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🚄 | What happens to Tokyo's subway network Metro Yurakucho Line extension and Shinagawa New Line "Aim for early commercialization"

Photo The new 17000 series trains for the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and Fukutoshin Line may enter the Tobu Sky Tree Line via the Toyozumi Line (Photo: Railway Channel Editorial Department).

What happens to Tokyo's subway network Metro Yurakucho Line extension and Shinagawa new line "to aim for early commercialization"

If you write the contents roughly
Let's predict the operation system of the new line included in the report.

On July 2021, 15, the Transportation Policy Council (Communication Council) said, "For the future of the subway network in the Tokyo area ... → Continue reading

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Operation system

Operation systemWhat is (Unkou Keito)?列車,busSystematic and concrete operation routes in transportation such as.aliasDriving system.

System and route

"System" and "route" are often used without distinction, but they are not synonyms.[1].. "System" refers to a specific operation route on the route[1]..Even if there are stops A, B, C, D, E on one line, different patterns such as A to B to C to D to E, B to D, A to B to C can be considered in the operation system. Be[1].

TrainAlso formal (regular) "routeHowever, the service system does not always match, and there are cases where the service system spans multiple lines or one line is divided into multiple service systems.Railway line name # Line system name / nicknameSee also

Service system display

The driving system is often displayed on vehicles and stops.Transit Bus,Tram,trolley busIn many cases, the system is indicated by a number.System numberSee.

in Japan,Transit Bus[2]It is,Road transport law(Act No. 26 of 183) defines "routes" and operates regularly, but it is stipulated that "operation systems" should be planned and posted in an easy-to-read manner.Trams, etc.Orbit methodWhen driving a vehicle on the track according to the above, it is stipulated that the "driving system or destination" is clearly indicated on the outside.[3].


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