンサプライヤーとして、1982年 - 1988年(1987~1988年はメガトロン名義)そして2000年 - 2005年と2期参戦。1982年6月の第8戦カナダグランプリで初優勝し、1983年にはNelson Picket Brabham BMWDriveDrivers titleWon. From 2006Sauber teamAcquired,BMW Sauber F1 TeamAsワ ー ク スParticipation in the war. Round 2008 Canadian Grand Prix in June 6 (FORMULA1-Grand Prix du Canada 2008)soRobert KubicaWon his first victory, but in 2009Lehman shockThis was the only victory because he withdrew at.

From 2011 to 2012World Rally ChampionshipTo (WRC)MINIWas participating in the war.at firstPro driveWas a works team, but in February 2012, Prodrive was demoted to a privateer, and Motorsport Italy (WRC team MINI Portugal) was promoted to works instead.[13]..However, in the end, he ended his works activities in just two seasons because he was in a very difficult commercial environment.[14]..I was also participating as MINIDakar RallyThen, he won the championship four times in a row from 2012 to 2015 and is active as a permanent corps. He is still participating in the war as of 4.

For motorcycle racing, since 2009Superbike World ChampionshipToS1000RRIs fully participating in the works system. Round 4 of 2012, the 5th yearDonington ParkIn Race 1 of the round, he has won the long-awaited first victory.However, in the same year, the works team at the head office announced the withdrawal, and although BMW Italy took over the activities as works, BMW Italy also announced the withdrawal in 2013 (however, support for the vehicle use team etc. will continue. Ru)
Also in 2012Road Race World ChampionshipAt (MotoGP), we plan to start supplying engines to private teams participating in the CRT rules.


  • 1916 --Gustav Otto establishes Bayerische Frueckzoik Werke Co., Ltd. (BFW AG, Bavarian Aircraft Manufacturing) as an aircraft engine manufacturer.
  • 1917 --The company name was changed to BMW.Hiring engineer Max Fritz and designing it as BMW's first aircraft engine "Type IIIaProduce.
    • October-Registered the rotating propeller emblem with the Imperial Patent Office.
  • 1920 --Engineer Martin StallDouglasThe 500 flat twin engine was disassembled and studied.This result resulted in a motorcycle engine, type "M2B15", and received an order from Victoria in Nuremberg.
  • 1922 --A Bavarian aircraft manufacturing company that was banned from manufacturing aircraft and purchased the type "M2B15" to produce the motorcycle "Helios" (Bayerische Flugzeug Werke , AbbreviationBfw) And became a motorcycle manufacturer.The company name continues to be BMW.
  • 1923October --Started production of the motorcycle "R10" designed by Max Fritz.
  • 1926 --The aircraft manufacturing division was separated as BFW (the company1938ToMesserschmittRenamed).
  • 1928 --From GotaEisenach Vehicle Mfg. Co., Ltd.To be the BMW Eisenach plant.
  • 1929 --Four-wheeled vehicle"3/15 PS" (BMW Dixi)Started manufacturing.United KingdomAustin・ Seven licensed production.
  • 1932 --Started manufacturing the in-house developed four-wheeled vehicle "4/3 AM 20".
  • 1939 -World's firstjetFighter,Messerschmitt Me262useJet engine,BMW003Development started.
  • 1940 - FighterFocke-Wulf Fw190For engine,BMW801 Started mass production.
  • 1942 - BMW003development of.However, it took too long to solve various problems,Messerschmitt Me262Was not used for.laterHeinkel He162It was adopted as the engine of the engine, but there was no problem and there was almost no track record in actual battles.
  • 1945 - AlliesからSecond World WarAircraft insiderocketSuspended for 3 years due to production.The Eisenach factory is requisitioned by the Soviet occupation agency.
  • 1948 --Resumption of operations,Single cylinderReleased the two-wheeled vehicle R2.The Eisenach plant became the East German state-owned company VEB Eisenach and manufactured BMW brand vehicles (24-1948), after the BMW brand became unusable EMW (1951-1951), and finallyAWE(1953-1991).
  • 1951 - 501After the war, the production of four-wheeled vehicles was resumed.
  • 1955 - イタリア OfIso OfMicro car-IsettaIs licensed and produced and released.
  • 1959 --Crisis of bankruptcy due to poor management.Daimler-BenzAbsorption-type merger plan by businessmanHerbert QuandtIt was avoided on the verge of execution due to the capital increase.
  • 1962 --Small passenger car1500Released.Monocoque structureAdopted the body of.The rear engine popular car that appeared a little earlier,700With the success of this 1500, management will improve and sales will expand.
  • 1965 --BMW engine sold.The production of aircraft engines was suspended for the next 25 years.
  • 1966 - Geneva showAtBMW 1600-2Announced.After that, the 02 series will be expanded.same year,Hans GrasseAcquired.Some models will be rebranded to BMW for the purpose of acquiring the Dingol Fink plant.
  • 1971 - BMW 3.0CSAnnounced and established a sports coupe peculiar to BMW.
  • 1972 --Announced the first 5 series (model code E12).
  • 1973 --First time in BMWTurbochargerEngine-equipped, mass-produced commercial vehicleBMW 2002 turboProduction started.same year,South Africa・ Acquired an automobile factory in Roslin, making it the first production base outside Germany.
  • 1975 --The first 3 series (model code E21) was announced.
  • 1976 --The first 6 series (model code E24) was announced.
  • 1977 --The first 7 series (model code E23) was announced.
  • 1981 --Japanese corporation "BMW Japan Corp."(BMW Japan) was founded.
  • 1990 - The United Kingdom,Rolls-RoyceEstablished BMW-Rolls-Royce in partnership with the company's aviation division and resumed aircraft engine production.
  • 1994 - England,Rover GroupAcquired.In the same year, it started supplying engines in partnership with Rolls-Royce's passenger car production division.The same year, the United StatesSouth carolina-SpartanburgThe factory was founded.
  • 1998 - VickersLater decided to buy more Rolls-Royce for £ 3mVolkswagenThe situation is confused as the group acquires it. (Rolls-RoyceSee section)
  • 2000 --Of the brands in the Rover GroupMINI,Riley,TriumphAt hand,Land roverTheAmericaTo FordRover,MGAnd all the rest was sold to a British investment group.PhoenixMG RoverWas established (bankruptcy in 2005).
  • 2001 --Announcement of the new MINI.
  • 2004 -ChinaShenyangManufacturing factory started operation. Produced 3 series and 5 series.
  • 2007 - Pakistan-KarachiOpened a manufacturing factory in.same year,HusqvarnaAcquired the motorcycle business of.
  • 2019August 8- (English edition)CEO retired and Oliver Zipse became CEO on the 16th[15].

Business conditions

2011The group as a whole has sold 166 units in the global market for the full year, including BMW 8982 units, MINI 138 units, Rolls-Royce 384 units, and sales of 28 million euros (2003The group as a whole has sold 110 units in the global market for the full year, with sales of 4916 million euros).

Family companyAnd about 47% of the sharesSusanne Klatten,Stefan Quandt, GermanyQuandt familyOwned byGood management, over 40 yearsdeficitIt is also said that it has not been issued.On the other hand, the UK under the umbrellaRover GroupIn 2000, the group was dismantled after failing to rebuild its business.Land roverTo Ford, expected to make a profitMINIContinue to own in-house, etc.Rover,MGAnd so onlbIt became a hot topic that it was sold to a British investment company.

From 2011ToyotaIs affiliated withFuel cell vehicle,Hybrid carInstead of receiving technology, we provide diesel engine, sports car development team, carbon technology, etc.[16].Toyota Supra/BMW Z4Was jointly developed and released in 2019.

The production base has been in operation since the 1970s.South AfricaIn addition to the factory in recent yearsAmerica,Chugoku,PakistanWe are active in expanding outside Germany. Production of some models such as Z4 is in CanadaMagna SteyrIs outsourced to.

Sales in Japan

1981(ShowaWas established in 56 years)Japanese corporationIsBMW Japan Corp.(Commonly known as BMW Japan) is a regular importer and a regular dealer "BMW TokyoIs directly operated. The number of cars sold by "BMW Tokyo" accounts for more than 1% of the sales in Japan, making it the largest car dealer outside Germany. Prior to the establishment of BMW Japan, Balcom Trading Company (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) was a regular importer.

Passenger car

Model list

ExteriorSeries nameBody shapeClass category
2019 BMW 118i SE 1.5 Front.jpg1 serieshatchbackCompact class
BMW F44 IMG 2678.jpg2 seriescoupe
4-door coupe
Compact class
BMW G20, Paris Motor Show 2018, Paris (1Y7A1378) .jpg3 seriessedan
Station Wagon
Middle class
2020 BMW 420i Sport Automatic 2.0.jpg4 seriescoupe
4-door coupe
Middle class
2021 BMW 5-Series 520d M Sport.jpg5 seriessedan
Station Wagon
Upper middle class
BMW 6-Series GT M-Sport, Front View.jpg6 seriescoupe
4-door coupe
Luxury class
BMW 745Le Monaco IMG 1206.jpg7 seriessedan
Stretch limousine
Luxury class
BMW G16 at IAA 2019 IMG 0624.jpg8 seriescoupe
4-door coupe
Luxury class
BMW F48 at IAA 2019 IMG 0620.jpgX1a SUVCompact class
2018 BMW X2 sDrive20i M Sport Automatic 2.0.jpgX2SUV coupeCompact class
BMW X3 xDrive 20d M Sport, Alpine White III (cropped) .jpgX3a SUVMiddle class
2018 BMW X4 Leonberg IMG 0157.jpgX4SUV coupeMiddle class
2019 BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport Automatic 3.0 Front.jpgX5a SUVUpper middle class
BMW G06 Sindelfingen 2020 IMG 2315.jpgX6SUV coupeUpper middle class
2019 BMW X7 xDrive30d M Sport 3.0 Front.jpgX7a SUVLuxury class
2019 BMW Z4 sDrive20i M Sport 2.0 Front.jpgZ4coupe
Coupe cabriolet
Middle class
2018 BMW i3 facelift (1) .jpgi3hatchbackCompact class
BMW i4.jpg4-door coupeMiddle class
BMW iX3 G08 IMG 4895.jpgiX3a SUVMiddle class
BMW iX IMG001.jpga SUVUpper middle class

M model

BMW M. tuningHigh-performance sports model.

Past model

About the model name

In principle, recent production model names are represented by three-digit numbers such as 318 and 525.This 3-digit model name was announced in 3.5 seriesIt is a name from. The first number in the three digits indicates the vehicle type, and the odd numbers are sedans, station wagons, and hatchbacks.Even numbers are the rules of coupe, cabriolet, and minivan.In the past, it was only 3 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, but now it is 8 series, 1 series, 2 series, 3 series, 4 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series. There is.

The two digits below the first number representing the series used to represent the hectolitre notation of displacement (○ 2 for 2,500cc).However, at present, the last two digits are supposed to "represent the output equivalent to the displacement indicated by the numerical value", and there are cases where the notation and the actual displacement are different.

An example of a notation smaller than the actual displacement is the E90 type 3 series 323i.Even if the number is 323, the actual displacement is 2.5L, and if it is written according to the original displacement, it will be 325i, but there is also a model named 90i in the same E325 series, and both cars have the same 2.5L engine Is installed.However, while the 325i has an output of 160kW, the 323i has an output of 130kW, and the 323i is equipped with a slightly smaller engine than the 325i. The 1i and 118i of the 120 series are similar examples, and when a low-priced version is set for the same displacement model, the naming is often smaller than the actual value.

逆に実際の排気量よりも大きな数値になっている例もある。こちらは同排気量のモデルの高性能版としての位置付けであり、古くは初代7シリーズの735iと745iがあり、745iは、735iのターボモデルであった。現在では330iと335iがその関係に当たり、どちらも排気量3Lのガソリンエンジンであるが、330iが自然吸気で出力190kw、335iがTwin scroll turboThe output is 225kW.Similar examples for diesel models are the 530d and 535d.Both are the same 3L diesel turbo, but the 530d is a single turbo with an output of 170kW and the 535d is a twin turbo with an output of 200kW.

Also, the last alphabet is

i: GasolineinjectionSpec.
d:dieselInjection specifications
e:Plug-in hybridInjection specifications
L: LongWheelbaseモデル
h: h:Hydrogen engineSpec.
x:Four-wheel driveモデル
ti: Touring International.Compact body for current models.
is, si: High-performance gasoline injection specifications
C:coupeボ デ ィ


Example: 530i → ​​Body size 5 series, output equivalent to 3L naturally aspirated engine, injection specifications

However, SAV (Sports Active Vehicle, Crossover)a SUVThe company's name)RoadsterWith respect to, the notation of (alphabet) + (single digit number)-(displacement (L)) is used.This alphabet represents the body type.

X: Four-wheel drive crossover SUV type
Z: Z:Roadster

Example: Z4 2.5i → Roadster, displacement 2.5L, gasoline injection specifications


Aircraft engine

BMWSecond World WarでWehrmachtMotorcycles and vehicles, andGerman Air ForceToAircraft engineWas supplied.1945By now, more than 801 BMW 30,000s have been manufactured, including the jet engine BMW 003 and research on rocket technology.During the warConcentration campIt is said to have worked 2 to 5,000 prisoners of war in Japan.By the end of the war BMW factories were bombed and eastern German factoriesSoviet UnionOccupied by.

Reciprocating engine
BMW 132
Junkers Ju52(During World War IITransport aircraft) Etc.
BMW 801
Focke-Wulf Fw190(During World War IIFighter) Etc.
Jet engine
BMW 003
Heinkel He162Installed in (fighters at the end of World War II)

Scandal / breakdown

  • 2018, South KoreaIn BMW carsMini CooperThere were frequent accidents that burned while driving.As a result, BMW's response and South Korea'sMinistry of Land, Infrastructure and TransportWas criticized for expanding the situation.Even after the safety inspection, a fire broke out in South Korea, raising questions about the inspection itself.[17][18][19][20][21][22]..It was also discovered that BMW headquarters was ignoring risk reports.[23]..Due to a series of fire accidents, in South Korea, parking lots that refuse entry to all BMW models and parking lots that separately specify a BMW exclusive parking lot and isolate it from other vehicles have appeared one after another.[24].. BMW is the cause of frequent firesdiesel engine OfEGR moduleAdmitted to be a defect of[25], Over 10 unitsrecallIt was decided to do[26],Class actionDeveloped into[27]..Along with this, 32 units will be recalled in Europe as well.[28], 3 recalls were reported in Japan as well[29].


Wittelsbach familyDescendants of BavariaPrinz Leopold Wittelsbach von BavarianOften the companyRacing driverIt is playing an active part as.

OsakaSakai CityIsCamera Doi"founderKimio DoiBut in the era of newlywedsSakai City(Nishi-wardHamadera), About 50 BMWs that had been collected by his wife, Marie, were donated.Foundation It is preserved by the Sakai City Cultural Promotion Foundation.

From 1951 to 1953 there was a similar name "EMW". EMWFormer East GermanyEisenacher Motorenwerk (Eisenacher Motorenwerk), which manufactures Wartburg, a hit car in the former Eastern Europe region.VEB Outmobile Werck Eisenach(VEB Automobilwerk Eisenach ,AWE) Is the predecessor.

Chris BangleThe design department at that time was led byMusicmanIs on saleElectric bass, "Bongo" design, etc., has a track record of supplying designs to different industries.






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